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Let it be known now that I am a failure in terms of games. I am never the carry in League of Legends unless you want to be overwhelmingly molested; I am only in the Bronze (or was it Silver?) League of Starcraft 2; and I've yet to 1CC any of those Touhou games (except maybe TD/IaMP on easy.) Even if I could play the game, it would explode my computer like the alpha version of World of Warplanes and the intensity of Dota 2.

That said, let me tell you about homestuck what I play.

First I suppose these games are ultimately the only games I play. I do own a Nintendo DS but due to unforeseen circumstances (I lost the charger >_>) I cannot really use it at the moment. Even then when it still worked the only games I put any time into were Pokemon SoulSilver and that one Japanese drum game. That doesn't mean I don't want to try new games, not at all. In fact I've been looking into Stepmania lately (but I really want to try with an actual pad like DDR, not the keyboard :X) and I may or may not purchase the next SC2 expansion, depending upon whoever else is playing it as well. Friends have a large part into whatever I play because I find games the most fun when you can play it with others, competitively or co-op or otherwise. I remember storming through dying to faceplanting monsters in Alien Swarm with them at some point, but no one seems to play that game anymore.

In which case, I am classified as a PC Gamer. Woo woo, no consoles for me! I use the computer for everything yarr! As you can tell from that selection there are two extremely popular genres of games I don't bother to touch: RPG and FPS. There are very simple reasons for that. One, RPGs bore the hell out of me and two, FPS  games give me insane vertigo. I've tried to play stuff like Halo and CS:S and whatever other FPS' exist but I appear to have too weak of a mindset for my eyes to function the movement, angles and scenery properly. I don't really mind either because I don't think I was ever interested in First-Person Shooters anyway.

The only RPG-like element games i might touch are the competitive arena-style ones and Pokemon. Besides, who doesn't like Pokemon? Everyone likes Pokemon. If you don't like Pokemon there is something wrong with you. Pokemon has something for everyone. The children can like the cute Pokemon; the hardcore fans can compete with skill and strategy on a higher level and the rest of us can just mingle around aimlessly. I can't say why I like Pokemon myself. I mean the grinding in the game is rather annoying and boring and I'm pretty terrible competitive-wise, but the developers of Pokemon are such geniuses that the game can be enjoyed no matter what type of game you like. Plus Cubone is adorable. (YOU WILL LOVE THE CUBONE!)

There are a few games missing on that list that I once played. Soldat gave me an awesome group of friends and I did play NHL09 once with a ridiculous amount of mods. Unfortunately EA discontinued hockey games on the PC, and I've found no reason to keep playing the game as I have no one to play it with. Also I am bad, as I've always been. My only point of dignity as a gamer is being better than complete newbies. AT LEAST I'M NOT THAT BAD! P:

But enough stalling, to the games! In which case, I will go in alphabetical order!

Civilization 4 is a game my friends got me into. (IT IS SAFE TO SAY EVERY GAME ON THAT PICTURE IS THE SAME, with the exception of The Sims, that is the one game I got myself into) And frankly the game is rather slow-paced and not for those who are looking for excitement and a test of reflexes. Nonetheless it's still very fun to try not to anger China who nine out of ten times declares war on you if you're a nation right next to them. War is a rather exhausting feature of the game, which may actually be more realistic than you think. Having a thousand-year war certainly drains on the resources and puts you in a terrible light to other nations of the world. Nonetheless, I would not be hesitant to play another nine-hour marathon of trading, building and scouting so long as I have others to play with.

I remember really wanting to play Dota 2...simply because everyone else had a key and I did not. Then I got a key and kind of didn't play it. There are reasons for this of course, the big one is that I'm honestly not that interested in competitive arena-styled games. I played them since everyone did and they were the type of game we would always play no matter what, but I don't think I had as much fun in them as I might've been in something else. The other reason is that the moment I started the damn client my graphics card decided to turn into an inferno, and thus I don't want to risk other people's enjoyment of the game if my computer happens to overheat and I end up being idle the entire time. Team games are fun, but I hate wasting other people's time. It's the same reason I stopped LoL...when my computer gave out and I tried to play a few times on my laptop it really wasn't working out and kind of killed my enthusiasm for these types of games at all.

The first Touhou game I tried was EoSD because I wanted to go in order. It was very hard and I spent more time defeating Rumia on Lunatic than getting to Remilia on Easy (which you can't anyway >_>). If defeating the game equals defeating Sakuya on Easy I believe I've done that, but I don't think I actually beat the game. Most fans usually recommend Imperishable Night or Mountain of Faith to start out with anyway, so I decided rather than going in order I should either try an easier game or just play whichever one I want...because I really didn't want to start with EoSD. The only reason I did was because of chronological order.

Frozen Throne is Warcraft III for the small fraction of people who don't know. Even though I didn't play DotA very often, I did play it. I was more interested in other maps, like Rise of Winterchill or incredibly stupid maps made by other people. In fact I see SC2 as more of a spiritual successor to this game as opposed to Dota 2 because they both have those lovely custom maps where we can do whatever the damn thing with. Think Mario Party, and I am sorry to anyone I offended by calling this game Mario Party.

Hisoutensoku and IaMP are the fighting games from Touhou and damn are they fun. They're also very enjoyable to watch too! Again I am terrible at these games, but they are the few games I play with Aoi-dono as well. I think of any genre I enjoy most it's probably the fighting game. If I ever owned a console I'd get SFIV or MvC3 or something like that. I did love playing SSBM when my cousin owned it, so... and if I ever invest my time in one game I might actually be decent in one of these. But like every game I ever play it's always off and on, and thus no consistent effort to get better and therefore why I suck, but oh well. I think the ultimate point of playing a game is to have fun after all. It may be a loser's attitude but I don't mind one way or another.

The current game I'm investing actual time into is, rather than Soku, Imperishable Night! I heard it was the easiest in the series after all. The reason I didn't begin with it was again, order and also because back then I didn't care too much for the game itself, the characters or music or stages or gameplay. Then I began to worship its music and obsess over the characters so now I am trying to 1CC the damn game. I can get by Marisa and Reisen fine albeit with some dumb errors, but then losing three lives to a single Eirin card before facing Kaguya with nothing is by far the worst scenario to be in, so yeah... I WILL COMPLETE THOSE IMPOSSIBLE REQUESTS SOME DAY! I do agree it is the easiest from my experience.

Kengeki is THAT YOUMU GAME. I previously posted a fourteen-minute long video of the fifteen-or-so hours I put in it non-stop. It is the first game I completed live on video. I too enjoy this genre, the hack and slash. Very easy to play and very fun, but difficult to master and combined with the inherent nightmare-inducing nature that is danmaku, it took a very long time to complete.

I put tons of time into League of Legends because every damn person on every damn block in every damn country played this game. You are a champion you must destroy the Nexus blahblahblah. Sure it was fun while it was lasted, but not my cup of tea anymore unfortunately. Perhaps some day I'll click on that icon again, but until

Little Fighter 2 remains on my computer for nostalgic purposes I suppose. The characters have no personality. The music sucks. And what plot the story has is minuscule, but it was fun gameplay nonetheless..enough for me to put a ton of effort into playing and developing it. For a tiny game created by two random guys in Hong Kong it was quite influential, and I never would have discovered Soldat without it.

Here is another game played among friends, PoFV! Would you believe it if I told you the game that has given me the biggest adrenaline rush is this one? That is madness! PoFV is practically the least popular Touhou game and has some dumb mechanics as well and yet of all games I found myself entering some sort of trance where all my focus was on that spot above me as I manoeuvred Merlin through the rain of death. Yes it was fun and I want to play it again. (because the only mode we'd ever touch was Lunatic)

Once I found creating teams to compete in a Pokemon Battle rather tedious. Now I want to make seven more teams and hope I can beat one of my friends once out of the ten times they play me a day. Have a Buneary? USE FAKE OUT ENDEAVOUR QUICK ATTACK...with a focus sash. Watch as their tank or hardest hitting Pokemon faint! The lead probably won't because they're usually faster and won't try to knock me out in one hit anyway. So yeah, Pokemon Online is quite fun and sometimes stupid considering the amount of times an Arcanine with extremespeed stays paralysed, or the six simultaneous turns your Cacturne punches itself in confusion.

Starcraft II...unlike the other Blizzard games I actually do enjoy playing this and wish we did more. It was a game everyone played until one day we stopped...for one reason or another, even if it takes a million APM and knowledge, skill, and timing of a genius to be the best it was still fun to me. Sure it wasn't a team-game (though we occasionally 2v2 or 3v3, etc.) but it was quite fun...enough for me to even attempt casting it. (What a hilarious attempt that was!) Then of course there's the lovely custom had everything. Why aren't we playing it again? I didn't purchase it for seventy bucks just because!

I had the luxury of being there when Ten Desires was released, of watching those streams on Nicovideo and of laughing at the weird and deranged designs of the new characters. I even posted a pretty crazy fangirly post when Nue showed up. I enjoy playing the game more than UFO because UFO is ridiculous, but it still suffers from a similar problem of risking your life attempting to grab more lives. It's easier yes, but the less lives they give you and the less forgiving deaths is still a frustrating thing I've yet to overcome.

The Sims 2 is merely my dollhouse filled with gay lovers. That is all it is in a nutshell.
...alright, maybe that was too little of a description. I put in a lot more effort into this game than just watching two badly-created Sims who look marginally like their namesake make out. In fact, I have not really put any time at all into the pairing aspect until recently which only popped up in an accident. It is more accurate to say that it's a dollhouse for my storytelling, like why Rarity seems to want to beat my entire neighbourhood up and why there is suddenly an influx of zombies everywhere! Oh what a dystopia this toy is. Very fun time-killer that likes to crash at very unpredictable times, yet I keep coming back to it.

This next Touhou game is the second one I've ever played...and I am insane. If EoSD is already hard WHY GO FOR AN EVEN HARDER GAME? Because Murasa and Nue and Shou and Nazrin and Byakuren, that is why. That is why after all this time I still fall to Shou's gamma-ray lasers of doom, but at least I get to Shou now, almost every time I do. In fact my constant and persistent playing of this game is why I got to stage six of Imperishable Night in my very first try, without knowing any strategy or what to exploit I just relied on pure instinct and luck to get where I got. My ultimate goal in Touhou is to beat this game, all the others are merely stepping stones. NUE'S DAMN UFOS WON'T STOP ME FOREVER!

I have the VBA Emulator for Touhoumon and only Touhoumon. If I already love Touhou and love Pokemon a combination is like a dream come true! I even keep a record of my playthrough on my other blog in completely unnecessary-annoying script form. I do not care if my CMokou has an annoying personality, it is in my opinion better than just images and me commenting on them...I hope.

World of Tanks is a fun shooting game that is filled with by far the most grindy elements a game could have ever. For something supposedly not an RPG it sure is grindy. I do not mind picking the game up again but it has been putting a damper on my computer performance lately, and let's not even go into what World of Warplanes does to my computer. (I'm an alpha-tester nonetheless, but geez) This is the closest thing to an FPS I might get and due to tanks not being super agile people, the movement is far slower and therefore lack of vertigo! It's still very exciting to me though.

Anyway, those are the games I play. 


Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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...two completely different genders.
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Keep moving. Nothing to see here!
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After reading through various comms on Livejournal (variously various!) I'm starting to wonder if everything I've ever written has been pretty much the same thing...just replace their names and viola!

Particularly because I actually do that with original fiction, for I am not really much of a person to create my own characters, rather I would twist and turn existing characters or even existing people's relationships because it feels so much fun and full-to-life with something other people actually acknowledge than just yourself. Of course, that means my "original" fiction probably isn't even original. The biggest original thing I ever created was actually with my brother, which makes it something acknowledged by more than just myself. I rarely actually talk about this "original thing".

But it's of a dalmatian named Spot. He is the most retarded bastard ever, who is racist to all humans and wishes his master (played by my brother) would drop dead. He has the biggest potty-mouth ever, and is really just a goddamn unloving ridiculously stupid and retarded buttmonkey that I have been roleplaying in real-life for over thirteen years. THIRTEEN YEARS. Of course with my brother not living around these parts anymore we don't do this as much now. Everything we (or mostly me, actually) put into this lovely universe is clearly inspired by other media. Spot has a sister named Sittie, who calls this boy named Bobby "Sweetbaboo" and is attached to him so goddamn much she could very well be a real life stalker. That name is clearly from Peanuts, also better known as that Charlie Brown guy and his friends. Spot himself, at least namewise, and his mother Sally, at least namewise, come from "The Adventures of Spot" a children's book I dearly loved as a child.

There's more. He also has a younger sister named Evelyn (rarely called Eve) who is morbidly obese. That is the only purpose of her existence, to make fat jokes. Then there is his other younger sister, Nicky, the only-sane-man who suffers from the idiocy around her, especially from another character, the boy next door named Joey, who is so retarded he is basically the Ralph Wiggum of the story. He infuriates her greatly. The universe is so diverse that previously we once had a "Zippo" universe, where all the dogs lived on some sort of "Zippo" dog food, and also a "Pokemon" universe, with a very stupid Pokemon named Pikaspot. There's their GREAT ANCESTOR FROM THE PAST, WHO IS BASICALLY AN EXPY OF SPOT, named WALF the WARRIOR, originating from my love of the REDWALL books and that great mouse in the past named Martin.

DID I MENTION because my brother loves imperialism or something, that SPOT IS A PRINCE? His father and mother are the KING AND QUEEN OF DALMATIA. The other breeds are part of their OWN country and are regarded as their own RACE. (The Poodles are like, super inspired by the French for example) and the Dalmatians are CONSTANTLY AT WAR with the BULLDOGS and there is a HUGE RIVALRY between the two breeds, but as more buttmonkey jokes come up, the Dalmatians are HORRIBLE AT SPORTS and LOSE TO THE BULLDOGS ALL THE TIME? Much to the King, WILLY'S despair!? Etc. etc. etc. There is even a future version with Spot's son, Thomas, etc. etc.

THE THING IS, I never write about this. This is just a thing about my brother and me. What I do write is of stuff NEVER ORIGINAL or so heavily inspired by other things that it should not even be called original at all. It feels more like plagarism, and that is definitely not original. Or like a pseudo-original/somehowcrossover!weird fanfic of shit. Like what. This is why I have five dozen Little Fighter fanfics. IT HAS A BUNCH OF PERSONALITY-LESS CHARACTERS JUST WAITING FOR SOME STORYLINE TO EXPLAIN WHY THE HELL THEY'RE fighting because there is no true story! Then LFO comes out and everything goes to shit. Way to go Hong Kong.

OR we can go to the EXACT OPPOSITE of the spectrum with Hetalia that has its little comic!canon AND IT'S HUGE SUPER COMPLICATED HISTORY CANON! I can't write for Hetalia at all because of all the research needed and how goddamn scared I will be to screw some little detail up and suddenly the fanfic turns into controversy. Nations are too complicated for me to handle.

Sometimes I wonder if I am thinking too much into this. Akira asked me to write a fanfic about her three characters, Ryan, Adam, and Jason. I told her I would because my muse returned when I started writing some fanfic again, but it was really hard to write these three. We had many many discussions about their character but in the end I just kept COMPARING them to some fandom character that I didn't know what to do. What AM I supposed to do? I don't know what to do with original characters. I drew them a bunch of times to try to make it easier (and I've been drawing a bunch lately) but Akira tells me lots of times that often they don't look like how she views them, so again I am afraid of writing them OOC or not being able to grasp their character. The limit I am given is really crippling me. The last actual fanfic I wrote was of that Negima story, you know with Yuuna and stuff? It is completely long and incredibly embarrassing actually, but it makes sense I wrote so much of those characters. At that time they largely had little development or personality in the actual canon so I felt like I could do anything with them as long as I kept their apparent personalities. It's the SAME thing with LF2!

Seeing as those stories don't count either, I need to backtrack some MORE. B-Daman? I believe I only wrote for that because its fanbase is crippling small and nobody and their dog would ever admit to ever being in a fandom like that. It's not really a great story or anything at all, so why did I like it anyway? So that leaves us with Beyblade.

Do you know how the BIFF started? Because of my crappy crack!OOC extremely!exaggerated "humour" stories of the characters attracted some people and we added each other on MSN. That's how it started. I did write some serious stuff, but my writing back then was quite crappy and my computer back then was so bad that I barely remember any of the serious stuff. In short, I have not written anything truly FANDOM or truly ORIGINAL at all because if I have I don't REMEMBER it! I'm not a good enough writer to keep a major character in-character for as long as I could, but also not a good enough writer to actually create characters that aren't crack or for humour! What the hell!

And so here I am, having to settle for this LF2 fanfic I'm writing because it's not completely original yet not completely fandomized either. There is no fandom, it's just a silly freeware game. And now I am discussing with Akira how to not write them in a way I have written EVERYTHING I'VE WRITTEN EVER because for me, there is always THOSE TWO CHARACTERS. I will develop them so much more than everyone else despite wanting to develop everyone else too. Akira's friend came over for the summer and introduced me to SUPERNATURAL. I found it rather entertaining, but did not really look into it anymore, but the dynamic of THOSE TWO CHARACTERS...whether they be best friends forever, lovers, brothers, sisters, cousins, ANYTHING...will always appeal to me, no matter what. It has nothing to do with Yaoi or Yuri or whatever. I cannot turn it into a trio. I cannot do a five-man-band. I cannot do anything with a singular character either. THOSE TWO.

Even if many many fandoms try to break this dynamic (I tend to have three favourite characters) I will always like TWO OF THEM vastly over the third. Then the rest I don't give a damn. That is all. That is it. Hong Kong and Korea. Kazumi and Sayo. Example and example, etc. etc. I don't really care if they end up being best friends forever, super awkward brothers or lovers, it doesn't matter as long as somehow they interact with each other and are TOGETHER. Not for the sex or the hotness or anything like that, :\ Sometimes when I write I feel like I'm forced to turn them into lovers (while I DO ship them) because everyone else is doing it, but I'm always satisfied if they're BFFs or super-close bros or something too, as long as they're together I don't care. (But at the same time when some third party comes in I get insanely jealous and defensive, telling them to GTFO BITCH even if its not about lovers or anything)

Right, I'm completely rambling now.

Kirami likes to add yaoi-drops onto anything I tell her, like hockey. Sometimes I mind. I love Bernier, he is cute, but I also love Bernier because he is that awesome rugged hockey player that he is, and because he is helping my city's team try to be the best, to get the Stanley Cup, and for the hockey game that it is. It is entertaining to watch, be it the IIHF championships, the olympics, women's, men's, and the NHL itself. The game is entertaining, not everything is about two boy's loving each other, seriously. Sometimes I feel like everything I do revolves too much around that. My brother is gay! I've had it in my life for a long time! I'm not homophobic, but does EVERY SINGLE GUY have to be paired up with SOME GUY? I even like Hong Kong/Taiwan to an extent DUE to RP (they seem boring otherwise) but I love Korea/Hong Kong ALSO due to RP! It has nothing to do with "hey he's hot and he's hot let's make them screw each other" and that the third girl is a bitch and should die in a fire.

Well, also rambling now. If this bothers anybody's friend's list due to its length I'll cut it, but I'm going to leave it like so. I hope it's not obnoxious to do so or anything...

EDIT because I realized how those last two large paragraphs contradicted each other! First I say OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Then complain about people who go OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Oh how hypocritical you are Spotto. I think what I was trying to say is that while it IS always those two guys, I largely don't care for a third UNLESS canon or awesome RP convinces me like so. So I guess I am part of the GTFO third party. Though I think I'm against that third party moreso because I CANNOT WRITE THEM INTO THE STORY FOR MY BRAIN IS TOO SIMPLE FOR SUCH COMPLICATED MEASURES and thus my defence is to kick them out. I wish everyone else wasn't like me too, but I tend to not bash the third person, just kick them out because I can't write them in. Like Chisame, or China, or something. I don't hate these characters. I think the second paragraph was describing like, the Mariahs, Taiwans, Negis of fandom rather than the other. (These are horrible examples they will only make sense with my  friends ~_~)

Okay no more editing.
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I'm 17.

...I hate that number!!!

I do not care if yesterday was my golden birthday. On the weekend I starved, and it was quite a dramatic and horrid weekend. I wish not to go through with that again.

It appears every birthday always sucks for me for some reason. Perhaps I expect too much and thus my fall is harder...


Anyway, age 17 is old. OLD. 18 is ANCIENT. 19 is DINOSAURS. 20 is the BEGINNING of the WORLD. 21 is the BIG BANG. Anything beyond? Why the hell are you still alive!? THAT'S INSANE AGING!

What I'm saying is that now I have moved onto the older teen category, which means I must be more mature and responsible. And when we die we become adults. Yes I do not like aging at all, but life moves on...literally.

Let's see what's in the ol' Spotto newsbox:
-Presents include: A whole lot of money, two sketchbooks (<3!) ......and...yeah.
-Teh tree is up! It is very ugly like unique.
-I really hate it whenever I enter a store and the clerks there are always, "Can I help you with anything?" a million times. (Usually said by everybody when they notice you) And I'm like in my head, If I wanted help I'll ask, stop interrupting my goddamned shopping. I find it rather ironic that usually whenever I or we (family) DO need help...they're always busy and tell us to hold on.
-Why is my toe sore!? I went to bed one night, the next day it was red and swollen! What the FUdgeCK, man! (FUdgeCK is mooched off my cousin, just like that stupid Flash Flash Revolution game I started playing, LF2, and Negima...yes, he does have a big influence on me. XD)
-They spent their time in the school shop (when they weren't supposed to, with another friend inside) on my birthday. I got no "Happy Birthday Ashley, zomg you're 17 and old liek mehh! Lololol" no, I barely SAW them all day. >>; [Sketchbook girl pwns all though.])
-Yes this newsbox was ripped off inspired by the one in Ghost's LJ.
-THE BLOODY HELL IS WITH THOSE CHEAP BASTARDS AT SCHOOL!? I designed a logo as did 30 other people, I won the contest from democrazy of voting, but nooo, I get no prize. I don't even get like a free t-shirt with my design on it, or even a discount. I get nothing. And now I'm wasting sixty-two bucks on TWO pieces of expensive shit with MY shit on it.
-The main character I despise the most in all of my fandoms is the one in LF2. Holy gary-stu! And to those who I showed a graphic of and went, "SPOT TEH MARY-SUE!" I can't believe they added a female version of him too. How unbelievably stupid is that. LFO really has no worthy plot or character. OMGZ HENRY IS AN ARCHER LETS MAEK HIM AN ELF LOLZ. OMGZ A MAGE LET'S MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE HARRY PLOTTAH LOLOLOLZ. And then add in some horrific characterism...(to be honest the Asakura lookalike looked like a better character than everybody else, XD) AND NOBODY FUCKING SMILES EXCEPT JOHN, SIGNALLING THAT SMILING = GEEKY.
That's right you happy folks, YOU'RE DORKS!
FIGHTING IS THE WAY OF LIFE. ALL GIRLS ARE MARY-SUES. ALL IMPORTANT STRONG PEOPLE ARE MARY-SUES. ALL INSANE PEOPLE MUST BE MADE MORE INSANE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  LET'S HAVE A SASUKE AND ITACHI TOO. (I'm serious here) EVERYBODY IS MUSCULAR, EVEN THE LITTLE KIDS. And yet as cliche and overused stereotypes is used in this damned senseless over-milked franchise, they make Henry fucking ugly. His first designs were adorable, now he's ugly. ELVES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE UGLY.
No offense to the chinese, including I, but I have never seen some sort of cartoon or something made by them with something creative like the Japanese/Latin/American's can do. Seriously.
And they love money. If you want to learn an attack, you buy a booster pack of cards and hope one of them is the attack for the code. Want a character? Same thing.
Okay, sorry for the mini-rant there. XD
-I may draw chapter two of the great wonderful story of Dogger during Winter Break. I'm starting to have some daydreams for ideas. (Actually I think I went like too far ahead, >>; WHY ARE COMICS SO SLOW-MOVING!? ><)
-My Bleach friend (also known as Sketchbook Girl, Otaku, Anime Freak, and TEH HUGGER YARR) started reading/watching D.Gray-Man (fuck, where does the dot and dash go!?) and talks about it A LOT to me. It's all LAVI LAVI LAVI LAVI!! OMGZ LAVI! WE LOVE LAVI! WHOO! LAVI! And I don't mind actually, Lavi is cool as preached by the great redhead queen Lefty, and I see snippets of teh manga she reads and stuff. Rather amusing.
-I've been pronouncing Reno wrong all this time. ><
-GUESS WHO I DRAW TEH MOST NAO!? No, not Asakura or Sayo or LF2 shit.
I draw THAT BLEACH DOOD (Hitsugaya Toshirou) and LAVI the most...they have awesome hair, which I screw up all the time. Just take a look in my brand new sketchbook! XD
-But Kazumi and Sayo are awesome. Why didn't anyone draw me that for my birthday? I mean sure I didn't draw anything for you but that's because I always forget or procastinate on it or something....well nevermind. >>;
-WHERE THE HELL ARE THE FIGUMATES!?!?! T__________________T
-These huge headphones hurt my ears. They squish them into my head. How does the cushioning on it really make it comfortable!? >>;
-We have been watching Troy in class. I hate you Brad Pitt. First you look ugly in long blonde hair, secondly your character in the movie is a bastard, and thirdly the only hot guy was KILLED by YOU, for which you are ugly and HE IS HOT. HE WAS THE AWESOMEST CHARACTER! He was so honourable and shit, and was the one with the most common sense. I was SO sad when he died, I was almost crying in the class where all the guys were all "AWESOME FIGHTING N' BLOOD!" and the girls were falling asleep! DDD: (He is Hector...) Otherwise the plot doesn't do it for me. It's not that accurate first of all, and I don't know, just doesn't cut it out for me. But we're not done watching yet, there's still like..more dying and the giant horse and shit...But man, that guy was all buff and had a sexy beard and he was hot. AND HE HAD TO DIE! THE HOT GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO DIE! ><

This next rant must be important because I separated it from teh newsbox. Well it's not. XD

There is this one user who's favourite character is Nodoka. (Nodoka-lovers seem to be the most obsessed insane annoying ones lately, not stereotyping or even generalizing, just a coincidence I noticed) Anyway, I DO understand the pain it is to not see much panel-time for your beloved favourite characters and complaining is a given. But if you do it EVERY opportunity you have, throwing every theory you have to MUST lead to Nodoka being found in the next chapter (which so far, has not happened) is EXTREMELY IRRITATING!!! KAZUMI was gone for like 40 chapters at one point....that's much longer than five or ten. >>;

What IS annoying is the amount of shounen happening in Negima. I mean the first part was good (the chapter I posted with the blood and Negi fighting with a hole in his chest) but all this tournament shit and random fighting is making it boring. (The mangaka did say he would go back to its bishoujo roots for a bit, though, which is good) I don't like fighting anime that much. This is why I didn't stick with Naruto. It's fighting this and fighting that...GAH! Needless to say I don't enjoy that genre. It can come a little, but holy jeebus. A good balance is always good.

Okay I am done now yes.
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Nov. 28th, 2007 04:49 pm
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The last few days have been surprisingly productive.

In what, you ask? Well, take a guess from the title.

...indeed, I've been drawing a lot. A few of these are from a little while ago, but most of them, including one of the redhead pictures, was done two days ago. The most recent are the not-tablet fanarts that I created with a simple little pencil...a ten-page Dogger comic. (Yes, I restarted the comic AGAIN but at least this time I finished the first chapter or part or comic book, or something. XD)

So the contents to be viewed inside:
-a ninja...from some sort of weird show called Naruto... :P
-random redheads
-a bunch of kids that wanted to fight, huh...
-this chinese girl...she likes meatbuns!
-there's a ghost, out for that
-a bitchy hacker
-and this girl I sometimes dub...The Kid.

R-POTE: Ku Fei/Yuuna
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I went into my graphics folder and found some unfinished things, some things I made in boredom, and some things I never bothered to post. Basically they are all things I never made public, which I shall make now. If you can motivate me to finish the unfinished stuff, I will forever be indebted to you. As for the others, I wonder why I made them...>>;

Image Hosted by
I made this a LONG while'd make a nice heading for a site or something...or maybe a good wallpaper but I never bothered to do anything else to it...what the hell did I make this for? XD
Oh Little Fighter, good times...

Okay, this doesn't fit the description of what I just wrote above but I can't believe this used to be an old LJ layout of's so ugly. XD

This was meant to be an LJ layout, several months ago made. Abandoned it to create my second Negima layout which was rather simple...

Image Hosted by
This one was supposed to be a splash picture for something but I never finished it. It does look alright, except I am avoiding using brushes at the moment...lols.

Image Hosted by
This is definitely a boredom piece. I wanted a good quality picture on it so I choose a 3D game like Halo and used a render. While I dunno what good use it is for I have NO idea how I made that background but I REALLY want to know how, it'd make a nice metallicy site...or something. O_O

Image Hosted by
Why did I never use this? WHY DID I SCRAP THIS? Because when I made it I thought it looked like crap, but today when I revisited it, it looked much better than most of my recent shiz...why the hell did I think it looked like crap? It looks kind of unique, in a way.

Image Hosted by
Now THIS is ugly. But I do however like how I did that X and the text. XP Should use it on something else someday.

Image Hosted by
Don't ask...

Image Hosted by
I have used this...somewhere, the forum methinks. Canaries and space don't mix, BTW...

Image Hosted by
THIS IS THAT "NOT KID, NOT OTTER" YUUNA PICTURE I KEPT TALKING ABOUT. I can't seem to motivate myself to finish colouring it no less shade it. It takes way too long with the airbrush, but I want it to look perfect which takes time. Gah.

Yeah, um. Huh. I dunno. XD. It looks nice though, but I don't find it has a point.

Yes, I did start on this. Yes, I do have no life.

For looking at those pieces of crap I just posted above, I WILL AWARD YOU, THE READER, WITH THIS. Something I worked on all day and finished for once. It's a wallpaper...if you're one of those who don't have widescreen, I dunno...maybe I'll make another version but I doubt anybody would use it as a wallpaper anyway. XD

Yes, that is all. I figure I'd never finish/show off any of these things so why let it rot in my hard drive? Post it to the public or something. :\

Free Image Hosting at
Badass Chibi Kazumi, the Pedophile Killer.
R-POTE: Evangeline/Kaede
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Spot is now a huge fan of yuri/shoujo-ai, rejoice.
Why? Watch Negima!? (the remake) and see KonoSetsu, AHOY!
(It's 11:19am, VERY LATE because I haven't slept)

So I have been doing lots of research and have come up with all the influences, inspirations, and other such things that made the "unique" characters in LF2. Now, we know for one, that Marti stated that the game was heavily inspired by the Anime and Manga, Dragonball Z. That is why most of what I'm about to say next, revolves around coming from that.

Check this out:

^Behold my masterpiece^ (Yes, I did just blatantly NOT put it in the LJ-cut, haha!)
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I was at my cousin's house about 10 hours ago, and he had this peculiar Anime on his computer so he showed it to me. And during these past 10 hours I have learned these things:
-The main character is extremely adorable
-It is made by the creator of Love Hina
-I have been spoiled>>, of such a show.
-I hate Harry Potter

Ah yes, it's called Negima and unless I download the Anime (which I am terribly far too lazy to do) there are only 7 episodes of it on Youtube and I've seen episode 8 at my cousin's house. And I repeat, not only is the main character, Negi, extremely fucking adorable, his name means...ONION! Woot! =D (And shockingly similar to the name 'Neji', huh.) It seems to be VERY ecchi, but I suppose that's expected from the creator of Love Hina, but I don't know anything about Love Hina, >>

So basically it's about this kid, 10 years old, named Negi who is like a magician prodigy (yes I said magician, do you know why I seriously hate Harry Potter now?) and in order to become what he dreams of so he can one day find his legendary father, the Thousand Master or something to that extent, he must do some sort of teaching in order to pass some sort of wizard school, of which he was top student and one of the only 5 that passed the class or something. So he ends up teaching at an all girls middle school with 31 girls who are all different and crazy and stuff, and this one girl, Asuna, who has Usagi hair, is a little different than the others. For you see, the rest of the girls jump at Negi and love him like insane little fangirls but Asuna is like super pissed that Negi replaced the teacher of last year, whom she has a silly crush on. In some sort of twisted little plot (basically Asuna's roommate being the granddaughter of the principal) Negi ends up crashing in Asuna and her roommate's dorm, and silly stuff happens that makes me laugh and like the show.

Of course if Negi WASN'T an extremely fucking (yes I swore, that's how god damned adorable he is) adorable kid, then I'd probably NOT like the show. Though I kind of feel weird for liking some little boy in some show filled with a million bajillion girls gaga'ing. The point being it has become another one of this weird "3rd party" animes (third party in Spot terms means, an anime that Spot has NEVER heard of and was introduced to it by another person using the SUBs, and she kind of likes it) 3rd party Animes are generally not very successful in Spot fandom, but there MAY be high hopes due to...Negi. NEGI IS SO CUTE!

Also I was trying to watch the first version, not the annoying remake that is everywhere on Youtube. I'll watch that AFTER the first version, for now I shall bask in the joy of LF2 and Gaia. Also in my cousin's house I played LF2 (Okay, R-LF2) with him, which I don't play often, as I completely prefer the original version since it isn't overpowered beyond control! What made me smile was when I asked, "Who should I be?" and he's like, "I dunno, you're usually Henry" and I'm like, "Oh yeah! *chooses Henry*" and he's like, "He's cheap though", and I'm like, "Yeah." But in my head I'm like, "Henry is not cheap, since I usually only use like ONE of Henry's attacks and the others only in complete emergency situations, unlike you who plays the completely cheap game of R-LF2! HOW DARE YOU MOCK HENRY!!!"

So as I was Henry, he was Bat at first and showed me the completely "awesome" hell move of Bat, which was just a lot of crappy effects and eternal dying. What a noob, xD. Then I switched characters, he did too. I switched to...DUNDUNDUNDUN...RUUUUUDOLF! ANd he switched to the most cheapest character of all time, CL, an invincible character with invincible attacks while I was Rudolf. Little ignored poor wittle ninja of the damned.

Right, the point was that while he was CL we finished stage one and two (the end of stage two ALWAYS crashes no matter what, so...) and I died like 5 times during that, because not only was it on DIFFICULT, but 3 out of 5 times I died because of FIREN'S annoying ONE HIT KO ATTACK and Louis EX fudged me up the other two times. I turned into Davis, Louis, Deep, and Henry (plus bandit/hunter/mark because of an accident) but I could NEVER turn into John because of his dumb shields and his million and bajillions of energy disk, not ONLY that but because my cousin was CL and killed everybody in less than 2 seconds, it's kind of hard to turn into ANYBODY really, so that wasn't entirely a fun game.

Yesterday I was at my other cousin's house until 3am because my parents were playing majong across the street so my brother and my cousin (they are 23 and 22, respectively, >>) played poker, specifically texas holdem. Now I was a newbie at poker so I wasn't so good, in fact it was a rather fun game because while we DID use chips, we COULD ONLY EAT THE FOOD if we WON a round, so there was hazelnut chocolate and some sort of other chocolate, popcorn, crackers, ginger ale, and the grand prize, A GINGERBREAD COOKIE!! Although I didn't win much, I won most of the hazelnut chocolate and some popcorn and crackers, my bro got the gingerbread cookie...>>

Then we played scrabble, =P, but it sucked because we came home at THREE AM, and I was tired and their couches are like...ROCK.

That is all for today! =D
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I was playing around with Hamachi the other day (well actually today just a few minutes ago) and went to the forums to figure out how to file share with my brother's new (*cough*withbluetoothandaprettierscreenthanmine*cough*) computer, which I did, when I decided to see what LF2 networks I could join. I mean I never really played online LF2 unless I'm teaching it to people, so like actual pros might've been nice. There was one but it was full, but a mirror one was taken down. However the person who had that mirror network up, lived in Vancouver, Canada, where I LIVE! OMGZGASP.

So I was like...okay...and then checked his livejournal, and apparently he goes to the same school as me. o.o;

Wow, someone likes LF2 and goes to the same school as me, except he's 3 years younger than me, xD. Maybe one day I'll find him in the midst of the 1400 other students. xP

I felt like a stalker finding that out though, is putting your real school on LJ really that safe? o.o;

(Oh yeah his name is Lyle. =P)
I'm done. =)

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Before we begin...

Why are you wearing that stupid Spotstar suit?

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:


What a very funny game of LF2 that was! First I was using random WAY too much, as in randoming so often that I broke it. Louis and Firen both did not appear in random anymore no matter what I did, they just fell off the face of the planet, I broke it. xD

But the best part was a 3 on 3 battle, I was John, and Henry and Woody were on my team. We were up against Freeze, Davis, and Deep. Anyway we killed Deep and Davis, and Woody was on the verge of death, so I put a heal for Woody to heal, and then suddenly Freeze did a whirlwind behind me, and I got frozen, but the heal was RIGHT next to the whirlwind, so both Woody and Henry (Henry is SO greedy, xD) ran into the heal, but they ALSO ran into the whirlwind, and Woody was KILLED by the whirlwind rather than healed by the heal, and it was HENRY who got to the HEAL first, so Woody died in VAIN! I KILLED HIM! Why did I not record that! XD

I decided to do a reenactment using CRUDE SPRITE COMICS. Btw, remember that sprite comic of John and Woody I did that featured Henry as a bad guy? Seriously, this was a huge coincidence. xD Henry killed Woody by taking the heal first, but they both jumped into the enemy's attack like an idiot. The AI of this game makes me laugh.

Ah yes, a good day in LF2....(not for hockey though, not only did Canada's spangler cup team lose 0-5, I went with friends to buy hockey stuff and came home with a free bottle of Nestea because I found 2 dollars...xD)


I is LOVE!

Dec. 28th, 2006 10:35 pm
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So apparently the reason why Aoi hasn't been online lately is that the big earthquake that hit Taiwan has knocked off most internet services in Singapore. DDD: HURRY BACK ONLINE AOI!

That and Kirami has disappeared, plus other people don't go online very often. THUS I've talked to these people more:
et Toni (and I usually never talk to her, Oo)

Anyway I was playing LF2...for far too long, xP. Every time Henry was on a team, with another character I liked, I called them "Omg, team 3 is LOVE" or something like that, xD. And then if Henry was my partner, I called him, "Omg, my partner is LOVE" so you can tell what I call him if I'M him, xP.

My brother got his new laptop yesterday, thus I have mine back for 24/7! HOORAY!!!

That is all.
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It's christmas morning! And I'm eating sushi and drinking coke with no sleep whatsoever.


So there's now a fanart trend in the chinese community of drawing an ukey little John who (looks adorable) is jealous of Davis and Jan...because he wants Davis, and the ironic thing is there is also a JohnXJan fanart too, so like all three of them are in the only couple in existence. [Wait, there's apparently a EVERYBODYxJan too according to a fanfic, except John for he was Jan's brother...and except Henry because he was a TV star who didn't know her] (besides RudolfXHenry that I created and was propelled by Shiroi-chan and Kirami-sama, xD)

I am also in the midst of moving the art on my wall. The shiroi wall has moved to the table except for a few really great fanarts. This includes her John fanart and the fanart of all the roleplay guys watching some movie. I lost the Henry one, T_T. I need Shiroi to resend that or something. Because of my love of LF again, so the wall by my bed needs some LF art, unfortunately I cannot find many and even less of art I like. Luckily Aoi helped on some part and Kirami is drawing a bit of a comic. There's plenty of Rudolf art to put on my wall. Even John has some significant amount, just that most of his aren't coloured. So I need some Henry, =P

It was originally going to have Naruto art but apparently Naruto died...AGAIN, xD. Because the current plot sucks and the fillers are very boring. And there's TOO much fandom out there, O_o.

Anyway all my fanart birthday presents so far:


This funny art from LEFTAY:


And OF COURSE this from AOI!

(lol, I'm putting it here AGAIN)

(Reserved for Kirami)

THANKS FOR ALL THE PRESENTS! Muuuuuuch love. ^^ <3

Merry Christmas to all, and to all A GOOD NIGHT!!!
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Less than half an hour to Christmas. ^^

Welps, that christmas party was pretty good...why? Well...what do you think? xP

There was this guy named Henry, not my uncle. He's my mom's friend's son, and a collegue of my brother's in university. Anyway, he's a pretty awesome guy, smart, probably sportive, and such. See, there's ANOTHER awesome Henry! Except for the two Henry's in my school, who I hate with a passion and should not have the name Henry as they do not deserve it, but who cares. xP


Yush, you must see with all your passion, this awesome beautiful (slightly retarded, xD) fanart of Henry teh awesomest of all awesomes in all that can be classified as AWESOME!

See? What did I say? AWESOME! (and slightly retarded. xD That's his expression, but BLAHs, =D)

Continue on with your life now plz. ^^

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Omgz, xD. Those silly Chinese people!!!! xDDD

I was scavenging the LF forum's chinese community and apparently I have learned a few things:
Gender blendering the characters is VERY popular.
John is gay. (XD)
Rudolf is slutty. (XDDD!!!)
Woody is an awesome breakdancer. (WOO!)
John is an evil character in EVERY LF movie I've watched... (not counting those where he's not in them...obviously)
Henry is WEAK SAUCE!

So I saw the gender blender of Rudolf (like three times, xD), Henry, John, and Freeze (ironically they're my four favourite characters of the whole game, xDDD).  I saw a hysterical alteration of a JanXDavis Xmas drawing, and then the original artist edited it and put John, and Davis was all, "OoO!!!" and everybody around him was all "._.", xD. DavisXJohn, holy shiz, never put shounen-ai in my game fandom PLEASE. xDDDDDD

In every Rudolf blender, he's all skankeh, it was unbelievably funny. xD It's like, "10 bucks that I beat you, if I do, I bang you" xD. Seriously, this is all wrong and so frikkin' hilarious. xD

In other news I watched a LF movie (in Chinese) that had 15 episodes to it. THis is apparently what I think happens as a guess on what the hell they're saying:
Rudolf: Impossible! JULIAN IS DEAD!
Woody: They plan to REVIVE HIM!
Rudolf: Then we must go onwards and defeat his minions to stop them!
Henry: ...
Davis and Dennis appear and do something, beat up some bandits and stuff.
And then it pans to a scene where Woody finished beating a bunch of bandits off and Henry is unconscious.
Rudolf: *runs in* We must CONTINUE!!!
Woody; Right! *picks up Henry and they run off*
*and then they go onwards until...*
*many a-beatings later*
Justin #2312: *grabs Henry and disappears*
Rudolf: HENRY!
Woody: OMGZ NO!
Then Dennis enters from out of nowhere (apparently chasing someone): Hey guys, looks to be a huge fight here...where's Henry?
And John is all EVIL GODMODE, not even LOUISEX CAN DEFEAT HIM!!!!
But LouisEX and Woody have a 1on1 fight and they both fall unconsious!
Freeze was brainwashed by the evil people, but is now free from the brainwashing!
Firen comes out of nowhere to help!
Henry escapes and is then thrown back into his cell! (That made me laugh)
John goes around godmoding some more!!!
Deep appears and fights muchos enemies but loses ALL of them!!!
Bat appears and PWNS Henry.

At this part, apparently "sad" Naruto music starts and then Henry's all on the ground and then it flashes back to show Davis and Rudolf and he's all like, "Rudolf.." and apparently dies. I was smashing the laptop on the bed screaming, "OMGZ YOU KILLED HENRY I HATE JOOS!JKBDBSJDKNSKF!!!" Jumping around in hysterics, but then some monks come and pick up Henry('s body?)" and run off and he is suddenly missing for like two episodes. Rudolf apparently faints a lot and the other person he's paired up with seems to fight for him, xD (more weak sauceness) John continues to godmodly own...Louis seems to be "good" but bad, but I don't really understand him. There's some conflict with a bunch of recolored bandits, yeah, not knowing what they say doesn't help...

But if they killed Henry...HEADS WILL ROLL I SAY!!! HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!
Bastards. xDDD

So yeah. Heads will roll and sex changes all around! WOOOOT!!!
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There was a John character running around befriending people, I was one of them.

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I just had a 'nonstop' Freeze battle! I was Freeze for like an hour of nonstop fighting with constant F7'ing after everybody dies! It was incredibly fun, especially the fact that Henry was my partner and he DID NOT SUCK. It was hard that Woody, Davis, and Deep were on the same team, while the rest (Firen, John, and Rudolf on the same team) were just beat up constantly and had no hope, xD. Basically it was 2vs3vs3.

I kept running out of mana at the end if I still had some HP left, so Henry would be in front of me spammin' arrows and palmin' his heart out, and I try to help but me having lack of mana gets us beat up especially when we're injured from the whole round and it ended up being 3v2 which is usually the green team (Davis, Deep, et Woody) trying to finish us. Constant dragon palms and lots of tiger dashes followed by the endless amount of dashing strafes didn't stop us. It was hard for me because even though I could turn Davis and Woody's blasts into counter-ice blasts, Deep would just counter back so that team was a big disadvantage for us. If it weren't for Henry I'd be dead. Henry was awesome in the team. I love the Henry and Freeze tag-team, it's awesome and better than DeepFreeze personally, because that was one awesome game. We were also in HK coliesium for the whole time so nobody could run away and it was just pure NONSTOP ACTION. This is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE playing this game and also I can train my Freeze since I suck with him.

I especially loved the combo me and Henry did often, we did other cooler combos that took more skill but I still love the Freezing Sonata attack so very the best. We were absolutely pwning yet being pwned at the same time. The challenge was the fun part, it was just sooooo FUN!!! I NEED to do that again one day, because that was a thrilling moment in my life. Just killing and dying and reviving and killing and dying. I especially like how I grabbed Deep and punched him many times and Henry was like SUPER SPEED and spewing arrows at Deep on the other side, literally pwning him. ANd this is NORMAL LF2 too! LF2 original will always be the funnest, because of the LACK of hell moves or super moves. No fun instantly killing people, so yeah, that was just AWESOME fun. =DDDD

Good night now. =D


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