Feb. 10th, 2009 02:30 am
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Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Calm Thoughtful Soul

You are a calm and restrained person, and you don't usually let your emotions get the better of you. Your friends and family are very important to you, and you enjoy spending time with them. However, you need to get away from them occasionally, because you need regular time to yourself to unwind a bit.

You are thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others, especially your loved ones. You make an excellent listener, and your friends rely on you to be their rock in times of trouble. It is rare that you ask them to return the favour, however: you are a private person, and you rarely talk about your feelings. You don't like confrontation, and you don't usually react when someone hurts your feelings. You try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and you don't want to cause a fuss. You pick your battles, and when someone steps over the line, you surprise them with the vehemence of your emotions.

Your daemon's form would represent your poised, confident nature and your calm self restraint. He or she would probably rarely speak in public, but when alone, you and he/she could review the day, and he or she could provide the reassurance and comfort that you deny yourself by keeping your emotions bottled up.

Suggested forms:
Cheetah, Crane, Wolf, Raven.

Take The Golden Compass Daemon Test
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Do you talk too much in your blog?

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That is all.


Oct. 6th, 2006 12:49 am
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I am nerdier than 48% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
I am disappointed in certain people. But my nerd score is awesome.
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You Are 32% Cynical
Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions. You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you're not anybody's fool.


Sep. 10th, 2006 03:31 pm
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You are a Tomboy Girl!
Instead of flirting, you tend to pal around with the guys you crush on. And why not? You can hold your own in sports, video games, and gross out contests. Just make sure and suprise them with a touch of girlishness every once and a while. Then you'll be treated like the hottie you are - not like one of the guys.
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Let's just postie this random thing I did.
Innocence- Your inner power is Innocence!

You are very childish and love to have fun

with your friends. Unlike many people in this

world, you arent tainted by hate, bitterness

or any other dark emotion at all. Like a

child you are lighthearted and amusing to be

around because you always make people laugh

with your antics and no one is able to hate

you at all. You love making up stories in

your mind no doubt, and each and every of

your stuff toys has a name, and are lovingly

cared for by you. You love playing with your

friends, and are a true angel...usually. Yet

no one can truly get mad at you with you

sweet, innocent smile, and dancing, playful

eyes. The future, to you, is something way

too distant to even think about, and yet

sometimes you are desperate to grow up. But

dont ever lose the inner child within you,

for once have grown up, you see how wonderful

being a child really is.
Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet:

A fun loving, optimistic guy/girl with a

great looking body for you to ogle at.
Your stone/jewel: Diamond
Your power: Purity. Able to bring

pureness back to anyone, or any thing.
Your element: Air/Wind
A quote that applies to you: People are

like stained glass windows: they sparkle and

shine when the sun is out, but when the

darkness sets in their true beauty is

revealed only if there is a light within.

What's your inner power? (Girls only sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)
brought to you by Quizilla

I read the "See all results", this result is only 2%, so it's not popular, =P


Nov. 18th, 2004 10:49 pm
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I took a couple of tests From Aoi's beautiful blog!) And well...HERE ARE ME ANSWERS!!
Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
brought to you by Quizilla

light fairy
You are like the light fairy. She beleives only in
comfort and happiness. She ahs the power to
make people happy and comfortable in the
darkest of times. She loves all beings equally,
but when she is not needed, she can also be
annoying, she follows people, and is too much
of a goody goody, and can drive people
nuts!!!!!!!! That is all the major things about
the Light fairy. can you relate to some of
them? You probably can, because that is what
this quiz is for!

**The ultimate Fairy quiz**(anime pics!) for girls, but if you are a guy you can take it too! !**being improved more**!
brought to you by Quizilla

Your Anime Personality is Tough!!!!

What type of Anime Personality do you have? (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Anywho, in other news...
Report Card Day is tomorrow!! I AM DOOMED!! i hope I can get on after, I don't think I did very well...

On the happy side, I have a site up! THANKS TO ME!!! AND KIRAMI!!!! (sort of....I think) CLICK HERE!

Beybalde-MINGMING'S VOICE SUCKS! i mean, Stephanie BEARD?! C'mon Nelvana! We ALL know Stephanie Beard is the WORST person to use for Ming Ming!!!
Garland's voice is gangster, good for that. Brooklyn's is quite good.
I wanna hear Mystel's. I wanna hear Mystel's. I wanna hear Mystel's.

Listen to Max's nice deep voice, it's hard to imagine that a happy kid like him can keep up the happiness even with a deep voice like that!!! makes him even CUTER!! OUR MAXIE/GAGE KNOX IS GROWING!!!

Rei's is....GOOD.
Apple juice is also good...

I'm eating Cinniamon Buns! W00000000000000000T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy days people! HAPPY DAYS!!!
R-LF2 rocks.
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Are you a Seme or Uke?

Oh, and here's one I made myself...^_____^
If you could meet any Beyblader, who would it be? by Spotstar
Favourite Character:
Person you WILL meet:Gordo
Person you will NEVER meet:King
Reason you took this test:What was the answer again?
What the Person you meet would say to you:.....I love you....
Quiz created with MemeGen!

It's pretty funny, hahaha...

W00t! i got the game "Reinforced Little Fighter 2" and it's MUCH better than LF2 (adores the cool moves and stuff) YAY!! i can do combos now!! ^___^
John got REALLY powerful in this version, who knew, he's the most disliked character, XD
Deep's a cheap character, specially if you play "Easy" mode, if not, then it's Rudolf in other modes "like difficult" but maybe it's just me, XD
Louis sucks but I still like him...

In other news, DIGIMOn came back to MEE!!!!! W00t! Digimon Goliath is supposed to be a manga still, but I ehard it's in the North American Televisions already, anyway, I'm still in love with Digimon Frontier,after I found my LOBOMON(Wolfmon) action figure! I LOST IT FOR TWO YEARS! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY!!!! I found it on Halloween...XD

Speaking of Halloween, it was fun, except all my friend's complained of the cold and crap like that. We ate fried chicken!!! HAHA!! i was Jason, the murderer, that dude, in the movie "Freddy Vs. Jason" (Psst, FREDDY SUCKS!!!) Anyway, my best friend was the Grim Reaper, another was a devil, one was mickey Mouse (XDXD!!!) And the last was the PRINCESS!!!

I got so much candy! but I want more...(pop!!!)

Anyway, back to my lovely LOVELY Beyblade, EPISODE 31 ROCKED!!! I wanted to record it, but it wasn't on at 2PM, O.o DAMN HALLOWEEN SPECIALS!!!! It was like replacing Takao with MAX!! SO FUNNY!!

Here's a recap!
Episode 31 RECAP.

The title of this episode is….Runaway Daichi.

After winning the tournament, everybody pretty much cares about Takao. They care about him winning 3 times in a row for the championships, but Daichi? Forgotten!!! Daichi, jealous, runs away to train and become number 1. Anyway, Daichi wanders about on the streets, and people from stores are giving him food (like they knew him for a long time or something) He goes to mr. Dickenson tos ay goodbye, and Mr. D was all worried about something he was reading. Then Mr. D had to go to a meeting and Daichi leaves. Anyway, Daichi nearly gets caught by Hilary(She scared Daichi after he launched and then Kenny comes in with a bike and drags Daichi away), and Kenny dragged him to the super long line of a concert. It was a concert about Ming Ming, and Kenny was all “I’M COMING MINGMING!!!!!” Basically, Kenny loves MingMing. Daichi gets away from him and decides to eat. When a cat steals his donut, he starts chasing the cat like a monkey and falls off a hill. Hearing a kitty noise, Daichi pounces and sees the cat with kittens! So Daichi gave them all his food. (Nice, eh?) He leaves and Kai appears. Who seems to like cats, Kai says, “Daichi…”
Daichi thought that if he got away from everybody he knew, then he could train without people bothering him. He sees a truck and jumps in and falls asleep. When Daichi woke up (it was the sunset) He saw a field and everything. Daichi was lost. Suddenly, Max touched his shoulder and Daichi screamed. Max was smiling (like usual, but this time A LOT) and asked why Daichi was doing all the way out here. (Max’s dad is with him by the way) Since Daichi gave away all his food, his stomach growled. Max invited Daichi to eat at his house. In the house, Daichi was eating (a steak O.O) food and enjoyed it. Suddenly Max stated that putting mustard on it would make it taste BETTER! And he did it for Daichi. Daichi was disgusted and all, “EERRGH…” Max’s dad put more mustard on the steak. Daichi started yelling and Max accused him of being selfish and rude. Then said he knows why Takao can’t stand you much. They argue and argue and argue. Then they go, “BEYBATTLE!” (And there’s a part where Max’s pissed face glares at Daichi’s pissed face and visa versa and lightning comes between their heads, XD) So anyway, Max’s dad goes, “3…2…1…let it rip” and they beybattle. Daichi became very arrogant and you know, Daichi. Max started attacking and smiled and said something about Daichi thinking he was going to go onto the attack. So Daichi tries to attack back, and Max goes DEFENSE. Daichi couldn’t get any hits, so he used “GREAT CUTTER!!!!” Max fought back with, “GRAVITY CONTROL!!” They smash together, Daichi gasps, and Max WINS!!! Daichi goes all sad and Max smiles. Then Daichi is like, “Only takao was stronger then me! World Champions don’t lose! But now I know who’s strong too!!” Max says who, and Daichi points, “You! Now I’m never going to train and be number 1!” Anyway, they go to bed (Daichi and Max share the same bed and Daichi’s LEG is on top of Max’s body!!!!)
Image Hosted by
Max talks about Daichi (forgot what he said) It goes back to Takao who looks at the letter Daichi left him, and thinks that Daichi is waiting for him to find him, wherever he is. It goes back to Max’s house. And Daichi’s ready to train! And he says that, but it’s still nighttime and Max moans, “Daichiii!!” End of episode.

Notes: Did not air on 2PM in YTV, aired on the Vortex on 8:30AM.
No Rei in this episode.
Seems like a filler.
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I don't care about making it prettier anymore...I'm lazy...

ex w
You're a werewolf. Werewolves where mutated people
who would transform into wolf-like beings and
would lose control of themselves. Often times
when a little child would go out into fields in
Europe, they would encounter a werewolf and be
eaten. They had charatceristics of their human
selves but where usually hairy with canine like
teeth and strangely shaped heads when they
transformed. They often had bad tempers and
would lose control of their actions very
easily. They were excelent hunters though. (If
you cannot see the picture, go to my userpage
and look near the bottom. There should be the
picture and description for all the results)

What Mystical Creature Are You? (Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

You represent... happiness.
You represent... happiness.
Boy, are you full of cheer or what...? You have a
sunny disposition and enjoy trying to spread
your happiness. You have a tendency to be a
little hyper, but you have the ability to make
your own fun no matter what.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your color is Aoi (blue)!

"What Color Represents You?"[with anime images]
brought to you by Quizilla

me ??
Mariah -u have a large mouth but you're cute and
sometimes kind but watch that tongue girl !

Which beyblader girl are you ?(Girls of all series)
brought to you by Quizilla

You're too tired to be bothered with smiling,but
you're too nice to be really mean when people
are annoying you.You look tired,but you at
least try to seem happy.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Yeah, while I make my journal look somewhat pretty, have a look at these...
MAXY-CHAN: Wow! I bask in your tidal wave of sugary happiness, you kawaii creature, you!
Max is your Bladebreaker brethren.
Cheerful, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky, you don't
seem to have a care in the world or find fault
with anything. You're out-going and highly
original with a knack for cradling the feelings
of the people around you and tip-toeing around
the fragile egos of a few of your friends. You
know how to boost your friends' spirits and,
because of this, people tend to perform better
in your reassuring and comforting presence.
You're a bit too trusting, however, and seem to
set yourself up for disappointment often.
Fortunately, with your spunky spirit, you
bounce back quickly, making your low moods
scarce and few between.

Beyblade Personality Quiz: Which Bladebreaker are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by

i'm kumagorou!
which member of nittle grasper are you? click here!

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

I'm Shippou!  Wanna take the quiz?  Clicky then!

Always enthusiastic, the world is your
candy bowl! You're very innocent and naive and take things at face
value. But that doesn't matter, because you have tons of friends,
you mischievous fox demon you!

Which CCS Character Are You? I'm Sakura!
Your Anime Personality is Wild!!!

What type of Anime Personality do you have? (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla
With the Zombie type, you find it hard to lose to
normal players. Each and every battle is the
same, with your Beyblade refusing to die until
its opponent has stopped spinning. You have no
control over the outcome of the battle.

What specie of blader are you...?
brought to you by Quizilla
The Anime Personality quiz picture is a bit revealing so yeah.
Everything seems to have a connection! HAPPY! HAPPY ME!


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