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This post is shockingly NOT all about ponies! But let us start with a pony picture anyway.
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I would wear a pony shirt if it had Tux!Pinkie on it. FOR SERIOUS.

This week on the pony, or the not pony! )
So basically I was doing an electronic rerport something for my mom, when my hamster bin started become a tad noisy. I decided to take a look and noticed that rather than two hamsters, there were as much as a dozen. Except these newer ones were smaller/younger than the two I had! Then I noticed a bunch of pink things close to Nazzo and it turned out she had babies. So here I realized Capp must've been male all along and tried to fetch "him" out but couldn't due to the speeds of the other hamsters. I quickly informed my mom of the babies. 

But very soon, very very very soon I took a look back in the bin and those pink baby little hamsters were gone! They were instead looking a lot like maggots...MAGGOTS!? But I thought maybe this was normal while my mom started to get suspicious (I have no idea why I didn't immediately destroy those maggots at first sight...) and then eventually they looked like big disgusting black bugs with wings, sort of like beetles crossed with hornets or something. I caught them shedding their skin, and then they had this vibrating pulsing shrimp-like interior underneath that skin. ONE of them though, accidentally broke in half as it fell over, so I had to take that one out myself which made me crazy uneasy. (At this point I still didn't seem to realize that they were I dunno, NOT hamster babies!?) Nazzo still seemed to treat them as if they were her children. It was when they became their like fourth or final or whatever form, which looked like those black sesame seed-dessert treats except vibrating/pulsing and facehugging hamsters (AGH!) that I began MURDERING THOSE FUCKERS with a lobster fork. I realized that one of my black blankets was draped over the bin, and perhaps wild hamsters entered the thing from that.

I then thought out loud that maybe one of these wild hamsters brought these maggots with them, infecting and brainwashing my hamster. (I had recently read the Cracked article for most terrifying bugs where most of them were brainwashing insects that buried themselves inside other bugs/animals and controls them to their the bot fly, or the one that basically makes a caterpillar rot from the inside...) Then wondered which hamster could've done something like that...

Only to notice in the corner of my eye, a miniature Nue snickering above the bin.


I just got trolled by Nue.

(Ironically i was awoken by the hamsters running on the wheel, and thankfully there were only TWO! Also I'm cleaning that thing tomorrow agh.)

And also lately I've been raving about Futo and hoping for something between her and Murasa, completely ignoring Nue entirely. (Perhaps it's that tanuki friend of hers I like to ignore) I don't know. Or perhaps it's because I was beginning to fall for Futo's amazing Taoist faith. But how the fuck? What? Why does a Touhou character show up in my dream and it's entirely the most fitting thing ever? Creepy, frightening, and downright fitting.

Now excuse me I need to murder a moth.
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K so I had this dream
01/13 01:00:52 Spotto: well that was a messed up dream
01/13 01:02:16 Spotto: if anyone is here o_o
01/13 01:02:22 Spotto: I'll describe it anyway! :D
01/13 01:02:27 Spotto: So it's night time
01/13 01:02:30 Spotto: clear skies
01/13 01:02:33 Spotto: stars all over the sky
01/13 01:02:41 Spotto: and I am in "Victoria" apparently
01/13 01:03:16 Spotto: even though I am on some random house's balcony and English Bay is clearly across from me, and Stanley Park is on the island over there, and I can see some city on some hills in front of mountains in the distance
01/13 01:03:20 Spotto: (Ed will get this scenery lololol)
01/13 01:03:57 Spotto: it was quite a beautiful sight though, on some house's balcony and stars and mountains, a bay with reflecting-water, with the large park etc.
01/13 01:04:10 Spotto: So supposedly I'm on vacation
01/13 01:04:17 Spotto: and despite the very clear skys, it was stormin'
01/13 01:04:20 Spotto: THUNDERSTORMIN'
01/13 01:04:35 Spotto: in fact, I saw three lightning strikes
01/13 01:04:44 Spotto: one hit that hill with the city on it
01/13 01:04:48 Spotto: AND SUDDENLY IT SET ON FIRE
01/13 01:04:50 Spotto: one hit stanley park
01/13 01:04:53 'Victor' has joined the chat.
01/13 01:04:54 Spotto: AND SUDDENLY IT SET ON FIRE
01/13 01:04:57 Spotto: but luckily
01/13 01:05:08 Spotto: Santa Claus came out of nowhere with a fire extinguisher!
01/13 01:05:15 Spotto: A fire extinguisher with a HUGE range
01/13 01:05:32 Spotto: even though he popped up on the balcony, he could reach the park on the island across the bay with it!
01/13 01:06:02 Spotto: so he started to extinguish the fires that were raging all over this beautiful scenery
01/13 01:06:15 Spotto: but suddenly a lightning strike smashed into the balcony
01/13 01:06:28 Spotto: and if I hadn't pulled my bro towards me earlier he'd have been hit...ALSO OUR BALCONY WAS ON FIRE
01/13 01:06:41 cunchy: back
01/13 01:06:44 Spotto: the railing was broken
01/13 01:06:47 Spotto: and it was VERY LOUD
01/13 01:06:50 Spotto: I ran down the stairs
01/13 01:07:03 Spotto: santa claus was busy extingushing the fire on the balcony
01/13 01:07:05 Spotto: then the sun came up
01/13 01:07:33 Spotto: and the skies were still clear despite the random out-of-nowhere thunderstorm
01/13 01:07:40 cunchy: wtf
01/13 01:07:41 cunchy: D:
01/13 01:07:53 Spotto: so I was poking around the shed outside the random house
01/13 01:07:59 Spotto: when we all decided to go on a roadtrip
01/13 01:08:01 Spotto: me and my "family"
01/13 01:08:24 Spotto: we got into our minivan (I don't actually have one in real life)
01/13 01:08:43 Spotto: we were all smiling with wide grins :D :D :D like a fake-happy sitcom family or whatever
01/13 01:09:18 Spotto: but only my bro was there as part of my "real" family
01/13 01:09:25 Spotto: my supposed "dad" was...some guy
01/13 01:09:40 Spotto: also apparently my parents' friends' kid who I played with a lot as a child was there in the car
01/13 01:09:44 Spotto: apparently a part of my family
01/13 01:10:07 Spotto: and also because I've been listening to Touhou Music waaaay too much, a touhou character was in the car too O_o
01/13 01:10:32 Spotto: but my awesome family were all happy and pulled out, and we visited our vacation-neighbours..or whatever
01/13 01:10:36 Spotto: who were cranky people and didn't like us
01/13 01:10:52 cunchy: o_O
01/13 01:11:03 Spotto: they actually looked like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons
01/13 01:11:19 Spotto: but I think they were that friend of mine's in the cars' parents, even though in this dream they have no relation
01/13 01:11:41 Spotto: and they were cranky at us because we would not "fill up our car" all the time
01/13 01:11:59 Spotto: as in we'd have four people inside a five-seated car or whatever, which they apparently think is a waste
01/13 01:12:12 Spotto: but today, it WAS filled! :D so we asked if they wanted to come on a road trip with us in their own car
01/13 01:12:59 cunchy: o_o
01/13 01:13:03 Spotto: They apparently said yes, and we left...but we ended up picking up a hitchhiker
01/13 01:13:12 Spotto: this was a very strange hitchhiker
01/13 01:13:12 cunchy: ... but the car is full! D:
01/13 01:13:17 Spotto: Yeah somehow he fit inside
01/13 01:13:57 Spotto: the hitchhiker was completely white, not as in race, but he had no face...just a completely pure white guy like when people draw people and are too lazy to give them fingers or toes or faces or hair
01/13 01:14:24 Spotto: and so we continued on our journey, about to turn onto a highway
01/13 01:14:43 Spotto: I took out a camcorder which was microsoft brand'd (wtf microsoft makes camcorders!?) and started recording
01/13 01:14:49 cunchy: He sounds like the guy from Team kero
01/13 01:14:54 cunchy: The meme whom I don't know the name of
01/13 01:15:04 Spotto: yeah but he was ALL white, not just the bag on head
01/13 01:15:16 Spotto: although that might make sense considering who the touhou character was lololol
01/13 01:15:25 Spotto: anyway
01/13 01:15:35 Spotto: we went on the highway and there were strange decorations on them
01/13 01:15:55 Spotto: I can't recall EXACTLY what they were, but they were related to one of the passengers in the car in some way, like they were a celebrity or something
01/13 01:16:01 Spotto: we stopped at a dirty asian supermarket
01/13 01:16:15 Spotto: and went inside
01/13 01:16:22 Spotto: where it was very dirty, like an asian supermarket
01/13 01:16:23 Spotto: lololol
01/13 01:16:53 Spotto: as we walked through the aisles, this lady in charge of the vegetables or something sitting behind a counter was watching some sort of soap opera on a small TV
01/13 01:17:13 cunchy: o_o
01/13 01:17:42 Spotto: and then we left the asian supermarket, or I don't remember what else we did, so we drove back onto the highway (and this part starts to get VERY weird...) and the decorations were changed
01/13 01:17:54 Spotto: this time it looked half-assed, like they were tied on very loosely, and some stuff already flew off
01/13 01:18:09 Spotto: and they were all supposed to be some sort of bottles of alcohol
01/13 01:18:13 Spotto: perhaps Jack Daniels lololol
01/13 01:18:37 cunchy: You have vwey weird dreams
01/13 01:18:39 Spotto: but we stopped at the middle of the highway (which was on construction too, also we were the only car on the road anyway)
01/13 01:19:11 Spotto: and this strange person on the sidewalk
01/13 01:19:30 Spotto: took an interest in the white blank guy's... pet? It was a white blank animal
01/13 01:19:42 Spotto: and she tore it in half
01/13 01:20:05 cunchy: wtf
01/13 01:20:06 cunchy: D:
01/13 01:20:22 Spotto: but there was no blood, more like..filling, but the animal was not like SCREAMING OMFG WUT, it was still happy as if it was like, some sort of celluar mechanism that split into two and such for a living
01/13 01:20:55 Spotto: and the white blank man grinned :D and took it back and tore it into many pieces for we drove back to our cranky neighbour's house
01/13 01:21:12 Spotto: who were there before us/never followed us or something
01/13 01:21:20 Spotto: and they were SCREAMING because they saw our blank animal thing
01/13 01:21:27 Spotto: also apparently the blank white man lived here too
01/13 01:21:39 Spotto: but the animal was still happy and put itself back together o_O
01/13 01:22:09 Spotto: the wife of the house told us "NEVER TO COME HERE AGAIN" so we had to leave white blank man behind and drove away onto the other highway, still very :D like a fake-sitcom family
01/13 01:22:09 Spotto: THE END
01/13 01:22:19 Spotto: Thus my deranged dream.

The Touhou character? Satori.

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You know how last post I was all like "NOOO SAYO NOOO YUUNA"? I recently saw spoilers for the next chapter and Chachamaru got chopped in half. Then the last page taunts all the readers with "MANGAKA IS COLLECTING DATA, NEXT CHAPTER ON DECEMBER 22ND" on like, one of the most crazy cliffhangers ever.


salted pistachios )
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...people wake you up when you're in the middle of a good dream.

It was a cold snowy day, and the drifting wind did not hesitate. (YES IT SNOWED TODAY. YAY FOR LIVING IN CANADA!)

The room is my living room.
And in my hands...Asako.
I let him run around the room but tried to make sure he didn't run under couches and stuff.
Then I thought I should bring out my other hamsters.
...yes, hamsters with an S. Apparently I had more than two.
So I did.

Now these other was Otter, and the others may not have been hamsters. They could have been mice.
The thing is, when I went to bring them back, I had a hard time finding them.
Eventually, I found them, and Asako was the hardest to find.
But hamster/mouse/whatever it is...was missing. I could not find it.
When I went back, there was a Garfield comic. There was Jon, and Garfield, and Odie. (I looked at one sometime this week)
Because I was reading complete funny pages (a whole newspaper with comics) earlier. (In the dream, not in RL)
And there was something on top.
And that picture, I recognized it.
So I clicked on the "previous" button, which actually said recruit or something, and looked at the comic of before (the newspaper magically turned into a computer...)
And there was like, a whole "wanted" kind of poster, except with MISSING on top. And yep, Kazumi.
I clicked previous again, and then it had an explanation.
"Kazumi was last wearing this. She was wearing Chisame's striped socks, some whore-looking skirt, and her entire top was like, green ropey stuff. I said "Wow, she looks like she's wearing Yoko clothes" in the dream."
It also showed what she might look like if she was captured. Exactly like the story I've been writing...
And then I went to search for Kazumi! They said if I found a RED skittle, it would be an essential clue! So I went to my mom's room, and found a RED skittle! Except, as I was walking back to base (er, the computer), there was some green on the was a DISGUISED skittle! OMFG! Like a bomb!
Then my mom yelled at me to wake up, time to go eat Dim Sum.

Going to Dim Sum naos, buhbye


Sep. 12th, 2007 02:34 am
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I've gotten really busy.

And it's not because I have lots of homework, and I do, but because I have been trying to break old habits. Of course, it's not working, and so things lead to another...and yeah, no time. >>;

So anyway, it's been four days since I've been in Year 12. I've finally fixed my F block and am no longer in cooking. I AM IN THE YEARBOOK CLASS. This class we have the whole year the know I still think this class is dumb...a whole YEAR!? Wouldn't it make sense as like, an after school activity or something, not a whole class? O_o

Oh well.


Holy shit man...holy shit. I had this wicked sweet dream...
WTF, see transcript of dream in conversation with Kirami...

Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
Harlooo O:
I just had this wicked dream.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:

It was a really long dream, so I can't recall the beginning.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
: DD
However you remember me complaining about forums and me being ignored right?
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
Anyway, in the dream I summed up the courage to a really long informative post.
And then the whole forum when 4CHAN AT ME.
The whole topic was spammed insanely.
Ended up being exactly 342 pages
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
You remember the exact number of pages xDDD ?
Anyway, usually someone would be like, offended that their topic was spammed, but then two more topics were made.
And it was like, they were calling me a "HE" and I was oddly enough the first person to reply that I am in fact, a "SHE" and they went 4chan on me again.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
Not, "Girls don't exist on the internet" but spamming the whole place.
I became like a God of the forum.
But the weird thing was, the forum turned into a cafe.
And because of my utter popularity, I sat AT the cafe with my school friends.
Then, after the cafe, I forget what happened but I think I got all emotional and my crush fucking kissed me, holy shit.
ANd then there was this huge parade and I ended up running on top of all the floats and everyone loved me...this was a REALLY long dream.
'cause I remember complaining about the crap parades at the fair that blocked us from going to the shows.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
You were popular in you dream, eh xDD ?
And there was fireworks and stuff.
BUT, the tide kind of turned.
I dunno what happened, friends were still friends.
We were leaving teh parade, everyone knew my name, and I was walking down this alley, sunny day.
With friends, duh.
And then this person from the house taking clothes off her clothes line pointed at me, I dunno what happened, but this part took a long while.
Afterwards I went to more parades again and again, but then my popularity suddenly...died.
They were like, "Who the hell are you?"
And then my hamsters got sick...oddly enough.
One went deaf...or something, and the other caught a cold.
I wanted to go to one more parade that year, but my brother seemingly knocked me out the window.
Miraclelly, I was able to hang on until my mom found me, pulled me up, and scolded my brother.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
So I got back to the parade, but my hamsters are sick, and I dunno why but I had to bring them with my for some reason.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
That's the longest dream I've heard of
And then well, nobody knew me.
There was actually MOTORCYCLES and shiz in the last parades, I remember them.
But I RAN ON TOP OF FLOATS AND STUFF again, with my friends, all helping me.
And we spilled our M&Ms all over the place.
And then people somewhat remembered me.
I never regained my popularity, but I was a regular at (wtf?) and people were like, "OH YEAH! YOU!"
I dunno what happened after that...but I woke up, and this dream occurred in ONE HOUR, I was asleep for ONE HOUR.
Yes, and that is my dream.
And I am really tired.
And I would've went back to bed if I didn't see your name on my MSN list.
In fact I was SO tired and out of it after waking up, still thinking I was dreaming or something, that I thought you were Aoi and my vision was all blurry at first.
But then Aoi-dono was like, offline and I was like WTF because for some reason I remember you being online when I feel asleep.
However I also remember saying hi before falling asleep, which makes no sense because I didn't when I woke up.
So I did see you offline, and then said hi after my brain started working, xD
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
Er, xDDDD Welcome back to the wake?
Seriously, that dream was weird, yet...wicked.
You know the person I like, I thought I was over them because I didn't seem to care about them over the summer (like, never saw them, but we stayed contact on facebook, o__O), and stuff, and yet this dream comes out of nowhere.
And I know how it all ended up.
I was complaining about forums, duh, and parades, duh, and hamsters squeaking when I sleep, and me never seeing my friends on the summer, particularly that one.
And then it takes all my complaints and turns it into...that.
I mean, I am very WTF and holy shit and NOT FULLY AWAKE right now.
Hm, I like you. I'll kill you last : D -- Getting back into the Naruto fandom. Watching Naruto, will reply late xD says:
I wouldn't be able to type so much if I was in your sleepy position 8'D;
Not only that but I was having a good conversation with my brother today, something that doesn't happen much, and he does THAT to me in the dream. It's also hot, but it's snowing in the dream.
Well I am in holy shit mode, I must type as much as I can so I don't forget the dream.
Remember, I just woke up.
And I feel really sore from Yoga. =_=;


I can't really describe it in words, it just felt really awesome, that dream. And omgz I still like that person in school who I am friends with, xD.

I guess I'll go back to what I was originally going to say on this entry before forgetting it, falling asleep five hours later, dreaming, waking up an hour later, and typing a million things at once.

Since I've been in Year 12 for four days now, I think I will judge my classes on last time...

I love Graphics. I love it. Every year NOBODY or maybe one person I knew and was friends with was in my class, and finally a lot of my friends makes me happy.

That teacher talks a lot...we have homework I just remembered, xD. I don't see much opportunity for working and talking at the same time in class so I probably won't like it much if I don't interact much. xD

Holy crap this class is dead boring. And I killed my arm which was already sore from Yoga writing notes REALLY REALLY FAST, it's like this guy doesn't consider that people have to...WRITE THEM DOWN!? Can't he be more interesting and have a better method of teaching? Blah!

Okay, this class seems to have...a lot of writing, lolz. It was amusing last class, we went outside to read our summaries or beginnings or whatever the hell it was of other people's stories...amuuuuuusing.


Hm, I didn't know what to do last class, since I just transferred in. We handle lots of computers though, xD.

I'm alone in this class, and this person who I really didn't like (was a friend, but a sour friend in fifth grade) had to be my lab partner. Awr. Doesn't help that ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS are in the Block F of this class....stupidness.

Comp Civ AKA Civilizations
WOOT! This class = awesome. I love that teacher. Two of my friends transferred in too, so it will be even more fun even if it's considered a boring topic. That Geo teacher needs to take lessons from this guy, =P

Is on hold. School started, I will be writing less, for you reader's information...meaning Aoi-dono, I have started and even got 700 words done in one day (which is good for school days especially when you're sore in the shoulders and arms and have three projects and lots of homework already in the goddamned second week of the year....gah.) And apparently I have to worry about getting a dress for graduation pictures in October and the prom.

Hm, I hate Year 12, I'm already a little stressed, xDDD, Maybe I should go to bed earlier... *cough*

You know, I really hate those damned break weeks...I feel incredibly deprived, especially because school is currently hurting my imagination. I had this really weird daydream earlier...incredibly weird. Something about the mafia, xD, but now I don't have much. Hopefully my mind starts working again...

Good night, my friends! 8D

R-POTE: Yue/Konoka
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- Class Field Trip -

Wherever were we going? Do I remember? Hm. A pool. Yes, a pool. Not just ANY pool. It was some sort of indoor pool. A HUGE pool, with like...BILLIONS of slides. Different kind slides too. Stair slides. Twirly slides. Regular slides. LOTS OF SLIDES. It was like an indoor pool amusement park. Even a few extremely high and daring diving boards.

But it wasn't just ONE pool. It was like the whole building was connected by...anything wet! That pool, the second pool, and the only place to change was upstairs, which looked like an incredibly fancy place as if you were in an expensive restaurant. Even the washrooms were remarkable. Why there was only ONE for changing...I will never know. It was like an expensive resort made of POOLS AND SLIDES AND ANYTHING WET! If you wanted to go slide downstairs. If you wanted to go upstairs...there was some stairs. Well okay, that's normal, but was about the only THING normal there.

For the swimming kid, it was paradise. I remember the walls...wood, but smooth expensive HOUSE looking wood. Beautiful and smooth, as if it were marble painted with wood. Palm trees were around, there was a lot of people. Huge amounts, but it wasn't crowded, not at all.

Yet to was scary.

There were a few students, like about....six or seven, I recall one even looked like Miyuki from Lucky Star. The pink hair, and the glasses come to mind. They did not want to swim yet. Or do they? It was because to them slides were scary, as if they couldn't swim, or were much too afraid. I was one of those, sitting in the hallway clad in my swimsuit holding a towel, watching all the other kids having a lot of fun. Seeing one of my classmates cheering in joy while going down the slide stairs that actually looked like a waterfall on stairs. (I don't understand how that's even comfortable. O_o) So we were sitting there, in awe from such a luxurious place.

Afterwards, I went upstairs, and saw many people. I was there for the washroom. It was odd that there was only one washroom...for both genders. There's what? Three hundred people in the building and ONE washroom with ONE toilet shared by both MALE and FEMALE. Actually...I don't recall any males. It must've been a girls-only thing. Still, it was only one washroom. Oddly enough there wasn't a line. In fact nobody was IN the washroom at the time. The washroom itself was beautiful, rich and expensive it looked. Fit for a princess.

I don't really know what happened next. Did I even know I was That I assumed, but when something...happened. Like a black blink within your life. All I remember next was a butler from the expensive looking restaurant lobby thing. He was pushing a cart, see. It was filled with muffins. LOTS of muffins. A huge amount of muffins. Well, there were chocolate chip cookies too, but I saw lots more muffins than cookies. People oogled over the food, but then everything seemed deserted...where'd everybody go? It looked like I was just in a mansion now.

Did my view go from first person to third person? Now it looked like I was watching it on television, except the TV couldn't even be seen. As if I was right there, looking at them standing there, looking at those numerous muffins. Yes, the muffins.

Then I realized finally, what had happened. One girl, a particular redhead, was talking to the butler. I recall her saying these exact lines,

"Save a muffin for me!" *walks offscreen* *comes back* "On second thought, save lots of muffins for me!" *walks offscreen* *comes back* "Oh hell with it, save a whole plate full of muffins for me!!!"

She then grabbed the hand of a girl, a shorter girl. I believe from her look on her face that she was one of those students who were too scared to go swimming for the sole fact that she cannot swim, or perhaps another reason. Maybe she almost drowned, or lost a family member to the sea. Whatever it was I knew the redhead seemed eager to bring her to the water.

"B-but I can't swim!" The girl said, but it didn't occur to the redhead as she dragged the girl to the pool and jumped in. Remarkably she said this, "Don't worry, I'll keep you above the surface." Her speed as she swam was inhuman. It was so fast that the smaller girl could actually STAY above the water. They reached a bunch of other girls doing something rather acrobatic on the water, and as if she was dancing on the pool itself, the redhead spun the smaller girl around, looking into her eyes. It seemed kind of romantic, actually, until they were bumped into by several other girls.

Surprisingly, the smaller girl did not take the bumping lightly. She growled and her hair rose above her head as if she were charging up to become a super saiyan. Fangs could be seen in her mouth as the made a roar that could be heard throughout the whole pool area. It didn't last long though. For unfortunately...

I had woken up.

It was 5:30pm...I had been asleep all afternoon. It was a little hot too, I was covered almost completely by the blanket. I assumed I must've been moving around in bed, still wondering what the heck just happened. Then it came to me as I began to sat up and stared at those pictures on my wall...a grin appeared on my face...oh yes.

I charged up my fist and pumped it into the air, proclaiming this one phrase:


It was an epic day.

So yeah, that was my dream. Apparently Sayo was Sayo until she got OOC and got angry. Confused about the first part? I actually WAS Sayo, in first person. But when Kazumi arrived I jumped into third-person view for all KazuSayo happiness. And the muffins were great, really. I wish that place existed, o_O. It looked REALLY fun...seriously. Why couldn't I try a slide in the dream? DDD:


I took many many many pictures of Asako trying to get his ear injury in the shot. I don't think I managed to find the hole but I did get the nip in. However, when I found a picture I took yesterday, it was a BEAUTIFUL shot of Asako! It even shows his ear injury and another one I didn't know about (much smaller) on his OTHER ear! HOLY SHIT MAN!

Here's the image full size but cropped. I loved the whole image so much that I couldn't just crop it off permanently, so if you click this image it will show the whole image, but resized. ('cause it was huge, now it's just big) LOOK!

Image Hosted by

Ear injury on the RIGHT ear, or the hamster's left ear. The smaller one is on the other ear, as you can easily see. I hope you click the picture, the whole image just looks pretty witht he crumbs scattered all over the place and his reflection on the table. *_*

Yes, that's all.
R-POTE NAOS!!! :::: Akira/Satsuki


Jun. 28th, 2007 08:04 pm
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I had an AWESOME dream this afternoon.

I was lying in bed, it was dusk. Then I saw something skitter across the floor, I threw a box on it and thought it was a mouse. I decided to bring it to my mom, but was hesitant a bit because if it is a mouse, she might kill it. When I showed it, it turned out to be a roborovski hamster. So I decided to keep it. I eventually ended up finding FIVE of them skittering about in my house, and they NEVER bit. I quickly assumed some hamster owner was missing five hamsters.

I found a large bin, considerably bigger than my campbell's hamsters' bin, and put them in. However, they kept escaping because someone drilled the holes into it way too low. I don't remember anything else.

This is has made me:
a) Wake up and play with my hamsters
b) Want a robo hamster.

I also want to try getting a Syrian (the hamsters that people think of when someone says hamster, they're the golden hamsters, and are the most popular hamster in the market) one day (but my mom might not let me because it's a tad big) or a winter white (Winter Whites look like campbells, but are bigger/smaller (whenever I see them they look bigger, but some people say they're smaller, -_-) and turn white in the winter (thus the name), and I have seen WWs in my pet stores. =)


Jun. 22nd, 2007 05:40 pm
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I am feeling very "WTF!?" right now. Very.

I'm also incredibly tired, if not for this strange thing, I would have GONE BACK TO SLEEP. I just woke up from taking a nap, after getting three hours of sleep last night. I then went to my exam and went straight home for a nap.

Last night, around 2-5am while I was talking to Kirami (and shortly with Aoi) I had forced myself to start writing something even if I had no ideas. Oddly enough it worked and an idea popped out, for which I worked on "Ramen Troubles" (the first 3,500 words is on this very LJ!) I'm not going to go into that much (no spoiling) but it was probably one of the reasons for this complication of three dreams I just had. X_x

See, I was writing about Sayo a lot in the chapter, and then went to bed later on. (Kirami sent me a "Uhh..." just now as an offline message, I have no freakin' idea what the hell she's talking about) Three hours later I got up at 8am to prepare for an exam. I soon left the house after eating macaroni for breakfast and headed towards the exam. After I screwed myself over almost three times during the exam (pen running out of ink during essay, teachers screwing me over another girl with the same name as me and the nearly identical last name with the exams, and the first essay I wasn't too sure about) Suffice to say, I hate my name. Continuing on, after a bunch of people were rushing to get lockers, in which I cared not for, since I never have one. Then I suddenly hear people behind me talk about a name I am currently fond of. Then I was like, "I MUST HAVE A LOCKER CLOSE TO "THAT" GIRL!!!"

I knew, immediately, that she was still in the exams as she never finished early, then the teachers stopped us from going to the gym to look inside. (Which pissed me off) So I swore at the teacher under my breath and decided to say, "Aw screw it" and went home. I had not returned one of my textbooks yet, you see. But decided to return it (my french text) later since I returned the Social Studies one today. So I reached my house in a very tired state, said "hi" in a really not-very-excited-voice and simply collapsed on my bed. I looked up before I fell asleep, for yesterday, after 6 months, I had finally posted up Negima stuff on my wall. Strangely Sayo had the most high-quality of art, for all of her stuff on my wall was BIG AND PRETTY and very CG'ed nicely and CUTE. Then...I fell asleep.


Dream # 1:
This dream I forgot most of. All I remember was one scene, Asakura driving away in a motorcycle.

Frankly I didn't care much about this one, one because I remember almost NOTHING OF IT, and secondly, it was probably caused by the Kazumi fanart on my wall where she looks like a racecar driver or motorcycle rider.

Dream # 2:
In this dream, I was in school. It was almost 3pm and I was in French class with the French teacher that I was not very fond of. We were all bored, and then suddenly she remembered that I had not returned the French text and yelled at me about it, then telling me to bring it on Friday, AFTER the report cards, because there was some super-retarded marking thing that I had to do with the book. I don't remember very much. Afterwards I walked pass my friends towards the washroom, where there was REMARKABLY A REALLY BIG LINEUP, and the washroom didn't look anything like my school washrooms. It was like the washrooms you go to in movies because there were a lot of toilets and lots of people lining up! My friend was there because she always went to the washroom, and "THAT" girl was also there. (Woot!) So when the toilets were free I went in a stall and IT WAS REALLY HORRIBLY NIGHTMARISHLY INCREDIBLY DIRTY!!!! In fact, every free stall I went to was like that. Until I finally settled into one, and started changing (amazingly I was not there to actually DO BUSINESS). Then my OLD French teacher came into the washroom with some people, and mysteriously my Negima necklace broke in half!! I COULD NOT FIX IT! Then I ran off. Don't remember anymore.

That was due thinking about report card day, and stupidness of the not-returned textbook.

Finally, the WTF dream.

Dream # 3:
This dream was set in a fantasy setting. A bunch of warriors were setting off...doing something. I'm not sure what, it was most probably a quest to defeat a dragon or whatever, who knows? Anyway, the lead character was very similar to Daisuke of Digimon, in fact it was like a television program and they actually compared him TO Daisuke and ended up concluding that he IS IN FACT, DAISUKE...except much older and taller. (Daisuke is Davis of Digimon 02) In other words, this whole fantasy setting seemed to be an AMERICAN ADAPTATION to something which took a bunch of Anime characters from random animes and stick it in one single crack-hole. The thing was, one part of the dream I was actually talking to a friend about it, saying "Zomg they DO have them in there but they spelled all their names WRONG!!!11!!!"  Anyway, on the quest, the whole group freakishly reminded me of a show called "Clone High" not the whole concept or setting, but the characters. In fact that show actually showed up in the dream, doing dumbass comparisons again. I COULD remember some characters in there. One had blue hair, in which the hair had an odd looking shape. I suppose he was like that dood with the DBZ hair in .hack//sign. There was another guy, and another, these two were like twins since their names were similar. Then there was this white haired guy, reminded me of Inuyasha (the anime) a bit actually, but whoever he was, I'm not sure.




No, the actual WTF part was that within the journey after escaping the book of venomous snakes and other whatnots. They all got separated, and the white haired dood was fighting a bunch of enemies as if I were playing Dynasty Warriors and doing special moves with the bad guys all around me. Then he got on a horse and rescued this white-haired girl, and they fell in love and he held her up wedding-style. Que me ACTUALLY in the dream ACTUALLY watching this going, "OMGWTF! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was reacting to the TV SHOW ADAPTATION OF AN ANIME INSIDE THE DREAM. No, this is plain nightmare to ALL THAT IS KS. TO ALL THAT IS KAZUMIXSAYO.


Suffice to say, I actually said that in the dream, that "The americans hate gay coupling so they turned some sort of couple from the actual anime into a het one" which IMMEDIATELY reminded me of the retarded Sailor Moon dub that said, "And Amara and Michelle are cousins that like to hold hands and stroke each other, and..." So they just turned a lesbian relationship into fucking incest. (I am not saying that incest is particularly bad, however I don't find it that great since me and my brother aren't with good terms. But seriously, if America is THAT fucked up, I would rather show them the LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP rather than the INCEST if they seriously want to dumb up their kids in NO AWARENESS WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!

Yesiree. That was my rant. I am still incredibly sleepy, and going WTF. How would YOU feel if YOUR favourite pairing did not end up within your dream, it was actually paired up with SOMEONE you hate and they actually fall in love and MARRY? I seriously blame this on the OCXAsakura DEATH FIC that I read yesterday. This is equivalent to...

NejiXSakura, ReiXMao, SquallXAGIRL, DieXYourSister, heck, ANYTHING!

And this ends another chapter in Spot's very tired life. I'm going back to sleep. And God hope that I actually dream of something I want

OH yeah

May. 25th, 2007 03:37 pm
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I had my first Negima dream! It was the weirdest dream ever and unfortunately did not include any of my favourite characters besides Ako and Yuuna. It had the sports girls in it, my dad, and lots of meat.


All I can remember was that we were in a white car with lots of raw bloody meat in the car, filled up the car. We were driving on this familiar road next to the alley I walk home on, going past a church and eventually getting to the Victoria supermarket. There we saw all the sports girls and talked to Ako, and something happened which I forgot. But Ako was the main thing.


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Dream #92:
Setting: Within a car, a highway, the lobby of an Anime Tower, the office of an Anime Tower, the elevator of the Anime Tower.
Based On: Teh Unnamed Roleplay (Only person's personality that isn't of the Roleplay is Li)
Shiroi - Driver
Li - Passenger
Wen - Passenger
Neji - Passenger
-bystanders, cops, fire fighters, Anime Manager
The car is driving on a highway. They are on their way to the Anime Tower! (But they're probably just stopping there and are on their way to some other place) Neji + Wen need to go to the Anime Tower to apply for Animes. They stop at a street near the tower, still someplace close to the highway, and Neji and Wen get off. While waiting, Shiroi listens to music on her MP3 Player. (WITH HUGE HEADPHONES!)
Li tries to tell Shiroi something (unknown what he is trying to say, because Spot forgot) but obviously, Shiroi can't hear him with those HUGE HEADPHONES of her's. So Li tries again, this time Shiroi seems to hear it, but misunderstands it...

Shiroi: "What?! You wanna see how fast this car goes??!! OKAY!"

Li: "No, I meant--"



The setting is now the Anime Tower Office. Wen and Neji have just said something with the manager, but we don't know what. (Because Spot forgot, xD)

Anime Manager: "Ooh, so, what can you do that might get you into the cast of, Naruto?!"

Wen: "He can make his blood vessels appear bigger around his eyes! *laughs at the stupid talent*"

Neji: "Hey! I told you not to mention that!"

Anime Manager: "Actually, that's perfect! YOU'RE HIRED!"

Wen: "WHAAAAT??!!"

Neji: ">=D"

Wen" "What about me?! What Anime am I suited for?!"

Anime Manager: "I don't know, you seem boring--"

Wen: "BORING?!"



ZOOM! *bashes into Anime Tower Lobby*

[Anime Tower Lobby is on fire!!!]

Car: *zooms into elevator which is on fire*

Shiroi and Li: *get out of the car*

Li: "WHY DID YOU DRIVE US INTO HERE?! *clicks OPEN button, but elevator door won't open* NUUU! WE'RE TRAPPED!"


Shiroi and Li: *bang on elevator door frantically*

Some Woman: *walks to elevator, clicks button, door opens. Walks into elevator, Shiroi and Li run out, leaving lady in elevator who saved them but seems to be blind as she does not notice the fire and Shiroi and Li don't help her*

Elevator: BOOOOOM!!! *explodes*

Some narrator: All's well that ends well, except the lady is dead. Wen, who had hoped to be in the same Anime as Neji as his rival...ending up being cast in an Anime named B-Daman only if his brother also joined. Also, the anime Shiroi joined is--


How she woke up?

The next door neighbour screamed, "DON'T FUCKING DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" REEEEEEEEEEEALLY LOUD. O__O

Yes, true dream.

*huggles the laptop* ^____^
Here's a picture of my desktop. The wallpaper is due to lack of Shino/Good B-Daman wallpapers. RAWR.
Wow, he's quite hot in this wallpaper. I still like Choked Socks over him, though. =P


ONE MORE THING, I officially found a good full fake name for meh. I AM NOW CALLED Spoticus L. Sock! It's up to you what you think the L may be. =)
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In an oasis of sand, was living e'er town. One town, a town that set itself in the middle of nowhere, sought to be found by many. Like a typical poor town around the time of Jesus's coming, where by houses were sheer stones of rock or hardened mud. This is the setting, and the place of the miracle...

In a bed, where you hear the mysteries of life swander around you. Where sounds from every direction takes your whole, what brings into the mind of imagination. From the sounds of a Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show cartoon from the depths of the basement dwellers, to the eerie silence of the pictures plastered on the wall, row by row, pictured of characters from a certain Anime. One could tell that something unanimously was going to happen in this world. As we awake in the world of new reality, we see something phonomenal.

Vision is blackened out, with the darkness fading away as you find yourself in a dream, but a dream of 3rd person. The computer sets in front of you, playing a game called Soldat, where thunder roars in the background. Getting off the computer, your sibling jumps onto the magical white box, as you peer outside the large window, where 6 lightning bolts strike at once, bringing a new dimension into the house...or into the creativity of dreams.

TVs are dream catchers, and show you what you don't want, with it off, you see a new and louder place. People around, the town in which you're in resembles one you've written about in a short fanfiction. 5 AD was the time in that fanfiction, and farther away from you, you could see a farmer, not just any farmer, but a farmer, formed from the knowing that your friend wishes to become one. This farmer was your sibling, sitting on that chair with the outfit and the grass within the mouth, lazily watching nothing. Wandering around you see that this might not be so ancient afterall, a bridge...a metal bridge that you see, from the games of Ratchet and Clank, like a war was going on, but you yourself knew the turmoil.

A butterfly, flying throughout the wind in joy, happiness and carelessly free. You could see a Pikachu, and an unknown being near it, from the Pokemon that you witnessed...of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle, and a Super Saiyan Jigglypuff. Turning the corner, of merchants everywhere, while the poor could be an odour being smelled all across the world. The computer flashes in your mind...a desperate conversation with someone named you had recently a while ago...but you are stll within that town, joyous to yourself as you are to be. Around you walk as a screen pops up as one you see in several televisions. The screen pops up between commercials, often in the Japanese cartoons, what amazes you is the style of the screen. A shadow of someone you seem to adore, with many figures around, some different as the when you read on wikipedia a while ago mentioning two different clones from the others, in the Treehouse of Horror episodes...which brings you this thought...

Or the Gundam SEED ending, of people mindlessly floating around, what takes you over is when you return back into that it looks like a town of a map you once wandered mutter. Sand still caressing all over, but one name repeats in your mind...Gaara of the Sand. But you continue anyway, but that sibling appears again, afar. You see that he is no longer a farmer, but within a prison cell, reaching his hand out for you, from the episode you watched last night...about a man being wrongly put in prison, and the countless horror fantasies of it. A connection, like the internet, seems to hold up this form of reality as you wander off, deep into a large you created from the South Park place..."Changing the Raiders of the lost ark is like changing the Roman colliseum into an ordinary stadium"...and within that place, you see...

A demonstration, of someone teaching you how...transportation is made. It appears of a model of a modern society, rocket planes take off ever few moments, a space shuttle sits in the middle as other means of transportation, helicopters, and such. Things that you constantly hear in your sleep from your open window, of their engines rattling as they go by over your home..and then appears a person, strapping himself onto the rocket. Your mind shuts, wondering...what is the meaning of all that? Well...explains the woman as she does so. Her trick is that the mini rocket would send her to the other side of the stadium, where she'll backflip and land perfectly safely...

As she does so, the rocket blasts out the door, never to be seen again, that is...under you hear an enormous explosion, one you always see on the news, that brings this into your mind.

As you leave the place, you find yourself in a cartoon factory, for you have recently seen a crappy mock-commercial of a WB channel commercial...and what do you see? From the sounds before of that Bugs Bunny and Tweety show commercial, from a friend who calls herself Tweetie Bird in the outskirts of war. You see....Bugs Bunny characters...but they are not one, martian looks different, looks like if...someone had switched bodies...and then put Giovanni's son in the gene too. You watch as a villain look for a at a place where you were supposed to babysit, but never showed up. You see him get offered a job as "coding this here board to the front" while he asks, "can I use CSS?!" when you have recently finished coding the main parts of a site.

Then away you go, into a car...mysteriously holding a small tiger-cat. You sibling sits in the back, free of jail, holding your most precious doll of all, a dalmation backpack puppy...snow starts falling as you hand your sibling the cat and say this last line of the story, "If you want to stick their heads out the window, put them both out at the same time..."

Thus ends the story, thus ends the dream...a dream Spot has had.
I had a dream last night, the weirdest dream ever, but oddly enough I proclaimed after I woke up, "THAT WAS THE BEST DREAM EVER!!!!!"
I clearly stated some things that made the dream, the dream. Like when I heard Bugs Bunny and Tweety show sounds, then dreamt characters of them, and when I thought of Gaia's last type of navigation with the pictures of towns, it brought me a christmas feeling of a babysitting place. (Which is why coding is needed) I also said that "my sibling being in prison" was because of what I was watching last night, and because of a few daydreams I had, also because of a few stories I wrote, and other such things.

I often leave my TV on, and as I sleep with it on, I NEVER have a dream...continuing on, the character was 3rd person as I stated, with a sibling...guess who they were? Yep, the Yong Fa brothers, from the "Anime cartoon pictures" of my wall, and my wanting to watch today's rerun. You see, of the dreams I've been having, they are all connected with your actual life. When I played Ratchet and Clank at my cousin's house...POOF, a bridge from that place was there. Anything that has happened recently will connect into one and into your dreams, like De Dust, a map from Soldat and Counter Strike I play in a sandy place that looks like "when Jesus came", which was because my brother left his bibles in my room. XP

The screen that happened before a "commercial" consisted of many different looking "Li's", not only did that remind me of when I read on wikipedia of Homer cloning himself, and two different looking ones was OLD Homer (from the Simpson shorts) and Peter Griffin, from Family Guy. So, there was a Li was ACTUAL pupils, perhaps because of my recent watchings of Inukami, where the main character lOOKS A LOT LIKE MY GAIA PROFILE PERSON, same hair, green eyes. (Although Li had blue pupils, hm) Yes, Wen was a farmer, in prison, and in the backseat of the car...or van, there were three rows of seats and Li sat in the 2nd, reminded me a lot of my own van...

From all that, yes, dreams do connect to your life, no matter how weird or screwed over they are.

That is today's speculation from Spot.



Aug. 1st, 2006 11:48 am
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Ok, meh clan site is finally up! YAYS! Archaic Wraith Site

Today though, I was wondering what happened to so many of the R/S servers on Soldat, last time it was buggy and there was a page of R/S Servers (Which is not normal, there is usually only 4 or 5 R/S servers, excluding any dodgeball stuff) Now today, the DS servers are gone, MLP, BR, and Avarax is missing. All the significant servers left are SEAL. (LW, nobody goes into...) And I don't really like MLP anymore due to their "No-capping dood!" policy. Every other server allows's Capture the Flag. CTF and R/S together means "Last man standing OR flag-capping". But since our OWN clan will get a server soon, I'd probably spend most of my time in there. (And go to DS Pub, and SEAL for stats, or go to DS Priv for pros, xP)

Otherwise, nothing too new.
In other outstanding news, yesterday I went to my cousin's house. Ok, that's not interesting, since all we did was play Ratchet and Clank all day (Which was boring, even hockey was boring, even watching Red Vs. Blue, some Halo-movie, was boring) But we fought for the coffee candies and threw popcorn everywhere. One of his friends was there and was the same age as me (my cousin is 2 years younger), so yeah, somewhat fun. Although my cousin has a severe obsession with playing the Megaman Battle Network games on his Gameboy SP.

I have coffee candies now, xD.
That was yesterday.

But lately I've been having more than 3 dreams a night, and I DON'T KNOW WHY! Unfortunately I can only remember...some of them... *cough, those that were b-daman related...>>* Oh, and one that was the most normal and boring dream of them all.

I'll describe 3 dreams.

1) Inukami is an anime with these girls that seem to be half human, half dogs with magical powers. An inukami tamer would own one of these to "ultimately" stop evil and bad stuff. It is a highly perverted and stupid Anime, but also incredibly hilarious...and wrong. (Although I absolutely adore the main character, Keita, hm, I wonder why) So I watched 5 episodes of this and went to bed, and dreamt of myself watching 5 episodes of this... ._.;;; Okay...that was very odd, yet normal...

2) This dream was "supposedly" an "idea" version of "how Li went to the Neo SHadow Alliance", it was much more stupid and worse than the real version (which I'm not that fond of yet, oh well), which seemed to take on a show called Cybersix, about a brother and sister, and the brother was idiotically enough to climb down the cliff to grab a flower for his sister...and fell. In which he fell, but was saved by an evil mad scientist which would turn up to be the final boss on the show, and turned into a black panther because his normal body would not hold. What am I saying? Li (who wore green like Syaoran's outfit, then switched to a purple jacket) falls off a cliff, incredibly clumsily, and no, DOES NOT DIE (in fact I bet he's supposed to land on his feet in the real Anime...>>) but oddly just POOF! turns evil. The person who came up with that idea was fired.

3) The grade 10's are going to kindergarten! Well, it was actually a field trip to an elementary school to "build character" or whatnot, so they went to an elementary school and became kindergartens for a day. Many of my classmates were there, the boy's gym teacher from the high school was oddly teaching there, I remember one of the teachers there (an incredibly fat one), was in the dream. Nevertheless, this was what it was based on, with a little twist. Why the hell did we each own a feckin' b-daman? Yarr. So we apparently had to bring one to that class for that day, and yes, one of my classmates that's often in my dreams owned a Samurai Phoenix, wowzers, O_o, my best friend had Chrome Raven, and I had the b-daman I actually do have...Rekuso. >> But that's not the MAIN part, the teacher gave us a test THAT ALL KINDERGARTEN'S PASSED, and the whole class of kindergartened-grade 10's FAILED IT. I wonder what that's supposed to mean. Later on it was recess, where we'd all run out onto the playground to PLAY! But my best friend brought her Gameboy Advance SP and wanted to play Pokemon Emerald, so we sneaked into an empty room to play it, and it turned out to be a giant elevator....moving us to the 2nd floor. We came out and then suddenly it was lunch time, and we went down the stairs to the table, in which the grade 10 boy's gym teacher who was oddly teaching at this school was yelling at the principal and they fed us nasty pasta. Then, no more dream because my stupid brother woke me up.

Other 'dreams' I fondly remember:

1) The Soldat Movie! It consists of all them clans specializing in Realistic Survival, and it was all about us taking on the hacker force, but the main characters were clan members of SEAL and DS (I never dreamt the people in there, just a "clan" and many people in army outfits that look exactly the same, even the clans that have some girls in them...O__o) Somehow you had to take at least one girl a clan, and that was no problem for DS, but other clans didn't have any and the only other clan that went was AW, (but nobody knew I was that girl in the clan, so they were guessing, "Is Seranox a girl?" Blah) And that is all I remember.

2) Become a dog...again!!! I think I got this from watching episode two of Inukami, which was really wrong looking (ach! Men on steroid's acting like doggies and then jumping on each other in a huge pile with nothing but a tiny cloth on to hide their parts makes it seem like an enormous gay orgy, O__o) Ok, so, once upon a time Spot's wonderful favourite characters were walking somewhere, (well they're nomads apparenlty, they don't stay at one place for long) and then somehow, SOMEHOW, it was not described HOW, BUT SOMEHOW, Wen starts acting like a dog. Physically he looks absolutely nothing like...a dog, he's a human, but he just acts like one. Barks, licks people (O_o), chases cars, buries bones...etc. Which turns Li into a dog-owner! He takes Wen to a doctor (after much debate on whether or not to take him to a vet) and the doctor says it's a "mental period" or whatever for him, so it'll wear off itself....on anytime. (could be the next minute or in 5 years) So he gives him a muzzle, a leash, and a collar. Then they go to cowtoon, mess it up, Li must pay a fine of 2234 dollars (something like that), and then Mie offers him a job at the Cat Cafe to pay off the damages, which he accepts, then Wen messes up the place...although the part I'm most intrigued is...when Tsubame was typing on his livejournal..."Dear Blog, today has been an odd day, I lost my shoe and the Yong Fa brothers are running around naked behind me"
Yes, oddity, do not ask. All because of Inukami.

3) I don't remember this much, just that someone gets hurt, and it ends like the Beyblade ending of G Revolution. Blah.

I'm done. =)
spotto: (Wen and Liena)


The Dream )

I would love to dream something like that again. =D
spotto: (Hedgehog!)

I can't do anything without feeling weird when the computer is in the living room with a bunch of people out here and they are watching somewhat at me as I type! It feels so uncomfortable!!! ARGH!!!!!

But I shall try anyway. I'll start with the dream I had last night. You see, yesterday night, or actually it happened sometime in the morning I'm not sure, anywho, I was at this HUGE park, no trees just A LOT OF FIELD, grass for as LONG AS YOU COULD SEE, and it was CALLED a park!!! Anyway, you know those tracks that people run on? It was completely ICE on a warm SUMMER day...and people were SKATING ON IT! Anyway, me and my cousin were doing something random, dunno what...WHEN I HAD THIS SUDDEN URGE TO ICE SKATE! So magically his house popped out of nowhere except it was like a barbie house where only half of it was there. So I climbed to the attic and saw LOTS OF SPORTY STUFF, and I saw many pairs of ice skates and tried them all on but they all were too small until I found a perfect one but that wasn't that big... My aunt and mom were at the seats outside a restaurant near the park.

Anyway, I went to skate, but it magically DISAPPEARED! (The ice track) And instead it was SNOWING, and guess who I saw? SASUKE AND NEJI SNOWBOARDING/SKIING DOWN THE SNOW!!! But it was like an OLYMPIC TOURNAMENT!!! I mean, I see Naruto characters in my dream but not b-daman!!!?!?!?!? OMG!!! So I went to SKI DOWN WITH THEM! And then I skiied, BUT AT THE BOTTOM WAS A ROAD AROUND A CLIFF! And the snow disappeared, Neji and Sasuke disappeared, and it was SUNNY AND SUMMER AGAIN! I lost my family, and random bishies from an Anime I'm not too found of! It's like...WHAT THE HELL?! And the park I was in wasn't in my city so we were on vacation...AND I WAS LOST!!!

So I wandered around the road and crossed an intersection...I SAW A RIVER!! (magically from Ocean to river), And there were people willing to raft you down the river for free! So I went on, but they dumped me in the middle of the river and I somehow knew how to swim and got to shore, where people were complaining that these RAFTERS DUMPED THEM IN THE RIVER! So I spotted a canoe that crashed into the tree, helped the guy out, and he gave me pieces of the canoe that became paddles and I went on another raft on my own!!! So now, I was going down the river and got to the ocean finally, AND SAW A WEIRD FLOATING BRIDGE THAT IS ATTACHED TO NOTHING!!! But it said, "TO VANCOUVER" on the end of it. So I got on and saw my classmate and some random people going that way...BUT SUDDENLY THE EXIT DISAPPEARED! It was 5pm, sunset, and the sign said, "BRIDGE CLOSED AT 5PM" so some of us were stranded on the very weird weak bridge...AND THEN ANSON CARTER FROM THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE!!! We were all hanging on at the end of the bridge, for if we didn't we'd fall into the ocean, but I was losing grip..AND SUDDENLY WEIRD HUMANOID BIRDS LIKE THAT CROW FROM B-DAMAN (so SOMETHING from there showed up...>>) were storming in a huge group towards us, WE WERE DOOOMED!! But, Magical Anson Carter moved half of the bridge in mid air and we moved it to the other side, VANCOUVER! (It was on an island), me and Anson Carter jumped onto a train attached to a giant restaurant and started driving in it, and then people cheered us for our talent in driving trains...

And I woke up.

Weird dream, eh...O_o. Here's what I was doing before this happened:
Role-playing with Shiroi, which included Neji and Sasuke.
Wanting goalie-gear, including ice skates.
Wondering why Anson Carter gave the puck away near the net and the opponent scored.
Saw a dead crow while walking to school...
Had a friend who I was pissed off at on an experiment in Science class (the classmate in my dream)
A ferry sank when going from here to Victoria...RAFTS! ><

Yeah, weird. I want to play Soldat...><

Anyway, I woke up, it was...9AM!! I had to get up and take a shower so we can all go off to DIM SUM...except I wanted to post my dream as well...but ended up not having enough time. (Strangely I remembered it fairly well and it's 13 hours later...O_o) We went there, and blah, the food was ok, I was listening to my MP3 player....THEN AFTER DOING BORING SHOPPING, WE WENT TO METROTOWN! So we did boring stuff, like went to the Bay (And I hate the Bay...>>) Then we went to the pet store to get...ASPEN BEDDING, MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE YET MORE HEALTHY THAN evil evil PINE!!! But that's not the point, I went to Sears looking for any hockey stuff but saw none, but went to Sportschek AND SAW A LOT...
But again, that's not the point, it was when we went to the ROOTS factory, I got some clothes and stuff, but my dad wanted some clothes, he got this HUGE jacket, much too big for me, and my mom wanted the kids discount, so she put the men's jacket on the counter and said, "FOR MY KID!" ....XD! I think she got the discount, but that was unbearably funny.

I ate strawberry wafers...they taste like Pocky actually...just more..WAFERY!!
I also watched a Disney movie I NEVER HEARD OF! It's called, "The Fox and Hound" It's about a fox who's mother abandoned him because they were being chased by a hunter and she didn't want him hurt. The mother was shot (LIKE BAMBI!!) And some birds lead an old widow to the fox so it could be taken care of. Meanwhile, a hunter brought a puppy and was going to raise it into a hunting dog, and left it with his current hunting dog which has to look after it. Anyway the fox and the hound end up meeting each other (but they're supposed to be enemies, because hounds help hunters hunt animals like foxes but the hound didn't know) So they became BEST FWENDS! But the other dog sees the fox, chases it, and causes a mess including screwing with the chickens, so the hunter goes to the widow and tells her if he finds that fox in his property again, HE'LL SHOOT IT. Anyway, the hunter is going to go hunting someplace else in the winter and takes his 2 dogs, and TIME PASSES, where the fox and dog grow up to teenagers! The dog comes back a BETTER hunter, and the fox reappears, hoping they're still friends...

But the dog says they can't be, the hunter sees him again and the other dog chases the fox, where the hound finds him in the logs and says he'll let him go THIS ONE TIME, and the fox runs but bumps into the other non-friend dog, on the railroad tracks...HIGH ABOVE a river...and the fox ducks before the train hits him, but the dog must jump and falls into the river. His friend-dog finds the other dog at the bottom in the river...AND SWEARS REVENGE ON THE FOX, THUS JEPORDIZING THEIR FRIENDSHIP! The hunter slams at the widow's door and says, "ANY CHANCE HE SEES THAT FOX, HE'LL KILL IT", the widow knows the only way to save the fox is to drive into the wilderness and set it free, whom has a horrible time living in the wild until he meets a BEAUTIFUL GIRL FOX...meanwhile the hunter is determined to kill that fox, and his other dog has a broken leg, so he takes the friend-dog into the wild and tries to find the fox, which he does, and chases the fox into a tunnel with the girl-fox, in which he sets fire on the other end and aims his gun at the other side with the dog barking. The fox and girl-fox RUN THROUGH THE FIRE INSTEAD! And head towards a waterfall, where the dog and hunter chase them up to, BUT BUMP INTO A BLACK BEAR, enabling the fox and girl-fox to escape!!! The hunter steps into one of his metal traps that slam close on animal's feet, and the dog attempts to protect the hunter, but the bear goes after the dog and is about to kill the dog until the fox bravely attacks the bear, saving the dog. They end up in a showdown on a log above the waterfall...

UNTIL THE BEAR SLASHES AT THE LOG! And they both FAAAAAALLL...into the river below, the fox survives and gets out of the water, the dog is watching him, not as angry anymore, but the fox ends up face to face with the hunter, who has his gun to the fox. The dog, knowing that this fox saved his life, steps in front of the fox, and if the hunter must kill the fox, he'll have to kill the dog as well! So the hunter sighs and gives up and takes the dog the end, the widow is patching up the hunter's leg and the dog is with the friend-dog, the friend-dog is rather happy and falls asleep, while the fox and girl-fox watch them from afar, as all the quarrels have finally ended...the end.

I think it should've been a more sappier ending though, since I'm used to that from Disney...

One more thing, my parents should shut up when watching hockey games, so annoying...

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I had one of the weirdest...and kind of scary (though I dunno if it'd count as a nightmare) dream ever...

Ok, you know how there are skytrains in Vancouver? Well instead of taking an escalator, or stairs to the top to take one, there's this elevator that goes up REALLY REALLY HIGH, and I went into one, but it had no doors and went up REALLY FAST!  I was struggling to hang onto it! I eventually made it come down (fast and scary) and got off, deciding to go to the other one...which is across the street... O_o... There were trees everywhere as if it were a road going through a forest! Anyway, some classmate of mine (a real classmate) had to go to the skytrain, and one of my friends pointed out at the screwed up elevator  (didn't know it was screwed up) to go to the skytrain since these other one had  a lot of people going he did...

Guess what happened? The elevator collapsed when he was in it, and we all concluded that he died...(which in the dream, he did...O_o) So there was this huge memorial and stuff, and then people started rebuilding it since it wasn't just the elevator, it was like, a whole chunk of the skytrain rail, and so I went into this strange travelling bus that looked like a Star Trek ship on the inside, o.x, anyway, for some reaosn my family was in it and I wanted to "explore" and I went into these Spacey-rooms and then found a cool dark-looking room with a computer and crap in it. So I headed tot he computer with my lunch, and then my mom yelled at me because I was dirtying the place up since it...wasn't our Star-Trek RV?! O_o

It was a very LONG feeling dream...for some odd reason I said in that dream, that the classmate who died in the 'horrible screwed up elevator-skytrain accident" was like, a crush of mine or something. Anyway, continuing on, I had to cross the street, and it went from giant forest to a huge city like Tokyo, but all the skytrain stuff was still there, and I went across the street to where the accident occured, and people were taking classes on, "How to ride an elevator properly" O_O! That's all I can remember from now, this dream felt INSANELY real.

Why it's scary: It's weird...and someone died...who I said I loved...O_o (his locker IS next to mine at school...>>)
I WAS FALLING DOWN IN THE BEGINNING! AREN'T I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP WHEN I FALL DOWN?! That was FECKING scary!! Barely hanging on, 100 feet high! ARGH! What is this, a nightmare?!
What's witht he spacey star trek RV?! O_o

Weird dream. I'm gonna call it a nightmare because I'm


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