Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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So I actually wrote something here, and like, Livejournal went and DIED on me...I lost that entry...-_-


I hate curry toooo~ XP (And if you don't find that funny...Spot doesn't like you, XP)

Anyway, what I wrote was something about B-Daman yesterday, and a picture.
So I'll sum it up with just the picture, XP

And Spot has changed her wallpaper for something simply found on Google, yes she was lazy. INDEED. (And it's very hard to find 1280x800 wallpapers with people you want on it, XP)
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And BTW, I'm on day FIVE of the Naruto MARATHON!
I have completed many-a episodes and a bunch of flashes already. =P

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Yahaha, almost 4am and I is waiting for a subbed Sailor Moon episode download (where Minako is a NURSE!) so I decided to put this here before I put it on my brand new site that I haven't shown absolutely ANYBODY yet. That's right! To me it's one of the best layouts I have EVER made, it's comparable to my very good clan site which I'm also proud of it. It has my first extraction (yes I figured out how to use that tool now) and thus I am proud of it, very, very proud.

Did I mention it's completely blue, is about B-Daman, and the spotlight is Wen?


Your computer sucks, since it can't view this picture.
I have more than the reason of, "ZOMG THIS IS HOLY F**KING CUUTE" for choosing this.

Yes I did edit it and make it look like it was from the movies, but that's not the point. I chose this from my much disliked episode, which I forgot the name of because I only watched this episode ONCE. Everything else I've seen a rerun, EXCEPT this episode. Episode 14, AKA cheating girl Tsubame Vs. overly godly Li. But why did I choose this? Well for one the other images of him either look like he's constipated or just a regular one (I'm sorry, I'm not a big fan of the artist who draws Li, he does draw him cute, BUT JESUS CHRIST YOU DO NOT MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE SOME WEIRD ONION CRUNCHED FACE PERSON WHEN HE IS SHOCKED OR SOMETHING) Anyway...

He's still part of the Shadow Alliance at this point, so I'm just surprised at this picture. I mean I mostly forgot all about episode 14, but really, Li just smashed apart Wing Ninja and should look A) EVIL B) GUILTY or C) TURNED ON. Right, the 3rd one makes no sense and is a little wrong at his age, sue meh.


It's that or he's mocking Tsubame...MOCK MOCK MOCK MOCK! MOCK MOCK MOCK! MOCK! MOCK MOCK! MOCKEH!

Doesn't it look weird when his B-Daman is all COOL AND 3-D and he's some 2-D character?!



Yes, that's right B-Daman fans...a movie...coming out to theatres near you! Shockingly enough, the main character is not Yamato as this promo picture describes, no, it is the movie for the fangirls that love cute little boys and possibly the pedophiles, which is why we made LI the main character because those perverted old men would pay MILLIONs to see this cute boy do stuff! Unfortunately, the actor of Li will not make any real-life appearances to avoid actual pedophiles...

ANYWAY, the story goes like this.
Wen has decided to go on a LOOONG road trip with Yamato and Co., INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, where they're going seems to be a TEN AND UP little adventure...DO WE SENSE XXX? No, this movie is not rated R, but actually PG13! So anybody younger is left behind. Did we mention it's such an AWESOME event that ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY WENT TO IT except the younger kids, and since parents couldn't find babysitters (as they are at this very suspicious event) they just...LEFT them there, since it's highly probable that nobody BUT the kids will be left behind so there will be no trouble unless they start a fire or something.

So life continues...with no adults, teens, or preteens to bother them.

This obviously SCREAMS trouble.

The brattiest kids on the planet start vandalising and drug dealing...well not drug dealing, more like charging toys for 4 times the worth. By the way, the new currency is candy, WITH NO CANDY COMES NO THINGS LIKE FOOD, SHELTER, AND TOYS. Liquor stores are broken into and all the GOOD drinks are gone (for the adults that AWESOME event) so they find the crappy alcohol that has very little alcohol but in secret, IS A LIE and has A LOT of alcohol....So basically the b-daworld (other than where the AWESOME EVENT is taking place) is covered in crayon drawings of a sun with a smiley face and happy stickmen in a park. With kids sleeping on the streets because they can't afford the only food avaliable, candy.

Obviously there is another way of getting food to live on, that's right, B-DABATTLING WITH NO RULES AT ALL 'CAUSE KIDS HATE RULES!!

Now, the other younger than 10 kid is Asadou and he's escaped to the wilderness from the chaos that is all the cities, towns, and villages of the B-DaWorld. A kid named BOB becomes the ruler of the B-DaWorld with his superior amount of candy, and starts TAKING ALL CANDY with his kid-henchmen (who ally with him for a share of the candy) from all the kids, STARVING THEM!! This is where our HERO takes place.

Angered by the lack of candy and the crying starving kids that never shut up, Li decides to find this king of the B-DaWorld to retrieve the candy and save this generation. It is then when he learns of KING BOB actually scheduling this event that attracts all ages 10 and up, WHAT WAS HIS GENIUS OF DOING THIS? He told everybody that if ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY EXCEPT THE UNDER 10 KIDS COME HERE, he promises to assassinate George W. Bush of Earth, WHO IS ALSO BLAMED for the problems of this world. WHen they get there they will be CAPTURED!!!

Li was also angered as how this person used the killing of Bush as bait, WHICH IS VERY CRUEL because EVERYBODY will DO ANYTHING to destroy the devil named George W. Bush! Li journeys FAR AND WIDE (through deserts and tundras!) to the base of this evil child.

Which is in a chocolate factory, CHARLIE'S CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

"I am the red dragon of justice, and you are taking the joy of every child of the B-DaWorld! For that, I cannot forgive you, and I will punish you!" (TOO MUCH SAILOR MOON, >>) Li's speech is heard as he performs very corny poses, BUT THEN HE WILL ATTACK.

KIng Bob laughs, "Then I challenge you, Li! TO A DUEL TO THE END! Loser is grounded for 2 months!"

Li gasps as such a risk, "TWO MONTHS?! That's insane!"

"Are you too afraid to sacrifice such a precious thing? MAKE THAT THREE MONTHS!"

"Never will I lose, I accept your challenge!" Li bravely announces to the VERY grave consequence if he loses.

"This game will be B-DAMAN: RULES OF KING BOB, that means I invent all the rules as we go on. If you do not agree you will be grounded for three months."

Li growls, this is a battle that will be hard to win indeed.

"The rules are, King Bob wins automatically..."



Three months after the HARSH AND CRUEL PUNISHMENT, Li luckily survives this torture given by the merciless KING BOB!!!!

"So I see three months was not enough to OBLITERATE YOU!"

"I challenge you...again..."

Three months later...

Li once again survives the cruel and harsh punishment...


"Hm, fine, if I win you get grounded for FOUR months!"

"But...THAT WILL..."

"Yes, it will, it will end your joys of freedom for FOUR MONTHS!!!"

"You cannot do that, that is a punishment too cruel even for the ADULTS!"

"You either accept and if you don't YOU FORFEIT!"


Thus the battle begins, whoever wins this survival of the fittest, for to be grounded for four months is even worse than the death sentence...
Good night.
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Another average school day!

So I ran home for B-Daman again just for one 30-second moment of the RECAP of the episode. It was where they were bouncing around the rocks like pinball. I laugh too much at Anime character's pain. I'm not a huge fan of EBIL Li though (no, ebil is the wrong word, the correct word is MISGUIDED, YESH), I like indecisive Li, guilty Li, happy Li, stupid Li, I'mcoolerthanyoulook Li, and of course, CUTE LI! There's probably a million more that I love too. I went to bed at 1:30AM, and my superior skills of procrastination saved me. I did my French homework in the washroom, 3 minutes before French class, then finished the rest in French class right before she checked it. I HAVE TEH AWESOME PROCRASTINATION SKILLZ.

Anyway, in the time span of me staying up long past my constantly broken curfew, I realized that MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME...at the moment, are actually quite mysterious...like Rei is too, and many, many, many other of my beloved characters that must be laughed and awed at because their pain and joy is just oh so amusing. XP


Wen and Li had a HAPPEH family in a HAPPEH little house in a HAPPEH unnamed town, but since that town is just oh so HAPPEH, we will unofficially dub it, HAPPEH TOWN.

So Liken is not their TRUE hometown in terms of where they were born, but Liken is where they resided later which I will explain later. ANYWAY, everybody was OH SO HAPPEH in HAPPEH TOWN, but their happehness was unfortunately cut short. A BIG FIRE BREAKS OUT, from the HAPPEH BAKERY, and it is so uncontrollable that it BURNS the whole place down. Firefighters did their best and many of them loss their lives...what remains of HAPPEH TOWN is GHOST TOWN, thus it is now unofficially called, GHOST TOWN. Those who survived left the poor place rather than rebuilding it, due to so few surviving. And a few of those who survived were the great godly no-longer-as-happeh Wen and Li Yong Fa, saved by a firefighter who took them far from the little town, only to run back to try to save more but never to be seen again.

SO, many helpers from other cities decide that Ghost Town is just too tragic to help rebuild it, so they take the few remaining survivors to LIKEN. There in Liken, they ask many people to adopt the few children without parents (and of course our favourite very beautiful brothers are among them), but no one seems to want the responsibility until THE SHADOW ALLIANCE ARRIVES! The Shadow Alliance offers to take in any orphans (and train them to be EBIL, MWAHAHAHA), but the people who brought the survivors to Liken tell SA that it is the child's choice if they want to enroll in the evils of that, that is the SHADOW ALLIANCE. Meanwhile, an old man with a stupid name (I forgot his name, XP) who had built two B-Daman for no reason (retired from B-DaBattling) wanted to give the powerful tools to someone worthy. When he had heard of the fire and the survivors, he decided that for those people who lost everything would be overjoyed to recieve such nice B-Daman as these (and since they look better than the plain ones minor characters have, let's say they are made from ancient/legendary/magical parts) so he gave it to the brothers as a gift.

After one year with the little B-Damans (since the humanitarians could only adopt so many and didn't know what to do with the rest, they left them at the local orphanage.) Wen and Li find out the joy of B-DaBattling with their gift and run off to play with them (and get lost too, xP). They weren't good AT ALL and when wandering around trying to get back they are almost SEIZED by a kidnapper but barely manage to escape. This tells them that they aren't strong, no one is there to raise them so they go to the one option left, the Shadow Alliance. I guess they figure they'll get fed and be able to become stronger, meaning a WIN-WIN situation. (Or so they thought) They became what they are known in the beginning of the series, and the only reason they stay friendly with Liken is because of the kindness that they were given there so they don't act evil or nasty, etc. (They don't even tell them they're in the Shadow Alliance, wanting to surprise them with their newfound power in the future)

The estimated age of when they joined the Shadow Alliance is 6 for Wen, and 3 for Li. Now way back into the beginning of the series, where Armada created Cobalt Blade, I think it'd be logical (and nice) if things started happening to our now presently heroes at this time. They are in the lowest of their life, or something GOOD happened. This could be when Enjyu gets into the Cornell situation, Yamato gets adopted by Mie, Gray starting his EVIL CAREER OF B-DAPLAYING (before the SA) Bull is too mysterious, Tsubame starts his training from his father, and of course my little theory that I made for Wen and Li. Armada might've been aware of what has currently happened (maybe some of them, Happeh Town burning down, a blue haired kid with huge amounts of potential getting a mental breakdown, "Hurricane Gray" becoming a famous name...) and since Lightning Kahn was stolen (BY EVIL PURPLE SWIRLY THINGS OF SHADOW ALLIANCE DOOM!) It was time to help protect the B-DaWorld! Thus this comes to "Yamato's Destiny" and their meeting. After Cobalt Blade's completion and delivery to Yamato, it said SIX years later. If it's SIX, and if everything happened just now, then Wen would be 6 and Li would be 3. This would make Yamato 5, the time Mie finds him. This also makes Enjyu 7, a good age for when he entered the Winner's Tournament earlier with Cornell.

Was it intentional that they all met like so? We would never know, only the great all-knowing B-DaMage would have this knowledge, since she obviously seems to be...THE GODDESS OF THE B-DAWORLD!!!

There are still other even more mysterious happenings, such as WEN'S SCAR, and THE ORIGIN OF BULL. Yamato's scar COULD'VE come from the cats, most probably did, Enjyu's was shown, and Wen's is just very mysterious as he had it before SA. If we use my "HAPPEH TOWN BURNED DOWN" theory, I guess he got it from...THE FIRE. =P (I still also like Child Abuse as another explanation, XP) Bull is the most mysterious compared to the rest, he doesn't have any flashbacks from when he was young during all of Season One.

But we have one clue, that Bull has three personalities, a disorder that can only happen due to severe childhood trauma. Now, the new emo kid of second season, also called Acuras, has a pretty shakey past, and Bull befriends him easily since they understand each other. This also supports Bull's sad life of before. There are many things that can cause this, such as my favourite, child abuse, sexual harrassment CAN also be possible as disorders like these tend to come from the wronger perverted acts. He could've seen people die, or just got scarred for life basically. So we know that Bull has a very angsty-type life. (Which is popular for all the characters)

My favourite theory on Yamato's biological family is that they were way too poor (or they were horrified he had no nose, xD) so they just left him somewhere. (Leaving babies abandoned happens in real life too, so it's possible) Then the cats came, and like Tarzan, adopted him to let him live and strive free. I wonder if that family is wondering if the b-dachampion is their son...hm?

Otherwise, every other major character's life seems to be obvious. Gray and Liena lost their parents at a pretty young age, they were helped by the people of the village they lived in. A thought on why Gray seemed to want POWER all the time (when he was younger) was to find some sort of signifigance in his life. He probably didn't want to be a poor rucksack in a poor beaten up town and tried to raise his b-daman skill, not only to make his town proud but to better his life and he found the wrong way until he learned his lesson. Then the Shadow Alliance found much potential in him and took his sister to use him, for they seemed to understand what Gray turned into when he learned that being alone and only lusting for power destroys themself.

Tsubame's is going to be the most boringingness of all because he just trains and lives with his parents then seeks out Armada, to make up for that, the writers seemed to have put in more interest in the kid in season two and angsted him. XP

Too much insight perhaps? XP I'm going to quest for the Coco now...
Which will inflate, damnit!
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I have many things I must say. No, it is not a will to give you all my stuff. >>

Firstly, I IS SPEAKETH aboot...aboot...abooooot...


Well, you see, I bought a winter fox mink on Gaia (which I will pretend that it is an actual fox pet/plushie, no matter how untrue that may be) and it is now hugging me leg on there. I also have a Gwee and a Mochi, and I have decided to NAME them. Yes, corny, and yes, I am itching towards the bishie part.

For you see, these are teh names.

MY GWEE IS CALLED KOUROH, and I will not explain why I called it Kouroh.
My little cute puppy is named Ochii, which is kind of obvious why I named it so.
And finally, my fluffy dead fox is called Nuuta. Woot.
What does that spell?! KON! Hahahaha.

Okay, why did I talk about that before I got to BISHIES, huh?! BECAUSE ANIMALS ARE CUTE. But are BISHIES cute? Yes, they are. Bishounen is basically, "Pretty Boy", and pretty boys can be HOT, SMEXEH, or...yes, KWUTE. I mean, most people don't consider these cute little boys running around, completely vulnerable to pedophiles, as bishounen, but oddly enough, they ARE pretty and they ARE boys thus they DO gain the title of BISHOUNEN! But since ALL little boys seem to be kwute, ARE ALL LITTLE BOYS BISHOUNEN?! ARE THEY MUCH TOOOOO YOUNG?! CAN THEY ONLY GAIN THIS TITLE BY STAYING KWUTE OR LOOKING YOUNGER AS THEY GROW OLDER LIKE MAX?!

I still can't believe I missed today's B-Daman Rerun Episode, even though the only good parts is an evil...."Bishie" and an angsty "Chibi Hybrid of Kenshin et Duo", but what the hell are we to do? xP. Last night I was drawing (as I was the night before, O_o) and I drew my little "tooobsessivetothem" characters in Naruto ninja clothing. (Somewhat inspired by lots of Ninja clothes at you-know-where) And it looked odd, but somewhat...not odd. O_o. I mean, if they really WERE actual CHARACTERS in the little overrated Anime, (and I portrayed them as lost ninjas or whatever they may be called)  that'd be pretty awesome. I gave CHOKED (XDDD CHOKED! [Chibi Hybrid of Kenshin et Duo]) an enormous kunai as a weapon. (Which I seriously hope has not been done before or I will be incredibly upset over such a small little thing)

Also, Syaoran On CracK (SOCK), to me will be called a bishie, because Spot is biased and said so.

So from this point on, I will dub teh Blue Dragon, CHOKED, and teh Red Dragon, SOCK. Thus, combining it to mean Choked Sock. I love Choked Sock, don't you? They are very great characters in the world of marbles. (Which I will dub for LEthal BallS (O___o) as L.E.B.S)

Now let us continue. The Very Lebby Choked Sock is an important thing to Spot. For one, they are brothers, marvelous brothers to Spot. Brothers are a good thing.

Okay, this new name sounds like a choked lesbian sock. I am scaring myself.

But you all know socks are awesome, they smell great, they go on your feet, and they have sexy eyes staring back at you whenever you look down. Which gives you many-a-nightmares, I presume. And if you're a girl, WHAT LUCK! Those socks are female (somewhat, O___o) and are in love with you. But it's too bad because they're dead, for they were choked to death by some homophobes.

From this day on I will call B-Daman haters, Sock Homophobes.

*Omg, I wanna rename Urban Run, Choked Sock, xD*

So, let us play REWRITE ALL OF LEBBY WITH THIS STUFF, xD (With other incredibly stupid aliases)

Once upon a time, there was the Takato-Cat. All happy and fluffy, he had lived the first few years of his life with cats, being raised by them. His real parents are COMPLETLEH UNKNOWN! Suddenly a beautiful woman, the Goddess of Sardine Sandwiches appeared. (GOSS, =P) Goss was a beautiful woman who ran a place called the Cat Cafe. And found little Takato-Cat and adopted him.

Meanwhile, a big wise fat cat by the name of THE CAT IN THE HAT, FOR HE WORE A HAT YET NO OTHER GARMENTS, YOU PEEEEEEERVERT! Built a BEAUTIFUL machine, a machine which he ripped off from the designs of Gundams after watching TEE VEE. (Although his favourite program was Pretty Girl Sammy or whatever it may be called) And ROARED ON!!!

Cat in the Hat: THIS BEAUTIFUL TOOL MUST BE PROTECTED FROM THE EVILS OF THE COMPLETELY UNSEXY ALLIANCE TROUPE! (*Cough*ShadowAlliance*Cough*) (THCUAT) Oh great godly Blue Pokemon! Please send this wonderful tool to be PROTECTED!

Thus, the Blue Pokemon (AKA BDa-Mage) sent the little weapon, now known as THE BLADE, to Takato-Cat, who was sleeping with the kitties.

Okay, like, 6 years later man.

Takato-Cat: I'm gonna get sugar, OK GOSS?!


Okay, let's this skip this and get going! TO the INTERVENE OF...PONCHO!!

Poncho: HEY! Bull has a BIGGER poncho than me, WHY AM I CALLED PONCHO?!

Because Bull is called Pongo.

Poncho: ...


GOSS: Takato-Cat! It's been 6 years since I've found you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOMEWHAT!!

Takato-Cat: YAY!!! *about to blow out candles* I wish for..A LEBB (B-Daman) OF MY OWN!!





Takato-Cat: What Da Fack is "The Blade"?!



The Blade: *BOOM, flies into hands, blahblah, Takato-Cat wins, THE END! ...uh, I mean*



Choked: Err, Top Hat-Sama, the "directors" are dead. This is not a TV Show, stop thinking it's a TV show, IT'S THE REAL THING!

Top Hat: I DEMAND THE DIRECTORS' HEAD OR I WILL QUIT! I am a very important actor.

Sock: Okay, let's go kill some random people and call them directors.


Was boring. xDDD EPISODE THREE...was also boring.


Takato-Cat: So you're saying these two brothers named Choked and Sock are hanging around Ice Screw Mountain?! (YES IT LOOKED LIKE A SCREW, >>)

Poncho: Yeah, and they're good Lebby-Battlers (Oh GAWD). You'd want a CHALLENGE, RIGHT?!

Takato-Cat: YES I DO! LET'S GO!!

*At Ice Screw Mountain*


Poncho: Alright then! *throws Lebb onto Pongo's hands*


*BOOOM! Shoots the wall apart*

Takato-Cat: Well, we didn't need the Lebb after all!

ZABOOM! Iceberg falls, Poncho saves Takato-Cat AND SUDDENLY...

Choked: *sniff* Poncho, HOW COULD YOU!!! T__T

Sock: Um, hello?! IT'S OUR DEBUT!!!!

Choked: What?! I was practicing for a Soap Op-- er I mean, OKAY! Let's go introduce ourselves! =D

Sock: >>


Sock: You're not called "Hurricane Poncho" for nuthin!

Takato-Cat: What in the name of meowmix was that?!


SOck: You know calling yourself Big Brother and Little Brother is kind of stupid. -_-


Sock: OBSERVE. Hey Takato-Cat! Can I see your Blade?!

Takato-Cat: You mean my precious one-of-a-kind LEBBY-MAN?! NO! GO AWAY!

Sock: ...um Poncho, can we see your Zepyhr?!

Poncho: Well, being the overly-trustful guy I am...WHY NOT?! This better not be a scheme to put my lebb into a giant ice spike, would it?

Sock: Aww, would I do that to a good frie-- *snatches Zephyr and smacks it into a giant ice spike* BWAHAHAHA!

Poncho: HEEEY!! YOU LIED!!

Sock: I'm evil. I can lie. XP

Poncho: But...but...THAT'S NOT NICE!! T___T

Choked; YEAH! HOW DARE YOU TAKE PONCHO'S LEBB?! *takes it out and gives it to POncho* there you go!

Sock: Well, I AM an evil Sock.

Poncho: Oh, can I call you Sock Puppet?!

Sock: ...

Choked: HEY PONCHO! You ARE working for THCUAT, right?!


Pongo: WAIT FOR ME!!!


Choked: WAAAAH! PONCHO HATES ME!!!! I'm gonna go cut myself, then hang myself, and if I'm possibly still alive, jump off a cliff into a shark-infested lake--

Sock: That's okay, we can replace you like we did with the other Choke--err...I mean...


Poncho: SHH, it's supposed to be a secret! Don't make us murder Choked #454 like we did with #432 when HE found out!!

Sock: Sorry. -_-


Takato-Cat: Wahh, I is depressed. ><

GOSS: Well, being the goddess that I am. I heard of a wise cat called The Cat in the Hat! He will teach you all about Lebbs, and because your messing up business by making us look depressing. >=(

Takato-Cat: OKAY! C'MON TOMTOM! (Tommi) *runs off*

*runs around for a few hours*




Tweety: I thought I taw a puddy-tat!


Tweety: I did, I did taw a puddy-tat!!!

Takato-Cat: GIVE IT!

Tweety: I am a great ninja from some clan in a Japan-like place, even though Japan doesn't exist in the Lebby World! BUT NO MATTER, THIS FRUIT IS MINE, LADDIE!

TomTom: *eats Potentially Dangerous Fruit*

Tweety: NUUUUUUUU!!!



Cat in the Hat: Well, since you two are the only people within the forest...I WILL PUNISH YOU FOR EATING/STEALING THAT FRUIT! First, you must draw circles and trianges ten thousand times STIMANTOUSLY!!!

Takato-Cat/Tweety: AWWWW...

*hours upon hours later*

Sock: Blah, I'm bored. Should I use the recycled Choked paper to attack Takato-Cat?! I'm so bored. -_-

Top Hat: Not until the directors give me a raise.


Nj00 (Self-Explanatory): Should we send him back to the factory? I think this Choked is defective.

Poncho: Frankly I don't care. He only costs a few cents anyway.

Sock: WELL WE NEVER USE THE CHOKED-INTO-PAPER RECYCLED STUFF ANYWAY!!! Okay, me attack Takato-Cat. But him being some hero would probably destroy them. Oh well. ATTACK, MY USELESS BATS!!!!



Tweety: My older sister was paper-cut to death from paper bats. I will avenge her.



Episode 9, or something LATER. (Yes we skipped some, sue meh)

MADE UP FILLER EPISODE. The waaaaay too early explanation of the many Chokeds.
To have the full extent of humour, Choked and Sock will retain their real names for this fake episode only.

Some Guy: Hello Li Yong Fa! Since this adventure seems incredibly interesting, we want to ask the question on everybody's minds..your brother Wen, your REAL brother, Wen.

Li: Oh, you mean Wen #1, the greatest guy ever?

Some Guy: I am guessing that is he.

Li: He was my real brother, yes. We were in the Shadow Alliance, minding our own business when a horrible accident occured. The stupid FBI found our hideout, and was trying to drill into our underground facility. Unfortunately, they drilled into our BIG SUPPORT POLE, which if destroyed, the whole place would cave down. Yes, whoever designed the place was incredibly stupid that he even labelled the pole in giant red letters saying, "KNOCK THIS DOWN TO DESTROY HIDEOUT" Marda B is an idiot, but let's continue. The whole place was caving in, and my brother protected me with his own being.  In his last minutes of life, Wen led any few survivors towards a secret escape tunnel. Wen and I were last, but before we could get into the tunnel the whole thing caved down and blocked our only way to freedom. Wen dug insanely and managed to make a hole only I could fit in. I was being stubborn, I didn't want him to stay but there was no time and he pushed me out. Only a mere seconds later did the place cave down completely, with many people, including my brother, were buried alive.

Some Guy: That sounds quite sad. I'm sorry.

Li: Yeah, I was REALLY depressed after that, but what made me angry was when stupid Ababa said that I was useless without Wen so after they dug his lifeless body up, he transported a part of the DNA to an incredibly discounted cloning factory and made a new Wen. I mean they shouldn't fiddle with life, and then they go as far as CLONING MY DEAD BROTHER!!! >=( I mean at first I was happy, but my real brother really wasn't coming back...

Some Guy: And according to Gray, the Wen at present is Wen errr...#454...and what happened the 452 others, as we know the first Wen was dead?

Li: Well, we got the 2nd Wen, and he was quite...hmm, how can I say this? Lack of a brain? Yes, the catalogue to the clone factory clearly said, "BRAIN NOT INCLUDED". So Ababa simply took this Wen as a shell, and *cough* err, we had a BBQ a few days later. Oddly enough I never saw brainless Wen again. O_o.

Some Guy: Err...wow. O_o, and the others?!

Li: 400 more Wens mysteriously disappeared the same way during quite a few more BBQ's, when Ababa clearly said we were lacking food due to our supplies all under a pile of rock in the old Shadow Alliance HQ. I can only assume the morbid.

Some Guy: Err, excuse me as I throw up. *walks into a bathroom, retching sounds can be heard, comes back* And the 51 others?

Li: One of the Wen's that we got shipped after was defective. It had no head. We all kind of got nightmares for 2 weeks after that. So Ababa switched to a different Cloning Factory, of the same price. -_-; Since that Wen was just....err, a...beheaded one?! It was actually ALIVE AND MOVING, which SCARED THE F**K out of us so we erm, killed it to get it out of its misery.

Some Guy: ...I see...O_____O, so...and the 50 others?!

Li: Ababa then decided to get FIFTY more Wens so we could have some army, and we did. They never arrived though.

Some Guy: Is there a reason?!

Li: The shipping truck drove off a cliff and exploded. No survivors.

Some Guy: So, will this 454th one last for long?

Li: Well, Ababa had an ingenious idea to put my real brother, Wen's brain into this one. The memory is a little screwed over but the experts said it would come back eventually. So this Wen is actually quite special and I'm hoping to live a long time.

Some Guy: But from what we've seen you don't care for it much.

Li: I really do. It's Gray and Enjyu who are outcasting him because...WELL OF WHAT HAPPENED!!!!


...and that's all for today! Sorry for the Wen Bashing, I think that "FILLER" was more morbid than humourous...unless you have a morbid style of humour, xDDD


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So, none of my friends posted in their journals for a day or two...

Then I'll just fill up the friend's page for them, =P


OH, I typed up something really random yesterday, but I couldn't finish it due to Writer's Block, IT'S FINISHED!
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You know, once you record something, then watch it over and over again, it gets boring, but if you forget to watch/record something, and watch it when it's rerunned, IT FEELS A LOT NICER TO WATCH, because you sort of not predict what's going to happen next...sort of. Yarr. So, yeah that's what I did when I watched my favourite Anime of all time (perhaps not all time, maybe Beyblade was better, who knows! It's my favourite of THIS time) And it was very nice to watch, so now I want to type lots, lots, lots and lots!

That dream I had before is still very...stuck in my head.

And I plan to make absolutely new userpics, I wish the limit was more, but I don't want to change to plus because of the ugly banners and don't want to change to paid for you have to pay...^^; (Even though I have ALWAYS wanted to make custom mood icons, ALWAYS, I'm kind of spliced at the decision of what to do, damnit!!!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle!! =D

So while I was watching B-Daman, I REPEATED THE LAST WORD OF EVERY SENTENCE! I was like, "CRUNCH!" "THEN!" "YAMATO!" "CAPE!" etc. It was real fun, heh. Of course people in my family told me to shut up, since I turned the volume of the TV real high, heheh. And who the heck can't tell that Wen is under that disguise...then again it's like not being able to tell Clark Kent is Superman JUST BECAUSE HE'S WEARING GLASSES DOOD. And they seriously overuse Li's voice actor, no I do not want to hear a monkey with Li's going, "BANANAS!" or some random dude in the audience going, "ENJYU SUCKS!!" It's like, "OMG LI WAS EVERYWHERE DOOD, LIKE OMGOMGOMG!!!"

Same with Armada's voice, Armada is also Marda-B, and Marda-B is an anagram of Armada except Marda-B has a B and Armada has an A. Ok, that is very odd. And then, when I watched the SHINO laughing episode of Naruto, and thought, "Hm, his dub voice is the same as Li's...ohmygod" Yes, I think I would be scared to hear Li's voice going, "HAHAHAHAHA" or "JAJAJAJAJA" in spanish, or "FUFUFUFUFU" in Japanese or "KEKEKEKEKE" in Korean, or other stupid variants of laughs, =DD

Right, he won't go FUFUFUFU or KEKEKEKE or JAJAJAJA because it's English, >>

(imagines Li going FUFUFUFUFU)


Sorry, I drank coke and watched B-Daman, which makes me high, both of them, JAJAJAJAJA.

So, since Li also plays Ken from Digimon, that Impmon dude in Tamers, and lots of monsters and such...and was IN POWER RANGERS OMG. *imagines Li in a red power ranger suit that's oversized with him*


And I noticed Derek Stephen Prince voicing bug-related stuff, like, Ken has a wormmon, Li looks like one (just the eyes, just the eyes), and Shino plays with them (hehehe, PLAYS) so yes, his voice DOES seem like a "buggy" type, BECAUSE TODAY I WAS WOKEN UP BY THE BUZZING SOUND OF A FLY. So, the "buzz" is in Li's voice, (although his Japanese voice is HIGH AND SCRATCHY) It's like he was smoking. HOW DARE YOU SMOKE, LI!!!

Li: Wanna get high?!


I know! Li would be an excellent SpiderMan! IN THE NEXT SPIDERMAN MOVIE....

ANIMATED!!! Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince, this is the alternate universe of Spiderman, when he was but a child...he was ALSO STILL SPIDERMAN!! And he must battle the evil-KID-VENOM voiced by Brian Beacock (Yamato), with little Mary-Jane being voiced by Brad McDonald (Lmao, Wen's voice)

Li: My spidey sense is tingling!

Wen: Peter Parker? IS THAT YOU?!

Yamato: I'm a better spider than you! >=(

Li: Naw! You're all bulgy and ugly, AND I'M SMARTER!!!
That was earlier, that is all! ^__^
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The Dream )

I would love to dream something like that again. =D
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Once you know your sources, everything is easier to find.
Gah, procrastinating 'till tomorrow. Essay due tomorrow 9am SHARP...it's 11:52PM, and I'm not done...><

Ugh. Daylight Savings is getting the best of me this year.
Soldat's fine, I've been whoring the Desert Eagles and HK MP5 though.
Just got flood kicked from io's, God, stupid thing's screwy.
Screw the essay, I'll get up early tomorrow.
Locker's still doomed.
Books lost.

My god I'm hating school.
10th grade is killin'.

I killed my really crapped up computer with B-daman Episodes...nothing too new in the 2nd season:
Except Tsubame and Jou are 100X cooler.
All the battles are a lot more creative...
Characters are cool...(And creepier...X.x)
Liena's interacted with every fookin' boy on the show.
And this is not surprising, but I love Li's voice...it's better than the Korean and the dub.
What's ironic? Everybody on the show is cooler EXCEPT GRAY...=D He's already  too cool to get cooler...xD
Gannos is awesome, that guy's hilarious. (I'm gonna sing with him!!! DAH, DAH, DAH!!!)
Ending Theme Song = Rocks my Socks off. Love the cats singing at the beginning and the end. (Ah! Ah! Ah! =D)

The humour went across the line...=D
B-Daman = Only show ever where I love most of the characters.

I hate old-looking dragons BTW, >>
I probably do have nitpicks, but eh, I'm getting used to nitpicks because they're always there...

No birds were harmed in the making of this post.
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I got that theme music on B-Daman stuck in my head. =D
Today's episode was GREAT. Good finale, not for people who like the marble-shooting toy, but awesome for people who just love the Anime. Unfortunately I got home late yesterday due to unexpected things like principals keeping the whole grade after-school...-_-

And now I hate that bitch of a vice-principal 12398494 times more now...only saw half of 51, so I can't review it for now.
For the finale, of course I can! WITH PICTURES! =D

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Well, I watched episode 50...in surround sound today. I forgot to do that on 49, which caused it to not be perfect...-_-
But episode 50 inthe early beginning excluding the recap, was boring. EVERY OTHER PART WAS SHEER EXCITEMENT!!!

I actually wanna jabber about Wen and Li all day, but it's a review, so now it shall COMMENCE!!

Click here for Epi.50 Review! )
And they lived happily ever after...
BTW, today is Morbid Violence Week! Throughout the whole week, I will make quotes about everything that happened this week, except it would only be loosely based on that, since it'll have violence added to it! I'm sure you noticed that last episode review...
I'm going to continue my murder-fanfiction now...
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If people know what "March 28" is about...you will know what will fill up this whole journal entry.
Anyway, I understand it'd be more logical to put episode 48 first, but I just watched 49, and so...I MUST TALK OF THIS FIRST!!!
Before I move onto the recap, I must say IF WEN DOES THAT KUNG FU YELL WITH THE HIGH PITCHED SCREAM AGAIN, I WILL SEE TO IT THAT HE BECOMES THE MAIN CHARACTER!!! Mostly because only Yamato does that...>><<>> (Not the kung fu yell, the extremely random thing in the middle of a serious episode, ex: getting hungry when they were running into the "Neo-Shadow Den", Wen did it at the effin' CLIMAX...X.x)

BTW, I wrote this when I was full of caffeine.

Click here for Epi. 49 Review! )


Mar. 19th, 2006 02:04 am
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I just realized, if Li WERE to send happy love-notes to Tsubame secretly, why would he smash Wing Ninja?
This post...at 2am...IS TO FIND OUT!

You see, since Tsubame never bothered to try to tell Li back in some secret way that he enjoyed Li's love letters of seal curses, Li got mad. So instead of secretly stealing Cobalt Blade as his plan, Li's REAL plan was to find a way to communicate with Tsubame! So he went to try to kidnap Tsubame, but decided to take Mie instead, so TSUBAME would be RANSOM! And then, and then, Mie was super nice to him, and Li felt very guilty of what he was about to do. So he felt he did not deserve those "FISH sandwiches of...um...I'm not continuing"...anyway, random pigs ruin the moment...just when Li sees Tsubame...(which is why he couldn't talk, not because he was caught...xD!) So, Yamato and Li stand up to the stupid pigs and they b-dabattle, Li notices Terry only focusing on YAMATO. So Li obviously, secretly got jealous, in the end, everybody was nice to him...but Terry wasn't even there to say goodbye to him!

Stupid Enjyu and mean brother arrive, and put Li in a very risky situation.
He must now choose between his BROTHER AND HIS LOVE!!
He decides, since Terry doesn't want him, to give in and stay evil, so he throws and breaks Wing Ninja. Li, heartbroken AND guilty, runs back to all he had originally...his brother.

WHY Terry did not care for Li? because he didn't know those seals were FROM Li and Li was being stupid.
There's my logic.
It's 2:15am...I'll sleep and rest my crack-mind now.
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So you see my new layout.
It's actually not that good looking with these flexible squares over here...
I dunno why...
It looked good without it though...>>
And if you can read my hidden message, you get one of my biased opinions about new computers.
This layout only looks good in 800X600...
Yes...I used manga pictures...
And then made it a collab of other crap...
That kind of ruined it...oh well...I like how Auldy looks...=D

The mini picture that says Soldat beside it is me in Soldat, enlarged, bloody. =D I'm using a Steyr Aug...

I read a LiXTsubame fanfic in ff.net. That's right, LIXTSUBAME. My current favourite with my former favourite! It was actually pretty good, except Li seemed a tiny bit OOC...(acts more like he was in the first part of b-daman than of the second...which he's supposed to be of the second...oh well)

And yeah, Li is seme, I'm still arguing with myself over that...it's like...WHO WILL BE SEME?! TSUBAME OR ASADOU?! And then you add in Li and there's a VERY WRONG THREESOME!! O_o And then you realize they're the YOUNGEST somewhat main CHARACTERS OF THE SHOW! (minus 2nd season) And they're like TOO YOUNG!

I think I'll stick to friendship and sibling love for now...(unless there's like a 3rd season featuring them as 14 year olds...) That doesn't mean I won't accept the yaoiness of it all...as you know, every TRUE YAOI FAN will pair absolutely ANYBODY up with anybody, regardless of age, gender, species? O_o

Hahaha, I'm still poking at other experiment couples...Like WenXLiena, WenXGray, WenXLi, WenXEnjyu, WenXYamato, WenXBull... Yeah, I chose my pimp...>> But I somewhat like EnjyuXLi, because it has SOMEWHAT more sense than say, EnjyuXWen or EnjyuXGray, but EnjyuXYamato makes most sense in Enjyu-yaoi-pairing wise, if not, EnjyuXLiena is obvious...=P I mean, out of all the people he goes to ask for help...and beg to...and then Li accepts so damned easily...and like...ok I'll shut up now. I don't like Enjyu all that much anyways...>> 

I think I'll rant about b-daman couples...because I have nothing to do...>>

Obvious couples: La EnjyuXLiena, et la BullXKarat
Hinted couples: Les YamatoXGray, LiXMieXWen (this one is a joke, =P), EnjyuXYamato, EVERYBODYXYamato, WenXLi (but then again, brothers, as you may know), GrayXLiena (one incest can lead to the other...), CainXJoshua, WenXLiena anymore I forgot...
Crack couples: I'm just going to make these up right from the bat...ArmadaXEnjyu, TsubameXTommi, MieXMarilyn, BerkhartXAsadou, JoeXLi, EnjyuXSanju, BerkhartXKarat, LiXTsubame, etc. etc. etc.

Ok, now I will comment on them all...expect me to write more about more of the biased ones...

I don't like it.
Why? Well, I don't really care for Liena, or care for Enjyu, why would I care if they love each other?
But otherwise, I guess I don't mind it. I won't read it or look at sites about it though, but I don't mind if I read it since it's mentioned somewhere while reading a topic related to it. It doesn't have a HUGE amount of hints or anything, so, it doesn't bother me, but it doesn't get me fangirly either...neutral. =P

I don't consider this pairing cute, I consider it "humour relief". You see, if Bull fights with HIMSELF over Karat, you know it's funny. Especially how in the latest episode (over here) Bull sees her and falls down, and she sees him andf alls down, then Mr. Watt says Bull will become his son-in-law one day, so it's kind of obvious this is the most hinted couple throughout the show. (Which isn't bad but they have to choose different people...>>)
My thoughts? Positive pairing...not good enough for me read about it though.

I saw this from day one. Of course Yamato will INTERACT WITH ANYBODY! It's practically the law in Anime! And the first person he encounters (a major encounter...Terry, Bull, etc. don't count...for now) is Gray. So in a mere few days, Gray and Yamato are considered BEST FWENDS, YAY! ...then Gray went and betwayed Yamato. What I've noticed about this Anime is when people are introduced they don't really seem to have any other friends until they meet Yamato...:S
I just realized I said barely anything about YamatoXGray..well, I'm neutral to this as I'm not a big fan of main characters with other people pairings...

LiXMieXWen: Ok, she's like...11 years older than Wen and 14 years older than Li...but to ANY freaky-yaoi-lover (ok, this isn't Yaoi...bleah), nobody would notice they're kids and she's an adult, right? RIGHT?!?!?! I just find the freaky chemistry insane. I mean, the person who is nice to them for the first time in their life is a beautiful sexy woman...THEY'RE VERY LUCKY KIDS, OH YES THEY ARE.
My thoughts...don't ask.

EnjyuXYamato: I'm not going to elaborate (I LEARNED THAT WORD FROM FANON LI!!! LI TEACHES ME THINGS! =D)  on this much...
My thoughts, negative.

EverybodyXYamato: See GrayXYamato.

They're brothers, and that's an excuse not to go gaga over the hints because, of course, they love each other, since they're family. But that's no reason for any TRUE YAOI FAN to care about! Lalalala! My only weird nitpick is that they have to HUG sometime in their life! I MUST SEE THEM HUG! Not hold hands (well, MORE of that would be nice *wink*) or say sweet things about each other (actually more of that word be nice too) but c'mon, you're siblings! Now make those obsessed yaoi-fans insane BY HUGGING FOR ONCE!!!
My thoughts, positive...I'll read about it, but I'm mostly for the sibling love.

Now THIS sibling has hugged once, which is good, but they are girl and boy, so you can't really see them fight or anything. (Which is what it's missing that WenXLi has), but nonetheless, it's alright, Liena's too much on Enjyu for this pairing to work out anyways...so yeah. Gray can jump on Yamato.
My thoughts...neutral.

This seems obvious...but I threw it in the hints pile because I don't know if this Anime is supposed to imply yaoi, anyhow, Cain only had one friend in his whole life, his butler (that sounded pathetic), and well, if you only got one friend to support you in your whole life, who would kill himself JUST for you, THEY ARE IN LOVE DAMN IT! I mean, that's ALL the social part of your life gets? Your butler? And why was Joshua working as a butler so young? Did he have no parents and Cain's dad thought his son needed a friend but he thought Cain couldn't do anything for himself so he made Joshua his butler, is that it? Confusing. (Lol, Cain can't do anything for himself...)
Yeah, I love this pairing.

It HAS hints actually..ARE YOU TEH SHOCKED?! It's in my avatar actually...>> Anyway, yeah it has SOME hints...not as abundant as say, EnjyuXLiena...it's more leaning on a WenXLienaXEnjyu (Wen wants Liena, who wants Enjyu, who wants Yamato, who wants Gray, who wants Yamato and Enjyu is an idiot. Oh hell, because this is MY post...I'll add in this! JOE wants Tsubame, who wants Li, who wants Wen, who wants Liena, who wants Enjyu, who wants Yamato, who wants Gray, who wants Yamato and Enjyu is stupid.)  Wen blushed once I think...and wanted Li to say hi to Liena for him...he also thought he was Liena's knight in shining armour...(I have memory to quotes of people I like watching!)
This rates a BullXKarat.

I read something about this before.
Er. No comment.

Uhh...this is CRACK, remember? CRACK?

Let's just skip to the last one...(EnjyuXSanju...Tsubame's DAD?!?! OK....please remember that Sanju is NOT a hot sexy woman called Mie...)

I read this, I thought this, I now speak this. =D
I don't get it.
BUT, what's ironic is the day after I read this, I watched "Yamato and Terry's Excellent Adventure" (where Terry sports his old voice) And Li sent out magical cursed paper thingies to attack them! (That made me happy Li was there...except for his stupid arrogant line, "...CHAMPION LI!!" Champion was seriously not needed...X.x) Now, here's what my imagination thought up as:
What if one of the cursed seal things had a SECRET MESSAGE ON IT, sent to TSUBAME!! And Tsubame read it and thought, "Who is this incredibly vocabulary-enriched handsome boy who has sent this love letter to me?!" And it could be possible because Li KNEW Terry's name for some odd reason before Yamato figured it out...HE WAS STALKING HIM!!!
(The fanfic itself said Wen locked them in a room and they had to make out if they wanted to come out...that was funny, but this is more logical...xD!)
And THIS is a hint of how at least Li has the ability to go around spying on people without getting caught...(well Mie caught him once...)
My thoughts, one fanfic goes a long way...

Ok, it's 1:23am now...tomorrow's last day of Spring Break...which makes me sad.

Dead Tired

Mar. 8th, 2006 05:57 pm
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I was organizing all my b-daman stuff into tags and the reviews into memories, since I figured why not because they're hard to find in my pile of posts...O_o

Here are all my b-daman reviews in public for anybody to read my extremely biased opinions about a few episodes..
Battle B-Daman Reviews
Note: The "Little" reviews are my very early reviews, and will probably be rewritten, while the Not so "Little" episode 13 review might just get modified because it's long enough, xD
My reviews basically have a long recap and then unnecessary ratings. (Then best scenes)
Yeah, for anybody who's bored. Anyway, I liked Terry before I liked Li, if you don't find that apparent yet.

Here's anything about b-daman, a tag...I left a few out because I felt they were either too short or...too personal to stick in a tag.
Anything B-Daman

And since I was doing that, i threw other random things into my memories. I got a crossover tag that has one crossover in it, but I'm not giving you the link.
I got a "serious" rant memories which is good enough for the public. (Nothing about b-daman in there, as I'm never serious about b-daman, xD)
Serious Rants

Anyway, Shiroi drew me a comic because I made another Neji wallpaper for her, AND am in the process of making a Haku wallpaper for her...
This is what happens when you mix my favourite Anime(B-Daman), my favourite game(Soldat), and my favourite food(cheese) together. Everybody is OOC. (I rate this comic PG-13 because of blood drawn in paint, and other things! =D) The plot, the drawing, the script, all written by Shiroi.
Li's Gun

That is all.
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I wrote this in an older post last year, but I'm seperating it from it, because the rest of the post should be friend's only.

This though, will be put in my memories and tags... Ok, the weekly Battle B Daman REVIEW!!!
Today's Episode: "Bull Supremacy"
This, is by far the best episode so far. Everyday the episodes get better and better.
Characters included this episode:
Yamato (duh)
Yamato's mom.
Tsubame (Terry...=P)
Bull (...duh)
Ababa(Or Abada, forgot) (The evil kitty)
The corny announcer.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Best line: Remember, whoever has the most toys, wins! (Something like that) -Yami Bull
[Yes, let's call him that]

Summary: Ok, they're in the tournament and the first competitors were to be chosen randomly. The announce holds out a coin and tells them all the random selector will pick the two players for the first round! So, he puts the coin into a GIANT machine thing (For a random pick? You need that to randomly pick something?!) and starts singing in a Hokey Pokey tune:
"You put the coin right in, and you turn this thing..." (The whole audience and competitors anime fall-ed)
First one out was Yamato, so now , we know it's Yamato Vs. Someone. He puts in another coin and turns and sings again...then came out...Bull! Bull's transformed state is shown on the scream, in which Tsubame kind of insults because he looks scary, "I think I saw him in a nightmare once!" So everybody was happy...the round was to happen the next day. So, they go to a place where all contestants of the tournament stay for free, where Bull (In his untransformed state) saw Yamato, "Hey Yamato!" Yamato introduces Bull to Tsubame. Tsubame looks around him, jumping up and down, or something, "This is Bull? He looks nothing like that guy on the screen!" Then Yamato says something, in which Tsubame goes, "Note to self: If Yamato ever calls me a friend catch the next train to the west" Yamato's mom and Armada show up. Then Bull goes up to him and says, "Hey! It Tostrada!" (Or something, it was yesterday! You expect me to remember it?)
So in other words, Bull mispronounced his name and Yamato said his mother called him Tomato once. He looks like one!
They talk about how Bull collects a lot of B Daman, and then Yamato says that a friendly match between Tsubame and Bull would make things interesting.
So, Tsubame stupidly tells Bull that, "If you win, you can have my Wing Ninja!" Totally underestimating Bull. Bull goes, "My stomach hurts" Then his Yami side pops up unexpectedly, which can scare anybody out of their wits.
Bull shoots out VERY powerful shots at Tsubame, who has a hard time avoiding them. Bad start for Tsubame! (He looks so funny/cute dodging!!!) Tsubame counterattacks with rapid-fire, very fast bdafiring. So Bull makes his shots even more powerful and Tsubame is having trouble what to do..
Until he shoots out his own powerful shot! Slamming both the marbles in the center and onto the ground. Tsubame seems to have control of the match now!
Armada states that, "Bull may have more power, but Tsubame (Terry) has more control. You need both power and control to win a bdabattle." In other words, Tsubame is a better dodger and shoots faster (Like a ninja, =P) But Bull has mroe powerful shots with better accuracy.
So Bull decides to finish the match by showing off all his "toys". Using one of his little add ons he can shoot bdaballs as fast as lgihtning! This causes Tsubame unable to shoot! So Tsubame is doing very funny "dancing" types of dodging and then tries to get his act together until a REALLY powerful bdaball smashes into his bdaman and throwing him off the feet, like 2 metres away from the bda table!!
So the winner is Bull!
Tsubame is disappointed and Yamato congratulates Bull, also asking if Tsubame is ok. Bull picks up Wing Ninja, about to take it. Yamato tells him it's wrong to take other's bdamans away and Bull turns back to semi-transformed state. (Where he has black hair and his bangs is covering one eye) Then says, "And my prize was a worthy opponent, " He then gives back Tsubame's bdaman.
Revert to the badguy hideout: Ababa is looking at the match through his cystal ball. Amazed at such power Bull had and how he easily defeated one of Armada's students. Ababa wants Bull...and thinks of a way to get the boy. Gray's thoughts is only, "Bull"
Revert back to that palce where bdacontestants stay. Bull in his untransformed state is looking out the window while Tsubame is chatting with Yamato. Yamato talks about how Bull did the right thing and gave Wing Ninja back. Bull goes and says how Yamato's bdaman is toasted and that happened last episode where it throws in a flashback.
Yamato is very excited in battling with Bull. Tsubame goes, "Yep, I can't wait to see you get thrown around by Bull just like he did to me!" Which of course made Yamato a tad bit annoyed (He isn't easily annoyed, apparently...) Tsubame takes out Wing Ninja and sees a bunch of flowers on it, "Hey! Who decorated my bdaman?!" Yamato laughs, Tsubame finds out it was Yamato who did it and then Tsubame chases Yamato with his sword throughout the hallway. Going past Yamato's mom and Armada, in which they made Armada spin like a beyblade, =P
So there are memorable shots of Tsubame looking angry (Think of Hiromi, XD!) at Yamato then they're having fun in the next shot. After that, to the springs!
"Today was a great day, but tomorrow's going to be even better!" Yamato says. The scene ends...
The next morning...
The whole building humoressly went bonkers from that scream. Yamato, Tsubame, and Bull ran out of the place heading for the stadium.
(When they were running their legs were of spinning circles looking like they're rushing VERY fast)
"Who sleptwalk and changed the clock?!" Yamato yelled, he wasn't really expecting an answer, but Bull went, "Uh, me, sorry." So Tsubame and Yamato looked at him with angry faces (Think of Hiromi again!) "BULL!"
They got to the tournament place and Yamato's mom asked why they were so late. Armada ws selling lunches for money. Bull saw a hooded guy with a good smelling lunch and followed him. Trying to get him to stop so he could ask where he got that food...
Meanwhile, Yamato and the others noticed Bull gonea nd tried to look for him. Yamato went bouncing about and got run over by a stampede of people. (XD!) Tsubame thinks that the battle migh tbe cancelled if they can't find Bull.
Bull, in the meantime went into a dark hallway with the stranger of great smelling food. he is thrown back onto the ground by Ababa, who looked at him evilly. The stranger took off his cloak and ended up being Li and Wen.
Ababa took off his Russian hat thing and there appeared a third eye. It mus thave mystic powers because it zapped Bull and that looks painful....except for the fact that he went, "Hehe! That tickles!" Gray and Enjyu was there too. (Or the whole evil gang...except Gray's not evil, =P) The episode ends with a nasty smile from the three-eyed cat, yep, Bull's in trouble.

Coolest Scene: Bull and Tsubame's battle, quite amusing and full of action!
"Shounen-ai" scene: It's probably just me, but...DID TSUBAME KISS YAMATO OR SOMETHING?!?!

Humorest scene: Tsubame chasing Yamato with his sword. Runners up is Tsubame talking about catching the next train. The annoucner singing hokey pokey, Yamato, Tsubame, and Bull all late, Yamato being run over, and Tsubame being himself...god, that guy was hilarious this episode!

Most Memorable scene: All the fighting between Yamato and Tsubame...or basically Tsubame yelling at him, reminds me a lot of Beyblade...

Funniest line: "...and after Tsubame chased Yamato for 5 miles until he calmed down..."

Weirdest scene: Ababa's third eye blasting Bull. Bull was uh, looking like he was switching from transformed to not transformed constantly, Oo.

Overall: BEST EPISODE SO FAR. A Must watch for people like me, who enjoy humour, humour and Bull!
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Episode 47 = Let down.

Well, if you like Enjyu and all, fine, it's not, but I hated it so much I wanted to kick Yamato in the face.
My only justice now is Episode 49 and 52, but anyway, I'm going to write the review now.

Also, I watched the first episode of FMA in dub yesterday, Ed's voice sucks! (Almost everybody's voice sucks)


Click for Epi47 Review )

I hate this episode. I enjoyed the first part, though.

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Epi46 Review )
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Anyway, I went into the internet and searched far and wide for the PERFECT freeware game. Most preferably one that has multiplayer and  enough people play it.

Today I learned there is no such thing as a perfect game. =P

First, if it is free, that means it's not a really GREAT game like a paid game would be, such as Warcraft, but there are some games out there are are good. It's just that, this computer is made of utter crap.

So, to me a perfect game is:
"A powerful, wondrous freeware game, filled with journeys and tests to fulfill. The graphics are not 3D, but look sleek and smooth to the eye. This game must be small, less than 50mb of diskspace, and must use less than 256mb of RAM. This game may be of these following genres: Beat-Em Up, MMORPG, or multiplayer shooter. The game must be able to go online and must not be boring or too strategic; it also must not be repetitive. The game must not lag too much, and must have a decent number of medicore players."

I'm asking for too much, right?
Well, here are a few games I:
Want to get (W)
Have already (H)
Tried Before (T)
Friends Have it and the game sucks. (lol) (F)
Have it but haven't tried it yet... (C)
Will be deleted very soon. (D)
Love it. (L)
It's ok. (O)
Lags to no end. (E)

Tibia (H) (O)
LF2 (H)  (L)
Runescape (T) (X)
Soldat (H) (T) (E)
Maple Story  (F) (X) (<--This is a very stupid judgement, but I hate the design.)
Survival Project (W)
Gunbound (T) (W) (L)
Gunz: The Duel (H) (C)
Battle of Wesnoth (H) (D)
Death Illustrated (H) (D) (E)
Endless Online (T) (O)
Silver Knights (H) (T) (O)
Adventure Quest/Battlenet (T) (F) (X)

Currently Downloading/Redownloading:
Endless Online
Epoch of Shadows
^^^That stuff, died when my computer crashed, apparently LJ went godly and saved the draft.

Anyway, Epoch of Shadows doesn't work for me, Endless Online is dead boring, but Dofus is fun! =P I'm some archer-race, and I got to level 6...

But today's REAL point of a post is...
Episode 45 in all it's GLORY!!!
Click for Epi45 Review )

Blue is today's colour, and I got 6 hours of sleep....

Toe Stub

Feb. 12th, 2006 10:33 pm
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Today was a pretty good day.
I was bored most of the day, until the evening when I went to watch hockey. While it was on the commercial, I decided to fiddle stupidly with my Rekuso, you know, in boredom. At first I was just shooting at the Minnesota players on the TV (not that I hate them, it was for fun, lol), but that was a little repetitive so I decided to bring it up a notch.

I decided to...shoot like how they do it on TV! So I stood up, and headed to the door of my room. And pointed it up towards the ceiling, I jumped as I shot and the ball slammed into the room's light with a very loud "BING!" and shot down upon the bed right into my Vash plushie's head. I picked it up and jumped again, hitting my inflated spyro hanging from the ceiling, and the foot and head piece fell off.

So if you're bored, this is what I think you can do:
Grab your b-daman, or anything that shoots out stuff, and aim it at anywhere in the house. My only warning is you may lose the b-daball or break something, but whatever. And aim it at places. You must shoot as hard as you can with all the force you can, jumping forward,whamming your arms out even though your b-daman might fall apart. After a long while of doing that, you actually get TIRED. Just like the TV Show, and unlike Beyblade where all you do is watch it stop moving.

And while Rekuso shoots out very weak shots, doing this could take out someone's eye, =P But make sure you have some room, I stubbed my toe on a bucket while aiming at a birdhouse. That way it gets fun, and it's even funner if you do it as DHB, you could actually hurt your opponent and you actually need to use some force, it's like the Anime! Yay! Though I don't expect you to knock trees down with it. I have crappy aim though, because I concentrate on power with a rapid fire b-daman, =P

Toys are fun when you don't use it how you're supposed to use it, like using a gameboy for rugby.

Other than that and other than the fact that the Canucks won, and other than the fact that all the media is going overboard on coverage of the "first Canada gold medal" of the olympics, I think there's nothing else to say.

My stubbed toe is still stubbith.
-spot, "OMG! IT SNAPS! OMG!!!" -me...realizing...something.


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