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I think I should write a post about a few of my friends. Well, certain friends, not all of em, or it'd be a bit long since I like to write up walls of text, but I do have some pretty awesome friends I'd like to talk about. This post will probably be sappy, so...

SAPPY WARNING! Nevermind, false alarm. 8D;

Before you read on...

The reason why I buy hamsters in pairs is because it always seems lonely to just have one, yet the loneliest, saddest part is not having one hamster, it is when you buy two and one passes away. The hamster that is left has just spent its entire life with others, never alone, always with another and suddenly it is alone. You would always hear the occasional squeak from squabbles or watch the two try to steal food away from another, but it is never more heartwenching than to hear constant silence.

Poor Iggy.

This rant did not go as planned O: )
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<3 Omg. I'm so happy. Especially after all that fighting earlier.

I am the co-leader! Huzzah!

The newest chapter of Negima was awesome. It was all Asuna and Evangeline yapping at it each other, YUUNA FANSERVICE BREASTS, LMAO, and Kazumi's "You'reallinlovewithNegiandyouknowit". She is SO right. =D

But the newest PPGZ episode was not. I saw screencaps of it and thought it'd be awesome, but the actual episode didn't fit my expectations. The Rowdyruff Boys weren't entertaining this time around.

Nothing else much to say, except this Bio project sucks and finding free hosts is a bitch. D:


Aug. 1st, 2006 11:48 am
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Ok, meh clan site is finally up! YAYS! Archaic Wraith Site

Today though, I was wondering what happened to so many of the R/S servers on Soldat, last time it was buggy and there was a page of R/S Servers (Which is not normal, there is usually only 4 or 5 R/S servers, excluding any dodgeball stuff) Now today, the DS servers are gone, MLP, BR, and Avarax is missing. All the significant servers left are SEAL. (LW, nobody goes into...) And I don't really like MLP anymore due to their "No-capping dood!" policy. Every other server allows's Capture the Flag. CTF and R/S together means "Last man standing OR flag-capping". But since our OWN clan will get a server soon, I'd probably spend most of my time in there. (And go to DS Pub, and SEAL for stats, or go to DS Priv for pros, xP)

Otherwise, nothing too new.
In other outstanding news, yesterday I went to my cousin's house. Ok, that's not interesting, since all we did was play Ratchet and Clank all day (Which was boring, even hockey was boring, even watching Red Vs. Blue, some Halo-movie, was boring) But we fought for the coffee candies and threw popcorn everywhere. One of his friends was there and was the same age as me (my cousin is 2 years younger), so yeah, somewhat fun. Although my cousin has a severe obsession with playing the Megaman Battle Network games on his Gameboy SP.

I have coffee candies now, xD.
That was yesterday.

But lately I've been having more than 3 dreams a night, and I DON'T KNOW WHY! Unfortunately I can only remember...some of them... *cough, those that were b-daman related...>>* Oh, and one that was the most normal and boring dream of them all.

I'll describe 3 dreams.

1) Inukami is an anime with these girls that seem to be half human, half dogs with magical powers. An inukami tamer would own one of these to "ultimately" stop evil and bad stuff. It is a highly perverted and stupid Anime, but also incredibly hilarious...and wrong. (Although I absolutely adore the main character, Keita, hm, I wonder why) So I watched 5 episodes of this and went to bed, and dreamt of myself watching 5 episodes of this... ._.;;; Okay...that was very odd, yet normal...

2) This dream was "supposedly" an "idea" version of "how Li went to the Neo SHadow Alliance", it was much more stupid and worse than the real version (which I'm not that fond of yet, oh well), which seemed to take on a show called Cybersix, about a brother and sister, and the brother was idiotically enough to climb down the cliff to grab a flower for his sister...and fell. In which he fell, but was saved by an evil mad scientist which would turn up to be the final boss on the show, and turned into a black panther because his normal body would not hold. What am I saying? Li (who wore green like Syaoran's outfit, then switched to a purple jacket) falls off a cliff, incredibly clumsily, and no, DOES NOT DIE (in fact I bet he's supposed to land on his feet in the real Anime...>>) but oddly just POOF! turns evil. The person who came up with that idea was fired.

3) The grade 10's are going to kindergarten! Well, it was actually a field trip to an elementary school to "build character" or whatnot, so they went to an elementary school and became kindergartens for a day. Many of my classmates were there, the boy's gym teacher from the high school was oddly teaching there, I remember one of the teachers there (an incredibly fat one), was in the dream. Nevertheless, this was what it was based on, with a little twist. Why the hell did we each own a feckin' b-daman? Yarr. So we apparently had to bring one to that class for that day, and yes, one of my classmates that's often in my dreams owned a Samurai Phoenix, wowzers, O_o, my best friend had Chrome Raven, and I had the b-daman I actually do have...Rekuso. >> But that's not the MAIN part, the teacher gave us a test THAT ALL KINDERGARTEN'S PASSED, and the whole class of kindergartened-grade 10's FAILED IT. I wonder what that's supposed to mean. Later on it was recess, where we'd all run out onto the playground to PLAY! But my best friend brought her Gameboy Advance SP and wanted to play Pokemon Emerald, so we sneaked into an empty room to play it, and it turned out to be a giant elevator....moving us to the 2nd floor. We came out and then suddenly it was lunch time, and we went down the stairs to the table, in which the grade 10 boy's gym teacher who was oddly teaching at this school was yelling at the principal and they fed us nasty pasta. Then, no more dream because my stupid brother woke me up.

Other 'dreams' I fondly remember:

1) The Soldat Movie! It consists of all them clans specializing in Realistic Survival, and it was all about us taking on the hacker force, but the main characters were clan members of SEAL and DS (I never dreamt the people in there, just a "clan" and many people in army outfits that look exactly the same, even the clans that have some girls in them...O__o) Somehow you had to take at least one girl a clan, and that was no problem for DS, but other clans didn't have any and the only other clan that went was AW, (but nobody knew I was that girl in the clan, so they were guessing, "Is Seranox a girl?" Blah) And that is all I remember.

2) Become a dog...again!!! I think I got this from watching episode two of Inukami, which was really wrong looking (ach! Men on steroid's acting like doggies and then jumping on each other in a huge pile with nothing but a tiny cloth on to hide their parts makes it seem like an enormous gay orgy, O__o) Ok, so, once upon a time Spot's wonderful favourite characters were walking somewhere, (well they're nomads apparenlty, they don't stay at one place for long) and then somehow, SOMEHOW, it was not described HOW, BUT SOMEHOW, Wen starts acting like a dog. Physically he looks absolutely nothing like...a dog, he's a human, but he just acts like one. Barks, licks people (O_o), chases cars, buries bones...etc. Which turns Li into a dog-owner! He takes Wen to a doctor (after much debate on whether or not to take him to a vet) and the doctor says it's a "mental period" or whatever for him, so it'll wear off itself....on anytime. (could be the next minute or in 5 years) So he gives him a muzzle, a leash, and a collar. Then they go to cowtoon, mess it up, Li must pay a fine of 2234 dollars (something like that), and then Mie offers him a job at the Cat Cafe to pay off the damages, which he accepts, then Wen messes up the place...although the part I'm most intrigued is...when Tsubame was typing on his livejournal..."Dear Blog, today has been an odd day, I lost my shoe and the Yong Fa brothers are running around naked behind me"
Yes, oddity, do not ask. All because of Inukami.

3) I don't remember this much, just that someone gets hurt, and it ends like the Beyblade ending of G Revolution. Blah.

I'm done. =)
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Today I will speak about layouts, the more modern layouts. Tables are the traditional way, and to me I have no idea how to code them, but CSS is the new way which I definitely know enough to make a medicore layout. What I'm trying to do is create a clan site with 3 columns and 3 rows. The three columns will only be three columns in the 2nd row, as the first would be the banner and the last would be the footer.

Of course, it's a big layout, so I want to center it for people who have crappy resolutions of 1024X768, so it looks better. <center> is not the thing I will use as I would be going around doing DIV layers, so according to many, many sites, I have to uses the "auto" thing, but that auto thing won't work with stupid browsers like Netscape 4 and all the Internet Explorers. (People who use those are fucking morons, seriously, but that's not the point) [No offense.]

So, I will have to use the align and center thing, but it centers the words, and thus I have to align it within each individual DIV layer "left" or "right' if I want the words left or right, which means...oh my god, MORE WORK.

TO me, more work would be making a tables layout, but what I'm doing is making a CSS layout that looks like a table layout. And for it to work I have to explore more of what I don't know of CSS, and since all I do is position and unorganize my HTML work anyway, as it is basically a fookin' mess. I was considering using the random PHP code to randomlize the quote on the site (Underdog does it) but then I would have to change the extension from SSI to PHP, and I prefer SSI because all the Anime sites use it, even if the more professional (but usually the males) use PHP. I'm not going to bother with PHP for it's confusing, but maybe I'll learn it if I have the time. I'm not trying to use PHP for much things anyway, and SSI satisfies my need. (Although that may have a problem if Raven buys a server and I decide to throw stats on the page, but I'll just be cheap and use frames to do that, linking to a PHP-coded page from the frame instead.)

In other words, I will end up using iframes, PHP, SSI, and even tables for stats would probably use that, all in one layout! Now throwing iframes and tables with CSS isn't entirely "efficient" but whatever does the job is all I care for and I guess doing iframes all the time (I consider it easier than CSS, but CSS is easier than tables) would ruin my opportunity of using new things. After all, the old Arcane Wraith site never used SSI and it was a fook to handle, and when I switched to SSI in the GD site, it was better (but I hated the GD layout) so if I combine a nice layout like AW's old site, and better coding with GD's site, I would be doing stuff from what I learned! And in the end we'll all be happy.

I'm going to start all the coding tomorrow, and I would probably use the GD site coding for reference as I probably don't remember much (but I do now after reading up on it) and so the layout is going to be one of my more advanced layouts (to me, that is) because I'm going to use some coding I have never used before, and I inevitably will probably screw up. I mean I have to center the goddamned background as well, so it's all pretty and centered. Then I have to write over the pictures, and make them links, then implement SSI, all together! It'll take more than a day's worth of coding and stuff (which is why I prefer just designing and then forgetting about the site) and I DO have a billion unused layouts on my computer. I also don't like how Imageready automatically recodes the slices into tables. (Dunno if that is changed in the newer versions)

In the end, you all probably have no idea what I just talked about. Haha.

The AW clan itself has been recruiting more people and that's good to hear (I haven't seen many of them other than Amp, Raven, and me, BLAH), but I find that good. Also we lost a scrim pretty badly (12-0, yes, we were pooned) BUT I AM DETERMINED TO WIN A REMATCH IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR ALL MANGOS AND CHOCOLATE PUDDING AROUND US!!!! In other news, we may be scriming Apple later, and I'm excited, yarr. I keep forgetting to rewatch Project X ('cause it's cool) but I will tomorrow, hopefully.

In other non-clan news, I have been waking up late because I'm doing an experiment with my neighbours. (Well they aren't aware of it) You see, the neighbours to the left of me have a baby, the people downstairs have two young kids, one isn't even in school and the other is in 1st grade, then on the other side of my house is a family with a kid in 1st grade and a baby girl. Now, I assume the baby to my left is a boy, as the kid downstairs is a boy and the younger is a girl, while the other side is two girls. So accordingly, I listened to them and their parents, yes, eavesdropping, but who the hell cares. THe people on the left are very strict of their one lone baby, which they may be abusive to and the baby may be an accident (the people raising them are quite young) the mother apparently goes to work every morning at 8 and the father is a black guy with dreadlocks, who plays the drums, the xylophone, and sings some weird foreign song. He sings it around noon probably with a band or something, and it has a good beat.

Anyway, the kid cries 24/7 and instead of comforting it when the baby cries or what, they yell at it to SHUT UP and say NO. NONONONO. I would thing if it was crying you give it milk or something. So they are abusive and strict.

The people downstairs are the in fact opposite. I never been down there, but I believe they only own one phone. The boy tends to invite many friends over and JUMP AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE INSANE MONKEYS!!! They smash at the ground, the ceiling, and SCREAM LIKE GIRLS, not exaggerating. The girl, (younger sister) will start crying if the boy doesn't listen to the mother. Who often says, "Get the phone, son!" But he does pretty late and I hear him running to the phone, meaning there only must be one because I only hear one ring of the phone. And whenever the girl does cry, the boy SCREAMS, "I'M SORRY!!" not because he is sorry but to get her to shut up, so in fact down there is the exact opposite of the neighbours. Checking out, we go to the Asian family of the right, two girls.

The two girls prove no problem to me, except the baby cries 24/7, and the older girl NEVER SHUTS UP! She talks, and talks, and talks, and talks, and plays with my hamster/torture it, and bother me when I'm doing something important like coding a website. (which she doesn't believe, biatch) And all we do is play Super Smash Bros. And she gave me a Minun keychain that's missing an ear. My room is not close to that side so I don't know what they're like but they don't make as much noise as the other two, however they are still very annoying.

So far from my research, I don't like kids, but seeing as I am the most stubborn picky eater of them all (My brother ate the last type of noodles and my mom offered me many other types of noodles, and other food, and even some food I like, and EVEN THE NOODLES MY BROTHER WAS EATING THAT I WANTED, but he already ate some so I didn't bother to eat lunch. So really I don't want a child like me. -_-)

That is my experiment, xD. Also, I concluding that either a stereotype of a generalization, that african americans with dreadlocks seem to be more "calm" and "collective" than other of their race, who tend to be stereotyped as people who are strict, rap, or deal drugs. So, I learned things today, not only in coding, clanning, but even in social society.

That's all from the Spot-Cam! Until next time folks, BIFFers, and Shiroi, etc. Jigglypuff rocks, Li has better eyes than you (even that green-eyed guy Lefty likes) and I love Soldat.

Buhbye. Spoot you.
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Ah yes, this summer has been pretty productive. Let's start with a few things.

I HAVE REJOINED REVIVED AW, which is now renamed...Archaic Wraith.

First of all:
AW isn't like its old self, not that active or productive as it seems to be.

But even though I am not the leader, I have tried to make people join and others rejoin. Maybe I have been successful, maybe I haven't, we'll have to see.

I'm typing in the middle of a very hot heat wave. The temperature soared as high as 45 degrees, being that we are not close to the ocean. -_- (Well we are, but not close enough, XP)

I have been talking to RA and some other BIFF lately, mostly RA though.  Dunno why, just wanted to talk to her and I pretty much did.

I threw all my typing power into rewriting my bio on LJ, if anybody cares to read. Otherwise, that's all from me today!
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In the past few days I've been playing Soldat constantly. I don't know, but if you were me, after all this time you'd be disgusted at the world as it is. Disgusted as in literally. Well, I'll explain why, :P

You see, on Saturday or Friday, I'm not quite sure, I was just on a random forum looking around and found a topic with an interesting name:
"Spidey! (Warning: DISTURBING!)"
It pretty much piqued my curiosity as I so did to click it. In that topic was another link.
It was that link that led to some...not exactly appetizing pictures.
If you are so brave enough to look, without me explaining first, here's the link:

Ok, if you AREN'T brave enough...yet, I will do the describing. Ahem, it's just some pictures of a spider bite, yeah doesn't sound so bad, but these are pictures of a bad reaction TO the spider bite. Where skin starts rotting and then there's this 20X15cm large hole in your skin with dead tissue and it's all gooey and stuff. If you think that's unbelievably gross, let's go and check a rattlesnake bite's pictures posted in the same topic:

So, you can see such happenings in real life, and sorry if I make you faint or anything. I did warn you weak people.

Anyway, let's see, oh, I bet you're wondering why my mood says touched. Well obviously I'm touched, XD. Ok, the reason why isn't too complicated, but for the short answer it's Shiroi. For the long answer, while Soldat was being a bitch (K, it was someone in my clan[Who I THOUGHT was a nice quiet friendly person]) I decided to take a rest from it, and the first thing I do everytime I go ont he computer is check my email, and poof, an email from Shiroi.
What's on it? Oh, nothing much, just the BEST PICTURE OF JOHN IN LIKE EVAR.
Why? You know, in all my life, in all of the time I've been living. Ever character I liked had this attitibute to not be liked.

They are stereotyped, considered lesser, and not given much attention. And the fandom speaks the same too except for a couple occasions, but this picture she drew and coloured really pictures the view of John I have. Not as a boring litle magician, not as a dork, not as an evil menacing sorcerer, and not as that random guy.
This picture shows how I see him. And this picture made me happy again, also brought my John obsession back up. Henry's cool too, but it's just a sudden movement I guess.
Nobody can beat John.

As you can see, it's nice, isn't it? Aoi draws very nicely, but is rivalled by Shiroi's sheer power.
Other news? Want to know what's been in my daydreams lately? If you think about it, since I'm not too obsessed with anything in particular except Soldat at the moment. And the only thing I think is cute other than Battle B Daman is the Vert Wheeler dude in Acceleracers, what have I been thinking of?

For the first time in my life, something that's not fanon. Remember the characters, Lexan and Liger? I'm writing the tale of the two brothers in a very different way than you would expect. First, I added 4 more characters that might do good in anything in it. Actually I only wanted 3, but I didn't really care soon after.

The story: After having just moved into the new city, Lexan starts 1st Grade. His father a very busy businessman and his brother caring for everything else. (Their mother was dead, yeah, this is starting to become cliche, XD) In other words, Liger had to do the housework instead at such a young age: 10. So Liger was knowing his responsiblities earlier than usual.
But this world, country, and town wasn't so simple as to real life. War is something that happens nautrally and constantly. The money to all machinery for fights are lost. But they had one more weapon up their sleeve, martial arts. It doesn't exactly sound efficent, but in this story it is.

At the age of 8, every child would be appointed a clan or tribe. Their clan was usually named after a mighty animal. The most popular and powerful clan, named the Legends Clan was the goal of all children to join, but rarely new members would be recruited. Each clan's responsibility was to train the child into strong powerful fighters, all boys and girls. You didn't have to join to actually fight in a  war, a good basic knowledge of fighting was all you needed and then you could continue your lfie normally and become a doctor or something. Most do continue their lives, but some devote their life into protecting the land they live on for their own beliefs.

Liger was rather different, he was accepted into the Wing Clan at 8, but refused to join. Lexan assumed he had too much responsiblities than to go train far away. The minimum age was 6 to join anything at all. Usually 8 was the popular time to join because it was good to have basic knowledge before basic training as well.

But little as they knew, Liger would be chosen to join the Legends Clan, away from Lexan. So Lexan and his newfound friend at school, Lithus (I'm obsessed with L names, so don't think this'll be the last L name!) decided to join clans as well. The bad luck tolled as Lexan joined the Wolf Clan, and Lith, the Wildcat clan. Two clans that were sworn enemies and it was brutal punishment to be seen with the other clan's members at anytime, something  the two hated, something the two wanted to ambolish.

Unfortunately for them, their hopes to destroy such hatred went down the drain. Being caught, Lexan was kicked out of the clan, but Lith was never caught and never made an effort to help Lexan out. Something Lexan wondered about. Lith soon came to his senses and his thoughts sprayed out at all directions. Still, Lexan was feeling alone, until one day, the gift...or curse, that would plague or give bliss unto 4 people might help finish off the wars for good. A beast within Lexan would roar out loud in a howl, perhaps...literally.

1) This is VERY similar to Gundam SEED, but I'm apparently trying to tone the down the "angst bit" here.
2) I want to watch Gundam SEED Destiny, that's why.
3) The brothers thing may be a little from FMA too, who knows where my head will go to.
4) Even some of Beyblade will be mixed into this delicious concotion.

But the personalities are a tiny bit different...let me try not to bore you and tell you why, =P
He's like a regular 6 year old. Shy, curious, and looks up to his older brother A LOT. But when he's mad, he's REALLY mad.
He has an inner potential that he doesn't know about. His eager to be just like his brother keeps his conscience away from reality. He isn't that confident or reliable at first and doesn't even like taking the spotlight. His intentions to be away from the action downpours his true power more, but something can be enough to be pushed into it.
Lexan has the power of the Ice Wolf, :P
Oh my god, I got to stop copying Gohan, WHY HAVE ALL ANIME TAKEN UP EVERY IDEA?!?!

Strong, powerful, and takes up his reputation a lot. Liger wants people, particularly Lexan the most, to see him as a hero, an idol, for everything he has struggled to achieve. His reason for not joining Wing Clan was not because of business, but because he just didn't want to be with a group just yet. His mind was set on joining a larger clan, a clan they call Legends Clan. Sometimes Liger's pride takes over his sense of responsibility, that may put him into Chaos. Of course, there is always a lesson everyone must learn, and Liger needs it.
Liger has the power of the Fire Phoenix, >>
I can think of a million names he is.

Laughable, friendly, and someone that might annoy you to death, Lithus is your average hyper little kid. Knowing his mind is something he tends to not need. Lith is a great encourager, but sometimes he becomes a bit selfish. In his mind, a perfect world is where he'd have everything he'd want, and not only would he want a lot of nice, great friends, and even he doesn't realize it, he wants all his friends to do everything for him! He enjoys a good hobby to learn, and fighting has become something he want to take up as a good career, but Lith has a lot to learn, both mentally and physically before he can achieve what he wants.
Lithus has the power of the Lightning Lion. Dododum!

Not exactly a perfect person, Luke is rather quiet and keeps to himself. His mind will always focus on what he needs and wants for the right time and thing. He's seen as a very strong fighter, being the second-in-line of the leader of the Legends Clan. Notably, Luke sometimes takes fighting much too seriously. His life not a great one being the fact that he joined the clan when he was only 4, and started fighting his first war at 5, it was much too young for him and took off a chunk of his past, childish personality. Seeing what clans are about, Luke strives to become the most pwoerful and achieve peace so seriously, he may even brutally kick one to finish something.
Strange how he was the one who wanted Liger to join Legends Clan.
His power is the Wind Dragon, woot.
The "great" leader, I dunno, KAI?!

2 more people too, won't tell you yet, and yes, they have the tiger and the turtle, heheh, btu their roles are majorly different from the rest.

The next part is rather boring, for some, but since I like Soldat...WHY NOT A STORY OF THAT?!?!

Main characters; MY CLAN MEMBERS, and other random people even...a couple of...
Of War and Dignity:
By Spot(Spotstar)
The land was bare and damp. Yet little did they know, what once was there was stains of blood, deaths, corpses and the screams of soldiers in agony. Guts being spewed all over with the constant war of death. Guns were everywhere, bombs, even rocket launchers were popular in the world of yesterday, soon something such as that would be brought back to the surface and ruin the lives of all...
Spot: DAMNIT!!!

A young girl sat in a computer chair, which was in reality (teh truth) picked off from a dumpster 2 years ago. She loved it though, it was her most favourite chair of all. There was a gap on the top, where she lost a ruler and two pennies to, but she still adored it.

Not exactly on the screen though, but hey, a good chair is good enough, right?

Her frustration on a small game called LF2 ended quite soon enough. The efforts of winning and gaining such a large repsected title wasn't for her. She wasn't in the mod to run around and clicking random keys for no reason. In fact, there wasn't even people to play with in the first place!

The computer shut off and her head randomlized to some program on TV. The control, like aways, was pointed at the screen and turned on, a super deformed figure in some sort of weird problem was jumping around on the screen. This was unfortunately all of every kid's imagination at, in the moment.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
Spot: God damnit, I want to finish watching Battle B Daman! Ok, whatever...

Stepping down the footsteps the door swung open and a stranger stood there in a dark moody hood.

????: Hello Spot. We are in need of your help.

Spot: ...

????: A war has started, and we give you these gifts to defend yourself. If you are brave and noble enough to join the soldiers in war, we will be quite thankful.

Spot: O.o War?!?!

????: Aye, war. It's a sad thing, but these weapons will do use for you. I call this: The AK-74. The other is a USSOCOM. Please use them wisely for your safety, good day...

Spot: The is time for war.

The wind grew stronger, but Spot looked at an old war helmet her father used to wear. Picking up the black helmet, she growled at the war and raised her new gun and ran out the door...
Not something she expected, the power and skill of the rest of them totally took over her senses. She needed shelter fast, or she would be dead in less than a second. New soldiers would die off quite quickly and frankly, she did not want that luck. Running off with her speed, Spot ducked into a shack and opened the lights. Inside she saw something that would change her life forever...

Dvir: Who the hell are you?!

Arklenao2: Hold seem different than us all.

Spot: ...

Arklenao2: Huh...

Spot: ...Hmmm... that I think of it, this is stupid.
Ok, let's see, of all that ended, I'm just going to PLAY SOLDAT NOW! By the way, I've become my clans Official Security (for our server), official Cameraperson (to record demos) and the MASCOT!! I'm Spot the Dog, MASCOT OF AW!!!
Hehe, going to play now, go to school at 10 tomorrow and no school on Wednesday, WoW.
"Everyday is your death day! :D" -Soldat.
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I'm taking a break from Soldat for now. People there are getting quite nitpicky.
There's the whiners, there's the "OMG YOU HAX" to the good players (then they get kicked), the "OMG I HATE THIS GUN ILL REMOVE IT YESSIRS!!!", and finally the "WTF?!?! I SHOT YOU!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!!"

For the whiners, SHUT THE HELL UP. Life is as it is, it's a game, life is life, not only in Soldat, but EVERYWHERE.
Whine all you want, but c'mon! Is ANYTHING fair? No! Yeah, i admit I'm not too fair on things too, but this is reality, PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS. A world without racism isn't human! A world without bitchy people isn't real! A world without terror, destruction, or happiness isn't real!
For the n00bs who say you hack: SHUT THE HELL UP. You people suck and need lives, EVERY GAME HAS HACKERS AND PROS, you need to LEARN to figure out from which is which, don't be a prick, DAMNIT!
For you people complaining about gun balance, SHUT THE HELL UP. They are what they are, don't like it? Don't use it, AND LEARN TO OVERPOWER THOSE GUN USERS!!!
For the people who swear like hell when one hit-kills don't work...SHUT THE HELL UP. It's a GODDAMNED bug or Bill Gate's shouldn't have invented LAG!

Anyway, I found out the name of my cool clan, Arcane Wraith, cool eh?
My friend continued that Henry and Rudolf comic, the msot recent page is REALLY blood man, I'm surprised Henry is still alive after that massacre...

Yeah, I just wanted to write this, will someone comment my last posts please? This too, but those more.
BBQ tomorrow!


Aug. 29th, 2005 09:40 pm
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Hehe, you can see that I'm happy, what's even more interesting is tha tI checked other LJ's (my friend's) and they aren't so's too coincidental to be a coincidence, I'm happy them not MANY MANY TIMES!!!
Want to know why? Well, I got a LOT to type, many, many things are happening. It makes me cry with joy, I say late Summer Vacation must be the best part of the vacation yet (minus the back to school commercials...)

Ok, last Saturday was a joy-ridden Battle B Daman episode. You can all say B Daman is a ripoff, but it's storyline makes it all great! Battle B Daman is probably the most original Anime I have ever watched! Not only was there Li, but I'm being quite happy with the Gray character who lost by the way to Yamato, but they didn't make  it that predictable (except the last part where Yamato saved Gray's life....that was too Yaoiish even for me...) They were SLEEPING side by side man! It's as if they want Yamato and Gray like. BIG GIANT YAOIISMS!!!! It makes it SO much like that, so many people would enjoy this Anime, especially the Yaoi-lovers.

Now to continue one, about Little Fighter. I found its manga...or cartoon, it's not Japanese, in a store in our local Chinatown, and it was around about 6 pages of Stinky fighting Milo with everything else jsut other Anime/Chinese stuff comics. (There was Pokemon, it had a chibi Gary, awwwww!) (There was Duel masters, ick) Ok, so Stinky's all like the person who's never giving up and having the lower hand in battle, Milo looks like an insane african-american (No racist statement intended) with large massive muscles. There were only two original characters in those 6 pages, Davis and Dennis. Woody I have no idea where the hell he is.

Here's the good parts: They drew Stinky well.
The fight was interesting.

Here's the bad parts: WTF?!?! DENNIS LOOKS LIKE YOH FROM SHAMAN KING WITH WAY TOO MUCH HAIR GEL?!?!?! (OMG, they SERIOUSLY ruined him...noooooo)
Davis's hair...THEY SCREWED IT UP?!?! It's slicked back and not forward like everywhere else!
Cutie you dumb Mary-Sue. god, that's impossible, you can't be alive after being smashed headfirst into the ground, and the ground even cracked a lot by a muscle idiot gary-stu.
It was too short, they gave Duel masters like...50 pages and this like 10!
Where was WOODY?! He's one of the main! At least have WOODY!!! You know, the good looking one? *points all over LJ*

Yeah ok, I didn't like, but all I did was waste 6 bucks, graphic novels are usually 24 bucks, ^__^
Oh a good part was that they had pictures of cool Zoids, Transformers, Gundams, DBZ action figures in colour that looked very nice, ^___^ I think they were advertisements though. You know, somethings very wrong with a book if you enjoyed the advertisements more.

Oh and don't blame me for being stupid, well I was, but I couldn't really look into the book and check it, it was in plastic wrap and people don't want me opening it up just to see if it's good. (I just wanted to see Henry so baaaaaaaadly neeeeeeee!)
(Yeah, I admit I like Henry more than John what?)

Ok end of LF rant.
Now for the HAPPY part! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

For the past 3 weeks I've been playing Soldat, in my last post, I said I was goddamned lonely. Well, so I spent most of my spare time on Sodlat, joining random servers and getting my butt whooped 80% of the time. I started feeling bored with Soldat until I accidentally joined an RS server. Which means it's realistic and survival, as in you only get one life to end the other's life until the last man/or team standing, or if it's CTF if you get the flag back you get the point. Anyway, it's also realistic, so your Soldat sees what only yoyu see and if you crash into walls or fall on the ground you die or get hurt.

Yeah, you must think that sucks, because in normal it didn't have that....I thought so wrong was I.
One day, I decided to give RS a chance and played a bit. Obviously I wasn't too good (I was a n00b back then) but apparently I had fun.
Lots of fun.

The people were...well, you're average young male that plays games for a living on the computer. No I am not talking about nerds, I'm talking about a majority of boys. They acted a lot like them...
"Suck my *will not mention this part of a male*" And "f*** you" "Hacker" But of course, those were only the bad sides, which in the present I now ignore or go along with anyway.
They were nice.
Nice people.
Nice boys.
Something very rare.

Some of them were wise guys, smartasses...pretty much made me a bit mad...since they were like awesome pros. But little did I know I'd be playing on their couple of servers constantly. Whenever I joiend the server, sometimes they will greet me with a "Hi Spot!' And things like that. Makes me happy...people saying hi...something the BIFF don't really do anymore (No offense) So i started playing Soldat CONSTANTLY!
There were the good times and the bad times, one day I met someone named "The_Killer" (It's not exactly a very original name)

I was playing on his team, we were pretty much losing but I was doing fairly decent, then he took up some sort of interest in me and asked if I wanted to join his clan. Of course, I being a noob, would like to be in a clan, so we added each other on MSN, added the leader and said I'd join...but...

But those friends I spoke of before....especially ONE guy...had a strange interest in me, I call it an obsession, but it may be far-fetched. Whenever I play in the middle of the night, I usually go to my "IMASMARTASSWEIRDO mode" which got me some attention.
They wanted me in their clan.

I could not wait to jump into their clan. They had some good members, the interested guy in me said i could join, since I was good at Soldat. (Not that great, but meh) I asked if he really wanted me in their clan, they said yes, I agreed, but what about the LAST clan?!?!
Well, technically I wasn't official yet, since to ever be an official person in a clan, one must be tested under the leader, and I hadn't. So I told him the truth (prehaps exaggerated it a bit, but otherwise the full truth) And I told him I'll play him anyway, perhaps it would make me and him feel better.
We got on a server, we played for a while, he was using a f***ing barrett, which pissed me off oh so much. More people joined, it was jsut a normal deathmatch.

About 4 people were there, I played and played and scored 2nd place, the leader got last. So apparently I'm better than their clan.
So I decided to go with the clan I enjoy more, since they play RS more. Also, I felt a little guilty for leaving the last clan, since theyw ere enw and had some hopes up, but that's like choosing Coke or water. You enjoy coke more, and you like it more, but water is the one good for you and is the right one to choose. I was in a decision to choose what was right and what I wanted. Now, maybe I should've stayed with that last clan, but this was my decision and yes I do feel guilty, but what would you choose?

If all your close friends wanted you to be in their erm, group instead a stranger with some people hoping to make more friends, who would you choose? Pity or lust?
In reality, you could be both, but not with clans, which made this a hard decision indeed.

Download Soldat, I'm {|AW|}Spot (AW is my clan name) oh right, we also hack for fun, but not in serious matches or anything, we just hack for fun, there's a game we invented called the raining knives, mind you one knife is the weapon for one person as a secondary, but these were 5000 knives, and knife is a 1 hit K-O, so we were just dodging randomly.

Today, someone named Spot was in a server, and when I ({|AW|}Spot) joined, I immediately went, "WTF?!?! Who the hell is Spot?!?!" (Yeah, it's rude, but everyone would've said that if they found someone like that) Spot claimed he had his name for 2 years, but hey, if anybody knew my Spot story, I had that name since 1996 of Christmas! That's almost 9 years! We argued for a bit, but stopped, since we both agreed that Spot is a very cool name. Then Spot joined my team and the two Spots went to OWN everybody else, it was so fun.

I also went to the arcade with my bro, he beat me at racing (well he had driving lessons) but I kicked his ass in Street Fighter Vs. Capcom easily. He chose Marvel people (Spiderman and that blue dude that looks like spiderman but bigger and a long tongue, forgot his name) I took Strider and that white guy who looked a little like Ryu, so they were from Street Fighter.
I pwned badly.
Then lost against the computer's stupid Chun-li.

So fun, I'm rather happy. Though Soldat's screwing up with the servers constantly, well I'm off to play Soldat!
Find me!
Oh right, let me write this down before I forget:
In Soldat my guns chronological order: AK-74, Desert Eagles, Steyr AUG, Spas-12, FN Minimi, and finally Ruger. (RUGER ROCKS!) *is now a Rugertard*


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