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Yet another piece of the puzzle has been written, and now to be fit into the incomplete jigsaw.

Please enjoy.
Here be some Words. )

A fullop.

Dec. 5th, 2008 11:06 am
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It was 'intense'! )

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Hello y'all. This is an exclusive WIOC post, not only of another chapter, but some fanart and me actually throwing in my own comments instead of just leaving it smack-dab there. I hope you have fun reading as much as I enjoyed writing, for I really loved writing this chapter. Well, I did drink two cans of coke today...

Oh woe is me! )
And so that is all. HAIL KAZU!

Solo, stfu.

Oct. 8th, 2008 05:10 am
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Srsly, he won't stop running on that noooooooisy wheel liek omfg.



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Yet another part has come to beseech us. I'd like you to enjoy. (Or ignore it, the latter of which I completely expect P: )

And here I goooooo~!


Sep. 18th, 2008 06:23 pm
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Arr, me maties! It be me, Spotto, n' today er tomorrow be talk like a pirate day! n' since it be tomorrow and not be's todays, avast I be speakin' like a normal ol' landlubber! But 'morrow I be hoppin' 'round like a pirate n' speak t'you all grandly aye!

Here be a rant:

First, I got sick of them. Now I don't.
So I was on the bus today. The bus to school was fine. Nothing much happened, listened to music on the back of the bus like usual...
On the way back, I was walking towards the bus loop of my college and I noticed that the bus I usually take #28 was not parked by the bay where it should've been. It was near the main bay where most students go on. (The bus I take is the ASIAN bus, lol) No one was in the bus, not even the driver. I knew they took breaks at the end of routes and at loops but they would be around the bus at least, this time the driver was nowhere in sight. I headed to the bus stop to wait there and a few people were there.

Finally, the bus driver hopped back onto the bus. We got in, I sat at the very back corner like usual and started up my music. The bus IMMEDIATELY drove off and he left behind some students who were at the stop. The bus wasn't even full, not NEARLY full. There was only like five people on board. Suddenly, at the intersection he turned and I SLID OFF THE seat, my book slammed onto the floor and slid down and I had to fetch it back. He kept driving incredibly fast and stopping to a screech at the last possible moment at stops, 'causing everybody to be thrown around the bus. We finally reached the next bus loop where some of us got off the bus, and the driver got off and disappeared again, taking a break. He never opened the door to let people in first so there was this HUGE lineup just waiting for him to return.

When he finally did, everybody got on and the bus was pretty full, but then he took the wrong route and everybody on the bus was like: "WTF!?" and some people went to the front to tell the bus driver, who eventually went back onto the right route. I just got kidnapped for two minutes! Lol. The annoying driving continued and all was swell after that I believe, but that driver needs to be fired or something. I also saw this woman holding a million grocery bags chase for the bus. She wasn't that far from it and it was a reasonable pace for the bus to wait for her, but it took off. Then, she tried to get the attention of the driver who she thought didn't see her by going across the street (the bus has to turn the other way towards that side) but it just passed her. That made me sad.

Yesterday, on my way home there was this big asian kid. He got on the bus at the second loop and stared at people oddly. When some people got off, he sat down and took up TWO seats, not one. He was big yes, but not fat. He could have just sat on one seat, but spread his legs and body across two. It was very rude. He also poked out his gigantic legs way out, so when people sitting behind him had to get off the bus, they had to navigate themselves around his annoying legs. (He did not move them out of the way) He tried to sleep with his neck twisted behind him, so he looked completely retarded, and kept playing with his coke bottle.

We were finally at the end of the route and he kept yelling at the driver to move despite the car crash that was in front of us, and when we got to the station he yelled at the driver, pushed some people, and took off.

Add the drunks and prositutes and homeless people on the skytrain. I can say that Vancouver transit sucks. Oh well, it was just three days, maybe it'll be better later. This is the first time I complained about transit. It had been fine before this week.

And now, for YET ANOTHER WALL OF TEXT (of plot, hopefully) brought to you by

I call it a change of mood. A rapid change of mood indeed.


Sep. 14th, 2008 10:21 pm
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....time for the next part, folks!

This one is shorter than usual but still long compared to my chapter lengths of like...every other story I have ever wrote. C'est La Vie! 


Fafal WUZ here )

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I haven't been updating too much. Been doing a lot of stuff, and also I'm nocturnal.
But here is yet another adventure!

My looooooooooooooove~
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Stupid LJ. ><

Anyway, I was supposed to upload THIS yesterday but LJ was being a bitch...SO HERE IT IS NAO!

Anyway, some catching up:
1) I have beautiful new printer.
2) I also have a webcam. AKIRA! GET ONLINE! O:
3) I have been extremely clumsy lately. Bashed my shoulder, thigh at the same area TWICE, my knee, stubbed my toe...;__;
4) Mah watch be fixed.

Here's my room now, what with me having a new printer and so I print like crazy. I need to purchase some good quality paper later to make more big posters like my KazuSayo ones. So expect more pictures later!

Image Hosted by

What's so different about this, you ask? Well...nothing...except for a 25% increase in KazuSayo! Yes, this wall has become entirely Kazumi, Sayo, and KazuSayo. Rather than the "Negima wall" it's become the "OTP" wall. ;)

Image Hosted by

When you look up above the nonexistent TV, above my picture and some certificates, you get this. My six favourite characters lined up as if they are my trophies, LOL. Yes, there's a reason why Kazumi is situated a little higher than the others. ;)

Image Hosted by

These are my homeless figures. ):
They will yuri (Or Yaoi in Reno's case) for food...and shelter!
Ku Fei shall soon join their hoboness.

Image Hosted by

And the most changed wall, at least to me, is this! I now call it "The Negima Corner". On one side is a nice looking poster of Nodoka and Negi who I don't really care about but eh, and above and below are the fine arts of Ku Fei and Chisame. This is where Chisame relocated. I also added in Chibisame because she pwns. And on the other side of the corner is obviously my Yuuna, Ako, and Yuuko...Akuna....uh, YuunaxAko side! If you have good eyes, you will notice that every fanart of Yuuna comes from the same artist. XD

The room will be complete once I print three giant posters. Whatever they may be, you ask? You will soon see...

And that's my update. I probably wanted to put more but I obviously forgot due to LJ issues. >>;
Until next time!
This has been Spotto.
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Sorry, I've recently started listening to Trance music and I haven't hated any of the songs (at the same time none have stood out, LOL)
I'm not very good at finding songs or making a giant song collection like others do and so I just listen to internet radios now. XP

Plus they sound awesome as I play Soldat. I think I play better listening to it. It makes the shooting exciting, as if I have to GO OUT AND KILL. Hahaha.

But this entry is mainly for this...

I love happy cliffhangers, don't you? ;)
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Uhuhuhuh! )


Jun. 28th, 2008 01:07 am
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Technically I'm not done the seventh part yet, but I figured I'd upload the sixth because someone is going away for a while. (;
Little more descriptive than usual.

Very much.
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So besides my epic failure to Sayo, in which I have great shame for and thus deserve NOTHING...I have something else one may like to see...

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Lookit. THAT is here agains! OMFG.

I suck at Soldat. ;__; *sadness attack*
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...for me to go paranoid and insane.

I decided NOT to friend it...
Spotto's "second chapters" (I know it says part three, >>; ) are fail.
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...With In, Out Cast.

I'm just separating it from the first chapter for organizational archival purposes. :D See? The date says April 15th when it is clearly December the Fifth.

Part Two has divorced from Part One ): )

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*is terribly tired*

It's not that good, who cares.


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