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There was a saying somewhere, in sometime, at someplace that in order to become successful in life or to rise up in the ranks of business...we had to practice tolerance.
Because that is how life is like, we are not going to run into people who are pleasant to converse with or be in close proximity of at every facet of our lives. In fact, people who we initially are wary of may turn out to be the best people in your lives. Basing everything on previous judgments may not always be in one's best interests. It's how the world rolls on, always throwing us twists and turns to brighten up the corners of our eyes so maybe, just maybe, we won't miss something we really wouldn't want to miss.
Yesterday I returned from watching the hockey game to find out that one of my friends was a fan of a very hated rival team. Immediately as my own team was mentioned, flurries of insults and past unpleasant memories were brought up of the histories I experienced watching my home team go through. I had not said a thing to initiate this. It had already begun when my other friend mentioned my team, only to comment on the game itself and funny coincidences when he actually watched. The moment I read those messages, clearly flinging hate towards my way for daring to be a Canucks fan, I had only one urge but to fight back. 
Except that was not how I wanted to be. 
There is something I truly hate about hockey rivalries or of any sport really. At the same time, this aspect of being a fan is something many, many others may relish in. I can see that, defending your team from rival fans and blasting insults back in forth in some sort of heated passionate dispute could be a way of defending one's honour perhaps. However I never really wanted to be a part of that. To do so I never participated in forum discussions and often didn't even bring up the topic of hockey except to neutral parties who would nod at my nonsensical points and move on. I just wanted to see my team succeed and be happy because of that. 
However as time went by I could understand this need for a rivalry. The Flames have not been particularly relevant these last few years. I always thought I'd be happy they were not contesting with us at the highest of levels so that the fan-hate could die down. Alas that was not so, their team looks to be in an irreparable mess because the organization is too stubborn to start over, clinging onto the hope of making it to the playoffs each year with a mediocre, almost qualified team. As if their very jobs hung on the balance of merely making the playoffs when no person in their right mind would consider them to be cup contenders at all. In that case what is the point of making the playoffs only to be knocked out immediately? Is it not better to revamp that team to be highly competitive each and every year, fighting it out almost as if to the death with other teams so they could launch onto the podium and be the best? 
So now, watching games between the Canucks and Flames is just another game these days. No longer is it a game you'd be revved up about, excited to see your hated enemies fall under your triumphant...skates. Because besides getting those two points, there is no joy in seeing them lose. They have been down there for far too long and at this point you only want to see them succeed in some way so the passion and stakes during the games could one day be higher. It's funny because I have no hatred for the Oilers who if not this year already, at some point in the future will have highly contested games with us. We will not be dominant forever.
But again, not the point of this rant. I understand the need of a hated rivalry but I do not believe that the Canucks and Bruins are a rivalry at all. We ran into one another in the finals and many, many nasty plays occurred from both sides. I want to be able to explain why one of my beloved favourite players may have did what he did and instead of expressing blind hatred at certain players on their teams because of why they may have done what they did, try to understand as well. In the end the only explanation is raw, unadulterated emotion. We all do pretty dumb and stupid things when our logic is overcome with great emotion. The riot afterwards is a pretty good indication of that. I too, after that final game, was overcome with emotion and at first was glad of the riot. Our fans and even I at the time, felt so entitled for a Cup. I could still remember the chant during the post-games where fans would pump their fists up demanding for the Cup. Even if we were two games up on the other team, we were not guaranteed the Cup and it wasn't the fans ultimately that could've brought the Cup to the city, it was the players.
I still think to this day our fans could be far more considerate. My own parents dismiss the play of our players after a single bad game. The first game of the season for example they lambasted the play of both our goaltenders just because of the score at the end. It was a single game...the very first, after a long lockout. Even without those excuses goaltenders do have bad days just like any other normal person. To believe that a player no longer has it in them to be utterly perfect every single day a colossal failure is foolish. In fact when our team and many others were stripped of first-class plane privileges and filed a complaint, many fans acted as if they were rich millionaires who could not comprehend the real hardships of life. A sort of "first-world problems" kind of thing but even further!
Their opinions just felt so, so, entitled. Yes they are making a lot of money and we are not. It is the dream for many people to become star athletes raking in the cash. But their jobs are by no means easy no matter what kind of salary they are taking in. Our team has a rigorous travelling schedule just because of where our city is located in relation to the rest of the teams and sleep is incredibly important to your performance the next day. Suddenly their usual sleep arrangements are shrunk in half and their legs can barely stretch out. These players, keep in mind, are all in the range of six feet, so large space is necessary to be comfortable at all. So now their seats in the plane are no longer comfortable, their own rest impacted and tomorrow their game underwhelming. The media and fans, excepting the best of the best, begin criticizing them to no end, to demand that they are traded, to claim they are overpaid right after they implied that players have it so easy because of their big fat paychecks.
And players are not made of hardened stone who have the ability to completely ignore criticism. Some are better than others at this, but no one is perfect. The constant pestering of the media, the trade rumours, the player becoming a scapegoat all poking at the back of their minds. They attempt to do more than they are capable of and perhaps fuck up even more spectacularly. I would never be able to become a person in life who would be so focused by so many millions of the world and expected to perform day-in and day-out consistently so no one is let down. Truly these athletes and not just in sport, but in rigorous e-sports and other competitions such as chess and the like, have my complete respect for their ability to hold their own. To become as strong as they are to do the things they do because they truly love it...for me, the perfect job would be in my own home or perhaps an office where the only person expecting you to be efficient is your boss, not the eyes of millions.
Tolerance. To tolerate a single person who honestly should not rile you up about anything anyway, but you do, to tolerate the eyes of many who loudly judge you, to tolerate every singe annoyance in every aspect of life...and as you continue to build tolerance, the further you can proceed. Sometimes that brings me up to another aspect of life I've been looking into lately, the difference and wonders of extroversion and introversion.
The more I think about it...I don't think I'm an introvert. Not at all. Oh sure all those personality tests are pretty firmly confident that I'm a rather introverted person but well, the definition of introversion is a lot deeper than simply being reserved. You can speak the same of extroversion, to think of that word of simply Pinkie obnoxiously poking her head into everything for the purpose of fun would be wrong as well.
Sometimes I wonder...and this could be completely awful, but it's a legitimate thought I've had, if introversion even exists. Yes I have several, several introverted friends and they may even be appalled that I bring up such a point. I've seen images and comics and discussions and such of what introversion is. I can understand how it works. There are some people in the world who would rather read a book in their own time alone than to have five friends constantly pulling them towards the next big social event. Well that to me is not introversion but rather what type of entertainment we prefer. Being immersed in your mind as you dip into the imagination of story as opposed to being immersed in smelly, nosy people...oh, forgive my bias, in a drunk frat party filled with stupid people? Some actually prefer the former!
Well to actually be serious of this discussion...sometimes I wonder if introversion is simply a lack of built-up tolerance. You just cannot handle people because you simply do not like them sometimes, so you rather be in your room on your computer or reading a book. I've heard from various people, and forgive me for never remembering these sources, that seeing someone's face and being able to communicate via body language is healthy for the growth of a human. We have evolved always having communicated face-to-face and suddenly we are in the era of technology and of the internet and now, we do not have to go through the awkward and painful process of actual speech! We can type on a computer! Something you could've said without thinking could be retracted by the essence of a backspace before you hit send, and your words are suddenly wiser with mere clicks! Now the people on the internet seem far more smarter than those in real life because the words they say are so much more intelligent!!!
And now I realize...we're all pretty stupid people, but with a screen on our side, we have a buffer to keep us from throwing out those initial utterly moronic remarks we may have made face-to-face. Of course there are still plenty of people who choose not to use the buffer this way but of the opposite, so that they can make others angry in petty amusement. Had the internet not been invented what would we have been like then? We'd still be encouraged by media and people alike to be more outgoing and more social or else we wouldn't climb the ladder that is life. There was no room to escape into back then to run away from all the fears of society because we had to see to them face-to-face, every single time.
Sometimes I wonder.
I've always hated labels anyway. Am I extroverted? Introverted? Am I straight? Gay? Bi? Asexual? Am I religious? Atheist? Agnostic? Am I a brony? Pegasister? Feminist? Nerd? Hipster? Geek? Gamer? Artist? Writer? Potential terrorist? All these words always get thrown back and forth everywhere I see and I just...I'm not a person who chooses labels, one who can clearly define that YES, I AM THIS and nothing, nothing else because they have such rigid definitions and people do not have time to think of say, a hipster as anymore than thick rimmed glasses and scarves in the summer. People don't have TIME To think of these labels beyond that, they have lives to tend to but I also do not believe I am these things because you say so or I am these thinks because a dictionary says so. I don't really care if you call me one of these things because it'd be silly to be offended since, well, I do like ponies so it's only reasonable to call me a brony but I certainly won't ever introduce myself as "Spotto, the perhaps straight maybe gay possibly bisexual perhaps asexual temptingly religious probably agnostic understandably atheist likely a brony more likely a pegasister implied to be a feminist stereo-typically a nerd annoyingly a hipster ridiculously geeky somewhat a gamer sometimes an artist a soul of a writer and everyone's a potential terrorist! That'd be overwhelming and far too attention grabbing!
You know what? I'd rather just be plain ol' Spotto and you can make your presumptions from that. When you hang out with me or spend time with me, when we converse or chat...I am Spotto. Those labels are your shortcuts but don't expect me to use them as well because honestly I don't know. And frankly I do not care, I am not invested in each of those labels enough to really, really label myself in one anyway. I might like someone out there but to me, what gender they are or what skin colour they have or what build they are do not matter. And I'm not going to like someone else who looks similar to them because I probably like them for their personality and how they're pretty compatible with me, since I know them and we are friends. And that is not to say I do not yearn for intimate relationships because well, honestly I do. It is not a thing to be ashamed of and even if media is riddled by sex far too often I can find my way to whatever I want to watch and read all on my own.
But well...introversion? It probably exists and I am being silly, but I must admit my understanding of it isn't as great as people might believe. Frankly I don't get it. My favourite character is Pinkie Pie, guys. My least is probably Twilight, so this introversion thing is lost in my ears. However I will still give introverted people space because that's not a very friendly or nice thing to do to just demand attention from people. They are who they are and I am who I am. 
And since I just HAD to mention ponies...PONIES! Throughout this I also wondered why the flying fuck I loved Pinkie Pie so much. Because all the people I know or heard of who DO like Pinkie Pie are these crazy happy types themselves, and there I go using shortcuts myself. Or they like Pinkie because she is funny or something, but I don't really like Pinkie because she's humorous. I don't really like Pinkie because she's cute. Those aspects of her are certainly fine aspects to love about her, but not the big reason for me. And for some reason I feel others might possibly judge me for loving Pinkie Pie so much because it's kind of shallow. Because Pinkie Pie is so simple a character and a child could cling and be a favourite to. She isn't DEEP AND ARTISTIC like Rarity man! I'm after all some kind of (unfortunately) an art major, so why not identify with Rarity and what she goes through? I'm a reserved type of person who does not go outside and interact with people much, so why don't I identify with Twilight and her love of reading? Why not love Fluttershy the most because I actually DO identify with Fluttershy?
Then throughout all this tolerance and introversion crap...and wondering why I disliked Too Many Pinkie Pies so much when that episode is a fine episode for Pinkie's character did I realize the sole, precise one reason why I love Pinkie so bloody much. Because she makes me happy? I guess that's part of it.
But let us go back to my name. I am Spotto. 
Spotto derives from the dog character, Spot, of a picture book and Zotto, a character tic of some redhead from Final Fantasy VII that a friend liked using so often. Spotto-zotto. Dog? 
I love dogs so much. I've always been a dog person. For some reason introverts are cat people and extroverts are dog people. But for the longest time I considered myself an introvert, so why am I a dog person!? Or perhaps that saying is not absolute!? Did I like dogs because they were cute? Well cats are just as cute if not more! Dogs are my favourite animals...over tigers and majestic wolves and other cool animals. The dog. 
Man's best friend.
It goes all the way back to everything I've ever liked. I guess underneath Spotto I'm just...that little girl, long ago, who wishes for a true friend. A happy one who will cheer you up as you come in the door from a really bad day. I never grew out of this I guess. It's a pretty childish thing to cling onto, this wish for friendship and perhaps why I love ponies so much. It's a shame I can pinpoint this so easily for myself because at some point I thought I was some deep complicated person when it was all very, very simple. I'm not a picky person in terms of ACTUAL taste when it comes to media or anything really. For example the longest time I never wanted to watch TTGL not because I believed it was bad but the complete opposite. I have liked MANY things of QUESTIONABLE quality so if I let EVERY piece of media in my life, I'd get so immersed into it, it isn't even funny! It's a really stupid way of choosing favourites I know, but inside these questionable pieces of quality I watched or read of or whatever, the characters I'd pick out would be the same, simple little thing I've always wanted since as long as I could remember.
A friend. Kazumi and Sayo are not major characters and do not get character development! But damn if I am not a sucker for strong friendships. Usually the character who WOULD be the most amazing friend ever is my favourite and the character I identify with, the second favourite. That's why Murasa and Nue were no longer my favourite as sad as it was. Because Ten Desires came out and my incredible headcanon that Nue was this prideful but lonely loser disappeared when she actually had old other friends...and her so called "connection" with Murasa was so weak in canon it wasn't funny. ANYTHING that happened could have broken it easily. But this is why I ended up loving Keine and Mokou because they ARE STRONGLY canonly friends for some reason or another! I yearn to know why but it's heartwarming already that they are! Touhou is not a series in which you search for such things because everyone is a bloody jackass! Even in older series, Hetalia lasted so long because of my RP with a friend but deep in my head and thanks to other roleplays I read, Korea was my favourite and Hong Kong whom I identified with. (Kind of hard not to what with my chinese ethnicity) But his fanon characterization was so beautifully done, it was wondrous. 
But wait! Pinkie and Fluttershy? What the fuck? They don't interact very often and like, 90% of the fandom would agree that Pinkie would overwhelm the fuck out of Fluttershy anyway. It's happened several times in canon! How to explain!?!?
Well, we go back to the dog. Pinkie is, of all of these "amazing friend characters whom are my favouritest of favourites" the most dog-like. Seriously. She's still obviously a character and pony but she is just...her PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY! That's what a dog does! She eats so sloppily and neglect hits her HARD, like a dog! There are so many sad stories of people not paying attention to their pet dog but then when they pass on do they finally realize how much that dog, despite the lack of love they get, continue attempting to get you to approve of them and love them back! FRIEND IN DEED! Her motif is play! Pinkie Pie is the closest I will ever have to owning a dog. So why is Fluttershy there you ask!? Because why...why has Fluttershy never really shown to interact with many dogs? She is the ANIMAL pony is she not? I guess other animals need far more attention than dogs since dogs are understood by society already anyway, but if you think of Pinkie like this, and Fluttershy like that, it could work. Sometimes life isn't always concrete. Sometimes a pony, not necessarily Fluttershy, but like her, could use something like Pinkie, not necessarily Pinkie.
Oh how I yearn for Pinkie and Fluttershy friendshipping. It's why I'm so sad the show itself doesn't deal with duo-character episodes anymore. We could've not only had this, but other strange matchups that have lots of Pinkie and Rarity for hilarity. Or Fluttershy and Applejack with animals, or Rainbow Dash and Twilight because it's only been touched upon on the side with books and such...and maybe MORE of what we already seen! Rainbow Dash and Rarity? Rarity and Applejack? Rarity and ANYONE!? Where my Rarity episode at D:!? Countless countless matchups with infinite potential! My favourite fics are friendshipping and it's just...I miss season one man. Season 3 is great, but these types of episodes just don't happen anymore. It's always ONE character and CONFLICT or whatever. Friendships are ALWAYS evolving, just because two ponies have been friends forever does not mean there isn't some story you can string around it.
Of course this rant ended in ponies. Thank you for reading and this has been Spotto!


Nov. 29th, 2012 10:34 pm
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 as you can tell or not, I've been tagging my old posts (a very tedious task indeed)

As I read through some nostalgia and especially cringeworthy moments (oh past-spotto, you were so inconsiderate and selfish, lololol) I found one post that advertised one of my many sites...way back in 2005. I clicked it, just to humour the link, thinking it'd be long dead.




edit: attempting to re-access this thing, forgot my details D: (but I managed to get my old email back, somehow no one claimed "spotisdumb' when it was deleted for inactivity for some unknown amount of time @_@) And then I can edit the site a bit so it doesn't look like the most ancient website on earth. 


I forgot to mention I updated my Sims blog with a small update a week or so back.

Here is a video I recorded because...why not. Yes. I may or may not continue, who knows. And there is waaaay too much doujinshi to go through, dunno if I'll ever finish D:

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Apparently my Nickelodeon sitcom post (WHY THAT ONE!? I wish my most recent Sailor Moon one was, took forever to get that mammoth rant out) is my one thousandth post!

My current total is 1,003 posts including this one.

WOOOOO! I wonder if I should celebrate or something. I started this on Livejournal like way back in... 2004. Over eight years ago on a likely sunny day of August. I had caved into using LJ because I had first attempted creating a blog on like "" or something similar to that. This was my first post:
Live journal....well....the only HTML I can use is on the stupid posting stuff. I should've stayed with Ebloggy but they messed it

Anyway, I'm currently making my cruddy avatar at this moment. Oh yeah, my hamster's dead.
I had been attempting to make a custom layout for LJ but apparently did not discover the custom HTML section yet. Oh my younger days when I actually found coding to be a hobby, that's a laugh. Look at this DW now, completely unmodified because I am too lazy to make a layout. Honestly the point of the blog is the text anyway, so long as it's readable... meh. But personification was something I loved.

It's darkly amusing that the beginning of the blog was noted by the announcement of a hamster's passing... which has been a grim tradition on the blog ever since. Most of the posts that year were of my personal answers to quizzes no one really cared about. Example:

Are you a Seme or Uke?

How nostalgically homoerotic. 

Here's to a thousand more posts, and it will probably take way longer than eight years. 
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And now a rant about something completely unexpected!


I remember as a kid I'd watch shows like The Amanda Show and All That (I also watched Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, so...yeah....) but then those two shows ended and I kind of never really bothered with anything Nickelodeon again. (I have ranted before, as you all know, about Nick cartoons and how Disney and Cartoon Network were superior) It still baffles me today how Spongebob Squarepants repeats seem to rake in a bazillion viewers no matter what. And while I didn't care all too much about The Fairly Odd Parents I did find that Live Action they made kind of silly (but I guess I've yet to watch it >_>) [Then there's Avatar, but that's just my stubborn Hype Aversion]


I recently marathoned all of iCarly and Victorious.

You're probably wondering.... "why?" "Spotto, WHY?"

It does seem awfully out of the blue, doesn't it? 

You know I can't really pin down an appropriate reason or moment as to why this happened. I probably don't remember, but whenever I feel sick or simply off, or just need to get off the computer because I've been sitting still for too long I hit the 'tube and figure out if traditional television is still decent. I was one of those people who often went, "wow, what happened to these kids channels that used to have cartoons? WHERE ARE THE CARTOONS!? WHY ARE THEY REPLACED BY THIS LIVE-ACTION CRAP!?" And therefore replaced all instances of "television" with every instance of "internet" like an amusing PV with drunk!Keine stripping to memeworthy over-played Japanese music on Youtube. (There is no difference in quality anyway!) 

The only thing I still watched on the TV though...was hockey (aaaaand there's a lockout) and crime documentaries. Because it is surely fascinating to delve into the mind of a sick, twisted, unsympathetic killer or view the lives of prison inmates as they try to escape their temperament or watch cops do their job for once and not get myself thrown into the corrupt cops crowd...well, I'm rambling. Unfortunately crime documentaries and crime dramas sadly do not play 24/7, so there will be times when that TV is on and one of those shows aren' to quell my desire for entertainment!? I switched to the YTV channel to see if any cartoons are decent nowadays (and only YTV because I lack Teletoon or the actual Nick channel or the Disney channel... >_>) because when I grew up with my brother, besides the crime drama I always watched with him, he also viewed some sitcoms. (My favourite of which, was Everybody Loves Raymond...) so I figure...I guess certain sitcoms would be amusing?

Because none of the cartoons on were any good anyway. No seriously, as a former absolutely hardcore Beyblade fan who wasn't part of the target demographic and liked it for all the wrong reasons, BEYWHEELZ!? WHAT IS THIS!? They aired a marathon and I turned it off halfway-through the first episode, turned the TV back on hours later and it was showing some other later episode with absurd hairstyles galore. It's the same recycled plot with the same recycled characters in a terrible, recycled shounen. How do these toys they're trying to sell even stay upright when kids are battling with them!?

Oh, I am digressing. That isn't even a Nick cartoon.

So I caught an episode of iCarly. Don't remember which, but I did like the idea that it was about random supposedly normal children hosting a webshow. The webshow itself reminded me if the ridiculous skits on All That and The Amanda Show (well, it is created by the same guy) worked. Quite liked it. On another random day of boredom (this all happened over the span of like a year, not like I saw one episode and then immediately marathoned the rest >_>) I saw a Victorious episode. I didn't actually know it was Victorious, was just flipping channels during a commercial and saw the second half of a particularly amusing episode. I didn't try to figure out what show it was because it wasn't as memorable as the iCarly one.

So, I ended up catching iCarly on TV whenever I was bored, especially if nothing else was on, weeks or perhaps months later, in a particularly uneventful day...I thought "well, I sometimes catch that iCarly show, might as well just watch EVERYTHING!" I figure, perhaps there is a new fandom I can join! Maybe they can discuss the deep psychological problems certain characters most definitely have! Unfortunately 99% of the iCarly fanbase is too preoccupied with shipping to care about any of that rabble. While that aspect of the fandom annoyed me greatly, I recall again, back to my Beyblade days where I was too preoccupied with shipping to care about any rabble. After all, it is a teen sitcom so its fans will be younger viewers who are drawn to the romantic aspects of the show...I just wish they would realize that the show isn't meant to be a romantic drama and to like the show for other aspects besides THAT CHARACTER SHOULD MARRY THAT OTHER ONE! NOW LET US WRITE ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF FANFICTION AND WHINE TO THE CREATOR FOR NOT PANDERING TO US!!

But I do enjoy iCarly...not every episode was a gem unfortunately. In fact, the later seasons haven't been up to par at all, and that ridiculous five-episode plot between Sam and Freddie? I can see why the show tanked in ratings after that because for some reason the creator actually threw romance in the show for longer than a single episode. I don't know if he was attempting to pander to the vocal minority to get better ratings or just felt like devoting A THIRD OF A SEASON to a fan-preferred couple or whatever, but...yeah. My favourite aspect of the show is ultimately the friendship between the title character, Carly, and Sam. I like two girl friendships...have you noticed? I think the episode that drove me to actually marathoning the entire thing was the iQuit iCarly special... though now that I think about it it didn't need to be an hour-long special since a lot of it was padding. (Those two male guest stars played rather unnecessary and irritating characters) But still, the climax was pretty good.

Now Victorious I did not plan to marathon...or even watch! The only thing I knew of it was from the crossover between it and iCarly, but I was not interested in it or its premise. I thought it had too many characters as well (as you know from my previous Negima rant) When I did catch an episode (it was the Bird Scene one) I thought it wasn't very good, so I tried to avoid it...

Until I was mindlessly browsing TV Tropes for crime tropes in preparation for a story rewrite (don't do this) and found that there was a Victorious episode where they were all locked up, which actually surprised me. A kids sitcom throwing its characters into the slammer? Seems kind of a dark plot, so I decided to take a look (I actually do tons of research for all my stories that are crime-related @_@) And the episode was actually sufficiently amusing...the fact that not only did they get locked up, but get locked up in a third-world country in the middle of war is certainly a level of darkness I did not except any kid show to ever reach! So I had some resemblance of interest in the show now, but still didn't want to marathon it. 

I was still somewhat bitter that Victorious was getting all the attention from its creator and might be partially the reason why iCarly was doing terribly and about to end, but then I heard there was a new Nick sitcom that stars the Sam character from the ICarly show with the Cat character from Victorious, cleverly titled Sam and Cat. I was overjoyed that Sam's character was sticking around, so all of my undeserved bias against Victorious was lifted.

....until I found out Victorious was being cancelled as well.

Now that just felt unfair, it was one thing to continue the Sam character in her own show, but to rip out the Cat character and then dump the rest like they were nothing wasn't what I wanted either. So I decided to watch all of Victorious to get a feel of this Cat (and lo and behold, I loved her) and to see if the show was really getting cancelled for its quality or not. I enjoyed the first half or so of season one, found season two especially lacking, but felt it picked up nicely in season three give or take a few strange episodes. The bias for the main character was a bit much, but I guess both these Nick Shows' ultimate point is to promote the main character (or rather, their actresses) anyway, though Victorious seemed to be a lot more obnoxious about it. (Victorious is partly a musical, so they tend to sing at the end of the episodes a lot, showcasing the obvious talents of the characters, but also because there is a larger main cast so it feels a lot worse when they give the spotlight to Tori and leave so many others out) And I'm not a big pop music fan, so I couldn't care less about the music. Again, I am probably not the target demographic anyway. (Maybe I'd care more about the music if the other characters sang more and not just the main character... she's not a bad singer, but there's nothing especially incredible or unique about her singing...she sounds kind of generic compared to the other two girls)

So I actually can see the show being cancelled due to that mediocre season two, perhaps it lost too much steam during season two for season three to save it at all. At least with iCarly it started getting worse near the end, as opposed to during the meat of its run. (Season Two iCarly was quite amazing, actually) so...despite watching all of Victorious and liking some episodes and some plots...I actually can see it being cancelled for its quality. Season three is decent, but not amazing enough to make up for that lackluster season two. But even so I'm pretty sure the existence of Sam and Cat ended its run, even if that season was bad. 

But for me? I'm not too bummed about it, when I found out about Sam and Cat my first reaction was "that is amazing!!" so...yeah. Pandering to the fanbase? Well, he already did it once and it didn't work, and I am highly speculative on how these two characters will even interact, but look, two-girl friendship!! Hopefully the writers will scale back on any exaggerations forced upon these two characters that they may have suffered through in their original shows for the purpose of cheap laughter.

The Gibby spinoff on the other hand... what? I do not see how you can create an entire show for such a gimmicky character. 

.... I cannot believe I just ranted about Nickelodeon sitcoms. I guess it's my guilty pleasure if my brother's is One Direction. Still, the fans are too adolescent and young for my tastes..oddly enough Victorious fans don't seem quite as obsessed with ships as the iCarly ones were...for whatever reason. They still are, just not to that concentrated extent. Oh and both these shows (and I can extend it to Disney too) have WAY TOO MANY DOUBLE STANDARDS for me to enjoy it completely. The double standards are quite saddening actually, like the constant torment and ridicule of any character deemed strange and abnormal, not because they're jackasses who deserve it, simply because they're a bit more quirky or odd than normal. 

The other complaint is the main character is probably a bit too perfect and...generic for my tastes. This is a common complaint, but I can forgive iCarly more since Carly is surrounded by eccentric people, but the Victorious crew have like three or four straight men which is kind of way too many and makes the main character's role a little more redundant. (Having her commit poor decisions from time-to-time doesn't help, she still feels ordinary and generic...except can be a jerk sometimes! Wow that is so interesting. In fact my favourite Tori episode was the Ponnie one because she wasn't acting normal, but instead absolutely paranoid and generally freaked out. That was some goooood acting) But well, what else can you expect from an American sitcom? Something different? HA!

Ah well, to the Cowboy with a Moustache and the Idiot Farmgirl who thought the Moustache was a Squirrel...and broken glass! Hopefully the newest Nick show won't bomb.

As a sidenote, I took a look at the MLP sneak previews...I heard from one of the voice actors (uh, was it Sweetie Belle's?) that they sang practically EVERY episode in season three, and the sneak previews are both songs! This is after the debut of season one and two had no singing whatsoever. Nothing against music, but there is always the happy medium and if they sing constantly they are going to overstay their musical welcome, I'm just saying. Oh well, we'll see when we see! This has been Spotto.
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Look at that judgemental glare! LOOK AT IT.

And those eyes are the reason this next topic is rarely ever brought up. People reading this will stare and then glare and then think in their minds "what is wrong with Spotto!?". My image will be forever tainted in their eyes and our friendship never the same again.

Okay, perhaps I am overreacting. Insecurity is a terrible thing. I always wonder how many people are staring when I have, for the nth time, dropped a bunch of coins from my wallet accidentally. This isn't even a thing to be embarrassed about, but people will notice and perhaps even judge. Such as "what a clumsy and uncouth girl" and yet, these feelings are silly. If I see another person drop a bunch of their coins I do not think that way and if I'm not thinking that way why would other people? In five minutes the coin-dropper will be utterly forgotten and a complete moot point. 

And with that in mind I hope this lovely post too will be a moot point for I will now discuss the instinctual desire of all animals, including us humans.

You may be wondering why lately the pony posts have pretty much dropped off the planet. My explanation has simply been "the season is over" which I think is rather reasonable and believable. It is true to an extent. But if you recall I posted something else here in frustration about a certain favourite artist turning over to the dark side and inserting their style in the wheel of porn. Well, that is the other reason. The funny thing is (I follow them on Tumblr) a few days after that the artist posted on Tumblr, a response if you will, in how the fandom as a whole is rather lax about gore and violence but super uptight about, well, Rule 34. After all, the infamous Cupcakes can be found at Equestria Daily, a site supposedly for everyone. I found it an odd coincidence. (OR EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY SECRETLY READS THIS BLOG AND JUDGES MEEEEE, nah)

See the thing is, the Pony Tumblr community is very lax about anything not safe for work, either Rule 34 or gory violent stuff. I actually have no idea how to filter tags there, so if I end up finding anything NSFW I'm going to see the full brunt of it right away. (And it's not like I want to filter out the NSFW tag entirely. If I do that I won't see Kirami's amusing reposts of food shaped like dongs! I mean really, how can you sacrifice that!?) In fact, it feels so lax a blog NOT being NSFW seems to be out of the norm, if you can believe that. So that somehow makes me feel like the odd-person out for not actually enjoying the pictures of ponies with uncensored details on them or are within the act of intercourse.

Which is ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with not liking pictures of cartoon animals having sex. But in the pony community, especially Tumblr, everyone is very, very accepting. Those who are strictly SFW do not mind seeing their concepts of certain characters put in a NSFW situation by artist friends who DO do NSFW sutff. I ended up (and I hated doing this, but) unfollowing one of my most favourite ask-blogs because while their blog had no speck of NSFW at all except maybe a bit of blood once, they reblogged another artist drawing some pony screwing their ask-blog character. So I'm scrolling down my dashboard one day and BOOM Rule 34. 

Why am I mentioning this at all you ask? 

Just because I do not enjoy carnal images of ponies does not mean I do not enjoy carnal images entirely. It is an awkward topic. Aoi-dono and I have a very super favourite artist/circle of certain doujins portraying MokouKeine. The pairing I completely blame Aoi-dono for getting me into and also blaming for making me like Keine, but I need to stop going off-topic constantly. Until some point last year, absolutely everything the circle did was SFW. Everything was fluffy or romantic or dramatic, but nothing pornographic. Then one day they released a doujinshi that wasn't safe for work. There were several people who were disappointed or even enraged that someone who never delved into the dark side of fandoms finally turned over, but I loved the fact that they did that.

...and so I feel like a hypocrite. One artist who does nothing but cute stuff turns over to the dark side and I hate it. The other artist too does nothing but cute stuff turns over to the dark side, and I love it. What is going on? I could easily just say "well, one is actually comprised of humans" but I figure that's too obvious and not as interesting to point out anyway. No, there are a plethora of reasons. And pointing them all out is going to be a bit more graphic and not safe for work than I usually have posts here be, so beware!

The differences? Well, the pony artist started a new Tumblr away from their main ask-blog with a character that has nothing to do with the characters of the main blog. They never mentioned it either, hid it away to make sure those who wish not to see it, not see it. Unfortunately to me that is a double-edged sword. A somewhat poor analogy would be the difference between an open relationship and a secret affair. With an open relationship you know your partner is experimenting with other people and you are both comfortable about it and it's okay. With an affair you are led to believe your man or woman loves only you and you're in this ultimate committed relationship. Finding this other blog is a sense of betrayal.

It's a bit melodramatic of an analogy, but that's all I can think of. And I'm pretty sure that other blog was deliberately hid away because the artist never used his name or anything like that. A lot of people thought it was a different artist entirely (and at first, the artist tried to change their style for it, but reverted to the style he was comfortable with, which practically everyone recognized immediately) I'm sure the artist had good intentions and again I don't really care what kind of things they want to draw, but on a silly "my love for this is pure and unaltered!" kind of thing, discovering it at first felt rather shocking, especially when I found the number of artists who didn't do NSFW at all were dwindling. I always was able to fall back on "well, at least this artist I love a lot isn't doing it, so it's okay!" and then your final friend strays away. It feels like they tried to preserve the innocence of their main blog by hiding it away. But the moment that recognizable style is applied to such explicit images, it's too far gone to preserve any innocence at all.

And really, the nature of the blog too. It was basically filled with sex toys and a whole bunch of those stereotypical things you see on porn applied to this adorable pony style. It felt jarring, to say the least. I think ultimately, what I dislike is not the act of sex itself, but the context of how it comes to be. I don't like seeing characters I like put in a situation with a random unknown guy with no context of why they're doing what they're doing, It degrades the character and makes them look like...well, a whore. Of course there is this phenomenon called "slut-shaming" and how just because a girl enjoys recreational sex does not mean they are bimbos and that's all they're good for, but it's a stereotype that is very strong in my eyes. I find it very hard to imagine a character could still be who they are and still have casual sex. It's obviously possible, but I guess in my outlook of life doesn't work as well as someone else. (I certainly hope I used this term properly? I asked Akira about slut-shaming but she has yet to respond. I think my spider pictures got her really angry at me, lol)

In complete contrast, we have this doujin of MokouKeine where they, to be direct, get it on. And I find it a complete masterpiece because of how everything was strung together. The doujins released by the circle are in sort of a chronological order, where the first doujin is the confession, the second how the confession is given a response, and so many different little comics that portray everyday life and the complete fluff of the couple as time goes on. It's as if everything the circle has released is simply another tale in the lives of these two being together and after all those doujinshi, images, and comics, it was obvious what the next step could be. Of course, execution has a very, very important role here and if you're going to delve into the "dark side" (maybe I should stop calling it that olololol) it better be done correctly. And it was, in every single way.

Let me explain. The doujin does not start off with them already in bed or about to get into foreplay or whatever. It starts off quite normally. Everyday life and the like. Keine needs to go to work and they're embarrassed merely kissing one another. (The inexperience is a key theme here) But the love is there and it is strong. Mokou is beginning to feel exasperated by Keine, wanting to go beyond just kissing (which is already a lot for Keine herself) but she knows just because she's ready doesn't mean Keine is, so it's like all this frustration building up in her. (And my god the expressions this circle can do is brilliant! Their style isn't even complicated either. It's like this simplistic perfection!) Anyway it toys around a bit, the story while Keine is at work and Mokou minding her own business, getting hooked by a book. She was so distracted that when Keine came home, she didn't even notice she was there until the surprise kiss. :D

Mokou took that opportunity to make the kiss a bit more than kiss, as in a french one. Supposedly that was the first time they did that, and so Keine was surprised. Mokou then confesses her lovely desires with the most embarrassed and shameful kind of expression ever, barely was able to squeak it out. And the moment Keine hears this her eyes have become these circular orbs and she simply responds to Mokou yes or no as if she reached some sort of tipping point of embarrassment and can barely use her brain. It's just so adorable and cute and afdfjdskgngffgdfh.

Anyway I'm not going to delve into every single detail here or anything. There were all the good things like "we won't do it until you're ready" and tickling and breaks in between where they talk like "Did that feel good?" "Yeah" "I see." *heartwarming smile of death* and the dialogue was amazing as well. I particularly liked "Let me be the only one to see you like this" and such. And I know, you're probably going "Spotto, ALL doujinshi of yaoi/yuri is like that you dolt!" well frankly I don't read that many so if it's true I am sorry, but this specific doujinshi is brilliant in my eyes and it was not sex for the sake of sex. In fact, I think only four or five of the fifty pages were explicit at all and even then the detail was very toned down. it really looked like what was drawn was for the story, for the love and not for the actions being done. In the end you were just a blubbering mess, grin wide at such a beautiful display of the most genuine love ever witnessed by your eyes, and you're almost wanting to cry at the sheer perfection, the sheer heart-warming bliss, the impeccable combination.

As for the people complaining? Maybe they really don't want any NSFW at all? Maybe they saw the 18+ on the cover and didn't even look inside? Maybe they expected something more hardcore? Well, either way I still think they're missing out because it was an excellent chapter of the pairing's lives. I don't see how another adult doujin is necessary to be released either, as the awesome circle has been releasing other doujins of other hijinks among the two which are fully safe-for-work. But if there is a story to be told that requires it, then so be it! I am fully confident in their artistic and writing abilities anyway. 

So yeah, there's the difference. Quite a colossal difference don't you think? Also what's refreshing about the doujinshi is that so many (yes I know it's for comical purposes, but still) portrayals of the pairing is Keine jumping on Mokou like a crazed yandere "caving" her into submission in a frenzy of unbearable arousal or something. @_@ And Mokou is always the one in a flustered mess with absolutely no experience like she was a virgin for the 1300 years she was alive or something. Really now?

But yes, that is my rant. I have finally be able to discuss that doujinshi properly because I find it of such quality. I would like nothing more than to discuss it with people (Aoi-dono, in particular) but its nature keeps me from doing so. It would be awkward and strange and disastrous, but the doujin is so good. ;_; 

I wonder if this entire post would be ruined if I mentioned my title came from South Park. That episode had me holding my face in fits of giggles. 
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From what I'm getting from the new information slowly pouring in from the new Touhou Book, Byakuren is a lot less of a saintly-super compassionate perfect Youkai-Jesus as many people pegged her down to be. Now, I don't think pegging her as such is necessarily wrong however, due to that music you hear the moment she comes into screen where her bombastic theme starts blaring out in absolute glory. It is not a song of menace, like that of Utsuho's or of sheer power like that of Kanako's. The song as ZUN described it, was a piece of music he worked "perhaps a little too hard" on and where he thought it was a song that'd make you want to sing. I agree as I especially find the vocal remixes of Emotional Skyscraper to be brilliant and some of the best music I have ever been privileged to hear. 

However as all those lovely doujinshis and fan videos come out and about, the main interpretation of Byakuren becomes clear. She is good and she wants to do good, to save those oppressed youkai who are losing that conflict of race, still a fight going on thousands of years later in the fantasy land that is Gensokyo. There have been those who have chosen to interpret her the opposite, one of a rather sinister and foreboding person who would save the life of a youkai long before even taking a glance at a mere human. Either way, I think the results and the new revelations from the book give a good indication that she is not one extreme or another, but too a flawed character with demons she must cope with. No human or youkai or any creature perhaps except those of the highest Gods (and even then!) can go about in life without an ounce of bias. If you were attempting to reach such an ambitious goal that is the equality of human and youkai alike, and one of those factions throws you into another dimension similar to hell for a thousand years where you can do nothing but mingle or perhaps bring about the creation of a powerful scroll, would you not feel great emotion? Great emotion of anger, for being betrayed after you believed to have been trying to help each one and another?

Well granted, it is not as if Byakuren began her mission with good intentions, at first wanting to do what she did for her own gain and purposes and yes, that's pretty downright selfish and vain of her. Tell me though, how many other characters in Touhou have not been vain or at least selfish at one point or another? I do not see one at all, and yes there has been great debate back and forth from time-to-time since this incident was even written about, that is the peculiar method of which Byakuren saved Murasa. 

Now let us backtrack here a bit. Before Symposium of Post-Mysticism came out, there were a lot of things I and probably many others had to assume of certain characters and backstories due to the lack of any proper information in the first place. One would assume, due to the practice of Buddhism and its messages and ways, that killing is quite a bad thing. And if a youkai who previously spent her days ending the lives of many innocent humans were saved of someone who preached the ways of Buddhism, they would logically stop, since their eternal damnation to the seas has finally ended? There is no reason anymore to continue that act of mass-murdering, is there? However that thought process only applies if we again, assume that the reason the ghostly Murasa did whatever she did was due to pure rage. If she has become a youkai whose entire purpose was to kill, then I would think that her motive has grown beyond just rage, has it not?

The large debate is about how Byakuren came about saving this youkai. Murasa is, especially after this lovely book came out and pretty much confirmed that she has not ceased her murderous lifestyle, one of the most morally ambiguous characters of the series. We've always been wondering how, exactly, dark Gensokyo was supposed to be. When you play the games and reach the endings, the enemy and the protagonist time and time again always sit down for a cup of tea as if what happened before wasn't something to make a deal out of. The incident is over and the perpetrator has been punished. All is well. There is a human village where the humans remain safe, and if any youkai do feast on a human it is usually of one who has committed suicide beyond the border, somehow brought inside the fantasy land either by a convenient gap or some other special circumstance. Nonetheless, while the atmosphere of the land is not exactly ideal, it does not appear to be one of utter despair either, like an air of eccentricity, an air of whimsical non-seriousness.  

But Murasa is perhaps one of the few youkai explicitly said to kill. There is no way around interpreting that to be of a more optimistic result. She does not only kill, but her purpose is to kill. She may pick her victims far more carefully this time around, but that doesn't erase the fact that she indeed kills. Other youkai may too, such as Yuuka or perhaps an undergrounder but whether they do or not isn't concrete. It is only speculation, theory, or even implication, never outright stated. And the only reason one would emphasis so heavily on this fact is if it is either of great importance to the character, or the plot, which it least to that whole situation where Byakuren saved Murasa. At that time, the humans knew she was a nuisance for many fathers or husbands or brothers were lost at sea, all by that damned youkai. Byakuren, as we will have to presume either offered or was asked to help with the extermination of such a monster. She had her own plans however.

What is highly contested is how she saved Murasa. Yes, she created a boat of remarkable resemblance to the captain's own Palanquin, of which it was named. But she brought along with her several sailors to do said exterminating and on the youkai's profile it states that they were flung into sea. There was no information of what had happened to these anonymous sailors. Some believed they had drowned, others thought it was ridiculous to not assume that Byakuren fetched them up afterwards. To ZUN, this part of history was not necessary to be written, it was not important what happened to these unknown humans, whether they died or not. Yet this one small fact in the backstory one supposedly insignificant youkai, is the debate of whether or not Byakuren is as good as many people interpret or if she had double standards of the colossal variety. After all, we've all heard that old story of the hypothetical situation where you must save one group or another, forcing you to weigh each distressed parties' value. But here it seems at first glance, the decision to save one or another should be quite obvious.

Who would you pick, your voyaging companions suddenly flung into sea, who are of greater number than that single sea creature who has already killed thousands before? Byakuren chose the latter, and if one assumed those sailors died....then she knew what she was doing the entire time. Of course her choice is questioned.

But let us play devil's advocate.

How long does the average human live? To a youkai, they are like mice or bugs, only a fraction of their own. Yes, you could go ahead and exterminate the youkai, but did Byakuren have capacity to? After all this entire time she had not been exterminating youkai as the humans had thought, but freeing them from whatever mishap they had been in. Finally, if Murasa were exterminated, where would she go? The afterlife, and what is in the afterlife, especially to a Buddhist monk, especially in their eyes where one who has committed such sins as that youkai would go? Endless millennia of suffering, of damnation, and even if someone may think that monster deserved it, what was Murasa before she was Murasa, the youkai who sunk ships? What was she?

A normal human who died in a tragic accident. 

Such is Touhou. To think in such paradoxes, to think that Gensokyo exists because we do not believe. It is interesting the discussions that come about thanks to the lore. Byakuren may not be that faultless, impeccable, perfect and good saint some may have saw her as, but what we do know is that there was once a ship flying in the sky, which a young human witch attempted to plunder. Where they drifted and flew straight into Makai and saved a human-turned youkai with an ambitious goal, all through the purity of their hearts. 
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I've done a sizable update on my Sims Blog!
And am finishing up my long overdue Touhoumon run here at my Touhoumon blog!


I have nothing else to say.


Except maybe I have too many blogs.

I've abandoned Spotto Starcraft pretty much, partly because I don't play much SC2 anymore. The movie week still runs...occasionally, lol.

I have a Fandom Blog too... but that's kind of covered by here, so...

Oh and I'm decently active over at my Tumblr. All friends I have on there don't share many interests with me so I don't get many likes or reblogs, but that's okay. It's pretty fun to just put a small thing there, if only to remember you saw it at some point. 

Oh right. Writing. Man I've been falling back on some stuff I did a long time ago. I actually churned out around 5000 words of stuff of certain fics so if I can clean them up and finish them off I might actually have a post here under that tag that isn't me listening random pony things. (And none of them are updating so reading hasn't been a The PV Review is on hold because the PV I'm reviewing isn't all that exciting. >_> So I'm like halfway through and then blah for finishing it, lol. (Funny thing is it's of UFO, so I should be a little more passionate about it, but the video isn't a horrible one where I can rant against or a super amazing one I can praise. It's just...a video. I dunno why there haven't been as much Touhou PVs lately, perhaps after Reitaisai I can pounce on one...or perhaps I should review older vids, hmmm...)

Speaking of Touhou, been looking into it lately. No games announced or anything, nothing too much exciting on the canon front unless I go about reading official manga. I've taken a look into the fanon front as well, mostly artwork and doujinshi. Tons of MokouKeine...just tons. All cute fluffy stuff, you'd think with my hamsters and ponies and all my stuffed animals and pretty much everything I surround myself with that whole cute thing would get old YET IT NEVER DOES. 

I'm hungry. That's all.
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TTGL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GUNDAM WING

No contest. No comparison. I won't even explain why. It's so obvious and my opinion of GW is actually lowered now. 

You know, there's something wrong with me.
Or perhaps, from your point of view...something right with me.

As every year passes, I keep resenting my young teenage years more for my rather questionable tastes. I don't know. I really don't know, but as I grew older I keep wondering why I like to ship characters. I keep thinking now that doing something like that kind of ruins the original material, the passion and essence of the show or movie or book itself. But such a thought process is unacceptable because if people want to ship or change how the canon is like in their heads they can. Everyone has their own opinions to what they like and believing that they are wrong for doing so when it's merely something as minor as TV Show is wrong and yet, the more days that pass I question further why I would do that. 

I've ranted before that love should never be introduced into the Mane Six of MLP. The show is all about friendship after all, and should love as a topic ever be brought up, should be a problem amongst minor characters and never with the main characters. Yet despite that, I still ship PinkieShy. I think it's adorable and I don't mind looking at images at it, in fact squee like a little girl when I do or read fanfiction of it. But does it not go against the spirit of the canon? Does it not break the friendship dynamics of the six friends we've come to love and go beyond that? So why do it? Why ship? Why can I not resist d'awwing at every picture I see, watching them boop noses or cheer each other up? Is it some sort of subconscious psychological desire? It's not like I want the pairings I ship to be canon, that would be pretty awful and quite the jump-the-shark moment if it ever actually happened, but still...should I not enjoy the show the way it is, with the message it provides? Isn't that the point? Why does my brain desire to see two of the main ponies hooking up? Why does my brain desire to see this for any pairing from any series I follow? What is the purpose of Korea and Hong Kong being together? They never even communicate, yet I want to see it. Do I have inner carnal and shallow desires for something as completely one-dimensional as this!? I DON'T GET IT. I love Kazumi and Sayo as the best of best friends ever yet I do not mind and even enjoy them going beyond! WHAT IS SHIPPING EXACTLY!? Why is it something yearned after by so many people, and why does it have such hypnotizing properties sending normal everyday men and women into raging walls-of-text justifying their ship to another and wishing death threats upon a fictional character for dare breathing next to the character they do not belong with!? What makes one type of person love shipping but others not!? What is the appeal of something as ridiculous and outrageous as this!? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

But...I will continue to do it, against all logical thought. Is it really as simple as "they'd look hot/cute together!?" Isn't an explanation as simple as that kind of insulting to the human mind!? Why are emotions so incredibly powerful!? Why do they twist and turn our brains and make us do things that don't seem normal or with proper thought!? 

...well, with that out of the way, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Yeah I watched it. I watched it all in one day, one episode after another the moment I woke up. I said I would watch it at some point in my life, eventually I said. I know I am very anal about watching or experiencing anything because I like clinging onto what I have and only moving on until I scrape the bottom of the barrel of all substance of everything I like, but the other reason I might end up watching something longer than a movie or a game that requires effort is when I am sad. The Canucks lost Game Seven? WATCH PONIES. That I did, and that I do not regret. It gave me great happiness and allowed me to cope with the loss a bit better, what with basically all of North America judging my city and the fans of the team to be horrible, immature, and ridiculous people for rioting and causing one million in damage in utter idiocy, when in reality the people who did this is a huge minority, half of them probably not fans at all. The recent trade and my utter disappointment in Negima was getting a bit much, so I decided I needed some hot-blood into my life. I knew TTGL was amazing and changed many people's lives, but I did not want to watch it until I had a reason to. As stupid as my methods are, it's how I work unfortunately. I could've watched it five years ago, but I prefer to save the epic until I can take in the epic, so that I haven't gone through 150 Animes and raged at 80% of them because they were bad or ended stupidly or whatever.

Nonetheless, opinions! 

What can I say about TTGL...hmmm. I can't necessarily say it changed my life or anything like that...but I do admit it was quite possibly the greatest Anime I've ever watched. While it is known to be a highly-praised Anime anyway, I don't have a lot of Anime at all in my watchlist, so my opinions aren't quite as legitimate I suppose. For TTGL I am pretty much satisfied. I don't want to enter its fandom or really have anything to do with it because I feel the original material will be lessened if I try to indulge in any fan-related creation regarding it. Simply because anything fans could ever possibly do cannot surpass the quality of TTGL itself. Perhaps that is narrowminded thinking, but I don't want to accidentally see a Yaoi doujin of two of the manly characters or something. I am not condoning looking at such material at all, but I found the Anime so great that I don't really want to see different interpretations or even alternate universes. Maybe I'll check that manga out, but unlikely.

A common rant I have around here is how cheap death is and how often I watch or read anything where people simply do not die, or if they do it's some minor character or an old man or whatever. Negima is a huge offender. They kill absolutely no one. I understand it's meant to be a light-hearted manga, but in that case I will expect none of the class or Negi dying. The rest however is a crapshoot, if there's going to be a huge war and tons of political drama and Negi being fucking skewered through the chest with a giant stake with blood everywhere, then that tells me the universe they are in are dangerous enough where people will probably die. Yet no one DOES. Not even the fucking bad guys, they all get revived and then wait, FROZEN FOREVER. The people supposedly "dead" are all MASS-REVIVED. So whenever Negi or Fate got stabbed through their stomachs I frankly could not give a shit. There was no danger at all, not to anyone at all. I don't want to look for some show with a realistic or cynical tone for people to die. In such a series it's obvious and expected...I want to see where when a major death happens it's necessary and develops the other characters. I bet 75% of 3-A are still idiots who can't take a thing seriously because no matter how dangerous it got in their little war nothing that changed was ever permanent. Even Asuna, who was thought to sleep for a hundred years gets to experience a happy life too by being TRANSFERRED TO AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, like sacrifice means nothing at all! It really, really, really REALLY bothered me! Can you tell that it bothered me!? BECAUSE IT FUCKING DID. Why are you so cheap Ken Akamatsu? What's the point of those chapters where everyone is sad? Were you trying to incite cheap tears from your fans for a few weeks before everything is reset again? IT DOESN'T WORK THE TENTH TIME!!

Anyway I watched TTGL and its message is quite idealistic. The tone of the show itself is very, very straightforward and rather happy. It's not a depressing war-torn show with tons of angst amongst whiny teenagers, but people still died...and not random mooks or red shirts or characters no one cared about (but they died too, naturally) but important characters as well! Lots of important characters! MORE THAN I EXPECTED! Yet even with such setbacks that would obviously put down all the characters and make them feel as though they cannot go on, they DO...and that makes everything all the more powerful

I really don't have too much to say about TTGL. It was great...what more is there to say? I suppose there were oddities like episode four but everyone and their mother has discussed this series already and probably analysed it to death, what with its popularity. Doesn't have to stop me but I can't seem to think of anything to say. I also watched the movies and enjoyed the differences, though overall I think the plot and what happens in the Anime is the best. (I can't deny that the combination of everyone's Tengen Toppa-versions of their mechas wasn't cool or the fist-fight with the anti-spiral or anything, but everything was paced better in the know, what with having much more time to do stuff and all) 

You know I came in the Anime wondering many things, many common instances that are ridden in other franchises or shows. For example I wondered which character everyone would hate, or what might actually happen or the symbolism, or whatever. For me I love every single character and that usually never happens with me, at least not a first showing. Usually if I watch something and like it, I still have problems or qualms about some character and then warm up to them later but I don't feel any of this for TTGL. I knew Kamina was super awesome and amazing. I already knew beforehand that he'd die too. (it was like Snape Killed Dumbledore, hard to NOT know that by now lol) I knew a lot of things already but also wondered a lot of things. When Rossiu was introduced I found him adorable. When he grew up I saw him making mistake after mistake, and I kept wondering "No! HE HAS A XANATOS GAMBIT UNDER HIS SLEEVE! HE IS A MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! HE'LL SECRETLY RELEASE SIMON! HE PURPOSELY GAVE THE GANMAN TO LEITE TO SCRAP BECAUSE HE KNEW SHE WOULDN'T! IT'S ALL A CLEVER, CLEVER PLOY!!" So yeah, I wanted to justify everything he did but in the end he was being quite the bastard, still. I don't hate him, but I'm not surprised he has a lot of haters. Someone has to take this role, sadly.

Oh wait why am I talking about Rossiu so early? What of the other the actual main ones!? I actually have nothing to say about Kamina. No, not a bad thing. It's just everyone in the world loves him and everyone knows what he did and everyone knows everything so what do I say? Nothing because it has been said! I need not add to the tire-fire of GAR! Yoko was pretty cool as well. I was pleased to discover that she is not just walking fanservice. I find her logic in wearing barely anything for comfort kind of odd, but whatever. Simon's character development throughout the series was awesome, and as FUCKING AWESOME as he is, by the time he gets older and has all the confidence in needs I didn't really care about him at that point. We already know then that he will accomplish everything he needs to do (the exciting part is the execution of how he does it!) but his character at that point is like The Ace, or while he was dishing out quite the awesomeness in the most beautiful of animation ever his character itself at that, not too interesting. 

Oh wait that reminds me, Kamina isn't actually a one-dimensional dude with blinders on the side of his head with only the ability to look forward. You see, there's a REALLY good explanation for him and it makes Kamina an even better character because of it! The fact that he himself isn't all that strong but still has that spirit within him, all so he can get Simon to keep going because Simon is the one with that potential, even if he himself has nothing else at all and Simon is the one getting him out of's really admirable. I really understand the lovefest with Kamina, from not only the in-universe characters but the fans as well.

Yet he is not my favourite. *hit by tomatoes* 


Fine, let me tell you my favourite. I don't have a single favourite, but I absolutely, absolutely, ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY love LORDGENOME and NIA. These two. They are something.

You know my problem with manly men these days, especially in animation is how incredibly clean-shaven they are. I see those shaving commercials and I'm like "WHY" If you have testosterone you need to have hair! I am so sick of all these females in love with all these really, really girly-looking men! Look at Twilight for example! I love werewolves myself, BUT NONE OF THOSE SHIRTLESS DUDES ARE WEREWOLVES. Werewolves are HAIRY. THEY ARE NOT HAIRY AT ALL. And when they transform they don't even turn into werewolves they just maintain a wolf form after transforming in an instant. THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY LAME. LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. That is a werewolf transformation. I have a problem with the guy not originally being hairy but still! It should be traumatizing and painful and really badass! (and now you know why I find werewolf!Fluttershy the best thing ever) 

So then I see first I have no opinion. He's just there to be the antagonist, the mystery guy sitting atop his little throne, seeing his minions run out and kill themselves. Then you finally see his body. He's muscular, but he's so much more toned than all the manly men you've seen yet. And then that final battle with Simon...OH MY GOD. This dude, he's so fucking manly it's insane. And it's mirrored in his personality and attitude. At no point does he lose confidence or even his cool! He looks epic DYING. A MANLY MAN IN A MANLY MECHA! The staggering amounts of mecha Anime these days with these THIN AS TWIGS PILOTS and their GIRLY BISHOUNEN FACES IS TOO MANY I SAY!! HAIR ALL OVER HIS BODY! None on his actual head which makes him even more insane. That CRAZY beard. his SPIRAL EYES. Fuck I love this dude. HIS CMOA in the Lagann-Hen movie was FREAKIN' AMAZING. His POSTURE too! Agh! THAT HACKING SCENE. It's no wonder he spent most of the second half of the series as just a head! If he had his entire body during that duration EVERYONE'S HEADS WOULD'VE EXPLODED OF IMMENSE GAR. EGADS!

Yes, I love Lordgenome. This Anime is actually perfect for my art-style. Whenever I try to draw ponies they look too old or chunky or the eyes are too small/the head is too small because I'm so used to drawing super serious manly things. Whenever I doodle I often attempt drawing a manly male torso and I always give them mean grouchy looks! It's why I enjoy drawing Wolfe the most in my SI doodles because I put hair all over him and make him very manly. I prefer drawing manly stallions like Big Mac over any other pony, yet my favourite are the girly ones. (The pony I draw most is Fluttershy though. I just keep drawing her it's not funny. I guess I keep trying to perfect her as I draw!)

You know I just realized I forgot all about Viral, hahaha. Well he's cool, not a favourite of mine. His dream in the Lotus-Eater thing was actually rather depressing, but apparently, according to mecha people (don't ask me, I am completely ignorant) he is a "Char" clone...makes him feel less unique when they say that. Leeron surprised me, but at the same time I also...wasn't surprised. Kind of hard to describe really, I was surprised such a flamboyant character showed up in such a series, but at the same time the tone of the series (especially early on) him being a character didn't really feel out of place either! So yeah. I'm not about to describe every bloody character ever or something. Kittan was awesome, and when I saw the "second" OP I was wondering who those kids piloting the mechs were....they were the orphan kids from Rossiu's village, grown up. Shows how much I pay attention. >_>

Then we have Nia. Why do I like her exactly? I actually don't get it because I don't think I would've liked her as much if I watched TTGL five years ago. But anyway, it's not like she's an advocate of strong women who break social norms and stereotypes or anything! She is found, knows nothing about...well, anything, and then has to be saved a few times and takes up cooking. (I correctly predicted that her cooking would be horrid! I was like "Watch her suck at cooking. It's always like that. Girl seemingly perfect wife-material CAN'T COOK!") I think a big reason is how she really reminds me of Koishi for some reason. Like, if Koishi were dropped into a universe powered by spiral energy, this is what she'd become...doesn't help that she actually looks it, and I fucking love Koishi, so yeah. Also it's just her whimsical airheaded moe nature, it's like "Nia, we should get married" and she's like "NO WAY" with a happy cute face and I'm like "YES I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AWESOME" Actually when I found her being introduced practically directly after Kamina died I feared that she might become some sort of replacement scrappy but as the episodes went on I was like "WOW, you cannot possibly hate this girl and have a soul"

The fact that she is the daughter of Lordgenome is awesomer. That ridiculous manly gritty contrast with the innocent moe girl 

Besides the characters, another great thing I love about this series is that everybody gets a mecha. Not every soldier or manly men or action-person, EVERYONE gets a mecha. That LITTLE GIRL ORPHAN you take from that gloomy underground village will be piloting a MECHA! Nerdy people can pilot mechas too! In fact the only people I never see pilot a mecha are the mechanics, why not try out one of the things you built/fixed up man!? :C Plotwise you go from underground village city thing to breaking through the fabric of space-and-time jumping through ridiculously incredible.

You know, I don't understand the critics...people who find it too hot-blooded or ridiculous. It's like hating Pinkie Pie! I don't get it! HOW DO YOU DO THESE THINGS LIKE HAVING SUCH NONSENSICAL OPINIONS? Do you not feel emotion!? Ah well, this has been Spotto... I am not going to quote anything so ha. Looking forward to the Fluttershy episode tomorrow due to the preview clip...and TTGL is surprisingly relevant to the topic of the tomorrow's episode (being assertive!) so yeah, somewhat of a coincidence! That is all.
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And now the traditional discussion of this week's pony episode! Brought to you by chocolate ponies, bite Fluttershy's head off at a Zellers near you!

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EQD Post

Amy Keating Rogers is my favourite writer ever. The few PPG episodes she's written were some of my favourite episodes too and once again she does not disappoint with a ridiculous outrageous spontaneous episode staring everyone's favourite pink pony, Pinkie Pie. I still haven't stopped praising The Last Roundup yet and in fact, while I enjoyed Pinkie during this episode it did seem quite soon after that absolutely mindblowing best-episode-ever. I'm mostly complaining about their ordering of episodes this season (yet again), two RD episodes in a row? Two AJ episodes in a row? All the Rarity in the first ten episodes of the season? (Unless there's more...I wouldn't be surprised, she's starred/co-starred in four episodes of season one!) You had Baby Cakes full of Pinkie and then right after, Last Roundup which had tons of surprise Pinkie. So yeah I was expecting this episode, anticipating the song and all but they are shoving the character-focused episodes too close together. @_@ I NEED VARIETY.

Luckily next week we have Fluttershy!

So this episode had a whopping FOUR songs. I took a while to warm up to Smile Smile Smile actually. I listened to its leak once, realized the magnitude of what I did (THIS COULD RUIN THE POTENTIAL PINKIE EPISODE IN THE FUTURE NOOOOO!) and never listened to it again until yesterday morning. The song has amazing animation and really does make you smile, but I had a hard time getting its tune stuck in my head and finding it super fun to sing like Balloons in my Basket, but at the moment it IS stuck in my head. Find a Pet is still the record holder for most replayed after I first heard it. I find the verses and the ending parts of the song catchier than the chorus though, which would've been fine if it was shorter but repeating Smile Smile Smile the third time felt kind of jarring...maybe the line before it was too weak to justify singing Smile Smile Smile again. Ah well, it still falls into the Spotto-approved realm of "song I will sing along with the other pony songs either randomly, on the computer, in the shower, etc. and that I can remember parts of if not all the lyrics".

Close your eyes and listen to this. OUTGOING FLUTTERSHY! :D

What song in MLP IS the funnest song to sing, you ask? Either So Many Wonders, Pinkie's Singing Telegram, or Becoming Popular. I find the longer songs are always a little too repetitive and so a little less fun to sing at that point. (Yes this includes WWU and At the Gala) For Find a Pet I sing the beginning and then the end, but always skip the more-dialogue intensive parts in the middle. Smile Smile Smile has a fun beginning and end but the middle drags a bit. I can never remember the lyrics of Art of the Dress. Giggle at the Ghostly is fun to sing as well but I always mess up at Pinkie's super fast speed-speak, so the ending isn't quite as magnificent as that highly catchy beginning. Cupcakes and Hush Now Quiet Now are too short. Any other song I'm not quite as fond of and thus don't sing them if at all.

Anyway the episode again was incredibly entertaining and fun. I know a lot of Pinkie critics always point out her insensitivity but it always makes me laugh anyway. I chuckled quite a bit when she pointed out how astonishingly bald Cranky was. One of my favourite parts (so many favourite parts @_@) was the felt-animation sequence though. I especially liked felt-Pinkie singing with Pinkie noting it as "sing random song out of nowhere" she looked so crazy happy in felt-form singing and I dunno, it resounded in my head soooo well! HER WIGGLING TONGUE! HER FLAPPING ARMS! Then she pulled a felt mark outside of her imagination! That floored me. The other notable complaint might be how high-strung Pinkie is this episode. If people are already annoyed by her they will definitely be annoyed by her in this episode, and those who are borderline annoyed by her normally will also be annoyed by her. I actually thought it was fitting though. The whole beginning sequence and the song pretty much gave you a giant animated musical explaining how much Pinkie loves making others happy and how everyone else also loves Pinkie. This is a huge strength for Pinkie, but then her possibly mind-grating personality comes into play to remind you that while she has great intentions and is the sweetest, cutest thing ever, she isn't perfect. There are flaws! Flaws that can ruin beloved mementos!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If I have a complaint myself it might be the chase scene. It's very funny and all but I get some sort of uncanny valley vibe when she's dressed as a beaver. She REALLY shouldn't be able to fit in that costume. Even if she can twist the dimensions of space and time itself to do so, it doesn't make it look any less jarring. Imagine if Pinkie shoved herself into a jar of jelly...and you can SEE her scrunched up body, silently SHRIEKING for air, for RELEASE! And no, not the gigantic ones from Hearts and Hooves Day! It's okay if she comes out of a bowl of sponges or out of a tuba or something because you can't tell where her body is supposed to be, it's really exaggerated to the point that you don't even try to imagine how her body looks since it's so cartoony, but the beaver costume was close enough to Pinkie's shape and size to make me extremely uneasy. Her eyes watching Cranky under the bridge were starting to get a bit creepy too and then she STUCK HER EYEBALL THROUGH THE KEY HOLE. I literally squicked! I know you can do these things Pinkie, but AGH EYE SCREAM.

As for other favourite moments besides the song and Pinkie's felt mind? I loved how she exploded into a literal rocket of happiness, donning the sky with a pink shaded rainbow, with inexplicable fireworks shooting all over the place. I also enjoyed her welcome wagon, the bald scene, and I really really really really d'awwed at Pinkie helping Applejack. I mean it's one thing to make people smile but she even helped her relieve some of her work by painting the wall, even if she did put a sun and her face on it, lol. I was hoping for more scenes like that with the other Mane Six but the song would've been crazy long at that point. Truly this was a splendid episode, not entirely flawless obviously but I very much loved it. The beginning scene was great too, totally true that little children enjoy the pain of others. (Baby Cakes' intro is still the best for me!) Also a subtle part of the episode (yes there were subtle moments) was Pinkie going "HEEHEEHEE" ...I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA when I heard that.

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                     Smile for Pinkie Pie? 8C        SOURCE

The new characters were pretty good as well. I think everyone thought the moral was gonna be like "You can't be friends with everybody" but instead it was "Some friends enjoy super hyper gigantic parties and others like to be left alone with peace and quiet" which I didn't mind either! In fact the first aesop would've been more predictable, so I'm glad it ended like this. (The first lesson still would be a good lesson to teach kids though, particularly Pinkie. I know all those silly and misguided fans who find her annoying probably wouldn't be friends with her and she would only aggravate them more with her antics...unless they also have a LONG LOST LOVE living in Ponyville somehow. On the other hand she did understand she can't be friends with everyone when discussing her woes with Twilight. She's just...very over-the-top about apologizes I suppose)

Good god I pretty much discussed every moment in the episode...the MUSIC during the scene when the donkeys reunited was actually really amusing. It was meant to show that the scene was all cute and heartwarming, but it had kind of a "crazy" vibe with it, like the moment was real awkward with Pinkie standing there seeing these two donkeys. The music was REALLY playing it off well...making it feel more awkward.

So yeah a top-tier episode for me! It's in the same game as Party of One, Luna Eclipsed, May the Best Pet Win, Cutie Mark Chronicles...but it did not surpass The Last Roundup. I think I have The Last Roundup as some sort of untouchable GOD TIER and the series will NEVER REACH THIS LEVEL OF AMAZINGINESS again...unless it does. The biggest reason despite both episodes having tons of Pinkie is Mane Six interaction. I love Mane Six interaction THAT much. I want a group episode more than a Pinkie-solo episode, that I do. I prefer Green Isn't Your Colour and Dragonshy over A Bird in the Hoof and Stare Master for Fluttershy as an example so while I am HIGHLY looking forward for the next episode, being a Fluttershy episode, I'm predicting it will be focused really closely on only Fluttershy which while awesome is not quite as awesome as an ensemble episode.

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That is all from Spotto...SMILE! :D
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I hate shipping.

Well okay that's not completely accurate, but lately it's a kind of subject matter that has been a bit too frequent. I went into a sad story, it had no other tags, the story's tag was merely "sad" and was greeted with unexpected shipping. You read half the story and find it SO AMAZING and suddenly...SHIPPING and the building you've been constructing tumbles over.

It just felt so unnecessary too! The story was fine. It had the essence of friendship and rainbows MLP is known for, except everyone is dead and then SHIPPING suddenly. I then found out it was a story meant to be some sort of epilogue-of-sorts to another story...which is completely fine...except they thought it'd work standalone as well and submitted it as a standalone story. So the shipping just felt jarring and out of place and my enjoyment of the story got kicked in the gut.

And as much as it might seem so, no it's not because "oh well if the ship was a ship you liked you probably would've liked it". No, if I wanted to read shipping I would read shipping. It would have a tag called shipping to signify that there is shipping so if I want to read it I'd read it. In fact I was looking for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie FRIENDSHIP stories and ran into shipping that I did not expect. Of course this time it was my fault because I forgot to look at the genre (Romance) and it just came out of nowhere. I was okay with it later, as a shipping story since I do like PinkieShy but my friendship story-searching self was obviously not satisfied. (By the way I didn't find a good story involving those two, shipping or not. I'll have to settle with generic-cute and heartwarming stuff for now, sigh. Well the more I cannot find something I'd like to read, the more likely I am to write it myself)

I forgot to mention I never read shipping stories anyway, so... I mean I try finding some and taking a look, but they're never good...and if there are good ones, I don't ship the ship in them so. I also heard Hearts and Hooves is going to be a CMC story where they try to hook up Mac and Cheerilee, so my worst fears did not come to light as I had thought it might! Thank Celestia! I wonder if the story will be similar to the PPG episode where the girls attempted to hook up the Professor and Ms. Keane? Of course even if the synopsis of that episode turns out not to bother me, something like that will always bother someone out there...and it did.

The most popular het ship is Fluttermac, so you can see where I'm going with that. This being a Dreamwidth and former Livejournal....I am obviously here to complain! I don't think I'm going to be one of those people who will get these types of blogs out of that reputation sadly, lol.

And there were a lot of people out there rather upset that Fluttermac is potentially being sunk by this episode. I think they're silly, obviously. Now of course someone out there might assume "Why, if it WERE Fluttermac being supported by the episode instead of this, Spotto would be upset because it'd sink PinkieShy!" and I am clearly a scumbag hypocritical bastard! And you know what?

Maybe I would be upset, but probably for totally different reasons. Okay I can't guarantee it won't partly be because of that, but ultimately if it were FlutterMac and not CheeriMac (these portmanteaus lol) I'd be upset due to introducing romance into the mane six....which means if PinkieShy were canon (and that would never happen in a million years anyway) I too would be upset because again, it introduces romance into the mane six. We are here to watch about Friendship is know what, maybe there could be a lesson about tolerating a friend suddenly spending all their time with a colt, and the ramifications of all the drama resulting from that, but this is a kids show. Kids will not be able to understand such a lesson seeing as their friends shouldn't really be in relationships at that age, and since it is a kids show any serious romance really has no place in the show. And in that sense, I don't think CheeriMac will be successful just like Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane didn't work out either...because it's a kids show. They will not stay together. The only ounce of potential "love" that exists is Spike's crush on Rarity. Even if that got developed further to my utter surprise, nothing really implied that Rarity returned any feelings and that it was any more than a puppy-dog crush. End of story.

So I reiterate, SILLY.

Which could explain why I'm not quite as fond of the UFO crew as I once was.

The crew of UFO are not...well, they are not popular. They have their fans and I am one of them. There are plenty of talented people out there throwing their ideas and headcanon out via their artwork or animation of some kind that could bring in even more fans of said group of characters and that's great! I think Captain Murasa in particular, though a little stretched for depth at first (but with tons of potential) is getting a lot of attention lately, even if it's only from a few people...but luckily these few people are very talented and have awesome imaginations. Then Ten Desires comes around. I've mentioned this before, but I had a particular headcanon about the ship's crew...Ten Desires amended it greatly, throwing two new characters into the collective group when it was already the largest of any other game before. I already had a hard time trying to do anything with Ichirin without just not caring about her because it is really hard to care about a character with barely any substance! Then they throw in a moeblob which I guess is okay because the crew technically didn't have a moeblob yet, but Shou kind of counts already anyway...and Nue 2.0 except with old people jokes.

It gets old, people. 

I think that's why to me, Tamers from Digimon trumps over Adventure, just slightly. Adventure just had too many characters...and you could say  "Well, there was only seven...then eight" and that's okay. You can use fifty-two episodes to describe and develop eight characters...but there are MORE than eight characters...their Digimon partners too, they need some spotlight as well! Most of them were pretty much the same as their human counterparts, or if they weren't, were sweet and nice and well-meaning. They didn't have much going for them except as an extension of the kids as characters. The few exceptions were arguably Gabumon and Tailmon/Gatomon. Seriously Tailmon is like the Ken of Season 1 in comparison to her Digimon brethren. She had lots of development, and her best friend had more development than some of the main Digimon, and she's even more interesting than her own partner who although kind of cute and nice is too unrealistically pure and mature for a seven-year-old girl or however old Hikari was.

I mean yes, Tamers had a bunch of side-kids that didn't get enough spotlight and don't get me started on Ryo! (Even if he did have a bunch of games to develop him, yes) But in the end you saw all the promotional posters, all the advertising, any official image or trademark of Tamers at all...always emphasized the main three characters, their Digimon, and Impmon. They were the main characters. They were the ones we KNEW would get development and spotlight, the rest were a crapshoot. When I think of Tamers, it's the power trio and that one sixth ranger...the rest are there for comedy relief or to take up time when they can't think of anything else to fill an episode. Nowhere were we told that they'd have just as much substance as the rest. I am fine with that. They weren't designed to be interesting anyway, so most people aren't curious to know more.

(Which of course will always lead me to question the choice of singers for Biggest Dreamer/one of the EDs of Tamers....There's a tradition for each series where the boys sing the main theme and the girls since the ending theme. Tamers decided to include EVERY FREAKIN' MALE KID and their Digimon so Biggest Dreamers sounded like a rookie choir! And why would I want to hear a 4-year-old girl sing in the ED? (Jenrya's sister) All these extra side characters didn't contribute THAT much to the plot, so they shouldn't even BE singing! Takato/Jenrya/Ryo and their Digimon for Biggest Dreamer, Ruki/Juri + their Digimon (yes that includes Leomon lol) for the ED! That would've sounded amazing and NOT terribly cluttered. Bleh)

That makes Frontier look worse actually. They did away with Digimon partners, so more time for the kids, right? Wrong! Give all spotlight to Takuya and Koji and the new sixth ranger! Forget the other three even if they're in the opening and looking just as important as them! Even if we have plenty of time to develop them all we won't! How sad it is.

But I suppose my original point was shipping and in Touhou, my main ship was MuraNue. That ship also floats rather precariously in my headcanon as the make-up of the crew did before Ten Desires. It depended on how I view Nue mostly, that she did all her jerkass annoying things because she's lonely. But wait, she has an old friend, a trickster just like her living outside of Gensokyo she can call in during emergencies! And that friend decides to stick around as if the outside of Gensokyo missing a tanuki is of no consequence! That tells me the crew probably isn't as close as I thought it was. (The dynamic was the weakest of the entire series' cast herds anyway, the UFO characters only gathered up together recently to free Hijiri, they weren't close at all! One reason why I think it's a less popular game besides the annoying UFO mechanic) 

So the crew already is treading on thin water with having too many characters and my brain span obviously too small to make up all the potential dynamics they have. Then they threw in two more characters and it's less of a "group of awesome friends" and more of a "WE LOVE HIJIRI FANCLUB YAAAY" or like, the guy you sit next to in Church because you both believe in God. That's all the similarities you have because these characters have no similarities at all,and are not related or a family like the Chireiden guys, nor are they mysteriously loyal like SDM nor are they servants or shinigami to a yama or shikigami to a troll, or a dysfunctional family of rabbits, nope. They're all just part of a fanclub because Hijiri is so great.

What's worse is that that didn't even have to happen. The introduction of both those characters feel so unnecessary. Kyouko less so I guess, if knowing how popular the Myouren Temple has become is important enough to warrant a whole new boss character, but the tanuki is so utterly pointless, unoriginal, and nothing new at all. The only thing she brings to the table is the possibility of youkai living outside of Gensokyo, but that's it. I have so much hate for that character and so many reasons to hate, to the point that she led to me to love MokouKeine far more, to absorb the Chireiden crew more, and enabled me to look into ponies for some collective group dynamics that kind of shrank away here.

One more thing...there is a very obvious reason why heterosexual shipping isn't as popular as its gay counterpart. The reason is incredibly simple actually...most TV shows and series have a cast that tends to be mostly girls or mostly guys. Now it would seem silly to ship basically all the guys with that one token girl character or visa versa, especially if some of them have little to do with her, like actually talking to her or anything like that. So it's only natural for shippers to see interaction between two characters, whatever gender they might be, and want to watch it go further into a romantic conclusion. After all, I ship MaxMariam because they talk to each other, fight each other, and have a funny chemistry going on with each other. I don't ship Fluttermac because they've never spoken to each other. (They're also too similar, seems like a pretty boring couple anyway) Both of these pairings are het. I don't think the sex of the participants in a couple even matter, one just happens to be more common.

Thus the end of this terrible rant, which I hate due being so awkwardly written/worded. I like my points too much to just scrap it as usual. Remind Spotto never to rant while half-asleep again. This has been Spotto, good nighto!

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I really did like this episode. I mean, it wasn't mindblowing or an episode that would cause you to go OMFG THAT WAS AMAZING or laugh like crazy (though there were elements of such) but one thing it did do was give me this amazingly pleasant and warm feeling deep within my chest after it ended. Yes it was predictable. Yes the song kind of sucked. Yes the babies seemed either overpowered or too intelligent, but it was heartwarming, so this.

I don't know how you do it, Pinkie Pie.

Nighto ~
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 have a silly ventrilo conversation

11/14 23:29:43 Doughboy: I added the most important rooms back

11/14 23:30:01 Spotto: what does peterfile mean

11/14 23:30:06 Spotto: and if I'm dumb for not knowing please inform me

11/14 23:30:32 Doughboy: it's what pedophile sounds like when pronounced by a brit

11/14 23:30:43 Spotto: Lol

11/14 23:30:51 Spotto: YOU GOT MINE WRONG

11/14 23:30:55 Doughboy: it's like canadians with about they say aboot

11/14 23:31:02 'Victorrrrr' has left the chat.

11/14 23:31:11 Doughboy: WHOOPSIE DAISY

11/14 23:31:32 Doughboy: there we go mine is fixed

11/14 23:31:44 Spotto: too bad all the DBZ names are gone

11/14 23:31:55 Spotto: I have this urge to replace those with ponies but I feel everyone will be annoyed by that

11/14 23:31:58 Doughboy: i can't be bothered to add lawl

11/14 23:32:27 Verisi: MLP :3

11/14 23:32:37 Doughboy: I made admin room 4 you souleh

11/14 23:32:41 Spotto: Souless is Rainbow Dash

11/14 23:32:45 Doughboy: boo

11/14 23:32:50 Doughboy: that is not fitting

11/14 23:32:52 Doughboy: imo

11/14 23:32:55 Spotto: you don't even watch

11/14 23:32:59 Doughboy: I seen

11/14 23:33:01 Doughboy: I seen

11/14 23:33:02 Spotto: lies

11/14 23:33:07 Doughboy: yee I seen mlp

11/14 23:33:10 Spotto: lies

11/14 23:33:13 Doughboy: he's more like

11/14 23:33:18 Doughboy: apple jack

11/14 23:33:19 Verisi: Gummy

11/14 23:33:19 Doughboy: LOL

11/14 23:33:31 Spotto: I made you Applejack

11/14 23:33:32 Doughboy: victor is definitely that derpy one though

11/14 23:33:36 Doughboy: ew whhy

11/14 23:33:49 Spotto: Because Applejack is dependable and honest

11/14 23:33:51 Doughboy: I was trying to give souless the worst one and you give to me instead

11/14 23:33:59 Doughboy: oh ok I only seen two episodes

11/14 23:34:01 Spotto: I like AJ D:

11/14 23:34:03 Doughboy: lolololol

11/14 23:34:11 Spotto: Berto is Scootaloo

11/14 23:34:23 Spotto: or Sweetie Belle

11/14 23:34:25 Spotto: one or the other

11/14 23:34:28 Doughboy: berto should be spike

11/14 23:34:33 Doughboy: that baby dragon thing

11/14 23:34:38 Doughboy: since berto is babby

11/14 23:34:48 Spotto: yeah but Spike is more mature than the ponies I mentioned

11/14 23:34:54 Doughboy: oh ok

11/14 23:34:56 Doughboy: hm

11/14 23:35:07 Doughboy: I think ed is rarity

11/14 23:35:21 Spotto: he's fabulous?

11/14 23:35:23 Spotto: okay

11/14 23:35:25 Doughboy: yeah

11/14 23:35:30 Spotto: Cunchy is Twlight

11/14 23:35:33 Verisi: Yes

11/14 23:35:34 Doughboy: ye

11/14 23:35:34 Spotto: Twilight*

11/14 23:35:42 Doughboy: spot should be fluttershy

11/14 23:36:04 Spotto: :X I would be background pony #4

11/14 23:36:08 Doughboy: No.

11/14 23:36:14 Verisi: Nop

11/14 23:36:16 Doughboy: I change mind souless is derpy

11/14 23:36:28 Verisi: You just mad

11/14 23:36:34 Doughboy: :333333333333

11/14 23:36:43 Verisi: I most like Gummy

11/14 23:36:51 Doughboy: nah mang nah

11/14 23:36:54 Spotto: I dunno, you have strong opinions

11/14 23:36:57 Spotto: Gummy has no opinions

11/14 23:36:58 Verisi: You don't even know who Gummy is

11/14 23:37:04 Doughboy: yeah I do

11/14 23:37:12 Doughboy: she sings songs and has green hair

11/14 23:37:14 Doughboy: LOL

11/14 23:37:50 Verisi: Wtf Kpop where did this come from

11/14 23:37:57 Doughboy: kpop what

11/14 23:38:05 Doughboy: as in the vocaloid gumi

11/14 23:38:06 Verisi:

11/14 23:38:08 Verisi: This is Gummy

11/14 23:38:15 Spotto: if you are Gummy who owns you

11/14 23:38:26 Verisi: Yes

11/14 23:38:39 Doughboy: this gummy

11/14 23:38:40 Doughboy:

11/14 23:38:43 Doughboy: also souley

11/14 23:39:27 Verisi: Man the leaf colors are crazy over there :u

11/14 23:40:12 Spotto: the red tree on our lawn is unique to us in the neighbourhood P:

11/14 23:40:26 Doughboy: wat

11/14 23:40:35 Spotto:

11/14 23:43:41 Doughboy: Lol dat weather

11/14 23:43:55 Doughboy: that is a cul tree

11/14 23:44:14 Spotto: it's a nice small tree

11/14 23:44:18 Spotto: in comparison to the gigantic trees

11/14 23:44:25 Spotto: we rake leaves very often

11/14 23:46:39 Spotto: also souless 'Yes' answers no questions

11/14 23:46:55 Verisi: Yes

11/14 23:47:31 Spotto: also I change my mind

11/14 23:47:36 Spotto: Doughboy is Pinkie Pie

11/14 23:47:40 Spotto: because Pinkie is my favourite

11/14 23:47:49 Verisi: ?????????????????????

11/14 23:47:50 Doughboy: pinkie pie is cu

11/14 23:47:53 Doughboy: *cul

11/14 23:47:56 Doughboy: I approve

11/14 23:48:03 Verisi: Toboe is like opposite of Pinkie Pie

11/14 23:48:09 Doughboy: GET OUT OF HERE

11/14 23:48:10 Spotto: Well I dunno who be Pinkie Pie

11/14 23:48:19 Doughboy: RESPECT SPOT JUDGMENT

11/14 23:48:28 Doughboy: verisi is nightmare moon

11/14 23:48:42 Doughboy: or w/e that evil pony was called

11/14 23:51:04 Spotto: then who do you think Doughboy is

11/14 23:51:09 Spotto: he's not bold enough for Rainbow Dash

11/14 23:51:22 Doughboy: no one on vent is tho

11/14 23:51:23 Spotto: no offense Doughboy P:

11/14 23:51:28 Spotto: well true

11/14 23:51:28 Doughboy: nah I agree

11/14 23:51:31 Verisi: AJ obv

11/14 23:51:35 Spotto: okay

11/14 23:51:43 Doughboy: >:c

11/14 23:51:46 Spotto: but only if Souless is Rainbow Dash

11/14 23:51:48 Doughboy: freakin AJ

11/14 23:52:23 Spotto: why is cunchy playing hlep me

11/14 23:52:27 Spotto: is that a real game

11/14 23:55:56 Doughboy: ed should be granny smith

11/14 23:55:59 Doughboy: lololol

11/14 23:56:17 Spotto: I was gonna say Princess Celestia because she's like 1000 years old but okay

11/14 23:56:29 Doughboy: yeah but doesn't show signs of aging

11/14 23:57:39 'Victorrrrr' has left the chat.

11/14 23:57:43 'Verisi' has left the chat.

11/15 00:06:27 Spotto: even though no one in this vent is bold enough to be Rainbow Dash

11/15 00:06:55 Spotto: I think Souless is because he has strong opinions and can be very harsh of others P:

11/15 00:07:16 Spotto: and no one is Pinkie Pie because we're all introverts

11/15 00:07:20 Doughboy: souless is derpy

11/15 00:07:20 Spotto: that is all

11/15 00:07:29 Spotto: then who is Victor

11/15 00:07:34 Doughboy: also depry

11/15 00:07:37 Doughboy: *derpy

11/15 00:07:40 Doughboy: l0l

11/15 00:07:41 Spotto: ONLY ONE

11/15 00:07:42 Shizune: I'll be fluttershy

11/15 00:07:43 Shizune: no

11/15 00:07:50 Doughboy: NO SPOT IS FLUTTERSHY GET OT

11/15 00:07:55 Doughboy: get out boy

11/15 00:08:00 Shizune: no that's the only pony I know

11/15 00:08:02 Doughboy: I'll shank you

11/15 00:08:05 Shizune: no

11/15 00:08:07 Doughboy: you can't be fluttersinged

11/15 00:08:16 Shizune: I don't even play singed silly

11/15 00:08:16 Spotto: there's a fluttersticks out there too

11/15 00:08:24 Spotto: do you play fiddlesticks

11/15 00:08:30 Shizune:

11/15 00:08:32 Doughboy: no he's bad at every champ

11/15 00:08:34 Shizune: you guys should watch this

11/15 00:08:36 Spotto: I played both Fiddlesticks and Singed

11/15 00:08:36 Shizune: yes I am

11/15 00:08:41 Shizune: you guys should watch that video

11/15 00:09:03 Shizune: yo andrew did you watch the fizz spotlight?

11/15 00:09:06 Doughboy: yes

11/15 00:09:11 Shizune: is he a little like monkey king?

11/15 00:09:15 Spotto: is it as good as the physics one

11/15 00:09:17 Doughboy: No.

11/15 00:09:17 Shizune: with the jumping?

11/15 00:09:21 Shizune: mm

11/15 00:09:22 Doughboy: Not at all

11/15 00:09:26 Shizune: that's what it reminded me of

11/15 00:09:32 Shizune: they both jump a lot

11/15 00:09:38 Doughboy: god damn't

11/15 00:09:45 Spotto: is this presentation as good as the physics one

11/15 00:09:48 Doughboy: you keep comparing these LoL heroes

11/15 00:09:51 Shizune: physics?

11/15 00:09:53 Doughboy: to HoN heroes

11/15 00:09:54 Shizune: I don't know what oyu mean

11/15 00:09:58 Doughboy: I think it's the same one spot

11/15 00:10:04 Spotto: the physics one is the best and I think the rest are terrible in comparison

11/15 00:10:21 Spotto:

11/15 00:10:23 Doughboy: I think the physics wone is taken out of this vid

11/15 00:10:32 Doughboy: o nvm

11/15 00:11:25 Shizune: mine is better

11/15 00:11:32 Doughboy: no the physics is def. better

11/15 00:11:50 Shizune: no

11/15 00:11:56 Spotto: well it's okay if yours is better, but I hope you don't mind if I like mine more

11/15 00:12:02 Shizune: I do mind

11/15 00:12:10 Spotto: You failed the Fluttershy test

11/15 00:12:13 Shizune: because the one I linked is the best my little pony presentation ever

11/15 00:12:24 Shizune: this guy is an amazing talker

11/15 00:12:26 Doughboy: shizune is faggotdash

11/15 00:12:51 Spotto: and I have watched yours before

11/15 00:13:16 Shizune: "this meme has spread like wildfiire" -setzer "the bomb" trancer

11/15 00:13:49 Spotto: or wait nevermind I confused it with another

11/15 00:15:07 Shizune: is there any porn of my little pony?

11/15 00:15:20 Doughboy: god damn't get out of here faggotdash, fuck

11/15 00:15:44 Shizune: give me admin so I can have big e-peen and not ever use it because I'll forget to come on here

11/15 00:15:58 Spotto: I agree with Doughboy

11/15 00:16:04 Spotto: you are Rainbow Dash

11/15 00:16:17 Shizune: is that the one with the...rainbow hair I'm assuming?

11/15 00:16:26 Spotto: no it's the one with pink hair

11/15 00:16:30 Doughboy: it's the asshole of all ponies

11/15 00:16:33 Shizune: and white skin?

11/15 00:16:38 Doughboy: so I mean it probably fits you

11/15 00:16:40 Spotto: no that's the one with purple hair

11/15 00:17:24 Shizune: jesus christ I'm watching the first episode

11/15 00:17:44 Spotto: Most people start liking it around the 3rd/4th episode

11/15 00:17:45 Shizune: and I'd rather watch the first episode of that zelda show on loop than watch this

11/15 00:17:56 Doughboy: you're exagerating

11/15 00:18:04 Doughboy: stop trying to prove you have a penis

11/15 00:18:06 Doughboy: srs

11/15 00:18:10 Spotto: But if you don't like it it's okay

11/15 00:18:13 Doughboy: no it's not

11/15 00:18:15 Shizune: or that I'm not a child

11/15 00:18:28 Shizune: hey I'm not insulting anyone

11/15 00:18:30 Doughboy: it means he's homophobic and is an old lady

11/15 00:18:42 Shizune: I mean if you like barbies except they aren't humans

11/15 00:18:45 Shizune: good for you andrew

11/15 00:18:51 Doughboy: see

11/15 00:18:52 Shizune: I'm proud that you've found your way

11/15 00:19:00 Doughboy: old ladies don't form coherent english sentences

11/15 00:19:03 Doughboy: it fits.

11/15 00:19:05 Shizune: daddy is proud

11/15 00:19:47 Spotto: also you're made of dark matter Doughboy

11/15 00:19:53 Doughboy: yeah I noticed that

11/15 00:20:05 Shizune:

11/15 00:20:31 Shizune:

11/15 00:20:39 Shizune: I think I'm actually going to listen to this song now

11/15 00:21:16 Doughboy: worst dance I've ever seen

11/15 00:21:20 Doughboy: because you linked it

11/15 00:21:32 Shizune: well I have a surprise for you that I know you'll like

11/15 00:21:33 Shizune:

11/15 00:21:35 Doughboy: I bet you mad that no 9 tails

11/15 00:21:58 Doughboy: they canceled 9 tails

11/15 00:22:08 Shizune: dude when I go to korea

11/15 00:22:13 Shizune: I'm going to join the LoL pro league

11/15 00:22:21 Shizune: apparently one of the high elo players works at mbc or something

11/15 00:22:32 Doughboy: you realize

11/15 00:22:36 Doughboy: mbc is a music channel now

11/15 00:22:37 Doughboy: right?

11/15 00:22:40 Shizune: yeah I know

11/15 00:22:50 Shizune: but probably has connections with ogn and whatever it was

11/15 00:23:01 Shizune: because like casters were on both channels

11/15 00:23:06 Doughboy: "so uh..could you get me Jaedong's autograph xD"

11/15 00:23:12 Doughboy: that's you.

11/15 00:23:21 Shizune: l0l, I would suck jaedong's dick

11/15 00:23:29 Doughboy: yeah I don't doubt it

11/15 00:23:34 Shizune: dude he's hot as shit

11/15 00:23:37 Shizune: he would just beckon

11/15 00:23:41 Shizune: and my pants would come flying off

11/15 00:23:59 Doughboy: good thing berto isn't on vent, he is 9 and does need to be reading this

11/15 00:24:05 Doughboy: *doesn't

11/15 00:24:07 Doughboy: fff

11/15 00:24:08 Doughboy: l0l

11/15 00:24:14 Shizune: my apologies, I will wait until he arrives

11/15 00:24:18 Shizune: and then start talking about it again

11/15 00:24:24 Spotto: he never went on the backup vent

11/15 00:24:28 Spotto: how will he know to come here

11/15 00:24:31 Spotto: did no one inform him

11/15 00:24:32 Doughboy: vcitor

11/15 00:24:34 Doughboy: maybe

11/15 00:24:38 Doughboy: *victor

11/15 00:24:46 Doughboy: let me go get on hon and see if any of those aussies on

11/15 00:24:51 Spotto: okay

11/15 00:24:59 Shizune: are you sure 10 couldn't have been enough?

11/15 00:25:12 Shizune: just kick an aussie or two if they fill it up l0l

11/15 00:25:18 Doughboy: total people adds up to over 10

11/15 00:25:21 Spotto: somethings we bring extra people here

11/15 00:25:21 Shizune: ah

11/15 00:25:23 Spotto: sometimes*

11/15 00:25:27 Spotto: like when Mike B showed up

11/15 00:25:30 Doughboy: I think total amount is 14

11/15 00:25:33 Spotto: or when I bring my friend

11/15 00:25:42 Spotto: or when Shizune comes here

11/15 00:25:45 Doughboy: of people who have been on in like past 2 months

11/15 00:25:45 Spotto: because you're not a regular

11/15 00:25:56 Shizune: hmm I wonder where my server is located

11/15 00:25:58 Doughboy: sometimes seyton

11/15 00:26:02 Shizune: I think we did texas and have half you ping, weird

11/15 00:26:09 Doughboy: lol

11/15 00:26:11 Doughboy: berto is on

11/15 00:26:12 Shizune: probably because seattle is a popular one

11/15 00:26:18 Doughboy: berto is only one on

11/15 00:26:29 Spotto: tell berto of new server

11/15 00:26:34 Doughboy: he no respond to me

11/15 00:26:41 Spotto: boo

11/15 00:26:43 Doughboy: I will not do that

11/15 00:26:57 Doughboy: I will give him info to bad pepple server instead

11/15 00:27:04 Spotto: lol

11/15 00:27:05 Doughboy: he is babby and needs to grow into mang

11/15 00:27:16 Doughboy: someday he will be the mang of this vent

11/15 00:27:17 Shizune: my vent?

11/15 00:27:21 Doughboy: sure

11/15 00:27:24 Doughboy: that will work

11/15 00:27:25 Shizune: haha

11/15 00:27:48 Shizune: depending on how he acts

11/15 00:27:50 Doughboy: I think souleh got off cuz I called him derpy the pony too many time

11/15 00:27:52 Shizune: he'll probably be banned pretty fast

11/15 00:28:04 Doughboy: I think he would just be like having a 2nd Kira tbh

11/15 00:28:10 Spotto: maybe he doesn't like being Rainbow Dash

11/15 00:28:13 Doughboy: he is literally kira

11/15 00:28:19 Shizune: no he's not

11/15 00:28:24 Doughboy: have you talked to berto

11/15 00:28:28 Doughboy: before

11/15 00:28:46 Doughboy: ok

11/15 00:28:48 Shizune: I don't have to because kira is a special case

11/15 00:28:52 Doughboy: berto is kira minus the child porn

11/15 00:28:59 Shizune: is berto a nazi?

11/15 00:29:07 Doughboy: ok minus that too

11/15 00:29:08 Shizune: does berto hate black people even when he's never seen one?

11/15 00:29:15 Doughboy: wtf lol

11/15 00:29:24 Doughboy: EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT KIRA

11/15 00:29:28 Shizune: does berto have a dick piercing and a huge tattoo of some stupid fish?

11/15 00:29:34 Doughboy: maybe

11/15 00:29:38 Doughboy: not sure about those last two

11/15 00:29:48 Doughboy: haven't checked. maybe souless knows, he is peterfile

11/15 00:30:03 Shizune: other than that you have some kid who doesn't know much and like all I know about his name is that he watched death note

11/15 00:30:16 Doughboy: yeah

11/15 00:30:19 Doughboy: berto doesn't know much

11/15 00:30:24 Shizune: wow

11/15 00:30:25 Shizune: wow

11/15 00:30:27 Doughboy: that is his defining trait

11/15 00:30:28 Shizune: the similarities

11/15 00:30:29 Shizune: are like

11/15 00:30:33 Doughboy: off the charts

11/15 00:30:33 Shizune: fizz and witch slayer

11/15 00:30:34 Shizune: amazing

11/15 00:30:43 Doughboy: LOL EXCEPT YOU MAKE THAT KIND OF COMP.

11/15 00:30:50 Shizune: because like

11/15 00:30:53 Shizune: they're both champions

11/15 00:30:55 Doughboy: HURRR LOOK CAIT IS LIKE WS

11/15 00:30:56 Shizune: and they both do damage

11/15 00:31:04 Doughboy: HURR FIZZ IS POLLYWOG, WOW RIOT

11/15 00:31:12 Spotto: berto is also very stubborn

11/15 00:31:23 Spotto: and doesn't help himself in knowing more

11/15 00:31:29 Doughboy: ^

11/15 00:31:31 Doughboy: very true.

11/15 00:31:48 Doughboy: berto also listens to budstep

11/15 00:31:56 Spotto: dubstep is okay

11/15 00:32:15 Spotto: but I've only listened to like twelve of that genre so what do I know

11/15 00:32:16 Doughboy: spot has delusions of grandeur when it come to dubstep

11/15 00:32:22 Doughboy: (I keed)

11/15 00:32:26 Shizune:

11/15 00:32:29 Shizune: going to download this

11/15 00:32:33 Doughboy: but srs, berto is like wham wham wham all the time

11/15 00:32:52 Doughboy: they are terrible and can't dance

11/15 00:33:04 Spotto: well I have a dubstep song about nasus in my mp3 :X so

11/15 00:33:16 Shizune: dude spotto I take a hit of the bong everytime skrillex comes on and I can't feel my face and I shit my pants because that drop was dirtier than fingering my sister and finding my dad's wedding ring

11/15 00:33:31 Spotto: I've never listened to skrillex lol

11/15 00:33:34 Spotto: just random stuff

11/15 00:33:45 Shizune: oh okay and I'll link you to a song

11/15 00:33:56 Shizune: oh yes

11/15 00:33:58 Shizune: this is wonderful

11/15 00:34:00 Shizune:

11/15 00:34:02 Doughboy: skrillex is an asshole, and wth

11/15 00:34:14 Doughboy: that video is dumb

11/15 00:34:22 Doughboy: almost as stupid as "more chicken...yes boss"

11/15 00:34:26 Shizune: no

11/15 00:34:27 Shizune: NO

11/15 00:34:31 Shizune: SO ALONEEEEEEE

11/15 00:34:33 Doughboy: even herp knew that was stupid

11/15 00:34:48 Shizune: you're stupid

11/15 00:34:51 Doughboy: hotshot should buy fizz

11/15 00:34:56 Doughboy: for the ult

11/15 00:34:59 Shizune: okay

11/15 00:35:00 Shizune:

11/15 00:35:03 Shizune: this is for real spotto

11/15 00:35:05 Shizune: what do you think of that

11/15 00:35:31 Shizune: not my fault if you try to start fucking your subwoofer

11/15 00:35:55 Shizune: oh

11/15 00:35:58 Spotto: headphones

11/15 00:35:59 Shizune: and 720 p is necessary

11/15 00:36:17 Shizune: it's garbage in 320p and the drop sounds like gay

11/15 00:36:32 Doughboy: shuzi is very familiar with that sound

11/15 00:36:42 Doughboy: he makes it every time he exists

11/15 00:37:00 Spotto: I don't like the robot sounding duck saying YA YA constantly

11/15 00:37:06 Shizune: mm okay

11/15 00:37:25 Shizune: how about this

11/15 00:37:26 Shizune:

11/15 00:39:43 Spotto: hmmm maybe this isn't my kind of music :X

11/15 00:39:56 Shizune: eh, just recommending some stuff

11/15 00:40:22 Doughboy: "stuff" is being generous

11/15 00:40:30 Shizune:

11/15 00:40:36 Shizune: actually

11/15 00:40:40 Shizune: I haven't heard this before

11/15 00:41:07 Shizune:

11/15 00:41:19 Shizune: I think this is the original and I really like it, give it a listen

11/15 00:45:11 Doughboy: remix is definite improvement imio

11/15 00:45:13 Doughboy: *imo

11/15 00:45:21 Spotto: yeah I like the remix

11/15 00:45:23 Doughboy: orig. kinda meh

11/15 00:45:29 Shizune: the first one? Hmm I haven't heard it before

11/15 00:45:34 Shizune: so I had no opinion

11/15 00:45:42 Doughboy: wat

11/15 00:45:53 Shizune: Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go - Cinema (

11/15 00:45:55 Shizune: this one?

11/15 00:45:59 Doughboy: that thing

11/15 00:46:01 Doughboy: I liked that one

11/15 00:46:08 Spotto: yeah

11/15 00:46:11 Shizune: yeah I haven't listened to it before

11/15 00:46:22 Doughboy: the dubstep one is kind've like blegh

11/15 00:46:27 Doughboy: it's decadent.

11/15 00:46:38 Shizune: mmm it's got more progression and changes of beat over the dubstep

11/15 00:46:48 Shizune: but that's the thing with dubstep, lots of repitition

11/15 00:47:11 Doughboy: yeah it's for pepple who are musically babbies

11/15 00:47:16 Shizune: probably

11/15 00:47:25 Shizune: the remix is more of an electro I guess remix

11/15 00:47:44 Spotto: reptition is okay in moderation but too much makes me want to punch something

11/15 00:47:53 Shizune: haha yeah that's a majority of dubstep

11/15 00:47:56 Shizune:

11/15 00:48:00 Shizune: what do you think about that

11/15 00:48:57 Spotto: you know that logo

11/15 00:48:58 Spotto: in the video

11/15 00:49:03 Spotto: I listened to a lot of the green version of it

11/15 00:49:11 Shizune: yeah they have several "channels"

11/15 00:49:21 Shizune: blue is dubstep

11/15 00:49:29 Shizune: dnb is green

11/15 00:49:35 Spotto: oh

11/15 00:49:37 Spotto: I liked green

11/15 00:49:55 Shizune: yeah if you click ukfdubstep you can go to the dnb section at the top of the page

11/15 00:50:02 Shizune: I'm not a big fan of dnb

11/15 00:50:22 Spotto: well cunchy or someone linked it in vent and I clicked it then listened to more so yeah

11/15 00:50:40 Shizune: I'm assuming you know pendulum?

11/15 00:50:49 Spotto: you assume wrong

11/15 00:50:53 Shizune: really?

11/15 00:51:00 Spotto: my knowledge of music is pitiful

11/15 00:51:07 Shizune: no worries

11/15 00:51:13 Shizune: I didn't know about any genres at all

11/15 00:51:15 Shizune:

11/15 00:51:21 Doughboy: shizu is worse

11/15 00:51:21 Shizune: that's probably pendulum's most famous track

11/15 00:51:36 Shizune: and they're a very popular dnb band

11/15 00:53:01 Spotto: where is 720p :C

11/15 00:53:07 Shizune: it's an old song

11/15 00:53:31 Shizune: the video is kind of strange

11/15 00:53:35 Shizune: to say the least

11/15 00:53:48 Doughboy: you auditioned for that role

11/15 00:53:50 Doughboy: don't lie.

11/15 00:53:55 Doughboy: you wanted to be him

11/15 00:54:03 Shizune: yeah when I was 13 years old

11/15 00:54:07 Doughboy: mhm

11/15 00:54:27 Doughboy: BmC had the same dream. it's ok, you not alone

11/15 00:55:39 Doughboy: I don't know how that song went

11/15 00:55:51 Doughboy: because I was mesmerized by that guy's beautiful body

11/15 00:55:56 Shizune: same

11/15 00:56:03 Shizune:

11/15 00:56:08 Shizune: this is my favorite pendulum song

11/15 00:57:28 *** You have been disconnected from the server ***

11/15 00:57:39 *** You have been reconnected to the server ***.

11/15 00:58:17 Shizune: did you lag out

11/15 00:58:40 Spotto: yeah, but listening to propane nightmares

11/15 00:58:57 Shizune: what do you think about pendulum?

11/15 00:59:15 Spotto: I don't know what to think lol

11/15 00:59:22 Spotto:  Slam was good

11/15 00:59:23 Shizune: the slam video too good?

11/15 00:59:28 Doughboy: say they're bad and he'll go away

11/15 00:59:42 Shizune: l0l

11/15 00:59:49 Shizune: I can recommend dead mau five

11/15 01:00:02 Spotto: I dunno when I listened to dnb before I might've been like totally bored or something

11/15 01:00:09 Doughboy: ^

11/15 01:00:11 Doughboy: get dunked.

11/15 01:00:22 Shizune: if you thought dubstep was boring, you should try dead mau five

11/15 01:00:27 Shizune: he'll put you to sleep

11/15 01:02:45 Spotto: I liked your favourite song

11/15 01:03:02 Spotto: also this was the nasus one I really liked

11/15 01:03:11 Spotto: you prob already heard but yeah

11/15 01:03:23 Shizune: oh yeah, I think that's like supposed to be really uhh

11/15 01:03:30 Shizune: like original dubstep

11/15 01:03:37 Shizune: I forgot what people called it

11/15 01:03:46 Shizune: but it's not like skrillex dubstep

11/15 01:04:34 Shizune: was it? I remember it had a movie to it though

11/15 01:05:22 cunchy: ???????????

11/15 01:06:29 cunchy: I <3 DnB

11/15 01:07:19 Shizune: I only know pendulum

11/15 01:07:31 Shizune: so therefore I know all of dnb

11/15 01:07:51 Spotto: oh okay

11/15 01:08:01 Spotto: yeah what cunchy linked I like

11/15 01:08:06 Spotto: I think I have similar music tastes with him

11/15 01:08:17 'Victorrrrr' has joined the chat.

11/15 01:08:28 Spotto: why is the second spotto still here

11/15 01:08:35 cunchy:

11/15 01:08:37 cunchy: I liked this alot

11/15 01:08:40 *** You have been disconnected from the server ***

11/15 01:08:49 *** You have been reconnected to the server ***

11/15 01:08:51 Doughboy: damn't

11/15 01:08:56 Doughboy: 11/15 01:08:48 Doughboy: hopefully I got the right spotto

11/15 01:09:00 Doughboy: Lolololol

11/15 01:09:01 Spotto: you kicked the wrong one >:

11/15 01:09:05 Shizune: is this like toho dnb?

11/15 01:09:11 Victorrrrr: whos the other one?

11/15 01:09:16 'Spotto' has left the chat.

11/15 01:09:18 cunchy: There's not alot of Touhou dnb though :c

11/15 01:09:20 cunchy: Or there is

11/15 01:09:20 Shizune: I had some toho dubstep which was kind of funny

11/15 01:09:21 Doughboy: I think I got it

11/15 01:09:24 cunchy: And I can't find any

11/15 01:09:43 Spotto: I am suscribed to touhou electronic channel

11/15 01:10:04 Shizune:

11/15 01:10:08 Shizune: this is nutty

11/15 01:10:39 cunchy: dubstep is too slowpaced for me D:

11/15 01:10:46 Shizune: drops man

11/15 01:10:49 Shizune: love the drops

11/15 01:13:42 Spotto: Eurobeat <3

cool people talk about ponies, touhou, music and tolerance

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So there was a recent Touhou popularity poll on Nicovideo. The results are startling, truly startling.

I'm thinking that popularity is not very static AT ALL for ANY CHARACTER except like Sakuya or something because the results are startling, truly startling. Here are the results, though you might not see it if you're not signed in, and it generates random images from the character's pixiv tags so it can sometimes be NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Just a warning ya'll.

I'll list them from first to eightieth. (yes EIGHTIETH, and for good reason!)

Results here if nicovideo sucks )

HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK SUPRRISES: Momiji in third. MOMIJI? I like Momiji. I thought she was a relatively popular character, like mid-tier...not GOD TIER. NOT PLAYABLE TIER. NOT SCARLET DEVIL MANSION TIER. WHAT THE FUCK.
Keine in EIGHTH!? Since when is Keine the most popular Imperishable Night character!? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. I like her though, but she was like low-tier in popularity, ALL OF EIENTEI AND MOKOU MINUS EIRIN are always thought of as more popular than her. WHAD.
UNZAN is the MOST POPULAR UFO character. Even more than Ensemble Darkhorse Kogasa. This is where I suspect this is a joke popularity poll. I can't think of any other reason for such showings. RAN >>>> YUKARI!? Daiyousei IN TWENTIETH!? I knew people liked the unpopularity of the Aki sisters to make them popular, BUT NOT BY THIS MUCH! Kaguya is more popular than Reisen lol. RIN KAENBYOU. I repeat ORIN, RIN KAENBYOU has overtaken KOISHI and UTSUHO. This does NOT COMPUTE. I too like her but wow, groundbreaking. O_O Byakuren, Murasa, and Ichirin are shoved together and both Murasa and Ichirin are NOT the least popular UFO characters. In fact Nue is worse than them. In fact SHOU is worse than them.


Okay let us breathe. Breeeeeathe. 

I however am not surprised that SDM is high. I'm actually seeing that they are more overrated than I thought they were. I knew they were to some extent, but this is ridiculous. Get rid of everything except SDM and there will probably still be the same amount of fans. That's how ridiculous it is. This isn't even just the main SDM characters. People like Koakuma have a good showing. DAIYOUSEI is far higher than normal, and even Rumia isn't slouching, combine this with Cirno's might and NONE of the characters in that game is forgotten. ZERO. Pushing so many amazing characters back, and I simply shake my head.

I get the whole joke of the Aki sisters' unpopularity but why is their unpopularity making them popular. That's like Cirno being popular due to a meme...and suddenly I am no longer surprised. Again it pushes back some pretty great characters. They should not be more popular than Kanako at least, who is the sixth stage boss in the game. I think she's the least popular in that game now, besides Hina. That's REALLY SAD for a sixth stage boss. REALLY REALLY SAD. Even Kaguya isn't in the same boat. How did Yukari drop so much? That's pretty surprising as well. Extra stage bosses have really lost their popularity, every single one of them fell. EVERY ONE OF THEM. (Except maybe Suwako) 

I really think this poll is messed up. For example Tojiko is a Ten Desires character I thought was getting popular what with the number of images she was getting (not quite to Futo's extent) but SHE'S NOT EVEN ON THIS LIST. She's not even EIGHTIETH. Mamizou, who I thought was the least popular IS on this list. Then again I suppose every nicovideo visitor isn't an artist or something, but these facts are as surprising as the theory of relativity going out the window! I guess Touhou characters are like the stock market. They can go up and they can go down, so unless you invest shittons of money into Sakuya you won't be making much money. The thing is EVERYONE invests money into Sakuya so you don't earn much in the first place, like gambling. Everyone bets on the best horse, and most often the best horse wins, but since everyone bet on it they don't get much money. Now if you bet on that white horse named Momiji no one gave a damn about, you'd have won the jackpot of a trillion dollars. A literal trillion dollars.

So how does this hold up for my favourite characters? Keine is apparently my most popular favourite character. (I kind of expected Mokou or Satori or Byakuren or something) Nazrin is my least and Shou isn't far behind. What the hell happened you two. I was wondering why I kept running into so few new Nazrin/Shou images. (there are more MURASA IMAGES coming out than them!) A quality Shou picture a week is getting somewhat difficult to maintain. I think I might go ahead with my Ask Shou tumblr due to this troubling result, it's not like she's popular in the west either.

Anyway Murasa didn't go anywhere, Nue plummeted (WHY), Koishi fell (WHHHHYYYY), Shou and Nazrin are bottom-feeders (WWWHHHHHHYY!?), Byakuren has plummeted ridiculously as well (WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!?), even Satori has dropped tenfold (WWWHHHHHHHHYYYYY!?) Mokou has fallen crazily (long-running gag here) but at least Keine shot up! YAY KEINE. That's right! Who cares about the rest of them, at least Keine is popular!

.... ;_;

I think I lost a lot of money in my Touhou stocks today. (though they aren't official like the yearly ones. So I won't react quite as greatly as I would for those we'll see. We'll see...) 

(as for those outside the top ten, Utsuho, Yukari, and Yuyuko have fell a ton too, Parsee's still where she is though and Futo is top TD dog but that isn't saying much at the moment) 

That is all. I am now supporting Shou/Nazrin ten times harder.
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 But I actually watch it quite a lot and enjoy it.

This made me happy. :D YAAAAAAY

Sadly Chris Meloni won't be returning next season, but I always loved the lawyers more for some reason. (Even if the show is defined by the two leads) and actually without these two AND Stabler I probably wouldn't have bothered with next season. (Only half of season twelve was decent anyway, with only one or two really good favourite seasons were 4/5/6/ know, when said two lawyers were in it)


Edit: Oh yeah and my last rant about DBZ was a TAD inaccurate. Apparently it was a giant spirit bomb that killed Buu, not Vegetto as I had believed. This is how amazing my memory is. (I did somewhat enjoy the Buu arc though despite my annoyances with it, like the Magic School Bus-esque travels within the body of Buu. "Great Galaxy! If I know my anatomy that leads straight for the southern exit!" Hahaha.) 
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 Every single year I hear of people going to cons dressed up as their favourite characters and I'd always say "Psh. I'd never cosplay" mostly because I can't be bothered to make one OR buy one, or even go to one (Unless someone tells me that Nue figure is for sale there >_>)

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Woo! I'm happy, oh so very happy! I should change my email address here to Gmail, so if there's anything interesting, like comments or soemthing, it won't go to my unwanted Yahoo account! I will now thank Aoi for Gmail, and remember folks, you CANNOT get Gmail unless you have a friend or Google themselves invite you, and that's not a big chance (1 in 20.)

Dude, the friend I was introducing LF to, asked about Yaoi LF pairings. Cough, they do not exist, nope. Most LF fans are male dorks who would rather go ahead and code new characters (Yes, game codes is harder than HTML, BELIEVE ME) spriting bright coloured blinding characters and watching cool flash movies of it then think about Romance at all. Also, there is no romance in LF2, even though most characters are boys like Beyblade, mostly because they all have no personalites....ok, before LFO came, that is, BEFORE. Though, if they DO plan on creating a freakin Anime out of it, Yaoi pairings WILL pop up and RAID everywhere to no end!!! If we could estimate what the most popular pairing would be, my guess is whoever would be more popular.

Currently on LF2, Freeze is the most popular, but in the spite of LFO and their retarded design changes and crap, it is most definitely not so!  So, let us speak about he mgiht be the msot popular character on LFO fandom. Now who has  improved greatly, in looks since LF1? We must remember that this is the ART, not the game sprites, so despite Rudolf looking like a crazy lunatic as the sprite does not mean he looks like that in ART, Sicne Rudolf looks wonderfully like a mysterious "ninja" person in the ART. Ok, but if you think of the show itself, most probably it would be centered around Davis, Stinky, Woody, Dennis, and Cutie. Let's compare that to Beyblade,  Takao, Kai, Rei, Max, and Kenneh.

What's currently the msot popular pairing in Beyblade? TyKa and KaiRei, that's what. Who is in both of thsoe pairings? Kai. Who would most likely be most popular in Davis, Stinky, Dennis, Woody, or Cutie?

My guess, Davis. And Dennis would be moreso like Max. So if it's Davis, and another person in the group who may come just as popular would be Woody.
So...Davis/Woody? *thinks about it* No...pairings not good in video games...but if it did turn into an Anime, that might be a popular pairing...><
How about a popular nonyaoi pairing? Which is too easy, Woody/Cutie. Why Woody? He's a freakin pimp, I can see him with Windy or an effin' Sorcerer.

But there is as a matter of fact, some LF2 pairings that do not relate to LFO out there. Jan. Yes, Jan. She's a character in LF2 who became ignored in LFO. Who is she paired with?

Currently, there's 3 guys they paired her with. Davis, Freeze, and John.
And no, John/Jan is something I HATE!!! With a great passion! I saw too many edited pictures of it...><
There's also a floating threesome out there! Woody/Jan/Dennis! OMG, ISSHEANEFFINMARYSUE?!HASLF2LOSTTHEIRCHANCESOFBEINGGREAT?!
No, she's a sole female, XD

Yes, LF2 is in its early stages. it is not ready to be attacked by Yaoi-loving rabid fangirls just yet. Wait until they hit the Anime and get popular, that's when it'll be hit by Yaoi-loving rabid fangirls.
of course, if they ever do publish some damn Anime, I will be the sole creator of Rudolf/Henry (in seme uke order, not other way around!!)

Man, talking about pairings from a game is weird...

Who here watches Witch Hunter Robin? You there? You? Or You? Hm? *points at every direction* Who's your favourite character? Hm? *points at someone*
....and who did all the calculating for it to be possible?
Random Fanboy: uhh...I forgot.
Yes, today is NAME THAT IGNORED BISHIE! (He IS a bishie, no, HE IS cute, if you think he isn't, HE COOL! MUCH COOLER THAN THAT AMON IDIOT! Cliche character alert!)

So who is that character in WHR, who made it possible for things to happen with researching? (THis is very easy)
Oh, and what's the name of that bald guy again?

Yes, KohakuXRin is very cute. Inuyasha has captured my heart without Inuyasha being part of it, XD!

I lvoe j00 ignored characters! I CAN HUG YOU ALL!! ^___^

Anyway, my new Gmail is [message Spot on MSN to find out]
I will now rip off Ami's livejournal.

Colour of the day: Green (IT'S ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!)
Crack Pairing of the day: Rudolf/henry...O_o
Cute pairing of the day: Kohaku/Rin
Juice of the day: Apple Juice

-spot, greenalicious!

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Live journal....well....the only HTML I can use is on the stupid posting stuff. I should've stayed with Ebloggy but they messed it

Anyway, I'm currently making my cruddy avatar at this moment. Oh yeah, my hamster's dead.


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