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What do you mean it's been five years? I haven't neglected them at all!

Nonetheless, I probably didn't manage to write out my season three review because wow, is that first episode putrid. Fallen Arches is Blossom being stupid and old people being injured. So if you enjoy either of these two things do I have a cartoon episode for you! It doesn't give us any insight to any of the main or recurring characters nor was it comedic or dark or anything in anyway, it was just, "Here's some old supervillains who can only be defeated by old superheroes, who by the way are in a feud." I mean considering they've beaten up their own friends and family in that one episode to knock them out of their brainwashing I don't see why hitting old people is such a terrible thing. Okay, maybe, being old, they might croak, but you could just grab them and fly them to jail. I don't see how they could stop you from doing that. This episode was just meh. Plus in a later episode they do end up trying to beat up an old lady (which was really Mojo, but I'd think when all the bodies return to their rightful places that old lady's going to feel awful in the morning)

The "everyone glares at Blossom" episode.

Anyway this full episode is pretty much full of Blossom-shaming. Because in The Mane Event, Blossom decides it's a great idea for her two, usually less mature sisters by the way, who are also both five, to style her hair, her lovely, wonderful long and luxurious hair being styled by two young children whose own hair isn't too difficult or tedious to maintain whatsoever. Blossom, you're really dropping the ball these two episodes. Also, I question how she doesn't feel the EXCRUCIATING PAIN of having her hair ripped off. Though I do maintain her hair being a racetrack or a bunny actually quite hilarious, even in a cartoon. There's a similar episode coming up about Bubbles as well, which I found better but not because it was specifically a Bubbles episode. My biggest gripe between this one compared to the next is how the Professor behaves. I'll elaborate then.

Ah yes, Town and Out, when the girls inexplicably move to the Town of Citiesville. These names are quite awesome by the way. I also heard there's a real Townsville out there. I wonder if there's a real Citiesville? Probably not, but I'll go to Google Maps and find out right now! Hooray for the age of the internet! "We could not find Citiesville." And there you have it. Getting back on topic, I always liked this episode when I was younger. Something about the girls' absurd property damage had to be touched upon sooner or later. I mean, it did lightly in various episodes but not to this point and certainly not to the point of the movie. Though watching it again there are some issues that seem sort of odd. For instance, the girls are all in kindergarten, attending Pokey Oaks in Townsville, yet when they attend a city school they're somehow in a middle school (because obviously middle school children are psychopaths) which I guess gives the bullying a more realistic background. It would be hard to imagine little kindergarteners to such a degree of bullying (but that didn't stop Mitch, others, and even Buttercup herself in that one episode. And Mitch can be quite the shit especially towards that poor hamster that one episode as well...) It also sort of felt like someone who is used to living in the suburbs quietly venting their frustrations with lifestyle in a huge big city where everyone is antisocial and all bad things that happen, would happen. Like that one Simpsons episode about Homer going to New York. I love that episode. Too bad since it aired pre-9/11 it was banned afterwards what with the many many scenes showing the two towers.


Oh, where was I? Yes, a nine-million dollar bridge ruined. The kids, who hate them, and all the other stuff that seem overly negative. Even if these things did happen, it did seem like a serious 180 from Townsville, which I suppose is the point but it felt so extreme it didn't feel like it'd ever happen either. I mean, wouldn't kids find kids who have superpowers super amazing no matter what environment they live in? Ah well. I still like the episode nonetheless. And this isn't the first nor the last PPG episode that takes such things to the extreme.

Child Fearing is quite hilarious. It's a rather mundane episode overall and I'd generally just give it an average-rating and move on from here, but there are a few scenes that stand out that make the episode itself stand out just a little more than usual. I suppose that just means it's above-average. From the Mayor killing his fairy in Legend of Zelda to the hilarious overly-obnoxious programming with the singing sea-serpent, this episode does its job, which is to make those laugh, quite perfectly. Though, at some point Mojo gives up on his plans to use the girls to take over the world when he gets far too annoyed, and just wants them to behave like a normal babysitter would want. I would think at that point the girls should have backed off, but again, a PPG episode is not complete without its nutritious dose of violence, so Mojo gets beat up and sent back to jail. He technically shouldn't have been out anyway, but still. Props for somehow making pillow-fighting more violent than it really is, seriously. o_o

I don't understand how this food tasted like crap. It looked amazing!

Oh good ol' Criss Cross Crisis. There are certain episodes the Anime adaptation...well, adapts roughly, and one of them is Criss Cross Crisis. Why am I talking about PPGZ all of a sudden? Because I sort of want to compare them. In PPGZ the only switch comes between the girls, which is quite interesting and would've been interesting had it happened in the original cartoon as well. On the other hand, OG PPG has far more interesting side characters (with some exceptions) than the Anime ever had, so if they both had the same concept it really wouldn't have worked quite as well. Still, it'd have been nice to have seen Buttercup act like Bubbles or something. Anyway, in this episode the Professor decides to irresponsibly test out his invention on the whole city. Now, you can tell this is going to be a twenty-or-so minute episode because those rays that blast out of their house goes on for forever. Ah the good ol' days when they didn't cram a million things into one episode. Blossom and Bubbles retain their rainy day roles and swap with Ms. Bellum and the Mayor respectively. Buttercup gets the Professor, which is also quite amusing. Seeing "Buttercup" in a lab coat and a pipe is well, starkly different than the norm and thus an interesting sight to behold. The "PROFESSOR YOUR HAND DOESN'T WORK!" gag could only have been done with this concept, and I want to think the entire point of this episode was originally purely just for such a joke, but that probably isn't it. Then they fight Mojo, who I mentioned beforehand swapped with an old lady, so when they find out the old lady is Mojo they don't hesitate to smack him silly. My favourite swap of the villains is the Gangreen Gang, who are all ditzy teenage girls. I'm amazed they weren't shocked at how grotesque they looked and continued on, fangirling about hot guys in magazines and painting their crusty nails. What a hoot. Then we have that whole amazing fight scene where bodies are switched constantly until the Professor eventually fixes the problem just by trial and error, which logically probably would've taken ages to do and they may never have gotten it right considering how many coordinates there must be, but why research and discover an actual solution to the problem when you can just pull a lever over and over again! I'd say if he were swapped with an animal without fingers there would be problems, but he was Buttercup in the beginning, so there goes that out the window.

A lovely episode, if you can tell by my large wall-of-text for it. :D

I could've taken a screenshot of anything, but Professor-Buttercup is too cute for words.

The Mane Event returns this time in the form of Bubblevision! Sure, you can say part of the reason I prefer this episode with the exact same concept as the Mane Event simply because Bubbles is the victim this time, but it's a lot less...I guess stupid, in terms of execution. For one thing, Bubbles' vision has suddenly become cartoonishly horrible. To the point that, even though everything is simply blurry in her point-of-view, she reacts to the tests like she's entirely blind. Yay cartoon logic! Now, this isn't that unrealistic. After all, a lot of us glasses-wearing people don't even realize what we're missing until we finally don our first pair of specs, suddenly seeing all the details of the leaves in the trees, wondering why we were experiencing life in SD all this time when HD was just around the corner. However, I do find Blossom's behaviour in particular a little jarring, especially if these episodes are in chronological order. (If they aren't, then Bubbles' behaviour in The Mane Event is the culprit instead) because well, she's been the victim, so why is she doing the bullying this time around? In fact, it feels like Blossom is the one initiating the bullying. Buttercup just follows along, which would be normal in a leader-follower-fighting-the-monster kind of scenario, but that isn't it at all, especially when Buttercup is known as the bully of the three. Ah well. I guess I like this one better because the conclusion was better. Her beam is intensely magnified as it goes through her incredibly thick glasses, vaporizing the giant ant entirely. (I also hate ants. Hooray!) This is better than Blossom showing off her hair and the eye monster constantly laughing with his eyes closed. Plus, Blossom and Buttercup look stupid from the melted ant glob all over them instead of Blossom shooting the two girls to mess their hair up separately at the end of the episode. I guess it feels a lot more natural this way instead.

And about the Professor thing, even he couldn't help laughing at Blossom's haircut in The Mane Event, yet here he shows his complete sympathy to Bubbles and doesn't make fun of her at all. I suppose the difference is in The Mane Event, literally everyone laughed at Blossom yet here, it was only Bubbles' sisters doing the teasing. And with the Professor being a scientist, he's used to say, giant nerd glasses than ridiculous haircuts, but I still think it was a little unfair in the end. They didn't have to leave in the part where the Professor was holding in his laughter that entire time, though I guess you could argue since he kept it in the entire time, keeping such a straight face while giving Blossom advice it was actually really nice of him, as a father and all. Bah, I dunno.

In the end, it doesn't matter. The Professor is an awesome father.

I'm writing too much about two episodes with the same concept in which nothing at all deep happens and the status quo returns in the end anyway. Plus Bubbles' hearing problems at the end was probably just a one-time- gag thing, but what if, kind of like how extreme Bunny turned out in that depressing episode, that Bubbles has the most wrong with her in some way!? I mean, when the Chemical X fell into the concoction it wasn't just Chemical X! It was glass shards and such too! This episode is certainly the beginning for interesting potential headcanons, that's for sure. A thing I never even considered in the world of PPG.

Alright, moving on!

Bought and the Princess being dumb, and then getting her just Turkish Delights. ...I meant desserts. It was a really bad pun. Really.
Well, I don't have too much to say about this episode. It's pretty much what I said. They apparently had to fill up a lot of time with Princess walking through her halls for forever, which is also a good way to express her obscenely rich status, but y'know, still. I feel like another way to solve the issue was to beat up the criminals since CRIME IS LEGAL, which doesn't mean beating up the criminals is illegal, because if that is a crime, then it's still okay because it was made legal...and also because the PPG is in its nature are very very violent, but stealing! Sure! That works too! Apparently there is a PPGZ equivalent to this episode but I don't remember it at all despite marathoning both series recently so it must've been bad. So yeah.

And now an episode starring a squirrel! Bullet is a really lovely name for the squirrel, debuting in Getting Twiggy With...wait, this is the hamster episode. Oh. Oops. Bullet shows up one season too early? Hahaha. As he (I never got his gender actually) is the saviour of animals it sure would've been nice if he was in this one, Getting Twiggy WIth it, in which a POOR HAMSTER is TORTURED by a horrendous bully who frankly is showing symptoms of psychopathy if he's fine with tormenting animals. The girls in their excessively poor judgement, even Bubbles, give him far too many chances to treat Twiggy well, and since it's a cartoon it ends with Twiggy becoming a huge monster, now in turn torturing Mitch instead. Man, this really isn't a kids show eh? I suppose it wouldn't be one on like, the little toddler channels in the early morning, so you can't expect morals or anything every episode, but well, this goes to show the very revenge-focused punch-baggy nature of the show. Violence, the answer to all of life's problems!

An eye for an eye, the moral of this episode. And most episodes.

So during Cop Out, I was actually quite...out of it. I fell asleep trying to watch this episode not because it was boring in any way, but I was super exhausted. I eventually woke up and finished watching it, but yeah, details may be Fuzzy. He didn't show up this episode by the way. So some lazy, stereotypical and extremely crooked cop gets fired probably because he is lazy, stereotypical, and crooked. He blames all his problems on the Powerpuff Girls for doing the job he never would, and then tries to kill them. At the time I'd probably be all like "Wow that cop is so crooked that's so unrealistic and shit yo!" But nowadays I do wonder, what with the state of America these days (and probably elsewhere) if these types of cops aren't as rare as I thought them to be? Who knows. I do find the girls falling into the acid, with the other cops failing to stop it in time just to find out they were immune to it all along a funny twist. All-in-all a fairly average episode, but a decent one nonetheless.

Silly wabbit, Trix are for kids! Back in the day that commercial was around, and many of us all began feeling sorry for the poor animal. Then came good ol' Powerpuff Girls to parody such things with Jewel of the Aisle, a crackpot of an episode if anything. "Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth!" So an incredibly lucky but dumb thief chases his stolen jewel to extreme lengths, until it ends up in a box of Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets. He ruins the supermarket aisle by flooding it with the cereal, only for the last box to be taken by the Professor. So, he dons a disguise as the Rabbit King and somehow plays his part so well at the very end, he actually wanted the cereal until the jewel was revealed. My absolute favourite part is when he dresses up as Santa while still in his cereal mascot disguise, takes a helicopter to the roof, tries to go through the chimney when a squirrel jumps on him and he falls off the roof, so he takes a second helicopter to get back on the roof. That was just so absurd. Then Bubbles is like "Santa are you crazy!? It's summer!" This entire episode was comedy gold. The girls are all constantly eating the cereal the entire episode too.

I'd put something in these captions but I'm really hungry atm and could sure use some cereal.

And then there's Super Zeroes, in which the PPG find their real selves boring and lame, and their favourite heroes amazing and filled with depth! Well, two of them anyway, what with Bubbles' hero being a Japanese rabbit who loves adventure and such and isn't actually a hero. (The Google Translate-parody of how she translated the comic was gold) Buttercup's dark and edgy hero was amazing. "And his scabs NEVER HEAL!" A perpetually tortured soul who is likely an anti-hero, though I really know nothing about Spawn which was what her's was based off of. Blossom gets the most standard hero of them all, though the excessive-reasoning seems well, a little excessive. (My rope will magically grant you morals!) Yet at the same time it's fitting.

This episode utilized quite a lot of long-gags. I wouldn't say overly-long-gags, but long enough. The time they took to prepare, the time they took to get there, etc. It also established that not only are the regular villains having normal lives when not doing deeds of villainy, monsters too take pride in their battles against the PPG as if they're blood knights or something, fighting and competing with one another for whoever can do the most damage! I'm not entirely sure I like that origin story for the monsters. I love it for the recurring villains, but monsters are monsters and their appearances being random and nonsensical is what makes them monsters. There was a season five or so episode expanding on this concept, but I didn't really like it at all, so. The moral is obviously to be yourself, but for some reason the "heroes" they idolized were far lamer than who they are somehow. Y'know, what with Liberty Belle not having the magical abilities to force morality on people (unlike a certain rainbow beam from a certain equine cartoon I could mention...) or the Harmony Bunny well, doing nothing really....probably another attempt at that mystical rainbow beam, and then Mange you'd think, with Buttercup and violence being so in tuned with one another there'd be no problem. But nooooooo, Mange is like a vampire who cannot stand the sun. Wow, what a limitation. Of course they'd return to who they are! Their alter-egos are lame to the point that why would they like them in the first place? I can kind of understand Bubbles because she likes a manga with cutesy things and maybe Buttercup if the nocturnal thing wasn't in play, but Blossom's has no excuse. Still, it's a fun episode seeing the girls like this, and it was iconic enough for the second PPGZ opening to reference it, but they toned Mange down to look more like some sort of evil Anime witch. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CUTE AND MOE, JAPAN!

I mean, I don't deny the devil would create a hero with exposed thighs, but she's thirteen man! Based off of a five-year-old man! What's wrong with you, man!? Not to mention how she'd never wear anything like that. D<

Three Girls and a Monster was one of my most favourite episodes, probably my most, back in the day. Watching it now it's a pretty simple episode that goes through a lot of padding in the beginning and the conflict between Blossom and Buttercup isn't featured as much as I remembered. Bubbles follows along what the other wants. She's a follower at heart, but when her leaders are incompetent she needs to chime in as well, and with her heart-like powers, she kindly asks the monster to leave. It's so simple and yet so amusing. The huge, most traditionally intimidating monster yet is certainly tired of the shit he goes through, being assaulted by mosquitoes when he's busy mindlessly destroying the scenery. Nowadays it's a become too simple to be the top of my favourites list, but I love it all the same even so. It's also an example of Blossom and Buttercup arguing, which if memory serves right diminishes in frequency until for whatever reason Bubbles and Buttercup arguing becomes the norm. I don't deny that Bubbles can be a brat, but I dunno, seems a tad strange. Like Blossom has learned better now and Bubbles is tired of Buttercup's shit? Who knows. (This is mostly in seasons 5 and 6 when the creator has left, so)

Monkey See Doggy Two, or otherwise known as Mojo is an idiot. Moving on.

Remember when I eviscerated the drugs-are-bad-mmkay episode back in season two? Well, here's the Aesop done right! Candy is Dandy has the Powerpuff Girls eat candy for the very first time. I find that hard to believe, but considering their out-of-this-world reaction to the treat it does seem that way. Sometimes I wonder how the Professor acts as a father. Seven-thirty curfews...sure it was suggested by their teacher, but geez, seven-thirty is really early. It's already early for a kindergartener in my opinion, though some may have gone to bed at the time (my bedtime was 10:00 back then...which probably contributed to my nocturnal nature ha) but for kids who have to save the day at any notice it's pretty steep. And now, they've never had candy before!? Wow. I guess it was good the Professor never gave any to them, but they've had sugary things before, like that ridiculous cereal so the reaction wouldn't have been that great, and yet. I'll stop talking about the continuity and such. So, they get addicted to candy and make a deal with Mojo so they may have more candy. I really think the girls should be rewarded for their constant vigilance in keeping the city safe. When they asked for two-thousand dollars back in that Blossom-stealing episode I didn't think it was that steep, if it was a one-time thing anyway. They risk their lives everyday to save the day! That's gotta be worth something! So only one piece of candy every monster or criminal defeat seems a bit little too, though I suppose if it happens everyday once a day is a way for moderation, but it apparently doesn't happen everyday if they gotta get Mojo in on it.

I'm amazed it was Buttercup and not Blossom who freaked out for more candy after this scene.

Now I question Mojo's sanity. Sure, stealing the candy would've made the girls suffer, but what was going to happen afterwards? That's right. They'll beat him up. Maybe he didn't expect it to that extent, but he was going to be beaten sooner or later, seems sort of idiotic for Mojo to do that? Ah well, trying to figure out the logic of villains would keep me here all day! Then they eat all the candy anyway, with Mojo horribly disfigured...wait why is this the better drug episode again? I guess it shows you all the detail of the consequences that can happen when it comes with addiction. Ah, I don't know. But the girls, while admitting the guilt still get what they wanted, Mojo got a beating he didn't completely deserve, and everyone got stomach-aches. The destruction of property is the equivalent of stomach-aches! I can kind of believe that, considering how painful some of mine can be.

When I saw the title of the next episode I thought it must've been about cats, but I did not recall a cat-based episode after the evil white cat episode back in season one or so. So I internally argued with myself if this episode was actually about cats while going through the seasons before I reached this particular episode. Logic dictated that writers found puns too tempting to not use, so it must've been about cats, but my memory was like "THERE WAS NO CAT EPISODE AFTER EVIL CAT EPISODE!" So I was in this eternal dilemma, wondering if puns or my memory was correct. Always bet on the puns, friends, never the memory. And so we have Catastrophe. It's not really that memorable of an episode either, considering my dilemma. A monster lost his cat and they find it eventually after Bubbles summons all the cats. That poor kitty, being stuck between his cheeks. There must be some sort of animal cruelty law in place to prevent such things, but if monsters can live normal, mundane lives, they can own cats too I suppose. I once ranted that watching cats do nothing for twenty minutes was more entertaining than some season five and six episodes, sooo...this episode is better than some season five and six episodes. Yeah.


I don't know about you but I dislike Mayor episodes. This one is no exception. In Hot Air Buffoon, he hits people with an extendo-grip boxing glove, which was initially effective (and if he weren't such an idiot maybe we wouldn't need the PPG! Imagine that, an intellectually-challenged Mayor who is always unopposed in elections is the sole reason the PPG are superheroes!) but then he just started punching everyone, even for little crimes or crimes that weren't crimes at all, like a stupid softcore version of Bubblevicious or something. Y'know, I rewatched this episode several days back but I don't actually remember how it was resolved. I guess that's how much I dislike this episode. (I do recall a Dr. Strangelove reference with Blossom laughing whilst riding a missile) Oh right, the Mayor tried to punch the missile after the girls stopped it from hitting Townsville, but all he did was set it off. This normally kills people, but because of the laws of comedy everyone is only covered in soot. So the Mayor's stupidity didn't cause the entire human race to go extinct after all, thus justifying his continued place in Town Hall! Hooray! :|

Speaking of which, yay for more episodes of good characters breaking the law because they're either stupid or need to learn a lesson! This one's about stealing even though we had a stealing episode already called Ploys R' Us. Believe it or not despite knowing the chain store existed I didn't actually get the pun when I was younger. So the Professor is suffering from some pretty specific sleepwalking, which leads him to stealing from a toy store and leaving it for his kids. Maybe it's his subconscious trying to please his lovely children in ways he never could when he's awake, since despite inventing things and owning quite a lot of expensive equipment a two-thousand dollar set of golf clubs and some extra toys for his children are too much to ask for. The girls soon discover this loophole and manage to land all the toys from the store, even continuing when the store owner is crying his eyes out wondering what heartless madman could continue to steal from him over and over and over again. (And no one thinks to up the security when this thief is doing this every night P: ) The Professor soon discovers his night-crawling activities, and instead tests the girls' ethics by seeing how far they're willing to go. When a bunch of cops storm in and start shooting him after he holds the Mayor hostage, it's only then when the girls confess what they've done. Luckily it turns out it was a test and the girls somehow passed!

Well alright.

A Beefy Betty.

First off, for the first four (or three, I don't remember in four) seasons, firearms were free to be shown in PPG. The one exception is Fuzzy's shotgun, which I guess is cartoony enough to be allowed. In the very beginning they were there as they were, deadly weapons that can shoot bullets to kill people, but over time they were toned down. This episode may be their last appearance as guns, but now they're coloured in bright red colours and their sound effects don't sound anything close to a real gun, so I guess they're treading on some borderline territory here, but considering such violence the show has had, I don't see why censoring guns is a thing that even needs to be done, but ah well. I don't know why I'm complaining about this, since it turns out they were all dart guns so the unrealistic colours and SFX makes sense, but...huh, I just explained away my issue for this part myself. Huh.

Well anyway, the girls sure do like getting away with things until it's too late huh? From Blossom escaping her sisters, going to the point of framing, lying, kidnapping and then explaining it was the Professor who pushed her to crime, to the three not even admitting their misdeeds until the Professor is supposedly dead, kind of says a lot about them doesn't it? I don't know. Perhaps it's just rule of drama to just get the confession out of them at the height of climax, but y'know, considering how violent they are to solving and ending crime it's just a theme that gets repeated so often through the series. It's a broken record, a dead horse by now, but why is this show for children!?

But they learned their lesson, so all is okay!

This post is getting too long. Helter Shelter!

This was ingenious.

I love too many Bubbles episodes and this one is no exception! She tries to hide a whale, albeit a baby one, in the house after the Professor has already repeatedly reprimanded her for bringing animals home. A whale! When the girls try to hide it they all have awful, awful ideas, but Bubbles keeps shoving it back through the window like always. Then it gets shrivelled up and she tries to save it with glasses of water, pft. Oh Bubbles you naive little girl you. I'm touched that even though Bubbles' sisters are understandably pissed at her for never learning her lesson, they still try to save her butt by helping her hide the whale. Isn't that nice? And when the Professor's words repeat within her head, Bubbles applies it a little too cross-the-board, freeing every animal contained in a cage or attached to a chain! Be free, animals, free! Who'd think "Bubbles" being yelled across space would happen before Buttercup? Certainly not me!

Power Lunch was a Gangreen Gang episode, who I'm not fond of. And they almost destroy the Powerpuff Girls, but then nature finds away and the status quo returns again. Nothing much to say about it; the episode was mostly a fight scene. If you enjoy the PPG getting beat up instead of the other way around I guess you'll like it? I dunno.

Some father-daughter relations are touched upon in the Powerprof episode. This is the go-to episode I reference whenever I talk about the writers padding the episode to fill time because it's twenty-minutes instead of the usual ten-or-so. The part where they try to get the Professor to take them to a movie is very long indeed, but still very cute nonetheless. Seeing their escapades so often interrupted by crime-fighting sure sucks. I wonder how they managed to get Mojo in on returning the family back to the status quo though? You'd think after Candy is Dandy Mojo has learned, but I don't even see anything he'd get out of it at all this time around either. I don't understand Mojo sometimes. He seems like a very naive supervillain. Another thing is, one of the outdated slang terms the Professor uses is "Daddy-o" which he uses again when the girl goes back in time to in the time episode in season four, so I like that sense of continuity there! Man, I know I'm reiterating over and over again, but violence sure seems like the number one problem-solving technique in this show. Just have the Powerprof beaten up to the point that he doesn't want to do it anymore! Yay!

I love how the villains are like the girls' peers 'cause even though they beat them up they still feel embarrassed around 'em.

...The Headsucker's Moxy was just a "the Mayor is stupid" episode. The monster itself was fascinating and had an air of horror to him. I really wanted to see him manage to attack one of the girls and see how that played out; it would've been such an interesting episode had that happened. But noooooo, it ends because the Mayor is stupid. Meh.

There are tons of misinformed My Little Pony fans who think Lauren Faust created the Powerpuff Girls. No, she was a storyboarder and a writer for some episodes, but not the creator. That'd be her husband, Craig McCracken. An episode she did write was Equal Fights, and the theme is pretty obvious. FEMINISM, Y'ALL! An issue that many people are rather ignorant about. See, in an effort to invite zero confrontation, I hardly give my opinion on hot-topic issues such as feminism and the like. I am blessed to live in Canada where I generally agree with the populous about issues, but that isn't the case on the chaotic world of the internet. So I just keep my mouth shut and let people with far more eloquence in their speech than I do to explain the logic and purpose of feminism, like this episode.

Well, except this episode maaaay have been a bit too obvious and simplified about it all. A deranged villain named Femme Fatale wants to steal all the Susan B. Anthony coins in Townsville. (I've never seen these coins, not being American and all, so are they common? Or just a limited edition of the coins or what? I've only seen coins with Presidents on 'em, so) She justifies her actions to the girls with her straw feminist logic. They, being impressionable children go along with it, but after three or so seasons of crime-fighting I didn't think they'd believe her so easily and keep letting her commit crimes no matter the words she says. None of the boys that do things in the episode actually do anything wrong, and the real purpose of feminism, is touched upon rather lightly by the girls' biggest woman influences, their teacher Ms. Keane and Ms. Bellum. Femme Fatale's just a thief. She's apparently based on the stupid annoying extreme feminists who demand all for women and none for men, but as this episode in particular we aren't really shown much negative stereotypes of men or women it's kind of hard to point out the real life issue where there is a real divide in terms of how men and women are treated in places like the work force, social gatherings, and the like? I don't know.

Your own movie you say? Yes, they do have one. :D

It was kind of like the very-special-episode about drugs a season back, but it wasn't quite as bad. Maybe just as preachy but not quite as obvious. The intentions are good but the episode fell short for me. I think an episode that depicts the issue more directly is the season four episode with the male superheroes the girls run into. It's not only hilarious but brings out the point pretty nicely. Or maybe I just like morals that are clear-cut and dry, I dunno. Also according to Wikipedia apparently that quote about Susan B. Anthony demanding to be put to jail like all the dudes do isn't true? I'm confused. :(

Next up is Moral Decay...and I've heard a lot of vitriol has been thrown against this episode for depicting Buttercup so negatively, just like A Very Special Blossom and...uhm, well everyone loved Bubblevicious. I dunno any other episode that portrays Bubbles in a objectively negative light. I found her sort of obnoxious in Octi-Gone but, hmmm... anyway unlike these people with these opinions I disagree! While Blossom's behaviour beyond the stealing may have been a bit much in her unsavoury episode, Buttercup's well known for her tough, violent ways. It's just like the toy stealing episode except without the forgiveness. Actually the criticism may be be because the two of them didn't get any forgiveness, though their lack of remorse may have warranted such a I guess the lack of remorse drives the criticism? Bah. I liked this episode because of the slapstick humour, primarily towards Bubbles. The fact that, at one point Buttercup could barely squeeze an apology out of her mouth and now she's spouting it out like mad to justify how much she was "unintentionally" hurting Bubbles is hilarious. I also like despite all the physical abuse, Bubbles is like "th'okay!" through her tooth hole. And then Blossom is smiling like she's superior to Buttercup but then the Professor is like "You can't knock out Blossom's teeth" either and she covers her mouth. Man. I would give this episode 10/10 just for the door-slamming scene. I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE THAT STEREOTYPICAL GAG SO MUCH! It's just so good when it's done versus some character you don't expect. The usual (often-male) buttmonkey villain person being beat up over and over again? Eh, gets old. Not funny. Bubbles? The unexpected is the best humour of them all.

And then Buttercup gets beat up. Well, okay then. Violence solves everything amirite?

I mean, I'm sure she gets it worse in the actual monster fights...

Finally, there's Meet The Beat Alls. It was a Beatles reference episode. I don't know anything about the Beatles. I watched a video pointing out every single reference and literally every line and background event was a reference. All the lines are lyrics or things they've said or song titles. There's the Beat-Alls themselves, the way Moko Yono broke up the band, everything! If I actually knew anything about the Beatles I'd probably like it, but my inner writer spirit would probably say they forced too many references in too small a time-frame. Like when Professor called the Beat-Alls just a "rock band" and tried to explain away such an odd line of dialogue by pointing out Fuzzy's rock. That doesn't explain nothing! Also its laziness in how they portrayed the PPG being defeated annoys me, with the three beams and then the rock every single time. Come on! The Gangreen Gang did better than that! Buttercup did better than that against Bubbles and those were "accidents"! And the PPG aren't so incompetent they'd be defeated the same way every single time! Gah!

And there you have it, season three. Egads on a stick, my friends. I've typed too much. I have a headache (from yesterday too) and I'd like to finish. Now to place a bunch of random images from the episode with hopefully witty captions with a witty title and then I can say "Spotto out!" or something like that. Hoorah! I'd also like to mention I will not be reviewing seasons five and six. I tried to rewatch them today and skipped a majority of the episodes. I might touch on the episodes I did like, but unless you want me to bitch for five-thousand words it will not exist. I will still review the movie and the Christmas Special, but not the 2008 special because if you've been reading my PPG stuff you already know I don't like it and I don't feel like bitching, again. Yep.
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And surprisingly, it was not utter crap as I had feared it would be.

This is also the first time I ever saw it, despite knowing its existence when it was hyped up those many months ago. I suppose from seeing the previews and the new design I found little motivation to actually watch it, dismissing it rather early on without giving it more of a chance. (I thought the preview clip was terrible) But one thing I can say is that it was actually better than the ten year anniversary (or fifteen, I can hardly remember) special from several years back (2008? idk) which I rather despised. (Despite my icon depicting a scene from that episode P: ) Unfortunately one of the biggest problems with that special remains in this one, though perhaps not to such an extent, the pacing.

In "The Powerpuff Girls Rule" everyone talked so blindingly fast they sounded like chipmunks, as if whatever plot and content they had intended for this episode needed to remain in this episode without any cuts, so they instead pressed the fast-forward button to cram it all in. I remember back in the days of the original series, when they'd have a hard time finding content to fill the twenty-two minute time slot they adopted for a while, particularly in the fourth season. You'd have a scene of the Professor in the lab working, and we'd spend five minutes on some overly long gag where the girls are trying to give the Professor a note or removing his items from the counter. There was no dialogue, just sound effects of their heads popping up and down. It was pretty obvious the writers were used to writing their eleven minute episodes, so they had fun filling up what they needed in case their plot wasn't thin enough. These specials however, felt quite a lot like they wanted to throw in as much as possible to appease nostalgic fans (I guess?) and so in order to do so, crammed it all in.

Luckily Dance Pantsed wasn't quite as bad as Powerpuff Girls Rule in that department, but compared to the original it was still too quick-paced for my liking, as if all the dialogue was shoved into my ears and processed through my brain like an obnoxious child shoving a lollipop into my face. The biggest gripe about this special in general is probably the new design and animation for everything. CGI isn't necessarily terrible, just like Adobe Flash isn't necessarily terrible, but in both these specials if you don't do it well it looks especially glaring when it's bad, which both are prime examples of. Powerpuff Girls Rule used Flash and everyone looked like one-dimensional cardboard figures trying to speak on top of each other all at once. The CGI in this special It was almost like the animators wielded so much power they had to animate every single thing possible, leading to several "still" shots (It'd be still shots, but it was too fast-paced for such terminology) and the girls or other characters would be constantly blinking, their pupils zipping around staring at things as if everyone has ADHD and their heads would move around like they had some sort of nervous tic. It was seriously unnerving seeing them all like that, not to mention on top of the picasso-like redesigns that made it look far more uneasy than charmingly bizarre.

The plot however, wasn't too bad. To someone who has never seen this show before they'd probably wonder what the writers were smoking, but PPG generally has a lot of rather surreal episodes with such absurd plots you'd wonder if the writers were smoking crack. Since the special was probably meant for a seasoned fan, we'd be used to such ridiculous events. I'd have enjoyed the plot so much better if again, the pacing was handled properly. There were certain scenes I especially liked though, like Buttercup being smashed so hard she went through the Earth's core, screaming during the mantle and grunting humorously through the crust. Bubbles landing in the world's largest pillow on top of that was a nice touch on how I feel the series treats the characters respectively, but I highly doubt they were commentating on such a fact and the gag was just that, a gag. I also especially liked Bubbles' conscience manifesting as Blossom and Buttercup. I had hoped Buttercup would show up as a devil instead though, cliché as they may have been, but it wouldn't have made any sense. Bubbles' comment of "Oh no! My sisters are tiny! ...and dead!" was delivered wonderfully.

As for the voicing, I could clearly tell the VAs themselves were older with the exception of Bubbles because Tara Strong is hax. There's a reason that woman voices in everything. Buttercup sounded lower, and thus older, but I didn't mind too much because that still fit with her character having such a voice. If she wasn't still five-years-old it might actually have been fitting, but again wasn't all that out of place and I still like E.G Daily's wonderful rendition of Buttercup. Blossom on the other hand sometimes sounded perfect, sometimes sounded strained, but especially sounded over-acted. I thought about it for a bit, and if the animation was still like the original probably wouldn't have minded Blossom's constant need to sound morally superior and righteous, but in this animation it felt like it didn't match with how the character looked or her expression at all, which is partly due to the designs themselves and not so much the voice actress, but still.

Now I never actually elaborated on the designs earlier, just the animation itself, and that too is a heavy point of contention against the special. By God did it look bizarre. I was imagining how a child channel surfing would think of seeing this randomly on the television, assuming people still do that nowadays what with the cable cutting. Frankly if I saw it randomly as a child I may have gotten nightmares in my sleep that very night. I actually don't mind whoever's responsible for the looks' intentions, because if the animation itself didn't look so uncanny valley-ish maybe it could've worked, but at the same time it was still something I had to take in as well as the fast-paced nature of the episode and the slightly-off voice-acting. It was frankly a tad too overwhelming because of it. Also, why does no one comb their hair? It's like, combined with the fast-paced nature of the episode, leading to the speed-talking and the nervous tics/random blinking that the entire cast of characters had several cans of Red Bull before filming or something. Seriously! I hope the 2016 reboot at the very least fixes the pacing issue of these two specials. I can't take much more of this chipmunk like fast-forwarded kind of animation. It feels like it fries my brain.

Oh, the 2016 reboot. Did I mention that earlier? After watching Dance Pantsed I actually prefer its designs over the 2016 reboot despite the reboot looking far closer to the original style. (At least of the girls, the Professor looked too frazzled for my linking. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A SQUARE DAMNIT!) The CGI versions at least seem creative and daring, while the 2016 reboot designs look lazy and uninspired. They don't look different enough to be interesting, nor similar enough to the wonderful style of the original to be good either. They just tacked a few extra accessories or little tabs on the characters and called it a day. With the outlines of the characters being less thick than before, any glaring mistakes in the art style would be all the more pronounced, whilst you could hide a lot of it and instil a lot more imagination with the original style. 

I found a random forum thread about the 2016 reboot and By God was it full of vinegar. I could not believe how many pieces of flying radioactive poop were being flung around because of various issues like why PPG would even need a reboot during a time when literally everything and their dog were getting reboots, or why the original VAs were replaced by new ones. I don't particularly mind new VAs so long as they sounded similar and not annoying (or like chipmunks. PLEASE DON'T HAVE SUCH PACING ISSUES, NEW SERIES!) but I do agree Cartoon Network's handling of the issue was pretty piss poor, having not even told the old VAs themselves they weren't returning when they implied a reboot might happen after Dance Pantsed. For them to see this pop up no doubt on the media or internet before being told privately beforehand would hurt quite a bit, I'd think. The voices of the three are pretty iconic in my mind though, being a nostalgic viewer but I'll keep open about it. I'm especially worried about Buttercup for some reason. That Tommy Pickles voice is just too Buttercup for Buttercup to not sound like that. The voices were so unique and I hope they don't go for some "generic lowish Tomboyish voice". I guess the nasally or gravelly or however you can describe it, nature of her voice is what I think will be difficult to imitate.

Bubbles too would be difficult but having seen the fan crossover MLP animation, Double Rainboom, there ARE talented enough people that can sound exactly the same as the original Bubbles. Is this new voice going to be one of them? Who knows, but I now believe it's actually possible. High-pitched voices can't be emulated just by having a high-pitched one yourself, even in this high an octave voices sound distinct. 

Blossom also would be a challenge to live up to, just because a normal-sounding confident female voice wouldn't cut it. By God I am too attached to these voices, hahaha. But hearing how Dance Pantsed went, the original VAs aside from Voice Not of this World Tara Strong did sound like they were no longer spring chickens, and reprising such a role might make the voices a bit off. But what do you choose, a bit off or something similar but completely new? I just wouldn't know until I actually hear these voices.

By the way, I would never be commenting on all this if I haven't been on a PPG binge this past week. A wave of nostalgia hit me like no other, and I had to rewatch everything. Luckily I own the entire series on DVD! At the time when I bought it I was slightly regretting it because for some reason a poor person like me had sixty dollars on hand, and remarkably during this very brief, mythical time-period I had nothing to spend the money on. What madness, I say, when nowadays I'd want that money to fix my computer, laptop, phone, obtain more hard drive space I desperately need, purchase various useless pieces of plastic I don't desperately need and everything else you'd use money on. So I walked through the DVD aisle and found the PPG boxset and bought it on impulse. But I am glad for such an impulse buy because this is a series I'd love to rewatch, filling my childhood with such joy and violence. 

Violence! Having rewatched it now (not all of it, I just finished season two P: ) I saw this review on a few episodes and it pointed out something that happened quite a bit in the DYNAMO episode but is a prevalent theme throughout the series, casual death. Like, there's a scene where a blimp is hit by a beam and catches fire, and it crashes down onto the stadium below. This normally would already be a rather troubling sight for a kids show, but you actually hear screaming during this sequence. Not to mention the various people being shown actually being eaten and never recovered when the monster was killed and basically we were seeing random helpless citizens dying on screen without any censor at all on a children's television show. This really was created by a college student meant for older audiences (its original intent) wasn't it? Regardless as a child I NEVER NOTICED THIS AT ALL. I was just like YAY DYNAMO AND PUFFERFISH ARE FIGHTING, BADASS! 

This kind of casual violence and black comedy occurred even in the movie, which sparked a few well known comments from critics on why a kids show was so bloody violent. (I still love the car gag where it smashes into a building as a guy is hitting on a girl by telling her about this car, omg) And when blood itself (not just in a random assortment of alien colours to dissociate it with real blood) but actual, red human blood is shown in the series, it's quite a theme indeed. (Bubbles' wiping the blood off her mouth in Bubblevicious is one of my fondest childhood memories) but hey, if violent video games don't cause kids to grow up to become psychopaths, this show shouldn't do it either! 

So it's all the more amusing when PPGZ, an anime based on PPG and sent back to the Western Audience with a dub, that they censored out violence in certain episodes. Yes, the Mahou SHOUJO anime with really no real sense of violence whatsoever and is filled with cutesy, girly plots, was CENSORED for violence in certain episodes (the Kaoru's father wrestling one is a prime example) when it's based off such a straight-laced unabashed violent show itself. FOREVER AMUSED, I AM. That's like all sorts of levels of irony which I don't know if I'm using such a word properly, but who cares!

Which leads me to another point, the dub didn't retain the original voices from the original show, and when I did listen to it I heard screechy and irritating teenage girl voices that put me off ever attempting to watch the dub again. I think it's such a missed opportunity for the original VAs to not voice them considering how different the personalities can be. Hearing original Blossom geek out about Anime and boys? My fucking god what could that have sounded like? That Clipsville episode where they're teenagers with the RRB is the closest example I can think of, but instead of a manic nerd it's more valley-girl idiocy than anything. Hearing Bubbles Bubbles would be kind of interesting I guess, hearing that high-pitched voice being proper and polite and the like, though not quite as jarring or hilarious as Blossom might've been. Now Buttercup I would've loved to hear as well even though Weeb B-Cup and OG B-Cup are the most similar of the three, just 'cause Kaoru acts like some sort of shounen protagonist being all hot-blooded about spirit and inspiring young children to never give up. OG Buttercup is supposed to be the unfavourite bratty middle child, to hear her be a role model would be interesting at the very least! 

Yeah, I can't mention PPG without the PPGZ even if many purist fans either hated it or never gave it a chance in the first place. I can't blame them as it's such a stark genre shift, especially with the changed settings, changed origins, changed familial relations, and especially the changed personalities, but what can I say, I'm a masochist for nostalgia. (Except Sailor Moon) Blossom turning into the standard shoujo-protagonist instead of her usual self is rather disappointing, but I really do like how Momoko is designed with her hair like so especially, so if I could somehow ignore her boy-crazy selfish ways I'd be fine with her. (She feels like a combination of Moon and Venus, but without any of the character development and maturity they had, soooo yeeeeeah) In fact the easiest way to describe the personality changes is that Blossom had all her maturity sucked out of a hose, which was then sprinkled onto her sisters. It explains everything, like how Buttercup is no longer bratty but more like a voice-of-reason role model and how Bubbles is absolutely perfect, leaving her childlike ditziness behind just for plain ol' purity. 

And yes, despite the massacre of Blossom's personality it is actually Bubbles' changes that I dislike the most. What can I say? I love OG Bubbles. (This doesn't stop my brain from shipping, but we'll discuss that later on in this post >_>) OG Bubbles is just so quirky and funny, and well, Weeb Bubbles simply isn't. The writers may have tried to make them similar but I think they missed the entire point of Bubbles. Sure Bubbles is girly and innocent, especially in contrast to her sisters, but that's not the core of her being. She can become violently angry and is a little slow at understanding things compared to her sisters. She's the most emotive of the three! None of these points are touched on whatsoever in the Anime, with maybe the exception of the slowness, but that was only around in the early episodes and it made Weeb Bubbles seem off with her head entirely in the clouds as opposed to charming and amusing. It actually feels like Weeb Bubbles emotes the least of the three girls because having extreme emotions isn't what a proper Japanese lady should have! Damn you, Yamato Nadeshiko trope! Damn you to heeeeell!

And then there's Buttercup.

If I despise Yamato Nadeshiko in Anime, there is one thing I find the exact opposite, the Bokukko. I love the Bokukko. And well, Buttercup became that. Yes, the three of them essentially became Anime Stereotypes, but if you were expecting quality from PPGZ you are barking up the wrong tree, sir or madam. I don't know why I like Japanese tomboys so much more than just the standard tomboy. I guess in their society where sexism is a lot more pronounced (though not as overt in such a conformist hushed culture) being a tomboy and staying that way feels a lot more daring and brave. It's so nice their school doesn't require uniforms, about the one stereotypical thing this anime doesn't do, so that Weeb Cup (I wonder if you're still following my ridiculous slang usage here) can dress anyway she pleases. Her outfits remind me of my clothing choice when I was younger (and aside from the sudden prevalence of pink nowadays it's still not too far off from before) and really, with the OG girls being so violent, Weeb Cup is the closest thing to the original show's spirit. She tries to solve all her problems with violence (at least the superhero ones) which was basically the defacto way of solving EVERYTHING in PPG, but since this is mahou shoujo world all the most mild of conclusions can occur. Like, an eraser and a pen have become monsters. In PPG they'd have punched them into bruises, black eyes, and missing teeth and thrown them in the slammer even if they didn't deserve it (Mime for a Change, never change!) but here, the pencil and eraser learn their lesson and leave Weeb Bubbles to travel the world and find their true calling in peace. ....wat.

And the funny thing is, more often than not, Weeb Cup's violence works. I was rather surprised considering I was used to Sailor Moon's formulaic approach to the bad guys, that Weeb Cup (I'm sorry I'll call her Kaoru now, lol) Kaoru would be finishing off the monster most of the time even though she wasn't the main main character, Blossom. This was all because she wielded the hammer, so she'd do the most damage and thus have the most impact. How lovely.

Anyway since I am typing so much about PPGZ, yes while I was rewatching PPG I also rewatched PPGZ and found that, perhaps since I am older that it was far harder to sit through this time around. The plots are just so childish and juvenile! The plots are also played so straight it's not funny. When a lot of media does its best to subvert expectations and you return to an old show where it does nothing of the sort at all it really doesn't age well. I mean, why are half the episodes about inanimate objects coming to life attempting to gain my sympathy because some people don't want to use them anymore? Why is the other half about love? Every named character and its dog (YES, LITERALLY THE TALKING DOG) falls in love or is the subject of love at some point of the show. About the only characters who aren't are the Rowdyruff Boys, but you try telling that to the ninety percent of fanfiction writers for both of these shows! (I wanted to read some nostalgic fanfiction and well, to say I was frustrated is putting it very lightly. There's a huge reason I never really involved myself in the fandom) Regardless of all these facts, there are like, a handful of episodes I still enjoy and plenty of concepts I found interesting the PPGZ did that the original never did. Like for instance, Sedusa! Because she was basically a walking censorship slip she didn't show up very often in PPG, but in PPGZ she got a pretty interesting backstory and a Jekyll and Hyde take on her existence. I also like her design a whole lot in PPGZ, which helps. This has led to me pretty much enjoying every single Sedusa episode in PPGZ, which I can't really say the same for in PPG. (The PPG ones were sure suggestive though P: )

Princess also was given a reason for her villainy (aside from the stupid plot point in the beginning that is the origin for practically every hero and villain in the show >_>) and for whatever deranged reason I really like her older sister, Miko Shirogane. (Or Duchess as the dub calls, not fond of it) I don't know if it's because her name is Miko and she's purple like another amazing purple Miko I like, or that she's a ridiculous super another amazing purple Miko I like, or that she's cunning, conniving and ultimately won in the end in her one spotlight episode another amazing purple Miko I like...I WONDER WHAT THE REASON IS? But my god, is she deliciously cunning. What a manipulative bastard. Her design is really nice too. I feel like she overshadowed Princess' presence (which I think is the point, but I mean in the way that I like her more even though Himeko has the character development/backstory stuff, or in other words far more depth) I'M SORRY I DON'T KNOW WHEN I DEVELOPED SUCH A WEIRD TASTE IN CHARACTERS.

But in the end the best part about PPGZ is WEEB CUP er I mean, Kaoru. I'm not actually fond of shows explaining away tomboys by giving them a family full of masculine influence, what with Kaoru having only male siblings and looking up to her wrestler father. (A certain cartoon by the name of Weekenders does this to the extreme with Lor's thirteen fourteen sixteen indeterminate amount of brothers) I mean granted, you could explain my own tomboy phase by the lack of feminine influence as a child, but still. There are plenty of reasons people may become a tomboy and it's not such an obvious easy explanation like this, but asking for anything more complicated or intelligent from such a stereotypical mahou shoujo anime is probably pushing it. But wow, my crush on Kaoru back in the day was intense. I mean, I probably didn't mention it as much as my crush on Kazumi or whatever (My type is either, characters I love to the point of LOVE, seriously, or characters I find intriguing and interesting. For example, Miko is a crush love, where I think she is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, whereas Weiss is someone I find endlessly fascinating and wish to write all the things for. You won't see me trying to write a story about Miko. Though I dunno if this example is entirely accurate since I saw a lovely picture of Weiss in a boyish outfit once and declared her my husbando...)

Oh, I am super digressing. WELL. I really like androgynous characters okay. Even normally girly, feminine characters dressed in male-traditional outfits will bring such a reaction from me.


I forgot to mention the most glaring flaw of Dance Pantsed. WHY DOES BUBBLES HAVE ICE BREATH? WHO DECIDED THIS MADNESS? THIS IS BLOSSOM'S SPECIAL UNIQUE POWER YOU DIMWITS! YOU DIMIWITTED DIMWITS! She even used it more than once to emphasize the fact that it was Bubbles' unique power for whatever reason. Blossom meanwhile was shooting lasers out of every orifice.


Well at least Buttercup didn't have anything special, as per usual. (Poor OG Cup...)

...y'know, I'm wondering why with the sole exception of Hetalia, that my tastes starting with Negima all became shows and games with predominantly female casts. Okay, I love Dangan Ronpa and that's pretty even, but even with it, I seem to be attracted to stuff with tons of females in it. You know the reason why? Because even though I grew up a tomboy and despised all things girly, I've been and likely always will be, a romantic at heart. And not a generic romantic by enjoying all the romantic comedy movies in the world, but specifically when one girl likes another girl and my mind explodes. And super specifically an ANIME girl liking another ANIME girl because that's just how weeb my tastes are. Egads.

If it ain't Anime or animesque, I don't give one flying fuck about the romance. This includes every and all cartoons as well as live-action thingies. Well okay, I have that hopeless PinkieShy pursuit that will never go anywhere and has been crushed countless times by not only canon but the hundreds of thousands of fans that have declared their love and support for everything that breaks this pair, but ponies look kind of Anime-ish anyway! And it's a very small part of why I enjoy MLP. It's not like RWBY where shipping is partly the saving grace. I genuinely enjoy MLP as it is even if its more recent seasons have been becoming more and more bizarre and cartoony. So I become all the more frustrated no matter how hypocritical it may be when it feels like the only reason a fandom exists for something is the shipping. "I want to discuss how this episode impacted so-and-so character" "OMFG BUTTERCUPXBUTCH!" "..." This problem existed during my Nickelodeon tween sitcom phase (I will not claim my tastes are ones of high quality >_>) when all everyone cared about was this female character with this male character and that female with that male and ARGH. Even if the show isn't that objectively good I still want to talk about how the show handled this and that, but noooo. 

So anyway that meant I obviously ran into a very strange double problem when I did ship something and wanted to read stuff about it but ran into the MOUNTAINS AND SCORES of stories for this other ship. I mean, OG PPG? Fine. Whatever. I have a small collection of general or horror or adventure or humor fanfictions I can flee towards. If you ship the PPG with the RRB and want to swim in the fifty billion fanfictions about them, fine, go ahead. BUT WHY WOULD THIS BE THE CASE IN PPGZ!? The RRBZ are children like five years younger than the girls and all they do is be rude, inconsiderate and gross. At least the OG RRB had like, the ability to punch people and such. The weeb boys? They're just...immature schoolchildren. They have no superpowers. The incompetent weeb Mojo created incompetent RRB. It's so very sad and tragic. It's even more sad and tragic that despite their godawful disappointing adapted selves, that PPGxRRB fics still take up ninety perfect of the category. I just don't...why? Just why? WHY? WHY!? I know I am being melodramatic, but that's what I do on this blog and I truly feel as if this PPGxRRB thing is some sort of divine punishment for whatever sin I committed in my past life. It's just so PREVALENT. It's everywhere! By this logic maybe I should like it too when everyone in the world seems to enjoy it, yet I do not! And now, since FFnet's filters are some of the least useful around, my only hope to find non-RRB stories is to SIMPLY BROWSE past them, and I swear I could almost feel physical pain having to go through pages and pages and summaries and summaries of these stupid boys, over and over and over and over and over again! I'm sorry if you happen to like them, BUT GAAAAAAAH! RAAAAAGGH! WAGRAGVGE@ HFBSBSJFSBDHfAF HFGYWEUQ~


Ah, KaoruxMiyako. I love this ship. They're like a non-douchebag version of the original Mahou Shoujo girl ship, NeptunexUranus! (I would've liked them if they weren't douchebags. I swear) Oh what's this? A Deviantart group? With five images? Oh what's this, some fanfics? Around six or seven? 

And then I look across the grass and see all the happy hoppy people sharing and laughing on their giant cruiser of a yacht, hanging around the PPGxRRB. It's so lonely on this floating tiny little raft.

Anyway if someone really likes PPG and is disappointed I spent most of this ranting about PPGZ for some reason, well what do you expect? It's inevitable. I like them both, even if I can't sit through most of PPGZ anymore. It's got the crush and the ship, which is a huge factor to my fandoms while PPG is nostalgia and childhood, which isn't as much (but I still love it in the pure, "I WAS THE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC OMG!" sense) And if you've read this blog before, I can spend so many words ranting about ships and crushes over nostalgia shows without those two factors, so I mean...

This has been Spotto.

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So for the past few weeks I tried to post things but I could not. They would go unfinished, a mess of indistinguishable text either ranting or analysing about ANYTHING. This is usually due to a short attention span or too many things happening at once. So...have some spoilers instead! No cut as the Dreamwidth code appears to be equally as buggy as Livejournal and I want to punch something.

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Episode 14 is called The Last Roundup. An Applejack episode where she disappears. OooOOOoOoOooooo~

I am actually incredibly excited for this episode. The title is ambiguous but could possibly imply sad undertones, and the episode itself appears to be an adventure one where the group tries to find her. I personally hope there are flashbacks (new ones that is, not some stupid clip show) each of the remaining mane six which exemplify the awesomeness of Applejack, and how it would be awful if they'd never find her. It would be an incredibly heartwarming episode and shoot AJ up my favourites.

That is of course what I HOPE. And I know I'm hyping up this episode, after all there are two others before it I never mentioned. One about Apple Bloom I'm not all that excited for and a Pinkie Pie episode which is awesome except the synopsis doesn't leave my brain with anything exciting that could happen. (Of course that's what I thought of Sweet and Elite and it turned out pretty eventful and not just full of Rarity, so...) Plus it's a Pinkie episode, and PINKIE makes things pretty cool. The Last Roundup though is the one I'm especially excited for. I'm well aware what I hope is likely not to happen, considering my predictions for Mare-Do-Well. (IT STILL SHOULD'VE BEEN ONLY APPLEJACK DAMNIT!)

As for episodes we just had a few weeks beforehand? I quite enjoyed both Secret of my Excess and Hearth's Warming Eve. Nothing much to say about them both besides the obvious. At the time of Secret of my Excess' airing I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of Rarity we had been getting. Luckily Spike's growth (he became a pretty badass dragon) and the usual Pinkieisms kept the episode very entertaining. I never was expecting an episode that took Spike's crush on Rarity seriously. I mostly thought that part of Spike would be kept as a comedy-only thing forever, so it was cute though unlike many others not particularly my favourite bit of the episode.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This was my favourite.

Hearth's Warming Eve was pretty good as well! There is one improvement I would've liked. A poster on Ponychan pointed out how stronger the episode could've been if it was the assistants who were frozen, and the leaders finally realized the err of their ways once they saw what was happening and stopped arguing. As it is now it feels a little quick and even a little cheap for the leaders to suddenly be cool with each other after melting. Also it is imperative that Pinkie Pie and Chancellor Puddinghead be kept apart, in the sense that Pinkie is not the Chancellor and visa versa, so anything she did or any other role for that matter that seemed a bit too obnoxious is not of the actor playing, but the character. As entertaining as the Chancellor was she was an idiot, as were the other leaders though in other ways. I did hype up this episode a LITTLE too much so it was slightly underwhelming considering it aired on my birthday, but nonetheless I enjoyed it!

Anyway back to my little AJ point. I have always liked Applejack since beginning to watch MLP. However she got little to no spotlight besides being a supporting character and really added nothing dynamic to the group, instead being the strong foundation for the rest to lean on. I really thought she would be my favourite actually, but it never happened. Nonetheless despite her shortcomings within the canon she still managed a very respectable third place in my favourites, even if she is temporarily replaced whenever an episode about another character aired. (After Sweet and Elite, Twilight temporarily replaced her because I really thought Twilight was very awesome in it) Or Rainbow Dash after May the Best Pet Win/Mare-Do-Well, or even Rarity after...oh wait she's never take the spot olololol. (I still like her though P: )

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tl;dr: Applejacks taste good

That is one of the reasons I am so excited for The Last Roundup. The summary is mysterious and sounds adventure-like which is unlike any other AJ episode we've had so far. (None of which are my favourites sadly, though I could say the same for Fluttershy episodes and half of the Pinkie ones! WHY ARE THEY MY FAVOURITES AGAIN!?) And in terms of which type of pony I support the most it is always the Earth Ponies, who are actually quite adept despite their lack of cool wings or nifty horns. (In a completely irrelevant point, I may annoy some people by admitting my favourite unicorn is Lyra, ohohohoho) There are plenty of other cool earth ponies anyway, such as Big Macintosh and the rest of the Apple family, or Octavia, or Cheerilee! If I were to ever ponify myself I'd either be an earth pony or a pegasi! SO YEAH.

Oh wait I did.



Okay I'll stop being silly.


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So what occurred on my birthday that was last week!? Well I turned the tender age of twenty-one. 21. Agh. Well I find 21 to be the kind-of last "young" age you can be in. 20 feels old because you are suddenly in the twenties, and 19/18/17 feel old because your teenager years are ending/over, 21 feels like a new adventure. The true forage into adulthood! Then your naive years dwindle away when you turn 22, and it is not until you are around 24/25 do you feel young again as at that point you are full-fledged adult! 26 is the beginning of the end. I feel like I had a similar discussion on age when I turned 17 here. Better look back in the entries.

Anyway, age 17 is old. OLD. 18 is ANCIENT. 19 is DINOSAURS. 20 is the BEGINNING of the WORLD. 21 is the BIG BANG. Anything beyond? Why the hell are you still alive!? THAT'S INSANE AGING!

What I'm saying is that now I have moved onto the older teen category, which means I must be more mature and responsible. And when we die we become adults. Yes I do not like aging at all, but life moves on...literally.
I need to grab a cupcake some time and eat one due to MLP. Haven't had one for YEARS.
Disregarding that previous rather pointless point, according to my seventeen-year-old self, I am the BIG BANG. Anyway what did I do/get for my birthday this year? Unlike every other year that had cake (why didn't I get cake @_@) this year I had wires. WIRES! What wires you say? Why, setting up home theatre wires, with the subwoofers and speakers, and the AV Receivers, the karaoke players, the DVD players, the cable box, the brand new 55'' inch Samsung LED TV...

Oh right, my dad bought a TV. I knew he had wanted one for a while, but buying one a day before my birthday was still quite sudden. I thought we didn't have money for one! So I spent both the 16th and 17th unplugging and plugging and remote controlling pretty much. We also had dinner out but I barely remember it. (There was lobster? Jellyfish?) And then pizza the next day. (Finally satisfied my Dominos craving!) and then my friend took me out to a Japanese Noodle House for lunch on the 18th, along with MORE wires.

In fact there were so many wires I had a nightmare about wires...and Fluttershy. I have no idea why there was Fluttershy, especially in a nightmare. That isn't really supposed to happen. That means each of the mane six has appeared in my dreams in some way....except Pinkie Pie.


Oh right, the TV came with a free smartphone deal and since my parents couldn't even hook up a home theatre system they obviously didn't know how to operate a phone more complicated than merely pressing buttons to call people (nor did they need one) so I got the free phone. I'm not entirely sure if that even counts as a present or anything (the dinner was the present) since if we had gotten the TV any other time of the year that phone still would've been mine. It felt like a bonus more than anything. So I now have a Samsung Galaxy Gio, some sort of budget smartphone and I'm pretty happy with it. I've got some cool apps on it and the like. I have Fluttershy as the background, perhaps that's why she showed up in my nightmare about wires. If I wasn't plugging in wires I was staring at my Android.

Suffice to say, MLP looks BLOODY FANTASTIC on a 55' inch TV. Holy crap it's beautiful. This plus the recent take downs of popular pony-download sites and youtube channels has led me to grab every episode either in 720p or 1080p. Watch how pretty it is and ignore my dorky attempts at singing with them.

I also got ponies and soap for my birthday. SOAAAP! THIS SOAP IS AMAZING IT SMELLS SO NICE AND IT MAKES MY HANDS CLEAN AND BUBBLY AND HOLY SHIT SOOOOAP! Or rather the ponies. You see I only had half the main six + Spike and an oddly coloured pink Celestia. So I wanted the other three I did not have, especially Fluttershy. I am still miffed that the blind bags Fluttershy is just an RD recolour, and that besides the toys where you can comb the hair Fluttershy toys are especially rare.!

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Besides supporting Hasbro which I've been doing since my Beyblade days...what else is up with the Spottos?


I should definitely watch the Christmas Special. Until then, have some negative opinions of PPG. Yes, I said negative., went through all six discs I got.

Or at least, I tried to.

It's just...ugh. I can see why it got cancelled at the end there. Once the show started using Flash and basically the moment Craig left it just went downhill, seasons five and six were unbearable to watch. Some episodes were good, but the proportion of good to bad episodes just dropped off since the earlier seasons. PPG was made to be shorts, 11 minute shorts and thus two episodes per airing. Whenever they try to stretch the episode to 20 minutes like season four, they really went and stretched it.

You know how I often say MLP ends waaay too fast? Because it's filled with content, and sometimes it has to rush the ending just to fit it in the timeframe. Most of the time though, the episode is just so good and paced well, you wish it went longer, but that's all you get for the week. That never happens in PPG. There are twenty-minute episodes that are indeed paced well, such as the ones during season one (yes this includes The Rowdyruff Boys) but many of the ones in season four consist of a really long and drawn out scene. It is not entertaining nor funny or even cute. Maybe that one scene in Powerprof was cute, but most of the time it's WHY CAN'T THIS SCENE JUST END!? It's goddamn FILLER that is what it is.
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I liked you better when you were crudely animated!!11!1!1!!

Though Season Four wasn't THAT bad about it, a lot of my favourite episodes are in season four, particularly the first half. Him Diddle Riddle certainly wouldn't have worked in 11 minutes that's for sure. It got really bad during season five and six though. The animators seem to be overjoyed with their new toy called Flash that they spend ten minutes of the episode showing off random and frankly poorly thought out attacks for the PPG to perform, which often don't work and never show up again. Furious Flaming Feline I liked because it was used more than once, and looked like their signature group attack. Then they started getting more random group attacks they never use again, and outrageous attacks they individually use we never saw again. THEY CAN DO THE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!? They can SHRINK!? Bubbles can BLARE OUT FIRE!? I also would've preferred if their signature attacks remained their signature attacks. Even if Bubbles' sonic scream thing isn't a unique attack Buttercup would've obviously known she can use it already so why the hell did she try to see if it was her special ability? :\

Did you know, that episode about feminism with the Femme Fatale? Lauren Faust wrote that one. Who would've known! I didn't really like that episode all that much though, even if the girls are young enough to be impressionable like that, why would they ever listen to a bad guy no matter the gender, and wouldn't they see themselves going a bit too far with how they were treating the guys? The aesop was right though, but I found the PPG held the idiot ball too tightly.

Ah, and Powerpuff Girls' Rule...rewatched that one on the Extras. I liked it when I first saw it, but now... wow, that was terrible. They didn't even use the same type of animation they did for seasons five and six, and the PPG especially looked crappy because of it. (Especially when they opened their mouths very wide) It did have two songs...but they gave it to Mojo Jojo, who cannot sing. I think that's the main problem that occurred between seasons four and five/six. Despite the creator leaving or the animation becoming Flash, the focus switched from the girls to the villains. The girls merely became the heroes and the villains were the ones given the spotlight, the ones causing the problems, the ones usually fleshed out. The girls just reacted. This is further evidenced with the return of the Rowdyruff Boys. They didn't even attempt to make them interesting, maybe a few dumb boy jokes here and there, but I feel they really wasted Rob Paulsen's voice talent with them. They were just stereotypically stupid! There were a few episodes that gave the girls some light but a majority was given to the villains.

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Never mind go back to better animated!!1!1!!!11!

Case in point, let us summarize a few episodes in season 5 with few words.
Monstra City - The Mayor is an idiot, more than usual. Ridiculously more than usual.
Shut the Pup Up - The Talking Dog is incredibly obnoxious.
Octi-Gone - Bubbles and Mojo are flanderized/OOC.
Shotgun Wedding - Fuzzy is outrageously dumb.
The Boys are Back in Town - 20 minutes of non-witty and frankly disgusting innuendo.
Pee Pee G's - OOC Mojo and cheap pee jokes
Boy Toys - Princess being a dumbfuck
City of Clipsville - A failed attempt at offending shippers
Curses - What the hell kind of monster was that?

Or Season 6
Makes Zen to Me - Buttercup learns something...and proceeds to forget it the very next episode.
Reeking Havoc - Are you fucking serious
Live & Let Dynamo - The Mayor. The Mayor somehow got into the Utonium Household and into a giant mecha and destroyed everything. Really. People who compare Pinkie Pie to the Mayor really need their brains checked.
Mo' Linguish - Aren't we glad milking Mojo's tongue can fill ten minutes? And that we did it before already?
What's the Big Idea - And then it was cancelled.

Season 5/6 was filled with gimmicks. Oh look the PPG are cavemen. Oh look the PPG are living in 1864. Oh look the PPG are giants. Oh look everyone is crying. It was either villains or gimmicks, and if it wasn't it was actually a good episode! Little Miss Interprets was quite good, despite thinking everyone around you wants to kill you, eat you, and replace you being a little far-fetched, the scenes were funny. I did not like their "this is our random attack the animators made so they can animate pretty colours and explosions" at the end. So unnecessary. Eyebeams would've worked. ANYTHING would've worked, they destroy Townsville on a daily basis! Bubble Boy was the sole instance of throwing some depth to the RRB, like Boomer being the only constantly picked on. Sadly they never really went anywhere beyond that, and hearing Bubbles talk like Timmy Turner is amusing. Alas, the status quo does not allow anything important to ever change. Documentary was an interesting take on an episode, but eh. Substitute Creature was highly amusing as well, etc. Not all the episodes were bad, but the episodes that were bad....were bad.

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I'll try naming the bad episodes of the first four seasons....
Season 1 - None
Season 2

Daylight Savings
Mojo Jonesin'
Season 3
Fallen Arches
Monkey See, Doggy Two
Hot Air Buffoon
Season 4 - None

I already named a whole bunch from Seasons 5-6 up there and that's not even all the bad ones, it still outnumbers this tiny list. I think the PPG prime came in Season 4. The first half is chock-full of quality, and there are many really good episodes in the second half as well. Then it suddenly plummets like a roller coaster after such a high peak in Season 5. How sad, so sad. Anyway I will likely do some combined super-post with Seasons 3, 4, The Christmas Special, AND the Movie. I will not be touching on Seasons 5 and 6, unless you want me to whine/complain for a thousand words.

I suppose I could sum up all that text with Applejack:

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And my other failed post! Whee!

I have decided to do some episode tier list. They seem kind of fun to do. OPINIONS! I HAVE THEM!


The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Luna Eclipsed
Party of One
May the Best Pet Win

Bridle Gossip
Swarm of the Century
Griffon the Brush Off
Suited for Success
Sonic Rainboom
Green Isn't Your Colour
The Best Night Ever
Secret of my Excess
Hearth's Warming Eve

The Ticket Master
Applebuck Season
Winter Wrap Up
Stare Master
A Dog and Pony Show
Over a Barrel
A Bird in the Hoof
The Return of Harmony, Part 1
The Return of Harmony, Part 2
Lesson Zero
The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Sweet and Elite

Friendship is Magic, Part 1
Friendship is Magic, Part 2
Boast Busters
Look Before You Sleep
Call of the Cutie
Fall Weather Friends
Feeling Pinkie Keen
The Show Stoppers
Sisterhooves Social
The Cutie Pox

Owl's Well That Ends Well

Well people's lists usually have three or so tiers, but I generally like every single episode. If I don't, it's in bottom tier. P: But there are episodes that are truly outstanding, episodes that are super awesome, and plain good episodes! So I figured to categorize like so. You can also tell who my favourite character is from the list, 8D Well anywho, I'm going to spend this part of the post explaining certain reasons for why a few episodes are where they are, starting with Griffon the Brush-Off. (I assume the rest of them in that tier are pretty obvious)

I feel that particular episode is underrated. Yes the "villain" of the episode is reprimanded and leaves the episode still as a villain, learning no moral. Yes, I suppose it could've ended better because dumping friends, even those that need an attitude adjustment isn't the best way to end an episode in a show titled "Friendship is Magic" but this episode cemented me as a fan of MLP. Bridle Gossip hammered the nail in, but this episode was the first where I was genuinely surprised at what I saw. It wasn't as predictable as usual cartoons today were, and the characters weren't cardboard cut-outs as today are either. I suppose those are the biggest reasons. I don't actually think if the episode was episode five of season two it'd have had as much impact, and therefore probably would've been bumped down.

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Yes, this gif deserved to be posted again.

Yes, that Fluttershy scene in Luna Eclipsed was that good, and so was the rest of the episode, but damn. One of my very favourite scenes.
All the episodes in top tier have really awesome Fluttershy moments mostly. I usually don't put episodes that actually focus on her that high, rather she has some of her best moments as a side character for some reason. CMC episodes usually are pretty low, but they're not bad episodes. CMC episodes just tend to not have as many mane six ponies as I'd like, and since I like them quite a bit, it pretty much lowers the rating. Owl's Well that Ends Well was an owl that COULD DO ANYTHING stealing the spotlight. How droll.

The only other potential unpopular opinion is how Lesson Zero, Mare-Do-Well and Sweet and Elite are right next to each other on the same tier! OHOHOHO. I will stop talking about MMDW, getting quite tired of defending it throughout all the hate. I'll just say that I strongly believe Rainbow Dash was always that way, she just never got much chance to show that side of her in season one. (Like the Ticket Master or Fall Weather Friends, etc.) And though perhaps there should have been a scene where they attempted to talk to Dash about her oversized ego I imagine her friends already know how she's not one to listen and thus had to show the error of her ways. (If they weren't there, those ponies would be dead! She either wasn't able to save them or was too busy patting herself on the back to save them properly) But I really wish it was just AJ as Mare-Do-Well. That would've been so much better and made AJ super awesome. I suppose MLP doesn't have to go the South Park way to make an otherwise underdeveloped character awesome.

Anyway I'm probably forgetting to say something here besides the grimdark post I scrapped. (Well it IS christmas after all...)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you haven't already. This has been Spotto, signing off!

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Gah I ruined Fluttershy's pretty hair. CURSE MY HUMAN FINGERS.

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This post is in the same vein as this, kind of. Okay not really but this video was well done. :D NOSTALGIA GO!

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So much to say, so little I'm actually going to publish.

Well first off, since it's Halloween my door actually has this adorable picture of Ex-Keine on it right now. I would give her all my candy if she showed up at my door. EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF IT, and I will ensure that she'd share with Mokou. It would be wondrous.

Apparently Buddhists do not celebrate Halloween.

Here's a song that is fitting for the day.

Nue, a creature feared by humans for one simple fact, the Nue is a being who's true form is still unknown, is that loli we see before us her real form? It makes me wonder, is ZUN tricking us humans once again, and laughing his ass off?
She was sealed away in the depths of hell, but all the ruckus Chernobyl caused broke her free, releasing along with a bunch Unidentified characters a horror unknown to man. Shape shifting, corpse morphing, they are all truly fearsome powers. -Excerpt from the description

Yeah. UFO was horrifying. Those UNIDENTIFIED SPACE SHIPS AND LIKELY THOSE ADORABLE MINI-ALIENS PILOTING THEM IT IS SO SCARY HOMFG I had to hold back ALL my fear to collect them because they gave you free things like candy. Though in terms of progress I actually reached Shou on EASY MODO! She proceeded to destroy me. (Which is funny because I got through midboss Nazrin with no problem) I can perfect Nazrin and Murasa now (no it's not because she's my favourite and I practiced her forever in practice mode) both Kogasa and Ichirin still give me trouble, in particular their last spellcards. IF ONLY I HAD THE BOMBING REACTION. But you know what? Nue is a troll, forcing me to risk my VERY LIFE to manoeuvre through all the bullets attempting to collect that red life UFO ONLY FOR IT TO TURN BLUE THE SECOND I TOUCH IT--FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

So due to it being Halloween this week/month's edition is going to be discussing the internet's fascination with the genre: Grimdark. Every single one of my favourite characters have been subjected to such a genre, though some made more sense than others. (I demand more Murasa grimdark. SHE IS A MASS-MURDERER FANDOM! Do something with thaaaaat! Oh and she is also a ghost. And no, Stripe-Pattern's desire to gorify everything using psychopathic Sanae does not count, nor does Byakuren letting a little girl be eaten by a youkai!) One particular favourite from Touhou that isn't Flandre is Koishi, due to her disconnecting herself from the youkai world by having a few arteries not plugged into her brain, or something. I even did an entire post about this, with the strangely-popular Youtube series: "Koishi's Heart-throbbing Adventure" This little adventure isn't just Koishi decapitating everything (rather, she is the one who is decapitated oddly enough...and Yukari, but that's spoilers! Oops.) I have not been following it because it subjects poor Shou as a victim and that just tortures my heart to see Shou like so. (By the Myouren Crew too. :< )

But yes, the internet is now fascinated with that which is grimdark. I'm not entirely sure why (or maybe I am late and it has been in forever) but people simply like making characters as miserable as possible that goes far beyond that of emotional trauma. They are after all fictional characters, so no real people are being hurt except maybe offended people on the internet. But no one really cares about people on the internet unfortunately. I highly enjoy fan-made creations that are incredibly sad. I love reading tragedies and occasionally angsty-stories. (Those that don't tread into wangst-y, at least) So what makes grimdark even more fascinating than already a genre that tugs at your heart strings, attempting to stab you every time you open your eyes? I must admit I am not completely against grimdark, so long as it's well-written and has some sort of point. (And yes I realize most fluff has literally no point but at least it makes you D'AWWW which is important! Senseless grimdark kind of does nothing really, or disgust you. But who wants to willingly be disgusted?)

And well most grimdark I've run into wasn't the type I'd like unfortunately, since they are all senseless. The aforementioned Stripe Pattern is one of them. I'm not going to go into the heart-throbbing adventure since I had an entire post devoted to it before, but I have these Stripe Pattern doujinshi on my computer, and I got to say. So senseless. Of course if you make it like Taoism propaganda it'd be far more hilarious, except the part that depicts Nue as a hero. (In which case Nue would be some sort of amazing historical figure we'd all hail) One of the biggest most noteworthy of scenes is when Byakuren leads a bunch of youkai (who all look like horrible ugly disfigured demons and not the pretty loli youkai you regularly see) and they walk into a village. One of the youkai eats one of the little girls, and Byakuren does nothing to stop it, in fact encourages it. The most aggravating parts of the story isn't so much the scenes despite how horrific this one is, but the fact that the circle uses actual quotes from in-game to describe Byakuren's beliefs, throwing it completely out of context. It truly does seem like a propaganda doujinshi. Stripe Pattern hates the UFO characters, and had Sanae brutally massacre the group. 

I too have even written grim-dark, if that one story of mine where a nuke falls on China causing the death of the entire population leaving Max missing a hand means anything. I am not proud of that story, in fact I quite despise it. The fact that I use such a touchy situation to justify for the shipping I have in the story is awful. I've also written imprisoned Negima characters with regular tasings and fights, also a way to write out a shipping. I don't know what was wrong with me then, but I do believe I had a fascination of grimdark myself. I think a lot of teenagers go through this phase, it's like being emo and wanting to cut yourself (but not actually cutting yourself...I hope) thinking that the entire world hates the fuck out of you and nothing is fair. You know, the whiny teenager stage. I think a majority of my past Livejournal posts are pretty much either fandom squeeing or whiny teenager stage, so... (yet I still keep them around for nostalgia purposes)

But some of them are again, rather interesting. I think half the reason I fell into the Hetalia fandom is that you could depict actual wars with the characters, and use that character as a symbol of the feelings the entire nation feels. Yes I realize some people might be offended by reducing an entire population to a shallow anime character, but you got to be brutally honest about these things. While a death toll with a gut-wrenching high amount of numbers is pretty devastating, you probably don't know anyone who actually died since mass death occurs in a third-world country much more often, but many people were in tears when they found out Steve Jobs passed on, a single person. It's a lot easier when there is only one face. The face of a poor girl who was murdered near a University a few weeks back is a lot more emotional than a number. We don't have time to look into the histories of a devastating catastrophe then a single person whose future was so very bright or of a man who revolutionized technology of the current era.

But yes, how did we get to that from grimdark? The problem with most grimdark out there is that it doesn't seem to have a point besides making you disgusted unless it's actually involved in some sort of plot. South Park is often considered something like this, but still has elements of humour in it to keep plenty of people watching, but grimdark never really has humour for some reason. Perhaps I'd look into it more if it did. Also I could talk about the MLP fanfiction Cupcakes on here but eh, despite its notoriety I don't think I really need to discuss it. Really, what is there to discuss of a one-dimensional fanfic? Pinkie Pie dices up Rainbow Dash! There.


On another note since I am on an MLP tangent recently, I am going to defend the haters of Pinkie Pie from episode 4, the Halloween episode. There aren't that many actually, but the idea that there ARE people annoyed by what she did in that episode frankly annoys me as well because that episode made me like her even more. 

People should not go into this show thinking it's a generic everyday baby show. I'm sure the humongous population of people watching it is evidence enough, but for some reason Canada decided to air this channel on Treehouse TV, a toddler channel. It has such shows like Timothy Goes to School and Franklin. I was actually rather shocked when I heard they censored the word "losers" on that channel. If a show has to be censored to be on a PRESCHOOLER CHANNEL it does NOT BELONG THERE, not to mention several episodes that might be too complicated or terrifying to children. I'm wondering what they'd do with Fluttershy snapping a bear's neck from episode three. I was quite surprised that episode got through to airing with such a ridiculous scene. It is on par with Bubbles beating the shit out of a bunch of monsters and wiping blood off her mouth. Not to say it wasn't an entertaining scene, but Jesus Christ are those ratings folks even paying attention? Lol.

Anyway onward to episode four! The Nightmare Night episode, bringing back a character that was long missed during season one. (Well, according to a ton of fans...I didn't really care.) I found her hamminess quite glorious, especially since it wasn't intentional. When I saw the costumes first-hand before the episode aired I found Pinkie's a little unoriginal at first. "Really? The ridiculous character in a chicken outfit? That's not original at all!" In fact in terms of first impressions I actually didn't like any of them, though Applejack's was okay. When the episode aired though, all my disappointments were addressed!

Twilight wasn't MERELY a wizard, but of Stars Swirl, an obscure historical figure. It was so in-character. I can't say much about Rainbow Dash's because although being a Wonderbolt isn't original, being a Shadowbolt comes out of nowhere seeing as all it was was Nightmare Moon attempting to deceive her loyalty. I suppose it was fitting considering her pranks. Applejack was not really touched upon either, and both Fluttershy and Rarity got nothing. Throughout the episode I saw Pinkie Pie screaming in terror from Luna, unknowingly making her night rather miserable. I at first wondered why she'd do that, due to two things:

1. She was there and helped reform Luna with the power of RAINBOWS!
2. Her 'Giggle at the Ghosties" song.

So while wondering if she was just off-character or the writers were being stupid again (they tend to be in occasional episodes) at the end of it she explained that "sometimes being scared can be fun" or something like that. That was in-character too, just like Twilight's costume and her chicken outfit spells it out perfectly. She was being a chicken! You also have to remember that Nightmare Night comes EVERY YEAR and EVERY YEAR you're supposed to be afraid of Nightmare Moon, it is tradition, JUST LIKE THE ROYAL VOICE! She's not going to switch from last year, and again she didn't realize she was making her night miserable. After all, they almost had a truce at the end there if not for Rainbow Dash. People who denounce her for being a selfish prick just baffle me. I can only shake my head. Misunderstandings happen in everyday life too. 

It reminds me of people disliking a character because they were doing something from their point of view because we viewers know everything and expect everyone to act as what we know. For example a character might be acting like a bigoted sexist bastard in the past, but we are watching from our time-travelling heroines' view. Anybody that actually doesn't act bigoted is a goddamn Mary Sue. (If they act HESITANT and eventually break the norms then it's okay (it's called character development!), but they are not going to magically decide that the world they grew up in is completely and utterly wrong) 

Yeah, people who denounce her for this episode are as aggravating as people who hate Rarity. (As you can tell Pinkie is my favourite character)

That is all! Enjoy all your candy or spiked punch if you're attending parties, and Happy Halloween! I also have a WoT entry being prepared if I ever decide to post one! Stay tuned for that! Maybe.
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The second part of this six-part review commences!
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Yes Spotto should stop talking about PPG now because it ended six years ago unless you count the special which was two years ago and the anime was three years ago. I will shut up.
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This long overdue rant/wall-of-text about PPG/PPGZ...

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This is a children's show.
's awesome.

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LJ-cutted because I can, despite the lack of images.
*cheers for abuse!*

But of course, if such an unnamed powerful great being did this, we must thank him or she and Konoe Konoemon would be married, thus this Konoka may look different or not even named Konoka, thus destroys BOTH the Asakura/Sayo AND KonoSetsu pairings and I'm certain NOBODY wants that. Of course I'm obviously jumping to conclusions in the whole marriage part...>>

Also, the RRB are very overrated, I'm not saying they're bad characters, it's just that 90% of all PPG things is RRB...gee, why not rename the show RRB then? I mean they're cool and all but absolutely everybody loves them, and then pair them up, which I happen to dislike a lot. Although without them PPG wouldn't be as a success, but still, they don't have much charm to them.



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