Oct. 25th, 2015 11:02 pm
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 Ya know what I hate? What I really really really hate? Something I'm about to rant about through all my unbridled rage?

Whenever cute cuddly little animals are featured on some mass social media site like say Reddit for instance (but they are by far not the only offenders and obviously it's not every single user ever that has this same opinion) people tend to react first foremost to how cute and cuddly they are, and then depending on how educated they are about the animal, comment on the animal's demeanour and how good they are as a pet.

Oh wait no they don't.

They squee at the cuteness and then destroy the reputation of said animal via their own misguided experience. Oh that's right. I'm talking about hamsters, folks. Every single goddamn time a hamster rises up to the front page, there's someone proclaiming that they are nasty, vicious, sociopathic animals that bite all the time, eat their young, and are basically the spawn of satan. They are horrid animals not to be trifled with. Then many others agree and the cycle continues. People begin associating an animal with certain flaws and despite how little they deserve such treatment, they are now infamous for whatever it is they do.

Let me start by saying nature is by default, vicious. It does not give one little fuck about whether or not something an animal does is cute or friendly. Animals need to survive and they have all found their own little ways of surviving. A lot of the time the result isn't pretty. For hamsters, it's when they judge the chances of their young surviving the next few days. How much food have they stored? Is the weather decent? Are predators constantly about? If this risk is far too high, they cull the weakest of their lot. The sustenance they obtain from the weakest make them stronger and give them a better chance of raising the survivors. The littlest ones too brittle to withstand the next storm are spared from drowning. That's just how life is for the little critters.

So now they are pets. They haven't been pets for many generations. The Syrians, the largest kinds, have been the longest but not even for a full century have these hamsters been tamed. The dwarf kinds are even more recent than that. They will still retain a lot of their instincts from the wild, including the culling of their young. Humans are foreign, strange beasts to them with an unknown, threatening scent. If they had even the slightest hint of those humans on their young, they would cull them in an instant. There was no way they could survive what attack those large hairless giants had. Or perhaps they are okay with their human owner. They've been handled for a while and trust the food the human provides them from their fingers, but maybe that food isn't enough. They know they themselves will give birth to the young soon, but the proportion of their food has been the same as always. The human is often inexperienced and has no way of telling if their little critter might have babies, especially if they've misidentified the hamster's gender or the pet store did. Suddenly the little pups are here, but with what food they are able to consume, it isn't enough to keep all of their little young alive. They don't realize the human would probably up their food content, so they cull the babies or at least some of them.

Or maybe they DO have enough food, but they live in a tiny, tiny environment. The exercise machine touches the walls and takes up most of their flat, and they cannot possibly see how they could share this small bachelor pad with five or six more rugrats running around. They do not know what the world is like outside this small room, so they cannot possibly realize the strange human may relocate the babies when they are old enough and thus, they cull. Whatever reason a hamster has to eat their young, it is always an instinctual reason. They were not given such survival methods because Satan or God thought it was humorous to see the humans gawk in horror at their cute little pet committing the grave sin of cannibalism. They were given such methods because that was the only way to ensure the safety of their strongest young, who may end up growing up to mate with the next generation and pass their mighty genes along.

As for the biting, well what the hell would you do if a massive thing stretched out their colossal claw above your head? A smart person would take such a dangerous movement to be life-threatening at first. There was no way to tell this massive thing was friendly, and if you guess wrong you'd be flat as a pancake with no second chance at changing your mind. Obviously a little frightened hamster would squeak, hiss, run, hide, and especially bite as a means of defence. Hamsters are prey. Their ancestors had their lives cut short endlessly due to so many factors that it only makes sense these reflexes and reactions originate deep in their DNA.

And no, I would not say hamsters are the most rewarding pet to own. They are not dogs that will run to your doorstep, eager to greet you inside. They are not cats who act as lazy, independent pompous creatures that remind their owner so much of themselves. They aren't even rats, who each have their own unique friendly personality and are dependent on a second rat companion for the full richness of their lives. But they are hamsters. They're cute, cuddly, and they're not difficult to tame. I cannot stress that enough. Of my thirteen hamsters I've owned, only three were not tamed. One was a dwarf hamster who sadly lived the shortest of the bunch and the other two were roborovski hamsters that I mostly viewed as opposed to held, as most robos tend to be kept. (One day I'll handle a robo hamster consistently...) The other ten were tamed. Most of them were fine being held the moment I got them because of how young they were, but the best story I have is of my current hamster, Esper.

Esper was a biter when I got him at first. He didn't look very young in the tank when I saw him. He wasn't a juvenile, but he also wasn't fully grown as he grew larger under my care after a few months. So it's safe to say Esper had been in that pet store for a while. I had asked the store lady if I could handle the hamsters, but she gave an excuse that they sleep in the afternoon and so it'd be better to come in the morning. While that is mostly true, the fact that a pet store clerk would not let you handle a pet to see what their temperament is like is a bad sign. It usually means the hamsters aren't handled regularly and aren't tamed, so they may bite. And well, if a potential customer is bitten they can't sell their hamsters, now can they?

Regardless of that red flag, I brought home Esper anyway. I decided to let him get to know me right away by letting him into my hand and then right after putting him in his cage. He bit. I left him alone in the cage for a week or so before I began the taming process. This process is one often recommended and there are numerous guides, whether written guides, video guides or the like, but there are many on the internet. There's stuff like spending time with the hamster in the same enclosed playpen, usually a bathtub. The best tip I used was wearing gloves. The hamster could bite all they want and realize it does absolutely nothing unless they like tasting leather constantly, which cannot be pleasant. I eventually was able to handle Esper with my bare hands after a couple of weeks, but he wasn't fully tame. For one thing, he confused a tendon in my wrist as something to chew at first, and that bled pretty profusely. A few days later he was eating a wet mealworm off my hand, and assumed the juices left on my palm were more of the mealworm, and nibbled on that.... yet more blood. But after putting on a band-aid and continually handling him for thirty-minutes each and every day, he finally associated my hand and my body as me, and never bit ever again. Even if my hand smelled like food, he knew it was me and never bit. Even if I enclosed him in both hands like a trap or whatever, he was never afraid. He didn't try to claw his way out. He knew it was me. He became incredibly familiar with me. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to bond with a hamster properly. Though it takes work, it feels so much better than just being able to hold a hamster right away. 

I earned Esper's trust. He trusts me. I trust him. It has gotten to the point that Esper would relax on my hands, or sit quietly on the couch with me without running all over the place or whatever because he knows I'm there and that he's safe. He is eager to see me, like a dog, whenever I walk by the cage. It's probably because I might give him food, but sometimes it's because he wants to come out. He actually wants to spend time with me. He even licks me as he grooms sometimes. I partially think because he doesn't care since he's also grooming himself that his tongue might land on my hand, but then he just licks my hand without bothering to clean himself sometimes. The level of closeness I feel with Esper is awesome. I've never had such a level like this before. My other tamed hamsters could be handled, but they would never relax in my arms or lick me affectionately. I also never attempt to handle Esper when he's actually in the cage, so I respect the territory he has and that is probably another reason he is so relaxed and friendly towards me.

It's truly a special relationship. That's what having a hamster is like. I've never had a dog or a cat before and I'd love to have them, but for what I have right now, it feels pretty sweet. People who blame their pets for their pets' problems are not the type of people who can understand these animals and probably do not deserve to own them in the first place. For whatever reason it gets increasingly more difficult to understand this the lower the intelligence level you go for hamsters. I will be the first to say hamsters are pretty dumb, but they're not like goldfish you can only admire from afar. They can be held. They can be pet. They can be cuddled. And I know for sure, if you've earned their trust, they like you too. Such a thing with an animal that hasn't been bred to act a certain way for hundreds of thousands of years is pretty special indeed.
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RIP Capp
April 2011 - February 2013

Yes, Capp is the hamster who did this sick backflip:

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This gigantic pony post has nothing to do with Lyra.

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the most worthy spam of all
So basically I was doing an electronic rerport something for my mom, when my hamster bin started become a tad noisy. I decided to take a look and noticed that rather than two hamsters, there were as much as a dozen. Except these newer ones were smaller/younger than the two I had! Then I noticed a bunch of pink things close to Nazzo and it turned out she had babies. So here I realized Capp must've been male all along and tried to fetch "him" out but couldn't due to the speeds of the other hamsters. I quickly informed my mom of the babies. 

But very soon, very very very soon I took a look back in the bin and those pink baby little hamsters were gone! They were instead looking a lot like maggots...MAGGOTS!? But I thought maybe this was normal while my mom started to get suspicious (I have no idea why I didn't immediately destroy those maggots at first sight...) and then eventually they looked like big disgusting black bugs with wings, sort of like beetles crossed with hornets or something. I caught them shedding their skin, and then they had this vibrating pulsing shrimp-like interior underneath that skin. ONE of them though, accidentally broke in half as it fell over, so I had to take that one out myself which made me crazy uneasy. (At this point I still didn't seem to realize that they were I dunno, NOT hamster babies!?) Nazzo still seemed to treat them as if they were her children. It was when they became their like fourth or final or whatever form, which looked like those black sesame seed-dessert treats except vibrating/pulsing and facehugging hamsters (AGH!) that I began MURDERING THOSE FUCKERS with a lobster fork. I realized that one of my black blankets was draped over the bin, and perhaps wild hamsters entered the thing from that.

I then thought out loud that maybe one of these wild hamsters brought these maggots with them, infecting and brainwashing my hamster. (I had recently read the Cracked article for most terrifying bugs where most of them were brainwashing insects that buried themselves inside other bugs/animals and controls them to their bidding...like the bot fly, or the one that basically makes a caterpillar rot from the inside...) Then wondered which hamster could've done something like that...

Only to notice in the corner of my eye, a miniature Nue snickering above the bin.


I just got trolled by Nue.

(Ironically i was awoken by the hamsters running on the wheel, and thankfully there were only TWO! Also I'm cleaning that thing tomorrow agh.)

And also lately I've been raving about Futo and hoping for something between her and Murasa, completely ignoring Nue entirely. (Perhaps it's that tanuki friend of hers I like to ignore) I don't know. Or perhaps it's because I was beginning to fall for Futo's amazing Taoist faith. But how the fuck? What? Why does a Touhou character show up in my dream and it's entirely the most fitting thing ever? Creepy, frightening, and downright fitting.

Now excuse me I need to murder a moth.
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Livejournal is being so retarded lately that I am contemplating moving journals. The thing is I already have a million entries here and I've attempted the export function once which equally broke similar to Livejournal. So I have two options of either putting a feed here from a different journal (no cuts unfortunately, and since I write walls-of-text I find it rather inconvenient) or getting some third-party program to post here. The site is either slow, doesn't load at all, only occasionally fetches my external CCS, and its Rich Text editing is the worst thing in the world. If I have to type everything through HTML, YOU HAVE A BAD SERVICE. It also gets horribly buggy whenever I leave my computer on longer than an hour on the posting page on a different tab, sitting in a blank state before everything returns unlike ANY OTHER WEBSITE EVER. Since I've been posting my Sims stuff over at my Sims blog (Blogger) I've found them far more user-friendly and it just annoys the hell out of me. (Blogger's drafting system is far superior and if it ever breaks it actually tells you with a red background so you stop typing into the void, save what you have and then reload the last draft! D<)

Oh yeah I lost parts of this post too...which hasn't happened a million times already, >_>  Unacceptable.

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I can bop my hamsters' nose while they're in the bin. :D (I have never been able to do that with any hamster at all)
These guys NEVER bite even when you give them the greatest opportunity. Of course petting them is out of the question. Capp likes to backflip suicide jump off my hands if I try to do so. (He is so jittery it's not funny) But holding and anything else is pretty cool. Took me a while to get them to take food out of my hands too but they do! :D

Off to my usual rants:

(For some reason a DBZ rant)
Besides this show being one half-shuddering in fear and other half-screaming, DBZ is actually quite a decent classic. I don't find a chance to discuss it often because I'm a girl and I've watched Sailor Moon and therefore all my friends (at least the female ones) will likely have watched it as well, and so I can discuss that as the perennial classic and no other.  I don't know anyone who gives a hoot about DBZ. I don't believe I've actually watched every bloody episode (because it draws out everything to be as long as possible) but I have seen most of the movies since they have to be concluded in the next hour or so and therefore there isn't powering up for five episodes. I've always loved Gohan and the concept of the plots and arcs actually taking place throughout a large span of time. My knowledge of the show itself isn't that great either, but there is one thing I wholeheartedly agree with that some of the fans pointed out.

The entire series should've ended after the Cell Games. If not, at least after Vegeta does something useful and dies doing so, to end his character in a high note. I've always had a problem with cheap death in everything. I don't mind if there is absolutely no death if the activity being done isn't dangerous in the first place. (For example in Touhou, I'm pretty sure the point of Danmaku is so people don't die...although it does make me wonder in Chireiden if Utsuho had won, would she have gone as far as killing Reimu/Marisa considering her plan to disintegrate everything? Hmm...on the other hand the PC-98 games were fully real, but I never talk about that. P:) Obviously the fighting in DBZ is very real and life-threatening, but rather than making sure no one ever bites the dust, they give us the titular dragonballs as an easy reset button. I think I heard somewhere (maybe in the actual anime, I have completely forgotten) that you can only revive a person once. If they die again (or leave the world via natural means) they cannot be wished back. So I was like "Alright, then death isn't as cheap as it seems to be!" but then Goku (and everyone else ever, even villains make comebacks to die again, but y'know) returns anyway. I forgot why because I despise the Buu Saga entirely (if the beginning of this paragraph didn't hint as such) and therefore never actually rewatch it at all to remember these facts.
Basically the first major villain was Frieza (I mean if you count Goku's bro and Vegeta himself) and Goku ended him...kind of. (Well, Trunks ultimately ended up doing so, but you get the point) and then Cell comes and Gohan does away with him. So already you have the main character, his son, his rival's son from the future all killing/defeating important villains except the rival himself. I then watched a clip of Vegeta supposedly doing a noble sacrifice, the first time he's actually fought for someone other than himself to rid of Buu and since there have been no extra forms for the pink creature at this point, obviously his sacrifice will be for naught! I figure if the plot was altered in some way so Vegeta could kill himself defeating the big bad and atoning for everything (still going to hell of course, thus enabling that one movie plot) which means everyone would have had the spotlight for themselves at least once. Then we can have that one movie as some amazing finale (the one where dead!Goku and dead!Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta and defeat the universe/dimension-warping demon thing) and DBZ would've ended spectacularly rather than milked for all its worth.
Why would this be better, you ask? Well I think the following aspects of DBZ are ridiculous:
1. SSJ3
2. GT
3. Those earrings that fuse you permanently (Potara?)
4. GT
5. Adult Gohan
6. Did I mention GT?
And they could all easily be avoided if it had ended this way. See the problem is SSJ3 leads to all the little kids making more and more and more higher levels of super saiyanism with crazy nonsensical ways of spiking/colouring hair. (And it in itself looks silly already) Also what's with those damn earrings? There was already a normal (and somewhat amusing ritual too) way to fuse they used for the little saiyans but wasted its entire point because Gotenks didn't defeat jackshit. I also think Gogeta is in every way superior to Vegetto, so. Mystic Gohan was also wasted too because he didn't do anything to defeat Buu. In fact EVERYTHING in this bloody arc was all eyecandy but never served anything towards the plot besides Worf Effect to make fusion of middle-aged daddies stronger than everything EVER. I heard (not sure if true) that the mangaka originally wanted to, after the Cell Games, focus the plot on Gohan rather than his father. He chose to stay dead for the sake of the Earth and we saw how Gohan matured. It make completely bloody sense.
But he didn't. So Gohan's character got massacred. We got introduced to kid!Trunks and Goku's clone son (though very cute) Goten who achieved Super Saiyan like it was nothing (considering how much EFFORT and PAIN everyone else went through to get there it was kind of ridiculous to me) and then became the very irritating (though probably very cool...maybe) Gotenks who ends up achieving nothing anyway, even if he can turn into a golden hedgehog...I feel like I'm repeating "Missed Moment of Awesome" over and over again with all these wonderful ways to defeat the stupid pink alien thing and then they go and conclude it the stupidest way possible. Fuse the two dads via Fusion Dance, use Mystic Gohan, give Vegeta an epic sacrifice, or even have Gotenks beat the bloody alien, but no. This arc was like [snip] or whatever the fuck is going on with Negima right now. STUPID. 
Of course unlike everything else they went a step further and threw in GT which massacred basically everyone besides Goku and Vegeta and introduced the even more ridiculousness that is SSJ4. What the hell. Well I pretend it doesn't exist. It's luckily not canon (unlike a certain skirt) so ignoring it is completely fine. I guess out of all these that I've mentioned the one franchise that kind of did it right was Sailor Moon...kind of.
You see Sailor Moon doesn't follow its manga very well, and everyone knows how much NOT FOLLOWING THE MANGA is against the LAWS of Japanese media ITSELF! Except like Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon's anime plot was popular despite 85% of it being filler (well it's either filler or half the arc being screaming and powering up! Sometimes I wonder how these classics became classics...oh because they were the first of its kind, maybe) but at the very least each season adapted from the manga and didn't invent a whole new plot to extend the season. (I consider the aliens in R to just be more filler to stall for more material from the manga to rip off and not be loyal to whatsoever :X) The characters too were never really butchered (I mean unless you compare to the manga, but again we are comparing season by season not media to media). They were ignored yes, but never butchered. (I mean if you can't figure out a way to include the Outers into the plot without ruining them entirely I suppose not including them at all is for the better? Even if replacing them with an entire season of the pink spawn is not a wise idea either? I don't know. Sailor Moon too is not a perfect example but I like to think it was handled better than that of DBZ...maybe.)
The last season of Sailor Moon was done brilliantly I think. Even if the Starlights were nothing more than minor characters in the manga. The whole Seiya and Usagi subplot, with Mamoru being put on the bus and thus giving the usually very-cheery main character a reason to frown just, to me, gave her another angle to her character. After all five seasons of the same thing, even if Usagi was maturing, would be boring. So after four seasons of being used to a Tuxedo-dressed protector finding a way to save your butt every episode, she now had to deal with him not being there. It really did affect her character. That made up for the inner and outers (except Saturn because she had NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!) not doing too much character/story-wise this arc. I  mean I'm usually complaining about the main character sucking everything away from the rest of the cast, but they did it so differently this season and made the anime refreshing...plus the new character design/animation style just screamed "darker" to me. After all in previous seasons except for certain points every episode was standalone and often didn't have much to do with each other, but here we could watch Usagi evolve as she struggles without Mamoru. The arc at the beginning was I suppose Toei's second version of R's aliens, but done right by giving us fanservice (showing all the Sailors fighting together) to keep us interested at the semi-canon plot later!
That is the only time you are allowed to use filler, but to actually make filler INTERESTING with characters we CARE about!? We often do not see that, but it was done here. Adding a new season that the creator had no say in just to continue the massive cashflow is not the way to do it at all. Negima too has that milking problem, never was there an anime adaptation that was loyal to the manga (and even if it wasn't, an adaptation that would at least be just as long and epic alongside the manga would've worked too!) but instead a poor attempt by XEBEC, a "we'll just use your characters for our own original story!" by SHAFT. Then SHAFT realizing fans actually wanting the manga itself to be actually ANIMATED, so they just choose random parts to animate and then miss a BOATLOAD of crap fans actually want to see...then shove the conclusion into a tiny-60 minute movie, finally declaring all Negima Anime is done. Wow. Good job! I'm so completely satisfied at how the series did on the screen! >_>
I also realize I use the word "actually" like ALL THE TIME in this blog, but eh. That be all.
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Warning: These images link to Danbooru. If ridiculous NSFW ads upset you in anyway, please refrain from clicking the thumbs.

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Aww isn't that cute--

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^ The theme of this entry. (Yes, even the hamsters. THERE WERE HAMSTERS IN ALIENS!!!)

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Wait a sec!

May. 8th, 2011 07:32 pm
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So today I decided to get a new hamster. Iggy's been a good hamster for me, but it's time to move on. I went several places to even find the same kind of hamsters I have (Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamsters) but alas, they don't seem to be around much this area anymore for some strange reason. (I've been seening less of this kind for a long time)

But I found these little guys instead!

I could not decide between using the name "Pohbowl" or "Nazzo" so I went the outrageous route and called him "Pohbowl D. Nazzo"...Nazzo is his last name! P: But since they're brothers they're technically both Nazzos...also the D stands for Doughboy, lolol. Since Pohbowl is the older one he should be called "Nazzo" however...or that's just my logic. P:

And so, Nazzo and Capp are here! IT IS VERY OBVIOUS WHERE THESE NAMES COME FROM SO DON'T ASK LOL (Hint: similar theme-naming with Koho and Iggy :X :X :X) Thus we have Commander P. Nazzo and Captain C. Nazzo! (If that still doesn't give you a clue of where their names come from, you fail utterly)

I'd take pictures...which I have attempted, but they were all blurs. THESE THINGS ARE BLINDINGLY FAST. Roborovski Hamsters away!
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I think I should write a post about a few of my friends. Well, certain friends, not all of em, or it'd be a bit long since I like to write up walls of text, but I do have some pretty awesome friends I'd like to talk about. This post will probably be sappy, so...

SAPPY WARNING! Nevermind, false alarm. 8D;

Before you read on...

The reason why I buy hamsters in pairs is because it always seems lonely to just have one, yet the loneliest, saddest part is not having one hamster, it is when you buy two and one passes away. The hamster that is left has just spent its entire life with others, never alone, always with another and suddenly it is alone. You would always hear the occasional squeak from squabbles or watch the two try to steal food away from another, but it is never more heartwenching than to hear constant silence.

Poor Iggy.

This rant did not go as planned O: )
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You know the very first post of this LJ? An announcement of the death of my hamster. Well, that's what this one is too! In fact the whole reason I created this LJ was probably because I heard LJ had the stereotypical image where lots of sad teenage kids go to whine about how their life sucks. Either way, well, I'm just here to say that Koho has passed away.

A friend of mine told me hamsters weren't very good pets because they don't live that long, and told me I shouldn't be owning them, perhaps a more-longer living animal. At least it's better than my dad's fish...

Well, rest in peace Koho. I wish these announcements didn't seem so close together. It was only yesterday when I was excited about my two amazing new hamsters, and everyone fell in love with Koho. You know, the grey and white one. He was the cute one. I still have Iggy, but everyone liked Koho.


Nov. 8th, 2009 11:31 am
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And finally to end this long post a cute video: (It seems my broken camera can do close-up video very well O: )

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So a while back I talking about my new hamsters after the untimely passing of Solo, and I said I didn't know definitely if either hamster were male or female. I made a preliminary conclusion that they were male, but at that moment I really wasn't sure. It usually takes me a month or so to figure out if they are indeed male or female. Today I think I've figured it out.

Now let's start by saying there are no surprises, they are indeed both male, but it was much harder to tell on Koho then Iggy. First, the reason it takes a while to figure it out is because I don't normally handle them that often when they first get home, and secondly I don't handle them roughly either at all for quite a while. What I mean by roughly is basically not the normal way of the hamsters just sitting on your hand, but holding them in a way to see their stomachs, and thus seeing if they have male or female parts. When I first got them I examined if they were male or female by putting them on see-through things like glass cups or on top of tennis rackets, but that isn't the most effective way. And also, if there haven't been babies after a month it's pretty safe to say none are female, XD.

So after hearing four loud bangs from the neighbour, waking me up, and subsequently hearing squeaks from my bin in sync to those bangs, I think my hamsters were awoken by the bangs too, and quite scared. I started wondering whether my hamsters REALLY were male. Correction, if Koho was really male because it was quite obvious on Iggy. He had the same body shape as Otter and Hobo, and so it wasn't hard to tell from Iggy's rear. One reason why it was harder on Koho was how fat he is. You can't tell if he's truly round like a female or if there's so much fur and body everywhere that the balls on his rear are just hiding on you. P:

So I went and picked him up, today he was hungry...like usual because he went and bit my wrist. Usually I'm not very kind when bit, but for some reason I don't really give a damn when Koho does it. Maybe because he's just so cute! He's not much of a biter anyway...usually doesn't. He doesn't bite on instinct I mean. He only bit my wrist because he thought it was food, since the bite did not hurt. If their bites HURT though...then they are angry. So, I picked him up and held him in a way to see his butt, and hopefully, his penis, and from all those hamster sexing charts and guides out there, there should be a gap between those two. On a female, there would be very little gap, or even no gap at all. 

Well, first I saw something pink....and I saw nothing else. He was squirming insanely so I put him down, let him roam around and chew on my shirt, and then tried again. I brushed off the fur around the area and finally found another pink thing. Well, there was indeed a gap. And if you looked closely on his rear end, it would be poking out slightly. The insane amount of fur and fat on Koho was just making it really hard to see. Another known fact is that males are usually larger than females, and Koho is huge.

Which brings us to another question, were all my other hamsters indeed what sex I thought they were? I can tell you now I don't have as much experience with female hamsters than male, Solo being only my third one. But Solo was an obvious female. She was tiny, very round and I could tell that she was female by looking on her underside. (It is much easier to tell if a female is a female than if a male is a male to me, annoyingly enough.) And a few of my other hamsters were probably obvious too. But now that I think about it...

Vulcan Max and Toto, my supposed other female hamsters...they weren't as small as Solo as far as I can remember. I can tell with Toto due to to photo evidence that she wasn't that small. VM on the other hand I have no photos of, so I can never really know for sure. Another thing is I don't recall that hamster store I get hamsters from now ever keeping their sexes separate. They might do NOW because I didn't ask, and maybe they did when Solo was there, but they kept Asako with two females for god's sake. How many children, grandchildren, GREAT-grandchildren does Asako have!? And Solo was supposedly in the tank full of males....the only reason she didn't come home pregnant? I'm guessing she was too young to mate because she was REAL small. Thank god I saved her. (Young mothers aren't the best idea for hamsters). But they did think she was male back then, so at least they started attempting to sex hamsters at that time.

I must admit sexing hamsters is hard ESPECIALLY when either young or fat thus the many mistakes through my experience. Even when I got my first hamsters, I apparently knew which were female or male. After having Hammy for a few weeks, we went to get Hobo. At first we got this tiny hamster, but then I noticed Hammy being VERY interested in this hamster....so I took a look, I believe we even had a magnifying glass. It looked like this hamster was a female. I actually feel quite sorry for this hamster....I sealed her fate when we went back to that house with many hamsters to find a male instead. They apparently bought a hamster because someone might have wanted one or five, since I saw lots of older hamsters [four male children in the house though and they didn't apparently care for them at all.] and they ended up getting much more than just five. We looked at all the young hamsters to see if it were male or female, and there was only one male: Hobo.

So, we put the female hamster back and got Hobo and went home. Thus ends the story of Spotto not ending up with lots of baby hamsters...and Spotto subsequently being told all those hamsters died because that family "forgot to feed them" a few weeks later. I hope other people came and took some hamsters too because if that female was one of them...

I'm going to name that nameless female. She's definitely not alive NOW because no Dwarf hamster lives that long, but I did get to hold her, if only for a few minutes. Rest in peace Potato, and I hope you left the world much later than those other unfortunate hamsters, but if you were one of them.... :'C On the bright side...I did save Hobo's life, but if you think about it now...

If I had that female, I'd have lots of baby hamsters. Hobo would not have lived very long, but maybe...maybe he could've if other people came and got some of the young hamsters? What would have been the best course of action if you think about it now? An inexperienced 11-year-old should not really be taking care of baby hamsters especially with parents who see hamsters more like fish and wouldn't care if they all dropped dead a few days later. Though I really can't blame myself for any of this because I wouldn't have known that weeks from then those hamsters I saw would not be alive. If I did I would INSIST on taking them all! It just feels more guilt-ridden because I at first HAD the female, and maybe if other people didn't come to get some hamsters from there themselves, she'd have lived longer if I had just kept her...

I don't quite know anymore, but as of today these thoughts would just end up being thoughts. It was a long time ago, and nothing can be done now. I mean, Hobo was very very fortunate. He had a great life, a great long life with Hammy, and I probably might not have been as interested in hamsters today if my first two hamsters weren't living together and subsequently being very awesome together. But that just brings us back to the original question...

Were my hamsters the sex I thought them to be? I'm pretty definite on Hammy, Hobo, Asako, Otter, Solo, Iggy, and finally Koho. Hedgehog? I'm not really sure...I believe he was male, but who knows? The same place I got him was the same place I got VM and they got her sex wrong. Granted there was a million young hamsters climbing EVERYWHERE in the cage, and my mom wanted a white one with red eyes because red is the colour of LUCK and white is just pretty to her, or perhaps it's the asian influence, but anyway...there were two of that colour, one was male and one was female. They gave us the wrong one. Unlike what happened with Hobo, I didn't go back and get the male instead, but it was less necessary since I only had one.

I'm pretty sure all those other hamsters I saw didn't die a few weeks later. I'm sure they all got nice, reasonable owners who loved them....but from all those abuse stories you hear there are even more you don't hear...not all the animals you see in pet stores went to happy and caring families, especially small animals like hamsters or even fish which aren't taken as seriously as something like a cat or a dog. What about Toto? She was apparently in a tank with other females, and that was the only evidence I knew that she was a female, but was she really? She didn't live very long with me, and bite like hell..so I didn't get a chance to handle her enough to find out if she was truly male or female.

The track record these stores have aren't very good, and depending the sex of Toto on the store is the only thing I have...she wasn't very small...

Is Koho a male? Yes.

Did Potato live longer than I hoped? 

Was Toto a female?

Some questions we'll never know...

Oh my god!

Sep. 19th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's Otter and a....greyer Asako~!!!

Okay, not really.

The answer is under here! )
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Solo the hamster passed away on September 15th, 2009 at two o'lock PM. I did tell myself picking favourites out of my hamsters would be really hard, and would be like choosing a favourite child, but I have to say: Solo was my favourite hamster.

Rest in peace girl.
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I haven't posted here in a while, so for the sake of posting I shall post some interesting tidbits...of the hamsters that have come and gone in my life, and also Solo <3

Hamsters be here )
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Let us explore inside this mysterious room, ne?


Enter, but beware. )
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Asako has come and gone, and will never be forgotten. ;__;
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
His beautiful white fur and grey patches will be unmatched.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nor will his excitement be:

He's buried in my garden close to Otter.
And here's the newcomer...three-week-old Solo!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

His fur is like the inverse of Asako's. Black, with white patches and some grey. Black eyes instead of ruby red...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This next photo is to scale, so Solo is the same size as how he appears on this picture:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And his journey has just begun...

May Solo follow in Asako's footsteps and too has his enthusiasm. (Though Solo is quite the daredevil, attempting to jump out of my wheel carrier and my hands, lol)
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


He is a male. He's only a few weeks old (methinks three), and he's really small. He's pretty timid and so far likes to chew and dig. When he was in the box he tried to jump out but kept falling on his back clumsily. He so far doesn't bite. He doesn't really like water because when he touches it he falls backwards a little and rubs his cute little pink nose. His head and upper torso is black, while his lower torso is somewhat gray. Despite the majority of his back being black, his tail is completely white and that looks COMPLETELY ADORABLE. His underside is mostly white and black, but is equally as cute. Right now he's asleep and hasn't touched his wheel yet, but he's had a long day of travelling from the pet store to my house so it's understandable.

Here is a list of suggested names so far, and some of my own:
Chips Ahoy
MC Hamster
Asako the Second
Win Money

Yeah, most of them were suggested by males... *cough*Milk*cough*My dad*cough**cough* Though I am looking for brand new names mostly. So pleeeeease suggest something! Thankies!

EDIT: Nevermind...name has been chosen! This little guy is now named SOLO. Yay!


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