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This is not actually a post about the subject because that's been discussed to death. In fact the real topic probably is also discussed to death, but is related to the subject. 

First, let me start by saying I prefer Sheik female, simply because I find it more interesting. I don't actually follow Zelda games that closely, having only played one and was introduced to Sheik through SSBM, so there might be canonical reasons that she/he is male, but in a strict personal and perhaps storytelling standpoint, she is far more interesting as a female.

But why?

I don't know why, really. I suppose it's because of his/her oufit, which covers her/his body, and the fact that her/his face is covered as well. So many female characters,and I really mean it, so many are portrayed in an all too-common way that nowadays is really beginning to annoy me. There's a video game with high attention to detail, stunning graphics that make it as if you're merely guiding the hero through a whole movie, and then they meet a female. What does the developer do to denote that the character is indeed female besides the name or voice, if there is voice-acting? Why, give her boobs of course. And because the audience is nothing but a bunch of perverted dumb fucks, make sure there's plenty of cleavage so they can see those boobs and therefore determine that she is indeed female. After all, all females look and dress like that! 

The ironic part is if Sheik is indeed portrayed as female, her outfit being tight to her skin, will show us all her lovely beautiful curves. Isn't that great?

But the one solace I have at least, is that her face is covered. That gives us a sense of mystery, that even though most characters in fiction have the same goddamn face, maybe her face isn't of a sweet delicate girl, but of a hardened-warrior. Maybe her face is covered due to scars, or covered because she's trying to disguise herself...actually the biggest reason is that we don't have to see her lips. It's not really quite as obvious as giant breasts and womanly curves, but mere coloured lips seems to automatically dictate that this creature is female! Unless you're Frieza. Or his dad. Or his brother.


We've seen in Anime that most males, or at least relatively young ones of the teenage and young adult age look rather feminine. They're not always muscular men with body hair and gruff voices, and in fact even muscular men don't need to have gruff voices, or those with gruff voices do not need to be muscular. I am only asking for the same for females, who should not, especially in the West, always be so exaggerated. I suppose it's one of the oldest tricks of business though, no male fans if there are no sexy women after all. Even then, they don't all have to be like so!

But even still. An example is Negima, many different body types and kinds of females with several different personalities. Great, right? Finally something that portrays people of different heights, skin-colour, body-types, personalities...same faces still, but you get the point right?


And it's all because of one thing. Because of the fanservice. Because the majority of the cast is female and having them all be the same would be rather dull. If there was ever a series where the female is the minority, she'd just be female. Not a character, just female. I'm sure there have been many, many rants about that, of the Smurfette Principle. Let me give you an example of the other way around.

The only male character shown in canon in Touhou is one Rinnosuke Morichka. He's not manly. (Canonically, of course) He's not strong. He's not the center of attention or the subject of a harem. (Canonically, of course) He's simply minding his own business, running his own store. He's not a buttmonkey for being the only male. He's not shirtless. (Canonically, of course) He has a personality besides being male. It would not matter if he were female anyway, but nothing in Touhou is affected or changed in him being male, besides het-fics actually existing beyond that of <character>/ZUN. Even though all that time before he was ever introduced males were either non-humanoid or dead/disappeared forever. But why is he male? What is the purpose of making him male if the entire population is female anyway?

Well a theory of why everyone is female is that ZUN can't draw males. This still holds up, since Rinnosuke only appeared in the mangas drawn by other people. That can be the same for any other creation or work out there! If you can't make a good female character, don't even bother with one. Stop trying to attract other demographics if you're just going to do it poorly, and surely not all male fans are horrible lost causes in terms of sexual appeal. Why can't a female be attractive without wearing practically no clothing? Why can't a female be interesting without being stereotypical? I'm sure males would be interested in a strong female character too. 

Let's stretch it further. WHY does the generic default character have to be male? Just create a character, do not worry about their gender, and give them a gender. It wouldn't matter if they were female or male, at all. If at some point in the plot the sex of the character must be brought up and be relevant, then fine, give them the appropriate gender, but why does it matter? Because guys don't like shows with main female characters? What the hell is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic then? I assure you guys like that show not because they are furries or deranged, but because the show is legitimately good. (Of course, there are always those very deranged vocal minorities!) And look, they're ponies, not girls with well-developed bodies! (or alternatively, completely undeveloped bodies for those people) Their personalities and the setting make it more so that the ponies are young adults, as opposed to children, since they have responsibilities. Life in Equestria just tends to be rather idealistic because after all the main demographic is children.

And yes, this stretches to a few of my berserk buttons in the Touhou fandom. Like Murasa canonically not wearing shorts. I like shorts. I like how most fanartists keep the shorts. Most people see her as a dull forgettable character (and awesome people see her as an awesome captain with plenty of potential! /notbiasedatall) so why not throw her the bone and make her a little more identifiable, like being the only character with shorts. It gives her personality and it's practical in the seas. (I wouldn't wear a skirt in the seas or the skies, what with that wind...) If all females in a type of media is female because they all wear dresses, that'd be highly monotonous. (Unless of course it's in a time period where females are restricted to a type of clothing) Just like if all females are basically a pair of jugs, or if all females are high-pitched annoying people, or if all females...

You get the point.

Moving on, my clan friends (or Ventrilo friends, or friend people male...things. What do I call them now?) assigned each other with various DBZ characters. No one really assigned one to me, so I did it myself, but I'm not entirely sure who to be since I don't really care much for the female characters in DBZ. I went with Dende since Namekians produced asexually so they're not really male or female even if their appearance is very much male. Also Dende is cool. Then I asked Akira who her favourite female character was, and she responded Chi Chi.

You know, at first I was like "Why?" in my head. Because in my memories of watching DBZ as a child, Chi Chi was rather annoying, but after rewatching some of these episodes today...I can kind of see why. And most people who accuse her of being annoying and stupid to me, are just immature teenagers who don't understand her character. Sure, she isn't without flaws and can be rather annoying, but ultimately she is a mother, a caring mother who only wants to see her children thrive and succeed. Fighting, although very awesome and entertaining to watch, and no doubt very important to the safety of the world, will not help Gohan through life in terms of careers. Though I would think the world owes quite a bit to the Son family and the rest of their group for saving the world so often, but they're such nice people they don't even take credit for it.

And she isn't without development, either! She began to train Goten in fighting, when Goku was dead, finally realizing that not allowing Gohan to train as much as he could was foolish as well, but how was she to know before then that the Earth would be the target of evil aliens time and time again? Her wish to keep her children safe, even if she is by no means in any position to having the power level of a mere human is admirable. I found her death scene to the hands of Majin Buu actually rather shocking. She stood up to the villain after her son was allegedly dead and her husband definitely so. It was actually really stupid, but really realize she's just a mother trying to protect her children. Not watching Gohan or Goten to fight such powerful monsters is instinct. It's like the world wars, where all the men have to go fight for their countries. Surely all the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, etc. just want their family to come home! They don't want them to fight, to face real danger even if it was necessary to stop dictators and empires and whatnot. They just want them to live.

Speaking of her death, Goten was there to witness it. I actually found that a lot harder to take than Gohan losing his father several times or Gohan watching Krillin plus the other fighters die several times, etc. I'm not saying Gohan had it better either, it's just that there's a difference between a man risking his life dying and an innocent civilian. There's a difference when someone who has died once already dies again and someone you don't expect to bite it since they're non-fighters. It's also because Goten seems a lot more innocent at that point, having experienced far less than Gohan, so suddenly seeing someone who you're very close to, not even a person meant to fight die right in front of you is kind of troubling...

Anyway I actually lost that rant but Dreamwidth magically saved it after I thought it was gone forever. +1 for DW.

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I can bop my hamsters' nose while they're in the bin. :D (I have never been able to do that with any hamster at all)
These guys NEVER bite even when you give them the greatest opportunity. Of course petting them is out of the question. Capp likes to backflip suicide jump off my hands if I try to do so. (He is so jittery it's not funny) But holding and anything else is pretty cool. Took me a while to get them to take food out of my hands too but they do! :D

Off to my usual rants:

(For some reason a DBZ rant)
Besides this show being one half-shuddering in fear and other half-screaming, DBZ is actually quite a decent classic. I don't find a chance to discuss it often because I'm a girl and I've watched Sailor Moon and therefore all my friends (at least the female ones) will likely have watched it as well, and so I can discuss that as the perennial classic and no other.  I don't know anyone who gives a hoot about DBZ. I don't believe I've actually watched every bloody episode (because it draws out everything to be as long as possible) but I have seen most of the movies since they have to be concluded in the next hour or so and therefore there isn't powering up for five episodes. I've always loved Gohan and the concept of the plots and arcs actually taking place throughout a large span of time. My knowledge of the show itself isn't that great either, but there is one thing I wholeheartedly agree with that some of the fans pointed out.

The entire series should've ended after the Cell Games. If not, at least after Vegeta does something useful and dies doing so, to end his character in a high note. I've always had a problem with cheap death in everything. I don't mind if there is absolutely no death if the activity being done isn't dangerous in the first place. (For example in Touhou, I'm pretty sure the point of Danmaku is so people don't die...although it does make me wonder in Chireiden if Utsuho had won, would she have gone as far as killing Reimu/Marisa considering her plan to disintegrate everything? Hmm...on the other hand the PC-98 games were fully real, but I never talk about that. P:) Obviously the fighting in DBZ is very real and life-threatening, but rather than making sure no one ever bites the dust, they give us the titular dragonballs as an easy reset button. I think I heard somewhere (maybe in the actual anime, I have completely forgotten) that you can only revive a person once. If they die again (or leave the world via natural means) they cannot be wished back. So I was like "Alright, then death isn't as cheap as it seems to be!" but then Goku (and everyone else ever, even villains make comebacks to die again, but y'know) returns anyway. I forgot why because I despise the Buu Saga entirely (if the beginning of this paragraph didn't hint as such) and therefore never actually rewatch it at all to remember these facts.
Basically the first major villain was Frieza (I mean if you count Goku's bro and Vegeta himself) and Goku ended him...kind of. (Well, Trunks ultimately ended up doing so, but you get the point) and then Cell comes and Gohan does away with him. So already you have the main character, his son, his rival's son from the future all killing/defeating important villains except the rival himself. I then watched a clip of Vegeta supposedly doing a noble sacrifice, the first time he's actually fought for someone other than himself to rid of Buu and since there have been no extra forms for the pink creature at this point, obviously his sacrifice will be for naught! I figure if the plot was altered in some way so Vegeta could kill himself defeating the big bad and atoning for everything (still going to hell of course, thus enabling that one movie plot) which means everyone would have had the spotlight for themselves at least once. Then we can have that one movie as some amazing finale (the one where dead!Goku and dead!Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta and defeat the universe/dimension-warping demon thing) and DBZ would've ended spectacularly rather than milked for all its worth.
Why would this be better, you ask? Well I think the following aspects of DBZ are ridiculous:
1. SSJ3
2. GT
3. Those earrings that fuse you permanently (Potara?)
4. GT
5. Adult Gohan
6. Did I mention GT?
And they could all easily be avoided if it had ended this way. See the problem is SSJ3 leads to all the little kids making more and more and more higher levels of super saiyanism with crazy nonsensical ways of spiking/colouring hair. (And it in itself looks silly already) Also what's with those damn earrings? There was already a normal (and somewhat amusing ritual too) way to fuse they used for the little saiyans but wasted its entire point because Gotenks didn't defeat jackshit. I also think Gogeta is in every way superior to Vegetto, so. Mystic Gohan was also wasted too because he didn't do anything to defeat Buu. In fact EVERYTHING in this bloody arc was all eyecandy but never served anything towards the plot besides Worf Effect to make fusion of middle-aged daddies stronger than everything EVER. I heard (not sure if true) that the mangaka originally wanted to, after the Cell Games, focus the plot on Gohan rather than his father. He chose to stay dead for the sake of the Earth and we saw how Gohan matured. It make completely bloody sense.
But he didn't. So Gohan's character got massacred. We got introduced to kid!Trunks and Goku's clone son (though very cute) Goten who achieved Super Saiyan like it was nothing (considering how much EFFORT and PAIN everyone else went through to get there it was kind of ridiculous to me) and then became the very irritating (though probably very cool...maybe) Gotenks who ends up achieving nothing anyway, even if he can turn into a golden hedgehog...I feel like I'm repeating "Missed Moment of Awesome" over and over again with all these wonderful ways to defeat the stupid pink alien thing and then they go and conclude it the stupidest way possible. Fuse the two dads via Fusion Dance, use Mystic Gohan, give Vegeta an epic sacrifice, or even have Gotenks beat the bloody alien, but no. This arc was like [snip] or whatever the fuck is going on with Negima right now. STUPID. 
Of course unlike everything else they went a step further and threw in GT which massacred basically everyone besides Goku and Vegeta and introduced the even more ridiculousness that is SSJ4. What the hell. Well I pretend it doesn't exist. It's luckily not canon (unlike a certain skirt) so ignoring it is completely fine. I guess out of all these that I've mentioned the one franchise that kind of did it right was Sailor Moon...kind of.
You see Sailor Moon doesn't follow its manga very well, and everyone knows how much NOT FOLLOWING THE MANGA is against the LAWS of Japanese media ITSELF! Except like Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon's anime plot was popular despite 85% of it being filler (well it's either filler or half the arc being screaming and powering up! Sometimes I wonder how these classics became classics...oh because they were the first of its kind, maybe) but at the very least each season adapted from the manga and didn't invent a whole new plot to extend the season. (I consider the aliens in R to just be more filler to stall for more material from the manga to rip off and not be loyal to whatsoever :X) The characters too were never really butchered (I mean unless you compare to the manga, but again we are comparing season by season not media to media). They were ignored yes, but never butchered. (I mean if you can't figure out a way to include the Outers into the plot without ruining them entirely I suppose not including them at all is for the better? Even if replacing them with an entire season of the pink spawn is not a wise idea either? I don't know. Sailor Moon too is not a perfect example but I like to think it was handled better than that of DBZ...maybe.)
The last season of Sailor Moon was done brilliantly I think. Even if the Starlights were nothing more than minor characters in the manga. The whole Seiya and Usagi subplot, with Mamoru being put on the bus and thus giving the usually very-cheery main character a reason to frown just, to me, gave her another angle to her character. After all five seasons of the same thing, even if Usagi was maturing, would be boring. So after four seasons of being used to a Tuxedo-dressed protector finding a way to save your butt every episode, she now had to deal with him not being there. It really did affect her character. That made up for the inner and outers (except Saturn because she had NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!) not doing too much character/story-wise this arc. I  mean I'm usually complaining about the main character sucking everything away from the rest of the cast, but they did it so differently this season and made the anime the new character design/animation style just screamed "darker" to me. After all in previous seasons except for certain points every episode was standalone and often didn't have much to do with each other, but here we could watch Usagi evolve as she struggles without Mamoru. The arc at the beginning was I suppose Toei's second version of R's aliens, but done right by giving us fanservice (showing all the Sailors fighting together) to keep us interested at the semi-canon plot later!
That is the only time you are allowed to use filler, but to actually make filler INTERESTING with characters we CARE about!? We often do not see that, but it was done here. Adding a new season that the creator had no say in just to continue the massive cashflow is not the way to do it at all. Negima too has that milking problem, never was there an anime adaptation that was loyal to the manga (and even if it wasn't, an adaptation that would at least be just as long and epic alongside the manga would've worked too!) but instead a poor attempt by XEBEC, a "we'll just use your characters for our own original story!" by SHAFT. Then SHAFT realizing fans actually wanting the manga itself to be actually ANIMATED, so they just choose random parts to animate and then miss a BOATLOAD of crap fans actually want to see...then shove the conclusion into a tiny-60 minute movie, finally declaring all Negima Anime is done. Wow. Good job! I'm so completely satisfied at how the series did on the screen! >_>
I also realize I use the word "actually" like ALL THE TIME in this blog, but eh. That be all.
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Spot is now a huge fan of yuri/shoujo-ai, rejoice.
Why? Watch Negima!? (the remake) and see KonoSetsu, AHOY!
(It's 11:19am, VERY LATE because I haven't slept)

So I have been doing lots of research and have come up with all the influences, inspirations, and other such things that made the "unique" characters in LF2. Now, we know for one, that Marti stated that the game was heavily inspired by the Anime and Manga, Dragonball Z. That is why most of what I'm about to say next, revolves around coming from that.

Check this out:

^Behold my masterpiece^ (Yes, I did just blatantly NOT put it in the LJ-cut, haha!)

PB Post!

Aug. 2nd, 2005 12:01 am
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Which would mean I can't put on the mood and music stuff, oh well. I

haven't been posting in my LJ lately, and frankly, I don't think I will

much seeing as the comment box has been empty for sometime, but I might

on some occasions.

Well, to talk about my life, it's all fine.

Now, to talk about my internet life, that's pretty different.

Before I go on, I must ask where Ami is, perhaps she already updated

her LJ and I don't know, but I'm just wondering, also, my friend Shiroi

seems to have disappeared as well.

I've recently got back into DBZ, and am still enjoying Beyblade as

ever, but there's something else that edged back onto my system, which

I have spent time with in the absence of some BIFF (Lefty and Ami..) So

what did I do? I went back to an old obsession of mine...

That's right, PPG, big giant bug-eyed, with lack of nose and digits

type of mutants, scientifically of what they are called, being some

sort of not so gross frankensteins. Why? I don't know, boredom took its

peak? I loved that show, and still do, the humour, without being racist

or politic-related or cruel, but not corny at the same time is what

makes me love such a show. Besides, it's not reated G like Beyblade,

it's rated C8...

Otherwise, I'm still into DBZ too. I'm liking Mystic Gohan more

nowadays, and Vegeta isn't so bad either, heh. And beyblade's the same

as ever, still have those comics up at the forum, but speaking of LFO,

I'm am definitely still into it. (As you can see from my new forum sig

and avatar, which you'll have to go to the forum to see)

I found more pictures! Specifically, pictures of attacks, but some

pictures look strange...erm, actually stupid. Even though in art-wise

they do look nice. I'll show some, but not all...
Image hosted by
Deep's attack; What does it do?

Well, he puts the sword in front of him and grits his teeth like so.

Electrifying energy is emitted from the how does it hurt

Image hosted by

Rudolf's, he slams the handles together and makes energy! So where's

the part where he hurts you? Looks more like he's torturing his own


Image hosted by

doubt flirting would win the battle. Nor can a magical disk hurt you if

it's BEHIND him and AWAY from you. He looks SO much like Harry Potter

here, no?
Image hosted by
Like Woody's regular tiger dash, except here there's a real tiger. Yeah, just made it more spiffy I guess...
Image hosted by
I put this here because Dennis looks hot in this shot...BETTER THAN WOODY THAT'S ALL OVER THIS BLOG!!!
Image hosted by
I'm wondering about this one. So Firen looks at you and fire comes out, how original...
Image hosted by
Same as before, but with a hand, so how come ice comes from behind?
Image hosted by

And finally, Davis, he puts his fist in his hair and charges up...must

be from rubbing his hair constantly and rubbing on the carpet...whoot.

Ok, it's getting late, me go now...'tis all for now!



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