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Blame Akira.

Also wtf why was 14 so short compared to this chapter. How am I dividing these? With no thought put into it at all it seems!

Yaaa. I almost feel like posting the whole story thus far. Who knows. I dunno why I'm posting these so far off. Ah well.
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Contrary to chapter twelve, fourteen was a chapter I had a bit of writer's block on, and at the time this was not one of my favourite chapters. But hey, things change! So ye, here is fourteen since I recently finished chapter 28, and I guess if I follow this ridiculous schedule, 15 will show up whenever I finish 30! Yay! I have a lot of big plans for 29 and 30, so it might be while until that comes, but I am speaking of the FAR FUTURE, so here's chapter fourteen fer now.

4teen was a cool canadian show that broke radars sometimes...wait that was 6teen. )
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HELLO. THIS IS CHAPTER THIRTEEN OF ONLY STORY SPOTTO HAS BEEN WORKING ON FOR OVER TWO YEARS. I actually had writer's block for about eight months early on in this chapter before finally continuing, so... if you can tell where, you win a prize!

I also added a scene I wrote a few months back to make this a little more...cohesive? AND a scene I wrote like... a week ago, ha. So if it seems a bit unorganized or whatever... that is the reason. One of the scenes probably made more sense in chapter twelve but it's a bit late for that now. So yeah, got stuck on this chapter for forever, had tons of changes.

I actually really like the number thirteen. )
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1) Waiting five years for a Sayo backstory chapter that never came. She had her introduction chapter and that was the first and only time she had a chapter dedicated to her.

2) Waiting four years for a good Fluttershy episode. She had Hurricane Fluttershy. That's it. I give up. Do not have Fluttershy as a favourite character. Pinkie and Rarity will take her place.

3) Waiting three years for RWBY to be good. Still waiting...

4) Waiting my whole life for the Canucks to win a cup. (They were cupless for the twenty years before I was born too...) A regret that will go on forever.

5) Waiting too long to go to another home game with my dad. We went to one once in 2009, and we lost pretty terribly (led and then gave up the lead) We kept talking about going again, hopefully to a win. Now it's too late. We had seven fucking years to go but never did.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 09:53 pm
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For the longest time I wondered why I liked Weiss in particular.

I mean I KNOW WHY, but it's more like, she isn't my M.O. She doesn't fit the PATTERN of characters I usually like. She sticks out like a sore thumb. Surely there must be a reason for this anomaly! When it comes to preferences, everything can be explained, cross-referenced, and analyzed! All that is nonsensical will be clairvoyant, and the mysteries of the world will disappear one-by-one until we have all the knowledge that can possibly be contained of the minds in our brains.

I don't know where I was going with that.

The point is recently I've returned to South Park. I'm not really in some sort of fandom limbo mostly because I no longer have time to have a fandom limbo. I still watch MLP which is still airing (the latest episode was the most boring episode that they ever made holy shit) and RWBY still is going on, though the many disappointments I've suffered from it have reached to the point that I am willing to spoil myself of whatever they're going to do in season four, if only because I vehemently refuse to give RT money. This is a big deal considering spoilers are my worst enemy. I fucking hate spoilers, but evidently I fucking hate RWBY's direction more. So there you go.

Anyway I read some old old embarrassing posts on this here blog when I was into South Park back in the day, and egads. I apparently said Stan was my favourite character. I have zero recollection of that ever being the case. My favourite has always been either Kyle or Kenny. I don't recall Stan ever being up there. Maybe he was and I longer remember a thing? But eh. I also did a lot of shipping and threw slurs around like they were free candy. It seems the older I get the more PC I am... which might just be how culture is changing these days. A few friends of mine still consider things "gay" or use the term "retarded" but I don't seem to use either of those (or the F one) at all anymore. This is strange. Tumblr has corrupted me.

On the other hand, I found PC Principal hilarious, soooo...

Anyway the point is while I was promoting my love for Kenny as an amazing older brother, and that he was responsible for my first (second? idk) tirade into the fandom as the amazing Mysterion, plus that one time I revisited South Park again because he became PRINCESS KENNY...Kyle has always been my favourite. He may not be the one making bombshells or headlines and dragging me back into this fandom, but Kyle had always been my favourite since I started watching South Park from season one when I was like nine. I ALWAYS liked Kyle. And he is still my favourite, so there.

...and now Weiss is no longer an anomaly. 


Now you might be wanting me to explain how all of this connects, but I'm not even going to do that. Yes, for once I will not. Make the connection on your own. There is no rant here. I just wanted to state this observation. P:
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I told people who were reading this I was going to post this like two weeks ago. It was ready to be posted two or so weeks ago. I had read through it and edited out as many contradictions and inconsistencies as I could. I just...sorta forgot? WHOOPS. Well, I managed to scrap a portion of chapter twenty-six today and then rewrote that part, and then continued with chapter twenty-seven, so I guess releasing CHAPTER TWELVE is fine for now. At the time this chapter (in particular the second half) was my favourite part of the story. Is that still true? idk. We'll see.

So here you be.

i cannot pronounce twelve properly )
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In the RWBY fandom I operate on spite. Sheer spite. My favourite fan-artist just left the fandom. (I'm not entirely sure if it's for 100% sure but for now I'll take it as for sure, as that is what they have said). A lot of their art was part of the driving force for some of my writing because the show itself sure as fuck isn't good enough to do anything close to inspiration. My favourite character was often controversial and though does not hit the hot button as much as before I attribute that to the poor writing doing very little to amp her the best rounded parts of her personality anyway, seeing as it's inconsistent and paced poorly at best. My favourite ship is pelted with ship wars back and forth because it isn't the conventional "main pairs" that had been decided since episode fucking five of season fucking one.

This show is terrible and most fandom people I follow in it are moving on. I don't give one shit about "RWBY CHIBI" (and Chibi RWBY sounds better. They couldn't even do THAT right) or the fact that they're allowing content to be seen by sponsors one week early. It's bad enough trying to avoid spoilers for a day. I could not go on the sites for a day, I suppose. How am I supposed to actively take part in the fandom if half of them are drawing and writing for the newest episode and the rest have to wait a whole fucking week later? I can only participate if I pay them money? WHEN I HATE THIS SHOW ALREADY? THE INCENTIVE ISN'T EVEN THERE. And sure sponsorship doesn't even cost that much, but even if I was the richest motherfucker in the world damn universe I would not give them a single penny for the quality they put on screen. That's how much spite I feel.

I'm not even excited for the music that I once loved. I only liked one track in volume two (and one song had such aggravating lyrics I refused to take one step towards even downloading it, no less buying it like I did volume one) and even though there's a Weiss song apparently, I'm not even excited! Maybe that's because her backstory is an utter disappointment. I have no problem if one of her ways to rebel against her father and take charge of her future is choosing Beacon, but there's little to no detail whatsoever. Why the fuck did she choose Beacon of all places? Is it better than Haven? It's as generic as any other school for combat children! And after season three it turns out to be a god-awful choice anyway because everything goes to shit and now the whole school is abandoned and infested with Grimm and your future to become a huntress is now a complete uncertainty! Wow! Maybe it could be one step towards how she takes charge and defies her father but as is it's just really short and nothing compared to how deep and lengthy both Blake and Yang's backstories seem to be. Maybe they're just withholding information on purpose because information will come out in time, like in Volume 23 in twenty years when they decide to actually develop our characters properly and not scatter tidbits of information in between their shit priorities and their unorganized piece of shit plot they had no real coherent timeline of until they decided to shove a huge plot point they only came up with two seasons in, in season three as if that was a proper way to write a story whatsoever.

It's getting so toxic and salty that the best thing to do is to just get out entirely. Stop watching the show. Stop monitoring the fandom. Give up. Fuck it all. I love Weiss, I really do, but ultimately it feels like she's the only thing I do like anymore. Her entire concept intrigued me so much, and has all amounted to colossal disappointment, disappointment I'm tired of. I don't even like her in half the episodes anyway. I don't even know what they're trying to do with her. At this point she's just one of them "defrosting ice queen" stereotypes with nothing really unique separating her from any other character given this horrid shitstain of a treatment. Fandom provides 90% of all the potential I had hoped they would give her, but are falling short every single time. It's dumb. It's stupid. Fuck.

At this point the only real reason to stick around is that I invested so many hours and days and weeks of my time on the longest fanfic I've ever written, and for whatever inane idiotic reason I decided it had to be one this show, a show that has got to be the worst show, quality-wise, I have ever invested myself in. Even shows aimed at children as toy commercials do better. They're already transparent about their motives to take money from children, but a lot of the time they have some decent writing! Meanwhile a show whose purpose was apparently to be a cool badass show is trying to desperately bleed sponsorship from every single human-being on the planet and their dog for something that isn't even worth jack. 

The funny thing is nothing notable about RWBY spurred this rant. Oh no. I was going through the pony fandom and got incessantly annoyed. People that consider themselves intelligent "analysts" that over and over again either hate Pinkie's songs or just Pinkie in general. I was getting aggravated because I LIKE these analysts, but the difference of opinion was getting to such a grating point. Perhaps because I identify with her so much, or genuinely enjoy her songs (that AREN'T Smile Smile Smile! HA! MORE UNPOPULAR OPINIONS) or that Pinkie's goal in life just speaks to me so deeply. Even if she made a horrible pun or was written in a lazy, cop-out humour sort of way, the fact that she exists, the fact that she's trying to bring laughter, her ENTIRE EXISTENCE is a heartwarming miracle to me. My favourite episodes tend to be Pinkie episodes, especially one's where she's written well. When she's written well she's damn well best pony. BEST OF ANYONE ELSE, best even when others are at their best. That is the pinnacle of MLP right there, a well-written Pinkie, what the show is supposed to be, WHY I AM HERE WATCHING IN THE FIRST PLACE. I enjoy that Pinkie so much, I continue to watch despite some episodes that I truly dislike that I have to cast aside as a dud, and await the next week, hope next week is better.

And one harmless night I was browsing TVTropes, heading to the YMMV page which I generally agree lists tropes that are truly subjective, and I see something called "The Scrappy" next to Pinkie Pie on an episode called "Green Isn't Your Colour."

Meanwhile, I check the YMMV page for Filli Vanilli. I do not see "The Scrappy" there, I only see "Base Breaker"

So what you're telling me, website listing subjective tropes, that Pinkie Pie being "The Scrappy" a truly annoying, irredeemable character in Green Isn't Your Colour, in my opinion one of the top three best-written episodes in the ENTIRE SERIES, is something most people agree with enough for that to exist, but FILLI VANILLI PINKIE, is merely a BASE-BREAKER, in that some people ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO DEFEND HER BEHAVIOUR?

I have NEVER seen a single person bring up that Pinkie is ANNOYING or IRREDEEMABLE or whatever in GiYC! NEVER! Maybe they might think she is simply there to keep the plot moving in a rather nonsensical manner, but she's Pinkie Pie! And even if that defense isn't valid, and I cannot believe I HAVE TO DEFEND THIS, it's CONSISTENT WITH HER CHARACTER to be touchy with secrets/Pinkie Swears! She's had THREE OTHER EPISODES (Party of One, The Last Roundup, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows) involving that subject! In fact, I love that episode so much because it's the prime example, at least in season one, of writing Pinkie Pie correctly! Where she isn't overbearing and intruding into the plot as an obnoxious distraction to bring comic relief that does nothing to progress the story, but CONTRIBUTES to the story in a way that fits her character and is genuinely entertaining! You can't tell me her FOREVERS coming out of nowhere wasn't the least bit funny! YOU CANNOT! The fact that she showed up in a mirror BLEW PEOPLE'S MINDS! It was near the beginning of the whole "Pinkie breaks physics beyond what we even imagined!" short of thing! It's a significant part of Pinkie, thank you very much!

And then, apparently, there are some people who did not like her. Wow, this is like, even more baffling than people who call "Pinkie Apple Pie" okay, or god forbid "terrible." I even heard someone say the humour became "stale" in that epi--EXCUSE ME!? THE HUMOUR WAS ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE! If one joke didn't make you laugh, another would because the jokes were different, fast-paced, unexpected and timed well! Stale would imply they were doing the same thing, making the same joke, over and over again! The fact that that person did not elaborate whatsoever just shows that they had no real insight in why they considered the humour poor! The fact that I HATED THEIR ATTEMPTS AT HUMOUR might be a big hint as to a reason why. I guess we don't share the same sense of humour, but by god SO MANY people I knew and see on the internet could at least agree if they had little to say of the episode, or if it was just okay, that it was at the very least, FUNNY!

Holy shit.

I don't know. Maybe I've been exposed to too many people with conflicting opinions in too short-a-time-frame. The concentration is ungodly. I am well aware just like literally any other character I like, that Pinkie isn't the popular choice, but my god. It's just difficult to grasp the difference in opinion when it is this great. Most of the time if I disagreed I at least could understand why they'd hold such an opinion. But it feels like lately I just do not agree and have no real way of rectifying that conflict whatsoever. I just see no valid points on the other side at all. It's utterly unfathomable. I am in disbelief.

Just so you know my top well-written episodes are something like Pinkie Apple Pie, Green Isn't Your Colour, and Sleepless in Ponyville. They are in my opinion, FLAWLESS, writing-wise, or as flawless as you're gonna get. Why can't every episode be like these? I could go into more detail but it is late, so I'll justify my choices in another choice. (Flawless-writing-wise doesn't mean another episode can't be better. For instance Sonic Rainboom is a really good episode, but I don't consider it flawless because I find Rarity's behaviour a but too much forced for the plot to work. The fact that her get-up during the competition looks atrocious when Rarity should know better in terms of design, really breaks the sense that this is what the real Rarity would do. I have no doubt she'd be this vain or whatever, but it felt like they made her look like crap just to drive the point further that SHE IS THE ANTAGONIST LOOK AT HER BE THE ANTAGONIST BY BEING UGLY OMGHFHFF!! But that is just one example.) 
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It has been quite some time, has it? Haven't been able to write or post my writings or whatever due to personal problems and general busy-ness with life. Oh and also because I wanted to have more of arc three done before posting arc two. This will probably be posted in a bit slower pace than arc one as I try to get through arc three. You see by the time I posted arc one's final chapter I finished arc two, so I wanna do the same here. Unfortunately arc three is not as complete as arc two was when I began posting arc one. Are you confused yet? P:

I'm still undecided as to whether or not arc four will exist. If it does it'll probably be the shortest and if not, arc three will be awfully long. So there's that. Oh and that excuse is not the entire excuse. Most of my free-time was taken up being obsessed with lemons or marathoning nostalgic (but very good) childhood cartoons, going crazy about the latest iteration of Digimon Tri, so....I was also distracted! Yay.


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Well, arc.

This story is LONG from over. Got at least 120K words more than his, and hopefully beyond that. I'm still in the midst of finishing up arc two myself, but once that's done I'll probably start posting it too. Since this is the end of an arc I'll have some post-fic notes down below.

Also this is stupidly long, so I hope Dreamwidth actually lets me post this. ._.

Great googly moogly )


Feb. 8th, 2016 12:59 am
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I'm so full.
And bleh. 
How about that latest RWBY episode eh? Egads.

I hope all one of you enjoyed chapter eight!
Here we go!

straight to the point yo )
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Eight is a very lucky number in a certain culture.

Not quite for this particular character unfortunately. I consider this chapter the chapter OF NO RETURN or "EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT X BUT WERE TOO AFRAID TO ASK" or "hello darkness my old friend" or "shit happens"

basically, from this point on we be going into overdrive!

fun fact, I did not plan a majority of this chapter yet it ends up influencing basically the rest of the story (that's right, story, not just the arc) so yeah... also this is a VERY LONG chapter, as will 9 and especially 10
10 is the last chapter of this arc, so yeah. I will not be posting arc 2 until I finish arc 2, whenever that may be. I am currently on chapter nineteen though, so it might not be too long. (Arc 2 will be more than ten chapters unlike 1 tho, so there's that)



Jan. 20th, 2016 09:56 pm
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is mutton really the only word that rhymes with button? surely there is something else

well here's chapter seven

flutton )


Jan. 10th, 2016 07:37 pm
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this is chapter 6 of my story

the goat, the sheep, and the lamster

i hope you like it
chapter 6 )


Dec. 31st, 2015 06:04 pm
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Wow I really need to stop ending chapters with a character falling asleep. It's so cliché.


EXTRA SPOILERS DON'T LOOK: the chapter after this one DOESN'T end with a character falling asleep.

actual spoilers: I do not know how drugs work. If you do, please kindly share how wrong this chapter is.

the last spoiler I swear: Congrats! After this chapter you are halfway through the first arc! Technically. (I mean, every chapter after this is going to be longer and longer so probably not)

in which ALL of the things happen )


Dec. 26th, 2015 04:53 pm
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After much consideration I've decided to nickname this story "Lambchop."
The obsession with woolly hooved animals + their meat has an explanation I swear. (A DUMB explanation, but an explanation nonetheless)

The Goat, the Sheep, and the Lamster 

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The Goat, the Sheep, and the Lamster
also known as TGtSatL
what a horrible acronym
...also known as the Lamster story
chap 3
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look it's chapter two

The Goat, the Sheep, and the Lamster

doom )
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remember that story i keep mentioning to everyone and have been for like a year and was like 'yay i wrote 100K words!' but showed no one!?


Also several months ago I linked it to one person but as far as I know they've never read it, probably because I sent all 181 pages of the first arc to them at once. Perhaps that was too overwhelming.

SO, BECAUSE I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE, here's chapter one of the cheesiest title ever (but I still spent weeks figuring it out)

The Goat, the Sheep, and the Lamster.
 please cut this story properly ffs )
I swear to god this is very different from my Negima story which was also in a similar setting.

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 I remember many years ago I had said something very foolish.

"I don't ship in MLP."


It changed quite quickly actually. My OTP became PinkieShy. And then I said:

"I only ship PinkieShy."


In fact, between that time and now I had actually tested a few ships to see if I'd like them, like forcing myself to read TwiDash and RariJack fics and hoping I'd like them. I liked the person's writing and the concept and all that jazz, but never really found myself growing to like the pair itself. I thought I would only really ever care for PinkieShy which was A-OK. Then...the harem emerged.

Harem, you say? Well, these are the MLP ships I have now...

"PinkieShy (OTP), TwiJack, RariDash, Rarilight, RariPie, Rarijack (sorta), Sunlight (so long as it's FG!Twilight), LyraBon."

Look at them Rarity ships. About the only pony I don't ship her with is Fluttershy. 

I also said this quote that too is very untrue now.

"I am not a RWBY shipper."

And lo and behold, my opinion is as follows...

"CHECKMATING, MOFOS!!! FREEZERBURN (which should really be called Wang Schlong because I am a mature and sophisticated adult) WHITE ROSE! WEISS WITH EVERYONE EXCEPT MALES!!! BICYCLE BICYCLE BICYCLE!! LADYBUG IS COOL TOO!!!"

Heck, there was also a time in my days as an early Touhou fan where I only liked some characters and cared not for any romantic subtext! Why, it's a bullet hell shooter! The dialogue is barely there and what there is of has no hints to any romance whatsoever!

And now I have these ships:

"KENEMOKO!! YEAH!! HijiriMiko is the best hate!ship and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG. AyaSanae, my official rarepair love."

So yes, no matter how low of an opinion you have of these obnoxious people who put fictional characters together, I AM ONE OF THEM. It is a sad reality that goes way back to when I was but a mere teenager. And also there will never be het. Het is for silly mainstream people with no creativity. And also also, they shall all be girls. Girls will reign over all. What do you mean I'm currently in love with the incredibly manly and beautifully bara (that does not imply I ship him with other manly people. No one else in RWBY is MAN enough to be worth Sage) Sage? I do not ship him with anyone. His love is his very boring sword that doesn't transform into anything. 

Speaking of MEN. Everyone in RWBY is unmanly with the sole exception of Sage. There's the boys and the old guys, but none of them are manly. They desperately try to force down our throats that this character named Qrow is supposedly manly, but for me they have failed spectacularly. He has this voice that is trying too hard to be manly by having Qrow speak in this way 100% of the time like he does it on purpose as if he were Christopher Nolan's Batman. It makes him sound far more lame than natural. He also has a stubble which is also trying too hard to be manly because you see, this stubble is not consistent. If he were to have a stubble, he should also have manly chest hair to match. But for whatever reason Qrow has chosen to either shave his chest hair or not show it whatsoever, nullifying what manliness he could've contained. He's also constantly drunk and manipulative, while upholding his ego among his juniors who are practically children. He is also outwardly perverted around these same children who happen to be female. That is not manly at all. It is truly a disappointment in the MAN department.

Sage meanwhile has no stubble and no chest hair, but still manages to be manly. He is a man of few words, which adds to his air of manliness. Unfortunately his team is not very manly. Scarlet comes close, but sadly he is a boy to be laughed at as if he were man being hit by football. Sun is almost manly, but he is far too goofy and talkative to be manly. I give him manly points for being very respectful of Blake when she was having problems during volume two and had no time to attend a silly dance with him, and so he is the closest to the paragon of manliness that is Sage. Neptune is the opposite of manliness. He is very vocal about his love of females and is a jokeworthy character beyond that of Scarlet. Port, who is too much of a funny geezer old man to be manly, has mentioned that team SSSN is a manly team, but he must only be referring to Sage alone, which makes sense as Sage alone can mistaken people to believe the rest of his team is also manly.

Despite Sage's supreme manhood, he is not the manliest character. That honour goes to Yang and Yang alone. Neo rivals her.

As for the old men, several of them are far too cryptic to be manly, including Ozpin and Cinder. Ren is quite manly, but he has not reinforced his manliness very often, having a low presence though I believe he prefers to be subtle. Nora is very manly, and would win the man awards if not for Yang and Neo.

......oh, where was I?


I like shipping. I will readily admit that. What the fuck am I typing here anyway. This is why I should not down Monster energy drinks. I think my other point here is to point out what a shipping hipster I am. Not that I ship popular things before they become popular, but rather I always ship the alternate ships. NEVER THE MAIN SHIPS. DOWN WITH MAINSTREAM!!! Bumblebee? Nope. Rainbow Dash with anypony other than Rarity? Never. A ship with the main characters of Touhou? WHAT ARE THOSE!? I spit into the majority's tastes! HA!

I also grow melancholy about my rare!pair ships, mostly PinkieShy and AyaSanae but especially PinkieShy. Once upon a time Pinkie respected Fluttershy for the sensitive timid pony she was, and next thing I knew they were tearing down each other's feelings and bringing each other to tears. When canon changes so subtly from Fluttershy glomping Pinkie over to being the most opposite and incompatible of friends, my hopes fade. One day pony will air a PinkieShy episode and I will rejoice. Of course, this may be a hopeless cause, just like that one time when Negima was supposed to have a Sayo backstory chapter due to the inevitable Negi pactio and then ending before that could ever have the opportunity to arise. It was even foreshadowed! Much salt was spilled.

 Let's ask a question! I say as I continue this incredibly disjointed blog post! Do I have a typing and if so why is it not inherently obvious like "the happy one" or the "misunderstood" one?

You see, my current fandoms are pony and RWBY and my favourite characters are stark opposites. There is Pinkie, the perpetually happy glee-bringer of Equestria. Then there is Weiss, hated by many for starting off as unpleasant and bossy. Well the answer is quite simple you see. When I first decided to watch MLP, which is already a difficult obstacle to overcome because if you know me I avoid starting off TV shows and cartoons as if they are the plague, it was because it was a time of sadness. Being a long-time fan of hockey and putting so much passion and hope into my Canucks winning their very first championship in their forty-year history, having all that crash and crumble all because of a single lost game that had it been won, would've led to the ultimate goal, truly destroyed me. I avoided all sports media for months and needed a pick-me up. Ponies were there. They were everywhere actually, in the year of 2011. I knew it was at the very least, a happy series. And so in that show I looked for anything to make me laugh, to cheer me up. There a character existed whose whole purpose was to raise your dimples and make your day. Her name is Pinkie Pie. She was exactly what I needed at the time and thus, will forever be my favourite for truly making me smile.

Meanwhile I first saw RWBY as trailers made by an awesome dude who animated this other series called Dead Fantasy. My expectations were only of "cool awesome action to entertain myself with" and then a trailer that colour-coded itself as White came along and blew away all my expectations. These lyrics imply a STORY, with this CHARACTER who is lonely, sad, lost, and aimless. She wears beautiful white, which contrasts so wonderfully with red like the shades of blood. Her fighting style was so elegant and deadly, and yet when I peered into her eyes I only saw an individual who might have been emotionally fragile. One who seeked kindness and happiness that a childhood should bring, which it felt she never had. Then she said her first lines in the show as she was the only one of the four to never say a word in any of the trailers, and I realized she wasn't merely just a poor little princess who needed friends...she was a poor little princess who needed friends with a HUGE AMOUNT OF PRIDE and a wall that blocked all that may make her feel vulnerable. She wasn't just a pretty little sympathy trophy...she was a CHARACTER.

I love these two characters for completely different reasons and that's great! 8D

Then there's Touhou, but that's filled with so much headcanon that I really have no clue how to explain why I like any character. For instance, Keine. To most Keine just serves the role as a teacher character, kind of like the many teachers in Beacon or Cheerilee, the teacher of the CMC. But yet, I saw unlocked potential in what backstory she could possibly have, as it wasn't explored very much, yet there was so much to explore. She was at the time the only hybrid human/youkai character in the game, in which her youkai form had an identity. (Meanwhile Rinnosuke, being also a half-human was only a "generic" youkai so speculation was lost) Her ability was also one of wonder. How broken could it possibly be? She can alter history itself? She can erase history? What does that MEAN? Why is this so vague, like with every other aspect of Touhou's lore!? And finally, she is Mokou's only friend. She even came to defend Mokou from the protagonists despite Mokou being eternal and immortal, thus never being in danger whatsoever. Yet Keine cared enough to make sure she didn't get hurt. That's just ripe shipping potential. Plus in a world filled with amoral orange and blue morality jerkasses, Keine's kind of a breath of fresh air. Even if in canon she's an incredibly dull teacher. P:

Miko is just a glorious arrogant ham with the best cape and hairstyle ever. The only real saint to me. ;) I think of her as a less angry and more accomplished Vegeta. (Byakuren is Goku. I will never let that crossover go. [fyi Shou is Gohan, Nazrin is Piccolo and Futo is Nappa. 8DDDDD) The Buddhists and Taoists are just the Gensokyo version of DBZ to me hahahaha.

i'm gonna abruptly end this rant because i had no clue what was i doing starting it anyway so.... bye


May. 13th, 2015 09:30 pm
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Aha! You might think, "this blog is dead!" But you are wrong! I've been maintaining my pony fanfiction collection post!

Yes that's about it.

And though I do often say "I don't read" I do in fact read. It's that instead of professionally written publicly acclaimed published novels it's usually...amateur blurbs of text written by adult miniature horse fanatics. You can see why I don't tell people I read. I also occasionally read RWBY stuff, but not much these days. And while a majority of them would and probably never should be published, there have been stories sitting around the internet for eyes to read for free that I've found better than novels I've actually read. So there's that.

Speaking of ponies, I have also been watching season five which may or may not drive me to maintain my episode ranking post which is no longer glued to the top of the blog, but that depends if the show entices me enough to care. I've been watching it very casually like a normal person, so my expectations are down and I just laugh at all the simple little pieces of plot or humour that is shown. No over-thinking or over-analysing whatsoever. Because of this, certain episodes that have technically been inconsistent in terms of character have mostly been glossed over by my brain. Sure, I can rant about Rainbow Dash's absurd behaviour in that one episode where Tank is dying but not really at all, but I found that crying scene far too entertaining and amusing to care. The only thing I'd even point out at this time is that the episode came out the day the Canucks were knocked out of the playoffs and that very episode had a hockey reference with some background ponies in suspiciously-coloured jerseys. An anti-fan would say it's a curse, but I'd just say it's a funny coincidence. (Well, not at the time when I was super bummed out my team was knocked out of the playoffs, but you get the point)

I may or may not return to this blog to rant about hockey. It depends on what moves are made (or not) near or after the draft or free agency. The team's management has been making some rather iffy and unsettling decisions, and they're hinting at making a pretty horrible one sooner or later. I hope those are all rumours or overblown tabloids and they won't make what will definitely be a very unpopular move, but if it happens...I'll be here, heartbroken and yelling.

 In Touhou news, the demo for Touhou 15 came out recently as well as the sequel to Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo. Suffice to say all my previous combos have been ruined and I have to re-learn Miko all over again. On the bright side with the popularity system no longer in play I can't be ruined in my blue cape state...on the not-quite-so-bright side, my red cape advantage has been taken away as well. Now Miko can still buff, but red or blue are different sorts of buffs which the opponent can choose themselves. So for instance if I prefer melee'ing with Miko, my opponent may choose my range buff to keep my melee at bay or visa versa. Ah well, hopefully I'll get a handle on things.

Unfortunately my gaming time has been entirely engulfed by MONSTER HUNTER 4U, the GREATEST GAME EVER MADE. I am not exaggerating; this is the type of game I've always wanted to play but never knew existed. It's co-op, so while I do enjoy competitive games the whole feeling of defeat and hopelessness to constantly losing to all your peers is absent. It is instead replaced with the fear of inadequacy. Will I drag my friends down while we attempt to defeat this beast and ruin the fun for us all? Surprisingly this feeling hasn't popped up all too often. The community (most of it, anyway) and my friends do not care if we have a bad game or bad run or even a bad day. It's the type of game where even one mistake can lead to disaster, so being so worked up about such things would pretty much ruin the feel of the game anyway, so that's great! (Despite this I'm pretty sure I subconsciously do everything in my power to not die) It also has a sort of hack and slashly feel, but not the Dynasty Warriors feel where you're practically invincible because you're wrecking entire hordes of bad guys with one slice. How do I describe this? It's sort of like an action RPG I guess? In regular RPGs you just press buttons and your character does the move, but there's no reflexes or reactions involved, it's entirely tactics based. I'm not a huge fan of such games. While here, I can control my destiny depending on where I move, how I dodge, when I attack, how I attack, where I'm positioned, etc. That type of gaming is why I enjoy fighting games a lot of the time or heck even shooting games if a majority of them weren't in first person. (Curse you vertigo!)

Obviously the one exception is Pokemon, but that's part-nostalgia, part-formula that I've run through over and over again and will never get old, and the tactics of Pokemon are actually some I do enjoy and am very familiar with, so that one aspect of brutal competition amongst my friends remains. Unfortunately in this type of scenario by the end of the game there will be at least one person sad. They will be sad because they were the one who lost the most and therefore given the title of draft scrub. On the other hand there will also be one person triumphant, proud they have attained their grand title of Draft Champion for this round and to carry on their victories as time goes by. This would be all okay if we were all equal in skill and ability in the game, but alas we are not. So there will be certain people who win all the time and others whose turn at the top of the podium is once-in-a-blue-moon. I am a part of the latter group more than the former, but I salute those who continue to play despite rarely being on the podium. I'm not sure if it's in a sense of wishing to improve and to one day usurp those who often have the Spinda Crown, or they genuinely find the game fun win-or-lose. The point is the feeling of defeat sucks, but to keep on playing regardless is pretty cool. However there will come a point for me personally that if I lose constantly and never win, that the joy of playing the game may be lost. People do always say it's not always about the winning, but sometimes you gotta taste victory to keep going y'know?

Which is why ULiL has been pretty frustrating lately. I haven't touched HM in literal years. They took away Miko's amazing directional swords that I combo so often with. Even people who barely play this game at all can beat me. The feeling of all that accomplishment, no matter how little it was (being able to combo in a fighting game is HUGE for me. For veterans it's no big deal, the whole point of the game and the core, but for me to actually combo is a huge feat since I usually am discouraged before I end up learning anything) Certainly I have more experience in this type of fighting game format, but yet I cannot beat those who've just picked it up. Perhaps because my own personal gaming prowess is low, but you'd think that experience would speak for something. Then there's people who root against you because obviously you're the one with the experience, so you're expected to win. To not do so at all just makes it feel that much more pitiful. 

Oh well, I suppose if I ever take time away from MonHun I could work on my Miko, but starting all over again and a lot of moves I'm used to completely different really isn't encouraging. On the other hand the game just came out, so I'm probably overreacting to the extreme.

As for anything else? There are certain topics I may wish to speak about, but probably to a person present instead of no one/myself on this mostly abandoned blog. I'm still a big fan of RWBY and Roosterteeth in general, but the feeling has been waning lately. Certain recent events have led to employees leaving, so the company itself has a much different outlook to me these days. I'm watching Ray's stream a few times a week and take a few days longer to get to some Achievement Hunter videos. Seeing Minecraft or GTA or even some other game pop up in my subscription box doesn't lead me to clicking it immediately with glee as it used to. I'm mostly using it as a way for time to go by as I play with my hamster and even then I can watch literally anything else to do that. (I'm been watching a lot of Nerdcubed lately because he's playing Cities Skylines, which is a game I'm very interested in) I guess part of the problem is aside from Ray leaving that I rarely play the games the AH people play. I don't own the fancy expensive consoles. I instead play PC games and stuff on my 3DS. Aside from Ryan the group seems pretty against PC Gaming in general and Nintendo hates the entire Let's Playing community. That takes a chunk out of games I'm familiar with. About the only thing I click with glee are the Minigolf Let's Plays because it's quite possibly my favourite series from that group. I know they also recently acquired Funhaus, another Let's Playing group with a much different editing style, but I watched some and couldn't get into it. Their clickbait titles annoy me as well. (Their office tour video was hilarious, but I find all the RT office tour videos out of this world so it's not anything that stands out)

And RWBY? Well I mean, with tragedy falling upon the creator it's made the show all the more uncertain. I enjoyed some bits of the two seasons but I feel like I'm only here for parts of the fandom and a stubborn clinging to Weiss as a character. It feels like aside from Monster Hunter I need to get into something new that I would actually enjoy with all my bated breath, and not immediately revert to some disappointment I rant about for a few months before losing hope into anything. It's sort of depressing.

But hey, that's the sort of update I usually put out on this website. Not like, real life issues or anything. P:

If it helps to know about me, I'm feeling oddly woozy with a weird pain in my head at the moment. The last few days have been a haze. I just feel so out of lately. I wonder if I'm getting sick? Ah well.

This has been Spotto!


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