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 I'm gonna start posting ARC TWO soon, but atm I am very distracted by Pokemons.

I ain't gonna explain why. It's pretty obvious if you've seen my Tumblr hahaha, BUT I WILL do this which my computer didn't save because of WINDOWS 10'S STUPID FORCED AUTO-RESTART FOR UPDATES RARGH

Which top favourite Pokemon of EACH type. I was very surprised by some of these, and others might seem like troll picks, but they are my favourites. I swear.

So let us begin!


So many normal types to choose from, SO MANY. From Furret to Cinccino to Jigglypuff, gotta love 'em all. But my absolute favourite must go to...


I use the shiny version because that's the version I REALLY want. I'd love to get this and just name it Weiss. Now you might be wondering why I want a Zangoose to name Weiss and not like a Glaceon or something, well its perpetual angry look and its slicey-diceyness is pretty much the reason why. And although it's meant to be a mongoose it looks more like this grumpy cat (geddit? :X) that I feel fits Weiss nicely. I also just love its design in general. Too bad competitively it isn't that great, but that's okay! TOXIC ORB (to make it even MORE accurate to Weiss) or FLAME ORB (Weiss gets burned all the time! Geddit...I'll stop now) to raise its attack! [Also a self-inflicted buff makes a lot of sense for Weiss in particular]

Runner-up: Furret

Same as normal, fire type used to be my favourite type and I loved ALL of the Pokemon in this category, but none can beat the nostalgic fave...


Motherfucking ARCANINE, yo! My absolute favourite back in the day, when I first got into Pokemon I really wanted one. UNFORTUNATELY I had Pokemon Blue instead of Red and never got one initially. I eventually had one in later generations but it's just not the same when you don't get your favourite in your first game. Tons of people love this Pokemon, look at that tiger-dog design! What a gorgeous pseudo-legendary this is. This is also my rarest Pokemon card.

Runner-up: Flareon

I actually thought this would be a toughie, but when I looked through the fighting types I found I liked very few of them for whatever reason. So, considering I have too many grass-types on this list, I went with the most obvious choice and the greatest starter this series has seen...


This far-too-large image for the size of the sprite does not do it justice, but contrary to what a CERTAIN SOMEONE THINKS, Chesnaught is fucking adorable. He's got that fuzzy beard, the adorable smile and eyes, and his lanky, awkward build just adds to the appeal! My absolute favourite starter so far, which is surprising considering I used to be a genwunner. I love that it turned white in its final evolution. I really do like the colour white and I'm glad it has some of it all over itself. The paladin description is especially fitting. ALSO, his name, does it not instill TERROR upon your foes? ChesNAUGHT!

Runner-up: Gallade

My god there are an infinite amount of water types, and I love a ton of 'em, but only one can reign supreme overall. I have said this was my favourite Pokemon above all, and that may still be give it up for...


I'm not entirely sure how it came about that I ended up loving Azumarill the most. I mean, it's a blue Pikachu that can swim. Its got giant bunny ears which aren't nearly as cute as its mousey ears, but combined with its competitive force and HUGE POWER, and its dopeyness, something about Azumarill really rings true with me. I have named two of my friends "Sir" for upholding Azumarill's title, and should anyone else do so with equal or higher ability, they too can earn this prestigious honour!

Runner-up: Blastoise

Ha! Flying. Birds. Or maybe not birds? Things that can fly in the air, unless you're Dodrio. Ah what a simple, sometimes underpowered typing. Well, what's my favourite you ask?


Good lord the white-space on this thing. THIS THING KNOWN AS BEST POKEMON, THAT IS! It has intimidate. ARE YOU NOT SCARED? CAN YOU YOU NOT SEE ITS EYES ON ITS HEAD, those tiny beady black dots, with a smile SO WIDE AND HAPPY, it is LAYERED UNDER THE EYES!? What an amazing creature. Truly none is as unique as the masterful Masquerain, who can only possibly be tamed by the most advanced of trainers. One day this thing will receive a mega like it truly deserves and it will reign over every Pokemon region as its KING.

Runner-up: Landorus

Ah, grass used to be my least favourite type way back when I was a genwunner. How times change. I have so many favourite Grass types now, it may be the type with my most preferred Pokemon in it. To think there was a time when I believed these plant-like creatures were lame. What a poor and incorrect opinion it was.


The shiny version which looks slightly better that I ACTUALLY OWN, omg! Whimsicott is here by virtue of some other fairy Pokemon taking its place, and other grass types I like even better in other spots. (It's truly amazing, I know) BUT EVEN STILL this sheep-like Pokemon is an adorable ball of fluff that will annoy everyone to death with its status attacks. Cry salty tears as this cute fluffy ball of wool laughs at you, my friends. It ain't a black sheep to me, but it probably is one to you. I'm sure you'll want lambchops once its through the battle.

Runner-up: Chikorita

Poison too is a typing I wasn't too fond of...and I'm still not fond of. Luckily Pokemon can be duo-typed, and with my excess amount of grass types, well...who do you think is going to be here? P:


I've utterly forgotten how I fell in love with Roserade. I think it has something to do with Twitch Plays Pokemon, particularly in Platinum. Roserade was the longest-living party member I think, and was the Court of the Sun's QUEEN (Or Empress I forget). I also remember playing Platinum and using randomizer. I chose Budew as my starter, and Poison Point saved my ass against my rival's Porygon in the very beginning. Truly a beautiful and magnificent Pokemon, and one who will always be in my heart in both story and gameplay as well as design.

Runner-up: Bulbasaur

Electric may be, perhaps second to grass, my favourite typing. I love so many electric types from Pokemon, and it was almost too difficult to choose the very best, like no one ever was, but I did end up choosing. Who knew it'd be one of the newer ones, eh?


An electric spider. AN ELECTRIC SPIDER. I have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with real spiders. They fascinate me, but I always must force myself to go near them. I usually leave them alone and never kill or squish any, but they still freak me out from time-to-time. Still, taking pictures of them is something of a rare hobby of mine. But Joltik and Galvantula are too adorable to stay away from, plus their excellent speed and wonderful move in STICKY WEB is quite the fight to behold. It was very tough to choose Galvantula over all the others, of which there were many. Luxray is like an electric Arcanine to me, and then there is Electivire, which I absolutely adore. Ampharos my very first Mega Evolution. I CAN'T EVEN CHOOSE A RUNNER-UP HOLY CRAP--oh wait I can, thanks lemon nerd!

Runner-up: Luxray

Like Fighting, I expected to be very conflicted with this choice, then realized I did not like as many ground types as previously believed. Ah well, there was an obvious choice in the end anyway, a love from long ago that continues even to this day...


Cubone was one of my original very favourite Pokemon, yet I never raised a Marowak. Not until SoulSilver did I start raising a Marowak, and even then I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my final team. The biggest reason is that I much prefer Cubone over Marowak, but trying to use an unevolved Pokemon throughout the game is a bit difficult. I could attempt the next new generation that's out, but Cubone will always be one of my first loves. Its tragic backstory (that also makes no thematic sense) ain't too shabby either.

Runner-up: Sandslash

Good lord almighty trying to figure out a favourite Psychic-type was like going through someone else's dumpster. I really don't seem to like a lot of psychic-types, at least to an extent where I can call one my favourite. I mean I love Pokemon like Gardevoir and Espurr, but they just weren't as liked as I thought they'd be to deserve the designation of "favourite". But, if I can go with one particular Pokemon, well, it would probably be...

Mega Slowbro

Here we go with Gen VI's white space again! 8D. Mega Slowbro is hilarious and I need to use it as my main Mega next game. Is it cheating that I chose a mega-evolution? Meh.That is all.

Runner-up: Xatu.

Rock, like Psychic, has little to be desired. We can thank the power of DUO-TYPING for an actual selection, however!


I own the shiny and thus, the shiny picture. I could have used it for steel too, but I have little to go on for rock so might as well fill up this spot. Ah Aggron, so beastly, so powerful, so mighty. I named it after Keine-sensei, whose headbutting powers are unparalleled. The horns and the red-eyes help too, as does the conveniently green shiny sprite, the biggest reason I spent thousands of years hatching eggs for a shiny. At least, that's what I did to get one, anyway. Why else would I have a billion Arons in my boxes?? It's like a samurai bone dino. What's not to love!?

Runner-up: Carbink


Hahahahahahahahaa ice. Fun fact: when I went through the ice-types I did not consider any one of them to be near my top list of favourite Pokemon. And to think I thought ice was a cool type with tons of great Pokemon. I guess it's only the attacks that are decent. Actual ice-types are...well, yeah.


Okay Glaceon isn't even my favourite Eeveelution. It isn't even my second favourite, or even my third. I don't even think it's my fourth. This is how absurd the ice-types are. There aren't that many and I don't like a lot of them, but Glaceon is cute and useful nonetheless. Well, the useful is subjective, considering when I used one it was simply an Ice Beam machine. WHY IS YOUR MOVEPOOL SO SHITTY?!?!?! I do think its shiny form looks better and should I ever use one again, I'd try to get a shiny Eevee, though whether or not that's worth the effort for a Pokemon so shallow...that remains to be seen.

Runner-up: Mamoswine


I always thought I hated most bug-types and that they were weak and pointless, but that is a genwunner opinion, and was actually true in generation one. Bugs were so under-utilized and underpowered back then. Their evolutions came quick and their stats dwindled over-time, but unlike ice I ended up finding many bug types I really liked, so it was a bit tough to choose the best.


While I do like Scizor, I really didn't like how it was not only the complete opposite colour, but looked so drastically different from its unevolved form, Scyther. This thing looks like a preying mantis reptile thing with cool slicey forearms, and then it becomes a lobster. That's rather disappointing. Its mega-evolution form looked even worse, so I guess my original elitist genwunner opinion trumps all in this case, and I wish they buffed Scyther instead of adding an evolution that didn't look anything like its original.

Runner-up: Swadloon

Ah yes the fearsome and ever popular dragon-type, always to be feared and revered. The champion often owns a dragon-type (well okay like two/three of 'em, but you get the point) and well, who doesn't love dragons? Because I love dragons too. WHICH ARE MY FAVOURITE, you ask?


Just like how Yanmega should have been dragon/bug, being a dragonfly, I always wanted this thing to also be dragon/bug. It looks like a bug, does it not? Its big giant buggy eyes and bug-like wings? No? I never understood why it'd be ground/dragon. Don't we already have Garchomp? Okay so Garchomp came after (and inexplicably looks like a shark despite having nothing to do with water) but I dunno. We need to have a bug/dragon type at some point. It really looks like a cool-typing. I also completely forgot why I liked Flygon because I know I never did for the longest time and is here. Ah well!

Runner-up: Goomy

Ah so many wonderful lovely ghost-types. I like quite a lot of them, but just like with fire and bug type, I will have to revert to my initial genwunning stage, of nostalgia and a longing of the past. In fact it's such a longing of the past I'm not even going to use one of the more modern sprites!


Pokemon Yellow Gengar looks sweet, yo. It's such a simple yet effective design, and as much as other ghost-types come close I can never choose any other over it. Plus its shiny mega-evolution looks completely badass. Its power and dominance of the competitive stage is great also. One can never underestimate its speed and special attack. There is no one who hates Gengar. There are only those who love it, and chronic liars. Bow to your tyrant, peasants.

Runner-up: Chandelure

Sometimes dark-type is teh edge, and sometimes it's ghost. As much as I love to harp onto anything that attempts to be cool and looks like they try far too hard at doing so (use the red-black colour scheme one more time and so help me god...) but that doesn't mean it's a bad typing and I cannot have a favourite! In fact, I have many, but none beats...


I could have chosen Bisharp or Absol, or Umbreon or Tyranitar or Houndour or Sableye or Scrafty or Pangoro or Cacturne or Crawdaunt. I could've, but we're going with the three-headed dark dragon. Y'know why? This is my competitive MVP. A lot of people underestimate it for whatever reason, when its ridiculous movepool and amazing special attack just ruins everything. It's so versatile, and it's so EDMENDDUKE, that there is no way I could choose any other dark-type over it. I'm sure writing out this blurb ruins most of my strategy in playing competitive (which is CHOOSE HYDREIGON OR TERRAKION and hope for the best) but y' It needs its spotlight despite the spoilers. P:

Runner-up: Inkay


Steel is a badass typing. I daresay the most badass of them all. Yes, even above dragon and dark and fire. I mean, STEEL. None can break you! STEEL. Just saying steel sounds so satisfying. STEEL. Steel yo. Donut Steel. The steeliest of them all. What is sleek, what is shiny, what cannot be harmed? What is the immovable object to the unstoppable force? Well...


It was actually quite tough to choose not because I liked many steel types, but liked few. There were some that looked very cool and were used in many-a-competitive battle, but I went with Cobalion in the end. It looks so regal and fierce. I always loved its proud design. It's definitely my favourite of its legendary trio. I do not know what else to say.

Runner-up: Klinklang

And finally the newest type of all! I like many fairy-types as you could have already told from the various fairy-types shared with others that show up on this list, but man are they ridiculously powerful. These cute little pink creatures utterly annihilating the behemoth that was the dragon-type. You'd think it might be something like steel instead, symbolizing the knight gone off to slay a dragon, but nope, little pixie dust things. Fear the fairies, for they will not fear you. 


Fear the fairy. Ah yes, one of my most nostalgic Pokemon of all. I used to identify myself as a Super Saiyan Jigglypuff. It was also my Smash main, and I just for whatever reason really liked this pink balloon thing. I think nowadays the feeling is waning, but I gave nostalgia one last pick, seeing as it was such a large part of me when I grew up. I really loved the Anime Jigglypuff that sang people to sleep and then drew on everyone with its marker. Of any previous character I wish to return, Jigglypuff is the one I want to see the most.

Runner-up: Dedenne


And that is all! I can count up the total of each type, considering there are many duo-types to perhaps determine my favourite, though this would be a rather flawed way of doing so. The most common types were grass, bug, and fairy, which I found rather surprising since I consider electric and dark to be my favourite types. (I only threw in dark because when I listed all those dark types up there I realized I liked TONS of dark types, huh) As for which generation is the most popular, well...generation one and surprisingly generation three (the one I hated the most as a genwunner) each have five pokemon, with generation five coming second having three pokemon. Generation two is last with only one, Azumarill. As much as I loved generation two it is becoming clearer and clearer that my least favourite Pokemon may very well have come from that generation, which is quite interesting actually. It's funny how opinion changes over-time.

And that is all. This was just a Pokemon study, pretty much. P: 
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Let it be known now that I am a failure in terms of games. I am never the carry in League of Legends unless you want to be overwhelmingly molested; I am only in the Bronze (or was it Silver?) League of Starcraft 2; and I've yet to 1CC any of those Touhou games (except maybe TD/IaMP on easy.) Even if I could play the game, it would explode my computer like the alpha version of World of Warplanes and the intensity of Dota 2.

That said, let me tell you about homestuck what I play.

First I suppose these games are ultimately the only games I play. I do own a Nintendo DS but due to unforeseen circumstances (I lost the charger >_>) I cannot really use it at the moment. Even then when it still worked the only games I put any time into were Pokemon SoulSilver and that one Japanese drum game. That doesn't mean I don't want to try new games, not at all. In fact I've been looking into Stepmania lately (but I really want to try with an actual pad like DDR, not the keyboard :X) and I may or may not purchase the next SC2 expansion, depending upon whoever else is playing it as well. Friends have a large part into whatever I play because I find games the most fun when you can play it with others, competitively or co-op or otherwise. I remember storming through dying to faceplanting monsters in Alien Swarm with them at some point, but no one seems to play that game anymore.

In which case, I am classified as a PC Gamer. Woo woo, no consoles for me! I use the computer for everything yarr! As you can tell from that selection there are two extremely popular genres of games I don't bother to touch: RPG and FPS. There are very simple reasons for that. One, RPGs bore the hell out of me and two, FPS  games give me insane vertigo. I've tried to play stuff like Halo and CS:S and whatever other FPS' exist but I appear to have too weak of a mindset for my eyes to function the movement, angles and scenery properly. I don't really mind either because I don't think I was ever interested in First-Person Shooters anyway.

The only RPG-like element games i might touch are the competitive arena-style ones and Pokemon. Besides, who doesn't like Pokemon? Everyone likes Pokemon. If you don't like Pokemon there is something wrong with you. Pokemon has something for everyone. The children can like the cute Pokemon; the hardcore fans can compete with skill and strategy on a higher level and the rest of us can just mingle around aimlessly. I can't say why I like Pokemon myself. I mean the grinding in the game is rather annoying and boring and I'm pretty terrible competitive-wise, but the developers of Pokemon are such geniuses that the game can be enjoyed no matter what type of game you like. Plus Cubone is adorable. (YOU WILL LOVE THE CUBONE!)

There are a few games missing on that list that I once played. Soldat gave me an awesome group of friends and I did play NHL09 once with a ridiculous amount of mods. Unfortunately EA discontinued hockey games on the PC, and I've found no reason to keep playing the game as I have no one to play it with. Also I am bad, as I've always been. My only point of dignity as a gamer is being better than complete newbies. AT LEAST I'M NOT THAT BAD! P:

But enough stalling, to the games! In which case, I will go in alphabetical order!

Civilization 4 is a game my friends got me into. (IT IS SAFE TO SAY EVERY GAME ON THAT PICTURE IS THE SAME, with the exception of The Sims, that is the one game I got myself into) And frankly the game is rather slow-paced and not for those who are looking for excitement and a test of reflexes. Nonetheless it's still very fun to try not to anger China who nine out of ten times declares war on you if you're a nation right next to them. War is a rather exhausting feature of the game, which may actually be more realistic than you think. Having a thousand-year war certainly drains on the resources and puts you in a terrible light to other nations of the world. Nonetheless, I would not be hesitant to play another nine-hour marathon of trading, building and scouting so long as I have others to play with.

I remember really wanting to play Dota 2...simply because everyone else had a key and I did not. Then I got a key and kind of didn't play it. There are reasons for this of course, the big one is that I'm honestly not that interested in competitive arena-styled games. I played them since everyone did and they were the type of game we would always play no matter what, but I don't think I had as much fun in them as I might've been in something else. The other reason is that the moment I started the damn client my graphics card decided to turn into an inferno, and thus I don't want to risk other people's enjoyment of the game if my computer happens to overheat and I end up being idle the entire time. Team games are fun, but I hate wasting other people's time. It's the same reason I stopped LoL...when my computer gave out and I tried to play a few times on my laptop it really wasn't working out and kind of killed my enthusiasm for these types of games at all.

The first Touhou game I tried was EoSD because I wanted to go in order. It was very hard and I spent more time defeating Rumia on Lunatic than getting to Remilia on Easy (which you can't anyway >_>). If defeating the game equals defeating Sakuya on Easy I believe I've done that, but I don't think I actually beat the game. Most fans usually recommend Imperishable Night or Mountain of Faith to start out with anyway, so I decided rather than going in order I should either try an easier game or just play whichever one I want...because I really didn't want to start with EoSD. The only reason I did was because of chronological order.

Frozen Throne is Warcraft III for the small fraction of people who don't know. Even though I didn't play DotA very often, I did play it. I was more interested in other maps, like Rise of Winterchill or incredibly stupid maps made by other people. In fact I see SC2 as more of a spiritual successor to this game as opposed to Dota 2 because they both have those lovely custom maps where we can do whatever the damn thing with. Think Mario Party, and I am sorry to anyone I offended by calling this game Mario Party.

Hisoutensoku and IaMP are the fighting games from Touhou and damn are they fun. They're also very enjoyable to watch too! Again I am terrible at these games, but they are the few games I play with Aoi-dono as well. I think of any genre I enjoy most it's probably the fighting game. If I ever owned a console I'd get SFIV or MvC3 or something like that. I did love playing SSBM when my cousin owned it, so... and if I ever invest my time in one game I might actually be decent in one of these. But like every game I ever play it's always off and on, and thus no consistent effort to get better and therefore why I suck, but oh well. I think the ultimate point of playing a game is to have fun after all. It may be a loser's attitude but I don't mind one way or another.

The current game I'm investing actual time into is, rather than Soku, Imperishable Night! I heard it was the easiest in the series after all. The reason I didn't begin with it was again, order and also because back then I didn't care too much for the game itself, the characters or music or stages or gameplay. Then I began to worship its music and obsess over the characters so now I am trying to 1CC the damn game. I can get by Marisa and Reisen fine albeit with some dumb errors, but then losing three lives to a single Eirin card before facing Kaguya with nothing is by far the worst scenario to be in, so yeah... I WILL COMPLETE THOSE IMPOSSIBLE REQUESTS SOME DAY! I do agree it is the easiest from my experience.

Kengeki is THAT YOUMU GAME. I previously posted a fourteen-minute long video of the fifteen-or-so hours I put in it non-stop. It is the first game I completed live on video. I too enjoy this genre, the hack and slash. Very easy to play and very fun, but difficult to master and combined with the inherent nightmare-inducing nature that is danmaku, it took a very long time to complete.

I put tons of time into League of Legends because every damn person on every damn block in every damn country played this game. You are a champion you must destroy the Nexus blahblahblah. Sure it was fun while it was lasted, but not my cup of tea anymore unfortunately. Perhaps some day I'll click on that icon again, but until

Little Fighter 2 remains on my computer for nostalgic purposes I suppose. The characters have no personality. The music sucks. And what plot the story has is minuscule, but it was fun gameplay nonetheless..enough for me to put a ton of effort into playing and developing it. For a tiny game created by two random guys in Hong Kong it was quite influential, and I never would have discovered Soldat without it.

Here is another game played among friends, PoFV! Would you believe it if I told you the game that has given me the biggest adrenaline rush is this one? That is madness! PoFV is practically the least popular Touhou game and has some dumb mechanics as well and yet of all games I found myself entering some sort of trance where all my focus was on that spot above me as I manoeuvred Merlin through the rain of death. Yes it was fun and I want to play it again. (because the only mode we'd ever touch was Lunatic)

Once I found creating teams to compete in a Pokemon Battle rather tedious. Now I want to make seven more teams and hope I can beat one of my friends once out of the ten times they play me a day. Have a Buneary? USE FAKE OUT ENDEAVOUR QUICK ATTACK...with a focus sash. Watch as their tank or hardest hitting Pokemon faint! The lead probably won't because they're usually faster and won't try to knock me out in one hit anyway. So yeah, Pokemon Online is quite fun and sometimes stupid considering the amount of times an Arcanine with extremespeed stays paralysed, or the six simultaneous turns your Cacturne punches itself in confusion.

Starcraft II...unlike the other Blizzard games I actually do enjoy playing this and wish we did more. It was a game everyone played until one day we stopped...for one reason or another, even if it takes a million APM and knowledge, skill, and timing of a genius to be the best it was still fun to me. Sure it wasn't a team-game (though we occasionally 2v2 or 3v3, etc.) but it was quite fun...enough for me to even attempt casting it. (What a hilarious attempt that was!) Then of course there's the lovely custom had everything. Why aren't we playing it again? I didn't purchase it for seventy bucks just because!

I had the luxury of being there when Ten Desires was released, of watching those streams on Nicovideo and of laughing at the weird and deranged designs of the new characters. I even posted a pretty crazy fangirly post when Nue showed up. I enjoy playing the game more than UFO because UFO is ridiculous, but it still suffers from a similar problem of risking your life attempting to grab more lives. It's easier yes, but the less lives they give you and the less forgiving deaths is still a frustrating thing I've yet to overcome.

The Sims 2 is merely my dollhouse filled with gay lovers. That is all it is in a nutshell.
...alright, maybe that was too little of a description. I put in a lot more effort into this game than just watching two badly-created Sims who look marginally like their namesake make out. In fact, I have not really put any time at all into the pairing aspect until recently which only popped up in an accident. It is more accurate to say that it's a dollhouse for my storytelling, like why Rarity seems to want to beat my entire neighbourhood up and why there is suddenly an influx of zombies everywhere! Oh what a dystopia this toy is. Very fun time-killer that likes to crash at very unpredictable times, yet I keep coming back to it.

This next Touhou game is the second one I've ever played...and I am insane. If EoSD is already hard WHY GO FOR AN EVEN HARDER GAME? Because Murasa and Nue and Shou and Nazrin and Byakuren, that is why. That is why after all this time I still fall to Shou's gamma-ray lasers of doom, but at least I get to Shou now, almost every time I do. In fact my constant and persistent playing of this game is why I got to stage six of Imperishable Night in my very first try, without knowing any strategy or what to exploit I just relied on pure instinct and luck to get where I got. My ultimate goal in Touhou is to beat this game, all the others are merely stepping stones. NUE'S DAMN UFOS WON'T STOP ME FOREVER!

I have the VBA Emulator for Touhoumon and only Touhoumon. If I already love Touhou and love Pokemon a combination is like a dream come true! I even keep a record of my playthrough on my other blog in completely unnecessary-annoying script form. I do not care if my CMokou has an annoying personality, it is in my opinion better than just images and me commenting on them...I hope.

World of Tanks is a fun shooting game that is filled with by far the most grindy elements a game could have ever. For something supposedly not an RPG it sure is grindy. I do not mind picking the game up again but it has been putting a damper on my computer performance lately, and let's not even go into what World of Warplanes does to my computer. (I'm an alpha-tester nonetheless, but geez) This is the closest thing to an FPS I might get and due to tanks not being super agile people, the movement is far slower and therefore lack of vertigo! It's still very exciting to me though.

Anyway, those are the games I play. 
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Hello 2011! What do I have in store for you today? Well, besides Touhou!

Touhou, duh. )


Dec. 18th, 2010 10:42 pm
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Playing two Touhoumons at once!? I wonder what I'm doing.
There's too many freakin' versions D:

But, I'm going to discuss my roster of both games (and discuss Touhou itself further on) under this cut. :D

this isn't wrong at all )


Dec. 13th, 2010 05:10 am
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So I just realized that due to my accent, whenever I say "dude" I actually say "dood".

Yeah it took that long to realize.

I bet you can never guess what I'm ranting today )


Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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Holy crap. I had an amazing fight with Lance in Soulsilver (Yes I still haven't finished the game yet lol)

So I took my Gengar, Typhlosion, Luxray, Furret, Floatzel, and Sandslash to the Elite Four, defeated them pretty easily I guess. (Only once did a Pokemon faint (my Floatzel) )

Anyway I get to Lance, this is my second time you see since I utterly failed the first time. (DRAGONITES ARE GODDAMN POWERFUL) and so decide to start with my Luxray, to zap the Gyarados, see.

BUT GYARADOS ARE MOTHERF*CKERS LIKE FASTER THAN ALL MY POKEMON FOR SOME REASON, so it goes first...and uses waterfall...and Luxray (Rudo) FLINCHES for the second time in a row (similar to last time :C ) So I switch it out because waterfall eats most of its HP already and decide to use my Furret (Souless). I tried to use Return with Furret, as it is a fairly powerful attack, but it only takes off half of gyarados' attack. Then, after luxray is healed up (Furret dies in a noble sacrifice ;_;) I return it to attempt Spark (since intimidate kind of kills the Physical Attack, so Thunder Fang will not do much.)

OF COURSE LANCE USES FULL RESTORE. And so I try to switch out my Luxray again, this time using Gengar (Yong Soo) to hypnosis/dream eater the bastard. Finally, after much HP loss gyarados goes down. Next? A bloody level 49. Dragonite. Here I decide to bring in my Typhlosion (Koho) because he is pretty much my tank and I need to revive Luxray (I think he died to gyarados actually, lol) Anyway I actually accidentally use Flamethrower which barely hurts Dragonite at all, and dies D: but I know flying is weak to electric and thus bring back my glass cannon of a stupid Luxray to get rid of the stupid Dragonite. Thunder Fang does some damage but...
ANOTHER BLOODY FULL RESTORE. So Luxray dies. I bring back Gengar to maybe do another Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo... and finally the stupid Dragonite dies. Unfortunately Yong Soo (Gengar) is at 2HP at this point.

NOW THE BIG GUNS, apparently because level 50 Dragonite comes out, Lance's strongest most powerful Pokemon. I send out Kazu (Sandslash) as another noble sacrifice. She had Earthquake but it was useless against flying so the poor Pokemon could only be bait :\ So when Kazu dies I try Souless again (Furret) who is still asleep from Rest, but alas has full health unlike the rest of my Pokemon. (At this point ONLY Souless (Furret) and Yong Soo (Gengar) are alive.)

Anyway at this point it was 5 minutes of OUTRAGE. That RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL ATTACK (120 damage, 15 PP, 100% accuracy) Dragonite uses, and its only flaw is that after three uses of outrage, it gets confused. So since all I had was a sleeping Souless (Furret) and a 2HP Yong Soo (Gengar), I started to spam Hyper Potions on Souless (who never woke up despite being hit by like 10 Outrages, LOL) to keep him alive. (Outrage always dropped SOuless to like, 2HP or around there, never KO'ing him)

FINALLY he gets confused, so after healing Souless (Furret) and finally after he wakes up I use Return, but it does little (maybe 1/3 of health to Dragonite) AND IN ONE TURN DRAGONITE SNAPS OUT OF CONFUSION. I rage, and try hyper potion spamming some more but ALAS a critical hit finally one-hit KO'd Souless (Furret). So at this point? I am against a level 50. Dragonite while 3 other Pokemon are still alive in Lance's arsenal, and send out my last resort. Yong Soo the gengar, only 2HP. I felt I was doomed, almost complemented turning the game off and trying again...

I use my last option, HYPNOSIS, and alas the horrible accuracy of hypnosis (60%) actually comes through, and Dragonite is put to sleep! SO I take that turn to heal Yong Soo, BUT DRAGONITE WAKES UP AFTER ONE HYPNOSIS THE GODDAMN BASTARD. I tried hypnosis again and this time, thankfully, it hit again. I used this time to revive Typhlosion, mostly thanks to the sleep (wake up) (hurt itself in confusion from outrage [FINALLY]) and once Gengar dies (YOU AND FURRET WERE HEROES) I bring back Typhlosion.

Koho (Typhlosion) is hit by another outrage, THANKFULLY he lives...and so I heal him up again, get lucky that Dragonite once more (only two times in the entire match >_>) hurts itself in confusion, and USE ROLLOUT.
Rollout = super effective against flying. SO, I hit it once, and it dies (it was half-health from confusion by this point.) SO HE SENTS OUT AERODACTYL

Who I ALSO hit with Rollout, much stronger this time, but not a full KO. LANCE instead of knocking out Typhlosion opts to use ANOTHER GODDAMN FULL RESTORE, but luckily my Rollout gets stronger every time and just KOs. It. LANCE THROWS OUT HIS LAST DRAGONITE. I Rollout KO' that TOO. and finally the last battle, both of us only one Pokemon left.

CHARIZARD VS. TYPHLOSION. Rollout has run out by this point, so I had to heal (Lance was smart and didn't use the not effective fire vs. this point) and finally, since Charizard too is flying I tried rollout again. Luckily he did not one-hit KO me because he ingeniously decided that fire-blast can kill Typhlosions. I defeat him...AND WIN.



Unfortunately my Floatzel (Maxman) did not do much, Surf apparently wasn't effective against Dragonites (and it did not live until the Charizard battle where it was supposed to shine)

Of course the rest of you Pokemon gurus are probably wondering why I didn't have like, awesome attacks or attacks that inflict status changes or special combos or something. Well, I chose Pokemon I liked, not really which Pokemon would be the best to use. (Otherwise I would've used my freshly caught Lugia) Although at one point I wished I had an Electabuzz over a Luxray because despite Luxray's awesomeness, mine is not that good, lol. (I prefer its other ability to rivalry....:\) Also my Sandslash (Kazu) was really slow since I had a macho brace on it (and it ALREADY was slow) I ought to take it off or something, lol. But I'm quite proud that I didn't have to use X Defend or some sort of stat boosting drug to win, even if I did abuse hyper potions (only like 7 times!). My Pokemon were at most, level 46 (all of Lance's Pokemon were AT LEAST level 46, 2 level 49 Dragonites, one level 50 dragonite, I think the aerodactyl was level 48, charizard 46 and gyarados 46.)

I also had similar battles against Clair (As you can see I am not fond of Dragon Pokemon >_>) and Morty (Actually that battle was HILARIOUS.) See, my battle versus Morty (Ecruteak Gym Leader, Ghost specialist) was basically my one Pokemon left (Souless, a Furret) versus his one Pokemon left, a Gengar. Basically, we both could not attack each other at all (normal cannot attack ghost, ghost cannot attack normal) so I basically used my beautiful 40 PP defense curl until his Gengar ran out of PP and Struggle-recoiled itself to death (all that defense curlling was lovely for Furret's defense P:) :D It's turtling yourself to a win, lol.

Also I have amazing luck, for Thunder/Blizzard barely ever missed. That is, Lance's DRAGONITES' barely missed. It was only the hypnosis/confusion that saved me. Oh, and Rollout. :D The Level 50. Dragonite THANK GOD never used safeguard, which is what allowed me to put it to sleep, so a little luck was put in there, but coming back from a 2HP Gengar with rest of Pokemon dead to defeating the last four Pokemon of his and winning is amazing, I think. :D

Oh yeah and the reason I defeated Clair (the Blackthorn City Dragon-type Gym Leader) was because my Floatzel had Blizzard and I also had my Luxray's Spark, unfortunately I replaced Floatzel's Blizzard (It's too inaccurate for me :\) so he wasn't as useful this time. Nor did I use Luxray much, so I am happy I relied on different Pokemon this time!

So yay. Off to Kanto I go!

*the journey continues*
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So, I Gaia and PLAY POKEMON CRYSTAL. (and SSB64)

And Gaia is easy, because all I do there is read the forums (GD, ED, GCD, but not the CB, I absolutely hate the CB, because it's boring to read there...and I don't find post-whoring [poll-whoring is a different thing all together though, xD] a good way to make gold. No, I want other ways of making dunno, refreshing every 5 seconds.)

Otherwise, I'm here to rant about Pokemon Crystal. Now, you know all those experts and even the NPCs on the game tell you the advantage-types over some Pokemon, right? Well I'm NOT listening to them because I don't want to beat a water Pokemon with an electric pokemon, I want to beat a water Pokemon with a FIRE POKEMON.

So I figure just level-whoring them would win, but not in Goldenrod, oh no. I thought I had it all, freshly caught lvl. 13 Growlithe that I trained up to lvl. 15, and a beautiful Jigglypuff I named Spot, which was stuck in level 12 because my cut is on Bellsprout which I named evil since while capturing it it killed my Sentret and Pidgey, the point being, I didn't like Bellsprout. Anyway, I thought I could beat the Gym Leader with my level 23 Quilava, now before I continue, read over this chart:

Level       Pokemon      Name   
23            Quilava          Li
20            Furret             Sasuke
20            Pidgetotto     Neji
15            Growlithe      Corrupt
12            Jigglypuff       Spot
0               EGG               EGG

Those were the Pokemon I brought into the Gym. Now, I was going to use Corrupt and Spot to fight against level 9's or 13's, in which I did to train them up, and my top three Pokemon for serious battling. I was doing all fine (and using Spot to make all their Pokemon fall asleep was rather fun, =D) until WHITNEY, the Gymleader. I killed her Clefairy fine, but her goddamned COW WAS SO CHEAP. It's rollout, which is probably equivalent to Chouji's bloodline jutsu in Naruto WAS KILLING ALL MY POKEMON. First, I threw out Li, who was 3 levels higher than the cow. (Sorry I forget its name, XP) And then it used Rollout, LITERALLY FLATTENED MY POKEMON AND it was weak, so I returned Li and threw out Neji, because I thought Neji was all awesome since it is awesome, but then THE ROLLOUT ONE-HIT KO'ED MY NEJI!!! And all my attacks were ineffective, (except maybe Mudslap, but Sasuke was dead by the time I realized that) So I SUPER-POTIONED Li, and threw out Sasuke, who got flattened and died as well.

So I sent Li back out, all healed...AND ITS ROLLOUT ONE-HIT-KO'ED MY QUILAVA! So I revived my Quilava, sent out Corrupt in the mean time and IT STEPPED ON IT! (Stomp) This cow was seriously getting on my nerves. So I had to throw out Spot, and while I super-potioned Li again, IT POPPED SPOT BY ROLLING ON IT AGAIN!!! >< So I threw out Quilava and it was finally down to red on its HP, WHEN IT USED ITS MILK ATTACK AND HEALED!! BIG TIME! I have one Pokemon left, weak, and IT HEALS TO ALMOST MAXIMUM HP!!!

That GODDAMN COW!!!!! So I had to lose and I realized I saved waaay back in Route 32...-_-, but that's ok because that was when I was bicycling up there to find a Wooper. AND THERE ARE NO WOOPERS IN THE MORNING WHEN THEY SAY SO!!!! Grrr...
I want a Wooper, Wooper I want! BIG HEAD, point things on its side, so I got REALLY frustrated trying to get a Wooper.

Also, it's REALLY hard to get Growlithe to stay in that Pokeball, because I didn't want it to faint, so I attempted Great Balls and wasted TWO GREAT BALLS ON IT, then I accidentally killed it trying to make it weaker, so I looked again and accidentally killed another one, then looked again and weakened it to RED HP, but then I figure throwing a regular Pokeball would work and it DIDN'T so I threw a GREAT BALL and finally caught it. I WASTED 3 GREAT BALLS AND A POKEBALL TRYING TO CATCH A GROWLITHE!!!

On the other hand, Jigglypuff got caught pretty easily. =P Jigglypuff is one of my favourite Pokemon due to Super Smash Brothers, I LOVE JIGGLYPUFF on there because we all know Kirby is incredibly cheap on it, so I went to the alternate balloon character, Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is even better in Melee, her--hear this--ROLLOUT attack is awesome in wonder it absolutely PWNED me in Crystal, aie...I'm am seriously teaching Jigglypuf rollout if it doesn't learn it itself on Crystal, that is one serious attack.

Oh beautiful Jigglypuff...=)

My goal will be to have a Lvl. 100 Typlosion, Lvl. 100 Pidgeot, Lvl. 100 Furret, Lvl. 100 Arcanine, Lvl. 100 Houndoom, Lvl. 100 Jigglypuff, and a Lvl. 100 Wooper by the end of the game. And maybe the legendary dog Pokemon too. (I don't really care for the birds...maybe...)

Yesh, I adore Jigglypuff so much it's one of my avatars.



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