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 I remember many years ago I had said something very foolish.

"I don't ship in MLP."


It changed quite quickly actually. My OTP became PinkieShy. And then I said:

"I only ship PinkieShy."


In fact, between that time and now I had actually tested a few ships to see if I'd like them, like forcing myself to read TwiDash and RariJack fics and hoping I'd like them. I liked the person's writing and the concept and all that jazz, but never really found myself growing to like the pair itself. I thought I would only really ever care for PinkieShy which was A-OK. Then...the harem emerged.

Harem, you say? Well, these are the MLP ships I have now...

"PinkieShy (OTP), TwiJack, RariDash, Rarilight, RariPie, Rarijack (sorta), Sunlight (so long as it's FG!Twilight), LyraBon."

Look at them Rarity ships. About the only pony I don't ship her with is Fluttershy. 

I also said this quote that too is very untrue now.

"I am not a RWBY shipper."

And lo and behold, my opinion is as follows...

"CHECKMATING, MOFOS!!! FREEZERBURN (which should really be called Wang Schlong because I am a mature and sophisticated adult) WHITE ROSE! WEISS WITH EVERYONE EXCEPT MALES!!! BICYCLE BICYCLE BICYCLE!! LADYBUG IS COOL TOO!!!"

Heck, there was also a time in my days as an early Touhou fan where I only liked some characters and cared not for any romantic subtext! Why, it's a bullet hell shooter! The dialogue is barely there and what there is of has no hints to any romance whatsoever!

And now I have these ships:

"KENEMOKO!! YEAH!! HijiriMiko is the best hate!ship and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG. AyaSanae, my official rarepair love."

So yes, no matter how low of an opinion you have of these obnoxious people who put fictional characters together, I AM ONE OF THEM. It is a sad reality that goes way back to when I was but a mere teenager. And also there will never be het. Het is for silly mainstream people with no creativity. And also also, they shall all be girls. Girls will reign over all. What do you mean I'm currently in love with the incredibly manly and beautifully bara (that does not imply I ship him with other manly people. No one else in RWBY is MAN enough to be worth Sage) Sage? I do not ship him with anyone. His love is his very boring sword that doesn't transform into anything. 

Speaking of MEN. Everyone in RWBY is unmanly with the sole exception of Sage. There's the boys and the old guys, but none of them are manly. They desperately try to force down our throats that this character named Qrow is supposedly manly, but for me they have failed spectacularly. He has this voice that is trying too hard to be manly by having Qrow speak in this way 100% of the time like he does it on purpose as if he were Christopher Nolan's Batman. It makes him sound far more lame than natural. He also has a stubble which is also trying too hard to be manly because you see, this stubble is not consistent. If he were to have a stubble, he should also have manly chest hair to match. But for whatever reason Qrow has chosen to either shave his chest hair or not show it whatsoever, nullifying what manliness he could've contained. He's also constantly drunk and manipulative, while upholding his ego among his juniors who are practically children. He is also outwardly perverted around these same children who happen to be female. That is not manly at all. It is truly a disappointment in the MAN department.

Sage meanwhile has no stubble and no chest hair, but still manages to be manly. He is a man of few words, which adds to his air of manliness. Unfortunately his team is not very manly. Scarlet comes close, but sadly he is a boy to be laughed at as if he were man being hit by football. Sun is almost manly, but he is far too goofy and talkative to be manly. I give him manly points for being very respectful of Blake when she was having problems during volume two and had no time to attend a silly dance with him, and so he is the closest to the paragon of manliness that is Sage. Neptune is the opposite of manliness. He is very vocal about his love of females and is a jokeworthy character beyond that of Scarlet. Port, who is too much of a funny geezer old man to be manly, has mentioned that team SSSN is a manly team, but he must only be referring to Sage alone, which makes sense as Sage alone can mistaken people to believe the rest of his team is also manly.

Despite Sage's supreme manhood, he is not the manliest character. That honour goes to Yang and Yang alone. Neo rivals her.

As for the old men, several of them are far too cryptic to be manly, including Ozpin and Cinder. Ren is quite manly, but he has not reinforced his manliness very often, having a low presence though I believe he prefers to be subtle. Nora is very manly, and would win the man awards if not for Yang and Neo.

......oh, where was I?


I like shipping. I will readily admit that. What the fuck am I typing here anyway. This is why I should not down Monster energy drinks. I think my other point here is to point out what a shipping hipster I am. Not that I ship popular things before they become popular, but rather I always ship the alternate ships. NEVER THE MAIN SHIPS. DOWN WITH MAINSTREAM!!! Bumblebee? Nope. Rainbow Dash with anypony other than Rarity? Never. A ship with the main characters of Touhou? WHAT ARE THOSE!? I spit into the majority's tastes! HA!

I also grow melancholy about my rare!pair ships, mostly PinkieShy and AyaSanae but especially PinkieShy. Once upon a time Pinkie respected Fluttershy for the sensitive timid pony she was, and next thing I knew they were tearing down each other's feelings and bringing each other to tears. When canon changes so subtly from Fluttershy glomping Pinkie over to being the most opposite and incompatible of friends, my hopes fade. One day pony will air a PinkieShy episode and I will rejoice. Of course, this may be a hopeless cause, just like that one time when Negima was supposed to have a Sayo backstory chapter due to the inevitable Negi pactio and then ending before that could ever have the opportunity to arise. It was even foreshadowed! Much salt was spilled.

 Let's ask a question! I say as I continue this incredibly disjointed blog post! Do I have a typing and if so why is it not inherently obvious like "the happy one" or the "misunderstood" one?

You see, my current fandoms are pony and RWBY and my favourite characters are stark opposites. There is Pinkie, the perpetually happy glee-bringer of Equestria. Then there is Weiss, hated by many for starting off as unpleasant and bossy. Well the answer is quite simple you see. When I first decided to watch MLP, which is already a difficult obstacle to overcome because if you know me I avoid starting off TV shows and cartoons as if they are the plague, it was because it was a time of sadness. Being a long-time fan of hockey and putting so much passion and hope into my Canucks winning their very first championship in their forty-year history, having all that crash and crumble all because of a single lost game that had it been won, would've led to the ultimate goal, truly destroyed me. I avoided all sports media for months and needed a pick-me up. Ponies were there. They were everywhere actually, in the year of 2011. I knew it was at the very least, a happy series. And so in that show I looked for anything to make me laugh, to cheer me up. There a character existed whose whole purpose was to raise your dimples and make your day. Her name is Pinkie Pie. She was exactly what I needed at the time and thus, will forever be my favourite for truly making me smile.

Meanwhile I first saw RWBY as trailers made by an awesome dude who animated this other series called Dead Fantasy. My expectations were only of "cool awesome action to entertain myself with" and then a trailer that colour-coded itself as White came along and blew away all my expectations. These lyrics imply a STORY, with this CHARACTER who is lonely, sad, lost, and aimless. She wears beautiful white, which contrasts so wonderfully with red like the shades of blood. Her fighting style was so elegant and deadly, and yet when I peered into her eyes I only saw an individual who might have been emotionally fragile. One who seeked kindness and happiness that a childhood should bring, which it felt she never had. Then she said her first lines in the show as she was the only one of the four to never say a word in any of the trailers, and I realized she wasn't merely just a poor little princess who needed friends...she was a poor little princess who needed friends with a HUGE AMOUNT OF PRIDE and a wall that blocked all that may make her feel vulnerable. She wasn't just a pretty little sympathy trophy...she was a CHARACTER.

I love these two characters for completely different reasons and that's great! 8D

Then there's Touhou, but that's filled with so much headcanon that I really have no clue how to explain why I like any character. For instance, Keine. To most Keine just serves the role as a teacher character, kind of like the many teachers in Beacon or Cheerilee, the teacher of the CMC. But yet, I saw unlocked potential in what backstory she could possibly have, as it wasn't explored very much, yet there was so much to explore. She was at the time the only hybrid human/youkai character in the game, in which her youkai form had an identity. (Meanwhile Rinnosuke, being also a half-human was only a "generic" youkai so speculation was lost) Her ability was also one of wonder. How broken could it possibly be? She can alter history itself? She can erase history? What does that MEAN? Why is this so vague, like with every other aspect of Touhou's lore!? And finally, she is Mokou's only friend. She even came to defend Mokou from the protagonists despite Mokou being eternal and immortal, thus never being in danger whatsoever. Yet Keine cared enough to make sure she didn't get hurt. That's just ripe shipping potential. Plus in a world filled with amoral orange and blue morality jerkasses, Keine's kind of a breath of fresh air. Even if in canon she's an incredibly dull teacher. P:

Miko is just a glorious arrogant ham with the best cape and hairstyle ever. The only real saint to me. ;) I think of her as a less angry and more accomplished Vegeta. (Byakuren is Goku. I will never let that crossover go. [fyi Shou is Gohan, Nazrin is Piccolo and Futo is Nappa. 8DDDDD) The Buddhists and Taoists are just the Gensokyo version of DBZ to me hahahaha.

i'm gonna abruptly end this rant because i had no clue what was i doing starting it anyway so.... bye


Mar. 6th, 2012 02:15 pm
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I guess I'll sum up what I thought about the last episode in a sentence even if I already reviewed it. It was such a polarizing episode for me. I was highly amused and as you can tell from previous posts I wouldn't hesitate to post random images, GIFs, or videos of it but...

Putting Your Hoof Down was a fun episode, but a shallow one. That's really how it is. The one exception throughout the episode would be the part where Fluttershy tears Pinkie and Rarity apart, otherwise it didn't subvert anything we've already ever seen, it just went directly straight with it. The premise wasn't original, the turnabout of Fluttershy herself was abrupt and sudden, and not too much happened. If I were watching MLP to merely be entertained the episode was fine, but I watch it for more than that. I watch it for clever character interaction and the characters themselves. Oh no, Fluttershy is a jerk...well la-dee-dah, that's nice. That isn't even new, we've seen it before. My second gripe that I've yet to mention is continuity, not within this episode but...a large part of Fluttershy to me is that part of her name, shy...and if this episode and her other one changes her drastically, to downplay these aspects, what exactly does she have then? I miss the aesops of season one. Sonic Rainboom was about Rainbow Dash, but she wasn't necessarily the one who had to learn a lesson, it was Rarity. Swarm of the Century was seemingly about Pinkie Pie, but it was more about the others' learning something over her. This season we've had an over-abundance of episodes pointing out some flaw a character has and how it can be corrected through a lesson. That just sounds too straightforward and simple! Removing Twilight Sparkle as the sole pony responsible for the friendship reports was a double-edged sword. Because with her at the helm she could see what other ponies might be doing, and learn something that wasn't directly related to something dumb somepony did.

Ugh, I dunno why I got so bothered by the episode. It wasn't bad or anything, but I can't help to rant and then post a silly GIF like this one

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

afterwards because the antics of each individual had high entertainment value. Maybe my expectations were too high not having seen a Fluttershy episode in forever or something, I don't know. Just try comparing this episode to Green Isn't Your Colour! That episode was also amusing, but it had a lot of conflict between Rarity and Fluttershy, and the aesop wasn't something predictable like "jealousy is bads" just because Rarity happens to be was all about secrecy and how keeping something from a friend may not be the best idea. It introduced the idea that Pinkie had problems with trust issues, which was echo'ed in Party of One. Rarity, despite her faults remained the generous pony she is, stomping the floor and pretty much saving Fluttershy's career from disaster. I am not surprised this episode was #2 in the official top nine MLP episodes from season one to Family Appreciation Day.

Ah well, it's like asking every movie to be five stars, simply not realistic. I hope there will be at least one more episode during the rest of MLP's tenure with character-driven plot involving these three, especially Fluttershy. I don't think I'm a picky person in terms of episodes...I've liked pretty much every episode one or another and there are many episodes I'd rate below this one, but it just bothers me more being a Fluttershy one...

ALSO GIGANTIC SPOILERS HERE (I am leaning to it being legit, what with the name and cutie mark similarities and all. I also do not understand the people who are upset. This seems pretty cool actually. My only problem is that one girl for the finale is an alicorn...rather out of place and many people already do not like her. I'm predicting she'll become quite the scrappy but who knows. These writers are talented folks after all)

To end this post, I have a audio-recorded rant. It's actually incredibly long, hour, so I know people will listen to it, but I've been finding myself better at ranting through speaking than typing, or at least at times it's preferable. I dunno. Have a listen if you've got an hour to spare, it's just me rambling about practically everything!

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This gigantic pony post has nothing to do with Lyra.

Holy GIGANTIC Mare-Do-Well! )


Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.



Aug. 29th, 2010 11:11 pm
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So a friend of mine and I were fooling around on MSN earlier, with its paint feature. We played this DRAW OTHER PERSON'S DISPLAY PIC GAME and she just created deranged versions of all my fandoms, LOL.

Warning, will explode brains )


Jul. 9th, 2010 11:07 pm
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I don't consider myself a gamer, despite playing a few PC games.

Some people say I am, but I don't believe I'm skillful enough or dedicated enough to really play a game. You might think: "Wait, but Spotto, if you play games you are a gamer! Isn't that right?"

Well, let's see what games I actually play. I play Starcraft 2, Sims 2, and occasionally Soldat. I might play some hockey games or fighting games, but those three are the big ones.

Now, I normally see gamers playing LOTS of games, and they have their own favourite genre, whether it's a first person shooter, a beat-em-up, or a real-time-strategy. Even those who play MMORPGs all the time, they are gamers too (despite my opinion of those types of games, but that's not the discussion here.)

Soldat is not a particularly popular nor big game. It's rather fun, but like many games filled with retards you just can't stand. I usually game not because of the game (though it helps that the game is fun to play) but rather for the community. So if a game starts getting saturated with more and more retards, it really isnt' as fun, now is it? Of course for Soldat, it didn't help that the netcode was piss poor and thus everything you hit someone in the head with a bullet they magically survive and frag you only milliseconds later. At the moment I don't play it nearly as much because the community is basically dead (for the R/S mode anyway) and that's pretty sad, but people move on and newcomers were probably driven away by the level of retardedness the mode fell into.

The Sims 2 has a wonderful community though I'm largely a lurker. The game though is a lot more like a toy than a game. To me it's the complete opposite of Starcraft 2 while Soldat is the happy medium. I mean you can't win or lose in the game (well, I guess if they all die) and you can do whatever you want and no one will care because it's your game and your Sims. The epitome of a toy, really, but a fun one nonetheless. I imagine this is why so many females play it because females tend to love creating stories, of either themselves doing things they dreamed of but can never have (such as a one-sided love) or build pretty houses or...the options are endless.

Then comes Starcraft.

I can't imagine how I am playing three drastically different games. I suppose Ed (a friend of mine) does as well, but still. Usually as far as I know, people stick to a few genres of games because those of the ones they like. My best friend enjoys MMORPGs, my other friend would rather play Kingdom Hearts or Phoenix Wright than Starcraft (can you tell I'm describing girls?) but what makes a game really?

I already said Sims 2 doesn't feel like a game, more like a massive tool to do anything you want. Soldat is a game, but its coding and community has gone down the drain so badly lately that it is only a shadow of what it once was before. Starcraft though?

Well, all my male friends play Starcraft 2 in comparison to the females playing MMORPGs, Phoenix Wright, Sims 2, etc. Why do you think so? Sometimes I wonder if Starcraft could even be considered a true game. Yes it is very fun and you do a lot of stuff in it, but what defines a game really? SC to me, feels more like...a sport of some sort. Sure, a sport is too a game, but you have remember there are many types of games, and the type of game I'm thinking and likely you're thinking of (unless you're Souless) is simply a fun game. Win or lose, it'll be fun. Games are games, they are enjoyable and work should not have much to do with it.

But Starcraft? My friends take Starcraft very seriously. There are insane competitions in Korea where the top players make big bucks every year to play the game, the tournaments shown on Korean TV. There are endless possibilities of what you do, but you can't just do whatever you want. You need to know what to do, when to do, how to do it, and how to do it in the fastest, most efficient way.

They say Korea is nation with the highest work hours by far, and comparing that statistic to Starcraft, I can understand why. If I am any gamer at all I may be considered a casual gamer, which I know many hardcore gamers look down upon. All I'm here is to have fun, right? Well you can't just have "fun" in Starcraft. YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT IF NOT YOU DIE IN FIVE MINUTES.

That is definitely not what casual gamers look for. You want to win? You need to learn. It's not like Soldat or some FPS where all you have to do is develop your reflexes and sight, this is a strategy game where you have to think of every little possibility, where you use your brain like a commander in an army, who must figure out how to win the war. I think a lot of males and maybe some females, but we're generalizing here, would love to be an army commander. You know, without the death and blood and physical exertion. You just want to tell the army what to do and watch them triumphantly kill everybody else. Sounds fun, right?

Of course, Starcraft is beyond that. There's a reason it is a competitive pro-gaming sensation in Korea. You DO get tired, if not physically tired, at the very least mentally tired. You know how there's rotations per minute? (RPM) Or words per minute? (WPM) In Starcraft you get actions per minute. That means how many things you do in the game in a minute. Progamers get up to 400 apm a minute. That's 6-7 actions per SECOND. When you play a game you can click and use the keyboard, perhaps use the arrow keys to move a character. Now imagine that character attacking, casting a spell, running, jumping in the air, crying for help, and switching between weapons all at the same time, with all these actions assigned to a different letter on the keyboard doing this all in ONE second, and it's the RIGHT thing to do because the other character dies. Please note that fights obviously last longer than a single second.

Do you think that's fun? 

In Starcraft beyond 1v1s, there are team battles: 2v2, 3v3, even 4v4. Many players love 3v3/4v4 because of how less serious it is. Starcraft is largely known for its serious 1v1 style, so the team battles, where a lot of things are different timing wise, etc. can be played much less seriously. Those who play Starcraft to win, to learn all the builds and how to counter and everything else there is to do with the game enjoy 1v1 because they believe the other modes are joke modes. They're not serious. At this time perhaps the development of the higher levels is only beginning. Maybe a few years down the road people will have found strategies for all the team games and make it much more competitive, but at the moment it's something you do with friends for the hell of it.

I happen to like those games. I did say earlier that largely the reason for playing games (of course they have to be fun somehow) is the community. My ol' Soldat clanmates are big big Starcraft fans. When I was introduced to the game, I was largely not impressed. Mostly because I lost a lot and the game was hard. I could say the same for WC3, where I play DotA and I lose constantly. Then I just whine and my friends get annoyed (usually Milk) P: So I don't often play that anymore. I too wasn't too interested in SC especially when all we did was 1v1. They always talk about training you, always discuss Starcraft strategy constantly even RIGHT NOW in the Ventrilo chat. How to do this, how to do that, your strategy is wrong. Ravens and marines can own vikings, no that doesn't work. No you play with stupid people that's why you win, etc. etc.

I probably developed this attitude because I haven't won that often in my life. So rather than being serious and focused on winning some game, I'm all cheesy-like saying "HEY at least it was fun!" But honestly sometimes it really isn't plain fun at all to just lose constantly and constantly. I once mentioned to a friend of mine that I really liked playing SC2 with Doughboy (another friend, yes) because even if we lost he had this chipper joker-like personality that kept me happy regardless. It wasn't WE HAVE TO WIN TO DO THIS DO THAT YOU DID THAT WRONG, it actually was fun. I wonder why more people can't be like that. Sure I do want to learn, but why so serious? Really? If I just lost and someone tells me I did something wrong, it usually sours my mood. So I should apologize to people who might think I'm ungrateful for their advice. I really do enjoy their advice, but I often prefer hearing it not after a bad loss or something. Otherwise rather than a game...Starcraft 2 feels like a job, and they're training me and punishing me for doing the wrong things or not doing something by explaining everything in front of my face after I lost. Maybe I am a sore loser, but it's not a nice feeling to have.

Sometimes I wonder if that's true with Soldat too. I've heard in its glory days some clans did a lot of training, had strategy sessions and even in my own clan there was this one time that a friend of mine tried to input strategy in our game. We really didn't win that much despite having many really good players individually. I was frustrated, true, but it was a great group of people and in the end some were rather loyal and stuck to the clan despite our losses. (Or maybe because every other single clan out there was lead by jackasses, who knows, lol)

So, what option should I really choose? Winning by training through rather frustrating games? What is this, a job in real life? Or learning to have fun while losing? That second option sounds rather wimpy doesn't it? But I think I'll take a middle ground, a compromise. I'll just play a lot and learn from experience. It'll probably take longer, but I think I rather prefer that option. Besides, when I was introduced to Starcraft 2, at the time it was a beta (and still is) and no one could play unless they got a key. My friend sent me a beta key and it would just be rude to not play a game when you're invited like that. At first I wasn't too interested, and at that time I didn't think I would get into it. (But at that time I was really bored, so...) so I tried it and since everybody else was playing it, decided that it wasn't a bad game at all and now I can 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 with them too, not just 1v1. 

I didn't know what I was getting myself into though. Before Starcraft I've often said I didn't like strategy games, and at that time it was because it requires thinking and...well let's just say I'm not too much of a thinker, not too much of a logical person, rather a dreamer. (Thus Sims 2) But where Sims 2 might be English class, Starcraft is Math.

I could go on and on, how males tend to be more logical thinkers than female, and that is why so many Starcraft players are male, but if I continue like that I will jump from topic to topic and never stop. So yeah. I'm just feeling really pressured by Starcraft lately. I'd like to win, but at the same time I'd prefer a fun route towards that winning. I suppose I'm just searching for a nonexistent easy path towards life, but I always thought the definition of a game was something fun, something you could escape to from life. Perhaps my female brain cannot understand why Starcraft is so awesome, but I'll continue playing it anyway. Get better to win to make it more enjoyable for others, and play because of the others, as they probably don't share my opinion.

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I WANTED TO EMBARRASS THE BIFF BY POSTING ALL OF THEIR REVIEWS SIX YEARS AGO! I still have them in my old old email. There were things like Lefty's BYEBYEBYEBYE! Akira the male paperclip, Kiki co-writing with me, Cheese's several OCs with rather foreign-sounding names, and Kirami with o i talk lyk dis lol" speech and...surprisingly normal Aoi-dono! Hahaha.

But, I will save you the embarrassment and instead EMBARRASS MYSELF. Behold people, FANFICTIONS FROM ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD SPOTTO...on a WINDOWS 98 LAPTOP!

I have here....NEOPETS fanfiction! LF2 fanfiction! (That's right! I wrote them in 2002 hahaha) REDWALL fanfiction! Original fiction about fantasy! I will not post the entire thing and just put in excerpts.

I warn you, beyond these borders are horrific stories where punctuation does not exist! Stories with such retarded plots and absolutely ridiculous....stuff, that your eyes will burn, but if you wish to be amused and laugh at me then this is the place for you!

Btw Cheese, I went to your old fanfiction account after finding out I reviewed one of yours. (The ONLY one, apparently.) I found that one story hilarious actually, and I'm surprised to this day that no one but I reviewed it because it seemed a lot funnier than the crack I wrote back then. Anyway, let's do this!


If you have read this all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I had fun putting this up, but my caffeine-rush kind of died halfway through lol. Ah well....memories will be memories.....


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You know I got to be honest.

It is SO WEIRD and feels RATHER EMBARRASSING to actually write stuff on this blog about...FANDOM. I mean, everybody else is like "baww life is stupid" and I'm talking about personified countries, old freeware games, silly spinning tops, and cliche shounen manga...and it feels odd man.

WHO CARES about personified countries? Well actually a million fangirls do, but the other things I'm somewhat uncomfortable with talking about. Sometimes I wish there was an LJ option to turn my entire blog friends or even private, but I'd have to pay to do that. That is pretty much the ONLY thing stopping me from friending my entire LJ, because for free I'd have to set every entry private one-by-one, which is somewhat stupid.

Since everything is public anyway I might as well leave it public...I don't want half my blog public and half The reason I pour all these useless rants here is because I think I'm bothering people on MSN (ESPECIALLY Akira, maybe Aoi-dono, and somewhat Kirami) with fandom stuff they care NOTHING ABOUT. They don't do it to much, so why on earth am I doing it? But since THIS place is public and not even my friends give a damn about what I say it then feels odd to keep everything public! I mean I could write this ALL on Microsoft Word and yay, now it's private but it's not the same on an LJ. Maybe I'm BAWWing too much about something that can be easily avoided.

This is why having a friend in the same fandom is good, so I can be stupid in fandom with them, but when it's all completely different, PARTICULARLY of fandoms that NO ONE I KNOW OR very few people in the entire world are into, it just feels very odd to be sharing it to people who have no particular interest. Although with the popularity of Hetalia I was bound to know someone else in it too ANYWAY...

Even with Negima, I somewhat didn't mind since Aoi-dono was...somewhat into it? For Konosetsu? Maybe? For Madoka? I DUNNO. And yet I shared fics with Akira who didn't give a damn about the manga, and even sent a silly Sailor Kuu thing to Kirami...SHE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT NEGIMA. She doesn't squee about Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy or or or Super Smash Bros with me! 

...but that's probably because she knows people who do like those things, and I don't. I like things nobody really is into, or has the wrong target audience. Negima? Teenage Males. B-Daman? Little kids. LF2? Tween Males.

HETALIA WAS ACTUALLY TARGETTED TOWARDS FEMALES LIKE ME, I THINK. And as luck would have it, of course I share it with someone else, but that fandom has SO MUCH GODDAMN STUFF about that if I was able to request ANY ART from ANY person EVER ( unless it's like a favourite artist or notable artist in the Hetalia fandom :X, then I'd request Hetalia, duh) I WOULD REQUEST....Kazumi...with Sayo, or maybe LF2 fanart, or even B-Daman fanart...or even BEYBLADE fanart.

Because there's billions of Hetalia stuff out there. Even my pairing I once thought rare has at least like four hundred fanarts of it on pixiv! EVEN CRACK PAIRINGS, ANY YOU CAN THINK OF IS OUT THERE, even stories! The Kink Meme! AN ENTIRE ANONYMOUS COMMUNITY OF THE ANON-MEME!

So why add more to the fire when it's already burned down millions of trees? Why not start a different fire? For different purposes? I just want more stuff of something there is so little of, and I seem to have followed that philosophy religiously lately. Why do I never like the MAIN characters? Why not like England? Now I can find ANY art of him doing ANYTHING imaginable with ANYBODY else! How about liking KonoSetsu? The entire Negima section on is calling me to read those! How about liking games people HEARD say, SUPER SMASH BROS.?

So I can go TEEHEE about Pit or say IKE IS HOT or actually play the game with my male friends without fangirling about them and owning them with Jigglypuff...or more likely failing with Jigglypuff. How about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? So I can also pierce the heavens with Simon and Kamina rather than talk about marbles being shot at mini Gundams! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Why can't I like, like those celebrities on TV, get an IPHONE, WEAR CLOTHES THAT ACTUALLY LOOK NICE and not just take anything out of my closet? WATCH MOVIES, LIKE VAMPIRES (ew vampires). GO CLUBBING, DO NORMAL THINGS MOST PEOPLE SEEM TO DO.

People who watch Anime or play video games claim they are different. Some are sad no one shares their interests. I'd hate to be in a place where people think Anime is all porn or gaming RUINS THE IMAGINATION or something...

And yet, even in that minority as it is, I choose to love things others either think are stupid, gay, never heard of, or think it is simply retarded to have a "fandom" of. For now, if someone asks, I tell them I like Hetalia and Hockey because everyone does. (I even like hockey players no one cares about!) I also like hamsters because everyone likes hamsters (but they're REALLY CUTE! ...I just want a dog more D< ). If someone asks me of my interests, I would never tell them about everything else, unless they somehow got incredibly nosy with my life and in fact read this blog. That is why it is embarrassing, but...somehow I do it anyway. I just really want to talk about and show people things from fandoms...extremely small fandoms, of obscure things...but I think I annoy them with it. They aren't interested. They're being nice because well, we're friends!

So despite how retarded we were when we were all least we all had a similar interest and squee'd together. That is why I miss that age. The only reason. We talked to each other then...

Oh, AND BAWWW LIFE IS STUPID because...because...okay life isn't stupid. ILLUSTRATOR IS THE BEST PROGRAM EVER. It surpasses Photoshop and I've been using Photoshop for six years. My life is boring though. Not interesting. I've just been huddling in my room like a hermit lately to try fixing my sleep cycle somewhat. I actually didn't see my parents for like 36 hours because I was huddled in my room 8D;

Anyway...I am glad to have spilled this out. :\
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After reading through various comms on Livejournal (variously various!) I'm starting to wonder if everything I've ever written has been pretty much the same thing...just replace their names and viola!

Particularly because I actually do that with original fiction, for I am not really much of a person to create my own characters, rather I would twist and turn existing characters or even existing people's relationships because it feels so much fun and full-to-life with something other people actually acknowledge than just yourself. Of course, that means my "original" fiction probably isn't even original. The biggest original thing I ever created was actually with my brother, which makes it something acknowledged by more than just myself. I rarely actually talk about this "original thing".

But it's of a dalmatian named Spot. He is the most retarded bastard ever, who is racist to all humans and wishes his master (played by my brother) would drop dead. He has the biggest potty-mouth ever, and is really just a goddamn unloving ridiculously stupid and retarded buttmonkey that I have been roleplaying in real-life for over thirteen years. THIRTEEN YEARS. Of course with my brother not living around these parts anymore we don't do this as much now. Everything we (or mostly me, actually) put into this lovely universe is clearly inspired by other media. Spot has a sister named Sittie, who calls this boy named Bobby "Sweetbaboo" and is attached to him so goddamn much she could very well be a real life stalker. That name is clearly from Peanuts, also better known as that Charlie Brown guy and his friends. Spot himself, at least namewise, and his mother Sally, at least namewise, come from "The Adventures of Spot" a children's book I dearly loved as a child.

There's more. He also has a younger sister named Evelyn (rarely called Eve) who is morbidly obese. That is the only purpose of her existence, to make fat jokes. Then there is his other younger sister, Nicky, the only-sane-man who suffers from the idiocy around her, especially from another character, the boy next door named Joey, who is so retarded he is basically the Ralph Wiggum of the story. He infuriates her greatly. The universe is so diverse that previously we once had a "Zippo" universe, where all the dogs lived on some sort of "Zippo" dog food, and also a "Pokemon" universe, with a very stupid Pokemon named Pikaspot. There's their GREAT ANCESTOR FROM THE PAST, WHO IS BASICALLY AN EXPY OF SPOT, named WALF the WARRIOR, originating from my love of the REDWALL books and that great mouse in the past named Martin.

DID I MENTION because my brother loves imperialism or something, that SPOT IS A PRINCE? His father and mother are the KING AND QUEEN OF DALMATIA. The other breeds are part of their OWN country and are regarded as their own RACE. (The Poodles are like, super inspired by the French for example) and the Dalmatians are CONSTANTLY AT WAR with the BULLDOGS and there is a HUGE RIVALRY between the two breeds, but as more buttmonkey jokes come up, the Dalmatians are HORRIBLE AT SPORTS and LOSE TO THE BULLDOGS ALL THE TIME? Much to the King, WILLY'S despair!? Etc. etc. etc. There is even a future version with Spot's son, Thomas, etc. etc.

THE THING IS, I never write about this. This is just a thing about my brother and me. What I do write is of stuff NEVER ORIGINAL or so heavily inspired by other things that it should not even be called original at all. It feels more like plagarism, and that is definitely not original. Or like a pseudo-original/somehowcrossover!weird fanfic of shit. Like what. This is why I have five dozen Little Fighter fanfics. IT HAS A BUNCH OF PERSONALITY-LESS CHARACTERS JUST WAITING FOR SOME STORYLINE TO EXPLAIN WHY THE HELL THEY'RE fighting because there is no true story! Then LFO comes out and everything goes to shit. Way to go Hong Kong.

OR we can go to the EXACT OPPOSITE of the spectrum with Hetalia that has its little comic!canon AND IT'S HUGE SUPER COMPLICATED HISTORY CANON! I can't write for Hetalia at all because of all the research needed and how goddamn scared I will be to screw some little detail up and suddenly the fanfic turns into controversy. Nations are too complicated for me to handle.

Sometimes I wonder if I am thinking too much into this. Akira asked me to write a fanfic about her three characters, Ryan, Adam, and Jason. I told her I would because my muse returned when I started writing some fanfic again, but it was really hard to write these three. We had many many discussions about their character but in the end I just kept COMPARING them to some fandom character that I didn't know what to do. What AM I supposed to do? I don't know what to do with original characters. I drew them a bunch of times to try to make it easier (and I've been drawing a bunch lately) but Akira tells me lots of times that often they don't look like how she views them, so again I am afraid of writing them OOC or not being able to grasp their character. The limit I am given is really crippling me. The last actual fanfic I wrote was of that Negima story, you know with Yuuna and stuff? It is completely long and incredibly embarrassing actually, but it makes sense I wrote so much of those characters. At that time they largely had little development or personality in the actual canon so I felt like I could do anything with them as long as I kept their apparent personalities. It's the SAME thing with LF2!

Seeing as those stories don't count either, I need to backtrack some MORE. B-Daman? I believe I only wrote for that because its fanbase is crippling small and nobody and their dog would ever admit to ever being in a fandom like that. It's not really a great story or anything at all, so why did I like it anyway? So that leaves us with Beyblade.

Do you know how the BIFF started? Because of my crappy crack!OOC extremely!exaggerated "humour" stories of the characters attracted some people and we added each other on MSN. That's how it started. I did write some serious stuff, but my writing back then was quite crappy and my computer back then was so bad that I barely remember any of the serious stuff. In short, I have not written anything truly FANDOM or truly ORIGINAL at all because if I have I don't REMEMBER it! I'm not a good enough writer to keep a major character in-character for as long as I could, but also not a good enough writer to actually create characters that aren't crack or for humour! What the hell!

And so here I am, having to settle for this LF2 fanfic I'm writing because it's not completely original yet not completely fandomized either. There is no fandom, it's just a silly freeware game. And now I am discussing with Akira how to not write them in a way I have written EVERYTHING I'VE WRITTEN EVER because for me, there is always THOSE TWO CHARACTERS. I will develop them so much more than everyone else despite wanting to develop everyone else too. Akira's friend came over for the summer and introduced me to SUPERNATURAL. I found it rather entertaining, but did not really look into it anymore, but the dynamic of THOSE TWO CHARACTERS...whether they be best friends forever, lovers, brothers, sisters, cousins, ANYTHING...will always appeal to me, no matter what. It has nothing to do with Yaoi or Yuri or whatever. I cannot turn it into a trio. I cannot do a five-man-band. I cannot do anything with a singular character either. THOSE TWO.

Even if many many fandoms try to break this dynamic (I tend to have three favourite characters) I will always like TWO OF THEM vastly over the third. Then the rest I don't give a damn. That is all. That is it. Hong Kong and Korea. Kazumi and Sayo. Example and example, etc. etc. I don't really care if they end up being best friends forever, super awkward brothers or lovers, it doesn't matter as long as somehow they interact with each other and are TOGETHER. Not for the sex or the hotness or anything like that, :\ Sometimes when I write I feel like I'm forced to turn them into lovers (while I DO ship them) because everyone else is doing it, but I'm always satisfied if they're BFFs or super-close bros or something too, as long as they're together I don't care. (But at the same time when some third party comes in I get insanely jealous and defensive, telling them to GTFO BITCH even if its not about lovers or anything)

Right, I'm completely rambling now.

Kirami likes to add yaoi-drops onto anything I tell her, like hockey. Sometimes I mind. I love Bernier, he is cute, but I also love Bernier because he is that awesome rugged hockey player that he is, and because he is helping my city's team try to be the best, to get the Stanley Cup, and for the hockey game that it is. It is entertaining to watch, be it the IIHF championships, the olympics, women's, men's, and the NHL itself. The game is entertaining, not everything is about two boy's loving each other, seriously. Sometimes I feel like everything I do revolves too much around that. My brother is gay! I've had it in my life for a long time! I'm not homophobic, but does EVERY SINGLE GUY have to be paired up with SOME GUY? I even like Hong Kong/Taiwan to an extent DUE to RP (they seem boring otherwise) but I love Korea/Hong Kong ALSO due to RP! It has nothing to do with "hey he's hot and he's hot let's make them screw each other" and that the third girl is a bitch and should die in a fire.

Well, also rambling now. If this bothers anybody's friend's list due to its length I'll cut it, but I'm going to leave it like so. I hope it's not obnoxious to do so or anything...

EDIT because I realized how those last two large paragraphs contradicted each other! First I say OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Then complain about people who go OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Oh how hypocritical you are Spotto. I think what I was trying to say is that while it IS always those two guys, I largely don't care for a third UNLESS canon or awesome RP convinces me like so. So I guess I am part of the GTFO third party. Though I think I'm against that third party moreso because I CANNOT WRITE THEM INTO THE STORY FOR MY BRAIN IS TOO SIMPLE FOR SUCH COMPLICATED MEASURES and thus my defence is to kick them out. I wish everyone else wasn't like me too, but I tend to not bash the third person, just kick them out because I can't write them in. Like Chisame, or China, or something. I don't hate these characters. I think the second paragraph was describing like, the Mariahs, Taiwans, Negis of fandom rather than the other. (These are horrible examples they will only make sense with my  friends ~_~)

Okay no more editing.
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Okay. I was going to spam this entry with something long and kill my friend's lists, but that would be very rude, however.... (completely fandom related)

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Forgot to cut it again D: )
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Of course the only reason Spotto posts here is fandom reasons, well you're correct. 

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Why do I feel cold in June!?
I truly believe I wasted my money on dinner dance (Prom, whatev) tickets. Tomorrow will suck.
Seriously, friends I do have besides my best friend are on another table, in a fucking limo with people who I helped make their goddamn friendship page and shit. It's pretty strong evidence that nice guys finish last. And yet all these people are like, "Go to prom! Go to prom!" For what? I barely talk to anybody in my grade and those I do I won't even be on the same table with! The other friends who I'm fairly closer to, are people who hate prom/are too poor to go. Well why didn't I not go like them? Or have a party somewhere else just with them, without spending much money, without wasting $120 on a dress I will never wear again.

And I really don't want to go tomorrow, but if I don't I would've spent 95 bucks on tickets and a hundred or so dollars on a dress for absolutely no fucking reason, and well, might as well go to some fancy place with food in an ugly dress instead of using such money to buy a DS or something, so I can play games with someone like Akira who gives a damn, but no. Two hundred dollars on one pointless and shitty night. Expect a huge rant after the prom.

In some positive news...

As least the guys like me. XD *feels loved*

Yep, I shall go back to my Soldat roots, not just because I'm bored out of my mind. I always complain about my friends, and then complain about the BIFF, well if I can't talk to them often or they don't like me or something, there's always this option. Seriously, I've been trying for five years. I had some awesome friends in seventh grade, they moved away. Speaking of which, the dress-lady when I was buying my dress thought it was for my grade seven graduation, as in graduation from elementary. LOL. Do I look that young? XD The fact is, I was the only girl in the seventh grade graduation who did not wear a dress. Good times. I looked like a third-grader then, too. Huh.

I forgot Yuuna's birthday, but I have a reasonable explanation for that! The forums were all down during the weekend, and thus I could not go on my daily visit to see people wishing her a happy birthday, sadness. Also, going on a VOTE SAYO campaign once again, for a cute competition. Sayo is the cutest being in all of everywhere. She will win. I will make sure. VOTE SAYO DAMN YOU!!! *shakes fist*

I visited the little tribute thing at GM Place for Luc Bourdon earlier today. It was very sad, I felt like crying. ): All those messages all over the place, and the photos and pictures and everything. There were candles, flowers, a small Stanley Cup, even a little guitar. D'8 He was far too young. ): I gave him some tiny flowers I stole from some garden (yeah...) and wrote "R.I.P. Buddy" there. There was some weird guy trying to sell tickets to something (probably a concert) and he kept yelling things and was there for like the whole time we were there, and is probably still there. Looked like a homeless man, o_O. They have Edler t-shirts. I must buy one. Oh, and I hope the Red Wings win the cup as much as I like Ruutu and Fleury and stuff, I just think the West needs to win if no Canadian teams are left, lol.

So, that's the recap so far. VOTE SAYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Unless you are a heathen and deny the answer to the meaning of life, which is actually Kazumi Asakura. It has to be, for she was on a photo booth in Perth, Australia somewhere that wasn't an Asian/anime/blah place! ABSOLUTE PROOF! The contract says nothing about bashing your head constantly, go right ahead. 8D Yay for daydreaming. And bringing torment to characters, like the meaning of life, for example:

"See, if you do anything against the contract, I get to do this to you"
*ZAPS Dogger*
"And this."
*WHACKS Dogger*
"And this."
*CHOKES Dogger*
"Any questions?"
"I'm glad you demo'd on Asakura and not me."
"No problem. One of my hobbies is bringing her great intense pain."
-The Legendary Sadist, Chiu


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