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and many more somewhere out in that world I've lost contact with



and despite the fact that I pretty much only regularly talk to Aoi-dono now (who is a trooper! ...who would've thought the person I had most similar interests with would still be talking to boring ol' me) I still miss and love each and every one of you, with zero regrets and with the sappiest message I could possibly conjure up

For example, a whole bunch of y'all drew and wrote stuff on a powerpoint for me that one time out of the blue... just... WHY? I dunno. But it was pretty cool. And pretty awesome. I probably should have done more myself or I dunno, horribly sleep-deprived right here

also...the forums are somehow still alive

in case you feel like cringeworthy nostalgia! I CERTAINLY DO after a nap



Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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I was bored and wondered if my super old website from long long ago still existed. Most people's super old websites from long long ago do not exist anymore, if only because they were on Geocities and Geocities is now closed. (NOO!) There were a few good oldschool sites on Geocities that I will sorely miss. :C I also had some extremely old websites on Geocities before...but they are gone.

First, let's start off with something very nostalgic.


This is thanks to invisionfree never deleting its forums. Alas, I believe the old forums...before the invisionfree ones, that longer exists. :C Oh well, it's mostly silly memories of BIFF being (well mostly me) incredibly silly and immature. I can still remember the password to the protected forum too, and if you are also a true BIFF, so would you. (Well okay, it's pretty understandable if you forgot it, actually.)

Now to something even older that is embarrassing but still exists on the internet so people I know can laugh at what an idiot I was when I was younger.

What an appropriate URL!

That's right! My old Rei shrine. I am incredibly amazed that this still exists, including its older layout-version (Version 2! I believe) as well. Oh yeah I was one of those who truly enjoyed using frames and iframes, and not even coding them properly. (Although, as far as I remember I bet I probably didn't code any of them, lol) Oh right, Rei being God....yeah. Okay. Whatever, uh....let's move on!
There is another site of mine that also still exists! This time from the gaming side of my life, it is a clan site....

Of course it still exists, the css is hosted on this webhost!

So thanks to having some of my stuff hosted on sites that did not die, these survived! I will now list other notes of survival by digging around my own hard drive. By the way, that doesn't mean I DIDN'T lose anything. I lost stuff from the Geocities closing (they emailed the email I never check, sob) and from freewebs, apparently despite my friend's super old site from 2004 still existing there. Even then, I also have a few sites lost from various other webhosts, though there is a possibility they still exist and I just can't remember their URLs.

But what else exists!? Why, old layouts I created for this very blog itself! I don't have them ALL obviously...I still remember this really old one, a Beyblade one I can remember, of Rei, on the left of this content box, with red fancy 2004-era effects on the bottom. If you had a resolution any higher than 800x600, it looked like crap. I was however a moron and all rebelling against anything higher than 800x600 back then, thinking that a resolution like that was evil. Take it what you will.

omg old stuff )
 One MORE thing:

I wouldn't care NEARLY as much for this MAD if Hong Kong didn't take Yuuna's place, and Korea didn't take Kazumi's place. That seems quite the coincidence. (Not so much with Korea, personality-wise it makes sense!)

And now for me to stop uselessly linking fandoms together!
Note: The MAD is unfinished. I wonder who they're gonna end up kissing...
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So I was going through my entries just because I wanted to see them in this new layout of mine (I finally figured out how to tackle Flexible Squares!) and I saw this in one of my rather old entries:

...I can't believe I'm saying this, but....

Girls are bitches.

Guys are <3

ME, YOU ARE VERY STUPID. Then I saw the date, oh. That was around the time I had my prom! Everything makes sense now! Of course, I can't say enough about the BIFF. I think a few of them taught me to not expect so much from people. As in, you can't just expect EVERYONE will be as passionate or feel the same as you do, and you should not be disappointed if you find this out.

The BIFF reunion? Not many came, but everyone else called it a success, especially since Kiki goes online regularly now, and we have on BIFF member back to hang out with if we wish. :D So it really was a success. After all we did all have that very interesting scrabble game a week or so after!

As for the other part of that above comment...I do like my clanmates, and they are indeed awesome, but the "Guys are <3" comment is very silly and stupid. I don't know many in real life after my brother. Those I did know were either bastards or ignored me so I ignored them too. Besides, it's much easier to talk about things with your own sex than the other! Would you openly talk about how <insert character/actor/random dude from across the street/etc.> is hot to a dude?

Although my brother did ask me if this guy was cute, I told him: "He is very androgynous."
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Butchering Scrabble )

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TOMORROW IS THE B.I.F.F. REUNION! The times are 9pm (GMT -8), 10pm (GMT -7), 12am (GMT -5), 5am (GMT), 1pm (GMT +8), and 3pm (GMT +10) across the world on Friday for those before midnight and Saturday for those on Midnight and after!

Be sure to have added for the reunion! ON MSN/WLM.
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Righto, last chance to tell us if you can't make it or it's a bad time!



If these times are bad, please inform us! No British B.I.F.F. have responded so their times will not be provided (and thus why it would be sometime in the morning for them, a very inconvienient hour I say!) This is an unfriended post as the final alert. (But one more REAL final notice will come in effect if these times are good, if not and a majority can't make it, the times will be rescheduled but the DAY IS DETERMINED.)

I'm sure people might be wondering why times are like these. Well, for some strange and inexplicable reason the North American BIFFs have more flexible sleep hours than the Eastern Hemisphere people (particularly those in the EST timezone, I'm looking at you Lefty and Akira!) who seem to lack the ability to stay up late, since this theme has been going on in BIFF history for pretty much since the beginning it's only fair to continue it, and it also makes sense. Or maybe I just rarely ever go online in the morning/afternoon and thus have a skewed view, nonetheless I think it would work!
Anyway, someone requested the list of BIFF who are coming, so here it is. (Well, BIFF I THINK ARE COMING/REPLIED AT LEAST)

Mrs. Sumpter
(I am assuming Ghost replied for you.)
And potentially some of these people don't use some of these names anymore, BUT THIS IS HOW WE KNOW YOU AS. IF YOU COME INTO THE CONVERSATION EXPECTING TO BE CALLED, for example "Katja" we will instead call you by the name CHEESE despite how informal that is. So don't be surprised if you don't use your user/nicknames anymore and we still call you them!

TO ORGANIZE THIS POTENTIALLY MASSIVE CONVERSATION...the email will be used. Be sure to at the VERY LEAST HAVE THIS EMAIL ON YOUR LIST. That way I can add you all (if you have new email addresses), and we won't have a mad unorganized jumble of adding people. I HOPE YOU ALL COME.

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Jan. 21st, 2009 11:00 am
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Happy Fifth B.I.F.F. Anniversary everyone...'specially you BIFF. ;)
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Fifth year BIFF anniversary eh? Let me type up something that I probably haven't done in ages. Oh, the good ol' days.

Max is the single most powerful Beyblader in that entire anime.

He is also...
The Smartest
The most Badass
The most Mature
The most Emo
The most Rebellious

and obviously...the cutest!

Of course, these claims must be backed up. Let Spotto tell you why I believe these things.

Although largely thought of as the weakest link in BBA, perhaps only second to Daichi, Max actually has greater potential power than the forces of anybody else even combined. Why do you think I say this? Because he has shown it. The scoreboard may not be showing what his is capable of, but every Max episode you watch, even when he loses, he accomplishes something greater, or goes down with a bang. Has anyone else actually lost with a bang? Anyone at ALL? I must say of all losses, Max's are the most enjoyable, and even though wins would be better to watch, unfortunately he doesn't have that many. (The ones he does have suck, lol)

In the first season, the preliminary rounds into making the Japanese team has Max against Kai. Oh noes, Kai is totally going to win, not only is his weapon an awesome flaming bird, but for some reason all the girls go with his horrible attitude and antisocial accents that if he were real girls would hate him. Max on the other hand is friendly, kind, and cute. Seriously, what is the taste of these fangirls lately. I suppose since his fashion sense was rather skewed in the first season he didn't grab a lot of people to his liking, regardless...Max is still powerful. Against Kai, Max didn't even have a bit-beast yet, and it was at that instance he got one. He lost to Kai, but he held out without even a bit-beast against the much more experienced Kai, who was trained to battle in a bloody abbey for christ's sake. Max was a freakin' noob and he somehow held out! Didn't win, but he sure showed much more promise than anybody else did!

His next major battle would be against Michael in the American tournament but I unfortunately must say that was probably the worst arc ever in Beyblade history, so I will not comment on it. What I will say is that Max won, so good on that. (His mom is a b! did Max grow up to become happy and social with parents living on different countries and a mother who throws him at the wolves constantly?)

The Kai is Evil arc is one instance where Max shines the most. Kai has defeated Takao, Rei, and Kenny (LULKENNY) with ease, at the same time, 1v3. Omfg! All hope is lost! Then suddenly Max comes out of nowhere in the sky like Jesus...okay, I won't compare Max with Jesus, that's Rei. He goes against Kai who has EVERY SINGLE BIT-BEAST HE HAS STOLEN! That's not just 1v1, that's 318751638575v1! And Max not only held out but made Kai panick! Then Takao sent out Dranzer and shoved his foot right up into Kai's ass. That's what you get for going crazy you emo git.

Then he loses Draciel...which I theorize is because his beyblade is tired from fighting off many many many bit-beasts...after all, only Jesus and Rei can survive that, after all. How unfair. So, so far the only times Max has lost was against Kai as a noob where he did quite well anyway, and here where he was double-teamed by the NeoBorg after fighting off millions of bit-beasts. WHAT A WARRIOR!

So Max pwned Kai. Badly. Very badly.

Now, after that Rei owns Bryan after almost dying and Takao somehow defeats crazy insane crack-whore Tala, and thus off to season two we go! Where Max's brand new makeover makes him the most cutest thing you've EVER seen since NEVER! It was his many instances of absolute adorable cuteness in episode 35 or 36, I forget, that had brought me to this fandom. I mean seriously, tops hitting other tops is totally lame, but Max was too cute and overcame that aspect, so now I don't really care about it.

His first battle was against some creepy kid, which he easily defeated. First of all, Max seems to start first against opponents this season, which means it is Max who has no idea what to expect. Therefore Max actually gets all the hardest battles, and Takao, who always fights the last ones knows that from all his watching what to expect (which is like anything regarding cheating, since that's basically this entire season in summary. EVERYONE CHEATS! Even he tried once. Silly stupid Takao.)

His next battle against Jim was this season's shine. Max absolutely obliterated Cyber Draciel, not once, BUT TWICE and not only with a complete disadvantage, but in row! Of course, Max was acting rather uncharacteristically STUPID this episode, trying to beat Jim over and over again for no reason but pride. However, that actually made him pretty badass and reckless. Did you see his FACES in this battle!? THEY WERE MORE INTENSE THAN KAI'S! And that's saying something! Kai made a pretty epic one against Goki to avenge the death of Yuuya, but that was just one shot (I must admit those feathers are awesome) but Max had much more than one in the episode. Plus, did I mention he defeated Jim not once, but twice? He almost did it thrice too, but Draciel was like: "Aw c'mon, he'll just get fixed again and I'll die! OMFG I AM SO TIRED I TOTALLY NEED A REDBULLZ!!!!! I probably will be less abused inside a giant tube in a laboratory...fuck you Max! *falls on ground pretending to be hurt*" ...and that's why Max lost.

Another badass moment, at the end of that arc the giant tower is falling down, crumbling on himself. He runs back in to get Draciel. God damnit it Max, you are fucking awesome. You are the shit. You are so much fucking cooler than the rest of them, even Jesus Rei might have to fear the power you're fucking accumulating because you're so badass. You could kick their asses all the way to next Tuesday, damn Max, damn!

Also, he just stands there when Dunga hits him after he lost. Because he knew he was stupid and an idiot and all, and took the punishment like a MAN. I mean if someone is running at you with their fist out, why else would you stand there and just watch? And did you see how sad he looked, and emo he looked after that? He admits his stupidity too! What a mature kid! He's learning and growing up so fast, and had much more potential than Takao and Kai as a noob (we have never seen Rei as a noob but who knows. That might be forbidden to a mortal's eyes) I can't believe he did it with such a neglectful mother. SPOTTO IS SO PROUD! *sniff*

We're not finished either.

Not only did Max grow up with a bad mother, he probably grew up in da hood, yo! Why else would his best friend who we never hear of again go and steal something extremely precious and everything!? Max must have been around many many bad influences! After all, America does have the most murders of all developed countries! Max has accomplished so much within his horrible neglectful childhood! No wonder he moved in with his dad.

His battle versus Mariam was meh. Of course he'd win, but let's detail more badass moments of Max! He's so intelligent wth strategies and defense! He evaded Mariam's Sharkthingy (I refuse to call it Sharkrash, that makes no sense. It's like describing a rash on your skin as the shape of a shark, or as painful as a shark bite...) and beat it up bad with great confidence. But before that, he and Mariam were trapped under a big fucking building that went down...THAT'S THE SECOND TIME THIS SEASON! And guess what? He didn't escape like before, but he SURVIVED. How fucking badass is that, surviving a tumbling building with few injuries!? Not only that but he saves Mariam's life! Now, if we add that in with his aid of saving Kai's life first season (ANOTHER PWN!)...that's two for the count! He even gets an injury and one of those cliche "ZOMFG YOU'RE HURT! I MUST AUTOMATICALLY USE ANY CLOTH ON MYSELF, EVEN MY BRA, TO WRAP AROUND IT TO HEAL!" which only adds to Max's badassery.

His next battle is against Zeo. THE BIG BAD of the series. Okay, how many times has someone else faced the BIG BAD besides Takao? Sure Kai did against Brooklyn later on, but that's after being obliterated by him and almost dying. Yeah the comeback is epic, but Max only gets one chance and he also lost, losing his turtle as well. Max never got a second chance, so Kai's just lucky.

So what did Max do against Zeo? Well, what do you know, Zeo had Kai's Dranzer at the time, even summoned it to epic hax pwnage Cerberus, which surprised Max and caught him off guard, knocking him out. Yes, that's why he lost. Max could have easily defeated Zeo if it weren't for Kai being epic fail there. I mean Max ran into a building to get Draciel back and Rei almost kamikazed himself vs. Dunga/Josef with Kai and Kai can only sit there wide-eyed!

Hold up.

Gee, how many times has Max pwned Kai now? Three? Heh. Max >>>>>>>>>>>>> Kai so far. Goddamnit Kai, you overrated son of a bitch.

Max was extremely epic in that battle, scaring Zeo shitless and making him break at the beginning of the Takao vs. Zeo battle. Damn, Max. YOU SURE LIKE BREAKING THINGS LOLOLOLOL. If he can't win he'll break you. That's why he goes out with a bang. He'll take you down with him, destroying everything in his path. He is the CUTE BADASS RECKLESS LITTLE MAXIE!!!! RAAAWR!

It also does not end here. Takao finishes off what little of Zeo is like (he's broken, crazy, and have an overpowered turtley bird three-headed dog) and now off to G Revolution.

Unfortunately, G Revolution is more like TEH KAI AND TAKAO SEASON OF DOOM YARR! Who r Rei n' Max, I no know who dey are! TEEHEEHEE! But Max had his moments there too. He showed his emo, badass, intelligence, and recklessness all in one or two servings that season. Against Takao? DESTROYED HIS BEYBLADE, ZOMFG. Did Rei do that? Unfortunately not so much, but he did turn Kai's beyblade into a pretty sparkly purple beyblade. (Srsly the lighting made his Beyblade look so unbelievable gay, xD. Subtlety, much?) He even had the most epic comeback and was actually supposed to win but TAKAO HAX! Srsly, what Takao did was not possible. How can you send Max's own attack against him so bloody easily? It looked so easy and so fast! Takao definitely hax there. Also he talked some sense into Rick, who is one of the wolves his mother threw him against. Stupid mother, showing his great maturity.

And also, episode 45, where everybody thinks Max will not win because he sucks. Stupid people don't realize that he is in fact the strongest. He has faced millions of bit-beasts, a mutant bit-beast, and clone bit-beast and beat two of them, one TWICE and almost beat one. What the hell can stop him now? Oh, some random masked dude who likes to disappear all the time. Woo.

So he goes emo for a bit, now I know people say Kai "is so much more emo than everybody else" well I say you are wrong. Walking around looking like a hobo in a crappy brown cloak looking hypnotized is not emo, it's psychotic or mental retardation. Being emo and depressed is when you have no confidence in yourself and you wish you were dead. Max showed signs of that in two seasons so far (the first one he was much happier. Do you see this trend? As Max continues into teenagehood he is getting sadder...the path of the emo!) In season two after being defeated by Jim, he's all like: "I r failure. I deserve nothing. I r be beat up by Dunga because I should be. I fail. I should go die plox.) And now here everyone is like "ZOMFG MAX IS TEH SUX" and Max is all: THEY'RE RIGHT I SUX! I GO DIES NOW!

So yeah, Max is emo. Not Kai. Kai's just very sappy/stupid/blah.

So in this battle he fights them all off despite a massive disadvantage, and even has a BRILLIANT strategy (every battle of his is!) where he angles his beyblade when it is hit! How intelligent of Max! He comes out with a tie, not a win, but regardless it was enough! Finally the fans started to appreciate Max a little more, except their cheering sounded absolutely retarded.

Also mayonnaise rulez.

Therefore, I can conclude that Max is the most powerful, the smartest, the most emo, the most reckless, the most badass, and the most mature. Obviously the cutest too, we all knew that.

Now look at these epic shots of Max and tell me that isn't badass:
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by <- slightly retarded actually lul
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

And this GIF, Max taking his lil' punishment LOL.

That totally should have broken his jaw? Guess what. IT DIDN'T. Max is HARDCORE MAN.

And that ends my "Max is better than everyone else with the possibility of Rei" rant. Thank you for reading those who bothered to. To remember the tradition that was BIFF.

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Five years, quite a milestone I must say. On January 21st, 2004, BIFF was created...

To celebrate, I shall post various quotes! Except none from before September of 2006 because they were on my old computer and that computer died D:

Spot: On the ballot that says: Dumbass (square) Dumbass (square) Dumbass (square) Check nothing and write AOI FOR PREZ YARR
Akira: a dumbass
Kirami: >>;;

Kirami: I'm going to die for a moment
Kirami: Hang on

Akira: i had 12 orages today
Akira: oranges***
Ami: owah
Spot: TWELVE!?
Akira: im obsessed
Spot: You sure they aren't those mini-oranges called tangerines?
Akira: hmmm...dunno
Akira: they were orange
Ami: is that going to overbalance your acid suplly in your tummy
and then your tummy is going to dssolve away yout ummy
and cause internal bleedign
and then you`ll die?
Akira: i don't mind
it'll be a funny death

that is all for now 8D


Jul. 12th, 2008 05:01 am
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Replace "Souless" with Aoi-dono and "Pancake3.14" with Kirami. Srsly.

Pancake3.14 says:
I could live next to you for all you know
Souless says:
Perhaps, but then, you wouldn't know what I look like.
Pancake3.14 says:
Souless says:
Most likely.
Pancake3.14 says:
Souless says:
My windows are never uncovered.
That's pretty difficult, unless you have extremely advanced spying devices.
Pancake3.14 says:
Maybe I'm just in the bathroom with you and you don't notice? =o
Souless says:
I'm paranoid. I'd probably notice.
Pancake3.14 says:
You can see advanced cloaking devices?
Souless says:
Pancake3.14 says:
How bout microscopic people
Souless says:
Also, you don't know what I look like.
Pancake3.14 says:
How bout invisible microscopic people with tentacles?
Souless says:
Pancake3.14 says:
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Reminiscing? FUN.
(el) = waving blue elephant emote

I g2gj
byee (el)
Spotto Awr.
Kirami BAII
Spotto Baibai.
Dream of waving blue elephants!
Cheese byee! (el)
Cheese NO
Ghost O_O
I'll never sleep again!
Kirami Okay xD

I miss Kirami. D:


Mar. 16th, 2008 01:46 am
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I wrote this poem last July: (Actually it's supposed to be a song but blah)

Aoi's a lolicon, Kirami might be too,
But she really just wants two men to screw,
Drix has disappeared, Akira's still alive,
Do we know if Lefty still likes Knives?,
Ghost continues to update her blog
And Cheese also does on her log,
Cassii's away, Spot's still chating,
Do you think...the BIFF is lacking?



Jan. 21st, 2008 09:01 pm
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Happy BIFF Anniversary.
It's been four years, there are only a few BIFF that bother to come online left, even fewer that bother to talk.

I wonder how much longer until it dies?

Happy KazuSayo Anniversary to meeeee~ (Lol, I can't believe they're on the same day, XP)
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Remember our old forums?

The one I killed attempting to do a stupid moronic April fool's joke TWO YEARS AGO? That resulted in the new forum that sits at invisionfree? ( for all that forget)


All I had to do was go to VIEW > PAGE STYLE > NO STYLE in Firefox! And then the skin that had hidden all the admin options for me to change anything, DISAPPEARED, and I could CHANGE IT.


For all those who wish to reminisce...

I'm an idiot. I can't believe I found this out TWO YEARS LATER...


Jul. 15th, 2007 01:45 am
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I haaaaate my brother's birthday. Hate it. (Unless we go to Playland or something, which I doubt is going to happen now T_T)
On the plus side we have a lot of food. O_o


Apr. 2nd, 2007 03:01 am
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So I was looking for some non-computer-killing game so all the BIFF can play and we can interact more than just MSN and Gaia. I found one called Stendhal, which isn't exactly a popular game (only like 10 players are online average in the default server) at all and was made by RPG Maker and some other stuff. It's pretty boring, same old "level up, gain EXP, etc. etc. etc." Yeah, but I got Lefty and Aoi to play it, Aoi left due to the vertigo from it, but me n' Lefty were killin' rats all morning.

The good thing from it is that when I started playing a few players actually helped me, gave me free stuff, showed me cool tricks without me ever asking. I suppose when a game isn't that popular more of the nice people are in it. Except today a guy was blocking me from moving ANYWHERE unless I gave him a sack of flour. That was not nice. He was like 8 levels more than me too, apparently even with more experience you aren't less of a n00b. If anybody wants to try it out and kill animals because doing it by myself is boring, I got some free stuff for people who do.

It's pretty boring but kind of addictive when you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO.

I've also started playing Soldat again, except THIS TIME I'm determined to stay clanless...having a clan is a hassle. I just want to play for fun.


In my head, there is a very dark daydream about PEOPLE DYING...and PEOPLE CRYING. Currently I have to replace those normal people with my fandom, and usually PEOPLE DYING is whoever my favourite character is. What I'm trying to say is that a lot of my friends...particularly Aoi, likes animes where the main character dies for her sadistic pleasure. Within your mind, you have your own you can make up yourself with whoever you want as the main character. Such a show can vary from humour to absolute stupidity to WTFness to OMGIKILLEVERYBODY to [censored] and finally, to action/adventure cornyness.

For example, this is absolute stupidity:

Two dinosaurs are eating bananas, stupid polka music starts ringing around. A plane swoops down and drops a bomb, the whole place explodes. In the center of the crater resulted is Chisame screaming, "I CAUSED TEH EXTINCTION!!!! PWNED!"

And this is [censored]

[censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]!!!!

And finally, this is corny action/adventureness...

Kazumi: I'm not a terrorist! I'm A SUPERHERO! Trying to replace the failed...and dead...Baka Rangers!
Zombie Baka Red: We're not dead...we're UNDEAD! BAKA RED!
Zombie Baka Black: We're disfigured with cracked up heads! BAKA BLACK!
Zombie Baka Blue: We-
U.S. General: OI! I SAID HANDS UP!
Zombie Baka Pink: HEY! You're supposed to cut us off WHEN I SPEAK!

Yeah, I'm bored, good night!
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While I'm waiting for the Natsu OVA to finish downloading (it just got subtitled), I guess I'll update this lil' journal here see. Anyway, that avatar you see now has claimed the Guiness Spot Records as being the most worked on avatar I've ever done excluding animations. Most of the time I just find an image, and throw a border and text on it to make it an avatar, but this one has several edits. xP

Today is a Friday, Fridays are very awesome. If today is a Friday, tomorrow is a Saturday, and so on and so forth. I think Cassii's birthday is today, so a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER and a belated one for DRIXIE! So once again, I'll be a little copycat and put


To them in big giant red letters, which is what I just did. Tonight we're having steak (instead of an everyday family's average stereotypical friday meatloaf, we NEVER have meatloaf, in fact I have never tried meatloaf in my entire life. Today we're having steak, so screw the meatloaf, xP) Also, orange juice, milk, Ritz crackers, popcorn, hot chocolate, sprite, twix, aero, pringles, and miss vickie's chips are beyond good. xP Oh yes and don't forget pocky and bananas.

Oh and Shiroi, even though my area doesn't have midterms, it is up to the teacher if they want to give a random big test at this time or not, most of the time not, however I just found out we're having what they call a "midyear exam" for Math. And well, of all subjects, math...>>. So I'm not entirely lucky for this, first Math 11 is like numbers thrown into a blender, sewn back up and thrown into a blender again where you now must use certain inane ways to sew it back up yourself, just for it to be thrown right back into the blender, where here you add symbols and square roots and then finally finish it off with the devastating FORMULA that ends its disaster right there and then...except that's only one question, so in an exam, doing that 100 times in various ways in a limited timespan. This is why math sucks...and other many more reasons I'm sure everybody can think of.

LJ's ads are very amusing, I guess they took one of my interests and searched for it. Or it could have another meaning, since john means toilet, y'know. xP

Ever since I learned how to play Texas Hold'em, I want to play poker with people now. And first of all my friends aren't poker-people, they'd rather play crazy-8's or cheat, so only my brother and I play but 2 people is kind of boring. I'm wondering if I can find a non-gambling poker site and play with some friends (not strangers, >>) but I dunno, I was hoping MSN games had it, oh wells. If anybody wants to make me a happy person, message me on MSN and we can go play poker, YO! For now I will shuffle these cards in my hands forever until then.

Anyway, I watched episode 17 of Negima!? earlier, and it was a very amusing episode, what with the randomness. (The father bit is one of my favourite gags) (The avatar featured for today's LJ entry is a screenshot from that very episode, =D) I also read ch. 163 yesterday so I am very up-to-date on the Negima thing. Otherwise, school is boring and stupid and annoying and...well, just the usual school I suppose. Aoi and Kirami need to come online more, I had a very fun 'no-school' day on that pro-D day this wednesday, it ended very well. (I think I was reading a really good fanfiction is why) BIFF day was also fun, even though there wasn't much attendance, otherwise we are certainly fine for now.

What to do on the weekend, eh? Hm. I don't know, and I'm not entirely quite sure, I know that school is coming back for certain Australians, a certain person's internet is down, so that basically means the only person I will bother to talk to (since talking to school friends on the internet sucks because they are very annoying with their chatspeak and their begging and asking questions and making poor discussion is why) is a certain singaporean person. Otherwise, next week is spirit week (not doing anything for it for once), and I'm going to play squash in the mornings soon.

That's all for now-aru! :3
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And I quote from our lovely wonderful poet, Akira:

People grow up. People change.
People get blocked. But they're not to blame.
Next time you see a friend that's for life.
Make sure she has no back stabbing knife.
Rest in Peace, our friend Sump"

That's what I felt today, that...and playing LF2 all day. Do you know how it feels to have this fun trainer to use with LF2, put the game on demo and abuse the COMs? I NEED to find that program again.

We all know Mrs. Sumpter has blocked and deleted both Aoi, and I, and any other BIFF that we do not know has been blocked. And lately I've been trying to talk to her once more, but today I've given up. I got like 4 words from her until I never heard from her again. So let's just end this, with this girl. Okay?

This has been Spot.


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