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It seems I haven't done a Tohosort in a little over a year-and-a-half. I thought "What the hey" and spent some time doing one last night. And by doing one I mean "redo it three times" after pausing partway through because I fucked up somewhere, even though the fuckup would likely be somewhere in the 20-30 range and wouldn't really matter in the long run. "Oh' I say, it's because I tied "X" with "Y" and I like X better than Z, but not Y better than Z! But because X = Y, Y is now > Z! This cannot be. I had this issue so often because sometimes I'd do something like X > A, B, and C and then I realized I put Y higher than X and thus all three of A, B, and C! I mean yes I do like Y better than X, but for Y to out class so many others (usually a cast herd) is absurd!
Like why am I perfectionist about this? It's a goddamn popularity list of a bunch of fictional youkai girls. Like what. WHO FUCKING CARES. It is 2017 and I was wasting such time like that, but that's just what I do ...
Anyway after I finally finished doing something like that I decided to compare it to old tohosorts. Just the sort of logical thing to do, right? Compare with EVERY OTHER TOHOSORT I'VE EVER DID. And the patterns always fascinate me. They fascinate me because Touhou is the single fandom where I have no loyalty to anyone at all. My favourite character a year ago is not my favourite today. My favourite character six years ago may be my fifteenth favourite character today. The flavour cycles. My tastes change. I find interest in someone else. Because this cast is so large and this lore is so vast, I always suddenly discover, "hey this previously unappreciated character is fascinating!!" I dive into their lore and fanon, and the rest is history.
So as you can see in the latest Tohosort, another earth-shattering change has occurred. That's right! Parsee is in my top ten!! GASP! No but really, Aya is number one at the moment. Who foresaw fucking that? I even went back and checked where she was in my other Tohosorts just to see how much I gave a damn about this bird some years back. She was always below 20 for the longest of times. Once she was below 40-something, outside the cut-off point of the chart I decided to save. I deemed her uninteresting enough she wasn't worth showing up in the popularity contest at all at one point. And now she is NUMBER FUCKING ONE.
Have some numbers:
In contrast here's an old favourite:
Now this contrast is not some random name I pulled out of my hat. I could have compared her to Koishi or something, but that's rather pointless and boring. Because Koishi has never left my ton ten ever, so it's not like such consistent numbers really amount to anything when it comes to such drastic changes like these two characters. KOISHI IS AMAZING OKAY. I loved her before she was cool. B) . I could have also compared her to Keine who had a similar kind of ascension, but again not to the absolute ridiculous extent of Aya. She literally came out of nowhere. Like what the fuck?
I can't very well explain how this came to be, but what I can explain is the relevance of this comparison. You see, Murasa's drop is directly correlated with Aya's rise. You know why? Because they have a few similarities. Sure they're both fourth stage bosses at some point and have short black hair, but my point here is a point I've may many-a-time on this blog. Many-a-time I mean that annoying tiny nitpicky issue I have with something that is normally incredibly petty and nonessential, but I make such a big deal of it every time it's brought up anybody reading the post would probably want to drive to my house and shoot me in the face if I dared say another word kind of thing. You know, like my Filli Vanilli issue. I rant about that all the time. The rant is usually the same every time. I do nothing to contribute to fixing that problem at all. I JUST COMPLAIN. That's the same issue here.
See, once upon a time I learned that Murasa's shorts ... was a skirt. It may have looked like shorts and some artists may have interpreted it as shorts, but officially as ZUN had said in some random interview about UFO probably, it was a skirt.
Truly, such a small tiny thing angered my very soul. Design 101! I declared! Her design was boring enough as it was. It was white. It had a sailor's uniform. The skirt was long and impractical for what she did. It was really plain. Her outfit as a whole was plain as fuck. NOTHING ABOUT HER DESIGN STOOD OUT. I thought "Well gee willikers no wonder she's such an unpopular character!" It does not matter how gimmicky your danmaku is if your design is terrible! But the one redeeming factor in my eyes were the shorts. No one really wears shorts. I guess Wriggle wears pants, but that was like years ago. And Mokou too, but same game! If Murasa wore shorts, the entire bland design would be forgiven. She'd finally have a piece of apparel unique to the population of Gensokyo. "Finally!" I'd say, "There are no frills! There is no skirt! She may look like an ordinary sailor, but it stands out in the fantastical world of Touhou!" And I would bask in such originality, and people would depict her as a more tomboyish character because of her clothes! Because goddamnit how else are you going to draw a character from blank states like Touhou characters, especially those too unimportant to have plot relevance in any other game or manga again? I GRASPED AT THE STRAWS AND CLUNG ONTO THEM FOR AS LONG AS I POSSIBLY COULD!
But canonically, it's a skirt. APPARENTLY A GODDAMN SKIRT
And so the ship sunk, nosediving to the bottom of the ocean just like my interest in Murasa. Did I truly like Murasa for Murasa? Or was I only in love with her imaginary, noncanon shorts? Shorts that never was. Never to be. Potential dashed.
Anyway, with that hope crushed into infinity, years later I found interest in one Aya Shameimaru. No she doesn't wear shorts. I liked Aya for Aya! Though her design is great too, I found solace in the fact that occasionally she isn't depicted as the soulless unsympathetic hack that manipulated people for her sensationalized bundle of ink and paper. I mean she's probably partially that, but y'know with a cast of only females comes with a fandom of horny males, so that depiction can be pushed further to near voyeurism. Where panties becomes the holy grail of a news story to a crow tengu. I don't know either. But I got sick and tired of that same old shallow characterization popping up over and over again, and thus never saw Aya for Aya, only the sensationalized bundle of ink and paper the fandom liked to depict her as.
Every character suffers from that, absolutely all of them. It can take some time to see the diamond in the rough, so to say.
Also her music is great, but that's usually the case for the entire cast, so... Anyway, to keep things short, or shorter rather, I lied earlier! Aya DOES wear shorts! No, not her usual outfit, but in Gensokyo whenever you want to pretend to be a human, you just gotta dress really fancily and trendy. SO like, not diapers on heads or gothic lolita fashion but actual sane fashion a human would actually wear. In Mamizou's case she wore an awesome scarf, grew out her hair, and basically looked infinitely better than her ragtag youkai look. In Aya's case, she dressed up like a stereotypical newsboy who would hand out papers shouting "EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!"
I being the very diligent person, went through real canon Touhou work (this being Forbidden Scrollery) to not only verify my sources, but to see if the rumoured SUSPENDERS showed up on this outfit as well. I found only one panel where Aya was not guarding her undershirt as if the very secrets of the tengu themselves were hidden under there, and there was a line. The line COULD be suspenders. IT may not be, though suspenders are the most likely article of clothing. All I can really determine from all this is that the fashion in the Human Village is much further along than the Outside World, and the people out here need to step-the-fuck-up, because hot damn.
if you don't wEAR SHORTS that isI am not saying at all the very idea Aya wore shorts that one time (and potentially suspenders!1) caused her to become first, not at all. It may have contributed slightly, but I found this contrast rather intriguing. That the one character I assumed would make sense as a sort of androgynous type of character due to her official outfit, never wore such a thing at all! And the other character who I never even considered for such a part would choose such a disguise one day. Why that disguise? It's sort of Western-looking is it not? Though I guess, what else would scream out "THIS PERSON IS OBVIOUSLY A JOURNALIST" than such an outfit? But then why did she choose newsboy? It's not as if Mamizou's, Kosuzu's, or Akyuu's clothing are similar. Well anyway I'm not here to decipher such things, only to sit in wonderment of how this fucking tengu stole my heart recently.
Like I don't actually know. I don't know what changed. Do I just like Keine and Miko less? I guess? Maybe? AyaSanae did help quite a bunch, what a wonderful rarepair. But you know maybe I do know. I played some Sims recently and made Madoka Magica Sims. I was playing through a planned scenario that involved a lot of death, murder, homelessness, and zombies. Aya became relevant in Act 3. In fact she became VERY relevant in Act 3, and the way I weaved that story about made her a very awesome character indeed. I thought to myself as I came up with the inspired plot, that Aya was quite the bro. Which is an odd thing to say because Aya's characterization is usually the opposite of a "bro". She would never be nice for no real reason. There are always ulterior motives. ALWAYS!
But coming up with the ulterior motive for her to be so nice made her so fascinating in my eyes. I thought, "Dang, this is the potential of Aya as a character" and never really thought about it until now. It reminded me of this old Touhou comic I read when I first got into the fandom, t'was a Youmu comic. I remember a fairly badass portrayal of Aya there. I thought "Wow, I really like this Aya person. They're such a bro!" And that was the last time I thought of Aya like that because fandom is a bitch. And that in itself reminded me of an old nostalgic favourite I had long, long ago, ten years in fact. She too was a journalist, and she too was far too nice for no real reason, but sometimes she had ulterior motives or at least personal motives, and was not simply doing a favour just because. At one point, that character was a wildcard in a very dangerous, climatic situation where she could have been on the bad guys' side, but then suddenly wasn't. Because well, what fulfilled her goals more? Neutral parties that do things because they benefit themselves and it's not in an overly ambitious cartoonishly evil way (because most neutral parties end up being BACKSTABBING TRAITORY PARTIES INSTEAD!) is something I don't often see in fiction enough. Or maybe I just need to experience more fiction since I like limiting myself to very few. (This is due to time-management and addiction reasons.)
If I ever get motivated enough to post that Sims scenario on my Sims blog, you may realize the full context of my explanation. 
Anyway I gave myself a 30 minute time limit to write this and spent an hour instead because ... I was supposed to go to sleep, so this is a good a place as any to end this. I hope this blog enjoys the slight amount of activity, and anyone floating around in the headlights and tumbleweeds may someday stumble upon this to read it. Until then, adios! This has been Spotto.
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 alt=You might be wondering, "Why are you doing this again?" and "If you are, why not after August" when TH15 is entirely out? Well considering none of the new characters from the demo or the new boss from the new fighter showed up in my top 50-ish list, I don't think too much will change from here to then. What changed from before to now, however? Well, quite a lot. Since quite a lot changed, I figure doing it again is fine and it is not because I have nothing to do because I'm writing this while my friends are waiting for me to play MH4U with them, so...

But I digress! Can you see what massively changed recently? :D? I cannot guarantee such changes will be permanent. After all it has happened quite literally overnight, though I started writing all this a few days back and just continued right about now, so at this point it wouldn't be overnight. Nonetheless, I'm going to go off on a tangent here that is marginally related to the picture on the left, but mostly not really.

I feel like as one grows older one begins to care less about things. Now, the degree of caring is very important. After all, if you start caring about nothing that stops being normal and starts running into say, depression territory or what-have-you, but when we're all adolescents, we tend to care too much. We care far too much what other people think of us, and for some of us academics must be perfect or death! In reality academics didn't really matter until later on in high school and even then one could still get into a prestigious post-secondary institution in a myriad of ways. In fact nowadays with the absurd costs of continuing education it's more cost-effective to delve into something else. But whether or not we find success in these other fields highly, highly vary. Regardless, when one gets older, one cares less.

For instance, this blog. If I cared more, I'd be ranting my pants off and posting here much more regularly than I have like I did frequently when I was younger, but now I usually do not have much to say or much to rant about. At some point you start wondering if there is a purpose to blasting certain things in two-thousand words or longer. It's probably a good exercise in a way, sort of like letting off the steam and working on personal dictation. Yet as I've grown older I've become far less passionate in things. And usually things I'm passionate in are fairly benign run-of-the-mill not especially important in the grand-scheme-of-things kind of topic. Like that image to the left. WHO CARES WHO I LIKE? Is it that important that I show up here and explain to you all lovely readers why so-and-so have shot up my ranks? Not especially! It's mostly an exercise for oneself, splaying out the reasons for such in text and not leaving it to die to the mercy of poor memory. What if five years from now I wonder why on earth i would ever have Sanae third? Was I a madwoman back then? Well now I have this text to fall back on to see why!

But of course there are pros and cons to such a mindset. I truly love being passionate about things. Everyone does. However, there comes a limit to how passionate you should be. Being passionate leads to extreme highs and lows in terms of opinions and emotions. The opposite, being casual, is that you are pleased by smaller things easier, and let down by things less than you normally would, but you would never experience the joys of something you're super into coming true. What if a show you loved to death when you were a child came back on air? You'd be ULTRA-EXCITED and then because you loved it so much, you would be incredibly observant to everything you see on screen. Are the voices still the same? Is the animation still okay? is the writing of the same spirit as it was once before? And if it is, you're elated. You are simply bursting with joy through every seam in your body. A childhood dream, a nostalgic little tidbit of your life has resurfaced, has revived. One cannot possibly describe such euphoria when you're that passionate for such a thing.

However most likely a reboot or a sequel will be terrible, or even if it's decent it will never have the same flavour as what it originally had, so disappointments, even ones not warranted will exist. Being this passionate means every little flaw is all the more magnified, and you, being so hopeful, feel all the more crushed the less similar to the thing it once was, was. You begin ranting, criticizing, maybe even flinging insults you normally never would just because of how betrayed you feel because you are that passionate by that little thing.

If you liked the show when you were young and it came back, and it was pretty similar to how it was beforehand, with some differences you can overlook so you ultimately enjoy it, you're casual about the thing. It doesn't take much to make you happy, but you would never experience that ultimate high you might have if you felt all the more invested. A lot of people say these ultra-dedicated fans are incredibly annoying, but if the person who is ultra-dedicated is happy with where they are, to the point that they do not care how they are thought of by others then they have achieved true happiness, I say. Unfortunately that is not the case most of the time. Such people will be disappointed more often than not, and this phase in their life may end and they may come out of a more aloof person, a casual if you will.

I can describe all of this for something like My Little Pony. When it first came out and I watched it I was ecstatic. What a great show! Every episode is the best! There are no flaws! The writers are the best people in the world and when they go to Valhalla after they've lived incredibly long, storied lives they should be treated to the grandest of beer and the most magnificent of parties for the rest of eternity! Basically normal humans are slammed onto pedestals because they can do no wrong. They've pleased people to the extent that if they do make an eventual mistake, their flawless, perfect image will come crumbling down to the ground. In reality everyone is a normal, flawed human who can make normal mistakes. I, being super passionate about Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's friendship, was absolutely crushed by Pinkie's depiction in Filli Vanilli. I could not possibly believe she was capable of such insensitivity. Certainly she had displayed traits of such behaviour before, but not to such an abhorrent extent. The fact that Fluttershy's response to this is endless crying and an attempt to literally escape from her friend is treated as comedy personally offended me. I related with Fluttershy's anxiousness and insecurities. For it all to be treated like a joke, for Pinkie's behaviour to only be reacted by being smacked by a newspaper as if she were dog, it was just crushing to that passion of mine. I began ranting; I even flung insults (I don't think on this blog, or if I did not much) to people responsible. That's what happens when you are involved in something that much. Most people just thought, since they either didn't relate or were casual about it, thought the scene was okay and people may have been overreacting. A lot of Pinkie fans did not like her behaviour, including me however. This spawned a few fanfics and ideas that these two could not possibly be great amazing friends had it not been for the existence of the Elements of Harmony, but that idea goes entirely against the whole Friendship is Magic message in the first place. So how to explain what happened?

Well, to explain all we can do is that not every episode is flawless and not everyone is perfect. Someone thought, "Hey this scene would be funny!" and well, it unfortunately did not come off that way for some people. That's just reality. Now, I still watch the show. It's not like I've dropped it or dumped it or whatever, but I no longer think every episode needs to be absolutely perfect. If it isn't, I'm not about to spend hours of my day spewing text on why so-and-so sucks and needs to be better written. I may dislike an episode but I just move on. Shows and stories like MLP change and evolve over time. What was once seen often in season one might not show up as much in season four, and that's okay. Someday, I may stop watching or maybe I'll watch until it inevitably ends, either way the expectations are much lower, but not because the show is worse all of a sudden; the passion is no longer there because I enjoy the show more often when I have a more casual attitude about it. When episodes do come by and happen to be especially good, that's awesome, but no longer do I fall into the extreme lows if something I don't like happens. I mean, I certainly hope Pinkie never acts like that ever again, and that instance of her is the most extreme she ever gets, but you can't predict such things.

This rant just turned into another goddamn Filli Vanilli MLP rant didn't it? I AM SO SORRY. It is SO irrelevant to the picture to the left. So instead of talking about Touhou I'll go into another just-as-irrelevant rant! I stopped watching Achievement Hunter. OH NO. WHAT A TRAGEDY. Perhaps I'll go back to it someday. It's not like some sort of dramatic, angry abrupt stop at consuming their content. It was just a gradual sort of thing. At one point I watched a video they released every single day, then it dwindled until I watched a few videos a week. Just recently I began watching just to bide my time as I played with my hamster. Yes, there's a problem when you simply watch the video to pass time instead of for the purposes of entertainment. Is it because Ray left? That may be a part in it, but I guess their brand of humour and their attitude to gaming and such just became repetitive and old at some point. I did watch their stuff for almost two years after all. A lot of their humour is bashing things, mostly jokingly, but it does feel old after a moment. For instance, I like hockey. They bash the fuck out of hockey whenever it comes up, but I know it's in a joking manner. Recently they played NHL 15, and I watched the first video but for whatever reason I just don't have the desire to watch the second part. I guess even though I know they were joking I got tired of their constant ignorance about a sport I am passionate about.

Another thing is that I've begun seriously watching tons of ASMR. I've become so much more calm and chill because of it and I love that stuff. The topic came up in Achievement Hunter, one member apparently hates it and finds it creepy. That's okay. It's not for everyone. But then it got to the point that they started joking it was a sexual thing somehow? Which is a stereotype I really don't want being spread around at all. They even spoofed an ASMR video by whispering and making tons of innuendoes. Again, they were probably joking, but the hoards of thousands of fans that watch and have no clue what it is will probably think it is just a sexual kind of thing. You get kind of tired when such stereotypes are tossed around. Like every gay person is flamboyant! All girls like shopping and dresses! Yaoi fangirls are perverted lost causes! Fans of ponies are neckbearded manchildren! People on Tumblr are fierce SJWs who have "NO FUN ALLOWED" permanently installed on their lawns! Redditors are just fuckboys who hate women! I SEE THIS CONSTANTLY ON THE INTERNET ALL THE GODDAMN TIME IT GETS OLD GODDAMNIT. And when there are constant jokes and humour meant to shit on people, which I'm fine with honestly, I do love me some South Park. It's just that if such a brand of humour is done in really cheap, direct manner, it's not all too funny anymore. South Park is brilliant because it's written excellently with some great satire. Doing things offensively because it's offensive is not clever whatsoever.

I'm not saying what they did was offensive. God knows there are tons of other things people have concerns about, but it's just in general. You get tired of it and that's the brand of humour they operate on. You go talk to your friends somewhere in a relaxing, open place where you can be yourself, but then you can't because suddenly someone makes a sandwich joke about girls. And you just sit there and take it, but internally you're like "THIS IS FUCKING OLD." I can appreciate smart humour that subverts your expectations. Or puns. The best cheap humour is puns. Whenever someone makes an incredibly ignorant comment about something I don't get angry, I just laugh at them. They're that stupid. It's how people continue living life, by laughing because man do things get old.

Okay that last rant wasn't really coherent whatsoever. I basically just got tired of the "Deal with it" attitude. Like, instead of complaining (well I technically am now but whatever) I'll just stop watching. The passion will be gone, and it has. And despite all my grievances the ultimate reason is that their stuff just got boring. They just play the game now it seems. I don't really laugh anymore. I loved the Minigolf stuff, always laughed at that. Then Ray left and they filmed the rest of that series in a week. While there was some genuine hilarity in the last few videos it felt like a drop in quality because instead of spreading out the content they played it all at once, so everyone remembers how to play the game. It becomes "a bunch of dudes playing video games" instead of "a bunch of entertainers playing video games". Maybe my tastes have matured? Their audience is the teenage audience anyway.

Oh yeah, Touhou.

I guess I am still passionate about some things. I am here ranting after all. So speaking about Reddit, I re-subbed to the Touhou subreddit because I wanted relevant Touhou news. (I'm never going to remember when Reitaisai happens without this!) but notice how I say "re-subbed". I un-subbed because they kept posting NSFW art or questionable art. I was really hoping such content was moved to some other subreddit, and when I re-subbed I didn't see any, but then after a week of course all that came crashing back down. Luckily actual NSFW art doesn't have a thumbnail, so I can usually ignore them, but questionable art does not get tagged like this, so I'll be scrolling down the front page and suddenly, someone's butt.

Okay, one reason to love Touhou is the designs, in particular how non-sexual these designs are. Certainly they're wearing very elaborate clothing one would not really expect of the time they live in. (I mean, exposed armpit mikos? Lol) But it's not anything that's really revealing and it's really nice for a change. Of course then the fighting game comes out and they decide the religious nun character should have bouncy boobs, and when she rides a motorcycle a rather revealing biker outfit during her special, which you most likely will miss considering how fast the picture comes by, but still. Nonetheless, I can tolerate it. I did after all start liking Touhou after SOMEHOW enduring the blatant and vast fanservice that dominated all of Negima, what with being an ecchi. I didn't complain too much about it (except when the proportions were incredibly stupid) because if I'm reading an ecchi I might as well be expecting fanservice, so if I see a small amount of it in other things it's not a huge deal. But actual porn or questionable fanart of normally very tastefully-dressed Touhous bother me. (Though I do recall complaining about said bouncy boobs. Seriously, Byakuren of all people!?!? I know the rest aren't as well-endowed, but really?)

But it's all about choosing to see things. You see I frequent Danbooru because I'm insane. I am well aware Safebooru exists, but the translations/comments (or at least the comments) won't exist on Safebooru because sadly, not as many people browse such a site. Now you might be wondering why the comments are so necessary that I'd stay on the site like so, but you don't exactly realize how insane I am. I enjoy reading comments to the extent that I read Youtube comments. I AM THAT INSANE. Because of such, I keep any complaints I might have about Youtube comments to a minimum (do you see a rant about that here??) because if I'm willingly reading about them, complaining about it is utterly pointless. I did install Alien Blue to replace Youtube comments with Reddit comments (which contrary to popular belief is not always better) but if the video does not have many Reddit comments or none at all, you damn well know I'm reading those horrible Youtube comments. So yes, you'd think seeing questionable content would not bother me. After all, I HAVE YEARS OF NEGIMA EXPERIENCE.

But Reddit is a place where I don't want to see such content, like at all. It's a place I don't expect it. It's a place free of such things. That's why a NSFW filter exists! But then questionable stuff gets through anyway, and again you don't have to click it! BUT IF IT SHOWS UP IN A THUMBNAIL, WHAT DO YOU DO!? WHAT DO YOU DO!? That's why I unsubscribed to r/WTF. (Why the fuck is that subreddit a default one anyway!?) Hell, I actually expect it on Tumblr because of how Tumblr is organized. Unless you specifically only follow strictly SFW people (which I don't because too many cool people to follow) there is always a chance you'll see NSFW on the dash. That's why I never Tumblr in public, but Reddit, ironically, IS THE ONE PLACE I DON'T WANT TO SEE SUCH THINGS. And thus this dilemma.

Good lord I'm still not talking about the sort.


It's all very simple really. I've only been paying attention to canon Touhou stuff until recently, so Miko returning in ULiL and her badassery has promoted her to first place, while Keine I still like as much. She just hasn't done anything so she's stagnant. Sanae is playable again in TH15: Rabbit Season! Yay! But that's not at all the reason she's up there, or any other character might be so high up. As you can see, UFO as a whole except Byakuren dropped out of my top ten, which is a sad depressing thing. I truly enjoy UFO. I'm just still forever annoyed that Stage 5 bosses like Shou and Orin are left to the side because they are youkai cats. SUCH DISCRIMINATION. At first the rule was only humans can be playable, but then Reisen became playable in TH15 (probably because she's relevant and also she is for some reason identifying as human in this game, idk) and Seija also became playable despite being a youkai. So clearly being a cat is a bad thing in the Touhou universe. I guess I'm just disappointed that due to Shou being really just a figurehead and all of her power canonically coming from that pagoda, there is no reason for her to be playable in a fighting game or be relevant in too much. This is unfortunate. Shou has all the wonderful design to look utterly badass while fighting, but I guess her looks are just for...Shou.

I do not regret that.

Anyway that includes the rest of UFO not in the game. Ichirin actually went up, from 50th-ish to 30th-ish so it's not like everyone went down! I still like Murasa and Nue but they've also become far less relevant. Nue's involved in a million other things now, like hanging out with Koi and Flan (fanon, but still) or having hijinks with Mamizou or being compared to/drawn with Seija due to design similarities (all fanon! But they're not doing much in canon anyway so eh). Meanwhile Murasa is now commonly mistaken for a Kancolle character. SUCH A SAD FATE. Or at least when I go "OH MY GOD THAT THUMBNAIL OF MURASA LOOKS COO--it's a Kancolle character. Fuck everything."

Okay I'll stop avoiding the obvious.

AYASANA IS THE WINK OF A WIND GOD the translation of that sounds awkward.

Yep! It's just like how KeneMoko propelled Keine to god-status. I have recently adopted a new wonderful pairing because I am a shameless hardcore shipper who despite the numerous rants (like that RWBY rant where I declared I stopped shipping...and now I have an actual OTP in that fandom >_>) will always return to these seemingly adolescent roots. I'M SORRY. IT IS HARD TO DENY THE CUTENESS. You see when Aya isn't portrayed as the most annoying bird in existence and when Sanae isn't portrayed as the most manic youkai exterminator in existence, they're actually quite nice characters who are really fucking cute together. Like holy crap. This is oddly enough not unexpected. I recall years ago being bored and going through the Aya and Sanae tags because I WAS THAT BORED, and I actually went through all the AyaSana stuff despite having little investment in the pair. It was cute enough for me to LOOK AT EVERYTHING. Now I randomly returned to it (I don't know how. I, on a whim, purchased an Aya keychain recently and now it sits on my desk IN FRONT OF ME for some reason and the figure MUST'VE HYPNOTIZED ME TO look up Aya things) I also blame Wind God Girl. I think I was listening to it and decided to look up Aya stuff. ALL OF IT IS HAS CONTROLLED MY BRAIN.

I say this because I've always liked Sanae. She's my favourite playable. I always main her. THEN AYA, OUT OF NOWHERE. The only reason she had not swapped with Sanae's place is because I've liked Sanae longer and until my preferences have been solidified some I'm not allowing some random character to stick its face so high up so soon. It'd be weird! But if all of this love remains and doesn't die off eventually then technically I am once again shipping another reporter character... hm. I never was too fond of Momiji/Aya, or Aya/Hatate. I tried to get into Sanae/Reimu but I don't find Reimu shippable personally. I AM ALSO OPEN TO SHIPPING EITHER OF THEM TO ALICE. Because Alice is great. I still love her. She's just ninth because...reasons.

BY THE WAY I WROTE ALL THAT ABOVE LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO AND JUST RECENTLY FINISHED THE SONG SORT AFTER A WEEK. Click the image for the massive full sort. It took that long, though admittedly there were days I didn't touch it at all and days where I spent like 2-3 hours. Some days I just did it for like fifteen minutes, but at around 40% in I finished the rest all in one day in around 3 and a half hours. By "finished" I mean rushed, so that led to multiple music casualties, wonderful underrated or usually amazing songs that are sadly lower on the list because I liked one song better than it but didn't like THAT song better than others despite probably liking the casualty better than the songs that I liked better than the song I liked better than it. Did you get that? Was that confusing? Nonetheless I'll list a few casualties and a few surprising songs I don't listen to very often that happen to be casualties but need a listen because damn they are just that good. Oh and one thing about the character sort which I did a few weeks back....I did say things might change after a while and it did! I'd probably swap Sanae and Aya. That's about it. THE EVIL KEYCHAIN THAT SITS ON MY DESK UNLIKE ALL MY OTHER FIGURES HAS TAKEN TOTAL CONTROL OF MY BRAIN. This all happened due to an impromptu purchase of an Aya keychain. All of this. The sudden Touhou takeover of my blog despite several rants being entirely unrelated, but still!

I'd also like to mention two other recent events, such as MLP's 100th episode which was pretty much a fanservicey (not in that way) love letter to the fans and that the Stanley Cup has been won by the Chicago Blackhawks...again...for the third time in six seasons! Egads! That just means they not only have a really strong team but really strong scouting and management to maintain such a successful team for so long. At this point they might as well be called a dynasty, perhaps not the crazy Montreal Canadiens of old or the Gretzky Oiler days, but at least on par with or even better than those dominant teams of the 90's (like the Avalanche and the Penguins). Meanwhile my Vancouver Canucks have nothing to show for in forty-four years. I dread whatever decision our management makes for the upcoming draft because we are once again (like a tradition it seems) deciding on two goalies with bright futures and one of them is my favourite player. I most certainly hope they will make the right choice but after all these years following this team I'm very prepared for crushing disappointment and it's just getting really old. I'm to the point I may consider some other team if they keep doing things like trading away favourite players or making mindnumbing decisions. How long can this loyalty last? It's like my rant earlier in this post. If I were a casual and only cared when my team was doing really well maybe this wouldn't be a problem but it is because of passion, passion which as time goes by feels more and more misplaced. PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT I THINK YOU WILL DO.

If they do, well I'll be here on that day, either ranting or just deflated.

As for the one hundredth pony It's going to fly over really casual fans' heads unfortunately. Those who are only here for the Mane Six and haven't participated in the fandom and how often they write, draw, and make videos of various background ponies will be lost. Derpy (or Muffins if the credits are of any indication) is the most well-known one even for the casual fans but how many people I wonder will get Doctor Hooves or understand why the hell it seems like Lyra and Bonbon are a little more than friends, or why the hell Bonbon is out of nowhere a secret agent or remember who Steven Magnet is or realize the significance of his name or remember Octavia? Aside from Derpy there's Vinyl who has a few toys of her that's more exposed than the most (she was a McDonald's toy once I believe) and she had a sizable role in the movie so Vinyl and Derpy will probably be the ones those who aren't super invested will get, but still the majority of the episode will go WHOOSH over their heads.

I've never been the hugest fan of the background ponies. Unlike say, a minor character, background ponies don't really speak and are really only there to make the scenery look more crowded. However instead of say a bunch of completely grey/black people some cartoons and Anime might do, ponies happen to be multicoloured and therefore several will end up with rather distinct designs despite being in the background, so people notice them and start making up stories for them. I unfortunately need a little more than that to like them. For instance Touhou has tons and tons and tons of characters, but since you face a majority of them in battle through the game, you get to see their danmaku patterns, their spellcard names, their dialogue, see any potential backstory in the manual, listen to their theme which is usually indicative of their personality, and then you can go from there to establish who they are and if you like them or not. THEN the fanon comes in and does whatever they want with them with very, very, very mixed results. I didn't mind these characters as say, minor characters or side characters in fanfics I read, seeing as I usually search up something like I dunno, a Pinkie Pie story (there's an Octavia story somewhere in that recommendation list) but seeing them with this much spotlight in canon? Now this is a surprise!

Quite a surprise in fact, that because of this very episode I liked all these characters more than I ever did before. That's all I needed to start giving them a chance. Actually, the Rainbow Rocks movie had a little scene involving Lyra and Bonbon and I was like "Well, these two get shipped extremely often in the fandom and they have an awfully close piano playing scene here" which made me overjoyed for some reason. Then now, in episode 100 we have them actually talking and saying things like "SUCH BEST FRIENDS" while their actions speak just a little further than mere best friends...


When I was younger and involved in the shipping community, I understood what most people said when people didn't want things shoved in their face. You know, like ponies. That may be the reason some people dislike the phenomenon (among other things anyway) but then, this perspective soon changed. Not so much for something fairly minor like an interest in ponies, which frankly should not be shoved into people's faces because well, it is ultimately just a TV show, but something a little more significant like, shipping is not something I agree on. Do you know why? Sure, the hordes of fangirls and fanboys with their OTPs charging down the halls clinging onto every tiny little scene may be annoying and there might be the dreaded ship wars that make most fans hate their own community, but by god, if the show has a scene between two ponies that is OBVIOUSLY hinting at something more, is it really "shipping goggles" to see more? Because, it's not shipping that's the "annoying problem" about these people. Saying that a scene like Lyra and Bonbon is just there to please shippers without outright confirming anything isn't merely "fanservice"'s a lot less shallow than that.

Perhaps it's due to being on Tumblr so long, but seeing as most people I follow on Tumblr fall on a spectrum, their posts that continually fill my dash day-by-day depicting the things people on a spectrum must go through all the time really changes your mind, nevermind how I'm still fucking confused where I fall in this spectrum. A friend of mine is asexual for example, and she's told me a few times of her grievances with people who do not seem to understand this concept of asexuality. Apparently, someone doesn't like sex. They don't like it at all. They have no desire to be with someone. They do not have such carnal instincts as others. They are literally affecting no one else by not liking this. There's plenty of people who live through life single for reasons like this or others, but because our society is driven so much by the norms of a boy liking a girl, someone's just gotta bother my friend about this all the time or the topic or something subtle or subconscious always pops up. Like maybe someone will ask you who you like, and you say "no one" but they refuse to take this as an answer because they're so used to relationships in your life. My best friend for instance has a mother who keeps asking her to get a boyfriend, and well, if you told that lady you either didn't want one or preferred a significant other of another gender that must be hell to go through.

Now you're wondering "Well Spotto, if you fall on this spectrum why aren't you explaining what you go through everyday too?" While my parents have touched on the topic occasionally they seem to have stopped asking this question, of when I'll get hitched, probably because either they think I'm a lost cause (lol) or well, my brother who's eight years older than me happens to be gay and has gone through this before with my parents, which I've witnessed, and since he hasn't had one single friend beyond a friend at all, I think their traditional expectations have nosedived. I'm blessed my brother took the brunt of it all. It also helps that I'm not out probably because I DO NOT HAVE ANY CLUE. So there.

How does this relate to shipping you ask? Well, people always complain that shippers are in every fandom and ruining everything, taking over other lovely discussions like debating on lore or character analysis for instance, and oddly enough most shippers seem to ship same-sex. Why is this? The 100th episode showcased a fucking wedding between a girl and boy donkey, I mean jack and jenny, and no one cares. Not a single person is going "Wow why are they shoving these two in my face?!?!?!" nor did anyone bat an eye at the Canterlot Wedding (except for people who think brothers who pop out of nowhere and alicorns popping out of nowhere are bullshit, but that's besides the point) but two characters who aren't even the main characters who show up in the background together a lot, and now that they are given more attention thanks to the fandom have some scenes where they seem to get along real well, apparently it's shoving it into their faces if we proclaim our OTP has been canonized or something. Apparently we CANNOT say they are really together, (even the show itself can't outright say it) despite all indication otherwise because that's just "desperate shippers with shipping goggles" or people "looking into it too much" and "tons of friends act like this all time!" NOT IN THIS SHOW THEY DO NOT! I have not seen a single instance where some other group of friends gave each other bedroom eyes, held their jaws in their hooves, or smooshed cheeks together like Lyra and Bonbon does! And if the first thing did happen it's a freeze-frame shot of a pony blinking instead of prolonged dreamy eyes! But no, instead of "YAY MY LITTLE PONY HAS A CANON GAY COUPLE" it's controversial and AMBIGUOUS!!

Like, I have complained about shippers overtaking something before. iCarly for example is 100% shippers and no one at all cares about anything else. MLP is not like this. There's lots of shipping yes, but there's a HUGE amount of stories, fan videos, music, and art all about comedic moments with one character or a video devoted to Luna and Celestia's past or an askblog about the CMC's adventures or the Mane Six in a huge fantasy fairy tale fighting an all-out-war! Of all things MLP does NOT have an over-abundance of shipping! But two background characters often shipped and usually having funny background events are given a few of these scenes and suddenly we're looking too hard and are too desperate and they're just friends! YES. LYRA AND BONBON ARE BEST FRIENDS. SUCH GOOD GOOD FRIENDS. THEY ARE SO CLOSE AND GET ALONG SO WELL. BEST FRIENDS AND BEYOND ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!

The whole point is, we can have weddings and freakin' Twilight being paired with a random high school boy not of her own native species in an alternate universe, but a few scenes edging on the line of two ponies of the same sex and suddenly AMBIGUOUS CONTROVERSY. You know what I think about these people? Fuck these people. They are the reason our society isn't as progressive as it should be. They are the reason thousands of people went up and arms about Korrasami, which I know nothing about and is possibly something that could've come out of nowhere, I wouldn't know since I don't watch the show, but by god at least let people BE HAPPY that they can watch a show where there are people just like them in there, and it's normal! Because people on a spectrum have to watch shows and movies and read books where straight people literally have sex (yes I read this on a post) and no one bats an eye, but someone who MIGHT HAPPEN TO BE gay exists and everyone blows a fuse. Seriously, FUCK YOU.

I'm sorry. I was just super happy about the 100th episode (like there are things that felt a bit much but still) and went around reading tons of reactions and such and like half of them was about denying Lyra and Bonbon. People saying "the ship is sunk" because they mentioned being best friends like eight hundred times. Normally people don't mention they're the best of friends a bunch of times in a row. It was likely the writers throwing those lines in there tons of times to get what their actions were like through censors. Even if it was a joke on shippers (which it could've been) they threw in Lyra and Bonbon very closely piano playing in the movie which wasn't at all a scene make to point fun at something, so I'm inclined to believe the consistency of these two scenes existing means the writers actually want to include something like a gay couple in their show too, even if it's in a stealth way that doesn't officially announce it so. After all, these writers live in very open, liberal areas (California) and the animators are in freakin' CANADA. Unfortunately for a lot of people unless you blatantly show them on a giant billboard that reaches the heavens that two characters of the same gender are together, they will deny until the end of time. FRIENDS, you say. This is also a reason there aren't a lot of male-female friendships in media either. I have lots of friends who are guys, but when I go on Reddit for instance, for all the people there in that community, it seems like being friends with someone of the opposite gender is a MYTH or something considering some of the comments and questions I've seen. Christ on a fiddlestick.

And I know why they think it's a myth because this whole stupid "friendzone" thing is so prevalent. It completely erases the importance of friendship. Why can't we be friends? Why don't you want to be friends? Why is it "BE MY GIRLFRIEND OR BE NOTHING"!? Why is this such a thing in our society, our culture? It's like someone sees someone else who is attractive and suddenly they MUST skip that whole friendship thing or undermine it because hanging out with someone because they are cool just can't be a thing if you happen to be attracted to them! I SWEAR!

I want to throw things through my window right now. These things are just so infuriating.

With that out of the way, let me fall on the other line for once.

If you've read this blog a lot (and I don't know why you do I write mountains of text, like this post) but if you've read a whole bunch of it you'll know I'm not some person who's wholly against like sexuality and hates it in every single medium. I see it way too often but I'm not like, asexual or anything like that (I think? Blah I don't know) So even though if I see a character I like dressed very provocatively for the billionth time and want to fling glass shards at whoever thought another one of these images was a good idea, there are times where I welcome such a thing. It's like how you ask a guy if they like, say this part of the body more or the other. Say some people like broad shoulders on a man, or the obvious "I like big boobs" people, or what have you. I have this too. I absolutely love navels. If a girl has her stomach showing I will never be complaining. I just said girl without thinking too. Guys' stomachs are okay (well, you might be like "WHAT ABOUT ABS" and abs are cool, but I actually just like flat smooth stomachs more than anything. Besides for a guy I prefer like, pronounced eyebrows and jaw-lines over the stomach) But all of this is entirely appearance-based. If I ever like someone it'd probably be personality above all because well, in reality you gotta be compatible with that person right? If they make you laugh and are a charming, nice person, the looks really don't matter in the end.

I mean, yes, I am saying this on a blog without that much experience on the thing so maybe it's two-faced or blatant lies. But really, if I happen to like someone thanks to their personality, they're a lot cuter to me than they ever would be normally all because of that lovely personality so while yes, obviously looks will be in play, it's really not the biggest thing whatsoever.

Now where was I?


So, like I said many paragraphs ago, I did a music sort too! It took a while. The reason I rushed it all today was because leaving Chrome open with a game was causing graphical glitches (among other things, I'm looking at you Steam!) so I wanted to close Chrome...except I had this sort up and if I closed it I wouldn't be able to continue where I Ieft off, so I decided to just do it all at once, get it done. This of course led to many songs I do like quite a bit far lower than they should be due to my stubborn lack of choosing tie, and my tastes being all over the damn place. Also, the first four PC-98 games were sadly excluded because I thought some of the best PC-98 songs were all in Mystic Square. I forgot Mima was a playable character, not a boss in Mystic Square so her theme wouldn't be in it. I also thought Luize was Elly, and confused their themes together. Luize is in Mystic Square, but Bad Apple, the song I wanted, belonged to Elly who was instead in Lotus Land Story. Also other cool songs like Strawberry Crisis were left out as well so those are some unfortunate casualties of this sort. I'm never doing it again; it takes way too long, but I do love those songs. However including Mystic Square made me realize where some remixes came from (I've neeeeever played the PC-98 games ok) and I found other songs that sounded quite good I didn't really listen to much before. Unfortunately one of these was quite the casualty, the stage one theme of Mystic Square called Dream Express. Since I was rushing I was unfortunately judging a lot of songs I didn't know as well on like, the first few seconds of the song so I could move on, but this theme is really damn good. A lot of Touhou songs do have some long intros or take a while to get to the good stuff. This is why Last Remote is ninth. I love Last Remote, but it takes ages to get to the catchy melody part. Meanwhile something like Extend Ash is good the whole way through or Little Princess' lead up fitting really well with the song.

If I listed these songs manually Dream Express would likely be in my top 50 or even top 30 but due to my rushing it is a sad 233rd. -_-

There are a lot of these. I dunno if there are any in particular I still remember, but something like Wriggle's stage theme is really low, or Yukari's IaMP theme is really low, etc. (It didn't read as "Yukari's theme, just Shrine theme or something so it didn't click to me automatically it was Yukari's other theme, so being some random IaMP theme it dropped like a rock). Despite ticking off arranges, there was a particular game that remixed its opening for all the pre-battle themes (or most anyway) which is SWR. Its title theme is remixed from IaMP's title theme and Soku's title theme is remixed off it as well, but wow every damn pre-battle theme being a remix was annoying. I like the song sure but I didn't want a song to be 13 spots lower than it should be because I voted for the title themes and all its remixes to be near the top. (The Soku version is in my top ten; if I had done this my top 20 would be just THIS SONG'S REMIXES D<) so there was that.

Oh and even though no MoF songs made it to my top ten (partly due to casualty) it was by far the hardest game to judge. I love EVERY SINGLE song. Any MoF song not in the top 30 was a casualty. Even though some themes are above others they're pretty much all ties in my heart. There were also songs voted in spite. A prominent one is Sanae's theme, Faith is for the Transient People. You see, Twitch Plays Pokemon recently did a Touhoumon run and Sanae was their starter. Someone suggested doing a remix/mashup of the themes of their six champion Touhoumons, but adamantly deemed Sanae's stage theme as superior, so it ended up in both mashups that existed. The first one that was posted only had the stage theme and not the boss theme and even though I DO AGREE the stage theme is really good and is probably better than the boss theme, I have always associated Sanae with her boss theme because IT IS HER BOSS THEME and it's pretty distinct, so that peeved me off. The second mashup had both, and this was nice. Unfortunately this happened again with MIMA. Apparently Mima's stage theme or second theme or whatever is superior to Reincarnation. No matter how good a theme it might be (I listened to it, it didn't catch on with me at all) REINCARNATION IS A CLASSIC! It's a song I instantly associate Mima with, so I was just full of petty spite at the end and when it came to this sort, though Reincarnation was unfortunately not included I fucking voted for Faith is for the Transient People over Sanae's stage song, BECAUSE FUCK YOU that's what!

I mean I love Nostalgic Blood of the East faaaaaaaaaaar more than Plain Asia for Keine, but if someone uses Plain Asia for Keine instead of Nostalgic Blood I won't mind whatsoever because Plain Asia is her actual boss theme. That is the one associated with Keine the most .It is her theme. Stage themes technically shouldn't even be associated with any character; it's only ZUN trying to set the atmosphere while you kill faeries heading to the next boss. Maybe they can be applied for midbosses that have no other themes, but really.

As for unexpected results, well...IN having three entries to MoF having none in the top ten was a surprise. Of course, I really love Extend Ash and Nostagic Blood, but I underestimated how much I loved Lunatic Princess. Those Princess songs man, they're always so damn good. The problem is MoF and SA both killed each other and themselves when it came time to fight against other games' songs because I love the music from both so bad. Those wonderful years of MoF and SA coming out were imo the pinnacle of Touhou music. While music before then was great and music after is still good, the best came in those years. I love pretty much every song from both their games but MoF does edge out SA.

I've always said Emotional Skyscraper is my favourite Touhou song, but apparently I have eight billion remixes of it on my phone and have heard it too damn much, so it's sadly now fourth. :C

Anyway I should probably post this and not leave it up for a week for when I want to add MORE rants making this even longer. I shall end with a playlist of my apparent top 31 touhou songs according to this sort, just for anybody who can't recognize the song itself from the name. Why is it 31? Because if I made a list of them all no one would listen to it all, not even me! Why 31 in particular? BECAUSE FAITH IS FOR THE TRANSIENT PEOPLE! SPIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!!!!!

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You know how I, Spotto, routinely post on such things like SORTS, wherein I rank characters from some sort of show or book or what have you and then discuss results on here!? Well, guess what this post is about!

You know how I also routinely post popularity polls on such things from well, popularity polls, and I also discuss results on here? Well, guess if that is also included in this post!

And what fandom is Spotto enamoured with at the moment anyway? Well what else could it be but the very lovely web-series, RWBY. This show is treading on Negima territory in terms of love-hate, but I guess the bright side here is that I actually like the main characters and I'm not clinging to minor characters spewing hatred and anger everywhere at why life is unfair. For today's post, I will not be ranty except maybe about why certain characters aren't as popular as they should be or why I like a specific character moreso now than beforehand or visa-versa, so without further ado here are my results...underneath the cut with the rest of the discussion.

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I had a rant here before but then it died. GJ auto-saving feature...then I started redo'ing it but stopped. I had ideas in my head but my desire to type things out disappeared when I developed a sudden headache. A DAY LATER and I've abandoned what I wanted to type about... for some TOHO SORT!

Did it once again because now it is updated with the newest of new characters. This is unlike a few years back when Ten Desires' characters took forever to be added to the system. (I think someone else ran the sorter back then, so good on you new person!) On the other hand, since I've not warmed up to the DDC characters yet they don't really affect much of my rankings. The newest character who does make a big splash just like on the character polls is Kokoro, who comes along with a few others as a direct result of my utter love for Hopeless Masquerade. So I'll be taking a break from what I wanted to rant about (which was just RWBY anyway) for more good ol' Touhouism on a very classic topic... my favourite characters!

First before a certain person is shocked that Alice broke into my top three, I'd like to give an ode to Koishi. Yes, Koishi. Koishi is someone who initially was my most favourite of them all and though has never reclaimed the grand throne, has never once fallen out of my top-5 and therefore deserves some praise. Koishi recently reached a very unexpected yet delighting second on the big Touhou polls meaning her appearance in HM, article in SoPM, and countless of countless fanworks have shot the lovely pseudo-satori into stardom. Sadly, Koishi herself still suffers from that whole "closed-eye" thing, so in the world of Gensokyo, no one will remember who she is, or know who she is unless you're her poor secluded sister, Satori. Koishi herself probably can't even acknowledge popularity regardless of that one incident in the village with that mask youkai that she inadvertently caused by not returning the titular mask. Isn't it sad?

But by extension to Koishi, the cast of SA as a whole has always been loved by me and of course, the general fanbase it seems. Lately I've begun to appreciate Yamame, who I normally found a very generic and forgettable character. Certain fanworks have spelt out some potential for her and so she is no longer on the bottom end of my list. Satori is usually in my top ten and Utsuho hangs around on the outskirts, yearning to break out as a favourite of them all but again, still swinging by the outskirts. (She's pretty much been between 7th and 14th forever, mostly #10) Parsee's also often high up and Yuugi is just precious. I've found more serious depictions of the oni more interesting than the usual "strong drunkard" applied to the oni of Gensokyo. Orin though has not been consistently high up, but she's a swell character as well.

In a bit of a contrast to SA though, the crew of UFO have been falling. Murasa and Nue have for the very first time dropped out of my top-ten, with only Byakuren staying on due to the aforementioned TH13.5. Unfortunately while SoPM drove up other characters and HM drove up others even more, these same games as well as Ten Desires and even Double Dealing Character itself has really dried up my interest into the less-popular crewmembers of the Palanquin. Nazrin still manages to stay in the top-ten due her only-sane-man characterization and her unique role amongst a cast of irrelevant stage one bosses. Shou's not doing too well either, but for the longest time I thought her curvy lasers, neat little pagoda, and awesome spear would've been perfect tools for Shou to enter the religious "war" that Hopeless Masquerade was, but unfortunately ZUN did not think the same. Instead, canon Shou is apparently a terrible fighter, her most important role simply to represent Bishamonten and therefore look as much like him as possible despite being not only a youkai but also female. The spear is just for "Shou" and she relies heavily on the pagoda, which made it to the game but Shou didn't. These developments dropped her for me, if only, if only.

The usurpers are newcomers or older characters who took a long time for Spotto warm up to. Sanae just randomly ended up in the top ten as a result, not because I've suddenly taken a huge liking to her but more like I've ALWAYS liked her and others having fallen gave her room to move up. The other ones popping up are Alice, whose been in my top ten for a while anyway and Kokoro who went from non-existent to a ridiculous fourth! Alice I mostly blame Aoi-dono for, but sometimes you just gotta like one of the most popular and classic of Touhou characters. To really enjoy the series as a whole just being interested in the more obscure ones isn't going to give me as much access to the fandom as much as I like. Alice is quite possibly the only character who is up in my top ten with literally no cast herd to push her into he spotlight. Byakuren had the UFO!crew and HM. Miko also had HM while Koishi is near the summit with a lot of other SA characters. Keine and Mokou are largely powered by their utterly adorable pairing, and while the other Moriyas aren't quite high up they are very helpful in keeping Sanae up in my top ten. Alice...well I'm not really much of a MariAli person, or an Alice/ANYONE person and I see Alice as a loner anyway so she really has no one giving her reason to be up here. I just like her and blame Aoi-dono, as per usual.

Hata no Kokoro is again, a direct result of my utter love for Hopeless Masquerade. It's quite possibly my favourite Touhou game now and the dysfunctional family!dynamic between her, Byakuren, Miko, and Miko's crew is just delightful. While it's most likely if Kokoro could choose, she'd end up with the Buddhists due to their openness towards youkai in general, I'm still fairly miffed at how huge that cast herd is getting, which is only pushing other characters I did love out of the way due to so many people trying to share spotlight in the same setting. In future Touhou sorts Kokoro is most likely to fall however because the novelty and hype from HM will likely fade over time unless we get a fighting game expansion like Hisoutensoku. There are also fanworks that might keep her high up however, like that random Kokoro story involving Alice. 

Miko herself was almost first. At the pique of my hype for HM, Miko probably was first, but soon I was reminded of all the reasons I love Keine, so Miko's complete capture of my heart was sadly brief. Still, my taste in the characters is unusually malleable, which is just further evidence of how Touhou in general really is amazing. So someday in the future Keine may no longer be first and some other character, perhaps Miko, perhaps a DDC character, perhaps some unexpected one will plant their flag on my metaphorical mountain of love. And then I will post this sort again on this blog again and write this post again just like the five other times before this. A tradition I will surely continue because typing about my favourites is quite possibly the easiest thing to write about.

Speaking of DDC characters though, it's been over a week! I've posted my first impressions and first-first impressions already, but here are my third impressions after comparing them directly to other characters via this sort. The biggest problem with DDC so far is the lack of proper cast herd that has caused this incident because instead, the ones behind the abnormality in Gensokyo is just this very troublemaking pretend-oni who looks like an overdone OC. Seija is, to me, just Tewi + Nue + Seiga combined into Seija. All of their mischievousness combined with their maliciousness, design, and even name were put together to make this latest stage five boss. Her mostly-black hair, red eyes, and tongue sticky-itude remind me so much of Nue all the artwork I see of Seija just looks like Nue 2.0. And my first impressions of Nue were poor as hell. Sukuna is adorable, but not very traditional in the sense of final bosses (due to the plot, but still) and I'm also not very fond of her design. The tsukumogamis all suffer from a lack of mysterious backstory due to their recent birth (all of 'em are quite young!) so I can't find much potential with them either.

That only leaves the first three bosses who are mostly unconnected with one another. Besides going crazy due to a magical mallet, Wakasagihime is usually a docile mermaid bothering no one inside Misty Lake. Her only connection is that she's part of some Youkai Grassroots Network, which Kagerou is also a part of. (And Kagerou almost ate her once, but those jokes were inevitable even if this wasn't mentioned in canon) Sekibanki lives in the village pretending to be a human, but is actually sorta-like a teenage youkai rebellious of authority and finding herself cooler-than-thou. She has absolutely no connections with anyone else though and is just a cynic. Finally, Kagerou is a werewolf. We only see her on the full-moon anyway so we don't know anything of her human-side besides the fact that she identifies more as a youkai regardless of being human the other twenty-nine days of the month AND that even if she does see herself as a youkai hides when she is one anyway because she doesn't like getting hairy.

Wow, there sure were a lot of insecure and naive youkai this incident. I guess it makes sense since it's all about trying to get the weak to overthrow the strong! Also in DDC is Sakuya who I've never been very lenient towards in terms of a character to like. Regardless, she hit my top-20. Just barely, but she's there. I could very well blame Aoi-dono like everything else, but the biggest reason is actually because of DDC. You see, now that I can no longer normally play Sanae like I usually do and didn't find Reimu's shots to be all that interesting, my mainstay in DDC is SakuyaA. Knifing people with a wide-shot seems fairly useful and pretty easy for me, and playing as Sakuya has indeed shot her up a few points. If Youmu had completely replaced Sanae in Ten Desires maybe Youmu would've been higher, but it was not to be for Sanae was indeed there for me to play as.

...well, that's all I have to say about this sort. There's still like 40 names to go through on that list next to this text and if I just end here it'd be all unbalanced and the like. Well fuck I made all of my text bigger to type and it gave me an inaccurate ratio of text to image, so LOTS OF EXTRA WORDS AHOY! First, I'd like to say I dislike no Touhou character and those who happen to be lower just happen to be lower. I just like others more than them I guess. Second, PATTERNS! Spotto loves patterns, you love patterns, everyone loves patterns, hooray! I still have the other sorts I did so I can compare my own changing interests overtime. Like how Ran was once third and is now in the 50-somethings. Isn't that sad? Oh Ran, why aren't you interesting!/ Why are you just CHEEEEEEEEENNN or Yukari's caretaker!? Why can't you have some individuality for yourself? Why does canon merely call you a computer? How is mathematics fun at all? Oh Ran. You do have good taste in fried tofu though. Yukari fell too, but mostly because I didn't care for the picture they used on the sort. I am well aware the image is actually her official portrait from the fighting games, but I still don't like it. The DDC artwork isn't very refined either. I actually do like Raiko but it was hard to vote for her because her artwork was so bad. Perhaps I should have sorted the characters without having images ticked.

ZUN's own official artwork for DDC was quite good though. Raiko's expression in that one was just perfect for her type of character. Even though I've found extra bosses underwhelming lately there is still a charm to them. What else can I type to fill out this side!? Should I start ranting about RWBY now? Oh well, let's just go for it.

There is still only around thirty-minutes of existence for RWBY, so having a huge fandom and tons of hype so early seems to be a formula for disappointing disaster. The only constant we can be sure of are the action scenes. They will no doubt be amazing and fun to watch, so that's really the only expectation I had going into this and should probably realistically have. Though the writers for RWBY did work on RvB which I have watched and those are known for more than just comedy. If I can remember, there were a lot of very interesting twists and darker sides to just a red team and a blue team in a random canyon trying to steal a flag. Hell, even shippers shouldn't feel like their expectations are unrealistic, even the ones that ship slash! Monty's first actiony video was Haloid, which ended with [spoilers] yuri! I find that absolutely hilarious that this kind of man is working on this, so actually whether or not my expectations are unrealistic, I still think the team behind the series will have something very, very surprising for us. It's probably one of the reasons I'm watching RWBY and following it so much as opposed to giant anime company's big anime of the year or whatever. There's some history with this group that I know of, and I'm far more privy to internet-made things and indie-things as opposed to big-name things. Just kinda how I am in with this somewhat hipster-like mindset.

I think the biggest reason I gravitate towards these things is usually the person behind the project is more personable than say, a mangaka or an anime producer. They just seem more real, or closer to your own level so perhaps if I did get disappointed, it would be easier to take than say, if a certain manga I followed for years ended in the worst way possible and so severely angered me that all the money on the merchandise and manga that was bought feels like a waste, or if a certain cartoon series came out with a theatrical movie which turned out to be stereotypical cliché crap. Indie games, indie productions, and stories told through the magical portal that is the internet usually lacks that executive meddler who ends up ruining or milking a franchise to death. No Michael Bay to suddenly tell a story where ninja turtles are actually aliens or anything retarded like that! Oh and the other reason is that it is truly free! No need to enter into some sort of mystical level of legal ambiguity wondering if something you saw is worth paying money for. 

Oh hey I just noticed I made it past my TOHOSORT screenshot, despite having more to say. Well, guess I'll leave that to the next post! Dis ben spawt.


May. 10th, 2013 06:42 am
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Well since I mentioned this place was a wasteland earlier, let us fix that! As you can see on the side I have done another pony sort that isn't characters but episodes! Yes I already have a tier-list, but which episode is truly my favourite and most disliked ? All that and more, right here on Spotto's not-a-wasteland blog!

It is odd indeed that my most favourite episode (yes I have finally decided) is one I never actually covered through a review here. For whatever reason I just didn't do it, perhaps at the time I was in too much of an awe, or maybe there was simply nothing to say about it beyond anything short of astounding. Sleepless in Ponyville was an episode any Scootaloo fan dreamed of. If I was asked how I wanted to see her episode pan out beforehand, I wouldn't have expected so much honestly. A decent slice-of-life episode expanding on her character and touching upon some conflict that might serve as a good moral at the end of the episode was all I was asking for, but they delivered far more than that. Some complaints over the episode is how it seems to complete Scootaloo's character arc sort of like how AJ seems to be done with her developing and her episodes don't really extend her further. While I disagree, the only way this will not actually be true is if there are more Scootaloo episodes later on, perhaps in season four, to expand upon the events of this episode.

I see it more of an opportunity really. A lot of people interpret the end as if RD has officially adopted Scootaloo as her sister and happy endings can only result. On the contrary, Lauren Faust's statement that RD would be a terrible older sister is right, since throughout the whole episode she never picked up upon all the clues of Scootaloo's strange behaviour. It was only AJ, who we all know is the ideal big sister at this point, who had any sense of concern. So to me this episode was more like a first step and I see future episodes involving both characters running into further conflict due to each other's attitudes and personalities. Whether or not that will actually happen is still to be seen however, but if this is the end of all that is Scootaloo, and her further appearances will only be as a member of the CMC, well I would be disappointed but not unhappy. This episode was just too good.

As for number took a long while for Pinkie Pie to emerge as my favourite character. For all of season one I never had a favourite character and if you forced me to choose, I'd choose the yellow one in my icon right now. It was only as I continued to watch during the first few episodes of season two did I realize Pinkie was well, pretty damn awesome. This is odd because Pinkie's role in the first five or so episodes isn't that huge. She had probably the least entertaining corruption in the Discord episodes and only had the chocolate-milk gag to carry her, and she was the only non-insane pony in Lesson Zero. Everyone seemed to hate Pinkie in Luna Eclipsed and she was non-existent in the next episode, so why? Well at the moment it still took a while for Party of One to sink in, to really understand Pinkie's issues. In the Return of Harmony, her lack of attention was a perfect way to showcase how changed she was because well, it was the total opposite of what she actually is. In Lesson Zero, I must've been the only person in the whole world who absolutely loved her balloons in a basket moment, where she simply looks at the camera and smiles. There was seriously no point to that.

Finally in Luna Eclipsed she was pretty much the cause of all the problems, yet at the end she was simply acting scared like normal people would be on a Halloween-esque holiday, and didn't factor in the Moon Princess' own feelings... a flaw, if you will. In any case, these few episodes, as little as Pinkie's screentime was, gave me good reason to love her. She lightened up every dire situation, yet could simplify the chaos, but she's not without her own shortcomings. It's part of the reaosn why I absolutely love the fan-song Balloons in my Basket and how I find it so terribly underrated. (I daresay I like it better as a Pinkie song over Smile Smile Smile, but whatever) Anywho, when I went to revisit Party of One, I realized how flawless it truly was...and to this day, only Party of One and Sleepless in Ponyville have absolutely no flaws in my mind. 

Righto, too many paragraphs for just the top two episodes. As for the rest you just need to see my reviews for the answer as why they're so high up. Luna Eclipsed is at the cusp of greatness and not as-greatness because whenever I think about that episode, really only that one scene pops out as the best-of-the-best. You have never realized true entertainment if you haven't seen that scene live in a stream with three thousand other people. Quite possibly the most enjoyable moment I've had as a fan of the show. I know the actual humour itself is simplistic at best, what with it just being cartoon slapstick, but how it was delivered, timed, animated, everything was so very perfectly done that I could not help but to crack up. And when you've seen countless movies and shows that exempt the pretty, pure angelic character from cartoon violence, seeing it done to Fluttershy so very unapologetically is the funniest thing that could happen. M. A. Larson may struggle to write Fluttershy but he is by no means gives that her any sense of mercy. :D

The rest is pretty for why the last episodes are well, the last... Ticket Master was an uninteresting episode using a concept I had seen before. The Crystal Empire was not the actiony-awesome adventured-filled première I was hoping for but a prolonged Twilight episode with a setting and villain that literally popped out of nowhere with little development. (Songs were decent though) I generally do not care for CMC-episodes where the main conflict is actually trying to find their cutie-mark, since it seems to just be a rehash of that same plot over and over again thus any of those episodes being down here. Pinkie Pie was pretty dumb in the mystery episode, somewhat dumb in the clone episodes while her friends were disappointing, and Dragon Quest ruined any point of actual dragon lore by replacing it with annoying teenage stereotypes. Apple Family Reunion was boring; Boast Busters was generally bad all around; Owl's Well That Ends Well was even more boring; The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well had the most jackass of friends possible; Spike at Your Service caused Spike to lose a hundred IQ points; and Games Ponies Play was cringe-worthy levels of bad in terms of predictability and Pinkie as a whole. 

I hope the episode with the games themselves is better than any Crystal Empire episode so far. :\ 

I can rant about any episode on this list besides the first two really. Such as how easily Discord reformed or how Dragonshy didn't age well as an episode, or how several of these episodes are rushed. But yeah, that's my episode ranking! This has been Spotto.
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So apparently there is a PONY SORT! And as you can tell on the right, I went ahead and did it. It certainly was not as tedious as a Tohosort because there isn't a million characters, but on the other hand it wasn't as difficult either because unlike Touhou I'm not all that fond of background characters...even if some of them are outranking villains and other minor characters. Even so seeing a ranking would be interesting, so there it is. Nothing too interesting or out-of-the ordinary though. There aren't any fancy images like on the tohosort though...and if I can recall, the Hetalia Sort also did not have images so hooray Touhou! For now I guess. I think it makes most sense for Touhou to have images since it has A LOT of characters and thus, most people won't recognize some of them. In pony, if you know ANYTHING about the fandom at all most of the characters on that list should be recognizable. Maybe the truly casual fans might not know who some of those background ponies are, but that would be it I think.

And since I placed the image on the right there I feel compelled to fill out this side with some text. Uh. Those last few posts kind of took away all my ranting ability at the moment, so. Well I recently watched a Firefly marathon...and I don't really watch live-action television very often at all, with maybe Law and Order: SVU as the sole exception (unless sitcoms count because we all know my sense of humour is the worst thing ever) and the series wasn't bad. I can see how it became a cult hit, and yes it truly was cancelled before its time. The female characters are all quite varied and strong, and the male characters are no slouch either...but I honestly have nothing really to say about it. It was good... that's about it? Do I have a favourite character? Ehh... I dunno, not really. If I HAD to choose one it might be...the pilot? Wash? Yeah maybe him. Not ESPECIALLY though, I don't really like any of them more than the other...hmmm.

Speaking of Live Action TV, I watched the latest episode of SVU and was crushed when they revealed my favourite reoccurring character to be a murderer and thus written off the show. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! She was so cool! WHY! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? And it wasn't even like a noble murder like self-defense or whatever! She staged a rape because she was jealous! What! I don't! NO! WHY! LIES! On the other hand while I am still somewhat peeved that they wasted potential bringing back the old ADAs the new one is actually quite interesting and well-written. So good on that at least...thus giving us some more courtroom scenes which were rather limited in the beginning of the season...oh well, moving on.

Did I write enough on this side yet? No? Okay then. Uhhh... the songs in the latest episode were good singing-wise and while some tunes DID get stuck in my head it was less because they were catchy and more because I kept listening to them over and over and over again. What little of Southern Pinkie was amazing and AJ's ability with high notes and long notes was not surprising, but rarely heard due to the type of songs she usually sings. Yes, that Ashleigh Ball person really is an actual singer! RD though with the same VA sounded pretty average (STILL good, but when compared to the other singing talent is average) but I doubt singing with your non-natural voice is easy. Rarity and Twilight sang amazingly as expected and Fluttershy actually sung a bit differently than I'm used to, more whispery and quiet-like, guess she wasn't crazy happy like the Find a Pet song. (She can fall into Pinkie's voice sometimes when she's singing that cheery-like)

I think despite how controversial that episode was, my very favouritest part was when Pinkamena smiled. Because flat-mane Pinkie RARELY smiles and when anyone who rarely smiles, smiles, it is the most heart-warming thing in existence, then seconds later the crowd shouts out her name. That was a huge amount of emotion flowing through the screen into your soul. So much so I even made an icon out of it...see? What else can I ramble about? Oh, there are apparently official show-accurate plushies out there that don't cost an arm and a leg, and...if they do not mess up Fluttershy I may buy her... after Pinkie. Really depends on the quality of those two on which I buy first, Pinkie moreso because favourite, but Pinkie's mane is a bit hard to tame on these plushies...on the other hand they ALWAYS mess up Fluttershy somehow, so I don't know. Have I rambled enough yet? Getting there! What else to say? Well I am doing something extra ambitious on Sims which has a 50% chance of failing spectacularly...BUT I WILL TRY, 90% of the time when I play that game it's making stuff and then making them work as opposed to actual playing!

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I wanted to see if the Touhou Sort updated with Ten Desires characters and Kasen (and Hatate and whoever else I'm missing) but when I went to look, alas it had not been updated in I did the Japanese version! The artwork on the Japanese one appears to  choose a random image from Pixiv to represent the character, or rather the most recent as many images changed especially when I went through voting on the more popular characters. Since it's all in Japanese I will simply put the top twenty-five or so of my results.

1. Minamitsu Murasa
1. Houjuu Nue
3. Kamishirasawa Keine
4. Fujiwara no Mokou
4. Komeiji Koishi
6. Nazrin
6. Toramaru Shou
8. Hijiri Byakuren
9. Yakumo Ran
9. Komeiji Satori
11. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
11. Reiuji Utsuho 
13. Saigyouji Yuyuko
14. Miyako Yoshika
14. Mononobe no Futo
16. Yakumo Yukari
17. Mizuhashi Parsee
18. Kochiya Sanae
18. Moriya Suwako
20. Inubashiri Momiji
21. Alice Margatroid
22. Tatara Kogasa
22. Kasodani Kyouko
24. Usami Renko
25. Kaenbyou Rin

Notice there are zero EoSD characters here, ohohohoho! In fact, I like (57) Edo Explosive Pawn more than (62) Flandre Scarlet! That was only because the image for that character looked like Shanghai so I thought it was Shanghai, and accidentally gave it many votes. (I like Shanghai more than Flandre Scarlet. Alice made my top 25 too, all due to Morino Hon's Omoito series [NSFW ads, so have adblock if you for some insane reason do not already]) The only other oddity besides nice placings from a few TD characters is Keine taking that third spot Koishi had for over a year. I'm sorry Koishi, I am finding myself going for the Keine tag before even yours. Otherwise all is very predictable and not too much new from what I gather. Either way I shall note any major discrepancies from my first Touhou Sort to now!

Suwako used to be in my top ten all those months ago and I know exactly why. First, I came into Touhou thanks to the fighting games and I enjoyed using Suwako in UNL or Hisoutensoku or whatever the name of that game is most commonly called now. Not only that, but she had a nice design, a really awesome theme, and I read some pretty well-done doujins of her backstory, which were recommended to me on TvTropes' fanfiction recommendation page. However as time went on, she didn't really get...better, I guess? I couldn't find reasons to like her even more and then other characters simply surpassed her. Nothing negative really went into her fall from 7th to 18th.

Yuuka was once in my top twentieth, but took a major plunge. I don't think I know why, actually. I may have enjoyed some Yuuka-centric 4komas back then, and my opinion of her hasn't really changed all that much. She isn't a favourite nor do I dislike her, so she's just there for me. She just happened to fall, I guess.

Flandre took by far the hugest dip in my rankings from 15th to 62nd. I had her higher than even Remilia that time simply because I was a new Touhou fan and all new Touhou fans are by law supposed to like the EoSD characters. However as time went by I found nothing special about Flandre, and so she went down the most. The rest of the cast are okay, but the game itself went down as time went on. I just do not care for this game whatsoever, oh well.

Wriggle also fell substantially, but she was up high at first due to Touhoumon and her saving my ass several times, so yeah. After that nothing came to mind that made Wriggle special.

Tewi also fell...I never was too fond of her. The Eientewi video helps though as I love singing the song, and for a moment my friend Souless liked the character too, and when friends like characters they tend to go up, but as I went through fanon the only constant personality for Tewi was being an asshole and that's not all that appealing sadly.

The playable characters (bar Youmu, she just stayed where she was) all went up. In the beginning when I liked EoSD there are always the even more popular characters I must not be quite as fond of...just to spite them or something. I dunno, I have that way of thinking for pretty much anything I like. Maybe I am that unpopular shallow and childish wannabe secretly PARU-PARUing them all and then jumping the gun for underdogs, but I love Reimu, Marisa, and especially Sanae far more now. I think I was with a large amount of the western hatedom Sanae had in the beginning, but realized that my hate was foolish and petty, and so it was vanquished. 

Orin shot up thanks to a multitude of reasons, such as having ridiculously awesome themes, being liked by a friend, the manga Chirei De, and all that jazz. I think she was only low in the beginning simply due to my dislike of her hair style. Braids and straight fringes aren't really my thing, but even so she's too awesome to have such a low ranking and thus her ranking soared.

Finally, the biggest jump in rankings from 34th to 3rd is one Keine Kamishirasawa, and in a more minor jump, 14th to 4th for Mokou. I've always liked Mokou. It's kind of hard to dislike Mokou, what with her badass motif, her pants, her phoenix, her fire, her eternal grudge against Kaguya, her tragic backstory, etc. However for Keine in the beginning I never cared for her, not one bit. The reason she jumped up? I call it the Aoi-dono Phenomenon, where she uses her amazing powers of charisma to hypnotize my mind to like her favourite characters. She did this before with Mariam and Yuuna. But rather than throwing all blame onto Aoi-dono, it's more like she opened my eyes to the potential of the characters that she liked. After all, we do share a few more interests than a lot of other friends I have. So for Keine, I realized that she had an awesome hat, awesome colour scheme and design, and even turned into a were-hakutaku. She was more than that teacher archetype doujin after doujin shoehorned her into!  Her themes are awesome, especially her stage theme and she shares an epic theme with Mokou as well, which I also sing over and over and over again! But ultimately, the reason she shot up was the pairing, MokouKeine. The most adorable pairing ever, even more than PinkieShy which I said before and it still stands. 

See the strange thing is, MokouKeine is the pairing that goes with the pattern of why I like pairings. I liked KazuSayo because it was adorable and heartwarming. I like PinkieShy for the same reason. I like practically every pairing for the same damn reason; it warmed my heart and made me aww. Yet my favourite characters in Touhou are not Mokou and Keine, there are two above them. They are called Minamitsu Murasa and Nue Houjuu and with the release of SOPM, their reputations and personalities are more tarnished than ever.

Yet they are first, amidst all the patterns and similarities of what I like counted up. Murasa is a jackass murderer who might as well have the personality of a psychopath. Nue is a remorseless and rebellious prankster. I call them the children or idiots of Myourenji, but they're my favourites, no matter what fanon or canon does to them. If I find out Murasa still goes around dunking people's heads in water, I'll consider that pretty awesome rather than "that's pretty fucking horrible" and if I find out Nue...well, if I find out anything new about Nue at all, I'd probably take it in stride as well. And the pairing, MuraNue. Even if MurasaxIchirin makes more sense in my little stupid pattern thing, even if Mamizou the tanuki got introduced, I'll still like MuraNue anyway. Even if the two never even interact in canon! The pairing is still feasible, it's just not as apparent as Mokou and Keine! They are the exception! 

I mean really, I wonder. If I wanted a more immature pairing filled with hate and disdain, why not swap it? Why not like MokouxKaguya and MurasaxIchirin instead!? I DON"T KNOW. I wouldn't be able to tell you why I like Murasa and Nue so much. Yes there is some dude (or girl iunno) in the western fandom who pretty much controls the character of Murasa with their outrageous pieces of artwork and comics, but I've developed my very own headcanon for the two characters, so while that artist may have jump-started the interest, I fuelled the ship the rest of the way myself. I don't know why or how this even works, but I love MuraNue...for no reason at all.

Sorry for that rant coming out of nowhere, had to finish it somehow. P: 

I shall end this rather silly and unnecessary post (like all my posts, really) with a ridiculous dream I had! 
I went to Toronto to visit my brother, and started walking on this large modern bridge. (perhaps an overpass from the airport? I'm not entirely sure. We're pretty high up as far as I know.) As we walk I run into my friend from Toronto, Akira. We chat for a bit and I decide to go with her and her companion downstairs. My brother stays upstairs for one reason or another. We decide to take the elevator down, keep in mind we're on the top floor. Suddenly, the elevator breaks down and rather than just not being able to open or falling dramatically, somehow it ends up hanging off the outside railing by the cords. (I have no clue) We are hanging there in sheer terror, the cords threatening to snap when FUJIWARA NO MOKOU comes to save the day! She somehow uses her amazing strength to bring our hanging elevator shaft to the top of a factory-building with its pipes and stuff, and presses a button that opens the floor of the elevator, where we step out. Then Hatate, who must've been there to cover the story or something, ends up getting entangled in the cord and falling between the oversized pipes of the old building, all the way down. Luckily, as a tengu she survives and we leave the area all happy, the end.

I imagine Mokou would do that if she were the only one there capable of saving people. She does guide lost souls through the Bamboo Forest after all. It is also because I played waaaay too much Touhoumon the night before and Mokou is my starter, so I kind of run through everything with her. The reason I'm noting this dream particularly isn't because it's a Touhou dream. (but that helps) It's that, as far as I remember, I haven't had a purely good dream in a rather long time. Lately I've either been having ridiculously bizarre dreams or nightmares, which I find rather weird. (Before I started having nightmares, I hadn't had any since I was a it was strange) 

S'all from me. Spotto out.

Boom boom.

Feb. 9th, 2011 01:01 am
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Considering my rule of never using fanart for icons and avatars, I wonder if I'll EVER get a Touhou one because the official art is bad :C

On the other hand I did this Touhou Sort thing, check out the cut!
Super Long Table Time! )


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