Nov. 22nd, 2005 05:04 pm
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I guess I should change the look of my journal because I don't fancy Rei, or Max, or Beyblade itself anymore. What's up? Well, during the time I have not posted, nine billion two hundred forty five million six hundred twenty nine thousand and eight hundred fifty six things happened. (That's 9,245,629,856) Let's start from the beginning, =D

During October, I have gotten more interested into HOCKEY!! Watching them fight, shove, push, injure, skate, take penalties, run into goalies, score, dive, fall, win, get emotional, get abusive, smash, reason, yell, argue, advise, and play hockey was extremely exciting. And the best position in hockey is goaltending (minus the people running into goalies, seen that happen 248932874289448482 times)
The canucks started out normally, then boosted into a long winning streak (after losing 0-6 to Minnesota, but beating them 5-2 afterwards) Hearing all of Minnesota, Calgary, and Colorado boo Bertuzzi, Cloutier getting his first concussion, minor league players coming in for the injured making huge mistakes and getting themselves bashed, a Flames player falling on his butt, and the goalie punching everybody, I have seen it all.

Anyway, it was quite exciting, disappointment and pride both came out equally in my side, =D What's next? Soldat. In that game, during October, I have been lagging a lot, then in the end I have decided to...GET A NEW GOD DAMNED COMPUTER Yet it was not that easy. Being the leader of this clan had it's up and downs, and other things came in the way. Currently, my favourite weapons (that I can use) are Ruger, Desert Eagles, HK MP5, Steyr AUG, and Minimi, as for secondaries...all of them, but mostly the USSOCOM.

What was next then? What was NEXT?!?! Well, I'm sure you all have heard my latest (and hopefully longer than my 1-week naruto obsession craze) obsession. It's in my DP, the forums, and I'm making a desk clock of it at school. What is it? Battle B Daman.
I know, I've spoken of this before on this journal, but right now is when I TRULY feel as a good fan of such a show, even if it's aimed at Elementary School kids...and somehow has more violence than all three seasons of Beyblade put together...minus the blood.

But why now? Why not before? Because I found all of the first season episodes of it online. I heard of one episode that I was eager to watch, but now that I have watched all of Bdaman, I will now conclude similarities of it and my former (and very HUGE) obsession, beyblade.

Well, let's start with the obvious ones...they're from the same company, d-rights. D-Rights seems to have many kiddy Animes (lol), ranging from Bdaman's predesessor, Bomberman something, and other Animes I barely heard of, with it's superb Animation. Actually, in beyblade, V force's Animation is better than that of G Rev's, why? Some of the episodes in G Rev, the animation was sloppy, for example, episode 10. Rei and Takao were, well distorted and unrealistic looking, in harsher words, ugly.
So V-force didn't seem to have that, and that what made its Animation better. Battle B Daman has adapted from that, and sometimes looks even better.

The storyline, well, the main difference from the storylines is that they are in fact VERY different, but still similar in some ways. There's a tournament in the beginning, but this tournament was different, it had more variety, and dangerous parts too. (When Gray and Yamato faced off, they had to run on a  treadmill, slip and you back into SPIKES!!!) The storyline AFTER the tournament? Different, extremely different. In beyblade, it basically leads into a match at the end (In G Rev), but in B Daman, personally, was a lot more dramatic.

In Beyblade, the storyline after it, had to do with...KAI WANTING TO VERSE TAKAO, Kai lost to brooklyn and couldn't, switched sides for revenge, and  becomes really mopey about it. Yeah, interesting. In battle B daman, many things happen, during a part of the 1st saga, the Super 5 Tournament with the supposedly "really" nice boss guy, who betrayed them at the  latter storyline (His name is Cain), he's evil, insane evil, like brooklyn, but for completely different reasons. You know what's funny? Gray, who is like Kai, goes against Cain, after losing first before. Isn't that FUNNY?

Enjyu, the main antagonist of the first saga, is declared to be like Yuriy. He tries to stop the evils of the 2nd plot, but ends up within the 2nd evilness too. So, instead of being in a coma for 10 episodes, he was brainwashed and was helping the evil "Neo Shadow Alliance". Bull falls into the Kenny category, since he becomes the mechanic (and plays a less important role in the end), now, off to my favourite part.

Wen and Li, the two Yong Fa brothers with apparently no parents (Unless their father is a panda or some old dude, but I think he's just the advisor guy like Armada is, who think is a lot like Jin, but a lot funnier.) You know, that'd actually make sense, I mean, the brothers are kinda strange in a way. Li has animal eyes, not human eyes, thus one of the parents must be either a hybrid, an animal, or also some human with bug eyes, while the other must look normal, where Wen comes in. But the actual part, ^^;;;
I'm not exactly clear what exactly HAPPENED here, because the episodes I saw were in Korean. But what I know of is, Li bumped into Enjyu, who needed his help to defeat the neo Shadow Alliance, for some reason, Li had to betray Wen just to do that, but what's funny is when Li actually goes there, he is zapped (looks painful) and becomes brainwashed, in which Enjyu would become later. So was all that sadness and betrayal in vain? What the hell did Enjyu want Li to do? All those events changed Wen's attitude a bit, who joined with the main group (And replaced Bull afterwards, lol) so 5 episodes later he can get Li back.

The most logical explanation is, that Li had to not be suspicious, since they knew both Li and Wen together were nearly indestructible, if only one brother comes, it would make more sense, and if Li let them use him, it would make Enjyu seem to actually be on their side if he was starting to not be trusted, yet in the end, Enjyu fails, Li sacrficed all that in vain, and now their fate can only be saved by Yamato and the others.
Which creates a very ironic, sad, and sadistic situation there. Well, we'll see when I see the English episodes...in about 5 weeks, lol.

Or, the other reason is that the writers thought it was getting boring so they did that, so Wen and Li can have a faceoff, to see who is better, and they wanted them to have some part and liked Wen better than Li and Enjyu combined, XD What was clever about that was when Li and Wen actually faced off, in the end it didn't really show who was the stronger and more skilled brother. (They should have done that with Rei and Max), a strong reason why Battle B Daman is well written, and much better written than Beyblade will ever be.

Another reason is the flashbacks. They show almost everybody who had some sort of main part in the show a flashback, not Bull though. In the beginning of the show itself, it showed Yamato has a young fellow, than it showed Gray and his sister as younger kids, showed Enjyu his sad past for a kid, showed Cain and his friend in flashbacks before he was evil, after than, showed Terry when he was young and training (like a ninja, lol), and showed Wen and Li in flashbacks as well. Well, to be in truth, the only younger kids than they are that looked good was Enjyu and Wen. Why? because if they were younger than THAT, they'd have bigger eyes and stuff, and smaller bodies, it seemed a bit too...smallish and biggist eyes to me...

But I can say one thing, Battle B Daman is definitely sappier than Beyblade, even if it's more violent than beyblade, which is ironic. In the end, nobody was really evil...

After that rant, you should know who my favourite character is by now, >><<>><<

Now for life itself, in Soldat, I got a friend and a bunch of other friends in my clan, if I wasn't talking  to the BIFF or school friends, I'd be talking to them, What was strange that each one of my group of friends are completely different. School friends aren't Yaoi-lovers, they're funny in the way of randomness and stuff like that, the BIFF ARE yaoi-lovers, and are the middle me, can be interested in all sides of me. And finally, the clan buddies are the more boyish me, which is why I have so many different kinds of friends...O.o

My school friends and I plan to make a movie, I have no part in it, except for the fact that I am the cameraman. I have a (very old) camcorder, and they don't. It's supposed to take place in the fog, and lately it has been very foggy here. I like my position, =P

My dad recently got out of the hospital, but we bought 128 bucks worth of medicene, he's fine though, which makes me happy, and now we can have fine cooked meals and get to go to places because of my dad, and I can enjoy hockey fully now.

Ah yes, that time of the year is coming. Christmas, my birthday, 3 other birthdays, 4 BIFF days, new years,  and 5 thousand ants dying in the snow, lol. Christmas is my favourite month, my busiest month, and arguably my happiest month. Whatever happens soon will happen...

That's all for now, and if you don't know who my favourite character is yet, check the forum. I hate French! Je deteste francais!
"You don't say F*** on national TV," -me when Iw as watching hockey and this player screamout the f word REALLY LOUD.
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I'm a girl.
My name is a boy name probably, but me, Spotstar, Spotzor, Spotty, Spoit, etc. is a GIRL. It was hard to convince someone though...well, ALL of them. Making them think I'm some sort of perverted gay man.

That's the bad point of Soldat. The boys. They act like boys and will assume like this in a stubborn manner.
They are boys.

Perhaps I should've told them I'm a girl when I started Soldat, but they never asked. I never bothered, and it finally has come to this.
Or never revealed my true gender.

But what is it like to be assumed this way? I don't want to pretend I'm someone I'm not. I don't want to pretend I'm not a girl, because I am one.

Here's someone who I'll keep anonymous (NOT, his name is 8M|Darkrain, and 8M is his clan tag) I played Soldat with him before, and we have gotten enough attention to greet each other.
He started calling me Mr. Spot.

I ignored that for...a day. Sooner or later, since I said I was a girl to many others, he had to know, so I did reveal it. He never believed me and told me to send a picture.
Yes, sending a picture to a complete stranger at this age and at this time is pretty stupid and unsafe, but do you think I look like a parent?

So I sent one, my "UBC with my brother" one in fact.
Guess what? He assumed I was a guy, because of my BROTHER.
And was stubborn like that like hell.
So here's my latest email to HIM:
Obviously I can't convince you, and even though I'm not lying. I'm not trying to lie, people called me that I'm a male because of my name, and I didn't bother to correct them, well I should've said I was a girl when I started Soldat.

Does it look like I'm lying? This is the reason why I hate a lot of boys, and probably the same to you. If I need proof, fine, I'll go to your house. I'll even send you a link to MY forum with a bunch of GIRLS on it. And if you still aren't convinced that I'm NOT joking. Then I hope DS wins the clanwar.

And if you still aren't convinced, well, someone will believe me. Then at least I won't act bitchy to them like I will to you.

Where do you live? I'll buy a webcam, maybe that'll be easier.

Jesus Katko! This is Spot, bitching about HER gender, and the truth. This sounds stupid, but if you don't believe me, who god damn cares anymore. my reputation will be the "Gay man" rather than the "GIRL". Oh yes, this sounds ironic, because my bro who graduated, is gay, and which would probably put you off as making you think I'M him. The sickness of "cum" and "penis" I hear everyday in Soldat I ignore, and just keep playing.

So drain, fuck off.
Drain's his nickname, and he's having a clanwar, I was supporting him...WAS.

So yeah, I'm not exactly happy right now, but I'm going back on Soldat...just to see what happens...
(Will probably come back more pissed)
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I'm taking a break from Soldat for now. People there are getting quite nitpicky.
There's the whiners, there's the "OMG YOU HAX" to the good players (then they get kicked), the "OMG I HATE THIS GUN ILL REMOVE IT YESSIRS!!!", and finally the "WTF?!?! I SHOT YOU!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!!"

For the whiners, SHUT THE HELL UP. Life is as it is, it's a game, life is life, not only in Soldat, but EVERYWHERE.
Whine all you want, but c'mon! Is ANYTHING fair? No! Yeah, i admit I'm not too fair on things too, but this is reality, PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS. A world without racism isn't human! A world without bitchy people isn't real! A world without terror, destruction, or happiness isn't real!
For the n00bs who say you hack: SHUT THE HELL UP. You people suck and need lives, EVERY GAME HAS HACKERS AND PROS, you need to LEARN to figure out from which is which, don't be a prick, DAMNIT!
For you people complaining about gun balance, SHUT THE HELL UP. They are what they are, don't like it? Don't use it, AND LEARN TO OVERPOWER THOSE GUN USERS!!!
For the people who swear like hell when one hit-kills don't work...SHUT THE HELL UP. It's a GODDAMNED bug or Bill Gate's shouldn't have invented LAG!

Anyway, I found out the name of my cool clan, Arcane Wraith, cool eh?
My friend continued that Henry and Rudolf comic, the msot recent page is REALLY blood man, I'm surprised Henry is still alive after that massacre...

Yeah, I just wanted to write this, will someone comment my last posts please? This too, but those more.
BBQ tomorrow!


Aug. 29th, 2005 09:40 pm
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Hehe, you can see that I'm happy, what's even more interesting is tha tI checked other LJ's (my friend's) and they aren't so happy...it's too coincidental to be a coincidence, I'm happy them not MANY MANY TIMES!!!
Want to know why? Well, I got a LOT to type, many, many things are happening. It makes me cry with joy, I say late Summer Vacation must be the best part of the vacation yet (minus the back to school commercials...)

Ok, last Saturday was a joy-ridden Battle B Daman episode. You can all say B Daman is a ripoff, but it's storyline makes it all great! Battle B Daman is probably the most original Anime I have ever watched! Not only was there Li, but I'm being quite happy with the Gray character who lost by the way to Yamato, but they didn't make  it that predictable (except the last part where Yamato saved Gray's life....that was too Yaoiish even for me...) They were SLEEPING side by side man! It's as if they want Yamato and Gray like. BIG GIANT YAOIISMS!!!! It makes it SO much like that, so many people would enjoy this Anime, especially the Yaoi-lovers.

Now to continue one, about Little Fighter. I found its manga...or cartoon, it's not Japanese, in a store in our local Chinatown, and it was around about 6 pages of Stinky fighting Milo with everything else jsut other Anime/Chinese stuff comics. (There was Pokemon, it had a chibi Gary, awwwww!) (There was Duel masters, ick) Ok, so Stinky's all like the person who's never giving up and having the lower hand in battle, Milo looks like an insane african-american (No racist statement intended) with large massive muscles. There were only two original characters in those 6 pages, Davis and Dennis. Woody I have no idea where the hell he is.

Here's the good parts: They drew Stinky well.
The fight was interesting.

Here's the bad parts: WTF?!?! DENNIS LOOKS LIKE YOH FROM SHAMAN KING WITH WAY TOO MUCH HAIR GEL?!?!?! (OMG, they SERIOUSLY ruined him...noooooo)
Davis's hair...THEY SCREWED IT UP?!?! It's slicked back and not forward like everywhere else!
Cutie you dumb Mary-Sue.
Stinky...my god, that's impossible, you can't be alive after being smashed headfirst into the ground, and the ground even cracked a lot by a muscle man...you idiot gary-stu.
It was too short, they gave Duel masters like...50 pages and this like 10!
Where was WOODY?! He's one of the main! At least have WOODY!!! You know, the good looking one? *points all over LJ*

Yeah ok, I didn't like, but all I did was waste 6 bucks, graphic novels are usually 24 bucks, ^__^
Oh a good part was that they had pictures of cool Zoids, Transformers, Gundams, DBZ action figures in colour that looked very nice, ^___^ I think they were advertisements though. You know, somethings very wrong with a book if you enjoyed the advertisements more.

Oh and don't blame me for being stupid, well I was, but I couldn't really look into the book and check it, it was in plastic wrap and people don't want me opening it up just to see if it's good. (I just wanted to see Henry so baaaaaaaadly neeeeeeee!)
(Yeah, I admit I like Henry more than John now...so what?)

Ok end of LF rant.
Now for the HAPPY part! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

For the past 3 weeks I've been playing Soldat, in my last post, I said I was goddamned lonely. Well, so I spent most of my spare time on Sodlat, joining random servers and getting my butt whooped 80% of the time. I started feeling bored with Soldat until I accidentally joined an RS server. Which means it's realistic and survival, as in you only get one life to end the other's life until the last man/or team standing, or if it's CTF if you get the flag back you get the point. Anyway, it's also realistic, so your Soldat sees what only yoyu see and if you crash into walls or fall on the ground you die or get hurt.

Yeah, you must think that sucks, because in normal it didn't have that....I thought so too...how wrong was I.
One day, I decided to give RS a chance and played a bit. Obviously I wasn't too good (I was a n00b back then) but apparently I had fun.
Lots of fun.

The people were...well, you're average young male that plays games for a living on the computer. No I am not talking about nerds, I'm talking about a majority of boys. They acted a lot like them...
"Suck my *will not mention this part of a male*" And "f*** you" "Hacker" But of course, those were only the bad sides, which in the present I now ignore or go along with anyway.
They were nice.
Nice people.
Nice boys.
Something very rare.

Some of them were wise guys, smartasses...pretty much made me a bit mad...since they were like awesome pros. But little did I know I'd be playing on their couple of servers constantly. Whenever I joiend the server, sometimes they will greet me with a "Hi Spot!' And things like that. Makes me happy...people saying hi...something the BIFF don't really do anymore (No offense) So i started playing Soldat CONSTANTLY!
There were the good times and the bad times, one day I met someone named "The_Killer" (It's not exactly a very original name)

I was playing on his team, we were pretty much losing but I was doing fairly decent, then he took up some sort of interest in me and asked if I wanted to join his clan. Of course, I being a noob, would like to be in a clan, so we added each other on MSN, added the leader and said I'd join...but...

But those friends I spoke of before....especially ONE guy...had a strange interest in me, I call it an obsession, but it may be far-fetched. Whenever I play in the middle of the night, I usually go to my "IMASMARTASSWEIRDO mode" which got me some attention.
They wanted me in their clan.

I could not wait to jump into their clan. They had some good members, the interested guy in me said i could join, since I was good at Soldat. (Not that great, but meh) I asked if he really wanted me in their clan, they said yes, I agreed, but what about the LAST clan?!?!
Well, technically I wasn't official yet, since to ever be an official person in a clan, one must be tested under the leader, and I hadn't. So I told him the truth (prehaps exaggerated it a bit, but otherwise the full truth) And I told him I'll play him anyway, perhaps it would make me and him feel better.
We got on a server, we played for a while, he was using a f***ing barrett, which pissed me off oh so much. More people joined, it was jsut a normal deathmatch.

About 4 people were there, I played and played and scored 2nd place, the leader got last. So apparently I'm better than their clan.
So I decided to go with the clan I enjoy more, since they play RS more. Also, I felt a little guilty for leaving the last clan, since theyw ere enw and had some hopes up, but that's like choosing Coke or water. You enjoy coke more, and you like it more, but water is the one good for you and is the right one to choose. I was in a decision to choose what was right and what I wanted. Now, maybe I should've stayed with that last clan, but this was my decision and yes I do feel guilty, but what would you choose?

If all your close friends wanted you to be in their erm, group instead a stranger with some people hoping to make more friends, who would you choose? Pity or lust?
In reality, you could be both, but not with clans, which made this a hard decision indeed.

Download Soldat, I'm {|AW|}Spot (AW is my clan name) oh right, we also hack for fun, but not in serious matches or anything, we just hack for fun, there's a game we invented called the raining knives, mind you one knife is the weapon for one person as a secondary, but these were 5000 knives, and knife is a 1 hit K-O, so we were just dodging randomly.

Today, someone named Spot was in a server, and when I ({|AW|}Spot) joined, I immediately went, "WTF?!?! Who the hell is Spot?!?!" (Yeah, it's rude, but everyone would've said that if they found someone like that) Spot claimed he had his name for 2 years, but hey, if anybody knew my Spot story, I had that name since 1996 of Christmas! That's almost 9 years! We argued for a bit, but stopped, since we both agreed that Spot is a very cool name. Then Spot joined my team and the two Spots went to OWN everybody else, it was so fun.

I also went to the arcade with my bro, he beat me at racing (well he had driving lessons) but I kicked his ass in Street Fighter Vs. Capcom easily. He chose Marvel people (Spiderman and that blue dude that looks like spiderman but bigger and a long tongue, forgot his name) I took Strider and that white guy who looked a little like Ryu, so they were from Street Fighter.
I pwned badly.
Then lost against the computer's stupid Chun-li.

So fun, I'm rather happy. Though Soldat's screwing up with the servers constantly, well I'm off to play Soldat!
Find me!
Oh right, let me write this down before I forget:
In Soldat my guns chronological order: AK-74, Desert Eagles, Steyr AUG, Spas-12, FN Minimi, and finally Ruger. (RUGER ROCKS!) *is now a Rugertard*
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Ok, lots of things have been happening. I attempted to write in my journal twice before but failed. Apparently I lost interest into continuing them, and one of them had the beginning of a Beyblade story, humour, in my style. I'm not going to post that until I finish it, or if I ever feel like finishing it. Anyway, something very weird is happening. My ear popped and everything sounds louder now, much louder. Perhaps it was plugged from before, =P

Ok, right now I'm in a Soldat faze, been playing everyday for at least 5 hours a day. At least, sometimes I play it for about 10. There were good times, and there were the bad times. For example, a couple people made fun of my name (Spot), and their ways of making fun of it were quite amusing. Not very original though. Here's one, "See Spot, See Spot run, see Spot get fragged". "Fragged" is apparently internet talk for pwned, which is internet slang for owned, =P Ok, I didn't care, because I got 1st place and beat him, =P

In Battle B Daman, today's episode was good. I wish I recorded it. If anybody likes Kai/Takao, but Kai's completely OOC and Takao's more childish, you'd like the pairing they obviously put on this show. GrayYamato. In fact, it seems more like ReiMax than TakaoKai, because Gray's actually  a nice fellow rather than cold, he just looks like Kai a bit, and Yamato is freakin' hyperactive.  Or maybe ReiTakao. Or even KaiMax, or something. Hard to figure out, it can even be TakaoMax, but definitely not KaiRei.

I'm comparing way too many things. Anyway, it's a pretty good Anime, in fact, it's a PERFECT Anime for those Beyblade fans who love and adore Yaoi. There is definitely lotsa hints in this Anime and I found out that it's very original. They weren't using Gray to rip off Kai, both shows are from different manga writers, and Gray is more of a Rei. Yamato is more hyperactive and funloving than Takao would be, you could say Daichi too, except he's not as annoying as Daichi. Tsubame is a lot like a combination of...Hiromi and Kenny, but in a more of a funloving style. Yamato always annoys him and he always chases him, but unless in Beyblade where Hiromi actually gets her revenge on Daichi, Tsubame never does, it's just fun to watch them chase each other. (More like Tsubame chasing Takao)

And Bull is an entire original character himself, I like him. Li's like Zeo, in the Anime not manga, or he'd be dead. Enjyu is a perfect example of Yuriy, sort of, first season Yuriy as a badass then becoming good, because he eventually does.Well Enjyu is more of a Kaiba/Vegeta type of person. And anybody else I won't bother because Wen seems to not have developed any personality yet, maybe I should call him Bryan.

Battle B Daman fanfics are appearing on ff.net! Whee!!!

Also, today's episode was the first half of Yamato Vs. Gray in the winner's tournament, after long battles in some other challenge they were in, in another city where Bull is in love with a light obsessive princess. It's why it's called Neon City, they go crazy if the lights go off, all afraid of the dark apparently. The conflict is, the Shadow Alliance are holding Gray's sister captive, if Yamato beats Gray, Gray will never see his sister again. (Who I think is called Leanne or something, I know it starts with an L) Yamato finds out and holds backa gainst Gray, who gets mad and just wants a fair battle that they promised each other. After much persuation, Gray is disappointed with him and goes to win himself, but finally Yamato fights back in tears, whoooo overdramatic, no?
Hahaha, I saw them all in the hot spring again, Tsubame is ALWAYS tortured man! XD!

One more thing, it SHOWED Gray punching Yamato, it doesn't cut the fire, the violence, or the punches! It's not dubbed by Nelvana, so it's VERY good! I don't understand why it's not that popular, oh well. Shiroi, Kiki, and me apparently like it, does anybody else?
The hints, the character development...actually, from watching Battle B Daman and beyblade, BDAMAN is the better Anime here. Bdaman isn't as stupid, as much as I adore Beyblade. The conflicts in Battle B Daman is more original, and Beyblade not very. But I still love Beyblade more, it's just that in a general point of view, the art, the noncuts, and the plots are better in battle B Daman's position. Even the characters...
Ok, enough bdaman babelfish. I had no sleep last night and drank bad coffee,  I don't like coffee, I forced myself to drink it all to stay awake. I did not stay awake, fell asleep for 3 hours on my parent's bed after lunch. My Beyblade and LF2 obsession is on hold, as Soldat takes over. (I haven't played LF2 in two days!) I will have to some time, I need to keep my skills up. Anyway, I'm not the best Soldat player, but not the worst either. I was in this server full of pros (Wargamez CTF) and got last place. But then I went to a server full of newbies (Either HUGZ something or the ONES server), or most of them were. (Most of them had stupid effin' barrets, a one hit kill gun that's unfair unless in a one on one match. 10 bullets too. Only newbies use barrets.) I had my favourite guns, the Desert Eagles by my side, and my backup, a rocket launcher called the M72 LAW, with 4 grenades and a lack of sleep.

SO I joined the game early on, nobody scored yet. I headed over to capture the flag, and there were about 4 campers or so, they failed to shoot me, and I took the flag and ran back to my base, scoring a win. I told myself that was way too easy and not to expect it to be as easy again when I go and capture the flag again. My team were pretty good too, not the best, but apparently better than the Bravo team. So before I went over there I crouched and took out my M72 LAW, and shot a random rocket. I like shooting random if I'm bored, to see if I hit anybody, usually I don't, but this time I did, =P There was this barrettard coming my way and shot me from behind, didn't even see him.

I respawned on the top part of the base and decided to take the alternate route. I jetted through the air, shooting with my desert eagles like mad and getting some double kills. I landed on their base and flew down to the flag, nobody was there. But they captured our flag. So I took the flag and ran out, throwing grenades on the way. Actually, I hit myself and it launched me to my base. I bumped into teh guy who had my flag and shot me, but it was not enoguh. My teammates came barging through and started shooting like crazy with some autoguns. It sure shook that guy up. He died. We returned our flag and I scored again. 2 flag points, 10 kills so far, making my score around 40 or so.

So another teammate goes over there to get the flag, I helped him by shooting and covering for him. Of course, whenever I do that I expected to die, but I didn't. So now I knew everybody in this server sucked or most of them at least. I launched my LAW again and got someone else and that guy scored, 3-0.

Of some unknown reason, they got a score too, so it was 3-1. I apparently died again somehow, and respwaned near the top. The idiot barrettards kept spawn killing me, so I flew into the air and started grenade spamming, then shooting like crazy. I got a couple of them but not all, so I just ran right by them trying to dodge their shots and headed for the flag, another teammate got it, so I covered for him. I fell into the pit in the middle and some camper killed me there. And I respawned, but they got their flag back.

After tries and tries and things like that for a several minutes. I was low on health and looked for a first aid thing. I then saw the enemy flag just sitting there in my base...I just uttered oh my god in my head,  I've only been playing for two weeks and I'm owning them all. I usually suck, like that pro server I was in where it was rather fun but I kept getting kicked because it's cheat detection was seriously screwed. SO I took the blue flag and awaited my teammates to retrieve the red flag.

After around 4 flag captures and something like 30 kills, I scored the winning score and got a whooping 150-something points. I never get higher than a hundred, not even near 90, these people were serious newbs. In the next game I got around 10 kills before leaving, because I was getting bored of them. Too easy really. I gave my flag to someone else and left.
The reason it's so descrptive is because they did happen but probably out of order or something. Yeah, and to prove my point...
My Best Score!

In the pro one though, I got like 5 kills, XD No flag captures, I attempted to catch it and bring it back but their defense is pretty strong.Though I'm quite successful with the LAW, it's become my favourite secondary weapon, I  like the chainsaw too, I remember where some people of the opposing them were hiding under some hood thing and I just rammed them with a chainsaw and their blood and limbs went everywhere. Oh right, there's this bug in the game called the Black Ghost. It's where a character or bot appears suddenly, dressed in all black without a weapon and doesn't move at all. If you kill it, it would say "You killed" No name. If you check the players menu the bots or character isn't on there. It's kind of scary really, but just a bug and I hope to one day find one.

One more thing, I must be the world's hero:

Yep, that's rather funny.
Anyway, that's all I'll write. Sorry for the lack of LF2 and Beyblade stuff, I'm sure everybody expected that, =P
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Before I begin, let me just post this thing.
True Story

A Religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholisim is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, "I'm gay." The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said fuck or worshiped Satan. A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too.

If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn't matter if you're straight, bi, or gay. It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness

I would leave...Wouldn't you?

Ok, so if you've all been wondering, which you probably aren't, because I nobody really reads these things, I've been doing some pretty interesting and busy things lately. I don't know, this summer hasn't really been a waste, but then again is at the sametime. See, I've learned things this Summer, Flash, better photoshopping, drawing better (better postures, realistic poses), a tiny bit of Japanese, and so and so. Now, that is probably some good achievements, but I need to go out more, and furthermore, my parents only go out to buy stuff. (They do so, almost everyday) So I can't really go on vacation (they hate camping, blahblah), and for a day when they aren't busy, maybe we can actually go somewhere. We don't have to go to far outright exotic places or anything. Last year I crossed a suspension bridge (not the car ones mind you) and went hiking. This year, practically nothing!

Of course, we did go to the park and watch some fireworks, but that's hardly much. I went swimming a little, btu again, it is hardly much. I want to go out, yet stay in at the sametime. There are online friends who I haven't spoke to in ages so I don't want to miss a chance to find them online. Then there's the urge to create graphics and play more games. Call me a computer geek if you want, but it's just the daily things I do for passing time, and really, at least not everything is pointless either. I'm improving some sort of skill that I wish to have.

Pointless would be those that spend 24/7 playing MMORPGs and don't stop. Not that games aren't fun, but many people call those types of people "nerds with no life". I mean, what is the point of leveling up and becoming the strongest? Some sort of ego-helping thing? Anyway, what I'm going to talk about next might be a bit ironic or/and hypocritical.

Let's talk about games!

I've been playing and online mutiplayer game called Soldat. If any of you enjoy big-rated games such as Counter Strike, Quake, or even Worms, you'll like this game. Last night I played it till sunrise, so yeah, it is highly addictive. The object of the game is different in each mode, but to reach your goal you obviously have to kill, with guns, =D. My favourite mode is Capture the Flag, simply because I like running there, grabbing the flag, and fly/run as fast as I can back to base with 6 people trying to kill me...=P

The gun I prefer are Desert Eagles, they aren't very far ranged, but they only take three shots to kill and shoot fairly quick. There's a similar gun that shoots far, but its disadvantage is the amount of ammo you get until you reload again, and I don't like aiming extremely well since the people always move around, so I prefer shooting crazily at the general point of where the enemy is. Though for people who can aim have these HIGHLY annoying guns called M79 or Barrets, one shot one kill, but you only get one shot until you can reload, also, they aren't very fast. For the people who snipe, this weapon is made for them...and made for those like me to die...

Anywho, I really wish someone I knew downloaded the game, enjoyed it and play with me, but now my best bet is to make allies with people I don't know that probably killed me before, which isn't something I fancy, but going around solo doesn't feel right. Joining clans are a hassle because you have to be there for clanwars and always doing these things to stay in such clans, far too annoying. Also, grenades are annoying, and I have killed others with them, but I never play full-screen-mode so the grenades aren't very noticable, they are there, but they're about the size of a dot, so...besides, how do you know it's not debris?

If anybody downloads it, my name is Spot, I usually have black pants and a red shirt with dog-chains, but if I'm in a team battle, I could have a blue shirt. I'm usually in servers that aren't full, or servers that just recently got full, or servers with no one in it so people will join knowing someone is in the server, yeah...

Sometimes I play realistic mode, but never survival mode, which is an annoying mode because I die a lot, =P

Ok, now for the speakage of Little Fighter! I got extremely...well, not pissed off, or disappointed, perhaps the correct term should be "I was so eager but the eagerness died when I found out and now I wait for it to be fixed" type of thing. See, they've added more skills to LFO, so I wanted to see the pictures, EXCEPT I FIND OUT THEY ARE 90X90 PIXELS AND YOU CAN BARELY SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!! I was GOING to make something with them, and one of them, not sure which, looked interesting in particular.

Oh, they added Louis to LFO now. See? He's in my avatar, I only used him for the avatar because I use Firen too often, got Freeze as my display picture on MSN, have John and Rudolf in my siggys at a forum, Deep looks like crap, and I refuse to put Woody, Dennis, and definitely not Davis stuff on graphics. Woody, because this whole journal is full of him, Dennis because there isn't a decent/big enough picture (hot one's too small) and well, not Davis since I don't like him. Firzen doesn't look right, I hate Julian and Bat, and I don't give a damn for those new characters who seem to get more publicity than most of the originals...

I just noticed I forgot Henry, well not Henry because he's Henry, y'know? Henry isn't on anything since he IS Henry, and because Henry probably has the least publicity (yes, less than John!) in LFO and thus Henry, being himself, can't get on anything. If you don't get what I'm saying, I'll refine it for you. See, if Henry is so unpopular that means the stupid artists can't draw him right, then there isn't much fanart of him, nobody has him as favourites except noobs, and even though a lot of people admit he is the strongest of them all, they don't prefer his style of fighting, this meaning his publicity and self is totally destroyed where even I can't put him anywhere.

Jesus, a whole paragraph on Henry, I think too much heat is going to my head. You see, Henry is a very unique character (not saying John isn't), if you USE him right, (ok, I'm going to offend all you damned LF players out there, if you USE your brains, you'll rock with Henry!) Henry is a strategist, people say he's powerful, but his downside is his MP usage, well, don't use so much MP then. Don't use most of his attacks, only Dragon Palm and possibly Sonata of Death is worthy for Henry, then, be backup. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PLAIN ARROWS. Saying that with no MP all he does is shoot arrows means punching is useless as well, and it definitely isn't. You finish many combos or team combos with a Dragon Palm or a shot of an arrow. Besides, a plain arrow can be better than a punch, it makes them go into the "dance of pain" with one shot, and then you can apporach them and grab them, punch them fof and throw them away. You might say his run and attack or run + jump + attack is weak, which I agree it is, but it's very effective as well. Jump + attack kicks off about a group of bad guys, or at least puts them in the "dance of pain" then you can blast them all away with Dragon Palm, NOBODY STOPS YOU!!!

Wow, TWO paragraphs on Henry, I'm going to stop ranting about LF now, or this whole post will be about Henry...(not saying John has no place here, he definitely does!! Now shut up and bare with this obsession of mine!!!!)

Did you know Henry looks like crap in the LFO game? Did they put a mop tainted with blood and slapped it on his head? Then they decide to kill off Freeze's hairdo and STEAL Henry's, then they give Henry a "I look like the sprite in LF2!!" look, with those thick eyebrows (only sometimes) and screw him up. Then they give him extremely UGLY YELLOW (yellow?!?! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!) shoes, and they don't even LOOK like shoes, more like yellow rock oversized SOCKS!!! And if they made them an elf, what's with such a HIGH TECH looking bow? Elves don't fit with technology!!! They screwed up John, yes, but I still LIKE John's look at least (Even his sprite "Elton John" look is better than Henry's "I'm a little red mop" look)  Henry is a screwed up-looking thing that isn't even HUMAN anymore that nobody seems to like and is thrown in the dust, rejected. In fact, the guy has absolutely NO personality in every single LF story I have ever read! He's that dull guy who just hangs around, like your backup in LF2. Sure, you can make him like nature, make him serious like 50 other people, make him NONEXISTANT, or make him NOT APPEAR for 10 chapters, but it all means his personality isn't even made much. I settle for the Davis is an arrogant idiot, or the smart leader, or Louis is evil/the noble leader, or John is the overly motherly person who is very smart and gets pissed off often as if he's on PMS and a worrywort, or Dennis ALWAYS being the childish one, or basically anything! Even LFO didn't do anything for him! Even Woody has a personality there! EVEN THIS RANT IS TO LONG AND SHOULD'VE ENDED LONG AGO!!! Give him a damned personality please! PLEASE!!!!!!! Why must I only be the one actually giving him something in my rejected crapped up stories that mean nothing?! GIVE THIS ARCHER A PERSONALITY, THANK YOU.

Ok, now I will DEFINITELY shut up about him, okokok?!!

Now I have nothing to say, or anything someone would read....no wait, I never wrote anything someone wanted the read. If I actually did, it might be those Beyblade stories I written a year ago and got moderate popularity and created something called BIFF, who are all busy and becoming little independant people, destroying what BIFF is known for and killing off my damned hard work. Yes, thank you for doing that guys, I feel VERY APPERCIATIVE for it. I don't know why I do so anymore, I have no life because I DEVOTED ALL MY TIME FOR NOTHING, OK?!?! NOTHING?! Parents yell, I never go out, I'M A GEEK, and everybody else CAN go out, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GUYS! Thanks for doing nothing for Spot Day! Thanks for not moderating or admining, thank you very much for leaving everything to me so this loser has SOMETHING TO DO!!!!

They don't even think I'm creator anymore because KIKI named the god damned dead club! Nothing is happening and I'm going to disappear for a while looking for anybody who cares since school friends are idiots who think I'm so different and outcasted and QUIET to have a PERSONALITY!!! Everybody else goes home and plays their lovely games and goes with other friends which seem to be NONEXISTENT IN MY LIFE!!

BIFF Days started because of a joke on Aoi Day, and I didn't want the others ESPECIALLY knowing at least one of them will fell unappreciated that we're celebrating a POINTLESS day, as if another BIRTHDAY on one BIFF for a joke! Some of you can't take it and have such stupid sensitivity! So I made many days for each of you, gave you all presents or tried to, to make thigns I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE, and for things I DID, you never commented on them, and I work 5 hours to do things for you people.

No, I do not need a break, I'm already having one, remember? Nothing is happening in BIFF because I'm not doing anything, so yes, let me be, I'll go disappear now, perhaps destroy the BIFF Days as well, did you know Reili Day is in two weeks? Probably not!

I don't care, ok? I hate Gaia, I'm antisocial because I hate large crowds with lots of smelly people in the way. You want to know the real me in the real life? I'm not a person who is always nice, or always happy, or always quiet and peaceful. I work for a purpose, to create something I might enjoy, but I end up being the only one doing anything and it doesn't feel so happy anymore. I read things other people say and comment on them, even though the topic isn't something I like (IE: KARE!!!) but nobody posts anything on mine. I hate Deviantart, I only go there for worthy art. In fact, the reason there's people around is become I participated somewhere (FF.NET) but FF.NET was uncooperative as well!

I do not work for my parents, who yell that I'm lazy, which is untrue, I do not work for you people either, because you do absolutely nothing. I do these things for myself, and that is why I haven't been showing anybody most of my fanfics, a lot of my drawings or anything. I only showed them anything they might like or at least feel enough to comment on it. So I'm not a Beyblade fan anymore, so I don't like Trigun, so I don't care about anybody but myself you say. I've been caring for other people for ages, and yes, I actually DID expect something back, but I was being stupid, because I realize what the world is now.

I know for a fact that the world will die off, or at least life will in about 100 years, you can try all you want, but 85% of the population of Earth are lazy, so what chances would there be to save this? So who cares about being a vegetarian or stopping terrorists? They will always happen no matter what. I believe whoever created the human race wanted to destroy the world, and they are being very successful. In fact, we're even destroying each other, insulting each other because we're different, and I don't care, because we can't stop it! Just like how I can't get anybody to do anything, you people will promise and say things like we'll be more grateful and helpful, but after 2 weeks or even a day you'll probably just forget all about it!

Don't tell me I'm being selfish, I've had enough not being selfish, I was selfish the first 10 years of my life, turned it around to face reality which spit it back right at me telling me this world sucks, and life isn't going to be all glory since it's going to end anyway! Life is way too short, there's not enough tragedy in it.

Half of the people say don't talk to strangers, the other half say if they are very helpful and friendly, and haven't stalked you or tried to kill you after a whole year unless they are really a bunch of bastard losers, then who should you decide? Sure, like 5 percent of all people who talk on the ineternet die a horrible, horrible death, but that's like saying everybody in this world are rapists and murderers. Which is untrue, but we all know most of them aren't good as well.

To conclude this rant, when you find out reality sucks, I'll come talk to you and be friendly again, ok? Thanks.
To turn the topic drastically, I watched Bdaman yesterday! It was another Bull episode, made me love him more actually, saying that this is for a nonexistent being that is really ink on paper...
But I'm not going to talk about it much because people probably don't want to read about it, since everybody is so different and so am I, to  like many things and not at the same time. I know I'm different, and you are too, but I'm really different since I haven't found anybody in life that at least likes THREE things the same as I do.
By the way, if I read a comment and it only notes about one thing of this post, thanks for proving my point.
Or if no one comments at all, you really DID prove my point, and thus I shall thank you. (Which is probably 5 billion, 9 hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine people "5,999,999,999")

End of rant.
Colour of the day: YELLOW! It's ugly and nice at the same time, YELLOW!! It's a happy colour but also blinds, YELLOW!!! Whoot.
Country of the day: England, their national anthem as god save the queen in it?
Game of the day: Soldat, download someone, anyone, please?
Picture of the day: The 90X90 picture of Henry with glowing hands, wow, that just insulted his ability to not have anything energy-related anyway, which made him different...
Person of the day: I guess it'd be Ami, my guess is she'll be the only on commenting this, (but I ranted about life too, so probably 5 more people, who only care about BIFF anyway) so to be brtually honest, Ami's the person I would vote for Best BIFF next academy award...if that happens.
Pop of the day: Diet Sprite Zero...O.o
Food of the day: Ice cream, I had about a litre of it...

Thanks for reading, this has been Spot, perhaps for the last time?

Oh right, I have a sig of the avatar too: http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/7240/lousig4fa.jpg


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