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Celestia TierAwesome TierHigh TierMid TierMeh Tier
Green Isn't Your Colour
The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Party of One


Luna Eclipsed
The Last Roundup
Hurricane Fluttershy
A Canterlot Wedding P.2

Sleepless in Ponyville
Magical Mystery Cure


Pinkie Apple Pie
Maud Pie
Make New Friends
but Keep Discord

Rarity Investigates!
Brotherhooves Social
Crusaders of the Lost Mark

The Gift of Maud Pie
Saddle Row Review
A Hearth's Warming Tail
Buckball Season

Rock Solid Friendship
Parental Glideance
The Perfect Pear
Fame and Misfortune
Bridle Gossip
Suited for Success
A Dog and Pony Show
Sonic Rainboom
The Best Night Ever

The Return of Harmony P.1
The Return of Harmony P.2
Lesson Zero 
Sisterhooves Social
Secret of my Excess
A Friend In Deed
It's About Time
A Canterlot Wedding P.1

Magic Duel
Wonderbolt Academy
Just For Sidekicks

Flight to the Finish
Pinkie Pride
Simple Ways
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
Equestria Games
Twilight's Kingdom Pt. 1
Twilight's Kingdom Pt. 2

The Cutie Map Pt. 1
The Cutie Map Pt. 2
Tanks for the Memories
Slice of Life
Amending Fences
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
The Mane Attraction
The Cutie Re-mark Pt. 1

No Second Prances
Spice Up Your Life
Stranger Than Fanfiction
Every Little Thing She Does
Viva Las Pegasus

All Bottled Up
A Royal Problem
Triple Threat
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
A Health of Information
Applebuck Season
Griffon the Brush Off
Look Before You Sleep
Swarm of the Century
Winter Wrap Up

May the Best Pet Win
Sweet and Elite
Hearth's Warming Eve
The Super Speedy
Cider Squeezy 6000
Read it and Weep
Hearts and Hooves Day
Putting Your Hoof Down
Ponyville Confidential

One Bad Apple

Castle Mane-ia
For Whom the
Sweetie Belle Toils
Inspiration Manifestation

Do Princesses Dream
of Magic Sheep?
Scare Master

28 Pranks Later
Dungeons & Discords
Where the Apple Lies
Top Bolt
To Where & Back Again P.1
To Where & Back Again P.2

Celestial Advice
A Flurry of Emotions
To Change a Changeling

Friendship is Magic P.1
Friendship is Magic P.2
The Ticket Master
Call of the Cutie
Fall Weather Friends
Feeling Pinkie Keen
Stare Master
The Show Stoppers
Over a Barrel
A Bird in the Hoof

The Cutie Pox
Family Appreciation Day
Baby Cakes 

The Crystal Empire P.1
The Crystal Empire P.2
Too Many Pinkie Pies
Apple Family Reunion
Keep Calm and Flutter On

Princess Twilight Sparkle P.1
Power Ponies
Rarity Takes Manehatten
Three's a Crowd
Twilight Time
Leap of Faith
Trade Ya

Castle Sweet Castle
Bloom and Gloom
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Party Pooped
Canterlot Boutique
What About Discord?
The Hoofields and the McColts
The Cutie Re-mark Pt. 2

Gauntlet of Fire
Newbie Dash
The Fault in our Cutie Marks

Fluttershy Leans In
Forever Filly
Not Asking for Trouble
Discordant Harmony
Daring Done?
Boast Busters
Owl's Well That Ends Well

The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Dragon Quest
MMMMystery on the 
Friendship Express

Spike at Your Service
Games Ponies Play

Princess Twilight Sparkle P.2
Daring Don't
Rainbow Falls
Filli Vanilli
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
Somepony to Watch Over Me

Appleloosa's Most Wanted
Princess Spike
Made in Manehatten

The Crystalling P.1
The Crystalling P.2
On Your Marks
Applejack's "Day" Off
Flutter Brutter
The Cart Before the Ponies
The Times They Are a Changeling

Hard to Say Anything
Honest Apple
Campfire Tales
More ranking statistics yay!

Because season three is only half a season by episode number standards, every half of a season will be ranked as opposed to a season overall. That way season three actually stands a chance. :D

Season one, first half episode tiers
0 Celestia, 1 Awesome, 6 High, 5 Mid, and 1 Meh

When starting out MLP, I found it fairly decent enough, but the only awesome tier episode, Bridle Gossip, was what sold me to the show. This episode nailed it in terms of writing and comedy, and so from then forth I knew I'd be watching the show for a while, hoping for more episodes of this calibre. Fortunately MLP ended up so good a tier was invented even higher than awesome; those episodes were those that blew me away or passed my criteria with flying colours.  

Season one, second half
3 Celestia, 4 Awesome, 0 High, 5 Mid, 1 Meh

While the mediocre episodes stayed equal in number, the average soared out and exceeded my expectations exponentially. Green Isn't Your Colour used to be Awesome tier, but I found that episode while not mind-blowing, is one of the most flawlessly written episodes in the entire series, so it deserves its place.  Cutie Mark Chronicles dares to tell six backstories within twenty-two minutes and somehow knocks the ball out of the park. Party of One takes your expectations and stomps on it. After season one? I am definitely looking forward for more.

Season two, first half
1 Celestia, 5 Awesome, 4 High, 2 Mid, 1 Meh

Season two started off marvellously, but did not blow my head away as the second-half of one did. Even so, it's a very tall task to meet up with how that portion of the season fared, so there was nothing wrong with this half either. Luna Eclipsed did very well with its premise of bringing back a fan-favourite, previously mostly fanon character. The season two première also annihilated season one's, so there was also that. When you start off that well, the expectations are without a doubt quite high.

Season two, second half
4 Celestia, 2 Awesome, 5 High, 1 Mid, 1 Meh

Only one terrible episode every thirteen is mighty consistent of MLP, but just like season one the second half blows the first out of the water. You've got the Last Roundup, no doubt with some flaws but quite possibly the funniest episode in the series. There's A Friend In Deed, making you smile, smile, smile so much you overlook Pinkie's stalker-ish tendencies. Hurricane Fluttershy is finally a heartwarming and well-written outing for a character whose episodes usually aren't that great. And the finale of season two has too many amazing songs, badass fight scenes, and super cool villain designs for you to realize any plotholes. Season three certainly has some large footsteps to fill.

Season three
1 Celestia, 4 Awesome, 1 High, 3 Mid, 4 Meh

Notice how every Celestia-tier episode of the second-half of season two is great, but there's a catch for every single one of them. That should have been a tell-tale sign that while entertainment remained high, writing quality was likely going to dip quite soon, and so here season three is. Even though there are still some damn amazing episodes that are way better than the first parts of season one, the four terrible episodes cannot be ignored. But there are the very highs and the very lows because Sleepless in Ponyville is probably the best written episode in the entire series. Unfortunately, we have a disappointing première, a bad Spike episode that used to be the Rarity episode, and my least favourite arc of the series: anything to do with the Equestria Games. Unfortunately it takes up much more of season four...

Season four, first half
1 Celestia, 3 Awesome, 2 High, 6 Mid, 1 Meh

The terrible episodes have improved and the series is more mediocre than ever, but hey it's still an improvement! Pinkie Apple Pie is an excellent showing that brings with it good writing, quality humour, and a Pinkie Pie I haven't had to complain about since Baby Cakes. Applejack's family is finally shown to be flawed at times, and this episode begins an excellent showing by both Pinkie and Applejack throughout the season. There are misses unfortunately, but it's usually relegated to the still-running...

Season four, second half
1 Celestia, 6 Awesome, 1 High, 2 Mid, 3 Meh

Now updated to include the rest of the second half! Maud Pie has been officially promoted to Celestia tier, though I dunno if that's because of the episode or my tastes have softened. The last five episodes I did not include all ended up in Awesome tier, so that gives the second half rather high marks, but similar to the first half there is again only one Celestia-tier. Still, the second half was a very strong showing and it is a very solid half compared to the others. Unfortunately it had the most "meh" episodes since season three, which skews my opinion.

Season five, first half
1 Celestia, 5 Awesome, 1 High, 4 Mid, 2 Meh

This half was all over the place. There were a decent amount of good episodes and plenty of mediocre episodes, but very few I felt neutral about. Only one Celestia and two Mehs, but that's less than last time at least. A fairly good showing for the first half of season five, I'd say. 

Season five, second half
3 Celestia, 4 Awesome, 1 High, 4 Mid, 1 Meh

If it weren't for that terrible finale ending I'd have said season five's second half is my favourite season-half by far! But alas, some things cannot be. The second half of season one still reigns supreme as my most favourite portion of pony episodes there is, but this one did come close. 

And now, which half ranks where in this completely arbitrary list?

1.  Season one, second half
2. Season five, second half
3. Season two, second half
4. Season four, second half
5. Season two, first half
6. Season five, first half
7. Season three
8. Season four, first half
9. Season one, first half

See, that's why everyone hates season three! It doesn't get a chance to find its footings like every other season! It started off middle of the pack and had it been given thirteen more episodes it could've been a very strong season. P: But yes, I appear to enjoy second halves more than first, but that's usually because of the excellent finale two parter I tend to enjoy. In fact, despite season five's poor finale, its second half still manages second place in this list! Had this finale been better it may have been the best stretch of pony episodes yet. None can compare to Party of One, Green Isn't Your Colour, or Cutie Mark Chronicles' little stretch in wondrous quality. A massive improvement over the first half which is dead last on this list. So basically, the reason I got into the show is because as the first season went on it shot up in enjoyability dramatically. Season one didn't even get an action packed finale two-parter and it is the king. I dunno if I'll ever see ponies in the same way I did in that part of the series again. I certainly hope so, but my realist in me says no.

Ah well, if it's at least as good as parts of seasons five and two, I wouldn't mind too much.

Everything below this is hopelessly outdated. I may or may not update it in the future.

And now a ranking of episodes by character! 
There will be clear-cut episodes of that character and episodes they share with one another. Otherwise the episode could be a CMC or Mane Six group episode, or even something else like a day in a limelight episodes.

Twilight Sparkle
Ticket Master, Boast Busters, Winter Wrap Up, Feeling Pinkie Keen (w/Pinkie), Lesson Zero, It's About Time, A Canterlot Wedding Pt.1, The Crystal Empire P.1, The Crystal Empire P.2, Magic Duel, Magical Mystery Cure, Three's a Crowd (w/Discord/Cadance), etc.
0 Celestia, 5 Awesome, 1 High, 3 Mid, 3 Meh

Twilight's episodes are iffy because she could be the main character in literally all the two-parter episodes. It was a tug-o-war between some of these episodes being Twilight episodes or Mane Six episodes, or even of someone else like the wedding episodes. The Crystal Empire is an especially difficult episode to place. I ultimately decided it was one since it's the test Twilight needs to pass so she can become an alicorn princess at the end of the season plus songs, but the episode itself was throwing a carnival and then searching for a magical artifact, so it didn't seem to have much on Twilight's characterization. Anyway Twilight is my least favourite Mane Six, but that doesn't mean I do not enjoy her episodes. Even if there are no Celestia tiers there is a good spread among the rest, with some awesome and some just meh. I have little to comment about her character itself, so moving on!

Rainbow Dash
Fall Weather Friends (w/AJ), Sonic Rainboom, May the Best Pet Win!, Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, Read it and Weep, Wonderbolts Academy, Daring Don't, Rainbow Falls, Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
0 Celestia, 3 Awesome, 2 High, 2 Mid, 2 Meh

You'd think with the Awesome category being coloured the same as Rainbow's coat she'd have all and every awesome episode. Alas, it is not to be, but besides having no mind-blowing episodes RD's showings have been very balanced so far. If the episode deals with Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolts dream the episode will very likely be pretty damn good...everything else is unfortunately a crapshoot. (I don't include Rainbow Falls as a part of the Wonderbolts arc. They were just there to complicate things and cause conflict, but whether of not Rainbow Dash is in their team has no bearings about her status as a Wonderbolt-to-be. it's a key episode AND an Equestria Games episode more so than Wonderbolts)

Applebuck Season, Look Before You Sleep (w/Rarity), Fall Weather Friends (w/RD), The Last Roundup (w/Mane Six), Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (w/Apple Family), Apple Family Reunion, Bats! (w/Fluttershy), Pinkie Apple Pie (w/Apple Family & Pinkie), Somepony to Watch Over Me (w/Apple Bloom), Leap of Faith
2 Celestia, 0 Awesome, 4 High, 3 Mid, 1 Meh

Okay that was just sad. Look at those episodes and how many of them AJ has to share. I had no idea until I organized her episodes like that! You're probably wondering my criteria for what episodes are shared or where the other characters are simply supporting. Leap of Faith is strictly an AJ episode because her family doesn't need to learn a lesson about honesty or anything. It's her key episode after all, so it has to be only AJ! (Kind of sad that one of her only solely focused episodes was so dull though @_@) Whereas in Pinkie Apple Pie everyone learns some kind of lesson so it's really about all of them equally! Apple Family Reunion though is about AJ screwing everything up, while everyone else is just there. So there you have it. I almost didn't include The Last Roundup. That episode, had it actually focused on AJ, would make more concrete sense to be here, but because it focused on the rest of the Mane Six it's a shared episode. If I hadn't included it AJ would have one (SHARED) episode in season two.  Goddamnit AJ. Usually all the family episodes ARE Applejack episodes though, but sometimes more standalone AJ would be great. Unfortunately what we do have of standalone Applejack isn't that good. In fact, her episodes shared with more and more people (Last Roundup/Pinkie Apple Pie) are the best of the bunch while the worst usually are her standalones. The sole exception is her very first episode, Applebuck Season. Even so AJ is definitely a character who plays off well and works well in a group setting, so if she's in the episode she is always welcome.

(and if you're wondering why Testing 1, 2, 3 isn't also a Twilight episode despite my examples above (whoever learns the moral is the episode protagonist) since technically she learned the moral of the week, I was thinking of how the rest of the Mane Six popped out of nowhere to help as well despite Twilight initially having a more prominent role, so technically they should have all learned that lesson even if only Twilight wrote in the diary. Then it got too complicated in my head so I said fuck it and made it a strictly Rainbow Dash episode. Yeah.) 

Look Before You Sleep (w/AJ), Suited For Success, A Dog and Pony Show (w/Spike), Green Isn't Your Colour (w/Fluttershy), Sisterhooves Social (w/Sweetie Belle), Sweet and Elite, Rarity Takes Manehatten, Simple Ways
1 Celestia, 4 Awesome, 2 High, 1 Mid, 0 Meh

It is not a secret that I like Rarity episodes. I think most people like Rarity episodes actually. Her character is regarded as one of the most three-dimensional, so obviously her episodes must be written quite well. She has a decent number of shared episodes too, all with just one other pony so she plays off well too! Even though Green Isn't Your Colour is the only Celestial-grade episode of the Rarity episodes, I think in terms of Rarity herself the best episode was Suited for Success, dealing with her generosity and such an episode being so well-identified with so many artists of so many industries. Rarity's voice-acting and singing is some of the highest quality of the series too, so if I were an objective media-consuming storytelling-loving robot she would probably be my favourite character. But alas, she is not.

Dragonshy, Stare Master, Green Isn't Your Colour (w/Rarity), A Bird in the Hoof, Putting Your Hoof Down, Hurricane Fluttershy, Keep Calm and Flutter On (w/Discord), Bats (w/AJ), Filli Vanilli, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
2 Celestia, 0 Awesome, 3 High, 3 Mid,  2 Meh

Ah Fluttershy episodes. People always have a problem with them being repetitive or Fluttershy forgets about her aesop or she's always overcoming fears. Well let me quickly debunk that again. Dragonshy is a fear yes, but of dragons and is her first episode. No sin. Stare Master has her overcoming the cockatrice yes, but the episode was about not taking on more than you can handle, and the cockatrice was just there to demonstrate her STARE, which was new at the time. Green Isn't Your Colour is jealousy/secrets, not fears. In fact she's pretty damn brave to become a celebrity for her friend. A Bird in the Hoof is stealing animals and jumping to conclusions. Putting Your Hoof Down is assertiveness, not overcoming a fear. This time it's about Fluttershy's doormat status. Hurricane Fluttershy is indeed a fear, but less of a "holy crap dragons will eat me" and more of a "oh god I am traumatized about flying in front of people because of dumb bullies". Keep Calm and Flutter On is befriending Discord. Bats! is not giving into peer pressure, Filli Vanilli is once again performance anxiety (the first sin), and the Breezies was about too much kindness.

That said, it doesn't mean Fluttershy episodes are good, just that the argument about them being bad isn't...I don't even know why it's so popular! It doesn't make sense! Anyway Fluttershy has no awesome episodes, they are either amazing or bad/mediocre, so yeah. She's still my second favourite though! 

Pinkie Pie
Griffon the Brush Off, Feeling Pinkie Keen (w/Twilight), Party of One, Baby Cakes, A Friend In Deed, MMMMystery on the Friendship Express, Too Many Pinkie Pies, Pinkie Apple Pie (w/AJ and Apple Family), Pinkie Pride, Maud Pie
3 Celestia, 2 Awesome, 2 High, 3 Mid, 0 Meh

Wow, no terrible Pinkie episode to date. If one happens I'll be ranting about it until kingdom come. There are still some pretty mediocre ones I already rant quite a bit about, not to mention supporting character showings I can't shut up about, but let's talk the positives! Pinkie's first three episodes were of her being too clingy, too weird, and too unhinged. Then she had the standard responsibility episode, another ESPECIALLY clingy episode, and the standard investigation episode. I'm not too fond of her generic kids-show-like episodes, and prefer ones that delve into her character itself. Then she multiplies herself, tries to join a giant family, fights someone exactly like her, and pulls her sister out of nowhere. I wonder what they'll do with her next season? For some reason due to her strong showing in four, I feel she'll have underwhelming episodes in five, but that's just me being pessimistic I guess. I have nothing to say about her episodes because I already wrote a gigantic rant on it.

to be continued (with Mane Six, CMC, individual CMC, Spike, day in the limelights, adventure/lore eps and anything else!) 
originally posted Feb 28, 2013 
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