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Day by day and week by week, this rant now comes...I hope.

You see,  I spent a couple of days going through the Sailor Moon manga. I heard there's no filler and the mangaka gets to the point, so I didn't expect it to be too long and the comparison I could do between that medium and the others would nice. Unfortunately it was far longer than I had anticipated and my ranting ability or desire to had faded out by the time I reached the Black Moon arc because damn is that arc boring, anime or manga. I really do not care about Prince Demande or whatever they called him or any of those sisters or what have you. But the manga did have some interesting differences I agreed with over the Anime (but that's not very hard considering I have a lot of issues with the Anime) and also I can once again squee about PGSM and declare how much I prefer it in a huge gigantic wall-of-text! So without further ado, my rant!

To begin, let us discuss the manga didn't have filler indeed. Unfortunately that meant it just went straight towards going through that plot like it was nothing and despite how long it felt the plots felt short as hell. So short that I forgot the characters were meant to be characters and that three of the Inners weren't just random meatshields for Sailor Moon. Granted I did prefer manga Ami over Anime Ami since her brilliance wasn't played out in all areas. For example, the game Ami was randomly excellent at (Sailor V) in the Anime had a plot relevant point in the manga, that the game was set up by Venus herself to train the soldiers and whoever actually was a soldier would naturally be good at it, which was a hint that Ami would become Mercury. (You know, if the cover and the illustrations and the title didn't already completely spoil that) plus, the machine is the origin of all their transformation trinkets as opposed to Luna's magical hammerspace (or orifice if you're one of the many people who keep spouting that gross joke) so it already displayed Sailor V's competence and that unlike the Anime she did in fact have more experience and wasn't just running around as Sailor V for no apparent reason when she could've just introduced herself already.

Certain plots did play out better or at least plot points, for example the manga decided to have the three Inners become kidnapping bait and Venus, who I highly expected to be predictably kidnapped next, avoided such a fate. So there was some more resemblance of previous experience with Venus and her being a leader. A lot of people say and perhaps it's canon, I don't know for sure, that Venus is by far Moon's most devoted and closest bodyguard. Threatening or attempting to harm the princess is a hot-button issue with this blonde. The sword that randomly showed up in the Special Act of PGSM appeared in the manga as well in some form in the hands of Venus because at first I thought PGSM was just obsessed with swords giving swords willy-nilly to people despite the Sailors not having pointy weapons with the exception of Saturn and Uranus for the entirety of the Anime, but it appeared in the manga! Hurrah for explanation and continuity!

My distaste for the Black Moon arc has already erased half of my memory even reading through that, so I won't go into that arc. The Dark Kingdom arc wasn't all that surprising, but the Infinity Arc (AKA the S season in the Anime) was splendid, though that might have to do with I myself loving the S season of the Anime itself. The whole self-sacrifice issue is still present this time but it isn't a huge topic during the final fight, which, amusingly enough, ended with Saturn actually killing everything but Sailor Moon, who is far more powerful and hax in the manga than in the Anime believe or not, revived everyone. (It didn't spontaneously happen, Saturn actually told Moon to do it after she deleted the existence of all life on the planet) and all Moon had to do was revive everyone except the bad guys. That might sound rather stupid to those not having read the manga, but I found it at least preferable to the idealism vs. cynicism, handing Grail to evil lady kind of thing in the Anime. (DESPITE such flaws it is by far my favourite Anime finale, it was just that good) 

One difference I much preferred from the manga is when Pluto did her Time Stop and thus committing suicide. In the Anime we all know she saved Uranus and Neptune in the helicopter from exploding, but this is an insult compared to when Pluto stopped time in the manga. During the Black Moon Arc (hey, I remember something!) Prince Demande managed to grab a hold of both the Silver Crystal of the past and the Silver Crystal of the 30th Century, which our heroes have time-travelled into, to help save their future selves from the Black Moon. If Prince Demande were to touch the two crystals together, it would cause a time paradox that explodes existence altogether, but he erroneously believed putting the two together would give him infinite power. So Pluto had to time stop since everyone else could not stop him in time, and that killed Pluto, so opposed to just saving two senshi, she saved EVERYTHING breaking her taboo. Not only that, Pluto's sacrifice is what snaps Black Lady back into Chibiusa and caused her to turn into Sailor Chibi Moon one entire season before the Anime ever did. I found this far more powerful than how the Anime went about it and this is one of the few things I truly wish happened in the animated version. Perhaps the remake would do good on this.

The most obvious difference I'd like the Anime to have kept was the Amazones Quartet being Sailor Chibi Moon's four guardian soldiers. Their resolution at the end of SuperS just had them switch sides (written rather poorly as well!) and then leave as normal people. Before this only the Black Moon sisters were given a redemption to live a normal life, the rest just died rather nasty deaths, but this time they switched in one episode right after I found them acting like quite the sociopaths, especially that PallaPalla kid. She was especially brutal for someone looking the youngest and most innocent, so my suspension of disbelief failed for them turning good. At least in the manga they were manipulated and awakened too early from becoming Sailor Chibi Moon's guardian senshi. Also obviously the manga had the Outers in this Dream Arc and it wasn't completely and utterly focused on Chibiusa. The Dream Arc of the manga was definitely much more superior to the Anime version, which I make no secret dislike.

Finally there is Stars which does zero favours for our beloved Inner Senshi and even Outer Senshi, since they kind of die early on as opposed to being in the background in the Anime. I did find Galaxia far more menacing in this version though, since she steals the star seeds right in front of Sailor Moon with zero hesitation, early on in the arc when no one is properly prepared or could comprehend that there was a new enemy afoot. She was chillingly competent and didn't leave such important tasks to misfit minions. But speaking of minions, if you like any of them at all you would never choose the manga over the Anime, since the manga villains are one-dimensional cardboard cutouts that die in a panel. In fact they die so fast sometimes I accidentally go by it and don't even realize they're has happened more than once. Their lack of significance is truly sad, they are like the equivalents of monsters of the week in the Anime since the MotW aren't very prevalent or even existing in the manga at all.

The ending of Stars completely confused me though, but I guess stuff like the identity of Sailor Cosmos and how idealistic the ending was, was meant to be up in the air. That leads right into the extras of the manga which I found quite hilarious, particularly parts of the Chibiusa Diaries and every extra focusing on the Inners. The Casablanca Memories extra focused on Rei found some controversy among myself and Aoi-dono because the abstinent Rei had perhaps maybe somewhat fallen in love in that extra, though I found it a rather realistic depiction and not as though she was being boy-crazy for the random hunk they saw on the street like Anime Rei would be. And the conclusion in the end just made manga Rei's views and perspective on romance even stronger, so I had no problems with it. Then there was the Parallel extra I found to absurd to take seriously. I'm pretty sure that one is a parody or something not to take seriously at all.

So with that out of the way...characters! Let's begin with Minako simply because I find her the hardest to discuss. I went through all of Codename: Sailor V to figure out what to say about her, wondering how deep of a character she is. Granted I don't find many characters in either the Anime or Manga to be especially deep and PGSM Minako is quite dreary and drastically different from the Minakos of the other iterations. put it bluntly, or rather Usagi to put it bluntly is a clear expy of Minako. There is no other way to say it, it isn't subjective, the mangaka wanted to do a superhero shoujo manga but based the main character off herself, and seems to only want that character archetype to ever be main character, so after Sailor V when it came down to starting Sailor Moon she just used the archetype again, but wanting Minako to show up in that canon as well...thus two blondes who seem almost completely alike.

There are differences however, though how I could discuss it what with the drastic differences between the Anime and the manga I don't know. See, in the manga we kind of get straight into the plot, so I found Usagi transforming into the Princess Serenity identity quite abrupt, and several arcs into the manga she rarely showed her initial Usagi-side anymore, considering the importance of the plot only called upon their senshi selves and their civilian-selves felt largely forgotten. In that case it's easier to differentiate Usagi and Minako because Minako continues being her crazy self forever. When Codename began she was a boy-crazy tomboy and when Sailor Moon ended...she was a boy-crazy tomboy. The only difference is her role. Her role is the leader of the senshi so she finds herself on the initiative in terms of keeping the Princess safe and being much more competent than the other Sailors. When she's first introduced into Sailor Moon for example, Zoicite who was wiping the floor out of Mercury and Jupiter at the moment, was reduced to nothing the moment Venus arrived, plus her lack of being kidnapped as I mentioned before and her Sailor V game (though designed and started up by Artemis) AND the fact that she disguises herself as a princess gives her much more of a charismatic outlook than merely "RANDOM BLONDE SHOWS UP! Holy shit Sailor V! Holy shit Sailor V is Venus! Holy shit Minako has sad past! Holy shit Minako's suddenly crazy!" and then she gets flanderized to death as the seasons went by...

I actually rather dislike her backstory in the Anime. I found it rather contrived...she fell in love with random dull guy and then makes friends with random dull policewoman. (The policewoman she makes friends with in Codename: Sailor V was far more interesting and hilarious than that oneshot lady!!) Her backstory episode in the first season was of such stark contrast to how she showed up in R you'd think the Dakr Kingdom secretly swapped Minako out with a defective clone. I much prefer Minako's sad past involving Kaitou Ace and how all the loves she's ever encountered always goes bad, but like a normal teenage girl it doesn't cause her to go emo super quickly and be regarded as some sort of crazy mature senshi...if they had gone too far with that it'd have resulted in PGSM!

Speaking of PGSM, while Minako is massively different there, I didn't mind her character in the Live Action. She was extremely hard-headed for my liking but turning her odd relationship with Rei in the manga into full-blown frenemies in a bitter rivalry amongst one another was brilliant. It truly made her death in Act 47 all the more powerful and Rei's brilliant actress, Keiko Kitagawa, did not disappoint in her utter despair. I much prefer Rei/Minako's spatting over Usagi/Rei's spatting. I like how the manga' stance seems to make it so Usagi doesn't actually prefer any senshi over the other. She is truly all their greatest friends equally. (though she's much more romantic with Mamoru in the manga which I suppose makes Mamoru far more interesting but I NEVER cared about Mamoru so even the manga could not make him any more interesting. Truly do i not love shoujos and their ridiculous focus on romance on a really boring, handsome dull man.)

In the end Minako is still my favourite character of the Anime and the Manga, but if I had to choose I think manga Minako wins this spot. LA Minako is great too but not really as comparable, and she isn't my favourite at all if compared to other PGSM characters, so. 

Moving on, we go to Makoto, or Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter is actually my astrological planet or whatever and that makes me kind of disappointed because of any Sailor Soldier on Sailor Moon, I'd choose any other besides Jupiter. (okay actually I'd take her over Pluto, maybe Neptune. SORRY PLUTO) Jupiter's character is relatively consistent throughout each medium, so I don't think I'm going to discuss too much comparison here, though her PGSM form is more tomboyish and angsty than the rest. (then again ALL the PGSM characters are more angsty than the rest, what with it being a J-Drama as well olololol) I have nothing against her, but I just find her the least unique among all the characters. They certainly TRIED to make her unique. I mean her initial design was for her to actually be a delinquent and part of a gang, but those damned editors thought she was too hardcore and so the mangaka had to reduce her to merely SEEM like a delinquent when she's anything but. That would've been especially interesting.

Nonetheless a large part of character has to do with Japanese culture which in 1992 was quite outdated and rather misogynist. She happens to be slightly taller than all the other girls and so the school lacks a size for her, as if she was the ONLY girl to EVER have grow THAT MUCH more than the rest. I mean egads, could they at least not have a uniform customly tailored so she isn't singled out further beyond her height!? Also the Japanese view many young women, especially during that time, to ideally grow up, be feminine, and marry into a family to make all men in their lives proud. Makoto at first does not seem feminine or all that interested in such things because she was rumoured to get into fights and she's taller than the ideal female wife-height or whatever. But SHOCKINGLY, she isn't all that tomboyish at all! In fact Makoto gives into society's views and actually learns to cook JUST SO she can counter her masculine reputation. She ends up in a uniform that's dark foresty-green (which makes sense, since besides thunder the Japanese belief of Jupiter [as in it's in their name for the planet] is something about nature like trees or flowers or whatever) and light pink.

But as time goes on her non-feminine side seems to just dissipate. She loves to cook and wants to open a shop like a flower shop or a bakery or whatever, and she wants to marry early and seems to be obsessed with an old sempai who dumped her in her old school and was in a love triangle (manga) which meant that Anime episode detailing Minako's backstory completely ripped off Makoto's manga backstory. In the end her most notable rise to fame is declaring how "talented" she is so she should be the main role in Snow White, and being the most boy-crazy. What the fuck happened to old Makoto!? Where was she in her deput episode or deput act of the manga where she, in her civilian muggle presumably powerless form lifted up the monster of the week and threw them a good six or seven metres into a tree or wall!? Sure she manages to hold back that Bonbon Baby in the SuperS movie or ends up as the most physical protector to Sailor Moon more often than not, but in the end her strength still gives out despite a showing of her strength. Like her original strength and masculinity isn't enough and doesn't matter compared to her in my opinion rather cliche and boring overly feminine dreams of her. 

I don't mind her feminine side at all of course, but I thought the point of Makoto was the balance of her feminine-side and that so-called badass side where she can deck youma in the face without having to wear a short skirt. She just happens to be a really girly traditional soldier who can benchpress a bit more than the rest. The manga once said she played basketball and was involved in other boy-like clubs, but it just completely vanishes in that manga. Her initial design was also to call her "Mamoru" instead, as opposed to the actual Mamoru, in that she is the protector. More than once she is referred to as the "Soldier of Protection" in the manga but she's as good in protecting as the rest of the other soldiers in the manga. At least in the Anime she had a few moments to shine, especially the arc in Stars where she finds Usagi first searching for Nehelenia, and then goes through ALL HELL protecting the damn girl who could only think of her boyfriend the moment she saw her fallen rose earring. But still, that just shows to us that Jupiter is pretty strong...but OH WAIT THE OUTERS SHOW UP and Uranus is completely more awesome in the physical strength department than her! 

WHY DO YOU FEEL SO UNNECESSARY, MAKOTO!? Your name isn't even a feminine name! At least PGSM explores the boyish side of her personality more and actually BRINGS UP the whole living alone with zero family at the ripe age of fourteen up. She has problems finding a place to live in Act Zero because landlords find it absurd to give an apartment to a CHILD, and then she has issues with ABSOLUTE LONELINESS growing up, having zero friends and zero relatives around. You'd THINK that'd be a problem but the only trauma Makoto ends up with is her fear of planes due to that being the cause of her parents' deaths. I found it nice that PGSM and the manga somewhat explored her relationship with Motoki a lot more as opposed to that silly, silly Anime, which by the way I think follows the manga at first, but then decides to go their own route halfway through, so they don't pick up on an of the later epic developments in the manga and thus sometimes it falls flat, ESPECIALLY for characters. (but that ending for S, TOO GOOD man, TOO GOOD!)

...let's shut up about Makoto shall we? Lol.

SAILOR MARS, Rei...or Aoi-dono's favourite character! The manga version anyway. Rei and Minako are the two biggest victims of adaptation decay, in which they are drastically different in different universes. Minako is somewhat different from the Manga and Anime (what with the Anime exaggerating her character far beyond anything) and she's a whole new person in PGSM. Manga Rei and PGSM Rei are far different from what the Anime did to Rei. You see Rei falls into that archetype (manga/PGSM) that is shared with so many other shrine maidens or priestesses or what have you. She is solemn, stoic, and cold. Just like a Reimu or a Kikyou or a Mana...other characters who are solemn, stoic, and cold. They also all shoot deadly things to kill things like danmaku and bullets and arrows, which Rei also does in her lovely attack, Mars Flame Sniper. I wonder why that is? Now my knowledge of the shrine maiden role isn't that diverse, so I can only assume from my meagre knowledge through various Japanese media, but I figure their role, being that of a religious figure, would have to be one of seriousness and chastity. Shrine Maidens are never to marry, are completely devoted to their duty with their Shinto faith. In the manga Rei's dream is to become a very capable more senior (I have no idea what it's called) priestess, so....

What is the deal with ANIME Rei?

Her personality breaks all moulds in that case, but rather it simply shoehorns Rei into ANOTHER mould. Rei, due to having fiery powers in the form of Sailor Mars, takes up the other archetype involved, this time of people who can manipulate fire.... HOT-BLOODED. This Rei will not hesitate to criticize and put down Usagi, and to go into immature spats with the girl. She'll read hilarious comics just like Usagi and has no qualms about finding dates or becoming quite the independent career woman in the future. She even hooks up with Mamoru (or attempts to, at least) in the beginning of the Anime! The one constant at least between these two vastly different ladies is that they're both immensely independent. They stand on their own and do not require anyone else to lean upon, but I think she's a tad more independent in the manga than the Anime. It will be quite a mystery as to why the writers on Toei decided to change Rei like so...perhaps they found the utter seriousness of the manga characters too dreary and it would make more sense to revamp Rei so all those fillers don't have to sound like the world will be doomed every minute. All they're doing is helping a random artist not have such crippling low self-esteem or something, right!? And manga Rei is far too blunt and cold compared to the ambitious and dream-chasing Anime Rei!

Frankly I'm not sure what to think of Rei. She simply takes up two somewhat common archetypes of what she stands for. Although if you asked me which I prefer I'd go with PGSM Rei just to spite you. It's not so much because I GREATLY prefer PGSM Rei over the others, I just find the manga rather lacking in the whole characterization department and the Anime Rei completely different. The mangaka tries to make Rei rather crazy pretty in the manga. Usagi goes "HO SHIT THAT GIRL IS RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY I SHOULD FOLLOW HER!" which isn't creepy at all... (actually does that happen in just the manga, the anime, or both? I DON'T REMEMBER LOL) and then Rei acts brutally honest and cares not for silly things for romance. Heck, if they characterize her a bit more and stick closer to the manga in the remake Rei might even become a character asexual people could relate to. (Though whether or not she is or not is well, completely unknown) After all, I did mention the one extra in the manga depicting Rei and while I did not mind it per say it still didn't really give me much more information on Rei at all. (And her school extra with Minako felt more like Minako's story)

She simply feels like a...mission-bot in the manga. Her focus is to complete the mission and protect the princess, like everyone else! In fact most characters in the manga end up feeling like mission-bots...sadly I don't find them all that developed at all in the manga. I find her interactions with Minako the most interesting thing about her even. 

But I guess in the end her PGSM self had some elements of interest, her hatred of her father in the manga is expanded in PGSM so that made her more interesting and she's kind of like that loner-character who prefers not to work with others (not to the extreme extent of Minako) and acts cool and chill like all those over-the-top COOL CHARACTERS in those Animes. Anime Rei? Well Anime Rei is Usagi's best friend, entertaining in her own right and ABSOLUTELY STUPID WHEN SHE SENT A BURNING MANDALA INTO A RING OF FIRE THINKING IT'D DOUSE OUT THE FIRE. You aren't normally that stupid, SAILOR MARS! (or was it a Fire Soul?)

But yes, I enjoy all versions of Rei. She isn't like Minako where I like the manga most because one exaggerates her too much and downplays her importance, and the other turns her into an emo drama-magnet. She isn't like Makoto who is boring in all three depictions (but her PGSM one was okay), Rei's genuinely pretty interesting in all three mediums and so I actually have little to say about her. (In fact, I'd actually put manga Rei LAST. PGSM > Anime > Manga)

LET US MOVE ON! Now we go onto the so-called "most popular WORLDWIDE" soldier, Sailor Mercury AKA Ami.

First let me dispute that claim...I wonder, this poll was conducted in the years of 1992 or some ancient year like that. It was before the land of the internet happened, so I guess the polls would show up in magazines and such? How exactly do they respond to something like this? But I imagine people who are more tech-savvy or more devoted to the fandom of Sailor Moon itself would know, and so that type of fan is more likely to vote on such polls. Because future polls after that so-called initial poll I rarely see Mercury at the top ever again. This whole Sailor Mercury being the most popular could actually be true, but you'd think it'd be more consistent beyond that one year. I know a lot of people whose favourite was Mercury after all, so that mystery will continue to baffle me until the rest of time. Anyway... Ami Mizuno! I already mentioned she wasn't brilliant at everything in the manga like in the Anime (my most common complaint) with the Sailor V game above, but I acknowledge is great at chess and swimming...those two make sense. But all the other nonsense skills she had in the Anime are non-canon as far as the manga's involved.

However I can see Mercury being the fan-favourite because in the Anime, since they moiderized Rei like so, she is the ONLY Inner Sailor to not give a damn about romance. I mean it does happen from time-to-time, but I personally despise the random male character of the day being love interests, it's far too shallow and forced. But really, Ami IS NOT BOY-CRAZY HOMGOT. One reason I do not have a serious favourite character is because I did not relate to any character in the Anime at all. I was not boy-crazy when I was a teenager (believe it or not) when I was even younger I was among my relatives and older brother's female friends and daughters of parents' friends who would be claiming which BACKSTREET BOY was theirs. (I got Kevin though, yay! I mean) Which I'm sure continues to this day for more modern boy bands and other tween pop culture icons like the cast of Twilight and One Direction.

Forgive me, I mentioned Twilight and One Direction in the rant about Ami. So she is already quite unique among the soldiers. She is also unique in only having a crappy bubble attack in the first season which isn't offensive at all. As much as I do not like that crappy bubble attack, it truly gives some points of variety amongst the Sailor Team beyond "SPAM ATTACKS ON BAD GUY, LET SAILOR MOON FINISH IT OFF" plus she had the computer and visor thingy which I THINK starts to show up less and less as seasons go by but I cannot be sure. I'm sure she uses it in searching for Galaxia's base in the Stars season so it's not like it got completely phased out like the Luna Pen or whatever that lasted for a season or so. (or Jupiter's antenna thingy! where did that go!?) But part of the reason she is so unique is because the uniqueness of other characters was downplayed. In the manga Venus was quite the unique inner and her chain (for Love Me Chain and such) was actually a real chain beady thingy she kept around her waist, so that too was an external item just like Mercury's computer or visor or whatever.

Also MERCURY IS BLUE! BLUE IS BEST COLOUR according to the majority of people, so I can really truly see why she did become popular. I forget if she had that computer and visor in the manga but I don't really remember it at all so I'm sure it had far less significance in the manga. In that case, Mercury practically overtook Venus as the "unique" inner senshi of the group. In the manga Ami was always shoved with Makoto and they'd not be developed all too well, like when the two of them were the first to die under Galaxia like one chapter into the arc. Those poor characters, practically not even involved in the fifth storyline. However the one-shot storylines they have with Ami aren't particularly interesting (a select few are, but if you notice they tend to rehash the same plot over and over again for Ami because she seems to have some sort of self-doubt issues despite being amazing at everything. I'm not entirely sure how you feel that way when you're amazing at everything...I could see it in the manga or in PGSM, but in the Anime when all her filler episodes make her out to be amazing? I DON'T KNOW. I know lots of crazy talented people CAN feel that way but I just can't identify with that, and with the same kind of plot and message each and every episode...well Ami, YOU SURE ARE INTERESTING AREN'T YA)

Shine Aqua Illusion is downright beautiful though. Anyway like Rei she too has familial problems (well at least in the manga/PGSM, the Anime doesn't seem to realize what minor supporting characters are supposed to be) in that in Japan, divorce (at least in the wondrous time of 1992!) looked down upon divorce and lo and behold, Ami has divorced parents. She's actually a crazy rich person in the manga/PGSM but the Anime like never mentions this, though you could assume since it DOES mention her mom being a super busy prestiged doctor. Her dad is a painter who completely neglects Ami, ungrateful bastard, but sends her a piece of art every month. So you got mom never home and dad who only bothers to send pictures, combine this with dead mother for Rei and politician who neglects her and Makoto with zero parents at all! THESE CHILDREN ARE SO LOVED! No wonder they had no social skills to form friends in the beginning of the series. 

Anyway Ami of PGSM is somewhat different from Ami of Anime/Manga. I can just link to this lovely Tumblr post someone wrote which is just like how I feel about Ami because if I type it Ami's rant will be endless. I adore PGSM!Ami. She's all about that friendship yo. She is my only "serious" favourite Sailor Moon character. 

Onwards to new horizons and other characters! Including Usagi...except I am not talking about her. Nope, she may be the main character but she's fairly constant in every incarnation of her. Plus she being the main character means there's going to be BOATLOADS of material to cover her and that'd be fairly endless. I will say this, I do like her character in Stars a lot (and care not of her in the manga since she's hax as hell) because her issues while related very much to Mamoru doesn't involve him at all since he's DEAD and not there to save her ass all the time. Yes, I am on Usagi/Seiya's side. The unrequited love that season was really interesting and made me like a lot of filler episodes (unlike that SuperS season, eech) She's also quite cheerful and fun in PGSM because Sawai Miyuu is amazing.

Finally we move onto the Outers, BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT...a sidenote on Mamoru. ...Mamoru is better in the manga, but too shoujo guy-interest...ish, he's like the love interest main characters get at the end of movies because they should. Those are USUALLY a guy protagonist and a female love interest, but Sailor Moon somehow switches it around and basically makes it just as sexist because damn is Mamoru boring and useless as hell in the Anime. He's slightly more interesting in PGSM and has the worst attack name ever in the manga. "Tuxedo La Bomber...something or another" ... BLEH.

I'm not going go into paragraphs about the Outers actually because my focus was on the Inners for this rant, HOWEVER. I do want to note something about Uranus and Neptune. Uranus, despite being the more masculine soldier and more active, direct, etc. I find is actually the emotionally weakest (I dunno about attack power, maybe?) of the three. She SEEMS the coldest of the Outers, but she's always the most emotional and is the one who hesitates more often about doing things like self-sacrifice. She also softens the most after the S season. I find Neptune to actually be her instigator in terms of being all cold and rude and whatever to the inners. In fact it is Neptune who most often saves Uranus. In their special episode in SuperS, Neptune was given the choice to choose the world or save Haruka and she chose Haruka. She is the one who pushed Uranus out of the way from Eudial's trap, and then SHE was the one who pulled out of Eudial's trap to attempt to save Uranus from being heart-blasted, getting shot at numerous times and then dying in the hands of Eudial, keeping her from grabbing Uranus' talisman first. URANUS is always the one taken off-guard, in Stars the Nehelenia mirror drones drive URANUS off the roof and NEPTUNE saves her.

That Neptune is one hardcore badass motherfucker, and she does it so much more subtle-like because she is never the one to jump into things like Uranus would. But oddly enough, I like Neptune from the manga more...because she's less cryptic and impossibly cool and more hilariously vain in the manga. I don't recall EXACT examples but she seems to be more comical in the manga (especially when she and Haruka actually join Usagi's high school in the Stars arc which makes them far more casual and relaxed then the Anime EVER portrayed them to be...but I guess you can blame the director who went on to make Utena for that.) I recall Michiru calling things "cute" (like actual adorable kiddy things, not Haruka) in the manga and other things. Michiru is FAR more relatable in the manga than in the Anime.

I have not much to say about Pluto and Saturn...they're kind of always constantly shafted. Saturn had some sort of role in the Dream Arc after her initial epic introduction in Infinity but then she gets killed in a far more "off-the-screen unimportant" manner in Stars than Uranus and Neptune, which I guess is the same in the Anime but YOU'D THINK THE MANGA WOULD NOT BE THE SAME. Pluto just dies all the time and is the one who causes the most plotholes and confusing time-warping elements ever, but in the manga it is implied she has unrequited love for King Endymion, which is actually quite interesting. For some reason in the SM fandom (which I don't pay attention to all that much) Pluto is quite the buttmonkey. I do love Hotaru (especially when she's all CHIBIUSA IS MY BESTEST BEST FRIEND!) but I wish there was more to her and she showed up more. She basically was introduced with a BANG and then faded out...a shame, a shame indeed.

Well that's all I have to say. PGSM does the Shitennou far better than the Anime/Manga I've found but PGSM does a lot of things better. In fact PGSM tries to squeeze every season and arc into its once season, what with Sailor Luna (Chibi Moon), Venus (Outers), Princess Sailor Moon (Saturn), Dark Mercury (EVERY TIME MAMORU IS BRAINWASHED WHICH IS ALWAYS), but with the filler actually being ABOUT the characters and not random victim-of-the-week we will never ever see again. Because beyond even characterization which I love ranting about and is the thing that makes me click the most, the Anime's FILLER is what makes me really not like the Anime as much as I think I can because Sailor Moon as a whole is pretty good! I hope the remake does it well with the characterization from PGSM, the intensity and suspense of the non-filler Anime and the crazy story of the manga.

Well...that had to be the sixth time I've tried ranting about this in the last week or so, even have some drafts that were completely different unpublished. BUT THIS HAS BEEN SPOTTO, over and out.
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I apologize to TTGL and Touhou fans in advance.
Touhou/Gurren Lagann CROSSOVER!

Well I know such a crossover has probably happened before. (Touhou is crossed with EVERYTHING!) But I thought out my own interpretation and wanted to type it all down, so here it is!


Simon - Alice
Kamina - Marisa
Yoko - Reimu
Nia - Koishi
Viral - Mokou
Kittan - Sanae
Rossiu - Patchouli
Leeron - Nitori
Boota - Sukusuku Hakutaku (Ex-Keine)
Gimmy and Darry - Cirno and Daiyousei
Lordgenome - Lady Satori
Lordgenome's Minions - The Animal Youkai
Kinon - Koakuma

Gurren - Hourai armed with the Hakkero
Lagann - Shanghai
Gurren Lagann - Goliath Doll
Lazengann - Utsuho
Teppelin - Chireiden (Palace of the Earth Spirits)
King Kittan - Hisoutensoku
Arc-Gurren - Palanquin

Drill - Lance
Drill Key - Magical sewing needle
Spiral Power = Danmaku (alternatively, THE LACK OF COMMON SENSE!)

Antispiral - Lunarians

And now that you know my deranged headcanon on a Touhou/TTGL crossover...I shall explain my reasonings for these choices.

Kamina is an amazing character and obviously there is no one Touhou character who could do him justice. So I chose Marisa! I think the point here is that Kamina in TTGL though has shitloads of charisma and is a very motivating fellow, he is ultimately very ordinary. His boasts and confidence is backed up by Simon's ability, and Simon's ability is backed up by Kamina's encouragement. That healthy cycle is what makes them an amazing team. Marisa is the ordinary magician. She is the most normal named human in all of Gensokyo. She has no gifted powers like Reimu, nor is she half-something like Youmu or Sanae. She doesn't even have a mysterious past to fall back on like Sakuya. And out of the many Touhou characters only a few are close to Kamina's bombastic personality. Also I chose Marisa here because I chose Alice as Simon. (If Parsee was Simon instead, Yuugi would be Kamina)

Alice is Simon because of her dolls and her personality and all that. I mean, I could just make Sanae Simon if I wanted to be straightforward what with Hisoutensoku, but Sanae is pretty much the opposite of Simon, egads.

Reimu is Yoko. I figured Reimu would ground out the trio well. I was considering Reisen (guns and sex appeal! Hohoho!) or Keine (becomes a teacher!) but I think Reimu just makes the most sense. And when they go underground to find Patchouli, she can tell Reimu to cover herself because of her blatantly exposed armpits!!! (If you can't tell, certain fanon interpretations are used for this crossover)

Koishi is Nia because Satori is Lordgenome. When I watched TTGL I just could not rub off the feeling that Nia looked RIDICULOUSLY familiar to me. So yeah, also when she is controlled by the Lunarians her third eye closes and she loses her satori-self foreeeever. That's why she disappears in the end! (That is potentially more tragic than Nia's fate itself, yes, but tragic characters in Touhou should have tragic endings, it is only fitting)

Speaking of tragic characters, we have Mokou as Viral. If you know ANYTHING about Touhou and TTGL, this should not require an explanation. Of all characters I used for the crossover, this is the most obvious. (Alright fine I'll explain. Both are powered by the insane desire for vengeance. Both end up as survivors constantly, and both become immortal. Both are very tragic characters, both are badass, both...should I continue!?!? Also in fanon in particular Mokou always ends up in the losing side against Kaguya for some reason, perhaps because a beat-up looking Mokou just seems awesome, but I don't know)

Sanae happens to be Kittan because I wanted Hisoutensoku to exist in some form. And again, bombastic characters require bombastic crossovers. I'm not entirely sure how Sanae fits exactly, but since she does come in as Shrine Maiden #2, I think she fits Kittan here. (Also Sanae gets to die in IMO the saddest scene in TTGL! Yes, I thought Kittan's death was the saddest, punch me if you must)

Now before Patchouli fans throw their shoes at me for making her one of the most hated characters in TTGL, hear me out. So far, if you can tell the pattern of the characters chosen, everyone here is part of Marisa's silly harem. (Well no, to be a bit more proper, people Marisa are often associated with, with the exception of Mokou) And Patchouli does close herself inside her library for long periods of time, which reminds me of Rossiu and his people who had no idea of the outside and lived with their traditional values. Also I made Koakuma Kinon, which makes it a few hundred times more fitting. Again this is not a completely 100% loyal crossover, so maybe Patchouli won't stab Alice in the back and have her executed for the sake of keeping the people calm.

Nitori is Leeron because lol. I think she can retain his creepiness too if she constantly threatens people with the usual kappa instinct. EXTRACT EVERYONE'S SHIRIKODAMA!

Cirno and Daiyousei seem perfect for Gimmy and Darry. Daiyousei often seems to be the straight man to Cirno's reckless hijinks. SHE IS THE STRONGEST! (and will one day inherit Goliath Doll!)

Satori as at first glance this seems nonsensical. We have this insanely GAR humongous muscle monster of a man who would make more sense as an oni or something, and yet Satori takes this role. Again, I go with personality before looks (Satori looks similar to young Lordgenome though o_O) and Lordgenome took care of a lot of animals, which became the Beastmen. Lordgemome is also hated by all the humans despite doing something for what he thinks is the greater good. (Satori runs the Former Hell but no one likes her) Also the beastmen are completely loyal to him, just as Satori's pets are completely loyal to her. (Well except that one time Orin didn't tell her about Utsuho going insane and potentially endangering everything, but we can always forgive thaaaat) And when she is stabbed by Alice with her sewing needle, (oh man that visual is amusing me to no end) Patchouli can perserve her third eye in a tube of fluids during the second arc! Then at the big finale she returns with her whole body and brings back Okuu, where they both do this wicked awesome sacrifice so Alice and Shanghai can use them as their ultimate danmaku and kill those damn Lunarians! PURITY AND IMPURITY IS NOTHING!

The thing with Lordgenome's minions is that they don't last very long and are very typical bad guys. Adiane might be the only one who has at least a LITTLE depth to her. So I might make the minions a bit more flexible. What I do want though is Orin to exist somewhere, and the "base" they steal to be something from Touhou. :D Again this is all a work in progress!

Koakuma is Kinon because of Rossiu's entire storyarc. It only makes sense with Patchouli! She is her assistant and the one who cares about her deteriorating health! "Patchouli, you must not overstress yourself! You're anemic and asthmatic!" Or whatever. ...perhaps Alice leaving the government to Patchouli is not the best idea in that sense. It's not like Simon makes the most wisest of decisions.

The gunmen, or in this case the gunpowder-filled dolls, the actual gigantic robot, and the nuclear hell raven are sentient btw. I don't want Utsuho to just be this empty shell of a bird for Satori to control. (Even if canonly she has a very empty mind...that is besides the point!)

Finally, the Lunarians as the Antispiral. I was thinking on this one for a while. I thought maybe the Celestials or the Hermits (celestials are hermits) or something, but then I realised there actually is a race of people who used to live on Earth but left because it was unseemly. Instead of the Spiral Nemesis dooming the universe, the "impurity" of the earthlings will eventually see to it the end of the universe itself. Now the whole impure and pure aspect of Touhou (well, Japanese culture in general) is kind of confusing, but Lunarians are immortal, or as immortal as they can be. And they find "death" to be impure. They have advanced technology to the point that they realise the universe is not pure in itself, that it will someday die. But the humans/earthlings are the impure beings who will only bring the demise of the universe sooner, so they make sure they don't exist.

Of course Satori, who realised this in her fight with the Lunarians to stop their constant genocide of the Earthlings, decided that rather than fighting common sense, to protect the people who were left by keeping them out of the loop and inside barriers, hidden from the Lunarians to see. Unfortunately the Lunarians had a plan whenever Earthlings popped up again, which is the whole messenger thing that hits Koishi or whatever. I HAVE NOT WORKED OUT THE KINKS YET. You're probably wondering what with the existence of barriers and borders everywhere, that Yukari would make more sense as Lordgenome, but when who would be Nia? And who would be her minions, just her two shikigami!? I dunno, perhaps Yukari and Satori can exist as Lordgenome or something...I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE. Again, this is a work in progress.

So here's how the story might sound with these changes...

Rather than being forced underground, Marisa and Alice are stuck inside the Forest of Magic, which is bordered off from the rest of the world for whatever reason. Marisa's father, Mr. Kirisame had left her here and actually travelled outside of the border, but of course no one believes her. Instead of digging everyone in the forest forages for mushrooms. People find Alice weird because of her strange obsession with making dolls and her preferred solitude. No one actually sees Marisa as Alice's friend, just someone who "takes pity" on her, which is untrue. Marisa is truly Alice's friend in her mind and Alice, though often annoyed by Marisa's presense, secretly admires her. (Or loves her if you want yuri in this, idc)

Being stuck in one place leads to a significant lack of resources and the only dolls Alice is ever able to make are straw dolls. One fateful day while foraging for mushrooms, she finds a genuine sewing needle in perfect condition as if someone had dropped it into the forest just hours before. It turns out the needle happens to be magical in some way because the moment Alice used it to make a doll, the doll changed from its usual straw shape to a real doll, Shanghai.

Suddenly, the border has been blown open by powerful animal youkai from the outside (choose one, idc...Chen?), which had been fighting with rebels. Reimu drops in with her yin-yang orbs and ofuda (what, you wanted a gun?) but Marisa tries to fight it on her own with her Hakkero. She repeatedly insists it has great power (given by her father, idk its real Touhou origin) but it has never done anything so the people living in the Forest of Magic just assumed it was a useless hexagon thing. And while Reimu is almost able to exterminate this youkai, Marisa's interference keeps it from happening, and Alice is mixed in the fray with her "useless doll", until Marisa comes up with at that point what seems like a ridiculous plan.

Alice would puppeteer the doll to distract the animal youkai, while Reimu flanks. Alice does just that, except Shanghai has more up its sleeve than just flailing its arms about. With great dexterity Alice is able to pull out a lance and shield, shoot out beams and other danmaku and generally be a miniature fighting machine. This is so effective the animal youkai is blown back outside the border, with Marisa, Alice, and Reimu following it.

THUS BEGINS THE CROSSOVER! Wooo! I won't go into detail the entirety of this, of course. That'd take forever. Reimu was in a similarly bordered-off land next to the Forest of Magic, the Hakurei Shrine. They are now outside in a land they all only know as "Gensokyo". Animal youkai have been suppressing the rest of them for some time, keeping them inside the borders or destroying them if they escaped, but Reimu has been exterminating them for some time. Marisa and Alice join her! Hourai is eventually stolen from some random mook (let's say Medicine!) and Marisa, though having no knowledge in how to work with puppets, manages to install her Hakkero into it and when she pulls a cord, a Master Spark flies out. (This is only after several attempts when nothing happens, but Marisa's stubborn and magnificent belief that it would work finally makes it happen! Huzzah!)

Shanghai and Hourai can combine when Shanghai shoves her lance into Hourai's head. (Following closer to TTGL for this because otherwise I have no idea! It's still a crossover being polished) Thus they become Goliath Doll, and they fight the Phoenix, Mokou! Then Goliath Doll can combine with the Palanquin, then the moon itself! (or not, Lunarians are FROM the moon so dropping the moon onto Earth might need to be changed) Then it becomes a Goliath Doll with Utsuho's third leg and eye (but they're gone when the sacrifice happens) and the Goliath Doll is grafted by DANMAKU itself!

...or something.

There's also a whole bunch of minor characters I can't really be bothered to tie in with a 2hu, so eh. And yes this sorta means Alice/Koishi needs to exist. Nonetheless Alice will start alone and end alone because everyone dies, kind of.

I think that's the extent of my imagination...FOR NOW!
And no I did not think of all this suddenly, it had been brewing in my mind for a few days now... I'll show myself out.
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TTGL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GUNDAM WING

No contest. No comparison. I won't even explain why. It's so obvious and my opinion of GW is actually lowered now. 

You know, there's something wrong with me.
Or perhaps, from your point of view...something right with me.

As every year passes, I keep resenting my young teenage years more for my rather questionable tastes. I don't know. I really don't know, but as I grew older I keep wondering why I like to ship characters. I keep thinking now that doing something like that kind of ruins the original material, the passion and essence of the show or movie or book itself. But such a thought process is unacceptable because if people want to ship or change how the canon is like in their heads they can. Everyone has their own opinions to what they like and believing that they are wrong for doing so when it's merely something as minor as TV Show is wrong and yet, the more days that pass I question further why I would do that. 

I've ranted before that love should never be introduced into the Mane Six of MLP. The show is all about friendship after all, and should love as a topic ever be brought up, should be a problem amongst minor characters and never with the main characters. Yet despite that, I still ship PinkieShy. I think it's adorable and I don't mind looking at images at it, in fact squee like a little girl when I do or read fanfiction of it. But does it not go against the spirit of the canon? Does it not break the friendship dynamics of the six friends we've come to love and go beyond that? So why do it? Why ship? Why can I not resist d'awwing at every picture I see, watching them boop noses or cheer each other up? Is it some sort of subconscious psychological desire? It's not like I want the pairings I ship to be canon, that would be pretty awful and quite the jump-the-shark moment if it ever actually happened, but still...should I not enjoy the show the way it is, with the message it provides? Isn't that the point? Why does my brain desire to see two of the main ponies hooking up? Why does my brain desire to see this for any pairing from any series I follow? What is the purpose of Korea and Hong Kong being together? They never even communicate, yet I want to see it. Do I have inner carnal and shallow desires for something as completely one-dimensional as this!? I DON'T GET IT. I love Kazumi and Sayo as the best of best friends ever yet I do not mind and even enjoy them going beyond! WHAT IS SHIPPING EXACTLY!? Why is it something yearned after by so many people, and why does it have such hypnotizing properties sending normal everyday men and women into raging walls-of-text justifying their ship to another and wishing death threats upon a fictional character for dare breathing next to the character they do not belong with!? What makes one type of person love shipping but others not!? What is the appeal of something as ridiculous and outrageous as this!? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

But...I will continue to do it, against all logical thought. Is it really as simple as "they'd look hot/cute together!?" Isn't an explanation as simple as that kind of insulting to the human mind!? Why are emotions so incredibly powerful!? Why do they twist and turn our brains and make us do things that don't seem normal or with proper thought!? 

...well, with that out of the way, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Yeah I watched it. I watched it all in one day, one episode after another the moment I woke up. I said I would watch it at some point in my life, eventually I said. I know I am very anal about watching or experiencing anything because I like clinging onto what I have and only moving on until I scrape the bottom of the barrel of all substance of everything I like, but the other reason I might end up watching something longer than a movie or a game that requires effort is when I am sad. The Canucks lost Game Seven? WATCH PONIES. That I did, and that I do not regret. It gave me great happiness and allowed me to cope with the loss a bit better, what with basically all of North America judging my city and the fans of the team to be horrible, immature, and ridiculous people for rioting and causing one million in damage in utter idiocy, when in reality the people who did this is a huge minority, half of them probably not fans at all. The recent trade and my utter disappointment in Negima was getting a bit much, so I decided I needed some hot-blood into my life. I knew TTGL was amazing and changed many people's lives, but I did not want to watch it until I had a reason to. As stupid as my methods are, it's how I work unfortunately. I could've watched it five years ago, but I prefer to save the epic until I can take in the epic, so that I haven't gone through 150 Animes and raged at 80% of them because they were bad or ended stupidly or whatever.

Nonetheless, opinions! 

What can I say about TTGL...hmmm. I can't necessarily say it changed my life or anything like that...but I do admit it was quite possibly the greatest Anime I've ever watched. While it is known to be a highly-praised Anime anyway, I don't have a lot of Anime at all in my watchlist, so my opinions aren't quite as legitimate I suppose. For TTGL I am pretty much satisfied. I don't want to enter its fandom or really have anything to do with it because I feel the original material will be lessened if I try to indulge in any fan-related creation regarding it. Simply because anything fans could ever possibly do cannot surpass the quality of TTGL itself. Perhaps that is narrowminded thinking, but I don't want to accidentally see a Yaoi doujin of two of the manly characters or something. I am not condoning looking at such material at all, but I found the Anime so great that I don't really want to see different interpretations or even alternate universes. Maybe I'll check that manga out, but unlikely.

A common rant I have around here is how cheap death is and how often I watch or read anything where people simply do not die, or if they do it's some minor character or an old man or whatever. Negima is a huge offender. They kill absolutely no one. I understand it's meant to be a light-hearted manga, but in that case I will expect none of the class or Negi dying. The rest however is a crapshoot, if there's going to be a huge war and tons of political drama and Negi being fucking skewered through the chest with a giant stake with blood everywhere, then that tells me the universe they are in are dangerous enough where people will probably die. Yet no one DOES. Not even the fucking bad guys, they all get revived and then wait, FROZEN FOREVER. The people supposedly "dead" are all MASS-REVIVED. So whenever Negi or Fate got stabbed through their stomachs I frankly could not give a shit. There was no danger at all, not to anyone at all. I don't want to look for some show with a realistic or cynical tone for people to die. In such a series it's obvious and expected...I want to see where when a major death happens it's necessary and develops the other characters. I bet 75% of 3-A are still idiots who can't take a thing seriously because no matter how dangerous it got in their little war nothing that changed was ever permanent. Even Asuna, who was thought to sleep for a hundred years gets to experience a happy life too by being TRANSFERRED TO AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, like sacrifice means nothing at all! It really, really, really REALLY bothered me! Can you tell that it bothered me!? BECAUSE IT FUCKING DID. Why are you so cheap Ken Akamatsu? What's the point of those chapters where everyone is sad? Were you trying to incite cheap tears from your fans for a few weeks before everything is reset again? IT DOESN'T WORK THE TENTH TIME!!

Anyway I watched TTGL and its message is quite idealistic. The tone of the show itself is very, very straightforward and rather happy. It's not a depressing war-torn show with tons of angst amongst whiny teenagers, but people still died...and not random mooks or red shirts or characters no one cared about (but they died too, naturally) but important characters as well! Lots of important characters! MORE THAN I EXPECTED! Yet even with such setbacks that would obviously put down all the characters and make them feel as though they cannot go on, they DO...and that makes everything all the more powerful

I really don't have too much to say about TTGL. It was great...what more is there to say? I suppose there were oddities like episode four but everyone and their mother has discussed this series already and probably analysed it to death, what with its popularity. Doesn't have to stop me but I can't seem to think of anything to say. I also watched the movies and enjoyed the differences, though overall I think the plot and what happens in the Anime is the best. (I can't deny that the combination of everyone's Tengen Toppa-versions of their mechas wasn't cool or the fist-fight with the anti-spiral or anything, but everything was paced better in the know, what with having much more time to do stuff and all) 

You know I came in the Anime wondering many things, many common instances that are ridden in other franchises or shows. For example I wondered which character everyone would hate, or what might actually happen or the symbolism, or whatever. For me I love every single character and that usually never happens with me, at least not a first showing. Usually if I watch something and like it, I still have problems or qualms about some character and then warm up to them later but I don't feel any of this for TTGL. I knew Kamina was super awesome and amazing. I already knew beforehand that he'd die too. (it was like Snape Killed Dumbledore, hard to NOT know that by now lol) I knew a lot of things already but also wondered a lot of things. When Rossiu was introduced I found him adorable. When he grew up I saw him making mistake after mistake, and I kept wondering "No! HE HAS A XANATOS GAMBIT UNDER HIS SLEEVE! HE IS A MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! HE'LL SECRETLY RELEASE SIMON! HE PURPOSELY GAVE THE GANMAN TO LEITE TO SCRAP BECAUSE HE KNEW SHE WOULDN'T! IT'S ALL A CLEVER, CLEVER PLOY!!" So yeah, I wanted to justify everything he did but in the end he was being quite the bastard, still. I don't hate him, but I'm not surprised he has a lot of haters. Someone has to take this role, sadly.

Oh wait why am I talking about Rossiu so early? What of the other the actual main ones!? I actually have nothing to say about Kamina. No, not a bad thing. It's just everyone in the world loves him and everyone knows what he did and everyone knows everything so what do I say? Nothing because it has been said! I need not add to the tire-fire of GAR! Yoko was pretty cool as well. I was pleased to discover that she is not just walking fanservice. I find her logic in wearing barely anything for comfort kind of odd, but whatever. Simon's character development throughout the series was awesome, and as FUCKING AWESOME as he is, by the time he gets older and has all the confidence in needs I didn't really care about him at that point. We already know then that he will accomplish everything he needs to do (the exciting part is the execution of how he does it!) but his character at that point is like The Ace, or while he was dishing out quite the awesomeness in the most beautiful of animation ever his character itself at that, not too interesting. 

Oh wait that reminds me, Kamina isn't actually a one-dimensional dude with blinders on the side of his head with only the ability to look forward. You see, there's a REALLY good explanation for him and it makes Kamina an even better character because of it! The fact that he himself isn't all that strong but still has that spirit within him, all so he can get Simon to keep going because Simon is the one with that potential, even if he himself has nothing else at all and Simon is the one getting him out of's really admirable. I really understand the lovefest with Kamina, from not only the in-universe characters but the fans as well.

Yet he is not my favourite. *hit by tomatoes* 


Fine, let me tell you my favourite. I don't have a single favourite, but I absolutely, absolutely, ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY love LORDGENOME and NIA. These two. They are something.

You know my problem with manly men these days, especially in animation is how incredibly clean-shaven they are. I see those shaving commercials and I'm like "WHY" If you have testosterone you need to have hair! I am so sick of all these females in love with all these really, really girly-looking men! Look at Twilight for example! I love werewolves myself, BUT NONE OF THOSE SHIRTLESS DUDES ARE WEREWOLVES. Werewolves are HAIRY. THEY ARE NOT HAIRY AT ALL. And when they transform they don't even turn into werewolves they just maintain a wolf form after transforming in an instant. THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY LAME. LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. That is a werewolf transformation. I have a problem with the guy not originally being hairy but still! It should be traumatizing and painful and really badass! (and now you know why I find werewolf!Fluttershy the best thing ever) 

So then I see first I have no opinion. He's just there to be the antagonist, the mystery guy sitting atop his little throne, seeing his minions run out and kill themselves. Then you finally see his body. He's muscular, but he's so much more toned than all the manly men you've seen yet. And then that final battle with Simon...OH MY GOD. This dude, he's so fucking manly it's insane. And it's mirrored in his personality and attitude. At no point does he lose confidence or even his cool! He looks epic DYING. A MANLY MAN IN A MANLY MECHA! The staggering amounts of mecha Anime these days with these THIN AS TWIGS PILOTS and their GIRLY BISHOUNEN FACES IS TOO MANY I SAY!! HAIR ALL OVER HIS BODY! None on his actual head which makes him even more insane. That CRAZY beard. his SPIRAL EYES. Fuck I love this dude. HIS CMOA in the Lagann-Hen movie was FREAKIN' AMAZING. His POSTURE too! Agh! THAT HACKING SCENE. It's no wonder he spent most of the second half of the series as just a head! If he had his entire body during that duration EVERYONE'S HEADS WOULD'VE EXPLODED OF IMMENSE GAR. EGADS!

Yes, I love Lordgenome. This Anime is actually perfect for my art-style. Whenever I try to draw ponies they look too old or chunky or the eyes are too small/the head is too small because I'm so used to drawing super serious manly things. Whenever I doodle I often attempt drawing a manly male torso and I always give them mean grouchy looks! It's why I enjoy drawing Wolfe the most in my SI doodles because I put hair all over him and make him very manly. I prefer drawing manly stallions like Big Mac over any other pony, yet my favourite are the girly ones. (The pony I draw most is Fluttershy though. I just keep drawing her it's not funny. I guess I keep trying to perfect her as I draw!)

You know I just realized I forgot all about Viral, hahaha. Well he's cool, not a favourite of mine. His dream in the Lotus-Eater thing was actually rather depressing, but apparently, according to mecha people (don't ask me, I am completely ignorant) he is a "Char" clone...makes him feel less unique when they say that. Leeron surprised me, but at the same time I also...wasn't surprised. Kind of hard to describe really, I was surprised such a flamboyant character showed up in such a series, but at the same time the tone of the series (especially early on) him being a character didn't really feel out of place either! So yeah. I'm not about to describe every bloody character ever or something. Kittan was awesome, and when I saw the "second" OP I was wondering who those kids piloting the mechs were....they were the orphan kids from Rossiu's village, grown up. Shows how much I pay attention. >_>

Then we have Nia. Why do I like her exactly? I actually don't get it because I don't think I would've liked her as much if I watched TTGL five years ago. But anyway, it's not like she's an advocate of strong women who break social norms and stereotypes or anything! She is found, knows nothing about...well, anything, and then has to be saved a few times and takes up cooking. (I correctly predicted that her cooking would be horrid! I was like "Watch her suck at cooking. It's always like that. Girl seemingly perfect wife-material CAN'T COOK!") I think a big reason is how she really reminds me of Koishi for some reason. Like, if Koishi were dropped into a universe powered by spiral energy, this is what she'd become...doesn't help that she actually looks it, and I fucking love Koishi, so yeah. Also it's just her whimsical airheaded moe nature, it's like "Nia, we should get married" and she's like "NO WAY" with a happy cute face and I'm like "YES I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AWESOME" Actually when I found her being introduced practically directly after Kamina died I feared that she might become some sort of replacement scrappy but as the episodes went on I was like "WOW, you cannot possibly hate this girl and have a soul"

The fact that she is the daughter of Lordgenome is awesomer. That ridiculous manly gritty contrast with the innocent moe girl 

Besides the characters, another great thing I love about this series is that everybody gets a mecha. Not every soldier or manly men or action-person, EVERYONE gets a mecha. That LITTLE GIRL ORPHAN you take from that gloomy underground village will be piloting a MECHA! Nerdy people can pilot mechas too! In fact the only people I never see pilot a mecha are the mechanics, why not try out one of the things you built/fixed up man!? :C Plotwise you go from underground village city thing to breaking through the fabric of space-and-time jumping through ridiculously incredible.

You know, I don't understand the critics...people who find it too hot-blooded or ridiculous. It's like hating Pinkie Pie! I don't get it! HOW DO YOU DO THESE THINGS LIKE HAVING SUCH NONSENSICAL OPINIONS? Do you not feel emotion!? Ah well, this has been Spotto... I am not going to quote anything so ha. Looking forward to the Fluttershy episode tomorrow due to the preview clip...and TTGL is surprisingly relevant to the topic of the tomorrow's episode (being assertive!) so yeah, somewhat of a coincidence! That is all.
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I hate shipping.

Well okay that's not completely accurate, but lately it's a kind of subject matter that has been a bit too frequent. I went into a sad story, it had no other tags, the story's tag was merely "sad" and was greeted with unexpected shipping. You read half the story and find it SO AMAZING and suddenly...SHIPPING and the building you've been constructing tumbles over.

It just felt so unnecessary too! The story was fine. It had the essence of friendship and rainbows MLP is known for, except everyone is dead and then SHIPPING suddenly. I then found out it was a story meant to be some sort of epilogue-of-sorts to another story...which is completely fine...except they thought it'd work standalone as well and submitted it as a standalone story. So the shipping just felt jarring and out of place and my enjoyment of the story got kicked in the gut.

And as much as it might seem so, no it's not because "oh well if the ship was a ship you liked you probably would've liked it". No, if I wanted to read shipping I would read shipping. It would have a tag called shipping to signify that there is shipping so if I want to read it I'd read it. In fact I was looking for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie FRIENDSHIP stories and ran into shipping that I did not expect. Of course this time it was my fault because I forgot to look at the genre (Romance) and it just came out of nowhere. I was okay with it later, as a shipping story since I do like PinkieShy but my friendship story-searching self was obviously not satisfied. (By the way I didn't find a good story involving those two, shipping or not. I'll have to settle with generic-cute and heartwarming stuff for now, sigh. Well the more I cannot find something I'd like to read, the more likely I am to write it myself)

I forgot to mention I never read shipping stories anyway, so... I mean I try finding some and taking a look, but they're never good...and if there are good ones, I don't ship the ship in them so. I also heard Hearts and Hooves is going to be a CMC story where they try to hook up Mac and Cheerilee, so my worst fears did not come to light as I had thought it might! Thank Celestia! I wonder if the story will be similar to the PPG episode where the girls attempted to hook up the Professor and Ms. Keane? Of course even if the synopsis of that episode turns out not to bother me, something like that will always bother someone out there...and it did.

The most popular het ship is Fluttermac, so you can see where I'm going with that. This being a Dreamwidth and former Livejournal....I am obviously here to complain! I don't think I'm going to be one of those people who will get these types of blogs out of that reputation sadly, lol.

And there were a lot of people out there rather upset that Fluttermac is potentially being sunk by this episode. I think they're silly, obviously. Now of course someone out there might assume "Why, if it WERE Fluttermac being supported by the episode instead of this, Spotto would be upset because it'd sink PinkieShy!" and I am clearly a scumbag hypocritical bastard! And you know what?

Maybe I would be upset, but probably for totally different reasons. Okay I can't guarantee it won't partly be because of that, but ultimately if it were FlutterMac and not CheeriMac (these portmanteaus lol) I'd be upset due to introducing romance into the mane six....which means if PinkieShy were canon (and that would never happen in a million years anyway) I too would be upset because again, it introduces romance into the mane six. We are here to watch about Friendship is know what, maybe there could be a lesson about tolerating a friend suddenly spending all their time with a colt, and the ramifications of all the drama resulting from that, but this is a kids show. Kids will not be able to understand such a lesson seeing as their friends shouldn't really be in relationships at that age, and since it is a kids show any serious romance really has no place in the show. And in that sense, I don't think CheeriMac will be successful just like Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane didn't work out either...because it's a kids show. They will not stay together. The only ounce of potential "love" that exists is Spike's crush on Rarity. Even if that got developed further to my utter surprise, nothing really implied that Rarity returned any feelings and that it was any more than a puppy-dog crush. End of story.

So I reiterate, SILLY.

Which could explain why I'm not quite as fond of the UFO crew as I once was.

The crew of UFO are not...well, they are not popular. They have their fans and I am one of them. There are plenty of talented people out there throwing their ideas and headcanon out via their artwork or animation of some kind that could bring in even more fans of said group of characters and that's great! I think Captain Murasa in particular, though a little stretched for depth at first (but with tons of potential) is getting a lot of attention lately, even if it's only from a few people...but luckily these few people are very talented and have awesome imaginations. Then Ten Desires comes around. I've mentioned this before, but I had a particular headcanon about the ship's crew...Ten Desires amended it greatly, throwing two new characters into the collective group when it was already the largest of any other game before. I already had a hard time trying to do anything with Ichirin without just not caring about her because it is really hard to care about a character with barely any substance! Then they throw in a moeblob which I guess is okay because the crew technically didn't have a moeblob yet, but Shou kind of counts already anyway...and Nue 2.0 except with old people jokes.

It gets old, people. 

I think that's why to me, Tamers from Digimon trumps over Adventure, just slightly. Adventure just had too many characters...and you could say  "Well, there was only seven...then eight" and that's okay. You can use fifty-two episodes to describe and develop eight characters...but there are MORE than eight characters...their Digimon partners too, they need some spotlight as well! Most of them were pretty much the same as their human counterparts, or if they weren't, were sweet and nice and well-meaning. They didn't have much going for them except as an extension of the kids as characters. The few exceptions were arguably Gabumon and Tailmon/Gatomon. Seriously Tailmon is like the Ken of Season 1 in comparison to her Digimon brethren. She had lots of development, and her best friend had more development than some of the main Digimon, and she's even more interesting than her own partner who although kind of cute and nice is too unrealistically pure and mature for a seven-year-old girl or however old Hikari was.

I mean yes, Tamers had a bunch of side-kids that didn't get enough spotlight and don't get me started on Ryo! (Even if he did have a bunch of games to develop him, yes) But in the end you saw all the promotional posters, all the advertising, any official image or trademark of Tamers at all...always emphasized the main three characters, their Digimon, and Impmon. They were the main characters. They were the ones we KNEW would get development and spotlight, the rest were a crapshoot. When I think of Tamers, it's the power trio and that one sixth ranger...the rest are there for comedy relief or to take up time when they can't think of anything else to fill an episode. Nowhere were we told that they'd have just as much substance as the rest. I am fine with that. They weren't designed to be interesting anyway, so most people aren't curious to know more.

(Which of course will always lead me to question the choice of singers for Biggest Dreamer/one of the EDs of Tamers....There's a tradition for each series where the boys sing the main theme and the girls since the ending theme. Tamers decided to include EVERY FREAKIN' MALE KID and their Digimon so Biggest Dreamers sounded like a rookie choir! And why would I want to hear a 4-year-old girl sing in the ED? (Jenrya's sister) All these extra side characters didn't contribute THAT much to the plot, so they shouldn't even BE singing! Takato/Jenrya/Ryo and their Digimon for Biggest Dreamer, Ruki/Juri + their Digimon (yes that includes Leomon lol) for the ED! That would've sounded amazing and NOT terribly cluttered. Bleh)

That makes Frontier look worse actually. They did away with Digimon partners, so more time for the kids, right? Wrong! Give all spotlight to Takuya and Koji and the new sixth ranger! Forget the other three even if they're in the opening and looking just as important as them! Even if we have plenty of time to develop them all we won't! How sad it is.

But I suppose my original point was shipping and in Touhou, my main ship was MuraNue. That ship also floats rather precariously in my headcanon as the make-up of the crew did before Ten Desires. It depended on how I view Nue mostly, that she did all her jerkass annoying things because she's lonely. But wait, she has an old friend, a trickster just like her living outside of Gensokyo she can call in during emergencies! And that friend decides to stick around as if the outside of Gensokyo missing a tanuki is of no consequence! That tells me the crew probably isn't as close as I thought it was. (The dynamic was the weakest of the entire series' cast herds anyway, the UFO characters only gathered up together recently to free Hijiri, they weren't close at all! One reason why I think it's a less popular game besides the annoying UFO mechanic) 

So the crew already is treading on thin water with having too many characters and my brain span obviously too small to make up all the potential dynamics they have. Then they threw in two more characters and it's less of a "group of awesome friends" and more of a "WE LOVE HIJIRI FANCLUB YAAAY" or like, the guy you sit next to in Church because you both believe in God. That's all the similarities you have because these characters have no similarities at all,and are not related or a family like the Chireiden guys, nor are they mysteriously loyal like SDM nor are they servants or shinigami to a yama or shikigami to a troll, or a dysfunctional family of rabbits, nope. They're all just part of a fanclub because Hijiri is so great.

What's worse is that that didn't even have to happen. The introduction of both those characters feel so unnecessary. Kyouko less so I guess, if knowing how popular the Myouren Temple has become is important enough to warrant a whole new boss character, but the tanuki is so utterly pointless, unoriginal, and nothing new at all. The only thing she brings to the table is the possibility of youkai living outside of Gensokyo, but that's it. I have so much hate for that character and so many reasons to hate, to the point that she led to me to love MokouKeine far more, to absorb the Chireiden crew more, and enabled me to look into ponies for some collective group dynamics that kind of shrank away here.

One more thing...there is a very obvious reason why heterosexual shipping isn't as popular as its gay counterpart. The reason is incredibly simple actually...most TV shows and series have a cast that tends to be mostly girls or mostly guys. Now it would seem silly to ship basically all the guys with that one token girl character or visa versa, especially if some of them have little to do with her, like actually talking to her or anything like that. So it's only natural for shippers to see interaction between two characters, whatever gender they might be, and want to watch it go further into a romantic conclusion. After all, I ship MaxMariam because they talk to each other, fight each other, and have a funny chemistry going on with each other. I don't ship Fluttermac because they've never spoken to each other. (They're also too similar, seems like a pretty boring couple anyway) Both of these pairings are het. I don't think the sex of the participants in a couple even matter, one just happens to be more common.

Thus the end of this terrible rant, which I hate due being so awkwardly written/worded. I like my points too much to just scrap it as usual. Remind Spotto never to rant while half-asleep again. This has been Spotto, good nighto!

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I realize how incredibly vague my title is. Well you see, I was minding my own business when this lovely conversation came about in Ventrilo:

And that is how I ended up marathoning all of Gundam Wing in two days. Lovely how that works, doesn't it? 

Now my experience with mecha anime is pretty low. I've seen some Gundam Wing as a child, in particular Endless Waltz and I've seen some Gundam Seed from time-to-time on TV. I barely remember any of these and I don't think my interest was very high. Nonetheless GW still holds a little bit of nostalgia within me, so my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to remind my memory what I just watched all those years ago. Plus, even if I did remember scenes from the Anime, I didn't understand a thing of it.

Anyway I walked into the Anime with a pretty neutral mindset. Not as a person who often watched Anime, or someone who even watched much of Sci Fi. All I had with me was a small bit of nostalgia and my absolute love for Gundams as toys. I recall playing with them, the action figure kind, with a boy when I was a kid. He owned the toys and I've always wanted one since. Sadly all I've found is models, or action figures of gundams I didn't really care for. I do have a Gundam SEED model of...the Gundam that Athrun dude piloted, but I assembled it pretty terribly and its arms and wings fall off rather often, lol. I do love the designs and playing with them though. 

In fact that's how I ended up with a Lobomon figure because I went to a toy store trying to find Gundams but they only had figures of other mobile suits, so I just went for a Digimon instead. I still wish for a Gundam figure someday, perhaps that experience is why I love collecting figures, be it Negima, Touhou (I VOW TO GET ONE ONE DAY) or even series I don't even care for like my Final Fantasy figures. I suppose that's why I already have the mane six from MLP...oh how I wish they were more accurate to the show but I sadly cannot pull out four hundred dollars for a show-accurate custom made one on Ebay.

Nonetheless, I watched all of Gundam Wing and its movie/OVAs, Endless Waltz. I actually grew incredibly bored in the middle of the Anime. I suppose I'm not much for Anime with plot as its main focus and politics as its main plot. From what memories I had as a child I always thought "THAT DUDE WITH THE MASK" now known as Zechs Marquise was EVIL! But he was quite a cool character for most of the Anime before he...ended up being the THE BIG BAD near the end...I assume dropping a massive battleship on Earth is pretty evil after all, even though throughout the entire Anime EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER SWITCHED SIDES SO OFTEN I HAD NO IDEA WHO OR WHAT TO ROOT FOR ANYMORE.

It is pretty obvious you'd look to the main characters to root for but for a majority of the beginning we had a lot of screentime for other characters and the Gundam Pilots were just there, completing missions, killing people. Not really giving enough precedence for me to root for them. I mean they affected the plot obviously, but we knew nothing about the characters. They were pawns for the Colonies for all we know until we realize they're some sort of separate faction within the colonies attempting revenge for an assassination so long ago and...

Well the plot was interesting and complicated, but not my thing. Maybe I'm a simpleton or something, preferring to watch or read or view shows with a simple premise and a simple plot, but it wasn't like I didn't enjoy just felt rather ridiculous the more I think about it. I guess that's why I'm not much of a Gundam fan at all, considering I wasn't interested in the shows as a child. I always grew rather bored watching Gundam SEED, just hoping for cool giant robot scenes and all. Maybe that's why I'm so bored with Negima since its plot became incredibly political...I just don't enjoy such a genre! I don't enjoy politics!

So not only did Zechs/Miliardo surprise me out of the gate (he was the most interesting character in the entire first half of the Anime), the so-called Big Bad, Treize, surprised me as well. Frankly the more I think about it, none of the characters (except old ugly people no one would care about if they died >_>) were really...completely evil or anything. Some of them took rather brash actions, maybe made mistakes, maybe ended up killing a lot of innocents but they all advocated peace in the end. They were more like well-intentioned extremists and I actually had sympathy for every one of them, no matter what side they were on. I guess in the end all the characters were truly human. 

The females of the series did not bother me at all, except the small notion of practically every one of them being in love with one of the main guys. They were strong characters, albeit somewhat bland in a way. Well, Relena was bland, the rest of them were interesting but didn't explode out to me as an amazing dynamic character. They served their role in the story well. I find absolutely no problems with Relena, I just never like characters who seem emotionless, stoic, or really, really serious even if they aren't deep down. I can never relate to these characters. I guess that's why I'm not fond of many of the characters because most of them were emotionless, stoic, or utterly serious. It's inevitable to have characters like so with such a cynical setting of war and death, but I imagine if I did watch a mecha again, Gurren Lagann would be more fitting for my tastes. I heard the characters in that Anime are far more exciting. P:

And so that leads on to the actual main characters of the series, the Gundam Pilots. The ages in this show bother me for some reason. They're fourteen...or fifteen, or some incredibly small number. If I were younger and watched the show maybe I wouldn't have cared about the ages as much. After all I'd probably find the characters more appealing if they were closer to my age group, but this isn't some Anime about some dumb kid saving the world from irresponsible adults...


I dunno, I find a serious series would be more fitting in tone if the characters were more realistic, in particular the age. A bunch of kids piloting giant robots already? I question the intelligence of a person deciding to GIVE A TEENAGER A GIANT ROBOT! The ages of the adults were ridiculously young too. That Lady Une woman DID NOT LOOK NINETEEN DAMN YOU. SHE IS NOT NINETEEN. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE SHE IS NINETEEN WHY ARE THEY ALL SO BLOODY YOUNG. It's either REALLY OLD MEN controlling the nation, OR A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL BEING QUEEN OF THE WORLD. SERIOUSLY.

I mean I was already running into age problems after recently watching the movie Up, with the Big Bad being over a hundred but looking like he's in his early seventies or something. Then I see Endless Waltz and some SEVEN-YEAR-OLD is wearing a military uniform and declaring war on Earth. SHE'S FUCKING SEVEN. I don't care if she was being manipulated, DID NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS EVER HAVE A CHILDHOOD? How fucking tragic is the future with giant robots!? MY GOD. (I actually have no idea what the age of Mariamia is, she just looks seven or some young age. She's a kid. THAT IS THE POINT)

And not only that but none of these pilots seem to have had a growth spurt. WHY THE HELL AM I TALLER THAN THEM? I'm as short as they come but I'm like the same size as Trowa, who looks like the tallest of them all. (Those tight pants do create an illusion) It's not like they're all Asian and we have a little bit of an excuse. Duo is American, Quatre is Arabic. WHY ARE THESE KIDS SO BLOODY SHORT!?

Okay well that's my little mini-rant on age and size...about the actual characters, I've had a few surprises myself like with Treize and Zechs. Heero gave me no surprises...he felt like that standard Gundam Pilot lead, with the tall, dark and mysterious...I mean SHORT, dark and mysterious vibe about him. He's that character type lots of people would like, particularly female fans. (Well all of them have their female fans except Wu Fei probably. Bangs are very attractive, often when you don't have bangs does that not help you in your situation though there probably ARE Wu Fei fans...he's also a sexist jerk, so...or you can get ridiculous with bangs like Trowa @_@) I kind of wish Duo had a bigger role in Gundam Wing though.

Duo is a rather refreshing change from all the...seriousness of everything, even if he is willing to kill everything and has his own tragic past (doesn't everyone? Everyone's father is dead. There are zero characters without a tragic history! Why aren't they all too mentally unstable to be in war? Oh wait, THEY ARE mentally too unstable to be in war but they're in war ANYWAY) but I thought he never really got as much spotlight as the other four characters. If he did then his screentime was spread well enough that I didn't see like, one giant part dedicated to him or anything. His so-called "love interest" came out of nowhere (and looks WAY too much like Noin...I'll complain about female character design later) and there wasn't anything INTERESTING between him and her or unique that Heero didn't have or anyone else. He wasn't completely headstrong or lonewolf or a stubborn jerkish asshole like Wu Fei, or that compassionate and kind character who goes insane like Quatre, or the stoic guy without a name who gets amnesia like what did he have? The coolest looking Gundam? The go-to guy to throw in jail? (The number of times he gets captured is almost humorous) I feel like I'm missing something here.

It sounds like I hate Wu Fei or something here, but I don't. He completely and utterly embodies "Arrogant Kung Fu Guy" rather well, and so I don't find him particularly unique. I mean they ALL like working alone, but some are more open to the idea of working with others than...others, such as Wu Fei. Master Long supposed to be a guy? Because he sounds somewhat female and looks kind of female...all those wrinkles really doesn't help, but that dojo colony with the Chinese-like landscape felt rather tacked on. If only his fiance/wife was alluded to some more because I feel like if I didn't know he called his Gundam "Nataku" because of his wife beforehand, I'd have wondered why the hell he would be calling his Gundam Nataku. (I can also complain on why such a young character already has a wife, but let's move on)

So I recall a few years or months...or some significant time back I randomly watched a clip of dub!Quatre laughing insanely, so I already knew he'd go insane before watching. One of my few memories of watching Gundam Wing was that I recall him being shot or stabbed or injured at some point in the series in a really dark place, which turned out to be the last episode when he's confronting Dorothy, the eyebrow lady. I also knew from various comments that a lot of people have a deep hatred for the character and finally, due to finding the sub easier to access than the dub, knew that he had the same voice actress as Max. ALL of this gave me this weird perception that he'd do something utterly horrible in the Anime and that's why everyone hates him. And now that I've finished the Anime, I have no idea where the hell this hate comes from.

Going insane and blowing shit up is not new at all, and as far as I know the colony he blew up was evacuated. There weren't people screaming for terror in the streets. Yes he destroyed a perfectly good colony and killed a bunch of people on that one resources mining rock thing, but otherwise my biggest surprise in the entire series is...


Usually when I see people ship, especially in a series with tons of attractive characters of one gender, many ships come from the smallest of hints or nothing at all. I am so used to being in a fandom like Touhou where Yuuka and Wriggle are shipped despite never having met at all JUST BECAUSE one represents FLOWERS and the other represents BUGS. Wriggle doesn't even have a single thing to do with bees either, she's all about fireflies. I even shipped Hong Kong and Korea who have zero, ZERO interaction in the canon and not too much to do in terms of history either. And even then, most ships I am used to the characters tend to be friends if nothing else, and they don't do anything that makes them closer to each other over any other friends! Or if they do I don't ship it myself, but if they do it's usually because of chronic rival syndrome in shounen Anime. The main character/rival is a crazy popular type of ship. The only other type of ship that's rampant with little hints is a single character shipped with EVERYTHING (See: Marisa and Rainbow Dash) Basically what I'm saying is, any non-canon ship I've seen between characters of the same sex are usually unreasonable, and the characters involved are often either friends, enemies, acquaintances or have nothing to do with each other at all.

And yet here we have Quatre and Trowa, a duo that led to a one of the dubs actually canonizing a relationship. WHAT (Or at least one of them having a crush on each other. This is like THE OPPOSITE of the Sailor Uranus/Neptune situation with dubs!)

You see the two met each other first, out of the other pilots and then Quatre goes crazy, has NO problems with obliterating Heero, but then Trowa gets in the way and he's like OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE and that aspect seems to be so much more emphasized than the colony or the mine resource he destroyed, for some guy he only met a few months or weeks or however long ago. And then he's like I KNOW TROWA IS NOT DEAD (and I will complain about the characters' immortality later) Heero is like YOU CANNOT FIGHT UNTIL YOU FIND TROWA, and then they find Trowa but he has amnesia, and Quatre is all like happy he's alive but like, tears are there 'cause he has amnesia, and then Trowa goes crazy (that Zero Suit, mang) and Quatre is the one who must calm him down, and then in the finale Quatre is caught up with Dorothy and Trowa is like I MUST FIND QUATRE and a million other things and I'm all like "WHAT" (also is this a soap opera or what)

I am not saying it's bad. I'm just rather surprised how much they interacted or cared about each other when Heero is like "I WILL KILL YOU" and Wu Fei is like "I HATE EVERYONE" and Duo is like "WHY AM I NEVER IN THE SHOW". 

Well I may be exaggerating about Duo, but still! He does interact with Heero fairly often enough, but Heero had his own problems with Relena and trying to die and such, so there wasn't as much emphasis on the two like Trowa and Quatre. (Also because Heero is the main character) My other surprise is Trowa himself. When I started the series I was wondering what the point of Trowa as a character was, he seemed similar to Heero at first with the emotionless and stoic demeanour and then he joins a circus and turns out to be a pretty freakin' nice guy...and I'm like O_O...

My god. 
So I find the character design for the women rather bland which might be part of the reason I find them bland. The anatomy and design and everything is quite realistic in Gundam besides y'know, having all important characters look attractive, but they all have normal hair colours, and their hair (Except Trowa) is styled rather realistically. You know one thing I do love about the design is that they all don't look the same. A race would look like their race, mostly. For example in Anime nowadays (or I am completely wrong, please correct me) an American would have like, a giant nose, incredibly pronounced features and MUST have blue eyes and blonde hair. After all, ALL AMERICANS are BLONDE and BLUE-EYED. The European characters in Gundam Wing actually looked European, like Relena and the Duo wasn't a mandatory blonde guy, etc. 

But as always realistic design has its limitations or at least I hope that's the excuse for why Hilde looks like a mini-Noin. I do quite like Noin as a character and she's the only female who looks a little unique, but eh, I guess not only do I like more excitable characters, but I'd probably find a character from something like Gurren Lagann more interesting because of say, bright red hair or cool orange shades. 

Also...immortality. As I went through the series I sort of adopted this mindset that all the characters do crazy shit because they know they can't die. After all, NO ONE ever gets scared if a gun is pointed to them. In fact the handgun is probably less dangerous than a butter knife in this series, it doesn't fucking kill anyone except that one old guy in Waltz, but all old men have high mortality rates in fiction. My face when I saw Lady Une still alive after twenty-five or so episodes cannot be described. Seriously, they showed her being shot SO MANY TIMES as a prelude to the episode as if it was driving down a nail that she was dead dead dead because I was constantly wondering if any character can ACTUALLY die in this series, even the supporting ones! She doesn't even have a scratch when she pilots the Wing Gundam into A GIANT LASER BEAM OF DOOM just to save Treize! Speaking of which, Treize became awesome to me because he was mortal. You know how he never even pilots a mecha suit until near the end of the series and is constantly at his rich house acting as the leader without ever fighting, so you think he's a jackass, but then when the war comes to its peak he goes up to the front line and risks his very life? Honouring the rematch with Wu Fei and dying rather spectacularly? Damn. I don't view any one character as more badass as another if EVERYONE is badass, and death never feels like a threat AT ALL. You can float in space forever, no dying. You can fall on your face from fifty-feet, no dying. You can blow yourself up, no dying. 

Anyway I found the series mildly entertaining as a whole. The final few episodes were quite exciting and there were parts of the series that were fun to watch, but there were also many parts where I grew rather bored of. I can see why other Gundam series are more popular in Japan, or at least I hope some of the other Gundam series are more entertaining than this one otherwise I can't see why its been a franchise for so long. The Anime is a classic but for my opinions now? I will dub it as OK. If I were watching it like, once a week as how most shows come out, I'd probably have dropped it due to boredom. A majority of the reason of its OK rating is probably due to the genre being not my taste. Perhaps I should try watching Gurren Lagann? One day I will, but not today.

That is all from Spotto! My favourite is Trowa. And my favourite Gundam to play with as a kid was Sandrock. Those blades are so cool. Sorry Deathscythe, but I wanted to steal my friend's Sandrock figure. It was so cool. I loved its colour scheme too.

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Now for news you DON'T know!

I just spent the whole day (or the part of the day I was actually awake) watching Sailormoon, PPGZ, and Lucky Star. xD  Today was the most awesome PPGZ episode for a while. Sad thing was the humour wasn't as high as I expected, while the Lucky Channel on Lucky Star was hilarious. My favourite was the third one, "I'm popular with the pedophiles" xD Lmao! I also watched the Sailor Moon R movie today (barely remember it much from before) So...

I did a lot of watching, oh yes I did.

AND APPARENTLY, the live action for Negima! has been confirmed by the perverted man himself! Akamatsu! I'm pretty excited actually. Like 90% of all the fans are acting as if it's the end of the world because a lot of Live Actions bomb. They also think PGSM sucked, which really to me, was awesome so my expectations for the Negima Live Action will probably be the same for the one for SM, "I have no idea". They say all the auditions are done and its likely we'll know who's who sometime this week!

I hope they look nice. :3 (especially whoever does Asakura, THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!) I remember the rumour that PPG would get a live action directed or produced, whatever, by the guy who did LOTR, xD. I think it was an April Fool's joke though.

Okay, I am incredibly deprived of all things Negima right now. You know, this is dumb to complain about, but I requested fanart from two artists, and it's been 5 months with nothing to show for it. All this time I never asked for I shouldn't really say much for it but...I don't know, five months? :\


I have.

Oh yeah baby.

But I'm really deprived of fandomness. Gah.

spotto: (Smack that bug!)
Lucky Star = Win.

I just watched all the episodes available.

My willpower sucks, btw.

Good night everybody!


Dec. 14th, 2006 03:58 am
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Someone needs to remind me to rant on my LJ and not in the comments of other people's LJ's...xD.
I wrote all this as a response on something Shiroi wrote. xP:

Anyway, I don't think Neji's quotes are stupid, in fact only one or two felt misplaced. (And not the come one, either) Because it's really hard for the dubbing company to use words to match with how their mouth moves, because the movement of the mouth is originally supposed to match with Japanese, thus they used what they had in the English language. Also, it wasn't that bad.

However, I watched 60 and 61 in English on Youtube, and I do have one complaint.
I have experience with Neji's VA, AKA Enjyu, and Enjyu had the most ADORABLE little kid voice ever when there were flashbacks with him. And Enjyu's flashbacks are SAD, TOO.
Why did they use such an overused kid VA (that sounds a little too DEEP for a four year old) instead of Neji's AWESOME KIDDY VA?!?! It sounded so stupid! And instead of saying, "She's cute!" He said, "She's nice!" THAT TAKES OUT THE MOMENT AS WELL!
They BOTH FIT THE MOUTH MOVEMENTS TOO! I mean seriously, that dumb VA sounded so stupid saying, "FATHER!" And Enjyu, who's little kid flashbacks also involved a FATHER GREATLY, did his job BEAUTIFULLY. Hinata voices her own little kid voice!!

If this happens with Sasuke with such a dumb voice like that, I'll scream, as much as I don't like Sasuke, he definitely does not deserve a retarded cliche american kiddy voice like Neji did. THAT IS A CLEAR OUTRAGE!!!

Seriously, I am glad I watch the sub. I only watch the dub to check out how my favourite VA's are doing and they DENIED the POTENTIALLY CUTE NEJI VOICE and replaced it with all the LITTLE KID VOICES YOU HEAR IN EVERY SINGLE DISNEY MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I ranted in your comments. Good day to you.
One more thing, if someone punched you while you were explaining how horrible your past was, you'd be pissed off. Seriously, the whole POINT of explaining is to tell them WHY you are acting like a suck-up prick. Besides, it is a VERY DIRTY TRICK to be hitting someone while they recount their bad memories. It would be CHEAP! I for one like explaining my actions so they don't think I'm being a complete moron for no reason like Neji's doing. I mean it's perfectly legal, but I believe in honour on the battlefield, which is like honour in checkers. If your opponent was talking to you about how Bob got his head stuck down the toilet, you would not do a double jump to eat his pieces while he's telling you that, you would do it when he was LOOKING AT THE GAME. Because that would be VERY RUDE. I play cards with my friends a lot, and we sometimes talk about other things, but we don't play the card while we're talking, perhaps we do but then we STOP TALKING.
But Naruto is not a person who would run and punch Neji while he tells him that his dad died, that's just plain mean. Neji probably wouldn't do the same even if he was a prick.

I mean you certainly do have a point, but nothing will ever be explained and the whole show would be PURE ACTION (AKA DBZ) without knowing why someone's like that.

It's called character development my friend.

Sorry again. >> Just opinions.
Sorry once again.

Naruto just got all 64 of his chakra holes closed, so attacking would be pretty stupid too. Besides, the time used while Neji is talking couldallow Naruto to THINK of a plan and defeat him, sort of like how Shino sounded completely arrogant at Zaku in the preliminaries, but it was merely a distraction, well this situation is similar but perhaps reversed. And, Neji has like, ABSOLUTE DEFENSE and 360degrees vision, so when you're badly injured and can barely stand, I think it is WISE, to try to heal standing there while hearing how crappy and emo-y your opponent's life is.

It is AFTER all this does Naruto's kyuubi chakra finally get in, when he becomes super angry. And BTW, Naruto TECHNICALLY, in a WAY, NEVER beat Neji, kyuubi did. Naruto should've lost there and then, but only stood up because of the kyuubi chakra. Also, Neji was being an arrogant bastard, so he wasn't doing his best while against Naruto, since fate is awesome and in his favour in this match.

Then he gets paralyzed in one hit in the jaw, which teaches him the lesson, leads to the Kidoumaru-spiderman fight where every Neji fangirl jumps around screaming and suddenly less people HATE Neji because they disliked his prickness of people (you are obviously not one of these people, as I think you like him both ways).

So not ONLY is it character development, it moves the story along, it is good for you Neji fangirls. For all I care Neji is overpowered, he just gets bad matches for him because people constantly have miracles to prevent them from losing to the 64 palms (Naruto's kyuubi and Kidoumaru's icky golden armour he made from sweat)

Neji fans should be happy, VERY HAPPY. And I being a semi-Neji fan since I am also half with Shino, am satisified, for now. Obviously we all know Neji (and seriously Shino) needs more manga time in the current manga arc.

Oh, another thing I hated about the dub (or in general, basically) was that Tenten would not shut up. I understand she was explaining Neji's skill but she wasn't even TALKING to anyone, except the screen, and that breaks the fourth wall. I mean if you're going to explain Neji's techniques, at least explain it to someone there and not DIRECTLY at the viewers on TV. That and I despise NejiTen (almost as much as ReiMao!) and Tenten's voice was annoying.

I am SO SORRY again. ><

MY BIRTHDAY PARTY IS ON THE 15TH! HOORAH! HOORAH! Oh, I started a VERY SLOW MOVING LF fanfic a few days ago. I figure I should write its plot and details or I'll forget here:


That is all.

spotto: (Shino! Yay!)
Ah yes, the joyous days of harmony.
TODAY is another day of constant Narutardedness, but otherwise, it was a fine normal day. Staying up till 2am doing stuff on school days like any other!

I'm deciding whether or not to enter the book review contest, FIRST, I have never entered the contest, SECOND, I don't read many books, BUT THIRDLY, I want money, and the prize is money, so. xD

I was examining the ACHIEVEMENTS my obsessions have given me over the time. For example, Beyblade brought BIFF, Shiroi, B-Daman. SO THESE ARE THE ACHIEVEMENTS...

Chronological order:
Little Fighter 2 -
LF2 has achieved a GREAT deal. First, it is a game I enjoyed a lot with many of my offline friends (only the boys liked it or my annoying friends who moved away, xD) But one of LF2's greatest achievements was SOLDAT, it was this game, which had a fansite that also covered Soldat, that brought me into the online gaming world. It is a significant achievement because it gave me my clan and other friends whom I talk to a lot, and such. It's also a fun game, both of them. Both these games are still on this computer. =D It also paved the way of my first career of writing, as it was similar to an original story-writing since there is no background nor personality to the characters. (Until dumb LFO came along)

Powerpuff Girls -
This cartoon first brought my first public announcement into the internet. As in, that I WAS ACTUALLY A PRESENCE IN THE INTERNET. Because I submitted my first fanfiction of this cartoon, which I adorely loved, and still do, obviously not as much.

Digimon -
This is the first thing that came about that both my brother AND I liked. A SIMILARITY OMGZ.

Sailor Moon -
Achieving a whole lot did this do, (Woot Yoda), first, it was the very first ANYTHING where I've seen absolutely everything of the Anime (and even the live-action) of! The first thing where I shared a love with this with ONE OTHER INDIVIDUAL *coughAoicough* (not a group), where my brother still TODAY talks about it with me, and is definitely VERY long-lasting. It definitely had a signifigant impact in my obsession-life. It wasn't really an obsession but half of these aren't, xD But I loved it so very much anyway.

Beyblade -
Probably the greatest achievement to ever occur came from this Anime, Beyblade. It was unlike LF2, as it wasn't a game, so thus, it had a lot of fandom with ridiculous but rather hilarious ideas due to its popularity. Unlike B-Daman, it actually had fanservice, and wasn't dead like a desert in the middle of nowhere. Also unlike Naruto or DBZ, there wasn't TOO much fanservice, where it's hard to get recognized in. Thus Beyblade was the greatest thing to ever happen in my life so far. (That may sound pathetic and corny, xD) It brought a lot of achievements, where I was actually KNOWN somewhere in the internet. It was this that sprouted the greatness that is the B.I.F.F., it was this that brought my friendship with Shiroi, it showed the path of the e-life, it introduced the concept of Yaoi, it was the first thing to ever touch my walls since a calendar...It was the best of the best, it can NEVER be forgotten, Beyblade or not, the characters, the utter greatness that allowed me to escape from my generic boring Beyblade.

I learned how to draw muscles and spiky hair from this Anime...xDDDD

B-Daman -
B-Daman's pathetically small fanservice hurts me, a lot. It is so very hard to stay in the mood of this Anime because there is barely anything coming out of it. However, B-Daman did bring up my creativity level because I had so little to work with in the first place. Also it was partly responsible for the greatness of that that is roleplaying. Spot has never taken roleplaying serious since the one she and Shiroi made. It also created room for Naruto, due to the roleplay, so in a way B-Daman brought me to the evils of Naruto, xD

Naruto - (CURRENT)
Although in the stage of becoming more and more into my life, and also, this could DIE at anytime and be shortlived like Naruto did before and DBZ, I have high confidence in this, why? Because there's unlimited fanservice of it, crack is suddenly SO MUCH FUNNER with this Anime. This is also partly responsible for bringing up the roleplay.

And if people don't know yet, all my favourite characters to ever make me happy:
LF2 - 5*9*John, Henry, 5*Rudolf
PPG - 6*8*Bubbles
Digimon - I had no favourite character in season 1, oddly enough. 1*9*Ken, 2*Hawkmon, 4*5*Kouji, 8*Lobomon.
Sailor Moon - 5*8*Sailor Venus, 3*9*Sailor Mercury (Aino Minako and Mizuno Ami)
Beyblade - 3*5*7*Rei, 6*8*Max, Kiki
DBZ - 8*9*(kinda)Gohan
B-Daman - 1*7*Li, 5*7*Wen, 8*Gray
Naruto - (CAN CHANGE ANYTIME!!!) 1*9*Shino, 4*2*5*7*9*(yinyang, kinda)Neji, 6*7*Rock Lee

Stupid trivia: 1*voice actor for Ken, Shino, Li, the same. 2*Japanese voice actor for Neji and Hawkmon, the same. 3*Japanese voice actress for Rei and Ami, the same. 4*voice actor for Kouji, Neji, the same 5*LONG HAIR 6*AWESOME HAPPY KID 7*CHINESE 8*BLONDE 9*SMART
^Dumb pattern. (Holy hell Neji matches LOTS of things, O_O)

These two lonely people are ALSO a pattern, I started loving them LONG after I began loving the thing they came from. So it's like a CRACK thing.

And I developed a beautiful plot heavily inspired by...obviously my dumb Narutardedness based on LF2!

- Naturalists -
Freeze : Ice
Firen  : Fire
Louis  : Air
Julian : Earth

- Raging Beasts -
Davis  : Dragon
Woody  : Tiger
John   : Turtle
Henry  : Phoenix

- Unique 4 -
Deep   : Tai
Rudolf : Gen
Bat    : Sum
Dennis : Nin


[Team Tengoku (Heaven) | Active]
-Rivals Woody
Sense of leadership, but when a goal is set, will do anything completely reckless to achieve
it. Seeks to be the best of them all, believes in change greatly. Intelligent in his own way.
Frontal attacks with enough tactical advantage. His rivalry with his brother, Woody, is bitter.
Wishes to surpass Woody, for Woody has said, "The only way you'll know my motives, is if you
defeat me". Very determined.
:: Can bring forth the dragon god.

-Rivals Davis
Distant attitude. Motive unclear. Wishes to advance in power. Seen parents die, and who killed
them. He does not tell Davis nor Dennis, his siblings, the truth of their deaths. He alone
wants to confront the murderer to protect his brothers, thus secretive and distant. Smarter
than his younger brother Davis, but does not allow himself to be attached to anything.
:: Can bring forth the tiger god.

-Seeks acknowledgement.
Youngest of the three brothers, whom does not seem to have such powers of legendary gods in
the past. Wishes to gain his siblings attention, works very hard to do so but ends up short
usually. Never gives up and with his goal he is determined to succeed. He will not let his
siblings take the spotlight. Dennis looks up to Rudolf.
:: Specializing in attacks that have to do with ki.

[Team Nichi (Sun) | Active]
-Rivals Deep
Serious-minded, looked down upon by Deep. He and Deep used to be the best of friends when
younger. His only goal is to defeat Deep. Wears specialized armour and when younger with Deep,
always the second one, never the best. Possesses leadership qualities however will put his
long quarrel with Deep first in front of friends.
:: Controls the air, but favours mostly the lightning aspect of the air.

-Rivals John
Always thought as of the backup, but seeks to prove that wrong. That long-range is better than
what it is thought as. He has a shady past, his family was all associated as archers, but were
all wiped out when the cowardly frontal forces retreated and left the backup to die. He has
a hatred for John's specialized group (they were the frontal forces) whom indirectly killed his
family. Very angsty.
:: Can bring forth the phoenix god.

-Rivals Freeze
Carefree and completely happy, he is very fond of fire. Exiled out of his home village due to
his pyromanical behaviour and outcasted because of it. (Burned it down) He is left lonely but
will stop to nothing to redeem himself. He still cannot control fire though, and wants to
train and become a master at the ho art. He wishes to one day defeat Freeze to show him that he
is truly sorry and will do anything for Freeze.
:: Controls fire, but cannot control it very well.

[Team Getsu (Moon) | Active]
-Rivals Louis
Very powerful in brute strength, and looks down upon those who are weaker than him. He lost
his younger sister in a war and blames her weak allies. He admires those who are stronger
than him and strictly believes that the strong must survive to sacrifice the weak. Thus he
casts all weaklings as those who must die. Leads well. Does not tolerate failure within his
team and casts cruel punishment when that happens.
:: Specializing in attacks that have to do with simple martial arts.

-Rivals Henry
Young and unproven, lucky to be in a team. His best aspect is survival, and he gets along with
people well. Somewhat a happy fellow, but very mysterious. He never speaks about his family
or history. His goal seems like everybody else's, to become the greatest, but secretly it
sounds to be something completely different. He wishes to change Henry's point of view as well.
Very tactical. Extremely defensive, and unlike Deep, believes the best defence is the best
offence. He has advantage to Henry.
:: Can bring forth the turtle god.

-Rivals Firen
Cold and almost always quiet, his true goal is unknown. He does not like those who believe that
trying will make you succeed. He can usually tell when things are hopeless must be let go, and
dislikes the stubborn personality in which someone believes they can overcome the impossible.
Such stubborn personality destroyed his village, (where Firen burned it down but the leader of
the village was too stubborn to exile him, and Firen was only exiled after the leader fell
victim to the fire himself) Freeze despises Firen.
:: Controls ice, and can control it almost completely unlike Firen.

[Team Jigoku (Hell) | Dispanded]
-Rivals Bat
A mysterious ninja from a distant land, he seems like a nice well-rounded guy at first, but is
hiding a secret. His complete village was destroyed, and his whole family killed. He is the
last survivor. He wishes to find this killer, whom he knows is Bat. He does not want revenge,
but wants a reason for why Bat did this. He wishes to be incredibly strong and stealthy in case
a quarrel, which he predicts would most likely happen, when he journeys to find Bat.
An incredibly intelligent being.
:: Specializing in attacks that have to do with illusions.

-Rivals Rudolf
His motives are unclear and he is known as a criminal. His family is unknown but he fights for
someone, and is under the influence and blackmail of another being. He is truly a good-souled
person, but kills and destroys just to protect someone. He will never reveal his secret or
intentions until he completes his goal and goes back to his normal life, until then he avoids
Rudolf at all costs.
:: Specializing in attacks that have to do with summoning. He favours to summon bats, his
favourite animal. (Thus his name, but it is not his true name)

-Very unknown.
He is really a disguised Julian, whom seems to be the evil that starts the plot. He lead a team
of his own to fight a war, but at the last minute pulls them out to betray his ally, a village
of people specializing in long-range. The long-range fighters all perish along with the enemy,
for Julian's true intention is to collect as much blood as he can. Blood gives him power, and
that's all he seeks, power. He takes and controls Bat to kill as many for him to collect the
power source he needs. Julian wishes to destroy the world of all good, for it is pathetic and
is what makes the Earth weak.

In the beginning, the humans were in war with each other. A group of men decided to create the
first artifical being whom would be perfect in every way and secure peace. This experiment
proved to be horrible, however. What they created was something useless. A child whom had no
power nor could do anything, or even move. All it had was a conscious, a mind. Abandoned, the
child suddenly did have something that could bring peace, death. If everybody died, then peace
would truly come, so the humans who created the child actually did get what they wanted but in
a twisted way. The child needed human blood to live, and killed all too get ultimate power. For
killing everything that lived would bring peace and this child a life.

Every human portrayed the child as evil, and all tried to destroy it, but no one could. THe
child, feeling unwanted and like a burden, decided that humans didn't deserve peace, and when
he killed them, was given the ability to send them to hell or heaven. For he was truly the
living death itself. He chose to send them all to hell, and since he never used the gates of
heaven, that option was closed to him. So really, everybody he killed was sent to hell.
Desperate humans made the same mistake again, attempting to create another being to destroy
this one. The being followed its orders it was given, and although could not stop the child
who destroyed everything, split it into two different people, whom became infants. The country
of Eden was given the responsiblity of raising it, but nobody did. These two infants eventually
grew up seperately and on the streets, and the people had then forgotten the two children that
were once death itself. They enjoyed peace. However, these irresponsible people also forgot
about the other being they created who stopped them...

This other being left on his own, acted like another person and was never seen again. In reality,
he was plotting to destroy the Earth of the humans too, this time with no competition, because
he witnessed the human's despicable behaviour in never solving their problems the right way. So
instead of being ruthless and idiotic as the last child did, he planned the demise of people
in secret, thus being more successful. The only people who could stop this being was the one
that was split in two. However, if that one whom was split in two could become one again, would
they not become evil and destructive as this being is as well?

Eventually these two beings were given names. The first, whom was split in two, was named Firzen.
The second was called Julian, however he was simply known as "Shadowed Nightmare" when his
terror soon to be known. (No one knew that he was responsible for the recent events) But his
real name was Julian. Julian started spawning an army from the blood of the people he killed,
whom he called Justins, and some were knights, whom were just Justins in armor. He massacred
many, and took many secret identities. There was one incident where he was allied with the
village of the Thule in a war against the Village of Poseidon. When an epic battle
occurred, he pulled his own men out and both the army of Thule and Poseidon destroyed each other.
The amount of blood in this battle granted Julian an enormous burst of power. Julian then
headed to the village of Thule and told them a lie, that their village had lived. His reasons
of sparing the village are because his grandson, John, was born there. Then he headed to the Village
of Poseidon and destroyed them all. Only two beings, Louis and Deep, escaped. He did not
go after them, for he knew petty weaklings like them would have stronger blood if he let them
start forming hatred. He gained more power from blood if the blood boiled in deep rage and
hatred more.

Thus was why he planted this plan to kill both armies for they were in a war and hated each
other deeply.

Meanwhile, in the village of Eden, a half of Firzen, Firen, whom had abnormal bursts of fire
randomly. Was disrupting the village, but the leader whom was raising Firen wanted to help
Firen control it, and refused to exile Firen from the village when many demanded so. This caused
a huge riot, but the riot would end when Firen's uncontrollable ability destroys the leader
himself. The band of angry villagers kicked him out. The other half of Firzen, Freeze, was one
of the people who despised Firen, but he was also being raised by the leader and hates Firen
even more for what he did.

Julian then found a powerful and promising being, and decided not
to end his life. He later on headed to continue killing, when two people, the strongest fighters
at the time, who also guarded the village of Behemoth, fought Julian. Julian was able to destroy
them but not without serious injuries. He escaped from the oldest son of these powerful fighters,
who witnessed the battle, named Woody. He decided he needed time to heal and found a formidable
soldier named Bat. He captured all of Bat's family and threatened him to do his dirty deeds.
He attempted to get revenge on the village of Behemoth and used Bat, his minion, to use his
good friend Rudolf as well. They formed a team in a tournament within the village, where Julian
was disguised. Rudolf gladly joined with Bat.

The tournament was short-lived for this team, whom ironically were given the name "Jigoku" which
meant "hell" team. For Julian still needed power, and thus dispatched Bat to attack a different
village while they were in the tournament. What Julian didn't know was that this different village
was Rudolf's. When Rudolf rushed to defend his village, it was all gone by then, and only Bat was
left. Knowing Rudolf had seen too much, Julian ordered Bat to kill Rudolf.

When Bat could not kill anymore even because of the threats, since it was just too tramuatizing,
Julian used most of his power to cast a spell on Bat. Bat was a good friend of Rudolf, and even
the spell did not make him finish off Rudolf, whom was near-dead. Bat left him to die and
went to Julian, after that village was destroyed, with every corpse and cured Julian. Bat did not
tell Julian that Rudolf was indeed still alive. They still stayed in the tournament, but lacked
a member. Rudolf meanwhile lost all his memory due to an intentional blow to his head from Bat,
which was meant to make sure Rudolf never tries to stop him. But Rudolf easily regains his
memory later on.

The Jigoku team though, were disqualified soon after when Bat was caught attempting to kill a
villager, because Julian used most of his power on the spell put on Bat, and was drained to only
the power of his Justins, ironically also disguised as one. He needed more power desperately.
So they were kicked out of the village. Julian decided to postpone his revenge on Behemoth and
went to find more power by killing before he would return.

Because the jigoku were disqualified, a new team entered and won, through preliminary battles
(they didn't attempt to join the competition before due to Woody saying they weren't ready, but
Davis won a bet with Woody and those three brothers managed to join.) Joining into the competition
with the Getsu and Nichi team, getting the name "Tengoku" meaning heaven. These 3 teams went
through a lot of challenges and successfully completing them, going into an actual tournament

The matches was like this:

Davis  >
            > Davis
Louis  >
-                      > Davis
Freeze >
            > Freeze
Dennis >
-                                     > Davis
Woody  >
            > Woody
Henry  >
-                      > Woody
Firen  >            
John   >    > Deep

Deep   >

Even though Davis defeated Woody barely, Woody refused to tell Davis anything. He then knew that if
Davis found out how their parents passed on, he would run off and attempt to kill their killers
and get killed himself. Knowing this, Woody decided to go off on his own to defeat Julian himself
just to protect his sibling, Davis. Davis was angered by Woody abandoning them, he decided he had
to surpass Woody a lot more for Woody to realize that Davis was old enough to know the truth. Davis
trained nonstop, but still ignored his younger brother, Dennis. Meanwhile, Rudolf had recovered
enough from his injuries and wandered around the village alone, wondering what to do. Rudolf then
bumped into Dennis. They soon became good friends. Firen and John also became good friends when
they were defeated by Deep in a three-way battle due to an odd number of people in the tournament.
They were similar in the way that they both did something regretful and couldn't help it. So they
understood each other the most.

That's as far as I got.
Buhbye! XP
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So I actually wrote something here, and like, Livejournal went and DIED on me...I lost that entry...-_-


I hate curry toooo~ XP (And if you don't find that funny...Spot doesn't like you, XP)

Anyway, what I wrote was something about B-Daman yesterday, and a picture.
So I'll sum it up with just the picture, XP

And Spot has changed her wallpaper for something simply found on Google, yes she was lazy. INDEED. (And it's very hard to find 1280x800 wallpapers with people you want on it, XP)
 Free Image Hosting at
And BTW, I'm on day FIVE of the Naruto MARATHON!
I have completed many-a episodes and a bunch of flashes already. =P

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Now, look to what I'm going towards.

Months ago, I was this girl who liked Beyblade, yes. Months ago. Now...not as much. The reason why I enjoyed Beyblade was NOT for the little tops hitting each other(which is a pretty idiotic concept, but it needs some main kiddy plot all kiddy Anime needs), or the great action of the bit-beasts roaring at each other. Now, people who enjoy PLAYING WITH THE BEYBLADE TOPS, are idiots.

It's from a biased view.

From a random LJ.

But it's true.

Beyblade is a game. Not a sport. (In which some people tried to turn it into a sport...HOW DOES BEYBLADE INVOLVE USING YOUR PHYSICAL BODY WHERE YOU BREAK SWEAT AND GET EXERCISE?!?!) Beyblade is more like Pool, accuracy in the launching, and type of launching and all that mumbo jumbo.
Ok, yeah, so...?!?

It's just two spinny things smashing at each other. It doesn't come with real life Dranzers where you can pet and have forever and ever because phoenixes are immortal. In fact, most of it has to do with luck, go play Poker! Some from the combos you use in creating the Beyblade, which is as fun as collecting stamps, but it's a toy. T-O-Y.

If you like the Anime, you can go ahead and collect the Beyblades, just because you like the Anime, and maybe play with it for fun, but it's not supposed to be as serious as the Anime. BEYBLADES ARE NOT NUCLEAR WEAPONS. We are not using them to stop the War in Iraq because we have a spiritual Dragon that is invincible to everything. No, it's a toy. It spins, and yes, that would make someone with ADD very interested at the sheer spinning-ness of it. Does it matter if  you use Go-Shoot or Let it Rip? It's just a phrase. Do we say bang when we shoot a gun? We say fire when we shoot a gun, sure, but that's when someone is COMMANDING you.

I mean, it's not like there are Gundam Tournaments where we collect Gundam models and make them shoot real life missles at each other at some tournament, trying to determine the one true GUNDAM PILOT CHAMPION!! Dadada!! Alas, in the end, it is still a toy.

If you want to take Beyblade serious, go find a portal to the Beyblade WORLD. That's where guns were replaced by Beyblades, and nobody uses their fists anymore, just their Beyblades, kind of sad, really. It's much easier to turn into a fangirl and go roaming around chanting KaiXRei rocks and all must love it! These 'girls' love the Anime. They love the character development and the drama, how these Anime characters became such people! Oh sure, you can scream at them to 'go watch a Soap opera", but some people think Anime is much cuter than real life humans poorly acting that they're really the twin evil sister of your long lost cousin in Hawaii.

Same as Naruto. There are like 5 billion fangirls appearing every second for this Anime, and then there's the guys. People like it because they are ninjas. EVERYBODY LIKES NINJAS!! YAY! The shinobi are soooo cool, this person is a genius to have thought ninjas would be so popular!

I understand why people like it, it's NINJAS. I myself do like ninjas, but this is crazy. You watch one episode of it and it's all of other popular Anime-ish! Remember Sailor Moon and DBZ and INUYASHA? Where did those faithful Inuyasha fans go? (Well, I'm guessing they're still around, lol) So, girls like Inuyasha because of the love, boys like DBZ because of the..fighting.

Put them together, you got Naruto (somewhat, >>), hot bishies, sweet action, blood, blood, blood.
It's really simple.
While I may watch Animes such as Battle B-Daman, I call Naruto, stupid. Yes, that sounds rather hypocritical in some way, right?

How is B-Daman stupid? It's really, really, really stupid. Marbles hitting marbles, a great sport of honour, friendship, dignity, betrayals, OMFG, THIS ANIME IS SO STUPID!! This little robot thing shoots this marble and hits this other robot thing and wins in fancy effects, woo-woo.
Oh wait, did I mention...
This Anime does not have 200 episodes.
This Anime does not draw out everything.
This Anime is actually humorous in more than one way.
This Anime has some form of action.

If you're wondering how such an Anime can be the "successor" to beyblade, it's not FOR THE BEYBLADE-SERIOUS PEOPLE. It's for the fangirls, who love the angst, the drama, the everything. And B-Daman has a pretty stupid concept as well, but I find it better than winning a tournament every god-damned season and then beating some old man.
Then again, maybe an 1000-year old cat in the form of an eye may mean something.

And yes, B-Daman does have popualrity, not in Canada, not in the US, BUT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

God Bless You British people! 
B-Daman is stupid, in the humour way (Isn't it funny to see someone fall down and hrut himself from a marble?)
And in the comedy way (LOTS OF FUNNY STUFF)
And it's also funny because some people look stupid. (OMG! YAMATO HAS NO NOSE!!!)
And the rip-offs! (Wen's scar is just like Kenshin's scar!)
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Ok, ok, everything is messed up right now. Not messed up as in chaos, just not the usual. Everything seems to be dead. Irony has dominated this life. This whole situation. Everyday I come on the computer and I see nothing, nothing, not even the usual. Not even...

There is no interaction, nobody willing to participate. I understand they're gone for their own personal reasons, but is it too much of a coviencidence that most people are gone and those who don't talk or are usualy quiet on the computer? Everyday the only person I talk to is Aoi, and I would Akira too whenever I feel like it. I surf the net, my feeling, of being inspired to do anything at ALL is dead. Really, really dead. School friends aren't being loud or talkative as usual. Everybdoy is keeping to their own personal lives, not coming out because they are too obsessed, busy, too gone away rather than appear on a computer just for a minute to say hi. "Hi". Or "Hawo" or "Yellow dude" or any type of greeting anything. Whether you'd be online for 5 minutes or not, I just WANT to see that word on my messenger screen! The only one I've seen for the past many days is "Hey/heys" From AOI.

Aoi, the only one participating at the moment. The busiest, quitest, and hardest to know (next to Reili) is participating, out of all the unknowns. All the people who are busy with their own little lives, which I would be too, except even my school friends are too bsuy with THEIR personal lives, but where IS their personal lvies/ Cooped up in front of the computer playing MMORPGs, that's what! So some people don't want to have a fun time outdoors, and rather stay home. Others do go outdoors, and don't stay home to make conversation. I mean, that is what FORCES me on the computer. I escape to this little sancutary so I can talk to ANYBODY, I don't care! I'll talk a lot more to people if I noticed they were online! Which is a dilemma I have with RA because I can never know when she's online, seeing as I don't look at my MSN screen much.

All this means one thing, one meaning. Everybody is busy, will it take a whole know BIG thign to bring alive everybody once again? Am I the only one staying the the routine I actually ENJOY? Maybe other people don't, maybe I'm just a wannabe. Arguably I am and aren't a wannabe. It is so simple yet complicated at the same time. If you came online and jumped to a site, not caring about anything else, mostly because you want to jsut keep up with posting. Sure, that's fine. And yes, saying 'hi" is spam in posting, but it isn't on conversations in IMs! I don't see anymore of them! People come online when I'm at sleep or a school, limiting my time to find them online. Even Ginny, the "lost" BIFF as I call her, is ONLINE MORE OFTEN THAN EVERYBODY ELSE. Sump, Akira, the Ontario people go online all the time. Aoi does, Ginny, Helly. Maybe I'm just...complaining.

Oh, I surely admit, I'm kind of feeling left behind. It all very well switches around. Don't you see? Before, my school friends went out a lot, parties, stuff like that. Before, many of my online friend's stayed home. So I occupied my time at home a lot, but now people are all busy. There is one option left, and that is my own family. A usual teen would rather go around and spend more time with their friends than family. Despite knowing their family for their whole LIVES.

So, I sit in front of this computer. Knowing I have exams to study for, things to catch up, loads of homework, but I'm on here, aren't I? I'm sacrificing my time, ultimately procrastinating on everything that is important, just to earn a "hi." Just to see a comment, just to find someone to talk to...

Special fact: Procrastinatng has been studied to come from genes, if you procrastinate a lot, blame your parents or their parents or their parents or your long ancestors!
On every BIFF day, I make a topic about it. There are celebrations, presents to go around, many talks in a conversation. Nobody notices, and I don't make this such a big deal, but I admit, I kind expected something. Something that disappointed me, those BIFFs.

Spot Day.

Yeah, I mean, sure I don't care about presents, and I know people said that to me. I felt happy about them, but every other day (Or at least most of them..>>) there is a topic, to discuss, to speak of. Created in the BIFF forum, now noticing that I'm the only one creating them. So I stopped, why? To test all the BIFFs, to see if they cared enough to notice days coming along. I bet they expected lil' ol me to come along and make a topic ABOUT MY OWN DAY. No. I refuse, I'm the leader, but I'm tired of doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I can complain all day and sound like a selfish bitch, but I'm being a nice person. I don't expect anything back, maybe a thank you, for the most. Or a "hi" to me once a couple of days. I did everything because I hoped for something happy, that you'd come on the compute,r not all the time, but at least a little, and say "hi" to everyone of the BIFF, just make their day like that. Say hi to them. All I ask is that, it's all I ask.

I did all that just to earn a "hi". I only do things so people will accept me, because I want to be a nice person, and yes, I believe I am. I don't know how many times I'm easily persuaded, how my parents think I'm a lazy little careless person because I spend 24/7 on the damn computer. I spend a lot of time for someone to say hi to me. Everyday I come home from school, I say hi to my parents and they say hi back. MOST people I'm sure don't do that at all, thinking that a greeting doesn't mean so much.  But it does.

It truly does, at least to me.

Hi means they care you EXIST. I walk pass by friends, wave at them or say hi. It's a general routine. It makes my day. Of couse, the people I USED to talk to the most, people on the INTERNET never say hi anymore. Even if I talked to THEM the most. I have a penpal, or an email pal. We don't say hi at all, but we say bye. Bye's good too, bye is almost as good as hi, but hi means more. Bye is just a polite saying so we can leave. Hi tells everybody you're alive, you respect them, and that you're glad they're there, all in one 2 lettered WORD.

I don't care if people are busy, but sacrificing a second in their life to greet someone is enough for me. I say hi to many people. I regret not saying hi to Akira much, being my own fault and my own forgetfulness.  If nobody has time to say hi to me anymore it just tells me you people don't have enough time to say I exist. It's like saying sorry to someone when you did it on accident. That means you're saying you're sorry for existing, because being born caused the incident.
Without people saying hi to me, they don't care I exist.

Now, I don't care if you don't say hi to me anymore. I'm a growing person. I know some people are off depressed, almost killing themselves because someone is gone. I doubt they said hi to each other, probably "I love you" more. Which is a good replacement for hi. This is my own opinion, but if people don't care you exist, then it's worst than losing someone, it emans you lose everybody's respect. if you lsot someone, you would still be friends with him/her, no matter what.

Yes, everybody has enemies. In fact, I have hatred enough to someone to wish them to die. It's wrong, and shouldn't be thought out, but everybody thinks these things, growing angry with tears through desperate exageration. Who cares any more? There will always be these thoughts, emotion runs through people. Opinions run through people. I know it's wrong to hate RO without playing it, but then other people ahte Beyblad,e or even Anime itself without watching it.

You know, I've been getting wuite into DBZ for a while. It is an interesting Anime, with it's concepts and action. Dubbing cuts all the blood, little tidbit things like showing the ass, other useless nonsensical things. I have seen Anti-Anime fans. I'm not THAT big into Anime. I don't jump to watch every Anime I have heard of. If I find something interesting about it, I get more involved in it and see how far I go. Throughout all of the Anime I have watched, I have noticed it is not the Shounen-ai, not the humour, not the action that gets me to it, but Drama.

Think about it, lots of action in the shows for little kids, Drama for some older people, close friendships for the whacky insane overimaginative fans like me. Angst is usually related witht he drama in some type of way.
Sailor Moon obviously had some of these parts, ESPECIALLY in Live Action. Naruto had it with Sasuke, but with others just as well.
Battle B Daman had it with Gray and his sister (not too far int hat part yet).
Beyblade had it with the close friendships, Kai's past, the fights and drama for something to achieve through all hell and injustice...
And finally, DBZ, in various, various ways. Especially in Gohan(Every one of him, XD) and Mirai Trunks.

If an Anime pops up, like Pokemon, the first thign that pops into your head is "Kiddy show". Meaning a very cheesy show that kids watch for morals. Pokemon is actually mroe than that, there's friendship, sacrifices, etc. too. So it isn't a happy show where the dream is to become the best, it's more than that.

When you say the Anime Beyblade, the first word that comes out might be "stupid". Of course, just like the former, there's action, drama, angst, etc. Other Animes such as some of the Gundam series contain A LOT of angst and action, but not much humour at all. Though the word that pops up in their ehad for the word Gundam is usually action. I mean, if the concept are a bunch of giant robot thigns blasting each other, you'd think that, but the machines aren't the main characters, the pilots are.

DBZ gets the action assumption as well. Even I thought that. Yet, there's the original Dragonball series, which was heavily focused more on humour than action. DBZ had more action, but kept at least some humour, and added in drama and some angst as well. DBGT has humour and action mixed together.

So, in other words, Anime itself is classified as "Violent". Wrong.

If you know America, they say NO to homosexuality. They say NO to showing violence to children, they want to protect their eyes. First, let me comment on how gays affect a children? I mean, it doesn't turn them gay. People are born like that. Sure, children won't really like the show (hey prefer action), but it doesn't turn them into "weird" people from watching the stuff. It might if you see them looking at "hentai" which is a whole different story. But gays are nothing wrong, parents who complain are just idiots.

Violence. Firs tof all, the world is never at peace. It will always be violent. Doesn't people's kids catch them watching the nice and seeing something violent there? If showing them fake violence influence them, why can't actual violence? If you think some children are dumb enough to jump off roofs so they could fly they would need a phychiatrist. I mean, look at them, look at ALL animated films. Do they LOOK real at all? If you want somethign that infulences a kid, take them to see lvie actions shows or Terminator or something. It shows REALISTIC things that would influence them, but why would a bunch of 2-D characters do that? It's find to keep your children from criminals, but not from violence. THey will have to learn about it someday....

TO summarize, I will take Gohan as an example, because I like him so much. Sarting at age 5 (Or 4 in Japan, stupid messed up ages) Like any child, a crybaby who's naive and curious. But, he sees his father dying, gets thrown in a forest alone for 6 months where a lot of dinosaurs and other wild animals live. Gets trained really hard, gets beaten up by saiyans, sees his trainer sacrifice his life for him. More people die, you know the DB routine. A bunch of androids appear, etc. ETC.
Then some big dude named Cell comes along to...well like every enemy, destroy/take over the planet/universe. More people get killed, including his father AGAIN, you know, you'd think this guy'd be tramatized by now right? Since that whole ordeal I think counts as angst, jsut isn't shown very well.
So he blows up, turns to SSJ2 and kills Cell, with the help of Goku spirtually coaching him.

See, is that ALL action? Does it mean something else? It's just like EVERY SINGLE TV SHOW THING IN THE UNIVERSE.

The objective: To fix a problem by getting something (Shikon no Tama, Dragonballs, etc.) Protecting something (Bit-beasts, Cobalt blade, many things in Sailor Moon...) Or stopping someone from causing chaos, which seems to be in a lot of shows....

There I end my three-themed rant. One about myself, one about Anime, and one you must figure out, =P
Weekly Battle B Daman Episode Review:

Episode 10: "Bull Identity"
Rating: 3.5/5 Good, seen better.
Humor: 2/5
Action: 3/5
Bonds: 5/5
Bullness: 5/5
Tsubame Occurance: 2/5

This episode is an average episode. It wasn't as good as "Bull Supremacy", but it was better than the first episode. (A lot of first episodes are boring, =P) I missed the 2:30pm episode so I can only rely on my memory of the 7:30am one.

Yamato goes to the ring, seeing as the match is about to start, even though they can't find Bull. So the whole match is about hittign a triangle across the opponents line, or kind of the like the opposite of tug-o-war. Bull appears, all "possessed" like. (You don't see his eyes, one of the famous bangs cover eyes with shadow get-up) They bdafire. (This episode shows me how dumb Yamato is. Sure Yamato's smart on bdaman and cat instincts, but that's about it) Yamato doesn't really find out Bull's strange behaviour until the middle of the battle. Bull starts shooting his marbles at the pole. (They are standing on tied up cloths attached to poles about 20 feet from the ground...) Trying to knock Yamato down, it was another way of winning. (Well except there isn't a nice cushiony thing on the bottom, so that's bad) Bull's eyes appear and are evil and glow yellow. He says things like annialiahte. (Can't spell) And "For the shadow"., being all possessed like.

Gray's worried, and is mad at himself to not able to do anything about the situation. Since Bull is going to whack Yamato down to his demise. (Except he'd probably land on his feet, but...) Stuff goes on, Armada discovers Ababa's plan. Yamato gets Bull to snap out of it and they battle normally now. Until Yamato shoots off a power blast and wins the match. he slips off the cloth but Bull grabs his arm. (After flashbacks of how Yamato always saved him from falling) Bull doesn't realize he's lost until the announcer announces it. Haha. Everybody congratulates Yamato and  Ababa is mad that his plan was foiled. Suddenly, Enjyu appears and declares that  Yamato to better watch out, as Armada explains that his bdaman is the brothe rof Cobalt Blade! (Wow, now they have FAMILIES)
End of crappy episode.

It was a Yamato based episode, something I disliked. Though Bull had his cool "possessed" and "evil" looks, that so rocks. Tsubame seems to be pushed in the background. (Actually...)

What's happening is this. If we put this in a "I want to beat Yamato" mannered way....


For the first 10 episodes, it seems like Yamato wants Gray,a s in he wants to bda battle him. Good rival and friends type of thing. Yamato also wants to do the same for Bull, except Bull isn't as interested as  doing so with Yamato. Seeing that gray is more of a Yamato fan than Bull. Tsubame's that person who is the extremely huge Yamato fan, but being the newer of them all isn't being focused on that much because Yamato seems to care about Gray and Bull more.

How sad.

Anyway, not the best episode, I wasn't really thinking it would be. (When it said Bull Identity I thought it might reveal some of where he has come from and why he has a split identity, but I was wrong, so the title of the episode kind of sucks)  So yeah, I don't like Yamato anymore, except for his humour, but I laugh at Tsubame more than him.
It is now 1:20AM, and I started writing at 11:40PM.
This is my entry, and it damnw ell better be worth it!

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I actually wanted to post/type up two stories on here today, but that "Alternative Laptop Crud" is being a bitch so I can't transfer my story from that cheap crap into the slow cruddy computer. Oh wells, maybe next time, it was a fluffy ReiMax.

The other's the continuation of the last story I wrote upon this journal, but since I'd rather have two stories in one LJ, I'll skip that one too! Anyway, recently I've been liking a cool, unappopriate show cartoon for adults! You guessed right, SOUTH PARK!!! How all the citizen's are idiots except the kids, the offensive stuff rocks on a lot. I'm not a fan of the fart jokes or anything but those can be funny too. There's also the sex jokes, meh. But anyway, the fact is that it has crappy animation and makes no point in existance but to entertain, rather, there's a character in that show that's so unrealistic it makes you barf.

Cartman's the most selfish kid you'll ever meet. I understood how he didn't care when Kyle nearly died...twice...but Kenny?(The one where he died for over a year, we all know he dies every week..) At least that parka boy came back and haunted the fatass. Hehe.

Anyway, other than that. I've watched the 2nd episode of Battle B'Daman and am disappointed at the writers. I mean, c'mon! What kind of bullcrap was that? Ok, the biggest thing affecting this is probably the absense of Terry, but other than that there were some ridiculous unrealistic things around in that episode. But before we go to that, this is a kids show. It is for kiddier people than for those who watch Beyblade because in Beyblade THERE IS BLOOD. Yesh, Spot likes the blood and chibi mix, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in B'da World.

The narrator is a freakin' Wabuffet Pokemon girl ripoff with a pearl necklace owning an annoying accent. That kind of reminds me of Dizzi...I don't care about her! I don't care about the explanation of B'Daman! Isn't it obvious that everybody wants to be champion and that some Blades have power, accuracy, crap like that? Do they think these kids watching are stupid? My god.

Another nitpick, Yamato. Yamato seems to have no nose. Yamato's eyes are bigger than the average chibi, and his mother's voice is ridiculously high. I mean, I know she isn't very old, because she adopted Yamato, but that voice is UTTERLY ANNOYING! What's with the annoying voices? Is the only good thing about this show a Scottish cyan-haired  mysterious kid who seems to act more like Kai than Gray which is utterly ridiculous? And the bad guys, a beady-eyed Chinese dude with another Chinese dude and a cat plus some redhead who reminds me of someone.

I don't see how that is dangerous, oh sure, a big OLD man who's trying to take over the world with young boys by impersonating Michael Jackson is more scary than a cat! That's Beyblade!

Also, the biggest problem other than the absence of Terry is Gray. Once upon a time Yamato challenged Gray because he needed training. So, once again, Gray demands for Cobalt Blade if Yamato loses, well guess what? That battle was as useless as the first one. Because there isn't exactly a rival for Yamato if he beats Gray the first time he battled him, but then again, they tied this time around, which is strange, but is probably because of Yamato's hand injury, so if he didn't have it, HE WOULD'VE WON. Already in the beginning and Yamato is the best B'daman Blader.

Though I did say it was Gray. Yesh, the blonde dude went, "We must work together!" In the stinkin' 2nd episode. Then he went to his house and they all slept in the same bed with happy smiles and blushes, this show reminds me more of Hamtaro and there aren't hamsters in the Anime to start with! I'm hoping Terry has a better attitude. Bull's a split-personality weirdo, Gray's a loner turn to friendly dude in a matter of seconds, so I hope Terry's personality is somewhat...better written..


I'm beginning to tolerate Kikyo more now. She has a good heart, ok, maybe not a heart at all because she's basically a walking clay statue, but...the point is, she's not caring about Inuyasha all day, not going, "WHAT IS HE DOING AT THIS EXACT MOMENT?!" or anything, why? Kikyo, I think, seeks out not only that perhaps, but something else I guess. Anyway, Kagome cares about Inuyasha a lot, but she basically thinks of him 24/7. I'm sure all GF's and BF's do that...unless they want to write, "Me feel like kiss Brian 2nite" on the answer of what's the square root of pi times two dozen times the area of the desk you're writing this on...

Yeah, it doesn't seem realistic that you've known Inuyasha for a while now, but I think there still needs to be more time until you DO think of them all day, but if you do in a short while, it seems more like Kagome joined the army of Inuyasha rabid fangirls of doom. I don't like that, see, Kagome with her personality doesn't seem to fit in the Feudal Era, doesn't seem quite like the missing piece to the puzzle even though she can see jewel shards and all.
Let's talk about life!!!!
Ok, first of all, my Chinese Class are the dumbest people on Canada in the world. I mean, they know all the crap of China, since it's a CHINESE Class, but they live in Canada and they think there's 11 Provinces, some said 13, one said 10 but then changed it to 9, or something. One said that New Foundland VERY FAR away from Nunavut, National-wise. Then my teacher said, which is the most hilarious of all, "What about Alaska?"

She also wasted 40 minutes of my time.

NEXT WEEK: LASER TAG!! OH MY GOD!! My cousin's brithday party is laser tag! I never played Laser tag before! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO COOL! I'm going to be the first one shot! but whatever! I love shooting stuff and this would actually be fun because we're running around and stuff! We should try Paintball, but I think they don't allow so young people, or waterfights! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Laser Tag, just one Week from now, SATURDAY! W00t!!! Feels like good ol' Summer already!

I missed Gundam SEED yesterday, though for some reason I didn't seem to mind. Finally, THERE IS ACTION IS .HACK//SIGN!!! Yay, a bunch of Crimson Knights caught the bratty kid...

Oh, and many of the characters are boring in the show, except for what's her name who yaps a lot.

Fwee, I was watching Beast Wars Transformers at 2:30AM [Apparently the stupid Canadians*cough* dubbed it "Beasties"..what? O.o] (A CG-ed Transformers, my opinion the only good Transformer) And I was itching to see this new transformer, Tigerhawk (Half Tiger, half bird. I say bird because it's a fused form of a FALCON and a while tiger, but its name is Tigerhawk...weird) I think that's cool though. Animal transformers! The leader ape is ugly!

I think it is awefully amazing that I wrote so much without talking about Beyblade or LF2 much. IT'S AMAZING! IT'S A MIRACLE! A NEW POINT OF LIFE!!!!

Let's break that record by talking about it, XD!
..starting with Beyblade.

I haven't actually watched a single episode of Beyblade for almost a month now. I guess I didn't bother to watch reruns. (THE RERUNS ARE EARLY G REV EPISODES AND THAT IS BORING) I actually want to see 1st Season once more, or even V Force. Since I haven't seen those in a LONG while. I think V Force more because I want to see extremely cute Maxie Waxie of the Candy Spirits....

I actually wanted to type up an Angst Max story but it ended up being a cutie sappy fluff story between Rei and Max with vocabulary jammed up the front. Oh well. ReiMax is still cool, I guess I wrote that because I just knew that that pairing was the last that actually took my obsession, it will forever remain in my heart and walls for what cuteness and happiness it gives! All hail ReiMax!

Well, two paragraphs is enough, I guess, next up (readers groan), LF2!

Nothing happening with the LF news much. Except I'm trying to help my cousin download the Reinforced version. Hm, he still has problems. I don't see why it has to be so hard to put the file in a location with a password that sometimes the art surface doesn't work! It is insane! It is ridiculous! I shall sue! Sue!

Oh right, remember that line thing in my siggy at the forum where Henry's arm gets crushed and Rudolf doesn't give a damn? My friend is drawing that...chibi...with I'm happy with that. She wants me to draw her of me...and I do have a picture, but I dunno if I should colour it or not since so many Birthdays are going on. Oh well. Remember when Yuriy got enchanced? I actually thing it's kind of cool to have a limb or body part to be robotic or half robotic. Like FMA, where Eddie (yesh, now I'm calling him Eddie) has those limbs. What if it was the eye? I'm trying to amke a Louis edit for that. Robotic eye thing, only one eye though. Would seem cool...

Well, end for now! Next LJ, two tories and lotsa words!

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Ok, maybe not exactly 'official' but um, according to some polls, and the research that newbies usually fall in love with KaiRei first that KaiRei is by far the most popular pairing of Beyblade.
There are, however, some KaiRei fans that continue loving the same pairing, honorable people they are, but that is not the shocking point. By a very tight squeeze, YuriyXKai has surpassed TakaoKai!!! Has this pairing, raged up from the underdog world, to challenge the other pairings? if it already beat the pairing that Aoki Takao accepts, can it take the popularity of beating KaiRei?!?!

And will someone tell me WHY Kai is in all three of them? Another popular pairing, KaiMax, also with kai in it, is also growing in popularity. As for is YuriyBrooklyn, which is believed to be the MOST POPULAR NON-KAI PAIRING ON THE NET. Even thoguh it isn't as popular as the big guys, KaiRei, KaiYuriy, and KaiTakao. Plus, for some more good news, the sheer popularity of REIXMAX is on the rise! It isn't as popular as KaiMax, but is more popular than TakaoRei, the reason because that this pairing is propelled by the lovers of KaiTakao.

But, wouldn't TakaoRei be at least somewhere if people are loving KaiMax, it would seem so becaus eof the logic of ReiMax and KaiTakao? No. Since, usual KaiMax lovers prefer Takao with Zeo/Kenny/Daichi/some other person who is not a hot character..., or possible someone else while Rei goes with Lai. This is aimly directed to the webmistress of BEYBITES. Now, while ReiTakao do possible have more hints in the Anime than ReiMax, it does not really alter the popularity. (Mostly because everybody wants Takao in G Rev, so all the TakaoXhis team pairings would logically go up, =P)

Wow, I haven't written that much in Beyblade in AGES.

Speaking of which...(WARNING, MANY SPOILERS FURTHER ON, EXCEPT FOR THE DIALOGUE, THAT IS NOT TRUE [but then again, how am I supposed to know? I never watched it, until tomorrow])
A little green haired brat is shown on TV.
Kiki: Why are those big black boxes with the clear glass in the front of them pointing at me?

Cameraman: You're on TV, genius.

Kiki: ...what? What is this TV you speak of?!

Cameraman: Just advertise the big thing happening tomorrow, kid. Or we won't give back your banana.

Kiki: You will pay for stealing my ban-

Cameraman: Action! Now 5 million people (um, more like 2) are watching you on TV! Speak your lines!

Unfortunately, IT HAS NO ME.
Unfortunately, it's around stupid Rei and his teammates! Actually, Rei is cool but he should've stayed in our team!!! What a stupid decision! And how rude was it to not tell us you were leaving, especially with Drig-

Cameraman: This is Live, you know.

Kiki: oh, never mind, I was just joking, heheh. Um, what was I advertising again?

Director: *sighs* Put on the flash cards.

Kiki: *reads* TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY!
Let me add something, it has NO ME IN IT!

Director; WE HEARD YOU SAY THAT ALREADY!!! Why couldn't we get Takao in here?! It would make more sense if he advertised it! This kid is simply a minor character!

Kiki: Who're you calling minor?!

Director: Just continue, you only have another minute.

But, it is rather, about my former teammate Rei and his stupi- erm, great friends!
This is the day they release the damn Beyblade Movie, WHICH IS ONLY ABOUT THEM AND A NEW MIDGET CHARACTER WHO'S RIPPING OFF ME!!! *shakes fist*
*cough* >> I'm cuter, but ANYWAY. It basically rips off ther Cyber-bitbeast arc, and sucks! DON'T WATCH IT! Kai is totally out of style! He laughs! And Max went disturbing and stuck his thumb in Rei's mouth! ALL IS TRUE!! The kid is just another me wannabe who wants to get into a popular pairing! Well, I say this Daichi kid sucks! And it's really borign too and...let's play a clip of some fo the aprts I named!

*clips starts*

Kai: Hahahahahahahahaha.....

Rei: I know I flirt with girls a lot Max, but this is just much mroe unacceptable than flirting with girls, and besides, I didn't know they were YOUR girls, and if your thumb doesn't get out of my mouth soon I'll chomp it off!

Max: DIE! *big fight*


Hiromi: Uh, Kenny, that's your mom.

Kenny; ...eep.

Daichi: blahblahblahblah look it me! I'm a rip off of someone else and I'm introduced in a rip off movie from another arc, in which I want to defeat a character who is ripped off from many other typical main characters, because I made a stupid wish to my father before his death and now I'm a ripped off character trying to defeat a ripped off character in a story of ripped off arcs and that is exactly why Nelvana changed Go Shoot into Let it Rip, YIPPEEE!!!

Kiki: And that is the movie, I hope you enjoy wasting your money! This was Kiki/Kevin, from the team White Tigers/Baifuzu/White Tiger X, signing off!

Director: Well what do you know, a commercial about Takao's adventure with Daichi has no Takao whatsoever in it. Y'know kid, you did point out some rather interesting things in that movie. BUT NOW YOU WON'T GET YOUR BANANA BACK BECAUSE YOU SCREWED THE LINES!

Kiki: ok, first they show me as a freakin' klutz in a flashback in the show, and now people won't give me back my banana. I SHALL NOW SEND GALMAN ON YOU!

And thus, Galman eats the banana, and Kiki is sad, THE END.
(Ok, Ir ather enjoyed typing that...O_o)
But it is true, TOMORROW IS WHERE ALL US BEYBLADE FANATICS CAN WASTE OUR MONEY ON THE DVD! And what's more, it COULD (this is a MAYBE) be SUBBED! So there won't be cuts!


Now about WONDROUS life. My cousin came over, we played R-LF2 in a cheating cheap way (which is why I don't play R-LF2 much, because of that) Played Tennis (not baseball, unfortunately), beat the whole game. (That was easier than LF2!!! My lord, it was so frikkin easy and practically everybdoy became an ally with us!) my penpal's going to draw an AWESOME LF fanart and GASP! KIKI FANART! For moi! While I try to make as many graphics as possible to repay her! (These are apparently VERY late Christmas presents)

Though the best characters on R-LF2 is sadly not Rudolf and Henry, who I rock with in normal, but is actually Louis, John, Woody, and possibly Davis because of his cheap Hell move, =P Besides, I prefer cool run+attack and run+jump+attack attacks. Unfortunately, only Louis' was actually named and only Davis's actually looked "made for him ebcause everybdoy loves him" Though, I REALLY love Rudolf's. it is so useful I don't need multiple or transform or hide at all! Besides, hide sucks because you can't see yourself either. Though his leap attack, multiple ninja stars, regular ninja stars and jump+attack are very useful. They be paralyzed for a second, and BAM! Down on the ground.

Henry is cool simply because archers rock. =D (Ninjas do too, but if you think about it, all of Rudolf's ninja skills isn't that useful...but he's still a ninja and is still cool!) And John for no apparent reason except he's cute(and is a lot like Max...hmmm..), in which I explained in some other entry.

Here is one of the proudest things I have ever written(except for poems, because that's when I actually think when writing, XD), and I have no idea why, =D This is from my very long and pointless LF Story which no one bothers to read because I suck:
Rudolf looked up at Deep. He saw the sheer confidence in the soldier’s eyes. Rudolf suddenly felt something else in his body, not just to avenge. It was envy. How could Deep just stand there, convinced to fight that demon until one of them was dead? How was he so brave but to stand up to utter doom? His confidence let to no goal being accomplished, it was impossible to slay such a demon. Rudolf only lived for the death of one person, but sought a secondary mission. Perhaps he could just…start saving lives rather then just destroying one. He could kill [blanked out due to spoiler], but others did not deserve such a fate.
Let us drift off from LF2 for a moment and comment on the aspects of other Animes I like but have not be paying attention to!
Possibly the most popular Anime around here, but could also be some other things. (It is in Canada...)

Has good plot.
Has a lot of angst.
Has many pairings.
Has many cute characters (EG: Shippou/Rin)
Has typical evil villain but far more sinister.
Main character has family problems.
Has blood, black blood, but blood!
An Anime where someone could survive even with a gaping hole in their stomach.
A lot of humor.

Some characters are a bit stupid.
The love triangles are ridiculous. (Interesting, but ridiculous, ^^;;;)[EG: Inuyasha likes Kikyo, but likes Kagome too, but then wouldn't want Kouga to take Kagome, and some school friend from the present era is in love with Kagome, And so three people loves Kagome, but she loves Inuyasha, but Inuyasha loves both her and Kikyo.
At least in Miroku/Sango, it's only  5 billion anonymous girls/Miroku, and Some prince I forgot the name of/Sango, XD] And those are supposed to be the official pairings...(note that I was joking with one of them...)
TOO MANY RECAPS! It's like in every episode Kagome yaps about what happened throughout the whole show, ok it's ok to say that once in a while, but every single episode is too much...
Has TOO many pairings...(see love triangles, XD)
Really, really long...(Though this could bea good thing...)

Due to the content COn has than pro, you'd think there would be more cons, but there's actually 9 pros and 5 cons, technically 4 since one doesn't really count...

Overall: Inuyasha is a nice show, but it never caught a huge obsession off of me like Beyblade did, oh well.
Thus ending this entry of the Spot.
(PS: History is crazy, people were idiots back then, but then again, they still are)


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