Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Since i'm about 99% sure no one reads this, I can write all these with ease. (Because spoilers, especially when it comes to something true and dear to me, I cannot reinstate enough, ARE EVIL. I will not partake in it. I WILL TRY NOT TO. But leaks happen, things air early, and some people don't watch things right away, and an outlet is as good as any when it's in a chamber of echoes but the only person here in this wide, wide vast space is myself.)

Anyway after the most recent episode of MLP I decided this was a good time as any to actually figure out what my top ten or five or seven or some arbitrary number episodes in the entire series are. I mean there's over a hundred and fifty of em to choose from, why not try choosing? I thought it'd be pretty difficult, aside from the top two and now top three which have been set in stone since this quality handful of episodes aired, but when I thought about it further it was a little harder to come up with anything beyond the three. Yeah I have this massive somewhat organized little tier list hanging 'round the blog that usually sits at the top for everyone to see, and probably shouldn't be there anymore due to the hiatus, but what do I care? It's a bit vague. Five tiers are a lot, but I don't necessarily enjoy an episode from say the Awesome tier in the exact same manner and level as any other episode on the same tier. They're probably close, but variances will always happen, with any episode, and some tier system simply isn't satisfying if we're about to demonstrate some cold hard rankings.

So without further ado, here are my top eleven episodes of MLP in backwards order! Because why not? And I haven't typed here in a while, have a surplus of caffeine wading through my system, and the latest episode really drives me to want to talk about it anyway. Spoilers! ;)

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