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And surprisingly, it was not utter crap as I had feared it would be.

This is also the first time I ever saw it, despite knowing its existence when it was hyped up those many months ago. I suppose from seeing the previews and the new design I found little motivation to actually watch it, dismissing it rather early on without giving it more of a chance. (I thought the preview clip was terrible) But one thing I can say is that it was actually better than the ten year anniversary (or fifteen, I can hardly remember) special from several years back (2008? idk) which I rather despised. (Despite my icon depicting a scene from that episode P: ) Unfortunately one of the biggest problems with that special remains in this one, though perhaps not to such an extent, the pacing.

In "The Powerpuff Girls Rule" everyone talked so blindingly fast they sounded like chipmunks, as if whatever plot and content they had intended for this episode needed to remain in this episode without any cuts, so they instead pressed the fast-forward button to cram it all in. I remember back in the days of the original series, when they'd have a hard time finding content to fill the twenty-two minute time slot they adopted for a while, particularly in the fourth season. You'd have a scene of the Professor in the lab working, and we'd spend five minutes on some overly long gag where the girls are trying to give the Professor a note or removing his items from the counter. There was no dialogue, just sound effects of their heads popping up and down. It was pretty obvious the writers were used to writing their eleven minute episodes, so they had fun filling up what they needed in case their plot wasn't thin enough. These specials however, felt quite a lot like they wanted to throw in as much as possible to appease nostalgic fans (I guess?) and so in order to do so, crammed it all in.

Luckily Dance Pantsed wasn't quite as bad as Powerpuff Girls Rule in that department, but compared to the original it was still too quick-paced for my liking, as if all the dialogue was shoved into my ears and processed through my brain like an obnoxious child shoving a lollipop into my face. The biggest gripe about this special in general is probably the new design and animation for everything. CGI isn't necessarily terrible, just like Adobe Flash isn't necessarily terrible, but in both these specials if you don't do it well it looks especially glaring when it's bad, which both are prime examples of. Powerpuff Girls Rule used Flash and everyone looked like one-dimensional cardboard figures trying to speak on top of each other all at once. The CGI in this special It was almost like the animators wielded so much power they had to animate every single thing possible, leading to several "still" shots (It'd be still shots, but it was too fast-paced for such terminology) and the girls or other characters would be constantly blinking, their pupils zipping around staring at things as if everyone has ADHD and their heads would move around like they had some sort of nervous tic. It was seriously unnerving seeing them all like that, not to mention on top of the picasso-like redesigns that made it look far more uneasy than charmingly bizarre.

The plot however, wasn't too bad. To someone who has never seen this show before they'd probably wonder what the writers were smoking, but PPG generally has a lot of rather surreal episodes with such absurd plots you'd wonder if the writers were smoking crack. Since the special was probably meant for a seasoned fan, we'd be used to such ridiculous events. I'd have enjoyed the plot so much better if again, the pacing was handled properly. There were certain scenes I especially liked though, like Buttercup being smashed so hard she went through the Earth's core, screaming during the mantle and grunting humorously through the crust. Bubbles landing in the world's largest pillow on top of that was a nice touch on how I feel the series treats the characters respectively, but I highly doubt they were commentating on such a fact and the gag was just that, a gag. I also especially liked Bubbles' conscience manifesting as Blossom and Buttercup. I had hoped Buttercup would show up as a devil instead though, cliché as they may have been, but it wouldn't have made any sense. Bubbles' comment of "Oh no! My sisters are tiny! ...and dead!" was delivered wonderfully.

As for the voicing, I could clearly tell the VAs themselves were older with the exception of Bubbles because Tara Strong is hax. There's a reason that woman voices in everything. Buttercup sounded lower, and thus older, but I didn't mind too much because that still fit with her character having such a voice. If she wasn't still five-years-old it might actually have been fitting, but again wasn't all that out of place and I still like E.G Daily's wonderful rendition of Buttercup. Blossom on the other hand sometimes sounded perfect, sometimes sounded strained, but especially sounded over-acted. I thought about it for a bit, and if the animation was still like the original probably wouldn't have minded Blossom's constant need to sound morally superior and righteous, but in this animation it felt like it didn't match with how the character looked or her expression at all, which is partly due to the designs themselves and not so much the voice actress, but still.

Now I never actually elaborated on the designs earlier, just the animation itself, and that too is a heavy point of contention against the special. By God did it look bizarre. I was imagining how a child channel surfing would think of seeing this randomly on the television, assuming people still do that nowadays what with the cable cutting. Frankly if I saw it randomly as a child I may have gotten nightmares in my sleep that very night. I actually don't mind whoever's responsible for the looks' intentions, because if the animation itself didn't look so uncanny valley-ish maybe it could've worked, but at the same time it was still something I had to take in as well as the fast-paced nature of the episode and the slightly-off voice-acting. It was frankly a tad too overwhelming because of it. Also, why does no one comb their hair? It's like, combined with the fast-paced nature of the episode, leading to the speed-talking and the nervous tics/random blinking that the entire cast of characters had several cans of Red Bull before filming or something. Seriously! I hope the 2016 reboot at the very least fixes the pacing issue of these two specials. I can't take much more of this chipmunk like fast-forwarded kind of animation. It feels like it fries my brain.

Oh, the 2016 reboot. Did I mention that earlier? After watching Dance Pantsed I actually prefer its designs over the 2016 reboot despite the reboot looking far closer to the original style. (At least of the girls, the Professor looked too frazzled for my linking. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A SQUARE DAMNIT!) The CGI versions at least seem creative and daring, while the 2016 reboot designs look lazy and uninspired. They don't look different enough to be interesting, nor similar enough to the wonderful style of the original to be good either. They just tacked a few extra accessories or little tabs on the characters and called it a day. With the outlines of the characters being less thick than before, any glaring mistakes in the art style would be all the more pronounced, whilst you could hide a lot of it and instil a lot more imagination with the original style. 

I found a random forum thread about the 2016 reboot and By God was it full of vinegar. I could not believe how many pieces of flying radioactive poop were being flung around because of various issues like why PPG would even need a reboot during a time when literally everything and their dog were getting reboots, or why the original VAs were replaced by new ones. I don't particularly mind new VAs so long as they sounded similar and not annoying (or like chipmunks. PLEASE DON'T HAVE SUCH PACING ISSUES, NEW SERIES!) but I do agree Cartoon Network's handling of the issue was pretty piss poor, having not even told the old VAs themselves they weren't returning when they implied a reboot might happen after Dance Pantsed. For them to see this pop up no doubt on the media or internet before being told privately beforehand would hurt quite a bit, I'd think. The voices of the three are pretty iconic in my mind though, being a nostalgic viewer but I'll keep open about it. I'm especially worried about Buttercup for some reason. That Tommy Pickles voice is just too Buttercup for Buttercup to not sound like that. The voices were so unique and I hope they don't go for some "generic lowish Tomboyish voice". I guess the nasally or gravelly or however you can describe it, nature of her voice is what I think will be difficult to imitate.

Bubbles too would be difficult but having seen the fan crossover MLP animation, Double Rainboom, there ARE talented enough people that can sound exactly the same as the original Bubbles. Is this new voice going to be one of them? Who knows, but I now believe it's actually possible. High-pitched voices can't be emulated just by having a high-pitched one yourself, even in this high an octave voices sound distinct. 

Blossom also would be a challenge to live up to, just because a normal-sounding confident female voice wouldn't cut it. By God I am too attached to these voices, hahaha. But hearing how Dance Pantsed went, the original VAs aside from Voice Not of this World Tara Strong did sound like they were no longer spring chickens, and reprising such a role might make the voices a bit off. But what do you choose, a bit off or something similar but completely new? I just wouldn't know until I actually hear these voices.

By the way, I would never be commenting on all this if I haven't been on a PPG binge this past week. A wave of nostalgia hit me like no other, and I had to rewatch everything. Luckily I own the entire series on DVD! At the time when I bought it I was slightly regretting it because for some reason a poor person like me had sixty dollars on hand, and remarkably during this very brief, mythical time-period I had nothing to spend the money on. What madness, I say, when nowadays I'd want that money to fix my computer, laptop, phone, obtain more hard drive space I desperately need, purchase various useless pieces of plastic I don't desperately need and everything else you'd use money on. So I walked through the DVD aisle and found the PPG boxset and bought it on impulse. But I am glad for such an impulse buy because this is a series I'd love to rewatch, filling my childhood with such joy and violence. 

Violence! Having rewatched it now (not all of it, I just finished season two P: ) I saw this review on a few episodes and it pointed out something that happened quite a bit in the DYNAMO episode but is a prevalent theme throughout the series, casual death. Like, there's a scene where a blimp is hit by a beam and catches fire, and it crashes down onto the stadium below. This normally would already be a rather troubling sight for a kids show, but you actually hear screaming during this sequence. Not to mention the various people being shown actually being eaten and never recovered when the monster was killed and basically we were seeing random helpless citizens dying on screen without any censor at all on a children's television show. This really was created by a college student meant for older audiences (its original intent) wasn't it? Regardless as a child I NEVER NOTICED THIS AT ALL. I was just like YAY DYNAMO AND PUFFERFISH ARE FIGHTING, BADASS! 

This kind of casual violence and black comedy occurred even in the movie, which sparked a few well known comments from critics on why a kids show was so bloody violent. (I still love the car gag where it smashes into a building as a guy is hitting on a girl by telling her about this car, omg) And when blood itself (not just in a random assortment of alien colours to dissociate it with real blood) but actual, red human blood is shown in the series, it's quite a theme indeed. (Bubbles' wiping the blood off her mouth in Bubblevicious is one of my fondest childhood memories) but hey, if violent video games don't cause kids to grow up to become psychopaths, this show shouldn't do it either! 

So it's all the more amusing when PPGZ, an anime based on PPG and sent back to the Western Audience with a dub, that they censored out violence in certain episodes. Yes, the Mahou SHOUJO anime with really no real sense of violence whatsoever and is filled with cutesy, girly plots, was CENSORED for violence in certain episodes (the Kaoru's father wrestling one is a prime example) when it's based off such a straight-laced unabashed violent show itself. FOREVER AMUSED, I AM. That's like all sorts of levels of irony which I don't know if I'm using such a word properly, but who cares!

Which leads me to another point, the dub didn't retain the original voices from the original show, and when I did listen to it I heard screechy and irritating teenage girl voices that put me off ever attempting to watch the dub again. I think it's such a missed opportunity for the original VAs to not voice them considering how different the personalities can be. Hearing original Blossom geek out about Anime and boys? My fucking god what could that have sounded like? That Clipsville episode where they're teenagers with the RRB is the closest example I can think of, but instead of a manic nerd it's more valley-girl idiocy than anything. Hearing Bubbles Bubbles would be kind of interesting I guess, hearing that high-pitched voice being proper and polite and the like, though not quite as jarring or hilarious as Blossom might've been. Now Buttercup I would've loved to hear as well even though Weeb B-Cup and OG B-Cup are the most similar of the three, just 'cause Kaoru acts like some sort of shounen protagonist being all hot-blooded about spirit and inspiring young children to never give up. OG Buttercup is supposed to be the unfavourite bratty middle child, to hear her be a role model would be interesting at the very least! 

Yeah, I can't mention PPG without the PPGZ even if many purist fans either hated it or never gave it a chance in the first place. I can't blame them as it's such a stark genre shift, especially with the changed settings, changed origins, changed familial relations, and especially the changed personalities, but what can I say, I'm a masochist for nostalgia. (Except Sailor Moon) Blossom turning into the standard shoujo-protagonist instead of her usual self is rather disappointing, but I really do like how Momoko is designed with her hair like so especially, so if I could somehow ignore her boy-crazy selfish ways I'd be fine with her. (She feels like a combination of Moon and Venus, but without any of the character development and maturity they had, soooo yeeeeeah) In fact the easiest way to describe the personality changes is that Blossom had all her maturity sucked out of a hose, which was then sprinkled onto her sisters. It explains everything, like how Buttercup is no longer bratty but more like a voice-of-reason role model and how Bubbles is absolutely perfect, leaving her childlike ditziness behind just for plain ol' purity. 

And yes, despite the massacre of Blossom's personality it is actually Bubbles' changes that I dislike the most. What can I say? I love OG Bubbles. (This doesn't stop my brain from shipping, but we'll discuss that later on in this post >_>) OG Bubbles is just so quirky and funny, and well, Weeb Bubbles simply isn't. The writers may have tried to make them similar but I think they missed the entire point of Bubbles. Sure Bubbles is girly and innocent, especially in contrast to her sisters, but that's not the core of her being. She can become violently angry and is a little slow at understanding things compared to her sisters. She's the most emotive of the three! None of these points are touched on whatsoever in the Anime, with maybe the exception of the slowness, but that was only around in the early episodes and it made Weeb Bubbles seem off with her head entirely in the clouds as opposed to charming and amusing. It actually feels like Weeb Bubbles emotes the least of the three girls because having extreme emotions isn't what a proper Japanese lady should have! Damn you, Yamato Nadeshiko trope! Damn you to heeeeell!

And then there's Buttercup.

If I despise Yamato Nadeshiko in Anime, there is one thing I find the exact opposite, the Bokukko. I love the Bokukko. And well, Buttercup became that. Yes, the three of them essentially became Anime Stereotypes, but if you were expecting quality from PPGZ you are barking up the wrong tree, sir or madam. I don't know why I like Japanese tomboys so much more than just the standard tomboy. I guess in their society where sexism is a lot more pronounced (though not as overt in such a conformist hushed culture) being a tomboy and staying that way feels a lot more daring and brave. It's so nice their school doesn't require uniforms, about the one stereotypical thing this anime doesn't do, so that Weeb Cup (I wonder if you're still following my ridiculous slang usage here) can dress anyway she pleases. Her outfits remind me of my clothing choice when I was younger (and aside from the sudden prevalence of pink nowadays it's still not too far off from before) and really, with the OG girls being so violent, Weeb Cup is the closest thing to the original show's spirit. She tries to solve all her problems with violence (at least the superhero ones) which was basically the defacto way of solving EVERYTHING in PPG, but since this is mahou shoujo world all the most mild of conclusions can occur. Like, an eraser and a pen have become monsters. In PPG they'd have punched them into bruises, black eyes, and missing teeth and thrown them in the slammer even if they didn't deserve it (Mime for a Change, never change!) but here, the pencil and eraser learn their lesson and leave Weeb Bubbles to travel the world and find their true calling in peace. ....wat.

And the funny thing is, more often than not, Weeb Cup's violence works. I was rather surprised considering I was used to Sailor Moon's formulaic approach to the bad guys, that Weeb Cup (I'm sorry I'll call her Kaoru now, lol) Kaoru would be finishing off the monster most of the time even though she wasn't the main main character, Blossom. This was all because she wielded the hammer, so she'd do the most damage and thus have the most impact. How lovely.

Anyway since I am typing so much about PPGZ, yes while I was rewatching PPG I also rewatched PPGZ and found that, perhaps since I am older that it was far harder to sit through this time around. The plots are just so childish and juvenile! The plots are also played so straight it's not funny. When a lot of media does its best to subvert expectations and you return to an old show where it does nothing of the sort at all it really doesn't age well. I mean, why are half the episodes about inanimate objects coming to life attempting to gain my sympathy because some people don't want to use them anymore? Why is the other half about love? Every named character and its dog (YES, LITERALLY THE TALKING DOG) falls in love or is the subject of love at some point of the show. About the only characters who aren't are the Rowdyruff Boys, but you try telling that to the ninety percent of fanfiction writers for both of these shows! (I wanted to read some nostalgic fanfiction and well, to say I was frustrated is putting it very lightly. There's a huge reason I never really involved myself in the fandom) Regardless of all these facts, there are like, a handful of episodes I still enjoy and plenty of concepts I found interesting the PPGZ did that the original never did. Like for instance, Sedusa! Because she was basically a walking censorship slip she didn't show up very often in PPG, but in PPGZ she got a pretty interesting backstory and a Jekyll and Hyde take on her existence. I also like her design a whole lot in PPGZ, which helps. This has led to me pretty much enjoying every single Sedusa episode in PPGZ, which I can't really say the same for in PPG. (The PPG ones were sure suggestive though P: )

Princess also was given a reason for her villainy (aside from the stupid plot point in the beginning that is the origin for practically every hero and villain in the show >_>) and for whatever deranged reason I really like her older sister, Miko Shirogane. (Or Duchess as the dub calls, not fond of it) I don't know if it's because her name is Miko and she's purple like another amazing purple Miko I like, or that she's a ridiculous super another amazing purple Miko I like, or that she's cunning, conniving and ultimately won in the end in her one spotlight episode another amazing purple Miko I like...I WONDER WHAT THE REASON IS? But my god, is she deliciously cunning. What a manipulative bastard. Her design is really nice too. I feel like she overshadowed Princess' presence (which I think is the point, but I mean in the way that I like her more even though Himeko has the character development/backstory stuff, or in other words far more depth) I'M SORRY I DON'T KNOW WHEN I DEVELOPED SUCH A WEIRD TASTE IN CHARACTERS.

But in the end the best part about PPGZ is WEEB CUP er I mean, Kaoru. I'm not actually fond of shows explaining away tomboys by giving them a family full of masculine influence, what with Kaoru having only male siblings and looking up to her wrestler father. (A certain cartoon by the name of Weekenders does this to the extreme with Lor's thirteen fourteen sixteen indeterminate amount of brothers) I mean granted, you could explain my own tomboy phase by the lack of feminine influence as a child, but still. There are plenty of reasons people may become a tomboy and it's not such an obvious easy explanation like this, but asking for anything more complicated or intelligent from such a stereotypical mahou shoujo anime is probably pushing it. But wow, my crush on Kaoru back in the day was intense. I mean, I probably didn't mention it as much as my crush on Kazumi or whatever (My type is either, characters I love to the point of LOVE, seriously, or characters I find intriguing and interesting. For example, Miko is a crush love, where I think she is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, whereas Weiss is someone I find endlessly fascinating and wish to write all the things for. You won't see me trying to write a story about Miko. Though I dunno if this example is entirely accurate since I saw a lovely picture of Weiss in a boyish outfit once and declared her my husbando...)

Oh, I am super digressing. WELL. I really like androgynous characters okay. Even normally girly, feminine characters dressed in male-traditional outfits will bring such a reaction from me.


I forgot to mention the most glaring flaw of Dance Pantsed. WHY DOES BUBBLES HAVE ICE BREATH? WHO DECIDED THIS MADNESS? THIS IS BLOSSOM'S SPECIAL UNIQUE POWER YOU DIMWITS! YOU DIMIWITTED DIMWITS! She even used it more than once to emphasize the fact that it was Bubbles' unique power for whatever reason. Blossom meanwhile was shooting lasers out of every orifice.


Well at least Buttercup didn't have anything special, as per usual. (Poor OG Cup...)

...y'know, I'm wondering why with the sole exception of Hetalia, that my tastes starting with Negima all became shows and games with predominantly female casts. Okay, I love Dangan Ronpa and that's pretty even, but even with it, I seem to be attracted to stuff with tons of females in it. You know the reason why? Because even though I grew up a tomboy and despised all things girly, I've been and likely always will be, a romantic at heart. And not a generic romantic by enjoying all the romantic comedy movies in the world, but specifically when one girl likes another girl and my mind explodes. And super specifically an ANIME girl liking another ANIME girl because that's just how weeb my tastes are. Egads.

If it ain't Anime or animesque, I don't give one flying fuck about the romance. This includes every and all cartoons as well as live-action thingies. Well okay, I have that hopeless PinkieShy pursuit that will never go anywhere and has been crushed countless times by not only canon but the hundreds of thousands of fans that have declared their love and support for everything that breaks this pair, but ponies look kind of Anime-ish anyway! And it's a very small part of why I enjoy MLP. It's not like RWBY where shipping is partly the saving grace. I genuinely enjoy MLP as it is even if its more recent seasons have been becoming more and more bizarre and cartoony. So I become all the more frustrated no matter how hypocritical it may be when it feels like the only reason a fandom exists for something is the shipping. "I want to discuss how this episode impacted so-and-so character" "OMFG BUTTERCUPXBUTCH!" "..." This problem existed during my Nickelodeon tween sitcom phase (I will not claim my tastes are ones of high quality >_>) when all everyone cared about was this female character with this male character and that female with that male and ARGH. Even if the show isn't that objectively good I still want to talk about how the show handled this and that, but noooo. 

So anyway that meant I obviously ran into a very strange double problem when I did ship something and wanted to read stuff about it but ran into the MOUNTAINS AND SCORES of stories for this other ship. I mean, OG PPG? Fine. Whatever. I have a small collection of general or horror or adventure or humor fanfictions I can flee towards. If you ship the PPG with the RRB and want to swim in the fifty billion fanfictions about them, fine, go ahead. BUT WHY WOULD THIS BE THE CASE IN PPGZ!? The RRBZ are children like five years younger than the girls and all they do is be rude, inconsiderate and gross. At least the OG RRB had like, the ability to punch people and such. The weeb boys? They're just...immature schoolchildren. They have no superpowers. The incompetent weeb Mojo created incompetent RRB. It's so very sad and tragic. It's even more sad and tragic that despite their godawful disappointing adapted selves, that PPGxRRB fics still take up ninety perfect of the category. I just don't...why? Just why? WHY? WHY!? I know I am being melodramatic, but that's what I do on this blog and I truly feel as if this PPGxRRB thing is some sort of divine punishment for whatever sin I committed in my past life. It's just so PREVALENT. It's everywhere! By this logic maybe I should like it too when everyone in the world seems to enjoy it, yet I do not! And now, since FFnet's filters are some of the least useful around, my only hope to find non-RRB stories is to SIMPLY BROWSE past them, and I swear I could almost feel physical pain having to go through pages and pages and summaries and summaries of these stupid boys, over and over and over and over and over again! I'm sorry if you happen to like them, BUT GAAAAAAAH! RAAAAAGGH! WAGRAGVGE@ HFBSBSJFSBDHfAF HFGYWEUQ~


Ah, KaoruxMiyako. I love this ship. They're like a non-douchebag version of the original Mahou Shoujo girl ship, NeptunexUranus! (I would've liked them if they weren't douchebags. I swear) Oh what's this? A Deviantart group? With five images? Oh what's this, some fanfics? Around six or seven? 

And then I look across the grass and see all the happy hoppy people sharing and laughing on their giant cruiser of a yacht, hanging around the PPGxRRB. It's so lonely on this floating tiny little raft.

Anyway if someone really likes PPG and is disappointed I spent most of this ranting about PPGZ for some reason, well what do you expect? It's inevitable. I like them both, even if I can't sit through most of PPGZ anymore. It's got the crush and the ship, which is a huge factor to my fandoms while PPG is nostalgia and childhood, which isn't as much (but I still love it in the pure, "I WAS THE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC OMG!" sense) And if you've read this blog before, I can spend so many words ranting about ships and crushes over nostalgia shows without those two factors, so I mean...

This has been Spotto.

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Usually if an anime is translated over to the Western world to be dubbed and they drop the original music, I will hate it. Hate it hard.

Beyblade is an awesome exception. I don't know any anime that replaces the instrumental music with awesome rock/metal/pop/etc. music from actual and different bands! That's what the JAPANESE DO FOR THEIR OPs! (Unless they make the voice actors in the anime itself sing it :P) Seriously, stuff like Underdog, Switchblade, Swing Low, etc. are REALLY catchy and really fit what's going on during the action. Unless the dubbing cut nine million things out of the original (I'm looking at you, Sailor Moon!) I will usually like the dub. If they remove the music? Who cares if the dub has amazing voices, YOU REMOVED THE MUSIC FOR AWFUL SHIT.

Unless you can do what Beyblade did. (Digimon for example replaced its epic music with CRAP. UTTER CRAP. Replacing Brave Heart!? PUTTING CHIPPER MUSIC DURING THE LAST EPISODE OF ADVENTURE WHEN THE KIDS HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE TO THEIR DIGIMON!?
I remember an edited special version of "Butterfly" playing then, and I really did cry during the original...the dub, not so much. Also Butterfly, Target, and Biggest Dreamer >>>>>>>>>> DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS DIGIMON ARE THE CHAMPIONS DIDIDIDIDIGIMON x3!!! (despite being somewhat catchy) )

I thought I'd give the PPGZ dub a chance...people were already saying the original Powerpuff Girls was ruined when turned into an anime...isn't it ironic when translated back to its original language it's even worse? I'm not saying the voices are that bad (numerous grate on my ears though) or even what they decided to cut or change or anything! IT'S THE MUSIC! The PPGZ dub OP is SO bad a person using WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER for the VERY first time could do better than that! And the music is so uninspiring and just plain crap. Blah. That's what ruined that dub for me.

Luckily there are some anime retaining its music, particularly anything licensed by Funimation (but what do I know, I only watched like, Negima from it) unfortunately there are still dubbing companies out there (IS 4KIDS DEAD? I THOUGHT IT WAS. Yet I saw this 4kids block on Saturday Morning TV!? WHY ISN'T THIS HORRIBLE ATROCIOUS DUBBING COMPANY FROM THE DEVIL GONE!?) that are willing to do ridiculous things like kill the music. The company that dubbed PPGZ was the same one that did Inuyasha, which I thought wasn't bad, but they did not live up to expectations like Inuyasha, sigh.

I think that's pretty much why Beyblade actually did get popular during its time, besides the whole spinning toy gimmick. It had pretty awesome music, you had to admit. Maybe not the opening (which was still catchy anyway) but the music during episodes especially rocked. I would definitely buy an English OST CD of it if it exists. And no that doesn't mean the original music was bad either, the original music was pretty intense instrumentals composed by the same person who did the Death Note OST, and you can't beat that! But if they had to change it, they changed it right and I had catchy, amazing music in my childhood TV shows.


Yes I did choose Underdog because Rei's picture is on it. :D 


Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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This long overdue rant/wall-of-text about PPG/PPGZ...

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Now for news you DON'T know!

I just spent the whole day (or the part of the day I was actually awake) watching Sailormoon, PPGZ, and Lucky Star. xD  Today was the most awesome PPGZ episode for a while. Sad thing was the humour wasn't as high as I expected, while the Lucky Channel on Lucky Star was hilarious. My favourite was the third one, "I'm popular with the pedophiles" xD Lmao! I also watched the Sailor Moon R movie today (barely remember it much from before) So...

I did a lot of watching, oh yes I did.

AND APPARENTLY, the live action for Negima! has been confirmed by the perverted man himself! Akamatsu! I'm pretty excited actually. Like 90% of all the fans are acting as if it's the end of the world because a lot of Live Actions bomb. They also think PGSM sucked, which really to me, was awesome so my expectations for the Negima Live Action will probably be the same for the one for SM, "I have no idea". They say all the auditions are done and its likely we'll know who's who sometime this week!

I hope they look nice. :3 (especially whoever does Asakura, THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!) I remember the rumour that PPG would get a live action directed or produced, whatever, by the guy who did LOTR, xD. I think it was an April Fool's joke though.

Okay, I am incredibly deprived of all things Negima right now. You know, this is dumb to complain about, but I requested fanart from two artists, and it's been 5 months with nothing to show for it. All this time I never asked for I shouldn't really say much for it but...I don't know, five months? :\


I have.

Oh yeah baby.

But I'm really deprived of fandomness. Gah.

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<3 Omg. I'm so happy. Especially after all that fighting earlier.

I am the co-leader! Huzzah!

The newest chapter of Negima was awesome. It was all Asuna and Evangeline yapping at it each other, YUUNA FANSERVICE BREASTS, LMAO, and Kazumi's "You'reallinlovewithNegiandyouknowit". She is SO right. =D

But the newest PPGZ episode was not. I saw screencaps of it and thought it'd be awesome, but the actual episode didn't fit my expectations. The Rowdyruff Boys weren't entertaining this time around.

Nothing else much to say, except this Bio project sucks and finding free hosts is a bitch. D:


Apr. 17th, 2007 02:14 am
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Yeah, I was lurking in 4chan, GO ME. It's the most perverted place ever, lmao. NEVER ASK FOR HELP THERE. xP

Crab's the best main dish ever.

EAT. <--- word that annoys me in Soldat. Plus, whoever the hell put my fake clan tag onto their name and then acted like a jerk should go to hell.


DOUJIN FODDER! Konosetsu = RRB. Both are loved by everybody, both are overrated, both are disliked by Spot. WOOT!

Hasegawa Yumi is now offline. Say hi to Die Asuka for me.
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HARUNA VERSUS KU FEI = WIN. (That part in ch. 172 is going to sprout a pairing or two...=P)

I'm saving up with my friend for a PS2 that we'll share. (Not a PS3, while PS3's are like 800% better, they are also an 800% increase in price, xP) I wonder what games I'll get for it. Definitely DDR though, lol.

So I caught up with PPGZ you see. Watched episode 36-41 today, and it was mildly amusing. The episodes were better than I expected, though some I particularly were bored of. (That KEN episode, for example. Hate that kid, or any of the Princess episodes. Don't like her much either.) The YOU BROKETH TEH MOON, zomg gruff ROLLING BUBBLES voice, Shoujo Vs. Shounen, and strawberry underwear episodes were the best though, =P Oh yeah, next episode = RRB crossdressing. Not that I like RRB, but it'd be an interesting episode. xP

I also found a LONG LOST fancomic of Sailor Moon yesterday and was reading it for much of the night. (Until 5am respectively, xP) I seem to be a sucker for girls with red bows on their heads. They always become my favourite character for some reason. (They're always hilarious, xP)

And FINALLY...what AOI has been waiting for (I said Aoi because she is essentially the only person who reads this story) (The two  new characters appearing are pretty obvious)

I be done. xP

R-P0T3: Hakase/Chao


Feb. 25th, 2007 02:12 pm
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The Bubbles we knew is no longer the Bubbles we see.

Yeap, something is wrong when you're watching the PowerPuff Girls and Bubbles is the bravest girl there, xD

Anyway, episode 34 = one of the best PPGZ episodes so far. (12 is still the best, but 29 and 33 p.1 isn't bad either, =P)

It's very nice to see Momoko and Kaoru scared out of their wits instead of a crybaby Bubbles afraid of the dark unless the hallway light is open...woo! Go Miyako! =D

And the BROOM BATTLE was awesome.

Tune in next week for some weeds and a samurai mayor (I don't think it'll be a great episode...>>)

Random Pairing of the Day: Ako/Kaede (in that seme/uke order...xDDDD)
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It was a good PPGZ episode today, especially the first part. (I think the second part was humour) A Momoko centered episode that develops her character! So anyway, nobody considers her the leader, and that makes her mad and run off. When Kare's (Him) spores accidentally go into the spaghetti (it was supposed to go to the angered woman who was upset at her spaghetti), the spaghetti turns into a cute plate-monster, =D. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he talks about how 'rejected' he feels and starts throwing his anger at the restaurant, then the cooks beat him up and kick him out.

Meanwhile, Peach (the dog with Tsubame's voice, xP) senses the monster and calls the PPGZ, obviously Kaoru and Miyako are there, but Momoko is somewhere else. When Momoko's compact starts lighting up, she thinks the others are calling her to apologize to her about saying she's not a leader, with an awesome imagined scene of the Professor, Ken, Miyako, and Kaoru all crying, "Come back Momoko! We can't save the world without you!!! DDD:" all begging and stuff. (That was amusing) When she opens her compact, she finds out they were just calling her because there's a monster loose, which pisses her off and causes her to throw the compact into her backpack, signalling that she does not want to be a PPGZ anymore. When the plate-monster is running away from the angry cooks, he bumps into Momoko.

They go somewhere and have a chat, where they understand each other's problems and become friends (More on Momoko's side, the plate was hesitant) And the plate-monster wants to go to Italy, where spaghetti will have more respect, and Momoko, still feeling insulted from not being respected by the other PPGZ either, wants to go with him too.  Suddenly, Bubbles and Buttercup come and tell Momoko to either transform or get out of the way so they can catch that plate-monster, but Momoko refuses to let them, seeing as she knows how it feels. They run off but then the cooks come, and cloud-fight breaks out. Bubbles and Buttercup stop the fight, causing Momoko and the plate-monster to run off. They find a ship and are about the board.

Before they get on the ship (they're on the stairs going to it) Momoko sees hows beautiful Tokyo is, and the plate-monster realizes this and pushes her off the stairs. (rather amusingly) Momoko asks why the hell he did that, and the plate-monster explains that she has respect and friends here, since he saw Bubbles and Buttercup frantically looking for her, and says that this is where you belong. Understanding, Momoko stays on the land as the ship goes off, while they make their last goodbyes. In the end, the plate-monster notices a ramen-man on the ship, which makes no sense because this is Tokyo and he would have respect here (It's humour, I'm sure).

The next part is a Mojo/Keane thing which I didn't care about as much so I'm not writing about it. And no, I didn't watch a sub or read the synopsis off a blog, I don't think you needed Japanese to understand what that episode was about. I think I'm around 90-95% accurate with what I think happened. Yosh, Momoko rocks, best PPGZ! =DDD

The next episode sounds amusing too, it's in Miyako's house and is about a scary room no one enters that's thought to be haunted. xP

I DOWNLOADED EPISODE 14 SUB OF NEGIMA!? I don't usually download episodes (besides the RAW of 19, and the Natsu OVA), but the only reason I downloaded this episode was to get some good screenshots. (Like the part where Sayo becomes VISIBLE because of the mass-pactio, and then Asakura grabs her and cheers, "YAY FOR PACTIOS!" xDDD) Also, I'm pretty sure this WHOLE MESS is Yue for the blame, because if she didn't run off embarrassed from having a pactio with Negi, nobody would've found out that Negi was a mage, and then Negi would not be a chupacabra. It was still funny though.

You know Ayaka was all like, "Omg if I kissed Negi last I would've kissed human-Negi and not chupacabra-Negi!" Which isn't actually true, since the last people to kiss Negi are Asakura and Sayo, and Negi was not human Negi, in fact he was a morphed half-human half-chupacabra, which was NOT pleasant to kiss. *laughed at Kazumi's reaction when she saw him* I was ALSO amused when Sayo became visible, and Asuna was like, "Dare?!" (Who's her!?). Since she was not aware of the happenings of episode 7, so she didn't know ANYTHING about a ghost in the class. The first card in the "pactio" deck Negi was holding was Asakura Kazumi's, it's too bad the lighting kind of killed the details on it, so it can't be seen, but her armour card is very awesome. (perhaps sexy as well, I dunno, she does have the fourth biggest bust in 3-A, and like over 50% of fanarts of her are ecchi...>><<>> xD)

Oi, this is a very awesome Lunar New Year, all because of the crazy insane conversations I have with Aoi, Kirami, and Lee, xD. (Cheese and Ghost were there too for a while, but Ghost mysteriously left for no reason, and Cheese kept leaving and coming back and leaving and coming back, xD) It was basically filled with Kirami's cries of, "OMGREPLYTORP" to Lee, or a bunch of things that make no sense, like whoever killed the conversation, and for some reason the disturbing nakedness of Daniel Radcliffe, talking about Aoi's GREATNESS, and chocobos, plus much, much more.

Quote of the day:
1: Ah I see.
2: Yes you do.
1: That I admit is true.
2: And so you don't admit my statement as true?
1: Did I not?
2: Did you?
1: I believe I did, if I did not, then I do now.
2: How sad.
1: Is it really?
2: Yes
1: Indeed.
I'll leave you to guess who's Aoi and who's me. =P


I did not expect the story to end like that myself. >>

Oh c'mon!

Feb. 11th, 2007 02:07 am
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I'm supposed to hate the main character, but I don't, why? Because Momoko isn't getting what she deserves. I just watched episode 32, and every episode that has to do with Momoko has ended in a sad/bad/crappy/mad ending. I mean I understand not getting cake because she was selfish in 11, but did she really deserve not getting the christmas present she wanted FROM SANTA when Miyako and Kaoru DID? Not only that it was an action figure of the guy who ended episode 7 badly because she thought this guy was so cool when he really isn't. Now, she falls for a guy nobody else would like, which for once DOES develop character so she doesn't only fall for generic hot guys and the idiot is a jerk in the end.

I mean seriously, cut Momoko a break! Next episode she's running away, but from the preview she doesn't look sad or anything. (She cried when she didn't get the christmas present she wanted) I'm starting to think that second ending of PPGZ made sense when she was being an emo. Episode 31 was probably the happiest one, but all she did was get over a guy who she thought was a jerk due to Sedusa's hypnotizing. Also, Kaoru and Miyako are popular in the Anime and out of it, and Momoko's just there for humouristic torture. She isn't even the most popular character outside of the Anime in the original or PPGZ, no matter how they rework her character, they always ruin her episodes, especially the ending.

That's why I like Momoko. I'm mad that I don't hate her, since she's supposed to be a character I dislike or at least least like out of all three, but the Anime is seriously treating her unfairly.

Oh well, 20 more episodes to go, let's see if they can get it right for once.

And yes, I bet her own little sister will be liked more than her even though her sibling is a minor character just because of cuteness. That pisses me off. I'm also anti PPGXRRB, I mean the RRB are cool, but creating characters that counter you and then making them a pairing shows no depth in the pairing. I don't want to see red and red, blue and blue, and green and green. IN other words pairings with characters that are too similar to each other SUCK.

Also, in Negima, the reason why KonoSetsu isn't my favourite other than the sole reason of people going overboard with it, is Setsuna herself. I mean sure it's cute to see her thinking about Konoka in several million ways, like being turned on by a spine, staring at her huge butt, smelling her shampoo, getting an indirect kiss with her, they're cute, but that just turns her into the UKE, and well, I don't like seeing characters who are usually cool like her become an uke and a bit of a wuss. I mean KonoSetsu is cute and hilarious in the show, but it doesn't impress me because they're overdoing it. Of course they are successful with doing that anyway, so I'm not going to tell them to go another approach because I don't mind it THAT much, and everybody else is enjoying it. I just think I'd enjoy it another way, they can continue what THEY'RE doing, unlike PPGZ who use Momoko for every broken heart story in existence.

Anyway, I'm going to continue playing my "Where's Sayo?" game, I heard Sayo tends to pop up by Kazumi in the manga during the Chao Arc randomly, and you may see an extra limb or something but it's not Kazumi's. I haven't actually seen that yet, I hope the person wasn't lying...>><<>>.

Yeah I feel kind of...upset right now. I miss Alex Auld a lot, since if you think about it, except Jovo, all the ex-Canucks are underachieving and/or injured right now, it seems depressing because when they were here they played so well and were so happy and had a big role here. (Except Carter...he sucks) Seems like we're a selfish team by throwing them out and then grabbing a franchise goalie out of nowhere, but that's sports for you. But I don't like the philosophy of "throw your team away to trade for a brand new one just for a stupid silver cup!". Plus every single sports fan in existence is a prick, arrogant, airheaded, and dumb bandwagoners. So the sports world really sucks. A lot of players only want money too. I suppose it's just there for entertainment.

That's why I'm ranting so much.
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It does!
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Made these today, from both Animes' latest episodes, =D (may lag for 56k people, so it's LJ-cutted...)
(Yes, I actually LJ-cutted an image for once, amazing.)

My avatar signals the coming of Valentine's Day. =P
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Shiroi Hyuuga, grand artist...
Asakura/Sayo fanart!!!

Bask in its LJ-stretching glory!

The thing is, if Asakura was paired with someone else, such as these following characters people have suggested:
Negi *gags, lol*

Then Sayo will be alone, FOR WHO ELSE CAN SEE HER BESIDES KAZUMI?! Negi, yes, but I am an anti-Negi/3-A person, if he must steal one of his students, then he should settle for Asuna because I don't really imagine Asuna with anybody else. Thus, Asakura Kazumi whom is followed everywhere by Aisaka Sayo, will work and better work, >><<>>

As usual I am not going for the most popular pairing, KonoSetsu, with NegiNodoka faaaaaaaaaar second.

In other news, I watched 30 episodes of PPGZ, about 16 in one day (until 5:30am, >><<) and 14 just yesterday (until 4am...>>) And I was incredibly amused by episode 29, I loved the overused dentist thing, but I also liked the awesome Kaoru/Miyako (which is indeed NOT incest now!) 'hint', except they had afro sad...but well, hey, a hint!

RRB are overrated, I think that's why I like Momoko, she's somewhat not popular (and somewhat is at the same time, O_o) and really hasn't had a "serious" episode yet, BUT OMGZ SHE RUNS AWAY SOON, and that is an episode I will definitely not miss, not in a lifetime. People say she's like Usagi of SM, but I don't like Usagi at all in SM. First of all, Usagi I am nitpicky about, because she's always...'good'. Always in the end... "OMGZ NO I WILL NOT KILL A GIRL TO SAVE THE ENTIRE PLANET BECAUSE THE GIRL MUST BE SAVED AS WELLLSS, IN FACT I SHALL GIVE THIS SHINY CUP TO THE GIRL FOR HER TO BE BETTER EVEN THOUGH SHE WILL MOST PROBABLY USE IT AND DESTROY EVERYTHING HOOHOOHOOHAHAHA...." (Sailor Moon S, where Mistress 9 was and Hotaru and all that stuff, xP, well I like Hotaru and it was her who basically saved her, but such a personality trait is annoying to a viewer like me...)

Usagi not very bright, definitely not. She is also saved like...every episode by Tuxedo Kamen...all she does is finish off the bad guys and become some queen of a very CRYSTALLY kingdom sometime in the future and produces an incredibly pink and bratty offspring.

Momoko, although ALSO a food-loving (specifically sweets) whiner who may cry at times (I think she's cried 'comically' more often than others, Miyako's "MY BOYFRIEND THE WEREWOLF MONSTER" tears were like...emotional tears of emotionness of needance because um, it was a serious thing, xD. And Kaoru doesn't cry. xD) She does have a brain, fighting-wise. See, if she forgets that there's a test on that day I just assume she must not be that bright academically, but she often comes up with some plan (often simple but effective) to defeat the random monsters. (I declare Miyako the smartest, I dunno, for someone who can play the piano elegantly and is a tad more mature and rarely just SEEMS more like it, however we have no idea what their marks are's just a speculation for now)

So she has leadership...just like original Blossom, but doesn't show it as much in a GLARE of bitchy "I AM SMARTER THAN YOU AND AM PERFECT HAHAHA WATCH ME STEAL GOLF CLUBS FOR DADDY ON DADDY DAY..." And, even though many people thought episode 11 sucked, I liked how she was portrayed, so she isn't a "OMGIWILLBEPERFECT" she is shown to have a 'bit' of a selfish side in terms of GREED FOR CAKE. YES, IT IS GOOD FOR A CHARACTER TO HAVE FLAWS PEOPLE.

And in the end she didn't get the cake she stole either, so it's not like she went off being greedy and was awarded for it, xDDD

Yeah, obviously I wasn't much of a fan of original Blossom, nope, that's why I liked Bubbles there, but Miyako is a little different for me this time around, I mean I still love her. (FAVOURITE EPISODE REMAINS TO BE WEREWOLF EMO SICK KID LOVE) It's just that Momoko has some sort of weird appeal to me, and don't leave out Kaoru, but popular characters aren't as big, obviously.

So even though she seems to have "the main character" (more than the other two) thing about her, she doesn't. But she probably will get it eventually. For now, this is by far the weirdest character I've liked in a LONG time. If they stuck with the promo-look (the older look and different outfits) with the glasses-Ken, I would NOT be liking this Anime. (that's what put me off when I first heard so I never tried to watch any)

NOW we shall speculate (well just me) why the hell did Ako jump up 20 spots. For one, I don't like her crush on "Nagi" (well I don't like Yue's crush on Negi, but all the reactions she makes makes me love her oh so much so I really don't care anyway) and she looks like Rei Ayanami (or however you spell it) except Ako is obviously cuter.

Maybe because I am fond of her voice, and the MYSTERIOUS SCAR REMAINS MYSTERIOUS...

I find it very odd that my favourite character tends to not be in my favourite pairing. For example, in Beyblade, at one time my favourite character was Max, and I liked KaiRei, then I liked Kiki, and I enjoyed MaRe (a heeeeeeeell lots) and then I liked Rei and Max, and then also like Rei/Max at the same time. I love finding patterns in my life so I apologize if I am rambling, >>

In B-Daman, my favourite was Li, however my pairing of choice is Gray/Wen. But then I suddenly like WenLi.

In LF2, I didn't like many pairings because everybody has absolutely no personality, but I had a knick for Hendolf stuff, while my main fave tended to be John. (and then it switches...O_o)

In NARUTO, I generally liked NejiLee, while my favourite was Shino. (then it switches to NejiShino crack, O_o)

In Negima, my favourite is obviously and will continue to be Yue, however I am satisfied with happy Asakura/Sayo love.

In PPGZ, it's Kaoru/Miyako, however the favourite is Momoko.

'tis weird, is it not?
Patterns...something I love. ^^; I always try to compare everything...and look for a pattern, I don't know WHY I do that but I ENJOY doing it. =P

Let's just end today with...OMGZ LOOK AT THAT FANART SHIROI DREW!!!!


Feb. 1st, 2007 02:57 am
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Is she not...THE MAIN CHARACTER?! (the fact that she seems to be focused on more than others, especially in the 1st opening and the 2 first endings) [I favour her personality massively more than original PPG Blossom, who was my least favourite, in retrospect, xP]

In any case, WOOT!

("Stolen" from here)

Okay, I actually attempted to update 3 times before this entry but ended up not submitting for some reason...and they were longer, much more informative, and I wasted my time writing them, >>
(Despite Momoko being my favourite, my episode of choice is 12, a Miyako/Bubbles episode, xP) [IMHO, the RRB weren't that great in PPGZ...I didn't like them, at all. :\ ]

In other news, the avatar above is an inside joke, I am making fun of Ku Fei lots, and I want to. =D (BTW, for some odd reason Ako jumped like 20 spots higher in my favourites of 3-A list and is like # 4 or 5 or something)
Anyway, hooray for shoujo, shounen, and Anime with lots of girls doing idiotic things! XP


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