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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada

I am Spotto, your lovely blogger today. I am here to discuss all the fandoms I enjoy with either indepth analysis or annoying fangirly squeeing. I must warn those who are curious of this pathway, for it is not for the faint of heart! For example, if you happen to be easily offended or even homophobic, I suggest you turn back now and search for a blog more akin to your interests. Otherwise I cannot be responsible for any emotional or physical damage this journal may cause. You enter at your own risk.

And this journal is not simply a fandom journal, occasionally there will quips of life, but I often keep those entries friended, so if you are so very curious as to inquire about my personal life, you'd have to befriend me first.

The fandoms I currently touch on, or go crazy upon, one or the other are in chronological order...
(with how recent I've been babbling about said fandom in these parentheses here)
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (2011)
Touhou (2010)
South Park (2010)
Nostalgia (ALL THE TIME) [including Powerpuff Girls (or PPGZ), Digimon, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, etc.]
Negima (2007-2010)

Hetalia (2009-2010)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2006)
Battle B-Daman (2006-2006)
Beyblade (2004-2006)

I also discuss certain video games and sports scenes such as
Starcraft (Proscene in Korea, OSL/MSL/GSL/Proleague/etc.)
Hockey (NHL, Vancouver Canucks woo!)
Starcraft 2, Soldat, Little Fighter 2, The Sims 2, World of Tanks, War Thunder

I may also allude to or mention certain awesome friends,
Akira, good friend and fellow survivor of the BIFF Apocalypse
Aoi-dono, good friend and fellow survivor. We often share interests.

The Spectral Infantry clan, members include
Souless (also known as Verisi) survivor of the bloody Soldat Wars
edmendduke, honorary member and fellow survivor. We often share interests.
Cunchy, yet another survivor of the bloody Soldat Wars. Enjoyed the wars.
Doughboy, entered near the end of the wars, owns our homebase.
Wolfe, joined during the Starcraft Wars.
Magus, joined during the cinematic era.
Kat, Souless' fiance and often not a participant in wars.
SlimeMush, joined during the cinematic era.

So, if you like some or all or even just one of those things I do not mind sharing it with you. I'd also like to warn you of some pests. You see I also enjoy writing and drawing, which I post onto this blog as well. They may show up and sting you in your eyes, so I'd watch out for those.

Yes, this is indeed a shipper's blog. So characters you enjoy being thrown into stereotypical situations that often end in sappy love will occasionally be brought up in this blog. Common pairings touched upon are KazumiSayo and...well just KazuSayo though they are ships of the past and are not of recent topic anymore. There may occasionally be mention of shipping from the fandoms above, but are not nearly as prevalent as the one above. (That was quite a phase, wasn't it?) If after all that you haven't been scared off, feel free to read. It's public for a reason.

(Actually I'm just too lazy to private it.)

Interests (18):

anything arts related, classical, eurobeat, folk, friendship is magic, gaming, hamsters, like everyone else, metal, mlp, my little pony, overanalyzing stupidity, ponies, rants, touhou, undefined fantastic object, vocal, why is there only music genres in my interests
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