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Enjoy some shitty artwork by yours truly with some redheads, some dog and kid, or the awesomeness that is KazuSayo.


Yep, I am amazed you got through all that. Until next time, beautiful livejournal! *runs off*


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:32 pm
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New desktop, and about time. Chibi-sleeping-pink-white-Sayo-chan was there for like 6 months. x_O

...yes, that is Yuuna on my winamp skin. XP



Omgz, have sum redhead pictures!

The above is the earliest one, and the one I consider the crappiest of the bunch. Tala looks retarded and everybody else looks dumb...except maybe Luke and Kazumi, and maybe Axel. XP

I like this one A LOT. One, I think I got Fafal perfectly, except some minor things. But stuff like her anatomy is decent, at least. I like what Kazumi is doing, and the phrase "Everybody's got something on their wrist", XP. Everyone looks decent here. I think it's better because I don't kill myself drawing the WHOLE family. *points to Axel + Tala dolls* :P

This one comes from a recent daydream. I'm complementing drawing a whole manga for it, but it's a lot of work and I have to decide whether I do it by tablet or pencil. I draw better with a pencil, but a tablet is faster. Also, since this doesn't look very HUMOUROUS whatsoever, I feel as I have no point in drawing something that I am not at least somewhat experienced at. Read below for the story that came to my head. I don't think it's that good because I attempted a "perspective" type of drawing. Like those posters promoting movies or anime and the main character is like at the front or the biggest one and everybody else is somewhere in the background. I think I made Fafal look WAY too mysterious, and she's not supposed to be. The twins look awkward on the wolf's head, Tala looks like a main character too...I guess I only like Lavi and Axel in this one. XD

This is a scene from said daydream. Emo and angsty...not my usual thing, that's why I am hesitant to start a comic on it. Be better with something more light-hearted and my style...less chance of failing even harder, anyway. Yes, I realize only three characters are in it. Reno's the main character if you haven't noticed. Him, Lavi, and Kazumi appear first because...they are the original three, after all. I suppose there might be a tiny slight slim chance that one of you may be curious what this daydream is all about...It's rather cliche. It may remind you of something that you learned in History, or something. >>;


Title: Untitled
Setting: One of those cliche settings where it all looks medieval but there's lots of hi-tech technology.
Plot: It is a war. What kind of war? Is it civil war? A war of the whole world? Or simply a war between two factions who seemingly hate each other over something easily preventable? No, it is a losing war. There is a supreme high being who rules...the world, basically. He wins the people with his manipulative powers. In every picture he is shown as a superior god who has come from the heavens to bless the people with peace and integrity. In fact, he has already ended a war that had happened before, strengthened the entire world's economy, and even solved world hunger. Poverty is at a minimum. What else could this man do? He even looked rather handsome...cute even, to some obsessive fangirls of the world. He was perfect.

At least, that's what he appeared as.

A scandal was happening so deep within the government's stack of scandals that it was seemingly nearly impossible to find out such an incredibly well-hidden secret. The great leader of the world had a little hatred in his body. He hated a group of people with such powerful emotion that the only reason he used his great intellect and communicative skills was to rid of these people. While he was happy of the things he had done for the people, it was not his prime goal. These people are commonly called redheads, but he called them "the smoke that pollutes this world". It was the one thing keeping the world from perfection in his eyes.

So there is a war, one the redheads are currently losing. They were already endangered enough to begin with. The great leader, after years of trust from his people, began his plan. He created a propaganda, and used it to discriminate against the redheads. He told the people the only reason they still had sadness in their lives were because of them. His great manipulative skills easily won the people to his side, and the fact that he had done such great things before easily backed him up.

Millions of redheads were being killed. However, the leader knew that killing just any random redhead was not going to work. First, instead of killing elderly, he commanded the army to kill the youth. The younger the better. That way the redheads would have no future, even if they did manage to survive their hell. Children were easy targets. Defenseless and naive. Would they even have the knowledge that a bunch of their kind were being slain at this very moment? Not a clue.

Of course, the majority of redheads are oblivious to the fact that the leader is targeting children. In fact even the rest of the people don't even know. He covered it up very well. That was why the redheads did not attempt to defend children even more so than before, for they thought all was at equal risk. Of course, some did notice, but the tragedies of war had disrupted their ability to communicate with others, and so information regarding the truth never really spread far.

There were some people, not redheads, who saw through the leaders ways, and secretly rebelled by helping some redheads out. Though almost all of them were more concerned of their own skins than the redheads, so very few did anything too risky.

This story follows a certain redheaded family, otherwise known as the Ivanov's. The main character? Reno. (Reno is always the main character in ANYTHING. RAWR!!!) He is the eldest of Tala Ivanov's children. He has three cousins and an uncle, who are the father of the cousins. He has a younger brother, Lavi, and an even younger sister, Kazumi. While Lavi annoys him to hell, and Kazumi is either too quiet or too loud (in the case of crying), Reno still had a sibling-love feeling within him, to make sure they stayed safe. He knew all about the war, and Lavi understood a bit. Kazumi was too young to understand what ever the hell was going on. Lavi loves his uncle a great deal more than the rest of his siblings, perhaps because Axel (the uncle) influences him greatly. Their cousins are their seniors. The eldest are actually twins, Asch being the one who came first. Asch has a considerable resemblance with Axel, while Luke, the younger of the twins was identical with Asch, he chose to keep his hair short. Then there is Fafal, the youngest of that group. She is still older than Reno by a bit, however.

Anyway, the family find out after it's way too late that the leader's army were targeting children. (YAY HERE'S SOME EMONESS!) They had thought they found refuge in a small village in the middle of nowhere, with a few number of other redheads. While Tala, who is very smart and intelligent, knew enough that the family should stay with each other just in case. Of course children are always rebels to their parents, and Lavi was the first to run off trying to play with some horses he saw. Lavi loves horses. (lololol) Reno angrily followed him, trying to catch him as he scold him of what their father said. Kazumi went ahead too because she didn't want to be alone outside the pub. (Everybody else was drinking. Fafal was conveniently using the washroom to powder her nose or something.)

Yeah, I don't why anyone would powder their nose in the middle of a war. WHO CARES. XD

So anyway, the children wandered off. And suddenly the village is discovered by the government army, and they ransack the whole place, burning it down. They first search for children, but kill anyone in their way, including redheads. Finally, they track down both Lavi and Kazumi, who were a little farther away from Reno. Want to know what happened? SEE THE FANART ABOVE. XP Of course, the army aren't smart and try to kill them quickly or something. No, they have learned from the manipulation of the leader how "evil" redheads were, that a quick death was something they certainly did not deserve. And as they say, "the younger, the kill."

So that's why Kazumi looks worse than Lavi in that picture. If you want details, just dial 1800-Imasadist now! We are not responsible for any possible arrests you may receive regarding child abuse.

But really, all that happened was they had a few knives and guns, and decided to have some practice with their guns, the children were targets. Then they decided to gauge some important vitals off, luckily they didn't do anything else after they went for Lavi's eye. Afterwards they dumped gasoline all over the place, and set it on fire. The gasoline was on Kazumi. Once again we are not responsible...

AND THEN RENO APPEARS. Stupid idiot Reno, came a little late, did he not?

Reno is like, super enraged, as the main character should be. And attempts to like, fight the big people, but the big people were too strong for poor little Reno. The big people were about to finish their job on him, until Tala came out of nowhere on his MAGNIFICENT HORS--WOLF! And SAVED THE DAY! Well, kind of. He grabs the terribly shocked Reno, and the unconscious unimportant other two (FOR NOW, >>;) and rides off with them to escape. Axel, Fafal, Luke, and Asch have already boarded a small boat, with Asch steering. (Asch is the SUPER EXCELLENT PROFICIENT PILOT OF THIS STORY. He will be able to drive ANYTHING!)  Tala magnificently manages to get on the boat JUST BEFORE it was too far to get on, and brought the poor little traumatized/dead children. Okay, they're not dead.

I have thought further than this, like saving the children's lives but they're scarred forever (mentally and physically, lololol), and Reno blaming himself because he's the kind big brother but cliche in the way of being annoyed by his siblings. Fafal also is very important to the story later on. I have not figured out anything for Luke and Asch yet, but something will come. I mean everybody needs their spotlight! Plus I give the explanation of how everybody can lift a weapon and defend themselves except Kazumi (because you know, everybody DOES fight in some way in their canon media EXCEPT Kazumi? O.x) Lavi learns the art of smashing things and how to not walk into poles because of his lack of depth perception. Reno gets so angry at the people for hurting his siblings, that he chooses a very torturous weapon to fight.

Yeah, I doubt I can turn this into a comic. Probably something WAY more light-hearted than this. It was just an EMO MOMENT! XP

That is all, continue on with your lives.

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...have some muthafudgin' Reno:

Image Hosted by

I drew a bunch of group redhead pictures too. Showed some to 'Kira already, but there are a few new ones which are really emo. Expect some blood and fire.

That be all.

PS: Whenever I draw Reno, I am never consistent...oh, and yay for shitty anatomy.
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How come I NEVER knew this!?
All LJ friends who are/were Beyblade fans:
The Backstory of Tala, CANON.

If you already knew this, good for you, if not, GASP WITH ME.
See, comparing this with Kai's backstory makes Kai a very big jackass.
Oh, and Tala/Bryan makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE now...O: (I read this up on Wikipedia and thought it was some guy making stuff up, but it's actually true. OO:)

And now to do some tallying up.
Those who died: (Lawl spoilers who cares)
Axel, Asch
Those who almost die: (Lawl moar spoilers)
Tala, Lavi?, Luke?
Those who I dunno: (Lawl no spoilers)
Reno, Fafal, Kazumi


...wait nevermind, just read this awesome convo I had with Shiroi that made me laugh. :P

'tis also about Beyblade.
Sent at 8:29 PM on Monday
Spotto: So Tala has an excuse to go crazy and emo and shiz.
Shiroi: I'm sure they all do.
Spotto: No they don'
t, XP
We don't know what happened in Rei's backstory.
Kai's backstory sucks. XD
Max is still happy regardless...
Shiroi: Rei's backstory... :o
Spotto: Yeah like who the hell were his parents?
We've seen Kai's in the manga, Takao's (most of them), and Max's...WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS REI'S?
Shiroi: ... Kai has parents? I didn't know that.
Spotto: Yes, the reason why Kai started the Blade Sharks or whatever it was called to destroy beyblades was because his father chose beyblades over the hiwatari beyblade company, and Kai beyblades to destroy them all because they took his father away from him.
But his mother was there...
I mean for Tala he was ABUSED and his mommy ran away!!!
And Kai's father came back and GAVE him a beyblade later on!
Max's parents divorced and Max moved many times and he never managed to make friends = he's still this happy blonde kid
Takao...he has his grandfather.
But Rei...what the fudge.
Shiroi: And brother.
Spotto: xDDD
But then again it was that mangaka who did the stupid DBGT ending in the manga.
In the ending of DBGT, it's like 50 years into the future
And this kid who looks like Goku is like the great grandson of Goku, and this kid who looks like Vegeta is the great grandson of Vegeta
Spotto: And their names were Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. and they were like...same personalities and rivals. O___o
I mean seriously, couldn't they think of a better ending? :X
Shiroi: My friend who's never watched Naruto in his live described the whole plot of it perfectly while he was describing DBZ. 8D
Spotto: xDDD
Except in BEYBLADE, it was Takao's son, who was named Makoto. (He even as a fanlisting...what the fudge!?) and Kai's son named Gou...and one more, which angered a lot of people.
Want to guess who that was? XP
I think you know anyway, but meh
Shiroi: D:<
Spotto: Yes...
I'm kind of surprised Max (who had a goatee or something, XDDDD) didn't settle down yet.
A lovable kid like that with no family yet!? D:
Shiroi: It's so funny hearing someone you least expect to say "Yo yo yo,". xD
I thought he was gunna marry the blue haired girl?
And make... green haired kids?
Spotto: No...
Shiroi: Maybe the blue haired girl married the black and red haired guy.
Spotto: But then all the kids would have scary thick eyebrows
Spotto: (And her name is Mariam and that guy is named Ozuma. Zomg I can remember their names)
But they don't have those lines under their eyes and they have pretty green eyes.
Something must've went terribly wrong if Rock Lee was their kid.
Shiroi: Rock Lee had a birth defect.
Spotto: Or maybe the blue haired girl cheated on both Ozuma and Max with Gai...
Shiroi: ... gawd. >.O
It's not something I normally imagine 10 minutes till Xmas....
Well congratulations, something different happened this Christmas Eve for once
Shiroi: Thank you, you have officially scarred my brain and all of my youthful memories of Beyblade for the rest of my life.
Spotto: Your welcome. :B

And for people who don't go MSN enough:

And finally my art meme, :B

R-POTE: Haruna/Akira
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It was a fine morning in Pallet Town, a small town in the Kanto Region of this great and large world. Tala Ivanov got off to a fine start, yawning in bed and watching the glistening sun peer through the window like some invasive intruder. The redhead growled.

"Shit. I slept in."

The voice of his mother further added to his annoying headache as he got out of bed and looked at the clock. He was beyond late. He quickly did the morning ritual: brushing his teeth, changing into new wonderful clothes, eating some shitty breakfast, and grunting to his mother goodbye as he left the house towards the hill and location of one Professor Oak.

"Like hell am I going to rush there anyway. All the good ones get taken at dawn. Fucking stupid clock," Tala mumbled as he walked up towards the large white building. The door slammed open, almost catching his nose as an old man stood there, pointing at the redhead. He was yelling at the obvious lateness of the young individual, and that he's lucky that one was left.

Tala entered the building with an even larger headache as they entered one of the largest rooms. There many red and white balls were scattered all over the ground, as was a bunch of scientists too who looked fried. Zeus must've electrocuted them for existing, but Tala soon saw the culprit of the victims.

The old prof crossed his arms, "Since you decided to be late and careless, you get the last Pokemon, the one with the attitude. I hope you have fun cockfightin--er, becoming a Pokemon Master."

It was some strange yellow animal wearing goggles. Pokemon don't wear goggles, people do. If Pokemon started wearing accessories, it must've been one pain in the ass. Tala picked up one of the red and white balls and approached the strange rabbit-like animal.

"And what might be your name?" Tala muttered, not really caring for what the response was, but he was bored and if he were to be stuck with this rather dangerous little cu--er, Pokemon, it better have at least a decent name.

The yellow animal focused its beady eyes on Tala, and static started sprouting from its cheeks, "RENO!"

A large blast of lightning slammed into the redhead, knocking him off his feet. Tala stood back up, his icy glare still planted on the yellow creature. He had wanted a Cloud, or perhaps a Kai, but certainly not a bloody Reno.

"Reno Reno!" The mouse started up again, static surrounding the annoying beast. It was about to attack again, but was stopped with the redhead grabbed his tail, "Alright. Get in the ball."

"One hates those balls..." The Professor added, "now get the hell out of here."

Tala grumbled, "I need a Pokedex. There's like 500 pieces of shit out there and a bloody encyclopedia might help."

"On the contrary, there's only 150. And I'm sure your careless arrogant mind will know all the Pokemon you see, you don't need one," The Professor continued, very reluctant to give this rather problematic child one of his most expensive devices.

"There's probably going to be 500 anyway. These things reproduce like rabbits. I bet there's already five different rodents that kind of look like this yellow thing anyway," Tala replied, "And you're supposed to give me one, old man."

The Professor, just wanting to get rid of the antisocial redhead, gave him a Pokedex and then proceeded to kick his annoying face out of his laboratory, literally. Tala cussed at the building and walked off, heading into the dangerous wild. Would Reno ever listen to Tala? Will Tala be able to defend himself from the mighty mysteries of the wild? Will all the annoying Rattatas and Pidgeys make him go insane!? Find out now.

Tala pulled out his Pokedex to find information about the yellow rabbit he had just obtained.

"Reno, better known as a Pikachu. The Pikachu get high on lightning and thunder. When they gather in groups, they cause many blackouts that annoy a lot of people. That's why Pikachus are treated like annoying rats and the only way to get rid of them is special mousetraps."

Wow, that helped him a lot.

A sudden annoying voice popped out of nowhere like some retarded announcer, "A PIDGEY HAS JUST APPEARED!!!!"

Tala looked up at the sky, surprised, "What the bloody fuck!?"

A pidgey flew down from the tree, squawking its name at Tala, "Pidgey! Pidgey!"


A great amount of sand scattered onto Tala's favourite pants, angering him, "You stupid piece of shit!" The redhead threw his only Pokemon at it, Reno, which smashed into the pidgey's head.

"Okay Reno, do something."

"RENO! RENO!" The Pikachu shook its head, further agitating the already maddened Pokemon rookie, who was wondering why he wanted to become the Pokemon Master in the first place.  The Pidgey continued its annoying squawking, so Tala used the only option he had left. He picked up the reluctant Reno and ran...towards the Pidgey, kicking it.


Suddenly, a whole fuckload of sparrows came flying out of nowhere, pecking, clawing, and pooping on the unsuspecting redhead. This alarmed such redhead, who was greatly annoyed already that the annoying birds were messing up his hair. He started running at some random direction through the forest, swearing so many times that we'd have to write a whole novel to fit it in. Finally after a few hours of nonstop running, the redhead fell to the ground.


And Reno did, if only just to protect himself, but he did. A great epic war broke out between the single Pikachu warrior and the great army of sparrows. Zeus's mighty lightning acted like a chain reaction to terminate the evil sparrows, but alas it was even too much for Reno, who collapsed, and the remaining sparrows came down on it like vultures on a dead ox.

Tala growled, "Some use this thing is." He picked up Reno from getting massacred and continued to run towards one direction. The sparrows stupidly flew into a pole, which stopped them from following the dead tired redhead as he continued down the road. He almost reached town and an insanely hot FEMALE police officer noticed him.

"LIEK OMG! ARE YOU LIEK OAKY!?!?!?" The FEMALE police officer said, seeing Tala's condition.

"Do I LOOK okay you stupid bitch!?" Tala spat back.

The FEMALE police officer frowned, "I wuz TLKING 2 teh kwute Pikachu."

Tala could barely understand the insanely hot FEMALE police officer, but followed her until they reached some hospital for Pokemon. They entered the large blue building that had the giant words, "POKEMON CENTER" on it.

Inside, there was an insanely hot nurse who walked up to them, taking Reno from Tala, who was wondering where she was taking his only weapon of mass destructio--ahem, Pokemon.

"My naem is J3ny," The insanely hot FEMALE police officer said, "n' dis is j0y, she is l33t," she finished, pointing to the insanely hot nurse.

Tala raised his eyebrow, "What the fuck are you saying!?"

Unfortunately Tala did not notice how insanely hot the two women were, since if he did he would instantly understand them. In all actuality, Tala was as gay as a fruit could be, but he had not realized it himself yet. Nor did the stupid redhead notice every other male in existence falling head over heels for these ladies.

An hour later, Tala was reading the newspaper. One interesting story he found that a young girl named Misty murdered her sisters, and the Cerulean Gym, which he would have to go to someday, wasn't to be closed at all even though that's where the bodies were found. Tala shrugged it off when he saw Reno walking back up to him with less of an attitude surprisingly.

"it lokz liek teh pikachu is thxful 4 u 2 b savin its life, so it is hapy," j0y said.

"Are you chinese or something? I seriously cannot understand any of the shit coming out of your mouth, " Tala said.

Reno hopped onto Tala's lap, waiting for it to take it out of this hellhole. Tala soon waltzed out of the Pokemon Center, only to face two strange people...

"Prepare for trouble..."
"...and make it double..."

"Oh wow, rhyming, why don't you get to the end or leave me alone or something?" Tala mumbled, about to leave, when he did in fact hear the ending...


Tala turned around, seeing a little cat in front of the two strange people. Did it just talk!?
Will Tala find out who these annoying mysterious probably-not-very-important characters are!? Did the cat Pokemon ACTUALLY TALK!? Is a Pokemon repeating its name or actually talking more annoying!? Does Tala care!? FIND OUT NEXT TIME BECAUSE I'M TOO LAZY TO WRITE ANYMOAR.

Spotto out.
R-POTE:  Misa/Chachamaru


Dec. 8th, 2007 03:07 pm
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We're going SQUASHING tomorrow. What is squashing, my friend? It is the fine superior ancient art of playing squash, where we have our individual racquets which obviously have been passed down to me through many generations, and we smack this strange ball that consumes the power of your swing, and uses that to throw itself towards and wall, and bounce back.

So it's my friend's birthday on Monday (one of the MANYMANYMANY December birthdays of this year...including mine. I'd be spending all my birthday money on presents, XD) and so I was suddenly and UNEXPECTINGLY summoned to TEH MALL by my friend right after school on Friday. She called me, chanted many ancient spells, caused me to leech money off my very annoyed father, and thus I ascended towards TEH MALL using such transportation devices such as MY LEGS or TEH BUS or TEH TRAIN.

And so for the first time in a while, I was having A LIFE at TEH MALL with MY FRIEND. We travelled to many merchants, such as the ANIME/MANGA shop which frustratingly does NOT have figumates, since the BIRTHDAY GIRL likes Anime/Manga, specifically big SHONEN titles like NARUTO, BLEACH, and ONE PIECE. Unfortunately there were no HITSUGAYA TOSHIROU (why the hell do I remember that?) plushies, which is her's, and many other's favourite character. Continuing on, we eventually decided on presents that were in our BUDGET and went to eat when UNEXPECTINGLY my friend had to be SUMMONED SOMEWHERE ELSE.

So I went home.

And that was Friday.

And doughnuts are really fatty...I can't bare to consume them anymoar. D: (We went to Tim Horton's, >>;)
Anything remotely fatty usually hurts me chest or my jaw, or something, so yeah, I've become very sensitive to what is bad for me. (Also my stomach feels very ickly when I consume something fatt-ish) EVEN MAYONNAISE. Luckily I can still consume fat free miracle whip. XD (This sometimes happens with ice cream too...>>;)

Maybe that explains why my weight is still in two digits...XP


I need a bloody cell phone. How come everyone else gets one? ..>>;
Oh, and I also want a Syrian hamster, nothing bad with my current dwarf ones but a different one would be nice for a change! O:

AND WHY DID I NOT NAME ASAKO, ERMINE!? (lol chamo) Because it'd so fit with Otter, and my other animal-named patterns, also because Asako is white...

And redheads:

I can't write anymore. I'm really discouraged at the moment.
See, I thought I wrote one of the most creative/well written essays I have ever wrote, and got two people to like, edit (because we need editors, duh) and it didn't get the mark I thought it deserved. D:
And in Writing Class...well FUCK writing class, that stupid teacher chooses favourites. Even before he knew anybody's capability of writing he sticks with only like four people who he thinks write the greatest. (They ARE fine writers, but how do you even know who's a good writer or not if you never READ anybody's stuff!? >>;)

Plus the whole "deepness" of writing...I'm really getting sick of it. Oh yeah, that piece of writing is so deep...and cool. So many people try to write like that, it's overrated. I mean if they can do it really well so much that you can actually see some originality in it, then yes, but otherwise find another fucking genre, seriously.

My mouth tastes like spoiled milk. Ew. ><


Dec. 7th, 2007 01:20 am
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It is the Redhead Era. the land before time, the BIFF were of great prosperity. They were flourishing with greatness and friendliness. They had a common trait they all shared with each other that they enjoyed a lot. One would call that similarity a show named "Beyblade." Sadly, all great times had to end, and so did this great era. It was the beginning of everything for the BIFF...

Soon afterwards, they entered the Dark Ages. Where they split off and cared about their own fandom, finding new friends or discussing with others whom weren't BIFF about their newly found loves. Eventually they started to distance themselves from each other, until one by one the BIFF seemed forgotten.

There were still a few common loves between a few people, but it wasn't that much. It seemed all hope was lost, until...


And now because of it seems like our distance has disappeared. The formation of the Redhead Protection Agency has changed everything, and I will introduce you to its members.

Obviously our president is the all powerful Lefty, whom had loved redheads for as long as she could remember. Therefore she is the veteran, and the redhead QUEEN.

Next up, there is I, Spotto, vice-president. I was appointed this position from Lefty. I'm not experienced with redheads as much, but I can work up the ladder.

Then there is Kirami, our secretary obsessed with office sex. Yes, that's all you need to know. Office sex. OFFICE SEX. OFFICE SEXSEXSEX!!!!!

After her, we have the mighty goddess and future ruler of the world, our benevolent leader of EVERYTHING, AOI-DONO! She fills in the adviser position.

And finally, let's not forget our wonderful Akira, who has become our treasurer to ensure our nonexistent funds for this project in saving the endangered redheads.

These are the people who run the Redhead Protection Agency, and it is our utmost goal to save them all.
We all have our favourite redheads, of course, let me introduce them.

Image Hosted by
Position: SAINT
Favourite: EVERYBODY
Info: Tala, being from Beyblade, naturally is the redhead who started it all; therefore, he is a saint. His role in the redhead family is to be the father, in which he acts very fatherly to his very childrenly children. He sometimes uses his mighty wolf, Wolborg, to control those pesky children of his. He is 24 in the family. Tala's real name is Yuriy Ivanov, and his dub name is actually Tala Valkov, but because Yuriy has like a billion forms (Yuriy, Yuri, Yura...) we stuck to Tala since we can say "TALALALALALA!" like a war cry. Why we chose Ivanov? 'cause it's cooler than Valkov, duh.

Image Hosted by
Name: AXEL (just AXEL)
Position: PYROMANIAC--er, UNKIE.
Favourite: KIRAMI, LEFTY
Info: Axel is similar to Tala, but because he is only LOVED loved by two members, he unfortunately cannot reach the status of saint. Axel's role in the redhead family is the uncle, and Lavi is especially fond of him. Axel is very oblivious sometimes, not noticing things such as nephews actually being nieces or the fact that the TV is BEHIND him not in front of him. He has awesome fire skillz and makes the most hardcore waffles ever. He is 28 in the family, and his last name is Ivanov because we adopted that name for the whole family. His hair is also a bitch to draw.

Image Hosted by
Favourite: KIRAMI
Info: The eldest son of Tala's, Reno obviously must be the most mature of the bunch. He also is tired of everybody else. Reno is 12-years-old, which is pretty young to be mature. One thing he CAN admire is Axel's hardcore waffles, since they're awesome and even jackasses like Reno likes them too. Reno has some goggles on his head that he never puts over his eyes. You would wonder what those things do. My guess is that it's some portable porn machine and when he puts them over his eyes he sees naked girls, or naked Cloud, whatever you prefer. He also has these weird tattoos, like Axel. Reno has blue eyes like his father.

Image Hosted by
Name: LAVI (just LAVI)
Favourite: LEFTY
Source: D.GRAY-MAN
Info: The middle child who does not really get fazed by being the middle child. In fact he acts more like the youngest child, annoying people and perhaps a bit spoiled. However, we all know every redhead in existence has to be intelligent in something, and Lavi is too. Besides books, Lavi likes pranking. Also he wears an eyepatch that perhaps destroys his depth perception, but he hasn't walked into a pole yet, which is rather amazing. Lavi is only 8-years-old, but Lavi is still very excitable and very much loves his "Unkie Axel" and one day wishes to smash people with his hammer as a living, or maybe read books.

Image Hosted by
Position: THE "WHO?" GIRL
Favourite: SPOTTO
Source: NEGIMA
Info: The youngest child of Tala, Kazumi, is also the most confused child. She doesn't talk much, but she is extremely curious. Her unloving brother Reno and her too-busy-being-hyper brother Lavi don't give her much attention, and so Kazumi must grow up herself. For a while she was wondering what a girl was. She is just 4, so it's understandable. She is usually in the end receiving position when it comes to physical abuse. She also doesn't like jellyfishes, and wishes that "Unkie Axel" would burn them all to death. Unfortunately she never talks to Axel, so those jellyfishes will forever haunt her.

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Favourite: AOI-DONO
Info: Fafal is Axel's daughter, and also his youngest child. Fafal is 16, and so in her teenage years. Unlike a stereotypical teenage girl however, she's not going to go out and randomly get breast implants or dye her hair pink. Fafal has two antennae that may react to her emotions, so she has a built-in mood ring. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and her favourite object is a baseball bat. Her favourite activity is hitting people with the baseball bat. Her other favourite activity is to stick her tongue out at people. Like Axel, she thinks Kazumi is a boy, and it seems to run in that side of the family.

Image Hosted by
Favourite: AKIRA
Info: The middle child of Axel's side, Luke is a rather oblivious child (like the rest of Axel's family), who does not act his age. (He's supposed to be 20) He can be arrogant and is incredibly competitive with the rest of the redheads. He claims that his hair is the finest of them all, and is annoyed that most of it was cut off in a freak accident long ago. He also has very nice abs. He is the "twin" of Asch, but he is really a replica from his brother because Axel was drunk or something, like REALLY drunk. However, Luke is in denial and believes that he is the original, since his hair looks better.

Image Hosted by
Name: ASCH (just ASCH)
Favourite: AKIRA (again)
Info: Asch is the eldest child of Axel, and looks like Axel, and the beginning of his name is the same as Axel, but does he ACT like Axel? No. Asch is the only one who ISN'T oblivious...for once. He likes big swords. He has a great hatred for Lavi AND Reno because Lavi always annoys him and Reno always complains. He once challenged Fafal to a duel, his sword versus her bat. He lost. From that day on Asch is always weak to blackmail. Like his twin, he is 20. When Asch gets drenched in water, nobody knows who he is. They think he is that "random redheaded bishie" due to his bangs amazingly hiding his shiny forehead.

You have been introduced.
Many stories and fanarts will be posted in the tag "redheads" from now on.
I hope you enjoy, XP
And thus this is TEH REDHEAD ERA, S'WOOT!
spotto: (The Natsumi Hamster)
I went into my graphics folder and found some unfinished things, some things I made in boredom, and some things I never bothered to post. Basically they are all things I never made public, which I shall make now. If you can motivate me to finish the unfinished stuff, I will forever be indebted to you. As for the others, I wonder why I made them...>>;

Image Hosted by
I made this a LONG while'd make a nice heading for a site or something...or maybe a good wallpaper but I never bothered to do anything else to it...what the hell did I make this for? XD
Oh Little Fighter, good times...

Okay, this doesn't fit the description of what I just wrote above but I can't believe this used to be an old LJ layout of's so ugly. XD

This was meant to be an LJ layout, several months ago made. Abandoned it to create my second Negima layout which was rather simple...

Image Hosted by
This one was supposed to be a splash picture for something but I never finished it. It does look alright, except I am avoiding using brushes at the moment...lols.

Image Hosted by
This is definitely a boredom piece. I wanted a good quality picture on it so I choose a 3D game like Halo and used a render. While I dunno what good use it is for I have NO idea how I made that background but I REALLY want to know how, it'd make a nice metallicy site...or something. O_O

Image Hosted by
Why did I never use this? WHY DID I SCRAP THIS? Because when I made it I thought it looked like crap, but today when I revisited it, it looked much better than most of my recent shiz...why the hell did I think it looked like crap? It looks kind of unique, in a way.

Image Hosted by
Now THIS is ugly. But I do however like how I did that X and the text. XP Should use it on something else someday.

Image Hosted by
Don't ask...

Image Hosted by
I have used this...somewhere, the forum methinks. Canaries and space don't mix, BTW...

Image Hosted by
THIS IS THAT "NOT KID, NOT OTTER" YUUNA PICTURE I KEPT TALKING ABOUT. I can't seem to motivate myself to finish colouring it no less shade it. It takes way too long with the airbrush, but I want it to look perfect which takes time. Gah.

Yeah, um. Huh. I dunno. XD. It looks nice though, but I don't find it has a point.

Yes, I did start on this. Yes, I do have no life.

For looking at those pieces of crap I just posted above, I WILL AWARD YOU, THE READER, WITH THIS. Something I worked on all day and finished for once. It's a wallpaper...if you're one of those who don't have widescreen, I dunno...maybe I'll make another version but I doubt anybody would use it as a wallpaper anyway. XD

Yes, that is all. I figure I'd never finish/show off any of these things so why let it rot in my hard drive? Post it to the public or something. :\

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Badass Chibi Kazumi, the Pedophile Killer.
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