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The aforementioned Weiss rant to be precise!
Actually this will likely be a mishmash of pretty much any topic relating to characters I like. You see recently I've been marathoning a very silly, mindlessly fun cliche show for about a few weeks. No it's not a Nickelodeon sitcom, though I am still bummed that a supposed rift between the two lead actresses of Sam and Cat caused it to end prematurely. In fact the very last episode, Cat was arrested and Sam chose not to help bail her out for her own gain, so she could keep rooming with Cat's grandmother who acts like a mother Sam has never known, since her own mom is a pretty terrible mother. While a terrible ending for a series it's sort of fitting for how the show ended, via a feud between the lead actreses and for the last scene of the series to be a scene wherein a lead character does not help another. A broken friendship ended with a display of bad friendship, alas.
I do feel some sense of happiness that the actress for Cat, Ariana Grande, broke into the music scene because I've been watching these Dan Schneider shows for a few years now and Cat has always had the best voice. In the crossover episode between iCarly and Victorious for instance, there's a karaoke party at the end and I wanted everyone to shut up except Cat because her voice was so majestic. It's super awesome she's getting the recognition she deserves. Unfortunately I'm not too big on the R&B genre but one of her songs, Break Free, sounds pretty good regardless of my music tastes. 
Anyway back to the point on hand, the cliche show I've been marathoning is actually by a company based in France called Marathon. That's right, I've been numbing my brain with constant Totally Spies episodes these past few days and even gave myself a headache when I watched a whole bunch of the newer episodes in a row due to for some reason the voice actresses' being far more squeaky than usual later on. Now I keep the volume fairly low but that causes me to be unable to hear certain characters like Jerry who has a rather soft-spoken voice. It's sad. 
When I watched this nostalgic show back in my adolescence, despite the show representing all things stereotypically girly I truly was entertained by the episodes. I never had a favourite character at the time either, though it may have been Clover back then because if I have no favourite usually the most comedic takes the cake. It's sort of like why I love Venus the most in Sailor Moon, but with Crystal airing that can easily change. Having complained about the terrible romance and the flat male characters in RWBY recently, Totally Spies is a far more serious offender in this department and there are certain mini-arcs where I have to skip a few scenes so the girls would not always be obsessed with some sort of perfect flawless guy. 
Yet, having marathoned so many episodes in a row, I don't seem to mind it quite as much as in RWBY. Most probably because the show truly is a whole bunch of mindless stereotypical fun and with the constant influx of cartoonish villains seeking revenge in every episode, it's sort of silly to have high expectations of such a show. On the other hand, RWBY being an internet webshow it has the freedom to do whatever it wants no matter how controversial it might be because of the lack of meddling TV producers what with being, well, a webshow. And yet the most recent episodes we have very safe and annoying cliche tropes that I would usually expect in some sort of mediocre cartoon for children on TV. 
But I can only sigh in defeat as it does nothing out of the ordinary despite its unique platform and just hope it improves later on and all the issues I've had with it would dwindle eventually. However the biggest ongoing problem I have with RWBY is Weiss. She is no doubt my favourite character and still is, if only because I don't really like any other character more than her so far, so it seems no matter how strange I find Weiss being she's still better than everyone else. After season one ended, my expectation of Weiss' character was sort of like a female Vegeta. It is an animesque show so I thought expecting animesque writing would be reasonable, but unlike Vegeta who took many years to go from a murdering psychopath to a proud family man, Weiss seems to have drank some bad water between seasons one and two and is now as goofy and dorky as can be in season two. 
What the hell happened?
An ongoing theme with the characters in RWBY is that a majority, if not all of them are massive dorks. This seems to represent a lot of the people writing the characters. I don't mind dorky characters, but if EVERYONE is a goofy dork no one is unique and it begins feeling very tiresome. This is why when Blake joined along with Ruby and Yang in parading around their room annoying Weiss after moving in, I was extremely surprised. I really expected Blake to be a serious character who had no time for such goofy nonsense, but at least Weiss' exasperation towards their behaviour gave a sense of fresh air. However by season two it seems their roles have reversed, with Blake being the serious one and Weiss having taken up the teambuilding silly mantle. Obviously one can always explain Weiss having gone from the bitchy lady screaming at Ruby for bumping into her luggage to someone standing on a chair calling out Blake for hiding her problems to be character development, but where is this said character development?
Aside from episode ten where Port gave her a rousing speech, every time Weiss acts far less confrontational it's more like this is what Weiss truly is rather than she became less confrontational. So rather, the oddity is why Weiss acted like how she did in the beginning at all. It was so refreshing to see someone with such a soft gentle-looking design actually be a ticking time bomb, but if that ticking time bomb is a facade over her true personality which no doubt is also a facade for something else considering her trailer, then who the hell is Weiss? As every episode goes on she feels less and less unique to me and more like every other character with their silly goofy behaviour. This is sort of the opposite of Yang who I expected to be very goofy and silly, but she seems more down to earth and even discouraged Weiss from puns after the episode four fight. Yang for some reason was extremely serious at the end of the fight, but why? She has no personal investment to the conflict like Blake does, and is the one who calms down Blake from going overboard about this issue entirely. In fact she said something equally as silly after the season one episode eight fight, so why the fuck is Yang acting like this too? Is she the only one allowed to make goofy quips at the end of major fights or something?
The inconsistency truly baffles me.
I almost think Weiss' behaviour is a direct response to some people disliking Weiss initially and they wanted to tone her down. Except they sort of went way overboard and now both Yang and Weiss, not being quite that extreme of a character as I expected instead mesh with the rest of the characters and now they all feel far less interesting than they could have been. The ideas that radiated around the fandom throughout all of this including the long hiatus gave them better character than the show has so far, which has also decided to devote seven episodes to fleshing out a side-character, so my expectations really can't be that high anymore. It's sort of a shame how fandom builds up expectations but the show itself falls flat so very severely. 
As an example of Yang feeling inconsistent, she remarks earlier about how she's going to "turn heads" at the dance, and then shows up at the dance in a very conservative plain white dress that looks similar to Weiss'. She then dances with Blake for about a second then is shown observing the dance for the rest of it, so where the hell is that turning head part? She is not in anyway unique or flashy in the dance at all and again meshes with everyone else who all have very similar styles of dress as well. RWBY does a lot of telling but very little showing. The showing often contradicts with the telling as well, like how the creator mentioned that the world of Remnant is not prejudicial to say, the LGBT community but during the dance every guy was hooked up with a girl. If a world is super accepting of this issue then wouldn't people in that minority be very open about their orientation? The only other possible explanation is that they are an extreme minority like sadly a lot of ignorant people seem to think and so they had no representation at a dance. I also hardly think there wouldn't be prejudice considering the continuing issue of hating the faunus which is a very obvious analogy to racial problems in reality.
Another example of telling contradicting showing is Ozpin's speech in episode eight, where he talks about accepting and diversity and we see the crowds of the four schools that have gathered for the tournament, and very little if at all faunus are among the crowd. Either hiding one's faunus heritage like Blake does is super common and Velvet's super duper brave, or they aren't there at all. This doesn't even touch the skin colour issue. Obviously making huge crowds takes a long time and a lot of copy pasting is involved, considering a Ruby clone and many Jaune clones are in the crowds, but if you're going to say something and then not even give an example of it during that very speech, there's something seriously wrong with the directing. Whoever is responsible for the crowd scenes must communicate more with the writers and realize there is something seriously amiss with the scenes not matching the writing.
But y'know as stereotypical and cliche Totally Spies is, it does some things right. One of the episodes highly regarded as the best in season four of My Little Pony for instance, is Pinkie Pride. Now I do like my fair share of proud characters. Miko is probably one of the most prideful characters I've ever liked and I expected Weiss to have more dignity but she doesn't, so. But to me Pinkie is not an especially prideful character. An episode regarding pride feels more like a Rainbow Dash or even Rarity-type of episode to me instead. Pinkie feels like someone who would always go with the flow so long as it's fun and when Cheese Sandwich showed up probably would've loved him and joined along with him as opposed to feeling jealous and attacked by his presence. That is probably my biggest problem with the episode and why I do not regard it as one of the best unlike so many others. Sure it has a highly acclaimed guest star in Weird Al and has a wondrous amount of tunes, but because of that fact I simply couldn't enjoy the episode as most did.
Totally Spies on the other hand also had a similar episode, Alex Quits, where Alex well, quits because a super cool better-person came and made her feel like she was replaced. This time the issue isn't because of pride, but because Alex's character involves having low self-esteem. She is of the three most often bullied or considered the most uncool, and later on it is established despite her prowess in athletics, a rather clumsy person. So when she screws up and someone else appears much more capable, she quits. Now an episode similar like that for Pinkie Pride may have been more fitting. Pinkie, as evidenced from say, Party of One, goes ballistic when it feels like she is unneeded. She does seem like, despite her initial appearance, someone who is very fragile in terms of self-esteem. Instead of pride, the episode could've been something often only showcased with someone like Fluttershy (but her's is so damn obvious and in-your-face about Fluttershy's esteem issues) and would've fit Pinkie more than the pride thing. The ending was good though, in that she realizes her pride-that-came-out-of-nowhere was not fun at all and goes against everything she stands for, so she decides to leave Ponyville because she feels unneeded. 
The episode could have also been about attention because Pinkie is a major attention whore, but pride seemed like the least fitting theme. Despite the issues this episode was one of, if not the best, key-discovering episodes, so whatever. (That speaks more for how much I disliked the key episodes more than anything though) 
Anyway seeing as I am marathoning Totally Spies I guess it makes sense to actually talk about it instead of just using examples to explain other show's problems. Clover may have been my favourite when I first watched the show, but while watching through it again now Alex is my favourite. Hell, I subconsciously watched most of the Alex episodes first and when I started going through the episodes in order I was sort of bored because I watched all the "good episodes" already and then suddenly realized a majority of the good episodes were Alex episodes, ha. The whole boy-crazy thing doesn't bother me as much as it could have so long as the boy in question is a quirky character who enhances the comedic value of the episode as opposed to like, this David guy who showed up for several episodes in season two (or three? I forget) and was pretty much bland and picture-perfect and the girls were all fighting over him. That was annoying. 
Another semi-annoying thing is Alex's voice, her new voice in particular. It isn't too bad and is fitting, to be honest, but she ends up with the highest voice and in the later seasons with everyone getting more screechy, her high voice is obviously the worst. I sort of miss Alex's first voice which was more unique and sort of charming, but her new voice is actually dub Sailor Mars which is somewhat amusing. Also Mandy's voice actress (who also happens to be Sam's) is Princess Morbucks from Powerpuff Girls. They have the EXACT same voice but I never realized this until it was pointed out. Mandy sounds EXACTLY the same as Princess Morbucks what the fuck. It feels so weird that I never realized this on my own. 
But I think the biggest reason I watch the show is the female friendship. Ah how I love female friendships. It's why I got into RWBY, aside from the obvious Weiss. I was sort of expecting some goddamn girl friendships, but instead of being friends and hanging together at the dance like most girls would including when I hung out with MY friends at MY high school dances, they were all separate people who felt like they hung around with each other only for business and not friendship. It is such a shame that Sam and Cat, a very strong awesome female friendship, was a show ended on a real-life broken friendship. EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND GIRLS AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP! GIRLS AND FRIENDSHIP HOORAY
It's probably why I watch so many damn cartoons and shows for kids. There isn't much girl friendship in adult shows, where there's more romance and dark themes like...murder and drugs and sexual issues and blah. Ah well.
In fact, here is an example. I have numerous NUMEROUS pictures plastered all over my wall of various fandoms. In almost all the fandoms there is at least one picture of two characters or more hugging or being friendly with one another. Koishi jumping into her sister Satori's arms. Yuuna wrapping her arms around Ako. Pinkie and Fluttershy hugging and thanking one another like a greeting card. Miko and Byakuren, a duo I love for their love-hate (mostly hate) relationship, are leaning on one another, one asleep. Murasa and Nue holding both hands together in a colourful watercolour picture. Sayo clinging onto Kazumi's shoulders in shyness. Mokou embracing Keine with the most heartwarming smiles ever. Hell even the boys, there's Rei and Max feeding one another (this is much more yaoi than friendship lol) and a kid Korea giving a kid HK a peck on the cheek. Guess what the RWBY pictures are? Just pretty pictures of the four girls posing. THAT'S IT.
Yes there are numerous numerous NUMEROUS fanarts of friendship between the RWBY girls, but the ones I chose to plaster on my walls wasn't of that because it hadn't been showcased very often in show and and most high quality fanart tends to be of stuff off the show. There are a few fanarts of friendship among then I may put on the wall instead, just so my room would have some sort of complete theming (aside from the GTA V Achievement Hunter poster that implies they want to kill each other of course) but I don't feel like plastering RWBY on my walls anymore because of how disappointed I am in the show. (Even if I still want a goddamn Weiss plushie. That expression is perfect! D: ) 
Also I sort of want Ibuki on my wall but she'd probably either be alone or with her entire class. I'm still unsure/mad/annoyed/glad that <SPOILER REDACTED> so Ibuki can't really be with anyone. Oh well, she will forever (at least until something else comes around) adorn my phone's lock and home screens. (Mokou and Keine still claim my desktop/laptop wallpapers however) Ibuki is the best, least disappointing character I have ever liked, but sadly the flaws lie in other places such as <SPOILER REDACTED> and <SPOILER REDACTED>. Goddamnit Ibuki.
Maybe after I'm done with this marathon I'll check if any Totally Spies fandom still exists, especially since the sixth season aired last year. Then again I'll probably run into weird porn and strange fetishes instead. This show seems to attract these types of people. IT'S POKEMON X&Y HEX MANIAC SYNDROME ALL OVER AGAIN! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU, HEX MANIAC!?!? 
This has been Spotto, please don't look up Hex Maniac fanart.
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I saw some Xena gifs on my dashboard earlier and that lead to a thought about something completely different, but sort of in the same nostalgic light. My brother watched Xena a ton when it was airing and I was but a child then, but sometimes I stuck around and watched with him. I really loved Gabrielle. There is one episode I actually remember watching where Xena was being forced into this sort of torture rack with hundreds, maybe even thousands of nails lining the board, but she had such amazing body strength to not only keep herself from being punctured but managed to like punch or kick off her assailant or someone. I also remember Xena dying (or maybe she was just incapacitated, the memory is a blur) and Gabrielle had to find some sort of weird bean-like food to revive her.

Then I remember my brother playing Final Fantasy IV and he named the green summoner child after me, who was eaten at some point and I got upset, but eventually she returned as an adult to kick-ass. He also played the Sailor Moon Another Story RPG, and Sailor Moon, which is getting an awesome remake in the coming months, is an extremely nostalgic thing for me. My brother loved it to the point  that my mom knew what Anime we were watching and even bought (probably bootlegged) VHS SUBBED Sailor Moon movies for my brother. (I liked it too, but at the time I think my brother did even more) And of course of my favourite cartoon growing up was probably Powerpuff Girls.

Now the one reoccurring theme in all of that are female characters. This isn't a coincidence or anything. I'm a girl and naturally are drawn to girl characters because they should be role models to me and y'know, also being a girl should identify with them a tad more than the boys. But that wasn't always the case obviously. My brother also watched the first season of Digimon and I watched it with him every Saturday morning. More seasons of Digimon came by later (I watched the second one, but my brother did not as he only enjoyed the first) and skipped the third because it seemed really slow and boring to me (well at least now I appreciate the greatness that was Tamers P:) and then for some reason returned to Digimon in season four despite its unpopularity because holy shit sentai! I watched Power Rangers a ton as a kid too, though I was especially young when the first Mighty Morphin series aired, so I don't recall too much about it. Even today sentai is a thing I could pretty much easily get into, but its target demographic is a bit too young for me to really enjoy now. (I watched one season of that parody/meant for older-audiences Akibaranger series, but found it a bit too ridiculous and silly to continue watching the second. Maybe someday I'll pick it up!) But these two were sort of general type things, didn't have a favourite character to gravitate to, just enjoyed the concept and story. (such as this wondrous cartoon called Weekenders, but I think I've said enough of it for now P: )

And now for the other end of the gamut, introduced to me by the great medium that is VIDEO GAMES! My brother always played these girly RPGs of girly franchises like Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon, meanwhile I was beating people up in LF2 and beating people up in NHL97 and beating mushrooms up in Mario and beating...well basically I didn't really play any RPGs aside from Pokemon. A majority of these types of games have pretty much 99% male characters, what with the beating up associated more closely with the testosterone Y chromosome.  But hey me and my two guy friends and my dude cousin were all about the video games. Yes, when he played Halo on the Xbox I would watch because first-person made me dizzy. Every time I went over it was either a hockey game (to the point my uncle stormed downstairs and turned our Playstation off because it was so late...but it didn't seem like we were being loud in the first place?? My uncle's not a nice person lol) or Worms on Playstation or Gundam games (I don't remember its title!) in Playstation or...WWE on the Nintendo 64. Or my other dude friend with his N64 and always playing Mario Party and Pokemon. 

Anyway this could lead into a huge rant about why I enjoy female friendships/shippings so much these days, traced back to my years of childhood where all my guy friends were super nice and awesome and all my girl friends either told me I'd turn into a boy if I hung around boys too much, or that boys shouldn't be allowed and lock themselves in my room on my birthday while I stood outside with my crying cousin or getting into a fight with that girl because I was tired of being the one always wrong and playing the idiot male stuffed animal being the buttmonkey to her superior female stuffed animal and what was I talking about again?

Oh, Beyblade.

That's right, the first anomaly is Beyblade. It's a show with 99% guys, aimed towards boy audiences (seriously it was so shounen it wasn't funny) and had extremely poor writing in at least one of the seasons, extremely poor action scenes in one of the seasons, and extremely poor design in one of the seasons. And it was not a video game that I enjoyed with guy friends. Oh no it was a show that became my first fandom, populated with many other girls around me. So after thinking about everything beforehand and having my mind deviate to irrelevant memories like that last paragraph, I wondered to myself...why did I enjoy this show so much?

We must go to the source, that being the one episode that drew me into the series. I always cited that Max's utter adorableness in the one season two episode when he is trapped in a collapsed building with his enemy, Mariam, as the thing that started it all. Max was super cute, was super friendly, and one thing I really liked about his voice in particular is that usually an adorable little boy with hyperactive tendencies would be given a high voice, but here his voice actor was maturing and his voice was quite low. Even though it was low the acting was quite good (at least that I could tell of a dubbed show anyway) and he was still spunky and happy despite his low voice, making Max extremely unique in my eyes. Sometimes typecasting voices to certain types of characters makes them a lot more boring than they could be. After all, it's not always that someone you know also has the most fitting of voices too, right? Wouldn't that be too much of a coincidence? Max actually sounded like a young boy and not a girl voicing a boy because every young male has a high voice and they aren't still that young age when going through puberty either, amirite???

But I rarely ever mentioned the other part of this source, Mariam. When you think about the female characters in Beyblade...everything sort of falls short. The VERY first female character introduced in the show was a girl who wore complete pink, basically being the pink counterpart to Rei and not being especially original in the process. Supposedly she is meant to be the female love interest for Rei (eventually, they do get married at the end of the manga) but that has to be the least interesting love interest you could ever make for a male character....A PINK COUNTERPART to the character. Whether or not Mao/Mariah's personality was interesting at all (I don't even remember! I think she just spent all her time talking/thinking about Rei since it was his character arc and thus has nothing about her as an individual at all) it's still pretty disheartening that the first female character introduced is someone like this. (You gotta start somewhere right?) But the very next was some girl in the American team who wasn't memorable at all. She also didn't have much of a role compared to pink cat girl. And as far as I remember those were the only two of the female gender that existed in season one...sad, huh? Unless Max's mom counts. :X

So season two comes by and there is this mysterious female character in a brown cloak along with other mysterious brown cloak people. She has one line and is super mysterious but is already more interesting than every female introduced combined including this Hiromi/Hilary chick who might just be around to be Takao's love interest or something because she never picks up the sport of spinning tops at all. WHAT IS HER PURPOSE!? Just to support? A cheerleader??? Anyway the mysterious brown cloak people disappear and we instead get these friendly spinning top enthusiasts who end up using experimental cyborg wrestling animals in order to steal the main characters' wrestling animals! Oh no!! Salima had potential, but she was sadly reduced to Rei's second love interest who didn't develop much of a personality besides being really stupid. Man this arc was really stupid and these side-characters were really stupid. The only thing that was really interesting about all this is apparently, in the non-bowdlerised original, Kai's roommate at some private boarding school was also manipulated into using experimental cyborg wrestling animal, but it was so powerful he went insane and died. (I mean why else did he show up as a spirit later on when Kai was facing the same experimental cyborg wrestling animal???) Anyway even though Kai found his roommate to be an annoying fanboy, the fact that he was victimized by these evil people and he failed to protect him haunts him, and pretty phoenix feathers fly everywhere as he achieves his pained vengeance.

Oh and Max was hardcore (and really dumb) this arc, so that was cool too. But I digress, Salima ended up stupid and then bland when she was good again, another boring potential love interest for Rei (combine this with the supposedly angsty Kai episode and there's no need to wonder why Yaoi was so rampant in this fandom) and so we wait yet again for some sort of female character that was worth anything, anything at all. 

Finally the best arc in the entire series began, the Saint Shields. Is it a wonder the only female character worth anything (and I mean ONLY, not ONE OF, ONLY) was a part of this arc? Okay so Dunga was stereotypical dumb muscle, short green-haired kid had no personality besides being a rat, and Ozuma was stubborn bull horn crazy dedicated serious "COMPLETE OUR MISSION" dude, but as a whole the four of them complimented one another perfectly. It is very refreshing when the most interesting character with the most interesting development as side-character has ever and will ever see in this series, comes from the female in the group, Mariam. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. The reason I loved Beyblade was because by sheer chance, I happened to watch the best part of the entire series. No wonder I rant about things so much. You are drawn to something because it's so good but the rest of it is crap, like an amazing trailer that spoils everything and the stuff you actually pay for in theatres is worth jackshit.

So Max and Mariam are battling as per usual because they need to steal the wrestling animals from their owners to protect them, sort of like those Team Plasma dudes in Black and White (but not really in B2W2) but then some architect or construction worker epically failed at their job and the building came down just because a few spinning tops smashed into a few support beams. (Well as far as I can remember) Maybe that's why the building was conveniently abandoned, who knows. (I think there was some sort of machine summoning ANCIENT wrestling animal that did so, a dinosaur or something but eh, I'll still blame the planners. They should have foreseen a dinosaur wrecking the place and planned accordingly!) Miraculously our main character and side character survive because people dying can't ever be shown death in children's shows despite what happened a dozen episodes ago. But that character was very minor so no one cares. What was fascinating about this sequence of events was at the time such a thing was very foreign to my young, inexperienced eyes. Max being the shorter, nicer kid despite being the boy, and Mariam being the taller meaner kid despite being a girl. Even though I've had poor experiences with friends of the girl variety media had taught me still that girls must be nice and petite and conforming and guys must be alpha manly males that save all the damsel in distresses' days. I'm not sure why this was so emphasized in my mind considering all the shows and media I mentioned paragraphs ago that were nothing of the sort. Well some of them were of the sort, so close enough.

Anyway one thing happened that I hadn't really seen too often aside from Hey Arnold! (and that example is an extreme one, as well) and that was a girl who hates you and is your enemy and has misguided views, starting to melt in your presence because you are nice to her. They still try to hold up their bad girl image, but hey, maybe this boy isn't so bad after all because he didn't die in a collapsing building either and they worked together to find an escape and oh my god you hurt your shoulder let me bandage it up with my headband holy crap this is so cute and the character development and the amazing designs of both characters and the unique circumstance the two are in WOW! Also Mariam's wrestling animal is a shark and Max's is a turtle. A SHARK, supposedly a very badass vicious creature very few traditional females would enjoy as an animal, is MARIAM's while Max gets a cute docile little turtle (okay it's not cute or docile or little at all, but it's still a turtle) emphasizing his defensive prowess. SO DIFFERENT, SO REFRESHING! SO CUTE! SUCH FRIENDSHIP.

Hey girls? Guys aren't so bad. Hey guys? Girls aren't simply your pink counterparts.  So the end of this arc has the traditional beat each other up in the sport of spinning tops. Mariam predictably loses to Max, but learns that since Max is rather competent perhaps stealing their wrestling animals to protect said animals from evil people isn't the right way after all. Then we had that pretty awesome episode where Rei decides he don't need no wrestling animal to fight off the wrestling animals...and almost gets crushed by an abandoned roller coaster, but his tiger is too loyal to let him die so stupidly and escapes the rock itself. (This episode is also a reason all that rampant yaoi isn't so puzzling after all even though, as far as the creator's intentions were concerned, the episode is just to show off how badass Rei really is)

Ah, where was I? Now I did say this arc is the best in the entire series. For some reason the third season was rather popular among the English audience despite bombing in ratings in Japan, thus being the last season. You see every season is crippled by a significant flaw, so unfortunately there is no perfect season to point towards. The first season had linear storytelling and thus was pretty easy to develop the characters and show off the spinning tops. The story and "gameplay" as I will call it, using video games terms, was really well-done. (That being the action scenes of the spinning tops smashing into one another) but the design of the characters was atrocious, likely putting off many fans (and so I will call this the "graphics") who may have played it. Imagine season one like an NES game or an Atari game but it still had a compelling, if simple, story and really good gameplay. The gameplay will draw in the intended audience and the story keeps everything organized and coherent so no one gets confused or bored. Luckily certain characters have a rustic charm in this style, or at least don't look too crappy so it even drew in those outside of the target demographic. 

Then the second season ramped up in the story, but the story put so much emphasis on the wrestling animals that it really screwed over the gameplay, that being the action scenes. Many people who really enjoyed those scenes were put off by this season despite the graphical overhaul. For me since I am not the target audience, I don't care all too much how the spinning tops are handled so it didn't bother me too much, but the major target audience probably was so they put far less spotlight on the wrestling animals next season, that being season three. Also while the graphics improved some people did not enjoy how cartoony it looked (the sudden youth of all the characters!) but to me it looked super duper cute. :D

Finally the third season sacrificed story this time around for gameplay and graphics. 99% of the new characters had no development or were bland, and the old characters suddenly forgot their development (Kai) has no consistent characterization (Rei) for some reason went backwards in design (Max, why is his hair bleached?? What happened to his super cute colour scheme of dark blue, red, and yellow?? WHY) and people who went backwards in their development (Takao). But hey at least the spinning top part was improved. You'd think with the action scenes and the graphics being so nice more people would watch, but because the story (which is far more important in a show than a video game thus the flaw of using this analogy) was all over the place and silly that it detracted from the show itself. Every new female character had piss-poor development too, so that department was not improved on whatsoever. Sure everything looks good now but it doesn't read good and thus its poor ratings despite an audience of yaoi fangirls (that was the only audience that was still watching in Japan apparently at the time. I've no clue how they came to that conclusion either. It's still a failure because they aren't the target demographic)

And that is why I liked the show. 

Yep, this rant sure was all over the place.
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Day by day and week by week, this rant now comes...I hope.

You see,  I spent a couple of days going through the Sailor Moon manga. I heard there's no filler and the mangaka gets to the point, so I didn't expect it to be too long and the comparison I could do between that medium and the others would nice. Unfortunately it was far longer than I had anticipated and my ranting ability or desire to had faded out by the time I reached the Black Moon arc because damn is that arc boring, anime or manga. I really do not care about Prince Demande or whatever they called him or any of those sisters or what have you. But the manga did have some interesting differences I agreed with over the Anime (but that's not very hard considering I have a lot of issues with the Anime) and also I can once again squee about PGSM and declare how much I prefer it in a huge gigantic wall-of-text! So without further ado, my rant!

To begin, let us discuss the manga didn't have filler indeed. Unfortunately that meant it just went straight towards going through that plot like it was nothing and despite how long it felt the plots felt short as hell. So short that I forgot the characters were meant to be characters and that three of the Inners weren't just random meatshields for Sailor Moon. Granted I did prefer manga Ami over Anime Ami since her brilliance wasn't played out in all areas. For example, the game Ami was randomly excellent at (Sailor V) in the Anime had a plot relevant point in the manga, that the game was set up by Venus herself to train the soldiers and whoever actually was a soldier would naturally be good at it, which was a hint that Ami would become Mercury. (You know, if the cover and the illustrations and the title didn't already completely spoil that) plus, the machine is the origin of all their transformation trinkets as opposed to Luna's magical hammerspace (or orifice if you're one of the many people who keep spouting that gross joke) so it already displayed Sailor V's competence and that unlike the Anime she did in fact have more experience and wasn't just running around as Sailor V for no apparent reason when she could've just introduced herself already.

Certain plots did play out better or at least plot points, for example the manga decided to have the three Inners become kidnapping bait and Venus, who I highly expected to be predictably kidnapped next, avoided such a fate. So there was some more resemblance of previous experience with Venus and her being a leader. A lot of people say and perhaps it's canon, I don't know for sure, that Venus is by far Moon's most devoted and closest bodyguard. Threatening or attempting to harm the princess is a hot-button issue with this blonde. The sword that randomly showed up in the Special Act of PGSM appeared in the manga as well in some form in the hands of Venus because at first I thought PGSM was just obsessed with swords giving swords willy-nilly to people despite the Sailors not having pointy weapons with the exception of Saturn and Uranus for the entirety of the Anime, but it appeared in the manga! Hurrah for explanation and continuity!

My distaste for the Black Moon arc has already erased half of my memory even reading through that, so I won't go into that arc. The Dark Kingdom arc wasn't all that surprising, but the Infinity Arc (AKA the S season in the Anime) was splendid, though that might have to do with I myself loving the S season of the Anime itself. The whole self-sacrifice issue is still present this time but it isn't a huge topic during the final fight, which, amusingly enough, ended with Saturn actually killing everything but Sailor Moon, who is far more powerful and hax in the manga than in the Anime believe or not, revived everyone. (It didn't spontaneously happen, Saturn actually told Moon to do it after she deleted the existence of all life on the planet) and all Moon had to do was revive everyone except the bad guys. That might sound rather stupid to those not having read the manga, but I found it at least preferable to the idealism vs. cynicism, handing Grail to evil lady kind of thing in the Anime. (DESPITE such flaws it is by far my favourite Anime finale, it was just that good) 

One difference I much preferred from the manga is when Pluto did her Time Stop and thus committing suicide. In the Anime we all know she saved Uranus and Neptune in the helicopter from exploding, but this is an insult compared to when Pluto stopped time in the manga. During the Black Moon Arc (hey, I remember something!) Prince Demande managed to grab a hold of both the Silver Crystal of the past and the Silver Crystal of the 30th Century, which our heroes have time-travelled into, to help save their future selves from the Black Moon. If Prince Demande were to touch the two crystals together, it would cause a time paradox that explodes existence altogether, but he erroneously believed putting the two together would give him infinite power. So Pluto had to time stop since everyone else could not stop him in time, and that killed Pluto, so opposed to just saving two senshi, she saved EVERYTHING breaking her taboo. Not only that, Pluto's sacrifice is what snaps Black Lady back into Chibiusa and caused her to turn into Sailor Chibi Moon one entire season before the Anime ever did. I found this far more powerful than how the Anime went about it and this is one of the few things I truly wish happened in the animated version. Perhaps the remake would do good on this.

The most obvious difference I'd like the Anime to have kept was the Amazones Quartet being Sailor Chibi Moon's four guardian soldiers. Their resolution at the end of SuperS just had them switch sides (written rather poorly as well!) and then leave as normal people. Before this only the Black Moon sisters were given a redemption to live a normal life, the rest just died rather nasty deaths, but this time they switched in one episode right after I found them acting like quite the sociopaths, especially that PallaPalla kid. She was especially brutal for someone looking the youngest and most innocent, so my suspension of disbelief failed for them turning good. At least in the manga they were manipulated and awakened too early from becoming Sailor Chibi Moon's guardian senshi. Also obviously the manga had the Outers in this Dream Arc and it wasn't completely and utterly focused on Chibiusa. The Dream Arc of the manga was definitely much more superior to the Anime version, which I make no secret dislike.

Finally there is Stars which does zero favours for our beloved Inner Senshi and even Outer Senshi, since they kind of die early on as opposed to being in the background in the Anime. I did find Galaxia far more menacing in this version though, since she steals the star seeds right in front of Sailor Moon with zero hesitation, early on in the arc when no one is properly prepared or could comprehend that there was a new enemy afoot. She was chillingly competent and didn't leave such important tasks to misfit minions. But speaking of minions, if you like any of them at all you would never choose the manga over the Anime, since the manga villains are one-dimensional cardboard cutouts that die in a panel. In fact they die so fast sometimes I accidentally go by it and don't even realize they're has happened more than once. Their lack of significance is truly sad, they are like the equivalents of monsters of the week in the Anime since the MotW aren't very prevalent or even existing in the manga at all.

The ending of Stars completely confused me though, but I guess stuff like the identity of Sailor Cosmos and how idealistic the ending was, was meant to be up in the air. That leads right into the extras of the manga which I found quite hilarious, particularly parts of the Chibiusa Diaries and every extra focusing on the Inners. The Casablanca Memories extra focused on Rei found some controversy among myself and Aoi-dono because the abstinent Rei had perhaps maybe somewhat fallen in love in that extra, though I found it a rather realistic depiction and not as though she was being boy-crazy for the random hunk they saw on the street like Anime Rei would be. And the conclusion in the end just made manga Rei's views and perspective on romance even stronger, so I had no problems with it. Then there was the Parallel extra I found to absurd to take seriously. I'm pretty sure that one is a parody or something not to take seriously at all.

So with that out of the way...characters! Let's begin with Minako simply because I find her the hardest to discuss. I went through all of Codename: Sailor V to figure out what to say about her, wondering how deep of a character she is. Granted I don't find many characters in either the Anime or Manga to be especially deep and PGSM Minako is quite dreary and drastically different from the Minakos of the other iterations. put it bluntly, or rather Usagi to put it bluntly is a clear expy of Minako. There is no other way to say it, it isn't subjective, the mangaka wanted to do a superhero shoujo manga but based the main character off herself, and seems to only want that character archetype to ever be main character, so after Sailor V when it came down to starting Sailor Moon she just used the archetype again, but wanting Minako to show up in that canon as well...thus two blondes who seem almost completely alike.

There are differences however, though how I could discuss it what with the drastic differences between the Anime and the manga I don't know. See, in the manga we kind of get straight into the plot, so I found Usagi transforming into the Princess Serenity identity quite abrupt, and several arcs into the manga she rarely showed her initial Usagi-side anymore, considering the importance of the plot only called upon their senshi selves and their civilian-selves felt largely forgotten. In that case it's easier to differentiate Usagi and Minako because Minako continues being her crazy self forever. When Codename began she was a boy-crazy tomboy and when Sailor Moon ended...she was a boy-crazy tomboy. The only difference is her role. Her role is the leader of the senshi so she finds herself on the initiative in terms of keeping the Princess safe and being much more competent than the other Sailors. When she's first introduced into Sailor Moon for example, Zoicite who was wiping the floor out of Mercury and Jupiter at the moment, was reduced to nothing the moment Venus arrived, plus her lack of being kidnapped as I mentioned before and her Sailor V game (though designed and started up by Artemis) AND the fact that she disguises herself as a princess gives her much more of a charismatic outlook than merely "RANDOM BLONDE SHOWS UP! Holy shit Sailor V! Holy shit Sailor V is Venus! Holy shit Minako has sad past! Holy shit Minako's suddenly crazy!" and then she gets flanderized to death as the seasons went by...

I actually rather dislike her backstory in the Anime. I found it rather contrived...she fell in love with random dull guy and then makes friends with random dull policewoman. (The policewoman she makes friends with in Codename: Sailor V was far more interesting and hilarious than that oneshot lady!!) Her backstory episode in the first season was of such stark contrast to how she showed up in R you'd think the Dakr Kingdom secretly swapped Minako out with a defective clone. I much prefer Minako's sad past involving Kaitou Ace and how all the loves she's ever encountered always goes bad, but like a normal teenage girl it doesn't cause her to go emo super quickly and be regarded as some sort of crazy mature senshi...if they had gone too far with that it'd have resulted in PGSM!

Speaking of PGSM, while Minako is massively different there, I didn't mind her character in the Live Action. She was extremely hard-headed for my liking but turning her odd relationship with Rei in the manga into full-blown frenemies in a bitter rivalry amongst one another was brilliant. It truly made her death in Act 47 all the more powerful and Rei's brilliant actress, Keiko Kitagawa, did not disappoint in her utter despair. I much prefer Rei/Minako's spatting over Usagi/Rei's spatting. I like how the manga' stance seems to make it so Usagi doesn't actually prefer any senshi over the other. She is truly all their greatest friends equally. (though she's much more romantic with Mamoru in the manga which I suppose makes Mamoru far more interesting but I NEVER cared about Mamoru so even the manga could not make him any more interesting. Truly do i not love shoujos and their ridiculous focus on romance on a really boring, handsome dull man.)

In the end Minako is still my favourite character of the Anime and the Manga, but if I had to choose I think manga Minako wins this spot. LA Minako is great too but not really as comparable, and she isn't my favourite at all if compared to other PGSM characters, so. 

Moving on, we go to Makoto, or Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter is actually my astrological planet or whatever and that makes me kind of disappointed because of any Sailor Soldier on Sailor Moon, I'd choose any other besides Jupiter. (okay actually I'd take her over Pluto, maybe Neptune. SORRY PLUTO) Jupiter's character is relatively consistent throughout each medium, so I don't think I'm going to discuss too much comparison here, though her PGSM form is more tomboyish and angsty than the rest. (then again ALL the PGSM characters are more angsty than the rest, what with it being a J-Drama as well olololol) I have nothing against her, but I just find her the least unique among all the characters. They certainly TRIED to make her unique. I mean her initial design was for her to actually be a delinquent and part of a gang, but those damned editors thought she was too hardcore and so the mangaka had to reduce her to merely SEEM like a delinquent when she's anything but. That would've been especially interesting.

Nonetheless a large part of character has to do with Japanese culture which in 1992 was quite outdated and rather misogynist. She happens to be slightly taller than all the other girls and so the school lacks a size for her, as if she was the ONLY girl to EVER have grow THAT MUCH more than the rest. I mean egads, could they at least not have a uniform customly tailored so she isn't singled out further beyond her height!? Also the Japanese view many young women, especially during that time, to ideally grow up, be feminine, and marry into a family to make all men in their lives proud. Makoto at first does not seem feminine or all that interested in such things because she was rumoured to get into fights and she's taller than the ideal female wife-height or whatever. But SHOCKINGLY, she isn't all that tomboyish at all! In fact Makoto gives into society's views and actually learns to cook JUST SO she can counter her masculine reputation. She ends up in a uniform that's dark foresty-green (which makes sense, since besides thunder the Japanese belief of Jupiter [as in it's in their name for the planet] is something about nature like trees or flowers or whatever) and light pink.

But as time goes on her non-feminine side seems to just dissipate. She loves to cook and wants to open a shop like a flower shop or a bakery or whatever, and she wants to marry early and seems to be obsessed with an old sempai who dumped her in her old school and was in a love triangle (manga) which meant that Anime episode detailing Minako's backstory completely ripped off Makoto's manga backstory. In the end her most notable rise to fame is declaring how "talented" she is so she should be the main role in Snow White, and being the most boy-crazy. What the fuck happened to old Makoto!? Where was she in her deput episode or deput act of the manga where she, in her civilian muggle presumably powerless form lifted up the monster of the week and threw them a good six or seven metres into a tree or wall!? Sure she manages to hold back that Bonbon Baby in the SuperS movie or ends up as the most physical protector to Sailor Moon more often than not, but in the end her strength still gives out despite a showing of her strength. Like her original strength and masculinity isn't enough and doesn't matter compared to her in my opinion rather cliche and boring overly feminine dreams of her. 

I don't mind her feminine side at all of course, but I thought the point of Makoto was the balance of her feminine-side and that so-called badass side where she can deck youma in the face without having to wear a short skirt. She just happens to be a really girly traditional soldier who can benchpress a bit more than the rest. The manga once said she played basketball and was involved in other boy-like clubs, but it just completely vanishes in that manga. Her initial design was also to call her "Mamoru" instead, as opposed to the actual Mamoru, in that she is the protector. More than once she is referred to as the "Soldier of Protection" in the manga but she's as good in protecting as the rest of the other soldiers in the manga. At least in the Anime she had a few moments to shine, especially the arc in Stars where she finds Usagi first searching for Nehelenia, and then goes through ALL HELL protecting the damn girl who could only think of her boyfriend the moment she saw her fallen rose earring. But still, that just shows to us that Jupiter is pretty strong...but OH WAIT THE OUTERS SHOW UP and Uranus is completely more awesome in the physical strength department than her! 

WHY DO YOU FEEL SO UNNECESSARY, MAKOTO!? Your name isn't even a feminine name! At least PGSM explores the boyish side of her personality more and actually BRINGS UP the whole living alone with zero family at the ripe age of fourteen up. She has problems finding a place to live in Act Zero because landlords find it absurd to give an apartment to a CHILD, and then she has issues with ABSOLUTE LONELINESS growing up, having zero friends and zero relatives around. You'd THINK that'd be a problem but the only trauma Makoto ends up with is her fear of planes due to that being the cause of her parents' deaths. I found it nice that PGSM and the manga somewhat explored her relationship with Motoki a lot more as opposed to that silly, silly Anime, which by the way I think follows the manga at first, but then decides to go their own route halfway through, so they don't pick up on an of the later epic developments in the manga and thus sometimes it falls flat, ESPECIALLY for characters. (but that ending for S, TOO GOOD man, TOO GOOD!)

...let's shut up about Makoto shall we? Lol.

SAILOR MARS, Rei...or Aoi-dono's favourite character! The manga version anyway. Rei and Minako are the two biggest victims of adaptation decay, in which they are drastically different in different universes. Minako is somewhat different from the Manga and Anime (what with the Anime exaggerating her character far beyond anything) and she's a whole new person in PGSM. Manga Rei and PGSM Rei are far different from what the Anime did to Rei. You see Rei falls into that archetype (manga/PGSM) that is shared with so many other shrine maidens or priestesses or what have you. She is solemn, stoic, and cold. Just like a Reimu or a Kikyou or a Mana...other characters who are solemn, stoic, and cold. They also all shoot deadly things to kill things like danmaku and bullets and arrows, which Rei also does in her lovely attack, Mars Flame Sniper. I wonder why that is? Now my knowledge of the shrine maiden role isn't that diverse, so I can only assume from my meagre knowledge through various Japanese media, but I figure their role, being that of a religious figure, would have to be one of seriousness and chastity. Shrine Maidens are never to marry, are completely devoted to their duty with their Shinto faith. In the manga Rei's dream is to become a very capable more senior (I have no idea what it's called) priestess, so....

What is the deal with ANIME Rei?

Her personality breaks all moulds in that case, but rather it simply shoehorns Rei into ANOTHER mould. Rei, due to having fiery powers in the form of Sailor Mars, takes up the other archetype involved, this time of people who can manipulate fire.... HOT-BLOODED. This Rei will not hesitate to criticize and put down Usagi, and to go into immature spats with the girl. She'll read hilarious comics just like Usagi and has no qualms about finding dates or becoming quite the independent career woman in the future. She even hooks up with Mamoru (or attempts to, at least) in the beginning of the Anime! The one constant at least between these two vastly different ladies is that they're both immensely independent. They stand on their own and do not require anyone else to lean upon, but I think she's a tad more independent in the manga than the Anime. It will be quite a mystery as to why the writers on Toei decided to change Rei like so...perhaps they found the utter seriousness of the manga characters too dreary and it would make more sense to revamp Rei so all those fillers don't have to sound like the world will be doomed every minute. All they're doing is helping a random artist not have such crippling low self-esteem or something, right!? And manga Rei is far too blunt and cold compared to the ambitious and dream-chasing Anime Rei!

Frankly I'm not sure what to think of Rei. She simply takes up two somewhat common archetypes of what she stands for. Although if you asked me which I prefer I'd go with PGSM Rei just to spite you. It's not so much because I GREATLY prefer PGSM Rei over the others, I just find the manga rather lacking in the whole characterization department and the Anime Rei completely different. The mangaka tries to make Rei rather crazy pretty in the manga. Usagi goes "HO SHIT THAT GIRL IS RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY I SHOULD FOLLOW HER!" which isn't creepy at all... (actually does that happen in just the manga, the anime, or both? I DON'T REMEMBER LOL) and then Rei acts brutally honest and cares not for silly things for romance. Heck, if they characterize her a bit more and stick closer to the manga in the remake Rei might even become a character asexual people could relate to. (Though whether or not she is or not is well, completely unknown) After all, I did mention the one extra in the manga depicting Rei and while I did not mind it per say it still didn't really give me much more information on Rei at all. (And her school extra with Minako felt more like Minako's story)

She simply feels like a...mission-bot in the manga. Her focus is to complete the mission and protect the princess, like everyone else! In fact most characters in the manga end up feeling like mission-bots...sadly I don't find them all that developed at all in the manga. I find her interactions with Minako the most interesting thing about her even. 

But I guess in the end her PGSM self had some elements of interest, her hatred of her father in the manga is expanded in PGSM so that made her more interesting and she's kind of like that loner-character who prefers not to work with others (not to the extreme extent of Minako) and acts cool and chill like all those over-the-top COOL CHARACTERS in those Animes. Anime Rei? Well Anime Rei is Usagi's best friend, entertaining in her own right and ABSOLUTELY STUPID WHEN SHE SENT A BURNING MANDALA INTO A RING OF FIRE THINKING IT'D DOUSE OUT THE FIRE. You aren't normally that stupid, SAILOR MARS! (or was it a Fire Soul?)

But yes, I enjoy all versions of Rei. She isn't like Minako where I like the manga most because one exaggerates her too much and downplays her importance, and the other turns her into an emo drama-magnet. She isn't like Makoto who is boring in all three depictions (but her PGSM one was okay), Rei's genuinely pretty interesting in all three mediums and so I actually have little to say about her. (In fact, I'd actually put manga Rei LAST. PGSM > Anime > Manga)

LET US MOVE ON! Now we go onto the so-called "most popular WORLDWIDE" soldier, Sailor Mercury AKA Ami.

First let me dispute that claim...I wonder, this poll was conducted in the years of 1992 or some ancient year like that. It was before the land of the internet happened, so I guess the polls would show up in magazines and such? How exactly do they respond to something like this? But I imagine people who are more tech-savvy or more devoted to the fandom of Sailor Moon itself would know, and so that type of fan is more likely to vote on such polls. Because future polls after that so-called initial poll I rarely see Mercury at the top ever again. This whole Sailor Mercury being the most popular could actually be true, but you'd think it'd be more consistent beyond that one year. I know a lot of people whose favourite was Mercury after all, so that mystery will continue to baffle me until the rest of time. Anyway... Ami Mizuno! I already mentioned she wasn't brilliant at everything in the manga like in the Anime (my most common complaint) with the Sailor V game above, but I acknowledge is great at chess and swimming...those two make sense. But all the other nonsense skills she had in the Anime are non-canon as far as the manga's involved.

However I can see Mercury being the fan-favourite because in the Anime, since they moiderized Rei like so, she is the ONLY Inner Sailor to not give a damn about romance. I mean it does happen from time-to-time, but I personally despise the random male character of the day being love interests, it's far too shallow and forced. But really, Ami IS NOT BOY-CRAZY HOMGOT. One reason I do not have a serious favourite character is because I did not relate to any character in the Anime at all. I was not boy-crazy when I was a teenager (believe it or not) when I was even younger I was among my relatives and older brother's female friends and daughters of parents' friends who would be claiming which BACKSTREET BOY was theirs. (I got Kevin though, yay! I mean) Which I'm sure continues to this day for more modern boy bands and other tween pop culture icons like the cast of Twilight and One Direction.

Forgive me, I mentioned Twilight and One Direction in the rant about Ami. So she is already quite unique among the soldiers. She is also unique in only having a crappy bubble attack in the first season which isn't offensive at all. As much as I do not like that crappy bubble attack, it truly gives some points of variety amongst the Sailor Team beyond "SPAM ATTACKS ON BAD GUY, LET SAILOR MOON FINISH IT OFF" plus she had the computer and visor thingy which I THINK starts to show up less and less as seasons go by but I cannot be sure. I'm sure she uses it in searching for Galaxia's base in the Stars season so it's not like it got completely phased out like the Luna Pen or whatever that lasted for a season or so. (or Jupiter's antenna thingy! where did that go!?) But part of the reason she is so unique is because the uniqueness of other characters was downplayed. In the manga Venus was quite the unique inner and her chain (for Love Me Chain and such) was actually a real chain beady thingy she kept around her waist, so that too was an external item just like Mercury's computer or visor or whatever.

Also MERCURY IS BLUE! BLUE IS BEST COLOUR according to the majority of people, so I can really truly see why she did become popular. I forget if she had that computer and visor in the manga but I don't really remember it at all so I'm sure it had far less significance in the manga. In that case, Mercury practically overtook Venus as the "unique" inner senshi of the group. In the manga Ami was always shoved with Makoto and they'd not be developed all too well, like when the two of them were the first to die under Galaxia like one chapter into the arc. Those poor characters, practically not even involved in the fifth storyline. However the one-shot storylines they have with Ami aren't particularly interesting (a select few are, but if you notice they tend to rehash the same plot over and over again for Ami because she seems to have some sort of self-doubt issues despite being amazing at everything. I'm not entirely sure how you feel that way when you're amazing at everything...I could see it in the manga or in PGSM, but in the Anime when all her filler episodes make her out to be amazing? I DON'T KNOW. I know lots of crazy talented people CAN feel that way but I just can't identify with that, and with the same kind of plot and message each and every episode...well Ami, YOU SURE ARE INTERESTING AREN'T YA)

Shine Aqua Illusion is downright beautiful though. Anyway like Rei she too has familial problems (well at least in the manga/PGSM, the Anime doesn't seem to realize what minor supporting characters are supposed to be) in that in Japan, divorce (at least in the wondrous time of 1992!) looked down upon divorce and lo and behold, Ami has divorced parents. She's actually a crazy rich person in the manga/PGSM but the Anime like never mentions this, though you could assume since it DOES mention her mom being a super busy prestiged doctor. Her dad is a painter who completely neglects Ami, ungrateful bastard, but sends her a piece of art every month. So you got mom never home and dad who only bothers to send pictures, combine this with dead mother for Rei and politician who neglects her and Makoto with zero parents at all! THESE CHILDREN ARE SO LOVED! No wonder they had no social skills to form friends in the beginning of the series. 

Anyway Ami of PGSM is somewhat different from Ami of Anime/Manga. I can just link to this lovely Tumblr post someone wrote which is just like how I feel about Ami because if I type it Ami's rant will be endless. I adore PGSM!Ami. She's all about that friendship yo. She is my only "serious" favourite Sailor Moon character. 

Onwards to new horizons and other characters! Including Usagi...except I am not talking about her. Nope, she may be the main character but she's fairly constant in every incarnation of her. Plus she being the main character means there's going to be BOATLOADS of material to cover her and that'd be fairly endless. I will say this, I do like her character in Stars a lot (and care not of her in the manga since she's hax as hell) because her issues while related very much to Mamoru doesn't involve him at all since he's DEAD and not there to save her ass all the time. Yes, I am on Usagi/Seiya's side. The unrequited love that season was really interesting and made me like a lot of filler episodes (unlike that SuperS season, eech) She's also quite cheerful and fun in PGSM because Sawai Miyuu is amazing.

Finally we move onto the Outers, BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT...a sidenote on Mamoru. ...Mamoru is better in the manga, but too shoujo guy-interest...ish, he's like the love interest main characters get at the end of movies because they should. Those are USUALLY a guy protagonist and a female love interest, but Sailor Moon somehow switches it around and basically makes it just as sexist because damn is Mamoru boring and useless as hell in the Anime. He's slightly more interesting in PGSM and has the worst attack name ever in the manga. "Tuxedo La Bomber...something or another" ... BLEH.

I'm not going go into paragraphs about the Outers actually because my focus was on the Inners for this rant, HOWEVER. I do want to note something about Uranus and Neptune. Uranus, despite being the more masculine soldier and more active, direct, etc. I find is actually the emotionally weakest (I dunno about attack power, maybe?) of the three. She SEEMS the coldest of the Outers, but she's always the most emotional and is the one who hesitates more often about doing things like self-sacrifice. She also softens the most after the S season. I find Neptune to actually be her instigator in terms of being all cold and rude and whatever to the inners. In fact it is Neptune who most often saves Uranus. In their special episode in SuperS, Neptune was given the choice to choose the world or save Haruka and she chose Haruka. She is the one who pushed Uranus out of the way from Eudial's trap, and then SHE was the one who pulled out of Eudial's trap to attempt to save Uranus from being heart-blasted, getting shot at numerous times and then dying in the hands of Eudial, keeping her from grabbing Uranus' talisman first. URANUS is always the one taken off-guard, in Stars the Nehelenia mirror drones drive URANUS off the roof and NEPTUNE saves her.

That Neptune is one hardcore badass motherfucker, and she does it so much more subtle-like because she is never the one to jump into things like Uranus would. But oddly enough, I like Neptune from the manga more...because she's less cryptic and impossibly cool and more hilariously vain in the manga. I don't recall EXACT examples but she seems to be more comical in the manga (especially when she and Haruka actually join Usagi's high school in the Stars arc which makes them far more casual and relaxed then the Anime EVER portrayed them to be...but I guess you can blame the director who went on to make Utena for that.) I recall Michiru calling things "cute" (like actual adorable kiddy things, not Haruka) in the manga and other things. Michiru is FAR more relatable in the manga than in the Anime.

I have not much to say about Pluto and Saturn...they're kind of always constantly shafted. Saturn had some sort of role in the Dream Arc after her initial epic introduction in Infinity but then she gets killed in a far more "off-the-screen unimportant" manner in Stars than Uranus and Neptune, which I guess is the same in the Anime but YOU'D THINK THE MANGA WOULD NOT BE THE SAME. Pluto just dies all the time and is the one who causes the most plotholes and confusing time-warping elements ever, but in the manga it is implied she has unrequited love for King Endymion, which is actually quite interesting. For some reason in the SM fandom (which I don't pay attention to all that much) Pluto is quite the buttmonkey. I do love Hotaru (especially when she's all CHIBIUSA IS MY BESTEST BEST FRIEND!) but I wish there was more to her and she showed up more. She basically was introduced with a BANG and then faded out...a shame, a shame indeed.

Well that's all I have to say. PGSM does the Shitennou far better than the Anime/Manga I've found but PGSM does a lot of things better. In fact PGSM tries to squeeze every season and arc into its once season, what with Sailor Luna (Chibi Moon), Venus (Outers), Princess Sailor Moon (Saturn), Dark Mercury (EVERY TIME MAMORU IS BRAINWASHED WHICH IS ALWAYS), but with the filler actually being ABOUT the characters and not random victim-of-the-week we will never ever see again. Because beyond even characterization which I love ranting about and is the thing that makes me click the most, the Anime's FILLER is what makes me really not like the Anime as much as I think I can because Sailor Moon as a whole is pretty good! I hope the remake does it well with the characterization from PGSM, the intensity and suspense of the non-filler Anime and the crazy story of the manga.

Well...that had to be the sixth time I've tried ranting about this in the last week or so, even have some drafts that were completely different unpublished. BUT THIS HAS BEEN SPOTTO, over and out.
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I realize how incredibly vague my title is. Well you see, I was minding my own business when this lovely conversation came about in Ventrilo:

And that is how I ended up marathoning all of Gundam Wing in two days. Lovely how that works, doesn't it? 

Now my experience with mecha anime is pretty low. I've seen some Gundam Wing as a child, in particular Endless Waltz and I've seen some Gundam Seed from time-to-time on TV. I barely remember any of these and I don't think my interest was very high. Nonetheless GW still holds a little bit of nostalgia within me, so my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to remind my memory what I just watched all those years ago. Plus, even if I did remember scenes from the Anime, I didn't understand a thing of it.

Anyway I walked into the Anime with a pretty neutral mindset. Not as a person who often watched Anime, or someone who even watched much of Sci Fi. All I had with me was a small bit of nostalgia and my absolute love for Gundams as toys. I recall playing with them, the action figure kind, with a boy when I was a kid. He owned the toys and I've always wanted one since. Sadly all I've found is models, or action figures of gundams I didn't really care for. I do have a Gundam SEED model of...the Gundam that Athrun dude piloted, but I assembled it pretty terribly and its arms and wings fall off rather often, lol. I do love the designs and playing with them though. 

In fact that's how I ended up with a Lobomon figure because I went to a toy store trying to find Gundams but they only had figures of other mobile suits, so I just went for a Digimon instead. I still wish for a Gundam figure someday, perhaps that experience is why I love collecting figures, be it Negima, Touhou (I VOW TO GET ONE ONE DAY) or even series I don't even care for like my Final Fantasy figures. I suppose that's why I already have the mane six from MLP...oh how I wish they were more accurate to the show but I sadly cannot pull out four hundred dollars for a show-accurate custom made one on Ebay.

Nonetheless, I watched all of Gundam Wing and its movie/OVAs, Endless Waltz. I actually grew incredibly bored in the middle of the Anime. I suppose I'm not much for Anime with plot as its main focus and politics as its main plot. From what memories I had as a child I always thought "THAT DUDE WITH THE MASK" now known as Zechs Marquise was EVIL! But he was quite a cool character for most of the Anime before he...ended up being the THE BIG BAD near the end...I assume dropping a massive battleship on Earth is pretty evil after all, even though throughout the entire Anime EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER SWITCHED SIDES SO OFTEN I HAD NO IDEA WHO OR WHAT TO ROOT FOR ANYMORE.

It is pretty obvious you'd look to the main characters to root for but for a majority of the beginning we had a lot of screentime for other characters and the Gundam Pilots were just there, completing missions, killing people. Not really giving enough precedence for me to root for them. I mean they affected the plot obviously, but we knew nothing about the characters. They were pawns for the Colonies for all we know until we realize they're some sort of separate faction within the colonies attempting revenge for an assassination so long ago and...

Well the plot was interesting and complicated, but not my thing. Maybe I'm a simpleton or something, preferring to watch or read or view shows with a simple premise and a simple plot, but it wasn't like I didn't enjoy just felt rather ridiculous the more I think about it. I guess that's why I'm not much of a Gundam fan at all, considering I wasn't interested in the shows as a child. I always grew rather bored watching Gundam SEED, just hoping for cool giant robot scenes and all. Maybe that's why I'm so bored with Negima since its plot became incredibly political...I just don't enjoy such a genre! I don't enjoy politics!

So not only did Zechs/Miliardo surprise me out of the gate (he was the most interesting character in the entire first half of the Anime), the so-called Big Bad, Treize, surprised me as well. Frankly the more I think about it, none of the characters (except old ugly people no one would care about if they died >_>) were really...completely evil or anything. Some of them took rather brash actions, maybe made mistakes, maybe ended up killing a lot of innocents but they all advocated peace in the end. They were more like well-intentioned extremists and I actually had sympathy for every one of them, no matter what side they were on. I guess in the end all the characters were truly human. 

The females of the series did not bother me at all, except the small notion of practically every one of them being in love with one of the main guys. They were strong characters, albeit somewhat bland in a way. Well, Relena was bland, the rest of them were interesting but didn't explode out to me as an amazing dynamic character. They served their role in the story well. I find absolutely no problems with Relena, I just never like characters who seem emotionless, stoic, or really, really serious even if they aren't deep down. I can never relate to these characters. I guess that's why I'm not fond of many of the characters because most of them were emotionless, stoic, or utterly serious. It's inevitable to have characters like so with such a cynical setting of war and death, but I imagine if I did watch a mecha again, Gurren Lagann would be more fitting for my tastes. I heard the characters in that Anime are far more exciting. P:

And so that leads on to the actual main characters of the series, the Gundam Pilots. The ages in this show bother me for some reason. They're fourteen...or fifteen, or some incredibly small number. If I were younger and watched the show maybe I wouldn't have cared about the ages as much. After all I'd probably find the characters more appealing if they were closer to my age group, but this isn't some Anime about some dumb kid saving the world from irresponsible adults...


I dunno, I find a serious series would be more fitting in tone if the characters were more realistic, in particular the age. A bunch of kids piloting giant robots already? I question the intelligence of a person deciding to GIVE A TEENAGER A GIANT ROBOT! The ages of the adults were ridiculously young too. That Lady Une woman DID NOT LOOK NINETEEN DAMN YOU. SHE IS NOT NINETEEN. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE SHE IS NINETEEN WHY ARE THEY ALL SO BLOODY YOUNG. It's either REALLY OLD MEN controlling the nation, OR A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL BEING QUEEN OF THE WORLD. SERIOUSLY.

I mean I was already running into age problems after recently watching the movie Up, with the Big Bad being over a hundred but looking like he's in his early seventies or something. Then I see Endless Waltz and some SEVEN-YEAR-OLD is wearing a military uniform and declaring war on Earth. SHE'S FUCKING SEVEN. I don't care if she was being manipulated, DID NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS EVER HAVE A CHILDHOOD? How fucking tragic is the future with giant robots!? MY GOD. (I actually have no idea what the age of Mariamia is, she just looks seven or some young age. She's a kid. THAT IS THE POINT)

And not only that but none of these pilots seem to have had a growth spurt. WHY THE HELL AM I TALLER THAN THEM? I'm as short as they come but I'm like the same size as Trowa, who looks like the tallest of them all. (Those tight pants do create an illusion) It's not like they're all Asian and we have a little bit of an excuse. Duo is American, Quatre is Arabic. WHY ARE THESE KIDS SO BLOODY SHORT!?

Okay well that's my little mini-rant on age and size...about the actual characters, I've had a few surprises myself like with Treize and Zechs. Heero gave me no surprises...he felt like that standard Gundam Pilot lead, with the tall, dark and mysterious...I mean SHORT, dark and mysterious vibe about him. He's that character type lots of people would like, particularly female fans. (Well all of them have their female fans except Wu Fei probably. Bangs are very attractive, often when you don't have bangs does that not help you in your situation though there probably ARE Wu Fei fans...he's also a sexist jerk, so...or you can get ridiculous with bangs like Trowa @_@) I kind of wish Duo had a bigger role in Gundam Wing though.

Duo is a rather refreshing change from all the...seriousness of everything, even if he is willing to kill everything and has his own tragic past (doesn't everyone? Everyone's father is dead. There are zero characters without a tragic history! Why aren't they all too mentally unstable to be in war? Oh wait, THEY ARE mentally too unstable to be in war but they're in war ANYWAY) but I thought he never really got as much spotlight as the other four characters. If he did then his screentime was spread well enough that I didn't see like, one giant part dedicated to him or anything. His so-called "love interest" came out of nowhere (and looks WAY too much like Noin...I'll complain about female character design later) and there wasn't anything INTERESTING between him and her or unique that Heero didn't have or anyone else. He wasn't completely headstrong or lonewolf or a stubborn jerkish asshole like Wu Fei, or that compassionate and kind character who goes insane like Quatre, or the stoic guy without a name who gets amnesia like what did he have? The coolest looking Gundam? The go-to guy to throw in jail? (The number of times he gets captured is almost humorous) I feel like I'm missing something here.

It sounds like I hate Wu Fei or something here, but I don't. He completely and utterly embodies "Arrogant Kung Fu Guy" rather well, and so I don't find him particularly unique. I mean they ALL like working alone, but some are more open to the idea of working with others than...others, such as Wu Fei. Master Long supposed to be a guy? Because he sounds somewhat female and looks kind of female...all those wrinkles really doesn't help, but that dojo colony with the Chinese-like landscape felt rather tacked on. If only his fiance/wife was alluded to some more because I feel like if I didn't know he called his Gundam "Nataku" because of his wife beforehand, I'd have wondered why the hell he would be calling his Gundam Nataku. (I can also complain on why such a young character already has a wife, but let's move on)

So I recall a few years or months...or some significant time back I randomly watched a clip of dub!Quatre laughing insanely, so I already knew he'd go insane before watching. One of my few memories of watching Gundam Wing was that I recall him being shot or stabbed or injured at some point in the series in a really dark place, which turned out to be the last episode when he's confronting Dorothy, the eyebrow lady. I also knew from various comments that a lot of people have a deep hatred for the character and finally, due to finding the sub easier to access than the dub, knew that he had the same voice actress as Max. ALL of this gave me this weird perception that he'd do something utterly horrible in the Anime and that's why everyone hates him. And now that I've finished the Anime, I have no idea where the hell this hate comes from.

Going insane and blowing shit up is not new at all, and as far as I know the colony he blew up was evacuated. There weren't people screaming for terror in the streets. Yes he destroyed a perfectly good colony and killed a bunch of people on that one resources mining rock thing, but otherwise my biggest surprise in the entire series is...


Usually when I see people ship, especially in a series with tons of attractive characters of one gender, many ships come from the smallest of hints or nothing at all. I am so used to being in a fandom like Touhou where Yuuka and Wriggle are shipped despite never having met at all JUST BECAUSE one represents FLOWERS and the other represents BUGS. Wriggle doesn't even have a single thing to do with bees either, she's all about fireflies. I even shipped Hong Kong and Korea who have zero, ZERO interaction in the canon and not too much to do in terms of history either. And even then, most ships I am used to the characters tend to be friends if nothing else, and they don't do anything that makes them closer to each other over any other friends! Or if they do I don't ship it myself, but if they do it's usually because of chronic rival syndrome in shounen Anime. The main character/rival is a crazy popular type of ship. The only other type of ship that's rampant with little hints is a single character shipped with EVERYTHING (See: Marisa and Rainbow Dash) Basically what I'm saying is, any non-canon ship I've seen between characters of the same sex are usually unreasonable, and the characters involved are often either friends, enemies, acquaintances or have nothing to do with each other at all.

And yet here we have Quatre and Trowa, a duo that led to a one of the dubs actually canonizing a relationship. WHAT (Or at least one of them having a crush on each other. This is like THE OPPOSITE of the Sailor Uranus/Neptune situation with dubs!)

You see the two met each other first, out of the other pilots and then Quatre goes crazy, has NO problems with obliterating Heero, but then Trowa gets in the way and he's like OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE and that aspect seems to be so much more emphasized than the colony or the mine resource he destroyed, for some guy he only met a few months or weeks or however long ago. And then he's like I KNOW TROWA IS NOT DEAD (and I will complain about the characters' immortality later) Heero is like YOU CANNOT FIGHT UNTIL YOU FIND TROWA, and then they find Trowa but he has amnesia, and Quatre is all like happy he's alive but like, tears are there 'cause he has amnesia, and then Trowa goes crazy (that Zero Suit, mang) and Quatre is the one who must calm him down, and then in the finale Quatre is caught up with Dorothy and Trowa is like I MUST FIND QUATRE and a million other things and I'm all like "WHAT" (also is this a soap opera or what)

I am not saying it's bad. I'm just rather surprised how much they interacted or cared about each other when Heero is like "I WILL KILL YOU" and Wu Fei is like "I HATE EVERYONE" and Duo is like "WHY AM I NEVER IN THE SHOW". 

Well I may be exaggerating about Duo, but still! He does interact with Heero fairly often enough, but Heero had his own problems with Relena and trying to die and such, so there wasn't as much emphasis on the two like Trowa and Quatre. (Also because Heero is the main character) My other surprise is Trowa himself. When I started the series I was wondering what the point of Trowa as a character was, he seemed similar to Heero at first with the emotionless and stoic demeanour and then he joins a circus and turns out to be a pretty freakin' nice guy...and I'm like O_O...

My god. 
So I find the character design for the women rather bland which might be part of the reason I find them bland. The anatomy and design and everything is quite realistic in Gundam besides y'know, having all important characters look attractive, but they all have normal hair colours, and their hair (Except Trowa) is styled rather realistically. You know one thing I do love about the design is that they all don't look the same. A race would look like their race, mostly. For example in Anime nowadays (or I am completely wrong, please correct me) an American would have like, a giant nose, incredibly pronounced features and MUST have blue eyes and blonde hair. After all, ALL AMERICANS are BLONDE and BLUE-EYED. The European characters in Gundam Wing actually looked European, like Relena and the Duo wasn't a mandatory blonde guy, etc. 

But as always realistic design has its limitations or at least I hope that's the excuse for why Hilde looks like a mini-Noin. I do quite like Noin as a character and she's the only female who looks a little unique, but eh, I guess not only do I like more excitable characters, but I'd probably find a character from something like Gurren Lagann more interesting because of say, bright red hair or cool orange shades. 

Also...immortality. As I went through the series I sort of adopted this mindset that all the characters do crazy shit because they know they can't die. After all, NO ONE ever gets scared if a gun is pointed to them. In fact the handgun is probably less dangerous than a butter knife in this series, it doesn't fucking kill anyone except that one old guy in Waltz, but all old men have high mortality rates in fiction. My face when I saw Lady Une still alive after twenty-five or so episodes cannot be described. Seriously, they showed her being shot SO MANY TIMES as a prelude to the episode as if it was driving down a nail that she was dead dead dead because I was constantly wondering if any character can ACTUALLY die in this series, even the supporting ones! She doesn't even have a scratch when she pilots the Wing Gundam into A GIANT LASER BEAM OF DOOM just to save Treize! Speaking of which, Treize became awesome to me because he was mortal. You know how he never even pilots a mecha suit until near the end of the series and is constantly at his rich house acting as the leader without ever fighting, so you think he's a jackass, but then when the war comes to its peak he goes up to the front line and risks his very life? Honouring the rematch with Wu Fei and dying rather spectacularly? Damn. I don't view any one character as more badass as another if EVERYONE is badass, and death never feels like a threat AT ALL. You can float in space forever, no dying. You can fall on your face from fifty-feet, no dying. You can blow yourself up, no dying. 

Anyway I found the series mildly entertaining as a whole. The final few episodes were quite exciting and there were parts of the series that were fun to watch, but there were also many parts where I grew rather bored of. I can see why other Gundam series are more popular in Japan, or at least I hope some of the other Gundam series are more entertaining than this one otherwise I can't see why its been a franchise for so long. The Anime is a classic but for my opinions now? I will dub it as OK. If I were watching it like, once a week as how most shows come out, I'd probably have dropped it due to boredom. A majority of the reason of its OK rating is probably due to the genre being not my taste. Perhaps I should try watching Gurren Lagann? One day I will, but not today.

That is all from Spotto! My favourite is Trowa. And my favourite Gundam to play with as a kid was Sandrock. Those blades are so cool. Sorry Deathscythe, but I wanted to steal my friend's Sandrock figure. It was so cool. I loved its colour scheme too.

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BUT I'm gonna recommend an episode of the Weekenders. It was pretty much my favourite show as a kid. It's just ten minutes long, so shouldn't take much time at all!


Part One

Part Two

And yes that is a complete waste of pudding but whatever. P: If you want more, I suggest Party Planning. And then whatever else you'd like to watch on the side. ANYONE WITH PROPER SENSES OF ENTERTAINMENT WOULD WATCH MORE! Okay fine, if you don't whatever, but you'd be totally cool to me if you do. 

Besides, ponies are everywhere. Every time I'm doing something that has nothing to do with them, they come up. Be it a witty comment, an avatar, or a reference. IT'S EVERYWHERE~! I'm not really complaining, but I can completely understand how it can be annoying and it is utterly weird to see something like that. I generally like things that are less widespread so it is quite a surprise if it does come up anywhere else, but ponies are literally everywhere. 
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This is not actually a post about the subject because that's been discussed to death. In fact the real topic probably is also discussed to death, but is related to the subject. 

First, let me start by saying I prefer Sheik female, simply because I find it more interesting. I don't actually follow Zelda games that closely, having only played one and was introduced to Sheik through SSBM, so there might be canonical reasons that she/he is male, but in a strict personal and perhaps storytelling standpoint, she is far more interesting as a female.

But why?

I don't know why, really. I suppose it's because of his/her oufit, which covers her/his body, and the fact that her/his face is covered as well. So many female characters,and I really mean it, so many are portrayed in an all too-common way that nowadays is really beginning to annoy me. There's a video game with high attention to detail, stunning graphics that make it as if you're merely guiding the hero through a whole movie, and then they meet a female. What does the developer do to denote that the character is indeed female besides the name or voice, if there is voice-acting? Why, give her boobs of course. And because the audience is nothing but a bunch of perverted dumb fucks, make sure there's plenty of cleavage so they can see those boobs and therefore determine that she is indeed female. After all, all females look and dress like that! 

The ironic part is if Sheik is indeed portrayed as female, her outfit being tight to her skin, will show us all her lovely beautiful curves. Isn't that great?

But the one solace I have at least, is that her face is covered. That gives us a sense of mystery, that even though most characters in fiction have the same goddamn face, maybe her face isn't of a sweet delicate girl, but of a hardened-warrior. Maybe her face is covered due to scars, or covered because she's trying to disguise herself...actually the biggest reason is that we don't have to see her lips. It's not really quite as obvious as giant breasts and womanly curves, but mere coloured lips seems to automatically dictate that this creature is female! Unless you're Frieza. Or his dad. Or his brother.


We've seen in Anime that most males, or at least relatively young ones of the teenage and young adult age look rather feminine. They're not always muscular men with body hair and gruff voices, and in fact even muscular men don't need to have gruff voices, or those with gruff voices do not need to be muscular. I am only asking for the same for females, who should not, especially in the West, always be so exaggerated. I suppose it's one of the oldest tricks of business though, no male fans if there are no sexy women after all. Even then, they don't all have to be like so!

But even still. An example is Negima, many different body types and kinds of females with several different personalities. Great, right? Finally something that portrays people of different heights, skin-colour, body-types, personalities...same faces still, but you get the point right?


And it's all because of one thing. Because of the fanservice. Because the majority of the cast is female and having them all be the same would be rather dull. If there was ever a series where the female is the minority, she'd just be female. Not a character, just female. I'm sure there have been many, many rants about that, of the Smurfette Principle. Let me give you an example of the other way around.

The only male character shown in canon in Touhou is one Rinnosuke Morichka. He's not manly. (Canonically, of course) He's not strong. He's not the center of attention or the subject of a harem. (Canonically, of course) He's simply minding his own business, running his own store. He's not a buttmonkey for being the only male. He's not shirtless. (Canonically, of course) He has a personality besides being male. It would not matter if he were female anyway, but nothing in Touhou is affected or changed in him being male, besides het-fics actually existing beyond that of <character>/ZUN. Even though all that time before he was ever introduced males were either non-humanoid or dead/disappeared forever. But why is he male? What is the purpose of making him male if the entire population is female anyway?

Well a theory of why everyone is female is that ZUN can't draw males. This still holds up, since Rinnosuke only appeared in the mangas drawn by other people. That can be the same for any other creation or work out there! If you can't make a good female character, don't even bother with one. Stop trying to attract other demographics if you're just going to do it poorly, and surely not all male fans are horrible lost causes in terms of sexual appeal. Why can't a female be attractive without wearing practically no clothing? Why can't a female be interesting without being stereotypical? I'm sure males would be interested in a strong female character too. 

Let's stretch it further. WHY does the generic default character have to be male? Just create a character, do not worry about their gender, and give them a gender. It wouldn't matter if they were female or male, at all. If at some point in the plot the sex of the character must be brought up and be relevant, then fine, give them the appropriate gender, but why does it matter? Because guys don't like shows with main female characters? What the hell is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic then? I assure you guys like that show not because they are furries or deranged, but because the show is legitimately good. (Of course, there are always those very deranged vocal minorities!) And look, they're ponies, not girls with well-developed bodies! (or alternatively, completely undeveloped bodies for those people) Their personalities and the setting make it more so that the ponies are young adults, as opposed to children, since they have responsibilities. Life in Equestria just tends to be rather idealistic because after all the main demographic is children.

And yes, this stretches to a few of my berserk buttons in the Touhou fandom. Like Murasa canonically not wearing shorts. I like shorts. I like how most fanartists keep the shorts. Most people see her as a dull forgettable character (and awesome people see her as an awesome captain with plenty of potential! /notbiasedatall) so why not throw her the bone and make her a little more identifiable, like being the only character with shorts. It gives her personality and it's practical in the seas. (I wouldn't wear a skirt in the seas or the skies, what with that wind...) If all females in a type of media is female because they all wear dresses, that'd be highly monotonous. (Unless of course it's in a time period where females are restricted to a type of clothing) Just like if all females are basically a pair of jugs, or if all females are high-pitched annoying people, or if all females...

You get the point.

Moving on, my clan friends (or Ventrilo friends, or friend people male...things. What do I call them now?) assigned each other with various DBZ characters. No one really assigned one to me, so I did it myself, but I'm not entirely sure who to be since I don't really care much for the female characters in DBZ. I went with Dende since Namekians produced asexually so they're not really male or female even if their appearance is very much male. Also Dende is cool. Then I asked Akira who her favourite female character was, and she responded Chi Chi.

You know, at first I was like "Why?" in my head. Because in my memories of watching DBZ as a child, Chi Chi was rather annoying, but after rewatching some of these episodes today...I can kind of see why. And most people who accuse her of being annoying and stupid to me, are just immature teenagers who don't understand her character. Sure, she isn't without flaws and can be rather annoying, but ultimately she is a mother, a caring mother who only wants to see her children thrive and succeed. Fighting, although very awesome and entertaining to watch, and no doubt very important to the safety of the world, will not help Gohan through life in terms of careers. Though I would think the world owes quite a bit to the Son family and the rest of their group for saving the world so often, but they're such nice people they don't even take credit for it.

And she isn't without development, either! She began to train Goten in fighting, when Goku was dead, finally realizing that not allowing Gohan to train as much as he could was foolish as well, but how was she to know before then that the Earth would be the target of evil aliens time and time again? Her wish to keep her children safe, even if she is by no means in any position to having the power level of a mere human is admirable. I found her death scene to the hands of Majin Buu actually rather shocking. She stood up to the villain after her son was allegedly dead and her husband definitely so. It was actually really stupid, but really realize she's just a mother trying to protect her children. Not watching Gohan or Goten to fight such powerful monsters is instinct. It's like the world wars, where all the men have to go fight for their countries. Surely all the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, etc. just want their family to come home! They don't want them to fight, to face real danger even if it was necessary to stop dictators and empires and whatnot. They just want them to live.

Speaking of her death, Goten was there to witness it. I actually found that a lot harder to take than Gohan losing his father several times or Gohan watching Krillin plus the other fighters die several times, etc. I'm not saying Gohan had it better either, it's just that there's a difference between a man risking his life dying and an innocent civilian. There's a difference when someone who has died once already dies again and someone you don't expect to bite it since they're non-fighters. It's also because Goten seems a lot more innocent at that point, having experienced far less than Gohan, so suddenly seeing someone who you're very close to, not even a person meant to fight die right in front of you is kind of troubling...

Anyway I actually lost that rant but Dreamwidth magically saved it after I thought it was gone forever. +1 for DW.

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I can bop my hamsters' nose while they're in the bin. :D (I have never been able to do that with any hamster at all)
These guys NEVER bite even when you give them the greatest opportunity. Of course petting them is out of the question. Capp likes to backflip suicide jump off my hands if I try to do so. (He is so jittery it's not funny) But holding and anything else is pretty cool. Took me a while to get them to take food out of my hands too but they do! :D

Off to my usual rants:

(For some reason a DBZ rant)
Besides this show being one half-shuddering in fear and other half-screaming, DBZ is actually quite a decent classic. I don't find a chance to discuss it often because I'm a girl and I've watched Sailor Moon and therefore all my friends (at least the female ones) will likely have watched it as well, and so I can discuss that as the perennial classic and no other.  I don't know anyone who gives a hoot about DBZ. I don't believe I've actually watched every bloody episode (because it draws out everything to be as long as possible) but I have seen most of the movies since they have to be concluded in the next hour or so and therefore there isn't powering up for five episodes. I've always loved Gohan and the concept of the plots and arcs actually taking place throughout a large span of time. My knowledge of the show itself isn't that great either, but there is one thing I wholeheartedly agree with that some of the fans pointed out.

The entire series should've ended after the Cell Games. If not, at least after Vegeta does something useful and dies doing so, to end his character in a high note. I've always had a problem with cheap death in everything. I don't mind if there is absolutely no death if the activity being done isn't dangerous in the first place. (For example in Touhou, I'm pretty sure the point of Danmaku is so people don't die...although it does make me wonder in Chireiden if Utsuho had won, would she have gone as far as killing Reimu/Marisa considering her plan to disintegrate everything? Hmm...on the other hand the PC-98 games were fully real, but I never talk about that. P:) Obviously the fighting in DBZ is very real and life-threatening, but rather than making sure no one ever bites the dust, they give us the titular dragonballs as an easy reset button. I think I heard somewhere (maybe in the actual anime, I have completely forgotten) that you can only revive a person once. If they die again (or leave the world via natural means) they cannot be wished back. So I was like "Alright, then death isn't as cheap as it seems to be!" but then Goku (and everyone else ever, even villains make comebacks to die again, but y'know) returns anyway. I forgot why because I despise the Buu Saga entirely (if the beginning of this paragraph didn't hint as such) and therefore never actually rewatch it at all to remember these facts.
Basically the first major villain was Frieza (I mean if you count Goku's bro and Vegeta himself) and Goku ended him...kind of. (Well, Trunks ultimately ended up doing so, but you get the point) and then Cell comes and Gohan does away with him. So already you have the main character, his son, his rival's son from the future all killing/defeating important villains except the rival himself. I then watched a clip of Vegeta supposedly doing a noble sacrifice, the first time he's actually fought for someone other than himself to rid of Buu and since there have been no extra forms for the pink creature at this point, obviously his sacrifice will be for naught! I figure if the plot was altered in some way so Vegeta could kill himself defeating the big bad and atoning for everything (still going to hell of course, thus enabling that one movie plot) which means everyone would have had the spotlight for themselves at least once. Then we can have that one movie as some amazing finale (the one where dead!Goku and dead!Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta and defeat the universe/dimension-warping demon thing) and DBZ would've ended spectacularly rather than milked for all its worth.
Why would this be better, you ask? Well I think the following aspects of DBZ are ridiculous:
1. SSJ3
2. GT
3. Those earrings that fuse you permanently (Potara?)
4. GT
5. Adult Gohan
6. Did I mention GT?
And they could all easily be avoided if it had ended this way. See the problem is SSJ3 leads to all the little kids making more and more and more higher levels of super saiyanism with crazy nonsensical ways of spiking/colouring hair. (And it in itself looks silly already) Also what's with those damn earrings? There was already a normal (and somewhat amusing ritual too) way to fuse they used for the little saiyans but wasted its entire point because Gotenks didn't defeat jackshit. I also think Gogeta is in every way superior to Vegetto, so. Mystic Gohan was also wasted too because he didn't do anything to defeat Buu. In fact EVERYTHING in this bloody arc was all eyecandy but never served anything towards the plot besides Worf Effect to make fusion of middle-aged daddies stronger than everything EVER. I heard (not sure if true) that the mangaka originally wanted to, after the Cell Games, focus the plot on Gohan rather than his father. He chose to stay dead for the sake of the Earth and we saw how Gohan matured. It make completely bloody sense.
But he didn't. So Gohan's character got massacred. We got introduced to kid!Trunks and Goku's clone son (though very cute) Goten who achieved Super Saiyan like it was nothing (considering how much EFFORT and PAIN everyone else went through to get there it was kind of ridiculous to me) and then became the very irritating (though probably very cool...maybe) Gotenks who ends up achieving nothing anyway, even if he can turn into a golden hedgehog...I feel like I'm repeating "Missed Moment of Awesome" over and over again with all these wonderful ways to defeat the stupid pink alien thing and then they go and conclude it the stupidest way possible. Fuse the two dads via Fusion Dance, use Mystic Gohan, give Vegeta an epic sacrifice, or even have Gotenks beat the bloody alien, but no. This arc was like [snip] or whatever the fuck is going on with Negima right now. STUPID. 
Of course unlike everything else they went a step further and threw in GT which massacred basically everyone besides Goku and Vegeta and introduced the even more ridiculousness that is SSJ4. What the hell. Well I pretend it doesn't exist. It's luckily not canon (unlike a certain skirt) so ignoring it is completely fine. I guess out of all these that I've mentioned the one franchise that kind of did it right was Sailor Moon...kind of.
You see Sailor Moon doesn't follow its manga very well, and everyone knows how much NOT FOLLOWING THE MANGA is against the LAWS of Japanese media ITSELF! Except like Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon's anime plot was popular despite 85% of it being filler (well it's either filler or half the arc being screaming and powering up! Sometimes I wonder how these classics became classics...oh because they were the first of its kind, maybe) but at the very least each season adapted from the manga and didn't invent a whole new plot to extend the season. (I consider the aliens in R to just be more filler to stall for more material from the manga to rip off and not be loyal to whatsoever :X) The characters too were never really butchered (I mean unless you compare to the manga, but again we are comparing season by season not media to media). They were ignored yes, but never butchered. (I mean if you can't figure out a way to include the Outers into the plot without ruining them entirely I suppose not including them at all is for the better? Even if replacing them with an entire season of the pink spawn is not a wise idea either? I don't know. Sailor Moon too is not a perfect example but I like to think it was handled better than that of DBZ...maybe.)
The last season of Sailor Moon was done brilliantly I think. Even if the Starlights were nothing more than minor characters in the manga. The whole Seiya and Usagi subplot, with Mamoru being put on the bus and thus giving the usually very-cheery main character a reason to frown just, to me, gave her another angle to her character. After all five seasons of the same thing, even if Usagi was maturing, would be boring. So after four seasons of being used to a Tuxedo-dressed protector finding a way to save your butt every episode, she now had to deal with him not being there. It really did affect her character. That made up for the inner and outers (except Saturn because she had NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!) not doing too much character/story-wise this arc. I  mean I'm usually complaining about the main character sucking everything away from the rest of the cast, but they did it so differently this season and made the anime the new character design/animation style just screamed "darker" to me. After all in previous seasons except for certain points every episode was standalone and often didn't have much to do with each other, but here we could watch Usagi evolve as she struggles without Mamoru. The arc at the beginning was I suppose Toei's second version of R's aliens, but done right by giving us fanservice (showing all the Sailors fighting together) to keep us interested at the semi-canon plot later!
That is the only time you are allowed to use filler, but to actually make filler INTERESTING with characters we CARE about!? We often do not see that, but it was done here. Adding a new season that the creator had no say in just to continue the massive cashflow is not the way to do it at all. Negima too has that milking problem, never was there an anime adaptation that was loyal to the manga (and even if it wasn't, an adaptation that would at least be just as long and epic alongside the manga would've worked too!) but instead a poor attempt by XEBEC, a "we'll just use your characters for our own original story!" by SHAFT. Then SHAFT realizing fans actually wanting the manga itself to be actually ANIMATED, so they just choose random parts to animate and then miss a BOATLOAD of crap fans actually want to see...then shove the conclusion into a tiny-60 minute movie, finally declaring all Negima Anime is done. Wow. Good job! I'm so completely satisfied at how the series did on the screen! >_>
I also realize I use the word "actually" like ALL THE TIME in this blog, but eh. That be all.


Dec. 13th, 2010 05:10 am
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So I just realized that due to my accent, whenever I say "dude" I actually say "dood".

Yeah it took that long to realize.

I bet you can never guess what I'm ranting today )
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I have a it to record things? Maybe it is, but I never once in my life (well maybe once) actually put anything REMOTELY PERSONAL on here. A blog is not a diary, for a diary is private, and although I like my opinions to be outgoing throughout all of the public, I never write everything.

Things I don't record are usually things I want to forget, and so they never appear in my mind again.

There are two things this entry is about, and no, not B-Daman, screw B-Daman for now.

In my boredom, I went to wikipedia and searched for SOMETHING that eventually led me to read all about Looney Tunes and eventually end up at one of my favourite childhood shows, the Animaniacs. Now, I didn't watch it because it had hints of adult humour, like Baloney (parody of Barney) is gay, or these weird animal things being quite the flirty people, but I watched it because it amused me. Rewatching it today I can actually understand some of the jokes, (Such as, "Have you ever heard of the word, Share?" "Yeah, it's that lady with the tattoos") Yes, I was up until 3am watching the stuff, but the thing I LOVED watching the most was the finale of the series, which happened to be a movie to end it all. Now there are debates out there saying it was more childish and had less of the hinted adult humour all the kids won't understand (and all the american cartoons of today suck compared to the awesome cartoons of the 90's, before censorship was a huge stupid deal, if I can say in harsh words, ALL THE DAMNED CARTOONS OF TODAY TEACH ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, NICENESS, AND MORALITY, look, even THIS wonderful beautiful show is educational in the NON-sappy way, as in naming all the countries of the world or the english words in the dictionary!) It made fun of celebrities, and it was just the funniest thing of its time.

They were even in HELL once, Dot sweared (LOL at the beeps, xD) and it was just the most RANDOM thing I've watched in my life, so much better than what bugs bunny used to be, because then it was just mindless violence, THIS STUFF is even MORE. ("It's time for a good idea, bad idea! Good idea! Being served breakfast in bed...BAD IDEA! Being served tennis balls in bed! *poor Mr. Skullman being beaten with tennis balls*" xDDDD)

My point being is revisiting childhood to find out it was more than that, is actually quite interesting, no stupid overdone plots of the 2000's.
(I actually recorded Wakko's Wish a long time ago and I can't find it now, T_T. I WANNA REWATCH IT, IT HAD THE AWESOMEST ENDING OF ALL MOVIES IN EXISTENCE!)

My second point was that in the process of searching for that movie, I found some old Beyblade tapes, and OMG, THE LONG LOST EPISODE OF 49 - TIGER ABUSE was found. Yes, I watched Bryan pummelling Rei to no end for once today, but it didn't affect me one bit, I felt that it was way too fast paced and it just felt fake. It is just me? When I FIRST watched it, I absolutely loved it, but this feels so shallow and empty now! Is it because my love of Beyblade has diminished?

Then I came back to my laptop and there sitting on my desktop were the brothers Yong Fa.

And these two are the reason my beyblade love is shrinking everyday...I knew it was the reason, but today it actually hit me because one of the best episodes in Beyblade history was something I found boring.

Should I blame them though? Should I?
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Ok, ok, everything is messed up right now. Not messed up as in chaos, just not the usual. Everything seems to be dead. Irony has dominated this life. This whole situation. Everyday I come on the computer and I see nothing, nothing, not even the usual. Not even...

There is no interaction, nobody willing to participate. I understand they're gone for their own personal reasons, but is it too much of a coviencidence that most people are gone and those who don't talk or are usualy quiet on the computer? Everyday the only person I talk to is Aoi, and I would Akira too whenever I feel like it. I surf the net, my feeling, of being inspired to do anything at ALL is dead. Really, really dead. School friends aren't being loud or talkative as usual. Everybdoy is keeping to their own personal lives, not coming out because they are too obsessed, busy, too gone away rather than appear on a computer just for a minute to say hi. "Hi". Or "Hawo" or "Yellow dude" or any type of greeting anything. Whether you'd be online for 5 minutes or not, I just WANT to see that word on my messenger screen! The only one I've seen for the past many days is "Hey/heys" From AOI.

Aoi, the only one participating at the moment. The busiest, quitest, and hardest to know (next to Reili) is participating, out of all the unknowns. All the people who are busy with their own little lives, which I would be too, except even my school friends are too bsuy with THEIR personal lives, but where IS their personal lvies/ Cooped up in front of the computer playing MMORPGs, that's what! So some people don't want to have a fun time outdoors, and rather stay home. Others do go outdoors, and don't stay home to make conversation. I mean, that is what FORCES me on the computer. I escape to this little sancutary so I can talk to ANYBODY, I don't care! I'll talk a lot more to people if I noticed they were online! Which is a dilemma I have with RA because I can never know when she's online, seeing as I don't look at my MSN screen much.

All this means one thing, one meaning. Everybody is busy, will it take a whole know BIG thign to bring alive everybody once again? Am I the only one staying the the routine I actually ENJOY? Maybe other people don't, maybe I'm just a wannabe. Arguably I am and aren't a wannabe. It is so simple yet complicated at the same time. If you came online and jumped to a site, not caring about anything else, mostly because you want to jsut keep up with posting. Sure, that's fine. And yes, saying 'hi" is spam in posting, but it isn't on conversations in IMs! I don't see anymore of them! People come online when I'm at sleep or a school, limiting my time to find them online. Even Ginny, the "lost" BIFF as I call her, is ONLINE MORE OFTEN THAN EVERYBODY ELSE. Sump, Akira, the Ontario people go online all the time. Aoi does, Ginny, Helly. Maybe I'm just...complaining.

Oh, I surely admit, I'm kind of feeling left behind. It all very well switches around. Don't you see? Before, my school friends went out a lot, parties, stuff like that. Before, many of my online friend's stayed home. So I occupied my time at home a lot, but now people are all busy. There is one option left, and that is my own family. A usual teen would rather go around and spend more time with their friends than family. Despite knowing their family for their whole LIVES.

So, I sit in front of this computer. Knowing I have exams to study for, things to catch up, loads of homework, but I'm on here, aren't I? I'm sacrificing my time, ultimately procrastinating on everything that is important, just to earn a "hi." Just to see a comment, just to find someone to talk to...

Special fact: Procrastinatng has been studied to come from genes, if you procrastinate a lot, blame your parents or their parents or their parents or your long ancestors!
On every BIFF day, I make a topic about it. There are celebrations, presents to go around, many talks in a conversation. Nobody notices, and I don't make this such a big deal, but I admit, I kind expected something. Something that disappointed me, those BIFFs.

Spot Day.

Yeah, I mean, sure I don't care about presents, and I know people said that to me. I felt happy about them, but every other day (Or at least most of them..>>) there is a topic, to discuss, to speak of. Created in the BIFF forum, now noticing that I'm the only one creating them. So I stopped, why? To test all the BIFFs, to see if they cared enough to notice days coming along. I bet they expected lil' ol me to come along and make a topic ABOUT MY OWN DAY. No. I refuse, I'm the leader, but I'm tired of doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I can complain all day and sound like a selfish bitch, but I'm being a nice person. I don't expect anything back, maybe a thank you, for the most. Or a "hi" to me once a couple of days. I did everything because I hoped for something happy, that you'd come on the compute,r not all the time, but at least a little, and say "hi" to everyone of the BIFF, just make their day like that. Say hi to them. All I ask is that, it's all I ask.

I did all that just to earn a "hi". I only do things so people will accept me, because I want to be a nice person, and yes, I believe I am. I don't know how many times I'm easily persuaded, how my parents think I'm a lazy little careless person because I spend 24/7 on the damn computer. I spend a lot of time for someone to say hi to me. Everyday I come home from school, I say hi to my parents and they say hi back. MOST people I'm sure don't do that at all, thinking that a greeting doesn't mean so much.  But it does.

It truly does, at least to me.

Hi means they care you EXIST. I walk pass by friends, wave at them or say hi. It's a general routine. It makes my day. Of couse, the people I USED to talk to the most, people on the INTERNET never say hi anymore. Even if I talked to THEM the most. I have a penpal, or an email pal. We don't say hi at all, but we say bye. Bye's good too, bye is almost as good as hi, but hi means more. Bye is just a polite saying so we can leave. Hi tells everybody you're alive, you respect them, and that you're glad they're there, all in one 2 lettered WORD.

I don't care if people are busy, but sacrificing a second in their life to greet someone is enough for me. I say hi to many people. I regret not saying hi to Akira much, being my own fault and my own forgetfulness.  If nobody has time to say hi to me anymore it just tells me you people don't have enough time to say I exist. It's like saying sorry to someone when you did it on accident. That means you're saying you're sorry for existing, because being born caused the incident.
Without people saying hi to me, they don't care I exist.

Now, I don't care if you don't say hi to me anymore. I'm a growing person. I know some people are off depressed, almost killing themselves because someone is gone. I doubt they said hi to each other, probably "I love you" more. Which is a good replacement for hi. This is my own opinion, but if people don't care you exist, then it's worst than losing someone, it emans you lose everybody's respect. if you lsot someone, you would still be friends with him/her, no matter what.

Yes, everybody has enemies. In fact, I have hatred enough to someone to wish them to die. It's wrong, and shouldn't be thought out, but everybody thinks these things, growing angry with tears through desperate exageration. Who cares any more? There will always be these thoughts, emotion runs through people. Opinions run through people. I know it's wrong to hate RO without playing it, but then other people ahte Beyblad,e or even Anime itself without watching it.

You know, I've been getting wuite into DBZ for a while. It is an interesting Anime, with it's concepts and action. Dubbing cuts all the blood, little tidbit things like showing the ass, other useless nonsensical things. I have seen Anti-Anime fans. I'm not THAT big into Anime. I don't jump to watch every Anime I have heard of. If I find something interesting about it, I get more involved in it and see how far I go. Throughout all of the Anime I have watched, I have noticed it is not the Shounen-ai, not the humour, not the action that gets me to it, but Drama.

Think about it, lots of action in the shows for little kids, Drama for some older people, close friendships for the whacky insane overimaginative fans like me. Angst is usually related witht he drama in some type of way.
Sailor Moon obviously had some of these parts, ESPECIALLY in Live Action. Naruto had it with Sasuke, but with others just as well.
Battle B Daman had it with Gray and his sister (not too far int hat part yet).
Beyblade had it with the close friendships, Kai's past, the fights and drama for something to achieve through all hell and injustice...
And finally, DBZ, in various, various ways. Especially in Gohan(Every one of him, XD) and Mirai Trunks.

If an Anime pops up, like Pokemon, the first thign that pops into your head is "Kiddy show". Meaning a very cheesy show that kids watch for morals. Pokemon is actually mroe than that, there's friendship, sacrifices, etc. too. So it isn't a happy show where the dream is to become the best, it's more than that.

When you say the Anime Beyblade, the first word that comes out might be "stupid". Of course, just like the former, there's action, drama, angst, etc. Other Animes such as some of the Gundam series contain A LOT of angst and action, but not much humour at all. Though the word that pops up in their ehad for the word Gundam is usually action. I mean, if the concept are a bunch of giant robot thigns blasting each other, you'd think that, but the machines aren't the main characters, the pilots are.

DBZ gets the action assumption as well. Even I thought that. Yet, there's the original Dragonball series, which was heavily focused more on humour than action. DBZ had more action, but kept at least some humour, and added in drama and some angst as well. DBGT has humour and action mixed together.

So, in other words, Anime itself is classified as "Violent". Wrong.

If you know America, they say NO to homosexuality. They say NO to showing violence to children, they want to protect their eyes. First, let me comment on how gays affect a children? I mean, it doesn't turn them gay. People are born like that. Sure, children won't really like the show (hey prefer action), but it doesn't turn them into "weird" people from watching the stuff. It might if you see them looking at "hentai" which is a whole different story. But gays are nothing wrong, parents who complain are just idiots.

Violence. Firs tof all, the world is never at peace. It will always be violent. Doesn't people's kids catch them watching the nice and seeing something violent there? If showing them fake violence influence them, why can't actual violence? If you think some children are dumb enough to jump off roofs so they could fly they would need a phychiatrist. I mean, look at them, look at ALL animated films. Do they LOOK real at all? If you want somethign that infulences a kid, take them to see lvie actions shows or Terminator or something. It shows REALISTIC things that would influence them, but why would a bunch of 2-D characters do that? It's find to keep your children from criminals, but not from violence. THey will have to learn about it someday....

TO summarize, I will take Gohan as an example, because I like him so much. Sarting at age 5 (Or 4 in Japan, stupid messed up ages) Like any child, a crybaby who's naive and curious. But, he sees his father dying, gets thrown in a forest alone for 6 months where a lot of dinosaurs and other wild animals live. Gets trained really hard, gets beaten up by saiyans, sees his trainer sacrifice his life for him. More people die, you know the DB routine. A bunch of androids appear, etc. ETC.
Then some big dude named Cell comes along to...well like every enemy, destroy/take over the planet/universe. More people get killed, including his father AGAIN, you know, you'd think this guy'd be tramatized by now right? Since that whole ordeal I think counts as angst, jsut isn't shown very well.
So he blows up, turns to SSJ2 and kills Cell, with the help of Goku spirtually coaching him.

See, is that ALL action? Does it mean something else? It's just like EVERY SINGLE TV SHOW THING IN THE UNIVERSE.

The objective: To fix a problem by getting something (Shikon no Tama, Dragonballs, etc.) Protecting something (Bit-beasts, Cobalt blade, many things in Sailor Moon...) Or stopping someone from causing chaos, which seems to be in a lot of shows....

There I end my three-themed rant. One about myself, one about Anime, and one you must figure out, =P
Weekly Battle B Daman Episode Review:

Episode 10: "Bull Identity"
Rating: 3.5/5 Good, seen better.
Humor: 2/5
Action: 3/5
Bonds: 5/5
Bullness: 5/5
Tsubame Occurance: 2/5

This episode is an average episode. It wasn't as good as "Bull Supremacy", but it was better than the first episode. (A lot of first episodes are boring, =P) I missed the 2:30pm episode so I can only rely on my memory of the 7:30am one.

Yamato goes to the ring, seeing as the match is about to start, even though they can't find Bull. So the whole match is about hittign a triangle across the opponents line, or kind of the like the opposite of tug-o-war. Bull appears, all "possessed" like. (You don't see his eyes, one of the famous bangs cover eyes with shadow get-up) They bdafire. (This episode shows me how dumb Yamato is. Sure Yamato's smart on bdaman and cat instincts, but that's about it) Yamato doesn't really find out Bull's strange behaviour until the middle of the battle. Bull starts shooting his marbles at the pole. (They are standing on tied up cloths attached to poles about 20 feet from the ground...) Trying to knock Yamato down, it was another way of winning. (Well except there isn't a nice cushiony thing on the bottom, so that's bad) Bull's eyes appear and are evil and glow yellow. He says things like annialiahte. (Can't spell) And "For the shadow"., being all possessed like.

Gray's worried, and is mad at himself to not able to do anything about the situation. Since Bull is going to whack Yamato down to his demise. (Except he'd probably land on his feet, but...) Stuff goes on, Armada discovers Ababa's plan. Yamato gets Bull to snap out of it and they battle normally now. Until Yamato shoots off a power blast and wins the match. he slips off the cloth but Bull grabs his arm. (After flashbacks of how Yamato always saved him from falling) Bull doesn't realize he's lost until the announcer announces it. Haha. Everybody congratulates Yamato and  Ababa is mad that his plan was foiled. Suddenly, Enjyu appears and declares that  Yamato to better watch out, as Armada explains that his bdaman is the brothe rof Cobalt Blade! (Wow, now they have FAMILIES)
End of crappy episode.

It was a Yamato based episode, something I disliked. Though Bull had his cool "possessed" and "evil" looks, that so rocks. Tsubame seems to be pushed in the background. (Actually...)

What's happening is this. If we put this in a "I want to beat Yamato" mannered way....


For the first 10 episodes, it seems like Yamato wants Gray,a s in he wants to bda battle him. Good rival and friends type of thing. Yamato also wants to do the same for Bull, except Bull isn't as interested as  doing so with Yamato. Seeing that gray is more of a Yamato fan than Bull. Tsubame's that person who is the extremely huge Yamato fan, but being the newer of them all isn't being focused on that much because Yamato seems to care about Gray and Bull more.

How sad.

Anyway, not the best episode, I wasn't really thinking it would be. (When it said Bull Identity I thought it might reveal some of where he has come from and why he has a split identity, but I was wrong, so the title of the episode kind of sucks)  So yeah, I don't like Yamato anymore, except for his humour, but I laugh at Tsubame more than him.
It is now 1:20AM, and I started writing at 11:40PM.
This is my entry, and it damnw ell better be worth it!

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Well, it's been a while since I updated, but because of a stupid reason. The computer's going bonkers. There's this real annoying spyware popping up. it's when they change a couple of words like 'you' or 'download' into a link to search. So if your link has a download in it, say, it wouldn't go ther,e it'll send you to a search place...-_-. It';s really annoying and I can't get to many places with that. It's also affecting Invisionfree forum font, everything has varied sizes of font. It's also...slowing down the internet! Took forever to get into friend's pages so I couldn't comment because it took too long to load!

I've opened Spybot and Ad-aware 90 billion times, it got rid of other spyware but not this one. my brother's considering doing a computer clean up and erasing everything. Thing is, I can't let him erase everything because some things on here are really big and take up a lot of memory. They're hard to find and I don't have many disks to hold them in. Also I have a bunch of fanfiction and pictures. Comics, downloads, games, etc. I have Photoshop and Flash too, it's hard to get those. Also, erasing everything would be meaning losing Microsoft Office and not typing stuff in Word and using cruddy Wordpad...

So yeah, I'm totally against that erasing part because there's too much risk to erase. It'll take a long while to get the stuff back onto the disks.

The following was written a couple of days ago!
You folks all ready? Because I'm Ish Kamina-ed up! School was pretty good today, for once. Started out a bit slow and all, because French is in the mornings and everybody knows I hate French more than Math, English, and Socials combined. Really though, in English we went to see a dance show and I saw one I recognized since Feburary. It was the Ish Kamina song! It was funny too because one part was putting the scarf around the partner's neck while the partner is kneeling and walking around them. Looks like they're choking them.

Ish Kamina away!

But in the middle of the dance show I got a stomachache and the PAIN stayed until after the danceshow where I ate a sandwich loaded with mayonnaise. Yesh, mayonnaise was good, but were my parents trying to get me fat?!  Soon after that, I went to Graphics  class and made  a new Thank you card. With a hamster with it and a bite me sigh. Liked it so much I made it into a signature and put it u p on the forum, =P I might make an avatar of it, who knows!  Then came Drama, in which a NEW student came, but with great luck! She sat next to US. Thus meaning a small chance of making a new FRIEND!

She's quite quiet like I, but all of us got along fast, except Jun, oh well.

Then as usual I walked home with my best friend, accidentally grabbed 3 free newspapers and bought lotsa junkfoods...

Mmm, junkfoods....I literally skipped home.
Yesh, I was happy and dappy back then. The computer is annoying me, but let's go ahead onto the good news. Spot is now going to list all her lovely dovey obsessions (TV Shows)  in her lifetime, or those she can remember.
I'll try to put it in chroniclonial(sp?) order...
Blue's Clues (Um...age 7?)
Pokemon (When I was 9 or 10 I think)
Sailor Moon (...I forgot)
Digimon (From 11-still going!)
South Park
Redwall (A book, =P)
Silverwing (Another book, =P)
Gundam Wing
Powerpuff Girls (=D)
Beyblade (Age 13-still now!)
Little Fighter 2 (Must've been the longest obsession I have had ever...maybe Beyblade was longer...)
Naruto (Must've been the shortest obsession ever, X3)
Inuyasha (Yesterday's episode was funny!)
Witch Hunter Robin (For one character only)
Beast Wars (Yesh, bite me)
Dexter's Laboratory (For 5 days!! XD)
Battle B Daman (Since last month)
Dragonball Z (Since last week)

Now I'll talk abotu every single thing on that list....ok, SOME of it.
Biggest Obsession Spot ever had: Beyblade

As you can see from the list, it's a wide variety of different kind of shows. From actiony to angsty, from kiddish to not-so kiddish. From really confusing to really stupid.

But if you must know, most of the thigns I liked on that list came because of the humour.

1) Blue's Clues:
Don't ask. I was like...6...and I thought a talking pail and shovel was amusing. Also there was a talking clock and talking soap, even talking cats...SO WHY DON'T THE DOGS TALK?! Oh, and a very ignorant human, who I'm surprised can talk.

2) Pokemon:
Well, everybody liked Pokemon once in their lifetime, so...
I only liked the fire types...>>

3) Sailormoon:
Probably the most comback obsessions I've ever had. Just kept coming back after I lost interest in it. I don't know if you would call it a "kids" anime.

4) Digimon:
This show was just cool, and had cool things, like dinosaurs. And fighting, yesh, Spot likes fighting. Wonder why nobody important ever dies...(Leomon does not count)

5) South Park:
The show that brought me from innocence, to not so innocence! Back then, I liked Kyle and Kenny, today, I still like Kyle and Kenny. Its insulting/sick/stupid humour grabs my attention all the time!

6) Redwall:
I saw the TV show first, so uh, this counts. I like animals, and I like fighting, this marked the spot.
...they just have to work on not killing off my favourite characters...>>

7) Silverwing
Bats + war = good. 'Nuff said. (I liked Sunwing)

8) Gundam Wing
Gundam Seed never really got any part of me. I was never interested to it and I don't know why. Gundam Wing however, took my attention because of boredom. Also their gundams looked cooler.

9) Powerpuff Girls
THis is a very unusual obsession. I guess I liked it for the humour it adds. I mean, an evil monkey who likes repeating every single thing he says in different ways. Quite annoying, but interesting. I think I got this obsession from angsty stories written about Bubbles...Oo

10) Beyblade:
I can say so much. Beyblade was a very unlikely cnaiddate for an obsession ebcause I hated it at first. Then i grew to love...most of the characters. This is the Anime that brought out the teen inside of me, the thought of love (I didn't care about relationships before this Anime, go figure) So, yeah, Beyblade was a big part of my life and still is. Cuteness got me into this Anime, MAX!

11) Little Fighter 2:
It all started when I was a newbie. Such memory comes back. This game, unlike so many others before it...except for SSB, took my interest and I have no reason why. I don't regret redownloading it (deleted it after getting an obsession with Runescape..but I ain't talking about that!!!) So anyway, John is cool.

12) Naruto:
I never really had a specific favourite character in this Anime, it seemed like Sasuke...but now Sasuke sucks..=D. Don't ask what happened.

13) Inuyasha:
It's Animes like these that become popular. LOTSA BLOODY ACTION + LOTSA CONFUSING LOVE POLYGONS = SUCCESS. Don't forget the humour, which was present in yesterday's episode when Sota announced to Inuyasha he loved him. (Even though it was practicing so he could do it on another girl) That was sheer genius.

14) Witch Hunter Robin:
Hack://sign is boring I must confess, even though Mimiru had a small interest in me. Though unlike that Anime, this one scored into the list because of ONE SINGLE CHARACTER. Michael. W00T. Did you know Gray from Battle B Daman has the same voice actor as he? It's a shocker!

15) Beast Wars:
This is one sorta-obsession I'll never forget. It has drama, has conflict, has action, even a tiny bit of relationship! The storyline is quite unique and the good guys are very noble. Yesterday, Dinobot died and that was real sad, because he's that big dinosaur guy who switched sides (From bad to good) yeah. Sad. ...a machine too, =P

16) Dexter's Laboratory:
XD, this show si kind of boring actually. PPG was more amusing, the only reason I liked it was from a bery talented webcomic out there. And Dexter is cooler/more angsty there, whcih is utterly awesome. Spot likes angsty geeks/angsty happy people, XD

17) Battle B Daman:
I LOVE this Anime now. I must admit, its theme song is so much better from Beyblade's, because that one...ehh, y'know..This Anime learned from Beyblade. This Anime si unique in it's own ripping-off other Animes fashion. A lot fo cats are in this Anime, also, people raised by cats, ninjas, split personality people, and bug eyed people are cool. GO MARBLES!!!

18) Dragonball Z
My obsession with this started out as a minor "find some LF2 characters that are super saiyan to download" So I found an SSJDavis, SSJWoody, SSJ3Deep, SSJFreeze, and even an SSJJohn...which looked terrible mind you, =P Then I went, why does SSJ3Deep have long ugly blonde hair? Then I found out SSJ3 (Or Super Saiyan 3, the J stands for Jin, people.because in Japan it's Saiya-jin, or Saiya people) had long spiky blonde hair. Which looks...ugly, mind you, =P So then I went Winamp skin searching and  found a picture of teen Gohan...SSJGohan! I was like: "THAT'S GOHAN?!?!" I never really watched much of Dragonball Z, all I knew was that...Gohan was a wimpy kid...well..this I found out the Anime goes through time. So you watch them grow up, which is pretty original..then I found out...GOHAN IS COOL OMGZ. So I have some DBZ stuff on my wall now, this is the first Anime to ever get on the walls in the first week..I like Gohan..=D 

I know the DBZ one is real long, but that's ebcause it's the newest one, DUH!
Today there were 4 episodes, so thus, there shall be more review!
These 4 episodes are pretty good. TERRY FINALLY CAME!! He's SO cool. Too bad Bull didn't have a big part in these episodes, but in the next two, HE'LL BE A BIG PART.

Episode 5: "Gray and the Blues"
Gray betrays Yamato, isn't that all that happened there? Really, if you want to summarize it up in three words I got it. Gray makes an evil smirk and runs to the Shadow Alliance. Not because he wants to but because he needs to. Something about not helping them would put his sister in danger or something. So yeah, he acts all Kai-ish from then on. And even helped Yamato out n episode 8 in a Kai-ish manner. But he really isn't Kai-ish, just acting so no one will be suspcious of him. So, it really is a Yamato and Gray episode.

Funny part:
They were jumping for Chrome Zephyr, both Wen and Bull. Then Yamato jumped on Bull's head while Bull was air born, slammed him down on the hard ice, Li threw something at Yamato, enabling Wen to get the B-daman. Then Yamato fell head first into the ice. OUCH! XD

Episode 6: "Yamato and Terry's Excellent Adventure."
This is one GOOD episode. I enjoyed this one a lot. So Yamato is depressed that Gray betrayed him ( unexpected, >>) but then read in a book that a GREAT B-DA SORCERER NAMED ARMADA lived in a distant land and had a lot of skill and Bdamans and stuff. So Yamato decided to set out and get trained by him to be able to defeat Gray! So he left. He's walking on, eating half of a tuna sandwich and giving the rest to his cat. Going on and on not knowing that someone was stalking him...then Yamato got hungry again. He saw a delicious fruit (it was a pear I think) and tried to knock it down with a bdaball when another green oen slammed into it too! Some stranger came down and took the fruit then ran away. He was really fast but that wasn't stopping Yamato! Yamato caught up to him and they decided to Bda Battle for the pear...until Yamato's cat ate it and they both were starving. The stealer was named Terry. (With a really stupid Scottish accent, but I'm already used to stupid things in Beyblade so I got experience!) Since this summary is really long we'll skip it and head to them meeting Armada...a big fat cat...(he's on the HNT banner!) They ended up drawing triangles and circles for days (that was training). Then Li sent a bunch of paper bats to get them. (apparently Li is bug-eyed and controls paper, YAY! LETHAL PAPER!) So they had to team up and get rid of them, thus ends the episode.

Funny Part:
Terry and Yamato FIGHT A LOT in this episode. It's your classic Takao and Daichi humour.

Episode 7: "A Fistful of Bdabattle" (or Bdaman, forgot)   
Another Yamato and Terry episode that I enjoyed. I would call Terry, Tsubame, but I'm still not used to that yet. So anyway they ant to enter the Winner's tournament, Armada disallows them because they aren't strong enough. They want to so badly that Armada gives them a VERY hard task. Use marbles and whack down a shiny iron statue. (Real big) With bdaballs and you can go. So they tried...and tried...and tried. Turned out you had to hit it was 100,000 balls to knock it down. Then it started raining...
But seeing as the dam broke and would flood a town soon, DETERMINATION APPEARED IN THEIR FACES!!!!! So thus they whacked the statue down that fell in the valley and prevented the dam from flooding the town! Hooray!

Funny Part:
This was a pretty serious episode, it also shows that Yamato is a tad bit better at Daman than Terry.

Episode 8: "Yamato Vs. some guy I forgot the name of"
Gray, Wen, Li, and that redhead dude plus some unknown people who are really good. (There's a blue haired girl who reminds me of Mariam...Oo) Bull's in it too. So Yamato and Terry arrive to enter. The first competition was shoot the gap. Meaning you have to go through the gaps. So, Wen, Li, mysterious blue-haired girl, Terry, others they didn't show, got a perfect score. Yamato accidentally whammed the table so the obstacles fell down. 10 were he got a score of 10/100...Anyway, only 16 competitors out of the hundreds could go on the semi-finals, Yamato was tied with some guy to go on. SO it was a powe. Hit all the heavy weights down in one shot wins.. the guy he was up against had big muscles. He got 99/100. Yamato used his smarts and from the silent help from Gray to win. He burned his hands doing it, but got 100/100 and a giant burnt trench in the middle...
So Yamato is certainly very strong.

Funny part:
When he knocked all the obstacles and got a 0, =P Terry called hima  klutz and when Yamato's hands went on fire Terry was chasing hima round in circles, =D

Overall, they were all pretty good. The 6th episode I liked the best though. THe new voice actor for Terry sounds hte same but not as Scottish as the old one, which is good I guess. This Anime is going pretty good on Spot's score.
It's getting late, so Spot won't write on like she usually does.
Obsession of the week: DBZ
Colour of the week: Emerald Green
Weird thing of the week: Fusion!
Number of the week: 3.60



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