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Since i'm about 99% sure no one reads this, I can write all these with ease. (Because spoilers, especially when it comes to something true and dear to me, I cannot reinstate enough, ARE EVIL. I will not partake in it. I WILL TRY NOT TO. But leaks happen, things air early, and some people don't watch things right away, and an outlet is as good as any when it's in a chamber of echoes but the only person here in this wide, wide vast space is myself.)

Anyway after the most recent episode of MLP I decided this was a good time as any to actually figure out what my top ten or five or seven or some arbitrary number episodes in the entire series are. I mean there's over a hundred and fifty of em to choose from, why not try choosing? I thought it'd be pretty difficult, aside from the top two and now top three which have been set in stone since this quality handful of episodes aired, but when I thought about it further it was a little harder to come up with anything beyond the three. Yeah I have this massive somewhat organized little tier list hanging 'round the blog that usually sits at the top for everyone to see, and probably shouldn't be there anymore due to the hiatus, but what do I care? It's a bit vague. Five tiers are a lot, but I don't necessarily enjoy an episode from say the Awesome tier in the exact same manner and level as any other episode on the same tier. They're probably close, but variances will always happen, with any episode, and some tier system simply isn't satisfying if we're about to demonstrate some cold hard rankings.

So without further ado, here are my top eleven episodes of MLP in backwards order! Because why not? And I haven't typed here in a while, have a surplus of caffeine wading through my system, and the latest episode really drives me to want to talk about it anyway. Spoilers! ;)


Okay, I decided on eleven because I really wanted to talk about this episode but there are numerous problems that exist keeping it from getting anywhere higher on this list when really, it should considering its massive influence to the series as a whole, the Season Three Finale.


So yeah, this episode is really a glorified honourable mention, but I included it because even if whatever it did at the end of the episode was controversial at the time, rallying cries of commercialism and capitalism, and even if such a gargantuan change to the character deserved a two-parter, rendering this wonderful musical quite rushed to even the most generous of critics, I still loved this episode. Every song was good, catchy, fit the mood, helped the story along, and even if the plot itself was as impulsive as the whole alicornification decision seemed, they worked well enough that such inconsistencies didn't bother me. I mean sure we can sit here and ask questions like, "Where the fuck was the Apple Family when Pinkie was ruining everything? Why are there no other weather ponies to stop Rarity's shit? Why wasn't Rainbow Dash able to open the goddamn cupboard just to hand out acorns to the animals like a functioning, normal pony should be able to?" Magic? Who cares? The songs were great. The ending? Sure why not. It hasn't really affected the quality of the next three plus seasons to any considerable degree, and my god. Pinkamena.

But not just Pinkamena, not just her demure, cute self, helpless against the endless miles of trees dying all around her. Not just her singing that lacked any of its unique and signature cheer in "What my Cutie Mark is Telling Me", but as much as I hated the overly repetitive lyrics of a "True, True Friend" when the whole crowd shouted Pinkie in absolute euphoria, enabling her to summon a parade, a feeling in my heart sprung in such a way I hadn't felt in a very long time, and certainly not very often if at all in MLP.

Those townsponies, their utter relief, their joy to seeing Pinkie back to normal. They understand. They realize Pinkie is best pony too. It's a wonderful sense of harmony. I couldn't help but to always shout Pinkie whenever that song comes up. It entirely made up for the fact that she had no solo lines in the song. I love Pinkie singing, and when you do to a song that makes it so I don't even care if she even sang. Well dang, I don't even know how to describe such an accomplishment.


The list finally starts proper with...dangit I forgot what I had after MMC already, didn't I? I immediately know my Top Three, and can string out numbers four to seven pretty well, but I always have to go back to a list of episodes to re-figure out what ten to eight was. I guess beyond the top seven the high quality episodes just meld together in my brain. Ah well, I figured it out soon enough. Who can forget this episode?


So if the townsfolk in A True, True Friend agree with me who best pony is, a pony who can only exist because Pinkie exists, and exists to drive Pinkie's character, and WHO ALSO has the SAME opinion that yes, PINKIE IS BEST PONY, how can I not include it in this list? Sometimes I wonder how the writers of this show works. They introduce a random pink alicorn princess because TOYS and the episode (A Canterlot Wedding) is great. They turn Twilight into an alicorn, and as mentioned above, it's great. Well smack me silly and call me a donkey, because why not retcon Pinkie's flashback way back in season one of her family and give her a THIRD sister out of nowhere?! It worked with SHINING ARMOR! Oh look, and now she's the best sister. Because dang.

This is definitely the first of a string of many family centric episodes on this list, because somehow a show called Friendship is Magic does family strong. Maud Pie may be there to anchor Pinkie back from her bumbling antics into a more heartfelt character, but she herself is not without depth! When I first thought of what could be the opposite of Pinkie, I just thought of her current friends, like say Fluttershy, or maybe Applejack, but Maud truly is the polar opposite of Pinkie in many ways, yet they understand each other just as well being family and such, and being more similar than I give them credit for in the first place. I dunno, maybe it's related to how much I love dogs. That unconditional love! Blood relation sometimes leads to unconditional love, and so long as both involved aren't horrible people, it's just all the more heartwarming to see onscreen. They're so different, but you can clearly tell they really love each other. MLP done good in introducing Maud Pie because I have loved every single episode she's starred in. Reminds me of a certain pegasus...


You know when MLP first started touching about holidays that WE celebrate, I wasn't too surprised. You can't not grab all the marketability of holidays like Halloween and Christmas the children so adore. Sure they renamed it and gave it the kind of lore that'd make more sense in ponyland, but to us, the people consuming all of this colourful horse program, in the end they're essentially stripped down as THIS IS CHRISTMAS and THIS IS HALLOWEEN yay let's celebrate ALL THE MESSAGES THESE HOLIDAYS HAVE!! I know everyone's always down on holidays like these, especially Christmas. COMMERCIALIZATION! Spending oodles of money to please family members, some you may not even like once a year because TRADITION! Yay tradition! Yay! I'm not getting my point across am I?

Well one tradition every year is every single cartoon having their own version of Scrooge McDuck... I mean the Christmas Carol airing in December, or May since despite how many times I screamed tradition, ponies don't really care. 


It's been done so many times. So, so many times. But pony did it right, even if it showed up at a strange time of the year. What can I say? I'm a sucker for musicals. If MMC weren't a musical it might merely be mid tier. That'd be a travesty, but luckily it was not. I've always been apprehensive about Starlight's very existence in this series. I liked her as a villain. I liked her as a villain again. Her redemption was kind of eh, and her backstory was even more so. I'm still unsure whether shooting someone with a beam of rainbow or talking them down is a more unsatisfying way of redeeming a villain, but it's been done so many times in this show I'm pretty numb to it anyways. Regardless of how we got to where we are, I've often enjoyed Starlight episodes. I'd see her onscreen, grumble a bit that it isn't an episode about one of my favourite ponies and why this stupid horse is taking up all the spotlight, then surprisingly enjoy the episode anyway. DHX's Starlight propaganda is WORKING!

I mean the names of all these ponies are pretty lame. Snow Dash? Snowfall Frost? Is the city they live in in perpetual winter that leads to their parents always giving them these chilly names? Are the Windigos already here and no one is paying attention? Do they live on top of a mountain or in a Northern Europe kind of setting or is this pre-Crystal Empire WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND HERE. Ah well, we start off with a nice PONY FROM THE PAST Applejack kind of spirit. I sort of wish Twilight played Starlight, er I mean Snowfall's late partner who died and is in now in chains, warning her partner not to be like her or she will suffer in hell too! But I guess time restraints and TV-Y ratings keep such a close adaptation of the original right out.

Then Pinkie sang.

I mentioned I love Pinkie singing already, right? I know most of her season one songs are super corny/cheesy, very juvenile kind of ditties BUT I CAN'T HELP IT OKAY. I LOVE PINKIE SINGING. You know what's even better than Pinkie singing? When I can SING Pinkie's song with her! That was my biggest gripe with Smile Smile Smile. I'm terrible at singing and cannot reach some of Pinkie's range in that song, plus the repetitive lyrics keeps me fully enjoying such a landmark song that perfectly defines Pinkie. And yes, I know Pinkie's Present sounds like a capitalist propaganda song what with being sung by the spirit of Hearth's Warming PRESENTS and all that jazz, but whatever. It sounds great and I can sing it! I even have an excuse to not sing it during December too!

Oh and Luna sang too that was cool.


I think by now you can tell this list is filled with oodles of bias and personal taste. I mean where's the REALLY good, well known CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED episode the entire fandom almost UNIVERSALLY LOVES and has lauded since it aired!? Well it's not number eight, that's for sure, but I'm not that much of a deviant! There are a few of those scattered around too! Here lies the episode I will spew in your face about because it's been such a long-time coming, except it didn't entirely satisfy me and wasn't ENTIRELY about these ponies, and this wait is ENTIRELY something only me and probably a handful of others care about, so I probably annoy the hell out of anyone I talk to about this one, BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. It's been SIX YEARS okay. 2011 was when I got into this damn show.


Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are my favourite characters. I even ship them. I want an episode involving them. I WANT THEM TO SHOW HOW GOOD FRIENDS THEY ARE, so good that they are part of a group that causes the existence of a Princess of Friendship that leads them on epic quests to spread friendship across the lands so those mean bullies and stupid pants can be nice and have friends too. What do you mean this episode doesn't exist? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS EPISODE STILL DOESN'T EXIST!? What do you mean a perfectly good episode with a perfectly good moral exists that could have featured these characters? What do you mean they made up a random donkey to take that role instead? What do you mean Pinkie solved her problem by having insane connections with literally everyone in existence and didn't instead learn that sometimes people don't want to be your friends or their way of expressing themselves and sharing their friendship is the complete opposite of how Pinkie shows it? 

Okay I am rambling.

Ah yes, these two. They starred in such wonderful episodes like Putting Your Hoof Down (AKA Fluttershy is a bitch to her friends) and Filli Vanilli (AKA Pinkie is a bitch to her friends) I MEAN WHAT. You know, I don't actually have a huge problem with either of the episodes, but the most frustrating part of them both is how they never really delved into the real issue, the real meat of the episode. In PYHD, Fluttershy is instantly forgiven for her rampage after finding a loophole to get out of Iron Will's payment, which actually seems kind of apt considering how Pinkie and Rarity demonstrated assertiveness to Fluttershy... , and such never goes into the nitty gritty details of Fluttershy's hurtful words and their affects on Pinkie and Rarity. I guess even with such harsh words they're such otherworldly friends it doesn't matter? Then Filli Vanilli does the same, since the whole point of the episode is Fluttershy learning to embrace her singing talent and show it off to the world, in baby steps of course, but Pinkie never learns any lesson in this episode not to do what she did, driving up Fluttershy's fears and anxieties like that, thinking it helps, but no one ever going out of their way to explain to Pinkie why what she is doing is making it worse. It's just there because it's funny, no substance whatsoever, which makes the friendship the two have for each other rather shallow.


So oddly enough this episode is about anxiety. Fluttershy and Pinkie both have it. They don't want to let their friends, their town down with a terrible performance. Everyone will hate them, the game is no longer fun, and they both share this feeling. I guess these ponies aren't quite as different as I thought they'd be. ALSO THEY HUG. AND IT'S CUTE. AND YAY.

It still doesn't touch upon their actual friendship and no conflict arises between these specific two that requires a moral or lesson to get one another that ultimately improves their friendship, but I'm desperate at this point. I'll take all the scraps I can get, and if those scraps exist THEY MIGHT AS WELL BE IN MY TOP TEN. THERE.


That leads into this episode. I guess my frustration, the culmination of it all could all be avoided. If Pinkie learned the same lesson Rainbow Dash did that allowed her excellent showing in this episode.


In season one Rainbow Dash, despite being friends with Fluttershy for so gosh darn long, still had some issues with her. She had no patience for Fluttershy's fears and anxieties, was fine with just pranking her on the spot without thinking of her feelings and her sensitivity, and was generally a jerk. How were they childhood friends again? But as time went on and Rainbow learned lessons and got to know Fluttershy more, she became the coach-like pegasus we see in this episode. This episode, where Fluttershy tries her best to avoid her pegasus duties, since she sucks at flying. Rainbow Dash, who tries not to be too harsh on her, who does whatever she can to encourage the yellow one to do her best and contribute her efforts, no matter how minuscule it might be. She's the one who, at the most important time of all throws away her goals of breaking the record because as nice as a record is, the most important issue is that the water goes to Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash was so wonderfully mature here, and I love every episode where Rainbow Dash has this kind of character.

I also love Fluttershy, she goes through the classic tale of underwhelming self-confidence, but eventually finds her way, destroying those childhood demons wracking her self-esteem. And even if Rainbow Dash was so very awesome in this episode, ultimately it was Fluttershy herself that found her drive to eventually enter the tornado and aid the pegasus of the moving of the water. The animals helped, yes, but it was Fluttershy's decision all on her own. Yes Fluttershy, you really can fly if you try! You flew really fast in the season two premiere to pull that heavy balloon so you can catch Rainbow Dash. You ran really fast when you pulled that carriage through the desert to help catch Applejack in The Last Roundup. It may still make zero sense for Fluttershy to compete in the Olympics largely due to her performance anxiety and phobia of crowds and attention, but she's definitely not out of shape. Most of her problems are in her head.

I wish there were more good Fluttershy episodes like this.


This episode is surprisingly low on my top ten for being well, this episode.


You know, this is the episode Magical Mystery Cure should have been. And yes, I know I'm shitting on an episode I really liked, but this episode made sense in what happened at the end. It led up to something the whole series had been building up towards (their cutie marks) instead of MMC where Twilight never had a goal of becoming an alicorn princess and just learned right there and then that all her accomplishments thus far meant she earned such a monumental promotion. The problem at hand being solved, that being Diamond Tiara's redemption, is a lingering conflict and issue that has been a theme throughout the seasons before until now, whereas with MMC Twilight's task was to fix a spell she accidentally cast, which just came to her that very episode. It's basically MMC with far more setup, and is so much more satisfying as a result.

Too bad it suffers from the exact same problem.

Why are such ridiculously important episodes like these two, altering the status quo in such a staggering way only allowed ONE episode to go through with such changes? We have two episodes revolving around WEEDS simply because it's a season premiere, but Twilight turning into an Alicorn Princess or the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting their cutie marks are left with merely one! WHERE ARE THE PRIORITIES!? Seriously, adventure-style episodes should not have a monopoly on two-parters! Both these episodes were so good, and so important, but they could have been better! They could have been the top two best episodes on this list, if only they had more time to build it up, more time for the plot to go through, instead of both episodes rushing to fix what just broke and then throwing a sudden party at the end to celebrate the great big change. WHAT GIVES!?

But it's still the CMC getting their Cutie Marks in helping others get Cutie Marks and Apple Bloom's parents are mentioned and RD and Rarity sing to their sisters and GAAHHHHH TEARS AND LIQUID PRIDE. The songs were all magnificent, props to Apple Bloom's VA especially for her wondrous singing talent. I sing DT's solo and the last CMC song all the time in my head, in the shower, and in front of a computer screen. If only I could learn what my dreams were and what I was meant to be at the ripe young age of twelve! No fair!


Here we are, into my top five. I knew this episode had to be somewhere and struggled to place it, but well, it's GOTTA be in the top five at least. And it's barely clinging on. The series is still going so even this infamous episode may not hang on for long, which goes to show how well MLP has been enduring with time. I may shit on the series occasionally but they always produce some amazing content at least once every season, and I can't  fault them for that!


Ah yes, the instant classic. The one the fans of the beginning always point to potential new suitors viewers of what this show could do. It was so surprising at the time, so shocking, so good as well. This show that everyone thought was meant for children at toddler age was showing this pink pony going into what seemed like a mental breakdown of some sort, maybe some sort of psychosis who knows! The plot itself was nothing special, and it wasn't some extra flashy episode with weddings or explosions, but dang did it hit a note with the community. Pinkamena is arguably the most famous of all the memes that came out of this, even if the stupid Cupcakes story came out before her existence was known. She's talking to rocks, to sacks of flour, denouncing her friends, her PUPILS ARE SLIDING AWAAAYYYYY

This and another top tier episode, Green Isn't Your Colour, cemented a headcanon in my mind. It seemed all evidence was pointing towards Pinkie being quite into secrets and the importance of keeping them. She simply didn't account for  the secrets involving Pinkie herself, and the spiral downwards that resulted in her untrustworthy behaviour. This episode also probably inspired similar bouts of insanity like Fluttershy's historical rage in The Best Night Ever and Twilight's extreme paranoia in Lesson Zero. I haven't even mentioned the song, which from how big this episode was seems like a mere afterthought at this point.

Also, again. Pinkamena. Most people may have taken away from this episode not to ever anger Pinkie Pie, but I wanna hug Pinkamena. She looks so... vulnerable in that state, so sad. Seeing her again in MMC (plus the musical!) kept that episode in its solid place of this list, but I love her forever and love that her family all have that kind of mane. It's like Pinkie is so unique she leapt out of the constricts of her already odd family, and truly defined herself.

I mean not only that but this was also basically the origin of Harry the Bear! That's important, right?


Ya know, the biggest reason I continue to watch this series is not for any particular character or heartwarming story. It's because I legitimately enjoy the humour. It can be funny at times and it doesn't need to be offensive. (I laugh at offensive jokes anyway, but I have a good degree of respect of anything not having to resort to such things to make comedy. It screams talent!) This episode was the magnum opus of what I expect in pony, and maybe my expectations are low at this point, but I honestly can't see another episode replicating what this one managed to do.


Ah yes, the perfect ensemble episode. Every character has their lines, their spotlight, and they weren't forced. There was nothing unnatural about every member of the Mane Six being here, and they all contributed to the plot and the humour in their own way. The format with the interviews, similar to a reality TV show or that of shows like The Office really helped this episode shine. The supporting characters and one-off characters did not steal the show, and everything just surmounted to a perfectly wonderful, enjoyable episode most if not all fans lauded. I wish every episode was like this. As much as I enjoyed All Bottled Up, the plot with the Mane Six (not Starlight) dragged. Yes I know the cheesiest song in the entire series that threatened to melt my teeth off had a pay off towards it, but their friendship was portrayed in a way that it was picture perfect while solving such a puzzle to the point of almost self-parody, and not in a good way. This is the perfect example of their friendship and their characters bouncing off one another. You know the fact that the Mane Six time and time again are willing to put aside whatever they're doing, whether it's Rainbow Dash's training to get into or as a Wonderbolt or her weather work, Twilight's magical studies, Pinkie's crazy ridiculously party cave, Fluttershy's animal caretaking, or Applejack's farming just to help Rarity with her dream is real sweet. It's just menial work like sweeping a store to get it ready for an opening, BUT THEY DO IT ANYWAY! 

It's also helpful for Rarity because yay she gets FREE LABOUR and doesn't need to hire a million ponies to renovate like say, that Indian-style restaurant needed in that one episode. Maybe that's why she can afford to hire everyone to be her sales consultants. If only life were like that. Or maybe we just need unicorns. That recent yak episode where Twilight just GREW ALL THE CROPS with magic was so OP I would not be surprised if she could just magic the wallpaper and magic the mannequins, magic the music system etc. UNICORNS ARE SO OP HOW HAVEN'T THEY DRIVEN OTHER PONIES OUT OF WORK YET!? Are there too few of them? Do they see themselves above tasks and jobs like bucking trees? Even if what they do would be so much more efficient? Is the heart earth ponies put into crops or the pegasi grace into the weather so important you can't trust a unicorn to take over for everything? Maybe using that much magic too much greatly fatigues a unicorn, or maybe it's just Twilight who's overpowered. I haven't seen Rarity using an INSTANTLY GROW FOOD spell yet!

Oh, I guess I ran out of things to say about this episode. IT WAS GOOD OKAY.


And now we're in the "This was my favourite episode of all time" territory, until another came around and usurped it. Like I said earlier my top three episodes are a no-brainer. I can bring them up immediately. These are at a level above the rest. And they come around so very rarely...



Okay next.


Nah I'm just kidding. 

Yes, every Maud episode is awesome. Top tier! Just like every Scootaloo episode. For over two seasons, every important pony has had an episode, except Scootaloo. For the longest time she was the least favourite CMC simply because of her lack of exposure. She was not related to the Mane Six in any way, and so we knew very little of her. She seemed similar to Rainbow Dash, and for whatever reason ran towards Rainbow Dash in pride and happiness after winning the comedy award in The Show Stoppers, but no she has no ties to her. 


This is just a really heartwarming, solid episode. It was my favourite for a while there, my absolute favourite no other episode could compare because of what an amazing solo episode debut Scootaloo had. This episode introduced the concept of Luna's dreamscapes, and even if such a setting has been revisited so many more times in much flashier ways, this one still utilized it the best. She's there to help ponies, especially the young ones, get over their problems, solve their problems and become better ponies because of it! It only makes me wonder what dreams were like before Luna came back. Were they just like the ones in real life, with no real meaning to them or just nightmares there to reiterate how much life might suck? Were colts and fillies worse off in that span of a thousand moons when Luna was banished because she was not there to guide them? IT ASKS SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Just seeing Scootaloo with no one to hug when the stories reach their scariest, while the other two do. Just seeing Scootaloo trying to keep up her front, losing her sleep, losing her composure, everything! And when Rainbow Dash said yes, I will be your sister. When Rainbow Dash lifted Scootaloo up in the air to make it as if she were flying. I dunno, I just had swells of pride, swells of butterflies billow out of my heart. Scootaloo is such a precious pony who tries not to be one the best she can, but truly is. It's one thing when say, a pony who you know is very vocal and open about caring for another does so, but it's on a whole other level when ponies like Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo who have a sense of pride and openly cuddling, hugging, or expressing comfort in love in any way would be uncool do so. IT'S SO SWEET!

The fact that you learn later, or maybe your suspicions are true that Scootaloo may never be able to fly, and may not even have parents are ideas the future episodes toy with just twist the strings in my heart further. I love her other episodes because of it too. It's all about Scootaloo wanting things everyone else already has. "I wish I had a sister!" She gets a sister. "I wish I could fly!" She comes to terms with flying not being what defines her.  "I wish I had a caring family!" She gets a caring family. IT'S SO SWEET AND GREAT AND I LOVE SCOOTALOO'S DEVELOPMENT AND STORY AND HNGGGNGNNGNGNGGNGNGG.

Before Scootaloo my favourite CMC was Sweetie Belle, but after these quality episodes I'm wondering where's Sweetie Belle's episode to shine. I haven't really liked hers as much as Scootaloo's, though I mean she only has two really and Sisterhooves Social, as much as I loved it, got usurped by Brotherhooves Social. Ha. Hahaha. C'mon Sweets! STEP UP YOUR GAME!


There are two episodes I regret watching while horribly sleep-deprived. The first was Crusaders of the Lost Mark. I was so tired I didn't really comprehend the gravity of what I was watching. Everyone else, their reactions were all crying with pride and happiness, and when I finished that episode I was like "cool." Because I was so tired. I didn't care. It did not quite process through my mind yet that some BIG GIANT STATUS QUO CHANGING EVENT had occurred. My batteries had run out. I still loved that episode in the end, but the experience I could have had watching it while coherent is lost forever. It's almost like being spoiled, but not really! That may be another reason that episode is only sixth on this list.

The other one is obviously this one. Why else would I bring it up?


I had the pleasure of watching this with a friend of mine at a time, or should I say a SPECIAL SOMEPONY HAHAHAH I sound like a complete idiot and that term still makes me cringe. Like seriously? SPECIAL SOMEPONY? Anyway, he was laughing at the duck and the fish getting eaten and the unpredictability of such a dark joke in MLP of all things AND I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THEY HAPPENED. I was like "what? What duck?" And he was like "Didn't you see? THE EAGLE SWOOPED IN AND GRABBED THE DUCK!" and one of the greatest jokes of all of My Little Pony history was ruined for me. I definitely saw how ingenious and well-thought out that joke was, BUT I WAS HALF CONSCIOUS AND RUINED IT FOR MYSELF. GAH. I really enjoyed the episode regardless and he loved it too, but it didn't actually register in my mind HOW GOOD the episode was until later. I was too tired.

Anyway this episode for most people they'd say it was a simple episode, and it was good, but nothing was special about it nor did it have much depth. I was so angry at all these so-called analysts just saying there was nothing to say, as if nothing about this episode was unique in any way. To be fair none of those analysts' favourite pony was Pinkie Pie, which was super instrumental to enjoying this episode at the time. Pinkie Pie was portrayed brilliantly in this episode. This is the kind of Pinkie Pie I always want to see, entertaining, enjoyable, not really in sync with the normal ponies, but not in any way obnoxious or screechy. I see more of this Pinkie Pie in season one than the recent seasons because back then educating the little children was more important than entertaining the adults watching the show, and Pinkie was endearing then, had her cute little short songs to appeal to the kids, and the lessons were treated with much more of a gentle, slower tone back then. So far less screeching and obnoxiousness, really.

Like, I LOVE Pinkie Pie. I really do. She is my absolute favourite character. THE BEST PONY. But I try my best to not put my favourite characters on some godlike pedestal who can do no wrong. There are times when Pinkie is worst pony and I want to pull my hair out because she's being too obnoxious or screechy or overbearing, but everything about her, her potential, and everything she stands for is something I resonate so much that when Pinkie Pie is at her best, I too am at my best. That is a character I strive towards, and want to be like even if I'm more Fluttershy than anything and probably will never get to that point anyway due to my crippling introversion, but just. PINKIE PIE stands for EVERYTHING I love about this show, so no doubt when she has her best showing in the entire series, no doubt it'd be my absolute favourite episode.

Well it was anyway, until recently.

There is one so-called analyst or reviewer or whatever in the community who did a Pinkie Apple Pie review, and poured like half an hour of content expressing his views on the episode and how he loved the episode and loved how Pinkie was portrayed. He even went and dissected the song, which I haven't even mentioned yet and is the BEST SONG IN THE SERIES, bar none for how unbelievably catchy it is, but Pinkie Pie's impromptu came-up-with-it-on-the-spot lyrics into the song, which was also the climax of the song, was brilliant. It's kind of like A True, True Friend where Pinkie was the climax of that song too, but this time Pinkie DOES sing! The fact that this episode leads to two lessons, learned by two different ponies that they taught each other is so many layers of brilliance I cannot even begin to describe it. That guy really did his homework explaining how wonderful this episode was. The jokes were on point, it was heartwarming, they taught each other a beautiful lesson, the song was amazing as all fuck I sing it the most out of ANY MLP song. AJ's family is on point too and the two of them bounce off one another just wonderfully. A perfectly flawless episode of every kind showing off the best that Pinkie Pie can be. Just magnificent. 11/10. I love it.

This episode is why I love My Little Pony.

The next episode is why I shouldn't stop watching My Little Pony.


I watched this episode yesterday. Maybe it's recency bias. Maybe it'll slide down a bit later, but I can't deny how many layers of emotion I felt after watching this. I just cannot. Oh and super crazy spoilers because this only aired in Australia and is technically not meant to be officially aired in the Americas until like, August or something. I dunno. Canada spoiled and aired episodes early too okay! Yay Canada I guess. I don't even have Treehouse TV. They like censoring the word loser out of episodes sometimes. >:


That song is echoing in my head.

The last scene. The voice acting, the sheer emotion from the old pony. The absolute perfect chemistry, perfect and pure and wonderful joyous interactions they had... the implications, the imagery... the old friends, telling their stories, the secrets, the reconciliation... I never thought MLP would ever touch on a story like this.

But they did.

I cried every time I rewatched this episode. It wasn't like, tears coming lightly down my face crying, it was outright sobbing. I planted my head on the table and broke down when the credits rolled the very first time I saw this episode. I haven't felt so sad, such emotion from anything in a very long time. I always said the one thing MLP never made me do was make me cry, and then they did just that with Brotherhooves Social, but that was lowkey crying, not an outright breakdown like this episode. This episode man. It just got to me. It just. .. I can't believe they not only did this kind of episode, but did it well.

And yeah, I'm purposely not mentioning any specifics because I still don't want to spoil anyone, not ENTIRELY at least. I don't care if you went into this intending to spoil yourself, and will just spoil yourself anyway by reading a synopsis later instead of actually watching the episode, I want no hand in spoiling it for you, at least entirely because of how much I truly loved this episode. It is not an episode for me to discuss fully until I know everyone I know who watches MLP has watched it, and I can't even mention how much this episode affected me TO them without causing some form of indirect spoiler somehow. I love this episode too much for that, so I won't say anything about this to them. Also I'm banking on them never reading this anyway too, which is why I ever bothered to mention this episode at all. Five bucks says it works!

But suffice to say it definitely hit my top five, top three, and after I thought about it some more and rewatched it a thousand more times, easily tops my list of best MLP episode of the entire series. There's a chance it'll slide down. It did just air after all, but it has done to me no piece of media has done to me in a very long time. Sure I cry in theatres to movies and such, but never to the degree of this. Just never.

Bravo My Little Pony, bravo.

And if you've reached this far, YAY! Those are my top eleven episodes of the series. No two parters, no Luna-centric episodes, no pandery episodes with background ponies. Just slice of life episodes that I really loved and truly touched my heart. That's all MLP needs to be for me. It can be more if it wants, but I just need it to be that.


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