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Nonetheless, in the sense of tradition, I updated my murals crappily printed and taped to wall images from the internet. Have a looksee under the cut!

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Let us explore inside this mysterious room, ne?


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Stupid LJ. ><

Anyway, I was supposed to upload THIS yesterday but LJ was being a bitch...SO HERE IT IS NAO!

Anyway, some catching up:
1) I have beautiful new printer.
2) I also have a webcam. AKIRA! GET ONLINE! O:
3) I have been extremely clumsy lately. Bashed my shoulder, thigh at the same area TWICE, my knee, stubbed my toe...;__;
4) Mah watch be fixed.

Here's my room now, what with me having a new printer and so I print like crazy. I need to purchase some good quality paper later to make more big posters like my KazuSayo ones. So expect more pictures later!

Image Hosted by

What's so different about this, you ask? Well...nothing...except for a 25% increase in KazuSayo! Yes, this wall has become entirely Kazumi, Sayo, and KazuSayo. Rather than the "Negima wall" it's become the "OTP" wall. ;)

Image Hosted by

When you look up above the nonexistent TV, above my picture and some certificates, you get this. My six favourite characters lined up as if they are my trophies, LOL. Yes, there's a reason why Kazumi is situated a little higher than the others. ;)

Image Hosted by

These are my homeless figures. ):
They will yuri (Or Yaoi in Reno's case) for food...and shelter!
Ku Fei shall soon join their hoboness.

Image Hosted by

And the most changed wall, at least to me, is this! I now call it "The Negima Corner". On one side is a nice looking poster of Nodoka and Negi who I don't really care about but eh, and above and below are the fine arts of Ku Fei and Chisame. This is where Chisame relocated. I also added in Chibisame because she pwns. And on the other side of the corner is obviously my Yuuna, Ako, and Yuuko...Akuna....uh, YuunaxAko side! If you have good eyes, you will notice that every fanart of Yuuna comes from the same artist. XD

The room will be complete once I print three giant posters. Whatever they may be, you ask? You will soon see...

And that's my update. I probably wanted to put more but I obviously forgot due to LJ issues. >>;
Until next time!
This has been Spotto.
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So in the midst of boredom, waiting for the 2.2GB of the Princess Festival to freakin' download (it's been 20 hours and it's only half-done, -_-) I decided to take my camera and go insane over my hamsters. I'm surprised the battery hasn't died yet, or even show that it had low-battery power...

In other words I went paparazzi on them. =P

I took like 11 videos and 68 pictures of them. But I have chosen 33 pictures and 4 videos to upload.


Please return to your miserable lives, kthxbye!


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