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So apparently there is a PONY SORT! And as you can tell on the right, I went ahead and did it. It certainly was not as tedious as a Tohosort because there isn't a million characters, but on the other hand it wasn't as difficult either because unlike Touhou I'm not all that fond of background characters...even if some of them are outranking villains and other minor characters. Even so seeing a ranking would be interesting, so there it is. Nothing too interesting or out-of-the ordinary though. There aren't any fancy images like on the tohosort though...and if I can recall, the Hetalia Sort also did not have images so hooray Touhou! For now I guess. I think it makes most sense for Touhou to have images since it has A LOT of characters and thus, most people won't recognize some of them. In pony, if you know ANYTHING about the fandom at all most of the characters on that list should be recognizable. Maybe the truly casual fans might not know who some of those background ponies are, but that would be it I think.

And since I placed the image on the right there I feel compelled to fill out this side with some text. Uh. Those last few posts kind of took away all my ranting ability at the moment, so. Well I recently watched a Firefly marathon...and I don't really watch live-action television very often at all, with maybe Law and Order: SVU as the sole exception (unless sitcoms count because we all know my sense of humour is the worst thing ever) and the series wasn't bad. I can see how it became a cult hit, and yes it truly was cancelled before its time. The female characters are all quite varied and strong, and the male characters are no slouch either...but I honestly have nothing really to say about it. It was good... that's about it? Do I have a favourite character? Ehh... I dunno, not really. If I HAD to choose one it might be...the pilot? Wash? Yeah maybe him. Not ESPECIALLY though, I don't really like any of them more than the other...hmmm.

Speaking of Live Action TV, I watched the latest episode of SVU and was crushed when they revealed my favourite reoccurring character to be a murderer and thus written off the show. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! She was so cool! WHY! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? And it wasn't even like a noble murder like self-defense or whatever! She staged a rape because she was jealous! What! I don't! NO! WHY! LIES! On the other hand while I am still somewhat peeved that they wasted potential bringing back the old ADAs the new one is actually quite interesting and well-written. So good on that at least...thus giving us some more courtroom scenes which were rather limited in the beginning of the season...oh well, moving on.

Did I write enough on this side yet? No? Okay then. Uhhh... the songs in the latest episode were good singing-wise and while some tunes DID get stuck in my head it was less because they were catchy and more because I kept listening to them over and over and over again. What little of Southern Pinkie was amazing and AJ's ability with high notes and long notes was not surprising, but rarely heard due to the type of songs she usually sings. Yes, that Ashleigh Ball person really is an actual singer! RD though with the same VA sounded pretty average (STILL good, but when compared to the other singing talent is average) but I doubt singing with your non-natural voice is easy. Rarity and Twilight sang amazingly as expected and Fluttershy actually sung a bit differently than I'm used to, more whispery and quiet-like, guess she wasn't crazy happy like the Find a Pet song. (She can fall into Pinkie's voice sometimes when she's singing that cheery-like)

I think despite how controversial that episode was, my very favouritest part was when Pinkamena smiled. Because flat-mane Pinkie RARELY smiles and when anyone who rarely smiles, smiles, it is the most heart-warming thing in existence, then seconds later the crowd shouts out her name. That was a huge amount of emotion flowing through the screen into your soul. So much so I even made an icon out of it...see? What else can I ramble about? Oh, there are apparently official show-accurate plushies out there that don't cost an arm and a leg, and...if they do not mess up Fluttershy I may buy her... after Pinkie. Really depends on the quality of those two on which I buy first, Pinkie moreso because favourite, but Pinkie's mane is a bit hard to tame on these plushies...on the other hand they ALWAYS mess up Fluttershy somehow, so I don't know. Have I rambled enough yet? Getting there! What else to say? Well I am doing something extra ambitious on Sims which has a 50% chance of failing spectacularly...BUT I WILL TRY, 90% of the time when I play that game it's making stuff and then making them work as opposed to actual playing!

I forgot to mention I updated my Sims blog with a small update a week or so back.

Here is a video I recorded because...why not. Yes. I may or may not continue, who knows. And there is waaaay too much doujinshi to go through, dunno if I'll ever finish D:

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Let it be known now that I am a failure in terms of games. I am never the carry in League of Legends unless you want to be overwhelmingly molested; I am only in the Bronze (or was it Silver?) League of Starcraft 2; and I've yet to 1CC any of those Touhou games (except maybe TD/IaMP on easy.) Even if I could play the game, it would explode my computer like the alpha version of World of Warplanes and the intensity of Dota 2.

That said, let me tell you about homestuck what I play.

First I suppose these games are ultimately the only games I play. I do own a Nintendo DS but due to unforeseen circumstances (I lost the charger >_>) I cannot really use it at the moment. Even then when it still worked the only games I put any time into were Pokemon SoulSilver and that one Japanese drum game. That doesn't mean I don't want to try new games, not at all. In fact I've been looking into Stepmania lately (but I really want to try with an actual pad like DDR, not the keyboard :X) and I may or may not purchase the next SC2 expansion, depending upon whoever else is playing it as well. Friends have a large part into whatever I play because I find games the most fun when you can play it with others, competitively or co-op or otherwise. I remember storming through dying to faceplanting monsters in Alien Swarm with them at some point, but no one seems to play that game anymore.

In which case, I am classified as a PC Gamer. Woo woo, no consoles for me! I use the computer for everything yarr! As you can tell from that selection there are two extremely popular genres of games I don't bother to touch: RPG and FPS. There are very simple reasons for that. One, RPGs bore the hell out of me and two, FPS  games give me insane vertigo. I've tried to play stuff like Halo and CS:S and whatever other FPS' exist but I appear to have too weak of a mindset for my eyes to function the movement, angles and scenery properly. I don't really mind either because I don't think I was ever interested in First-Person Shooters anyway.

The only RPG-like element games i might touch are the competitive arena-style ones and Pokemon. Besides, who doesn't like Pokemon? Everyone likes Pokemon. If you don't like Pokemon there is something wrong with you. Pokemon has something for everyone. The children can like the cute Pokemon; the hardcore fans can compete with skill and strategy on a higher level and the rest of us can just mingle around aimlessly. I can't say why I like Pokemon myself. I mean the grinding in the game is rather annoying and boring and I'm pretty terrible competitive-wise, but the developers of Pokemon are such geniuses that the game can be enjoyed no matter what type of game you like. Plus Cubone is adorable. (YOU WILL LOVE THE CUBONE!)

There are a few games missing on that list that I once played. Soldat gave me an awesome group of friends and I did play NHL09 once with a ridiculous amount of mods. Unfortunately EA discontinued hockey games on the PC, and I've found no reason to keep playing the game as I have no one to play it with. Also I am bad, as I've always been. My only point of dignity as a gamer is being better than complete newbies. AT LEAST I'M NOT THAT BAD! P:

But enough stalling, to the games! In which case, I will go in alphabetical order!

Civilization 4 is a game my friends got me into. (IT IS SAFE TO SAY EVERY GAME ON THAT PICTURE IS THE SAME, with the exception of The Sims, that is the one game I got myself into) And frankly the game is rather slow-paced and not for those who are looking for excitement and a test of reflexes. Nonetheless it's still very fun to try not to anger China who nine out of ten times declares war on you if you're a nation right next to them. War is a rather exhausting feature of the game, which may actually be more realistic than you think. Having a thousand-year war certainly drains on the resources and puts you in a terrible light to other nations of the world. Nonetheless, I would not be hesitant to play another nine-hour marathon of trading, building and scouting so long as I have others to play with.

I remember really wanting to play Dota 2...simply because everyone else had a key and I did not. Then I got a key and kind of didn't play it. There are reasons for this of course, the big one is that I'm honestly not that interested in competitive arena-styled games. I played them since everyone did and they were the type of game we would always play no matter what, but I don't think I had as much fun in them as I might've been in something else. The other reason is that the moment I started the damn client my graphics card decided to turn into an inferno, and thus I don't want to risk other people's enjoyment of the game if my computer happens to overheat and I end up being idle the entire time. Team games are fun, but I hate wasting other people's time. It's the same reason I stopped LoL...when my computer gave out and I tried to play a few times on my laptop it really wasn't working out and kind of killed my enthusiasm for these types of games at all.

The first Touhou game I tried was EoSD because I wanted to go in order. It was very hard and I spent more time defeating Rumia on Lunatic than getting to Remilia on Easy (which you can't anyway >_>). If defeating the game equals defeating Sakuya on Easy I believe I've done that, but I don't think I actually beat the game. Most fans usually recommend Imperishable Night or Mountain of Faith to start out with anyway, so I decided rather than going in order I should either try an easier game or just play whichever one I want...because I really didn't want to start with EoSD. The only reason I did was because of chronological order.

Frozen Throne is Warcraft III for the small fraction of people who don't know. Even though I didn't play DotA very often, I did play it. I was more interested in other maps, like Rise of Winterchill or incredibly stupid maps made by other people. In fact I see SC2 as more of a spiritual successor to this game as opposed to Dota 2 because they both have those lovely custom maps where we can do whatever the damn thing with. Think Mario Party, and I am sorry to anyone I offended by calling this game Mario Party.

Hisoutensoku and IaMP are the fighting games from Touhou and damn are they fun. They're also very enjoyable to watch too! Again I am terrible at these games, but they are the few games I play with Aoi-dono as well. I think of any genre I enjoy most it's probably the fighting game. If I ever owned a console I'd get SFIV or MvC3 or something like that. I did love playing SSBM when my cousin owned it, so... and if I ever invest my time in one game I might actually be decent in one of these. But like every game I ever play it's always off and on, and thus no consistent effort to get better and therefore why I suck, but oh well. I think the ultimate point of playing a game is to have fun after all. It may be a loser's attitude but I don't mind one way or another.

The current game I'm investing actual time into is, rather than Soku, Imperishable Night! I heard it was the easiest in the series after all. The reason I didn't begin with it was again, order and also because back then I didn't care too much for the game itself, the characters or music or stages or gameplay. Then I began to worship its music and obsess over the characters so now I am trying to 1CC the damn game. I can get by Marisa and Reisen fine albeit with some dumb errors, but then losing three lives to a single Eirin card before facing Kaguya with nothing is by far the worst scenario to be in, so yeah... I WILL COMPLETE THOSE IMPOSSIBLE REQUESTS SOME DAY! I do agree it is the easiest from my experience.

Kengeki is THAT YOUMU GAME. I previously posted a fourteen-minute long video of the fifteen-or-so hours I put in it non-stop. It is the first game I completed live on video. I too enjoy this genre, the hack and slash. Very easy to play and very fun, but difficult to master and combined with the inherent nightmare-inducing nature that is danmaku, it took a very long time to complete.

I put tons of time into League of Legends because every damn person on every damn block in every damn country played this game. You are a champion you must destroy the Nexus blahblahblah. Sure it was fun while it was lasted, but not my cup of tea anymore unfortunately. Perhaps some day I'll click on that icon again, but until

Little Fighter 2 remains on my computer for nostalgic purposes I suppose. The characters have no personality. The music sucks. And what plot the story has is minuscule, but it was fun gameplay nonetheless..enough for me to put a ton of effort into playing and developing it. For a tiny game created by two random guys in Hong Kong it was quite influential, and I never would have discovered Soldat without it.

Here is another game played among friends, PoFV! Would you believe it if I told you the game that has given me the biggest adrenaline rush is this one? That is madness! PoFV is practically the least popular Touhou game and has some dumb mechanics as well and yet of all games I found myself entering some sort of trance where all my focus was on that spot above me as I manoeuvred Merlin through the rain of death. Yes it was fun and I want to play it again. (because the only mode we'd ever touch was Lunatic)

Once I found creating teams to compete in a Pokemon Battle rather tedious. Now I want to make seven more teams and hope I can beat one of my friends once out of the ten times they play me a day. Have a Buneary? USE FAKE OUT ENDEAVOUR QUICK ATTACK...with a focus sash. Watch as their tank or hardest hitting Pokemon faint! The lead probably won't because they're usually faster and won't try to knock me out in one hit anyway. So yeah, Pokemon Online is quite fun and sometimes stupid considering the amount of times an Arcanine with extremespeed stays paralysed, or the six simultaneous turns your Cacturne punches itself in confusion.

Starcraft II...unlike the other Blizzard games I actually do enjoy playing this and wish we did more. It was a game everyone played until one day we stopped...for one reason or another, even if it takes a million APM and knowledge, skill, and timing of a genius to be the best it was still fun to me. Sure it wasn't a team-game (though we occasionally 2v2 or 3v3, etc.) but it was quite fun...enough for me to even attempt casting it. (What a hilarious attempt that was!) Then of course there's the lovely custom had everything. Why aren't we playing it again? I didn't purchase it for seventy bucks just because!

I had the luxury of being there when Ten Desires was released, of watching those streams on Nicovideo and of laughing at the weird and deranged designs of the new characters. I even posted a pretty crazy fangirly post when Nue showed up. I enjoy playing the game more than UFO because UFO is ridiculous, but it still suffers from a similar problem of risking your life attempting to grab more lives. It's easier yes, but the less lives they give you and the less forgiving deaths is still a frustrating thing I've yet to overcome.

The Sims 2 is merely my dollhouse filled with gay lovers. That is all it is in a nutshell.
...alright, maybe that was too little of a description. I put in a lot more effort into this game than just watching two badly-created Sims who look marginally like their namesake make out. In fact, I have not really put any time at all into the pairing aspect until recently which only popped up in an accident. It is more accurate to say that it's a dollhouse for my storytelling, like why Rarity seems to want to beat my entire neighbourhood up and why there is suddenly an influx of zombies everywhere! Oh what a dystopia this toy is. Very fun time-killer that likes to crash at very unpredictable times, yet I keep coming back to it.

This next Touhou game is the second one I've ever played...and I am insane. If EoSD is already hard WHY GO FOR AN EVEN HARDER GAME? Because Murasa and Nue and Shou and Nazrin and Byakuren, that is why. That is why after all this time I still fall to Shou's gamma-ray lasers of doom, but at least I get to Shou now, almost every time I do. In fact my constant and persistent playing of this game is why I got to stage six of Imperishable Night in my very first try, without knowing any strategy or what to exploit I just relied on pure instinct and luck to get where I got. My ultimate goal in Touhou is to beat this game, all the others are merely stepping stones. NUE'S DAMN UFOS WON'T STOP ME FOREVER!

I have the VBA Emulator for Touhoumon and only Touhoumon. If I already love Touhou and love Pokemon a combination is like a dream come true! I even keep a record of my playthrough on my other blog in completely unnecessary-annoying script form. I do not care if my CMokou has an annoying personality, it is in my opinion better than just images and me commenting on them...I hope.

World of Tanks is a fun shooting game that is filled with by far the most grindy elements a game could have ever. For something supposedly not an RPG it sure is grindy. I do not mind picking the game up again but it has been putting a damper on my computer performance lately, and let's not even go into what World of Warplanes does to my computer. (I'm an alpha-tester nonetheless, but geez) This is the closest thing to an FPS I might get and due to tanks not being super agile people, the movement is far slower and therefore lack of vertigo! It's still very exciting to me though.

Anyway, those are the games I play. 
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I've done a sizable update on my Sims Blog!
And am finishing up my long overdue Touhoumon run here at my Touhoumon blog!


I have nothing else to say.


Except maybe I have too many blogs.

I've abandoned Spotto Starcraft pretty much, partly because I don't play much SC2 anymore. The movie week still runs...occasionally, lol.

I have a Fandom Blog too... but that's kind of covered by here, so...

Oh and I'm decently active over at my Tumblr. All friends I have on there don't share many interests with me so I don't get many likes or reblogs, but that's okay. It's pretty fun to just put a small thing there, if only to remember you saw it at some point. 

Oh right. Writing. Man I've been falling back on some stuff I did a long time ago. I actually churned out around 5000 words of stuff of certain fics so if I can clean them up and finish them off I might actually have a post here under that tag that isn't me listening random pony things. (And none of them are updating so reading hasn't been a The PV Review is on hold because the PV I'm reviewing isn't all that exciting. >_> So I'm like halfway through and then blah for finishing it, lol. (Funny thing is it's of UFO, so I should be a little more passionate about it, but the video isn't a horrible one where I can rant against or a super amazing one I can praise. It's just...a video. I dunno why there haven't been as much Touhou PVs lately, perhaps after Reitaisai I can pounce on one...or perhaps I should review older vids, hmmm...)

Speaking of Touhou, been looking into it lately. No games announced or anything, nothing too much exciting on the canon front unless I go about reading official manga. I've taken a look into the fanon front as well, mostly artwork and doujinshi. Tons of MokouKeine...just tons. All cute fluffy stuff, you'd think with my hamsters and ponies and all my stuffed animals and pretty much everything I surround myself with that whole cute thing would get old YET IT NEVER DOES. 

I'm hungry. That's all.
So huge, huge, HUGE update on my Sims blog today. All the cast pages are done and two posts! One is an enormous picspam and the other just minor details about the game itself. I also added something in the "THE HELL IS THIS!?" page for anyone who cares. :D 


As for the actual post? Welp, it's that time again. The time to rant about gender roles. Now I'm not a feminist...or at least, I don't think I am. I'm all for rights for women and such, but I've never been a person who liked using concrete terms to describe a person, including myself. I'll use them if I have to, or if the situation is far too odd without it, but I figure in my own terms like a personal blog and such, I don't have to use it. For example, if you immediately held down CTRL + F and searched for "Brony" you will find one result, the one on this post. P: I don't use the term at all because I simply don't like such terms. Their definitions can change or be different depending on someone's opinions. An ignorant person might imagine a feminist as someone who has double standards and only wants "rights" or in their minds, "privileges" over the male sex which would be very wrong.

So this post isn't the usual "females in this fandom seem one-dimensional!" kind of jargon. Rather I'm going to discuss my friends or why I believe I have far more male friends than female. I don't think it's a coincidence. I'm pretty sure most group of friends tend to be populated by a single sex, possibly one member of the other but otherwise it's cliques of guys and cliques of girls. Obviously I'm not the best person to use an example for this, considering my track record of friends...but I can at least explain how I see it from my experience! 

First off I've noticed a majority of my female friends (all of them) into MLP like the more feminine of the characters. This is obviously not surprising, being female and enjoying more feminine characters. After all, you generally like who you identify with the most and I don't have any jock friends who could like AJ or RD. I bet that's why Twilight is so popular because the majority of the periphery demographic happen to be nerds. I'm probably oversimplifying everything here, but for the sake of the rant let's continue. On the other hand, that doesn't mean every female's favourite character will be Rarity and granted there are tons of reasons to like Rarity. She does get the most quality of episodes, has a splendid voice actress, and her character is a great subversion of the shallow fashion-obsessed female seen far too much in the media. What is not to like?

...maybe I'm whining a bit here, but whenever my favourite character comes into play I have yet to find a fan who enjoys her character at least as half as much as I do, that being Pinkie Pie. Of course I don't have too many friends into MLP and most of them who do aren't major fans like I, but I know Pinkie is a pretty popular character. Is she only popular with the more immature viewers, of children or those who enjoy her humour so much that they prefer her over characters with "depth" like Rarity? Am I immature for liking her? Well, shoehorning myself or anyone else into a single category is unfair, but time and time again I keep finding ways to slot myself into a minority. Trying to find a way to share interests with existing friends is hard when your opinions of said interest are always different. The greatest thing I hate is being so enthusiastic for something only to be responded with disinterest. It's like going up to your best friend on the streets with the most tricked out car you've ever seen and their response? "Eh, I've seen better".

Well thank you for deflating all of my enthusiasm. You can discard this popped balloon into the trash now.

It isn't their fault. Changing opinions simply isn't an option, or at least isn't easy and a lot of people have gone through their lives developing their own viewpoints that it's unreasonable to always expect them to be amazed at the same things you are. Still, that feeling of sharing girly squeals over the same thing is a feeling that is hard to replace. I'm probably as aloof towards other people's interests similar to how they act to me, but it can't hurt to want, can it? The problem with thinking that I'm in the minority so much, even when I share the favourite character so many others have, is that somehow I'm still in the minority. I think I need new friends, ones with similar interests to add to my current ones. But that is a difficult feat indeed, to find new used to the current ones I have now. "I love this movie!" "That movie was okay." "This song is brilliant!" "I hate that genre." "This episode was fucking amazing!" "Low-tier episode for me." "PONIES!" "You're a freak." "That was an awesome restaurant!" "Seafood is evil." "SHE WEARS SHORTS!" "Who gives a damn about such a forgettable one-time boss?"

My so-called rant about gender-issues was just a poor disguised rant about...well, cynicism I guess. (I don't really have strong feelings about gender issues anyway, unfortunately... I think I should?) Maybe that's why I enjoy such happy characters...because they're so rare in real life? People are always so negative, cynical, pessimistic...and I want to feel joy, but my joy is always sucked away. I need a friend who also revels in joy. I've assigned so many pony names to people in Ventrilo, to actual people in real life, but I've never assigned anyone Pinkie Pie. No one is happy enough. The world sucks and is doomed. There's no point because humanity is stupid and a lost cause...why be happy when there is no reason to? Why be negative when it just makes everything worse?

I don't know. Perhaps my standards of everything is too low, perhaps I am seen as naive and innocent by many people that I don't understand how terrible the world can be and so haven't conformed to that cynical, depressed personality everyone else has. Maybe I'm in denial?

Smile, Smile, Smile, you better be in episode 18.
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In excitement for a new post after forever in this blog, I've decided to share a few quotes from this thread of a Sims forum. Some of those noob-tales are hilarious.

I first played the PC game in...third grade, I think. It was my sister-in-law's game, and she put in cheat codes to make the family rich. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. My kid got taken away. I didn't want the social worker to take the other kid away, so I built a huge wall around the house. Then I realized that I blocked out the mailbox, and I wasn't sure how to delete the walls and rebuild them, so I couldn't pay bills. Then the repo man comes, gets through the walls somehow, and steals my shower. The social worker comes and takes my kids away. The wife was on her own. She became anti-social and the social bunny comes. Then another social bunny comes. The bunnies fight, then they fell in love. Then I was like "...I'm done with this. D:"

I first experienced sims 2 on a friend's pc, way before I even got sims 1. I accidentally killed a family of theirs by burning them to death. This surprized me, so I decided to try to replicate the burning in as many families as possible, to see how I did it. By the end of the day, almost the whole neighbourhood was dead because of fire- all I can say is that I didn't speak to that friend for a long time xD

I was horrible, LMAO.

My first family was a toddler, two kids, a teen, and a mom and dad. I bought a ton of beds and put them in the hall then made the rest of the rooms into luxury bathrooms (except for the kitchen). The Sims kept doing things I didn't want them to do and I'd be screaming my butt off at them. The toddler and kids got taken away and shortly after they all died because I kind of deleted the kitchen to make it a memorial shrine.
I guess to add to that, my own noob tales of Sims 2. I've documented the times when I first played quite well in this here blog and the other one I linked to, but a few of the mistakes I made included the usual ones like deleting tombstones, deleting Sims from the Sim Bin and other game-destroying things. I think one of the biggest surprises when I first played was when I had no idea jealousy was in place in the game, so I actually did something I thought was merely playful (throw food at the table) only to have the husband start slapping and horrible yelling occurred, I was quite shocked and sad. Don't hit each other! D: But yeah otherwise I don't think I did anything ridiculously stupid. If you remember the screenshots of my first house I had OVERSIZED BOX HOUSE SYNDROME like so many others...but yeah, that's pretty much it!

And finally nothing to do with the Sims at all, this TOO CUTE artwork of the day!

MLP - I Wuv Woo! by ~Willis96 on deviantART

Awwwwwwww...wait how is Pinkie turning like that...


Oct. 31st, 2010 03:35 am
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I've long wondered who my favourite character in Hetalia is. Although it shifted from China to Korea to Hong Kong, Korea really is that one guy who keeps popping back up, kind of like Max from Beyblade. I'm not here to discuss any of this actually, but it is related. If we changed the question to "who is my favourite Sim?" ...well, it's quite obvious if you've been following my Sims Blog (and I would be posting this there, but that blog only covers Generation 2+) but really...overall?
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Forgot to cut it again D: )
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Of course the only reason Spotto posts here is fandom reasons, well you're correct. 



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