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This chapter took FIVE MONTHS to write, due to crippling cases of Writer's Block. Finally, I have been somewhat cured. Now, witness this newest chapter of Happy Farm Friends. Because it took such a long time to write, it's not that good. For I have different stages of "writing" each time period, so it feels rather inconsistent. OH WELL.

HFF is going to end soon, BTW. So amidst all the plot devices, plot holes, writing-that-does-not-flow, and incredibly random and pointless insensitive humour, you will know that it will soon end.

The omake is also extra long, I think.



Nov. 12th, 2007 11:18 pm
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I finished chapter 31 finally. XD
The omake is real long this time. =P
I consider this one of my...better chapters, that's all.

R-POTE: Chao/Natsumi

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R-POTE: Hakase/Ako


Oct. 21st, 2007 12:36 am
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Proudly NOT sponsored by my tablet. >>;

Yes, it's not great, but at least I finished 29. XD
I gotta wrap this huge story up soon. XP

R-POTE: Misora/Haruna


Sep. 23rd, 2007 09:57 am
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Right, well this isn't as formal as...the formal. (Le prom) but I went to the Grad BBQ two days ago! It's basically a barbeque for all Year 12 students. It started out slow, then there was some games. I participated in one. The jello-eating contest...and I was last...

We couldn't use our hands, and everybody knows how much of a slow eater I am...xD

So yeah. Oh I also got a picture of them Yu Yu Hakusho lockers.

Okay, so Hiei looks like crap, whatever. Bleh.


CHAPTER 28 is finally here! 8D

R-POTE: Fuuka/Evangeline (loliness indeed...)


Sep. 19th, 2007 06:05 am
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R-POTE: Misora/Ako


Sep. 4th, 2007 02:54 am
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Chapter 26 is here along with a couple of fanarts ALL under the LJ-cut.
School's in six hours. DDD:


R-POTE: Kaede/Akira
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Chapter 25 of HFF is a turning point in the story...I think.
I apologize for the omake, XD.
The chapter itself isn't that funny, but the some way, is.

Anyway, try to enjoy.

R-POTEH: Misora/Ku Fei


Aug. 24th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Right, for the past week I was either playing a Negima GBA game or sulking in the corner how I can't write or draw, or maybe that my motivation to write was kind of on vacation for a bit, BUT FINALLY YOOSH.

Speaking of that game, I'm in some Egyptian maze, and I apparently did something to open a door somewhere, but I can't FIND that door, X_x.

Speaking of games generally, I played some Soldat with a few old clanmates, it was shortlived due to server bugs, but fun while it lasted. ^___^

I'm also a deep sleeper, I woke up at 10am today, then went to bed. Apparently my cousin, aunt, and dad were banging at my door for half an hour sometime between 10 and 12:30 to go to Dim Sum, but I didn't hear it AT ALL (plus my habit at falling asleep whilst talking to friends *cough*sorryKiramin'AoixD*cough*) and then only an hour later I woke up at 12:30pm for no reason but realized no one was home and missed Dim Sum. Awr. D:

SHIROI IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO FINISH MY REQUEST OMGZ. Here's to the rest of you who still owe me, *cough*. But take your time as you always do, >>.

Now for chapter 24 of my very long and random story. (The omake just got even more random, sorry about that, xD, and LONG.)
BTW, I already have a lot of ideas and even how I'll end the whole story (that won't happen for a while) but despite a huge amount of ideas I had a hard time finishing this chapter, oh wells. XP


Here it be:
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NEW THING, mini-rant, a doodle, some nonsense, the newest chapter of some longass fanfiction (it surpassed 50k words), and hamster pictures for not updating in a while. X_o



Yosh, I like Megaman (Or Rockman, which actually sounds better personally) much better than other games like Pokemon or Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts or some shiz. (The shooting spirit in me will NEVER DIE! RAWR!) That or I'm a sucker for power ranger/Sailor Moon-like transformations, such as Digimon Frontier. XD The plot is actually quite....generic. (Well NOT really, but it seems so in that trailer, it's actually quite complicated)

And the kids do not matter, that awesome bishie blonde sempai guy with the glasses (and then the visor) isth AWESOME! Too bad he dies, oh well. (granted I should actually have a trailer of the actual gameplay instead of some anime-like thing but then you wouldn't witness the awesome coolness of Giro! [The blonde dude])


Here's a mini-rant!

People DO draw me things, I will acknowledge that.
However, people don't exactly finish my requests, which is rather different.
Maybe my ideas to be seen in a picture isn't fun for them to draw.
And they would rather use their own imagination.


Is it because my requests are not only a hassle, but pretty hard to do? I don't really think so...
I mean if someone requests something from ME, which is rare, I usually just finish on the spot. (Granted I don't colour anymore, but still)
It's been eight months for one, four for another. The last is only say a few weeks, and despite their workload, can actually finish some requests faster than the other two.
And it's not like I request ALL THE TIME, in fact I only do it because they somehow insist they have to pay me back for something, so I give them some random description for them to draw.
Well if you really have no time at all or no will to do said requests, don't bother paying me back, then.
Because otherwise, I don't really request, at all.
And perhaps this is the reason why.

And sometimes their requests are overdue so much that I might have moved onto another fandom by the time they finish, and end up drawing something I no longer want.
It is an annoying thing...

I DREW STUFF! Because lately I've been Soldat'ing with many ridiculous bots, I ended up drawing Kazumi in some kind of army gear. (but not too much or she'll look fatter than she is, which is not really attractive, ALSO because she actually does look "thicker" than she really is in her school uniform already, what with cameras, camcorders, notebooks, pencils, and other random devices on her)

Yeah, I still very much suck at drawing though. >>

Please ignore the random lines all over her. Pretend she just walked through a rose bush or something, xD. Or that she angered Ako or something so she was attacked by several syringes. Also I gave her a hat, not a helmet. In Soldat you either have a helmet, hat, or nothing, but in actual war it's either a helmet or nothing, I doubt a hat can really protect people, but whatever, Kazumi wears a hat to war. I like to think that if you wear nothing, you're a really good soldier, but if you wear a helmet, you're a beginner and need more protection, and you don't have the agility of a person without one. Perhaps a hat is midway, maybe the hat protects part of the head, the most important part? In that case Ako also wears a hat, Sayo wears a helmet, and Yuuna obviously nothing. (You can understand Sayo's part more in the last statement I have before the link to teh story! XP)

Next time I'll probably draw Yuuna in army gear or something about her with war. (MUCH more appropriate with her, though Asakura could be like a spy or some intelligence raider

But I haven't stuck it in an LJ post yet, xD.
And because it's picture is screwing up the entry, I'll just write it down in NEAT HAPPY TEXT.

"I'm a Ravenclaw!"

Yosh, Harry Potter, blahs. I was actually sorting the Negima people in the groups too, the important people are that Sayo is definitely a Hufflepuff, Yuuna a Gryffindor, Ako is hard, so I just threw her in Ravenclaw, oh wells, and Kazumi is absolutely guaranteed a Slytherin. Rawr. Otherwise, I do not like Harry Potter, XD.

In other NEWS, DID YOU KNOW THAT WHEN YOU TRY TO WRITE LONG ENTRIES IT GETS REALLY LAGGY!? IT'S SO VERY ANNOYING! OH YES, and here is a random screenshot from my game and my story behind it:

After playing several games, watching the horrible AI of the bots, such as Kazumi running towards 10 enemies by herself when we already have the flag, so she basically did it for absolutely no reason, and obviously was killed. Or several bots, most particular Yuuna in some maps can't seem to jump onto the ledge the flag is on and yet use up all their jet (but they never actually JUMP) trying to. By far the funniest of all pathetic games was the screenshot above.

Twenty bots in a small map, me with my favourite characters versus some tough opponents. (Naturally Mana is good in a shooting game, lol) The bots had severe stupidity in terms of scoring, since I hate scoring I often throw the flag at a bot to do it, and if they're on the ground in front of the ledge, they will spend quite a large amount of time trying to jump ONTO the ledge. Not only that but all the other bots suddenly get the mentality that THEY HAVE TO PROTECT THE ONE WITH THE FLAG OMGZ, so instead of keeping red team from invading our base, they hang around like druggies and a drug dealer with the flag carrier.

Naturally the 10 enemy bots of red will all storm in at once, and at a struggle to keep them back since we're all packed in a small map, LOTS OF TEAMKILLING. When you throw a grenade and you're standing INCREDIBLY close to five other bots, ALL THE BOTS WILL EXPLODE FROM THE GRENADE AND DIE. Then the flag flies around and the red try to retrieve their own flag, but because there are so many of them there and bullets are flying all over the place, THEY ALSO DIE. So there was quite a while where the flags were just sitting there being blown around while everybody around them die, or if they managed to grab the flag, die right after touching it.

So after that game I've learned to never play with so many bots in that particular map. Since the spawn point is so cramp, once you spawn and then suddenly see an enemy, you throw a grenade but all your buddies are right next to you. You end up kamikazing your own teammates. If you would like to know, ALL THE kills and deaths and suicides (well suicides don't really count) that are currently on the right side of said screenshot, THEY ARE ALL TEAMKILLS besides Nodoka killing me. Thankfully I managed to grab the flag and throw it to the only bot alive at the time, Chisame, and after dying the bot managed to score to win the game.

(The only reason we won by such a large margin was that the red kept killing each other when we went to grab their flag, but they did have a lot more kills than us, XD)

And yes, Sayo only had four kills. *cough*

YOSH! I FINALLY FINISHED THE NEXT CHAPTER! The second half isn't too funny, but bare with me, whenever I try to advance the plot the humour mysteriously disappears. xD

And finally in the end I have some random hamster pictures to show to the WORLD!

Image Hosted by
Asako is ADORABLE here, srsly. Wow. And yes most of his pictures are sleeping pictures, Asako is always too fast to get a decent photo, unlike the camera hog Otter.

Image Hosted by
This picture has some pretty good quality. When the box I stick in the bin starts to make the place really smell, I throw it away and temporarily replace it with the ball until I get a new one.

Image Hosted by
Which enables awesome photos like these, XP

Image Hosted by
Otter in the broken wheel, which has now become just a random toy.

Image Hosted by
Another good quality picture of Otter taking a nap (and being woken up) on his living bed.

Image Hosted by
OMGZ I FINALLY CAUGHT ONE OF THEM RUNNING ON THE WHEEL! (Usually hard to get a picture, they do it only briefly at night time) Lately Otter's been much more active than Asako, who got much lazier, though strangely enough Asako still moves the fastest when I hold him and Otter. So he's harder to hold.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Not entirely original, but getting a good picture of Asako is hard, so original enough, ne?

Image Hosted by
Usually a sign of respect among hamsters (or so I've heard) is when they groom each other. Asako is grooming Otter, 8D.

Image Hosted by
Here's a real good shot of Asako, upside-down in the picture, but you can really see his mottled patterns on his back and face!

Image Hosted by
Yes, I put them in the bathtub. Don't worry, the tub was mostly dry, I tried to get rid of the small puddles with a towel but some mysteriously did not dry off, but the hamsters didn't get wet (besides their feet).

Image Hosted by
I am very proud of this photo. Not only is it NOT blurry, but it's of BOTH the hamsters in ONE picture in a place you don't usually see a hamster! That is just AWESOME!

Anyway, YES FINALLY THAT IS ALL. All this makes up for lack of updates in the last six days (okay that isn't too long, but whatever, xD)


R-POTE: Kaede/Konoka
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Yay! Chapter 22!

It's a very special chapter, I finished it in time for the Taiwanese Father's Day (okay so none of us is Taiwanese but that's not the point)

That is all!
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Okay so I tried to make an icon all "icon-ish" like not my usual style...
Did I succeed? XD (I used the most beautiful screenshot of Negima!? ever for it...xD)

Anyway, yeah...

I wuz hyper yesterday...


Anyway, without further ado...CHAPTER 21! OH yes.

Yosh. XP

R-POTE: Sakurako/Nodoka


Aug. 3rd, 2007 11:47 pm
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I enjoyed writing chapter 20 of HFF, xP.

Anyway, this chapter has more...violence than usual, that's teh warning.

Done! Rarr.

R-POTE: Kazumi/Ku Fei
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This entry is mostly for Aoi-dono, but it has some bonus hamster pictures at the end.

Chapter 19 of HFF and all the links to all the parts, Disc 1 AND 2 for DaiMahoraSai!

All 9 parts of disc 1:

All 8 parts of disc 2:

And bonus hamster pictures!

They're mostly sleeping pictures, and Otter is now more active than Asako. (Ever since that wheel broke and we got a new one Asako doesn't use it and is lazy but now Otter uses the wheel, O_o)

Image Hosted by

Otter's doing some fiiiiiine grooming 'ere.

Image Hosted by

Sleepin' togetha!

Image Hosted by

What it looks like outside the bin, XP

Image Hosted by

Otter often sleeps on Asako's stomach against Asako's will.

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Asako sleeps behind the's a small glimpse of the new wheel. (Yes Otter is under all that bedding if you see the brown, same in the next photo)

Image Hosted by

Different angle!

Image Hosted by

Sleepin' on his living bed again is Otter.

That is all, buhbai.


Jul. 27th, 2007 04:36 am
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It's only luck that I finished Chapter 18, since I wasn't feeling too happy the day I wrote it (yesterday...well more like 12 hours ago, you gets teh point)

Secondly I was also half-asleep when I wrote it, and I wasn't even planning on writing yesterday, either.

Perhaps blame inspiration for it, I guess.

I'm not going to say anymore. I worked much harder on Chapter 17, was on fire when I wrote it. And then when I finished it, I liked it. Something that doesn't happen much with my writing, especially since that post was basically the longest post I've ever written in my life, and had some awesome images too.

Kind of sad that no one even mentioned those fanarts (one...fanart) that I drew...

I suppose things you work hard on aren't always the best. Mu.... >3>

Well..enjoy. The lackluster of 17 won't make 19 come faster, in fact it'll probably go slower. The only reason it's this long is because someone reads it.

That's all.


Jul. 26th, 2007 06:36 am
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This entry is about CHAPTER 183 of Negima, or the newest chapter. You can see some of its win already in my newest userpic. Yes, it has been confirmed that Sayo did possess the Sayo doll, and is now going to Britain with everybody else, WITH KAZUMI. (That is important, yosh it is)

It is also an entry of my own newest chapter of HFF, chapter 17. It is OVER FOUR THOUSAND WORDS! (I wish I could've said nine thousand, I wish)

As I spread my fangirlism, let's just say that the Sayo plush is ADORABLE and Sayo has a hard time walking, because she's been a footless floating ghost for like 60 years..and forgot how to walk. (So she fell down as a plush) I think Akamatsu is being influenced by the Negima!? anime, since there are a few things that remind me of Negima!? in it. (And no, it is NOT Motsu or Shichimi, the annoying creatures of Negima!?)

-Konoka and video games.

Konoka pwns Setsuna playing video games on the plane. (SON IN LAW!!! ZOMBIE RIDER!! sound familiar to you? Though we dunno what game they DID play, but it just reminded me when she lost at Zombie Rider, xDDD)

-Teh appearance of Anya.

Self explanatory?

Methinks the Sayo plush may be influenced from sukas, but probably not.

-Ayaka's love for Negi grows to a NEW LEVEL. Her jet has Negi's face on it and the words "Negi Love"

That's about it from the top of my head.

ANYWAY, the Chibi Mana (Cocone-lookalike) screwing up her math and losing money was amusing, and then her fight with Chibi Kaede! Hehe. Also, Anya and Nodoka became "human balloons" *nudge nudge wink wink* In an interesting way...the same way Asuna won the right to keep Negi in her dorm room in that early episode of the first anime. If you know what I mean.

More details after the translation comes out, until then...

The translation is out! Here's teh best page.... (to me, >>)

Hmmm, either Eva got it from hell, but the somehow tells me Asakura went to the gates of Hell, O_o
Oh well, I still want to stick by the unlikely ASAKURA ISTH A SHAAAAMAN THEORY YO!!!!


Now then...


Some extras before the chapter!

Yuuna: "I'M NOT A BEAVER!!!(*$(&!$!!!!"

And one crappy thing I drew:

The random dragon may be a foreshadowed enemy...I dunno, xDDDD

Before we begin, I can safely say the name of the fanfiction "Happy Farm Friends" is still valid because while the characters are currently not HAPPY, they are not on the FARM, so of course, without the FARM in the HAPPY FRIENDS factor (in fact one character said she hated another!) it basically leads me to the conclusion that they can be emo, sad, angry, or whatever the hell they can be when they're NOT in the farm, thus the title of the fanfiction is still valid.

Unfortunately (for me, at least), this chapter contains absolutely NO KS at all. Well, it has plenty of the OTHER KS (Konosetsu), well if you think about it since Konosetsu is more popular and more "canon" (not completely, >>) IT should be the KS and KazumiSayo should be the OTHER KS, but I don't give a damn.

Mostly because this chapter, Sayo does not appear, and Kazumi (teh main character) has NO lines whatsoever. Wondering what the hell this chapter is about now!? Why is it over four thousand words, almost two chapters in one, but has no KS as all and no lines for the main character, Asakura Kazumi? In the last chapter, Kazumi was going to die, everything said she was going to die but IS she going to die? Perhaps the "no lines at all and the disappearance of Sayo" tells you if she died or not...

Well read and find out.

Whahaha...okay, um, guess that's all for today. (I wonder if this is the longest post I've ever done, O_o?)

R-POTE: Chisame/Yuuna
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I've finished chapter 16.

It is an epic chapter.

Unfortunately, not in humour terms, but whatever.

Before we begin, I must say, I did not think the story would really get up to 16 chapters (and it doesn't look like it's ending any time soon, either). I thank Aoi-dono for always reading it, for there is a point of posting it up in my blog then, xD.

Anyway, today this story is getting several extras.

A map I drew of HFF in boredom, xDDD:

Free Image Hosting at

And now...fanart of it (or maybe just the sukas themselves from episode 19, but I'm just going to say it's for HFF because...>>)

First off, all of the main characters (besides Chisame) of HFF, :D


Kazumi teh chocob--*hit by a tomato* CANARY!

Ku Fei the tiger, a grand nikumanarian.

And crappy stuff I drew:

Yuuna the otter, WITH A GUN.

Ako the newborn chick (still?), rawr.

And finally, Sayo, what was it again? Clione or something? Let's just call her a ghosty sea snail.


LET'S GO! *cheerleader cheer* Sakurako! Misa! Madoka! YAY AOI-DONO! READTH BEGIN!

Evil, is that I?
Indeed Aoi-dono. BUY YUUNA FIGUMATE!!!! *cough*

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Yes this chapter is like 300 words longer than usual, whoo.


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