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So even though no one reads this blog as it's really just a personal blog for me to vent about meaningless things in the grand scheme of things, one thought likes to pop up in my head all the time. What if this blog did have many readers!? Instead of saying anything I wanted I had to be careful of potentially controversial opinions! Then I wondered if there were topics people would be tired of if I had an audience here, and I already know. People would tell me to shut up about Negima because holy crap, I can continue ranting on it forever. It really is less about analysing and me just spewing out senseless anger at how the ending was handled.
Filli Vanilli is starting to go down that path as well. But lately I've realized while the episode itself was alright (the Ponytones song is super catchy and Fluttershy/guy singing/Big Mac with a larger role is super cool, among some minor grievances I had with the episode) only like two minutes of the episode consisted of that damnable beast that considered itself Pinkie Pie! And suddenly my rage flares out and I wish to decimate and assault this episode with hateful word missiles and nukes! Oh look, I did it again.
It's matter how good or decent the episode was, if it fucks up my favourite character I simply cannot overlook it. Others might be able to but I can't, really I can't. Of course that episode leads me into a huge rant about Pinkie Pie herself as you may have seen in an earlier post. Then my ideas begin being rehashed because I've pretty much touched upon all her episodes multiple times in multiple ways! Why am I fine with The Last Roundup but have a problem with A Friend In Deed? That episode had a great aesop and an amazing song, but how it led up to the aesop was dumb, but at the same time the comedic value was off-the-charts! Then Pinkie ends up having rather divisive episodes and if it weren't for season four's amazing Pinkie episodes I'd be sitting here complaining even further about all this!
I mean Pinkie's episodes are usually good, but a lot of the times either Pinkie is off or her friends are. MMMMystery on the Friendship Express was both! Oh, it is very admirable that Pinkie never suspects her friends at first because they are her friends! But her friends did eat the cake and tried to get away with it...why? Because they suck that's why. No self-control, no admitting to their crimes until they're caught, no guilt. I can see why Pinkie would be so angry but to pounce and attack them, perhaps over-the-top reactions are in-character for our prancing pink pony, but whenever I see her cause physical pain to Rainbow Dash I cringe. The poor mare, what did she deserve to have her hair pulled? Okay sure she bit off a part of the cake, but for Pinkie to assume she had pink hair hidden away on her head made her very very stupid.
So basically everyone was dumb. Unless you're Twilight. Twilight is always right! Until she isn't. But that usually isn't too often. Then you go "well it's a kids show, so this type of aesop is necessary for the kids" and then I go "but these ponies are adults! It'd make more sense for a CMC episode to have this type of moral!" Even then Scootaloo probably has more self-restraint than her fellow pegasi and Rarity. Maybe such a moral would work better if the execution of such an episode wasn't so juvenile. On the other hand Scootaloo has such excellent episodes like Sleepless in Ponyville and Flight to the Finish, so if a little filly has better, more mature episodes than you something is wrong. Again AND luckily, Pinkie has the power of amazing showtunes (A Friend in Deed), popular guest-stars (Pinkie Pride) and infamy itself (Party of One) to chug her characterization along. 
Fuck, I'm doing it AGAIN. Goddamnit. Well, to fix this problem let's talk about a topic I HAVE done so before, but not to death yet. That's right, the horse lives on!
More Reasons why Weekenders is superior to Recess
Why am I still talking about this? I dunno.
But Recess was the one that got the movie. Recess got the better timeslot in comparison to Weekenders. Recess.
Recess is fifteen fucking minutes. Lunch was way more preferable because you had like half-an-hour to do anything. Sure it takes up some time eating, but you're still hanging out with friends and doing no work at the same time. Plus who doesn't like eating!? I LOVE EATING! Food is great! Recess is fifteen minutes of attempting the jungle gym or the monkey bars and skinning your knee in the process. I still remember that fateful day I went to the nurse's office. Lunch? I'D BE EATING FOOD, ENJOYING MY NUTELLA SANDWICH instead of injuring my poreclain kneecaps!
Recess? Pft. I recall crying under the oversized rather dangerous slide after hitting my head. I recall the teachers segregating the big kids from the small kids, and basically this area of the schoolgrounds was where the older kids were allowed to go, but no little kids could come. THE ADULTS did this. It wasn't some hangout only the super awesome children could be at simply because the super awesome children were always there and denying entrance to anyone beneath them, themselves, the adults did it!
So there's this Disney show on TV glorifying all that is recess. The playround monitor was this evil old woman who hated children. Our main characters were all these kids representing each stereotype. You have our hero, wearing his hat backwards because he's the super cool rebellious leader. His almost as equally awesome jock friend and their other friends the nerd, the tomboy, the dweeb, and the sensitive poet guy. I liked sensitive poet guy. He was the only decent character.
But even if the main characters had some sort of depth, the side characters were all cardboard-cutout caricatures. There's the upside-down girl on the bars. Every recess she is always there, being upside-down. Then you have the diggers with actual shovels and hard-hats. Now unless they were constantly playing in the sandbox like toddlers there was no reason for digging people to actually exist. If I brought a shovel to my elementary school and started digging holes like nobody's business I'd be dragged to the principal's office faster than I can unearth a shovel of dirt! Then you had an actual king and your stereotypical asshole prep girls.
These stereotypical asshole prep girls were so similar and had no distinction whatsoever that they all shared the same name. This is probably what infuriated me the most about this show because I ALSO share this name. Not only do I despise my name because of how common it is, a popular kids show spells out how completely common it really is and then assigns the name to a bunch of complete douchebags! Then, to drive the point further the tomboy girl secretly also shares the name but hates it so much she uses her last name!
What does that teach the impressionable children, Disney!? MY NAME IS EVIL!!!
And it is this show that gets the movie, this show that gets the better timeslot over the intelligent show, the Weekenders.
And I know why the Weekenders wasn't as successful despite its clever and witty writing. The character design isn't one to be fancied about. Everyone has big large weirdly shaped heads and their eyes are tiny and far apart. They even lampshade it multiple times in the show itself. It's too bad they couldn't have perfect facial and head proportions so they'd look like absolutely everyone else like that one movie Disney released recently about some snow queen princess person and her sister or whatever. The adults in this show weren't useless at all and the children often confided in them for advice. 
But that is very uncool to kids. TALKING TO ADULTS!? Why would we do that!? Instead the kids should always be the ones who solve the problems themselves and adults are actually useless as hell and somehow function in society despite all that! Kids should become horribly rebellious because not listening to authority is the coolest thing to do! In reference to the caricatures of Recess, a particular (and very good episode) brings this up. Tish, the resident smart girl gets a B. Now usually if some really smart kid ends up getting a lower-than-average grade, they usually freak out when in reality there is no reason to really freak out. It's okay to get a B. It's a B! That's still above average! And it only happened once! However Tish didn't care, but EVERYONE else cared because they were like "IF YOU GET A B, You can't be the BRAIN! You have to be some other stereotype!!" And then they try getting her to adopt some other personality and character.
The aesop? People are three-dimensional and cannot be defined by one aspect of their selves! THIS IS GOOD! The main character isn't some super-cool rebellious leader kid! He's paranoid, neurotic, sarcastic, intelligent and hilarious! I love Tino and wish more main characters in kids media were like him. All these male characters these days have to be badass and perfect and super hot-blooded and stupid or dumb or something else stereotypical. Also all of their names are pretty uncommon so I don't run into that horrific problem Recess had. Plus they all had a great amount of diversity. Only one of them celebrates Christmas! You have ambiguious Eastern European heritage and a fucking pagan! Like holy crap!  
And you know maybe a reason I liked this show so much was because it didn't deal with school at all. Oh sure there are a few plots that might bring up or directly deal with school projects or what have you, but it just deals with their freetime which is A LOT LONGER than fifteen minutes, during the weekend! The kids sense of entertainment is playing pool and games as the arcade, or sampling foreign food at the museum. This is the same stuff I would find rather fun to do because I played pool a lot as a kid and enjoyed video games. Sampling food and going to museums (assuming I am interested in the exhibits) is also something I am not privy to doing. The kids were also very normal in social status. They ran into bullying occasionally but they weren't on the bottom of the social ladder or anything; they were usually just left alone. It's not like their portrayal of the "cool kids" was particularly impressive. (usually there are more than two cool kids and that one episode where one was struck down, usually there isn't a loner cool kid...I'm just saying)
Though I did like how they portrayed the "popular" kids, where the one girl they interacted with was a complete douchebag, but the episode implied she was really the only douchebag of her clique. "They didn't get me a present for Flag Day!" Well of course they didn't you ungrateful bitch, it's just Flag Day. Her friends seemed very down-to-earth and normal from what we were shown of them even though they had like zero lines. What does this mean? That just because people are popular doesn't mean they must be complete utter assholes. 
But not only did they not have to deal with stereotypical school/high-school problems, the show really focused a lot on literally every episode. It wasn't the whole lot of them trying to overcome the evil adults or fight against some horrible bully, or defeat a tyrannical teacher, no the kids were trying to deal with their own issues within the group. Sometimes there were other plots at play, like say the career aptitude test episode or something like that, but a lot of it was friendship. The standard jealousy episode, or the two having a fight, or Jennifer Love Hewitt appearing out of nowhere. It was great!
I think the characters too, were fully fleshed out and very believable. One episode Tish was speaking like an old TV's detective because she had marathoned the show the night before or something. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE DO! Or at least nerds do! No show portrays nerds properly at all! They just go "ha ha ha he said something smart or something specific to some really obscure hobby so we laugh!" (I'm looking at you Big Bang Theory! D<) The joke isn't Tish loves detective cop movies or whatever and it's a big part of a character, it was just written in for an episode because they could. Because people do that. They might, and it would be a one time thing, do something for that day because they were influenced by something. Like how we all talk like pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day because it's a day about pirates. YA DIG!?
I'm sorry. The Weekenders is just so underrated in comparison to a show that really peeved me off. I heard the teacher character in Recess was really hilariously progresive though. (Like she was passing out history textbooks, but remarked that history is written by winners, so minorities get very little representation and the textbooks are likely inaccurate in some fashion or another in the process) Such a remark would fly over all the children's heads. So inevitably something about Recess must be smart or interesting, but all the things I pointed out pissed me off too much to really find the show all that entertaining. 
Now both these shows no longer air. In the context of modern children's shows, I really only know of MLP. I know there are plenty of wonderful kids show existing today like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, but I think one reason (besides the cute ponies themselves) that draws me so much to MLP is in its title "Friendship is Magic". No kids show since Weekenders has really touched upon friendship all that much that I have watched anyway. So whenever MLP touches upon friendship as a theme it is extra special to me. I don't mean in episode one and two where friendship is a rainbow beam of death that can reform or turn ponies to stone, but episodes that deal with the issue in a realistic context. Ticket Master is a largely forgettable episode; hell, I usually forget it, but runs with the age-old formula of not having enough tickets to invite all your friends, so you have to choose a few out of your group and suddenly all your friends do favours for you so they can be chosen to go to wherever it is you have tickets to.
The Weekenders also had this concept. A large reason I cared little for the episode in MLP was because it reminded me very much of that one episode in The Weekenders. In hindsight I think how both shows handled that conflict had good and bad points. Tino got so frustrated by his friends and people outside of his group giving favours he just flung the tickets at them instead and didn't take any for himself. But his friends were like "oh shit we're being inconsiderable pricks" and bring the tickets back to him. I especially liked how Tino ended up actually choosing, just by seeing who had a poster of the band of the concert they were going to. Instead of choosing someone because "hurr I like you better than my other friends" he had a pretty smart of way of deciding.
What I liked about the episode in MLP? Well, it was the start of season one's prevailing arc and is still, even if the keys in season four or the Equestria Games episodes have yet to be concluded, the best prevailing arc they'e done. So they couldn't simply just bring one or two ponies, all of them had to go for a few other episodes to even work. In the Weekenders, the concert was wrapped up in its own episode. I suppose this gives MLP the excuse so that they did all get to go, but I think that all whole is a cop out.
Tino ends up taking all his friends to the concert because his tickets were passes and not tickets, so it was all a misunderstanding. Twilight and co. went because the hostess of the party is the goddess princess of the land and can do whatever the hell she wants including purposely sending fewer tickets than needed to force a friendship lesson on Twilight--er I mean, can allow as many people as Twilight wants to go to the Gala. Either way solving the conflict by allowing everyone to go anyway seems far too optimistic for my liking, but optimistic outcomes are to be expected in children's shows so I'm just nitpicking.
Unfortunately even a show called Friendship is Magic is not always themed around friendship. Let's see, 3 was friendship, 4 was stubbornness, 5 was friendship, 6 was showboating, 7 was fears, 8 was friendship, 9 was racism, 10 was...Pinkie, 11 was organization, 12 was self-identity, 13 was sportsmanship, 14 was shitty clients, 15 was creationism, 16 was confidence, 17 was biting more than you can chew, 18 was self-identity, 19 was underestimation, 20 was secrets/jealousy...well a few of those can also be considered friendship but a majority of the first 20 simply aren't. So...hmmm. Not that the Weekenders touched on friendship all the time either, but I love that theme and always want to see more of it!
Anyway this rant is not in any way properly organized at all, so here's an impromptu MLP song ranking list!
1. Apples to the Core
2. Apples to the Core
4. Apples to the Core
5. Apples to the Core (reprise)
6. So Many Wonders 
7. Smile Smile Smile
8. A True, True Friend
9. This Day Aria
10. What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
11. Becoming Popular 
12. Bats
13. The only good song in Equestria Girls, you know the one
14. Find the Music in You (Ponytones)
15. Any other song Fluttershy sings 
16. The rest
ok the music in this show isn't so clear-cut that I can rank them all properly so yeh
97. every other season four song
98. Raise this Barn
99. Generosity
And here are my favourite singers in order!
1. Pinkie Pie
2. Pinkie Pie
3. More Pinkie songs please, I don't care if she already sings most of them
4. Rarity
5. Pinkie Pie
6. Apple Bloom
7. Applejack
8. Rainbow Dash, but it depends on the song (At the Gala RD solo is really good, everything else RD is meh)
9. Fluttershy lol
10. Twilight
Ideally some sort of duet with Pinkie and Rarity, with Apple Bloom on harmonic vocals and then RD getting a tiny solo somewhere. I have no idea what context this song would come about. 
Wait one more thing about The Weekenders. I never understood why that show never aired on the weekends and only aired before, the weekend is usually anticipated at the end of the week, so its timeslot was very, very nonsensical. I do not understand Disney. I hate you Disney.
Yeah that's it bye. 'been Spotto or something.
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BUT I'm gonna recommend an episode of the Weekenders. It was pretty much my favourite show as a kid. It's just ten minutes long, so shouldn't take much time at all!


Part One

Part Two

And yes that is a complete waste of pudding but whatever. P: If you want more, I suggest Party Planning. And then whatever else you'd like to watch on the side. ANYONE WITH PROPER SENSES OF ENTERTAINMENT WOULD WATCH MORE! Okay fine, if you don't whatever, but you'd be totally cool to me if you do. 

Besides, ponies are everywhere. Every time I'm doing something that has nothing to do with them, they come up. Be it a witty comment, an avatar, or a reference. IT'S EVERYWHERE~! I'm not really complaining, but I can completely understand how it can be annoying and it is utterly weird to see something like that. I generally like things that are less widespread so it is quite a surprise if it does come up anywhere else, but ponies are literally everywhere. 
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As the only girl who wore pants to her graduation in seventh grade, you'll be surprised to know I watch such "girly" cartoons as Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, and My Little Pony. Except I don't see any of those shows as girly whatsoever, since every single one of them somehow has a large male demographic anyway! I too do not see stuff like Negima or Touhou as girly either, with its demographic being mostly male, so...

So what is this post supposed to be? Well, I am now going to discuss a show I actually regard as girly...under this lovely cut!
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Dec. 13th, 2010 05:10 am
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So I just realized that due to my accent, whenever I say "dude" I actually say "dood".

Yeah it took that long to realize.

I bet you can never guess what I'm ranting today )
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I have a it to record things? Maybe it is, but I never once in my life (well maybe once) actually put anything REMOTELY PERSONAL on here. A blog is not a diary, for a diary is private, and although I like my opinions to be outgoing throughout all of the public, I never write everything.

Things I don't record are usually things I want to forget, and so they never appear in my mind again.

There are two things this entry is about, and no, not B-Daman, screw B-Daman for now.

In my boredom, I went to wikipedia and searched for SOMETHING that eventually led me to read all about Looney Tunes and eventually end up at one of my favourite childhood shows, the Animaniacs. Now, I didn't watch it because it had hints of adult humour, like Baloney (parody of Barney) is gay, or these weird animal things being quite the flirty people, but I watched it because it amused me. Rewatching it today I can actually understand some of the jokes, (Such as, "Have you ever heard of the word, Share?" "Yeah, it's that lady with the tattoos") Yes, I was up until 3am watching the stuff, but the thing I LOVED watching the most was the finale of the series, which happened to be a movie to end it all. Now there are debates out there saying it was more childish and had less of the hinted adult humour all the kids won't understand (and all the american cartoons of today suck compared to the awesome cartoons of the 90's, before censorship was a huge stupid deal, if I can say in harsh words, ALL THE DAMNED CARTOONS OF TODAY TEACH ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, NICENESS, AND MORALITY, look, even THIS wonderful beautiful show is educational in the NON-sappy way, as in naming all the countries of the world or the english words in the dictionary!) It made fun of celebrities, and it was just the funniest thing of its time.

They were even in HELL once, Dot sweared (LOL at the beeps, xD) and it was just the most RANDOM thing I've watched in my life, so much better than what bugs bunny used to be, because then it was just mindless violence, THIS STUFF is even MORE. ("It's time for a good idea, bad idea! Good idea! Being served breakfast in bed...BAD IDEA! Being served tennis balls in bed! *poor Mr. Skullman being beaten with tennis balls*" xDDDD)

My point being is revisiting childhood to find out it was more than that, is actually quite interesting, no stupid overdone plots of the 2000's.
(I actually recorded Wakko's Wish a long time ago and I can't find it now, T_T. I WANNA REWATCH IT, IT HAD THE AWESOMEST ENDING OF ALL MOVIES IN EXISTENCE!)

My second point was that in the process of searching for that movie, I found some old Beyblade tapes, and OMG, THE LONG LOST EPISODE OF 49 - TIGER ABUSE was found. Yes, I watched Bryan pummelling Rei to no end for once today, but it didn't affect me one bit, I felt that it was way too fast paced and it just felt fake. It is just me? When I FIRST watched it, I absolutely loved it, but this feels so shallow and empty now! Is it because my love of Beyblade has diminished?

Then I came back to my laptop and there sitting on my desktop were the brothers Yong Fa.

And these two are the reason my beyblade love is shrinking everyday...I knew it was the reason, but today it actually hit me because one of the best episodes in Beyblade history was something I found boring.

Should I blame them though? Should I?
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Well, it's been a while since I updated, but because of a stupid reason. The computer's going bonkers. There's this real annoying spyware popping up. it's when they change a couple of words like 'you' or 'download' into a link to search. So if your link has a download in it, say, it wouldn't go ther,e it'll send you to a search place...-_-. It';s really annoying and I can't get to many places with that. It's also affecting Invisionfree forum font, everything has varied sizes of font. It's also...slowing down the internet! Took forever to get into friend's pages so I couldn't comment because it took too long to load!

I've opened Spybot and Ad-aware 90 billion times, it got rid of other spyware but not this one. my brother's considering doing a computer clean up and erasing everything. Thing is, I can't let him erase everything because some things on here are really big and take up a lot of memory. They're hard to find and I don't have many disks to hold them in. Also I have a bunch of fanfiction and pictures. Comics, downloads, games, etc. I have Photoshop and Flash too, it's hard to get those. Also, erasing everything would be meaning losing Microsoft Office and not typing stuff in Word and using cruddy Wordpad...

So yeah, I'm totally against that erasing part because there's too much risk to erase. It'll take a long while to get the stuff back onto the disks.

The following was written a couple of days ago!
You folks all ready? Because I'm Ish Kamina-ed up! School was pretty good today, for once. Started out a bit slow and all, because French is in the mornings and everybody knows I hate French more than Math, English, and Socials combined. Really though, in English we went to see a dance show and I saw one I recognized since Feburary. It was the Ish Kamina song! It was funny too because one part was putting the scarf around the partner's neck while the partner is kneeling and walking around them. Looks like they're choking them.

Ish Kamina away!

But in the middle of the dance show I got a stomachache and the PAIN stayed until after the danceshow where I ate a sandwich loaded with mayonnaise. Yesh, mayonnaise was good, but were my parents trying to get me fat?!  Soon after that, I went to Graphics  class and made  a new Thank you card. With a hamster with it and a bite me sigh. Liked it so much I made it into a signature and put it u p on the forum, =P I might make an avatar of it, who knows!  Then came Drama, in which a NEW student came, but with great luck! She sat next to US. Thus meaning a small chance of making a new FRIEND!

She's quite quiet like I, but all of us got along fast, except Jun, oh well.

Then as usual I walked home with my best friend, accidentally grabbed 3 free newspapers and bought lotsa junkfoods...

Mmm, junkfoods....I literally skipped home.
Yesh, I was happy and dappy back then. The computer is annoying me, but let's go ahead onto the good news. Spot is now going to list all her lovely dovey obsessions (TV Shows)  in her lifetime, or those she can remember.
I'll try to put it in chroniclonial(sp?) order...
Blue's Clues (Um...age 7?)
Pokemon (When I was 9 or 10 I think)
Sailor Moon (...I forgot)
Digimon (From 11-still going!)
South Park
Redwall (A book, =P)
Silverwing (Another book, =P)
Gundam Wing
Powerpuff Girls (=D)
Beyblade (Age 13-still now!)
Little Fighter 2 (Must've been the longest obsession I have had ever...maybe Beyblade was longer...)
Naruto (Must've been the shortest obsession ever, X3)
Inuyasha (Yesterday's episode was funny!)
Witch Hunter Robin (For one character only)
Beast Wars (Yesh, bite me)
Dexter's Laboratory (For 5 days!! XD)
Battle B Daman (Since last month)
Dragonball Z (Since last week)

Now I'll talk abotu every single thing on that list....ok, SOME of it.
Biggest Obsession Spot ever had: Beyblade

As you can see from the list, it's a wide variety of different kind of shows. From actiony to angsty, from kiddish to not-so kiddish. From really confusing to really stupid.

But if you must know, most of the thigns I liked on that list came because of the humour.

1) Blue's Clues:
Don't ask. I was like...6...and I thought a talking pail and shovel was amusing. Also there was a talking clock and talking soap, even talking cats...SO WHY DON'T THE DOGS TALK?! Oh, and a very ignorant human, who I'm surprised can talk.

2) Pokemon:
Well, everybody liked Pokemon once in their lifetime, so...
I only liked the fire types...>>

3) Sailormoon:
Probably the most comback obsessions I've ever had. Just kept coming back after I lost interest in it. I don't know if you would call it a "kids" anime.

4) Digimon:
This show was just cool, and had cool things, like dinosaurs. And fighting, yesh, Spot likes fighting. Wonder why nobody important ever dies...(Leomon does not count)

5) South Park:
The show that brought me from innocence, to not so innocence! Back then, I liked Kyle and Kenny, today, I still like Kyle and Kenny. Its insulting/sick/stupid humour grabs my attention all the time!

6) Redwall:
I saw the TV show first, so uh, this counts. I like animals, and I like fighting, this marked the spot.
...they just have to work on not killing off my favourite characters...>>

7) Silverwing
Bats + war = good. 'Nuff said. (I liked Sunwing)

8) Gundam Wing
Gundam Seed never really got any part of me. I was never interested to it and I don't know why. Gundam Wing however, took my attention because of boredom. Also their gundams looked cooler.

9) Powerpuff Girls
THis is a very unusual obsession. I guess I liked it for the humour it adds. I mean, an evil monkey who likes repeating every single thing he says in different ways. Quite annoying, but interesting. I think I got this obsession from angsty stories written about Bubbles...Oo

10) Beyblade:
I can say so much. Beyblade was a very unlikely cnaiddate for an obsession ebcause I hated it at first. Then i grew to love...most of the characters. This is the Anime that brought out the teen inside of me, the thought of love (I didn't care about relationships before this Anime, go figure) So, yeah, Beyblade was a big part of my life and still is. Cuteness got me into this Anime, MAX!

11) Little Fighter 2:
It all started when I was a newbie. Such memory comes back. This game, unlike so many others before it...except for SSB, took my interest and I have no reason why. I don't regret redownloading it (deleted it after getting an obsession with Runescape..but I ain't talking about that!!!) So anyway, John is cool.

12) Naruto:
I never really had a specific favourite character in this Anime, it seemed like Sasuke...but now Sasuke sucks..=D. Don't ask what happened.

13) Inuyasha:
It's Animes like these that become popular. LOTSA BLOODY ACTION + LOTSA CONFUSING LOVE POLYGONS = SUCCESS. Don't forget the humour, which was present in yesterday's episode when Sota announced to Inuyasha he loved him. (Even though it was practicing so he could do it on another girl) That was sheer genius.

14) Witch Hunter Robin:
Hack://sign is boring I must confess, even though Mimiru had a small interest in me. Though unlike that Anime, this one scored into the list because of ONE SINGLE CHARACTER. Michael. W00T. Did you know Gray from Battle B Daman has the same voice actor as he? It's a shocker!

15) Beast Wars:
This is one sorta-obsession I'll never forget. It has drama, has conflict, has action, even a tiny bit of relationship! The storyline is quite unique and the good guys are very noble. Yesterday, Dinobot died and that was real sad, because he's that big dinosaur guy who switched sides (From bad to good) yeah. Sad. ...a machine too, =P

16) Dexter's Laboratory:
XD, this show si kind of boring actually. PPG was more amusing, the only reason I liked it was from a bery talented webcomic out there. And Dexter is cooler/more angsty there, whcih is utterly awesome. Spot likes angsty geeks/angsty happy people, XD

17) Battle B Daman:
I LOVE this Anime now. I must admit, its theme song is so much better from Beyblade's, because that one...ehh, y'know..This Anime learned from Beyblade. This Anime si unique in it's own ripping-off other Animes fashion. A lot fo cats are in this Anime, also, people raised by cats, ninjas, split personality people, and bug eyed people are cool. GO MARBLES!!!

18) Dragonball Z
My obsession with this started out as a minor "find some LF2 characters that are super saiyan to download" So I found an SSJDavis, SSJWoody, SSJ3Deep, SSJFreeze, and even an SSJJohn...which looked terrible mind you, =P Then I went, why does SSJ3Deep have long ugly blonde hair? Then I found out SSJ3 (Or Super Saiyan 3, the J stands for Jin, people.because in Japan it's Saiya-jin, or Saiya people) had long spiky blonde hair. Which looks...ugly, mind you, =P So then I went Winamp skin searching and  found a picture of teen Gohan...SSJGohan! I was like: "THAT'S GOHAN?!?!" I never really watched much of Dragonball Z, all I knew was that...Gohan was a wimpy kid...well..this I found out the Anime goes through time. So you watch them grow up, which is pretty original..then I found out...GOHAN IS COOL OMGZ. So I have some DBZ stuff on my wall now, this is the first Anime to ever get on the walls in the first week..I like Gohan..=D 

I know the DBZ one is real long, but that's ebcause it's the newest one, DUH!
Today there were 4 episodes, so thus, there shall be more review!
These 4 episodes are pretty good. TERRY FINALLY CAME!! He's SO cool. Too bad Bull didn't have a big part in these episodes, but in the next two, HE'LL BE A BIG PART.

Episode 5: "Gray and the Blues"
Gray betrays Yamato, isn't that all that happened there? Really, if you want to summarize it up in three words I got it. Gray makes an evil smirk and runs to the Shadow Alliance. Not because he wants to but because he needs to. Something about not helping them would put his sister in danger or something. So yeah, he acts all Kai-ish from then on. And even helped Yamato out n episode 8 in a Kai-ish manner. But he really isn't Kai-ish, just acting so no one will be suspcious of him. So, it really is a Yamato and Gray episode.

Funny part:
They were jumping for Chrome Zephyr, both Wen and Bull. Then Yamato jumped on Bull's head while Bull was air born, slammed him down on the hard ice, Li threw something at Yamato, enabling Wen to get the B-daman. Then Yamato fell head first into the ice. OUCH! XD

Episode 6: "Yamato and Terry's Excellent Adventure."
This is one GOOD episode. I enjoyed this one a lot. So Yamato is depressed that Gray betrayed him ( unexpected, >>) but then read in a book that a GREAT B-DA SORCERER NAMED ARMADA lived in a distant land and had a lot of skill and Bdamans and stuff. So Yamato decided to set out and get trained by him to be able to defeat Gray! So he left. He's walking on, eating half of a tuna sandwich and giving the rest to his cat. Going on and on not knowing that someone was stalking him...then Yamato got hungry again. He saw a delicious fruit (it was a pear I think) and tried to knock it down with a bdaball when another green oen slammed into it too! Some stranger came down and took the fruit then ran away. He was really fast but that wasn't stopping Yamato! Yamato caught up to him and they decided to Bda Battle for the pear...until Yamato's cat ate it and they both were starving. The stealer was named Terry. (With a really stupid Scottish accent, but I'm already used to stupid things in Beyblade so I got experience!) Since this summary is really long we'll skip it and head to them meeting Armada...a big fat cat...(he's on the HNT banner!) They ended up drawing triangles and circles for days (that was training). Then Li sent a bunch of paper bats to get them. (apparently Li is bug-eyed and controls paper, YAY! LETHAL PAPER!) So they had to team up and get rid of them, thus ends the episode.

Funny Part:
Terry and Yamato FIGHT A LOT in this episode. It's your classic Takao and Daichi humour.

Episode 7: "A Fistful of Bdabattle" (or Bdaman, forgot)   
Another Yamato and Terry episode that I enjoyed. I would call Terry, Tsubame, but I'm still not used to that yet. So anyway they ant to enter the Winner's tournament, Armada disallows them because they aren't strong enough. They want to so badly that Armada gives them a VERY hard task. Use marbles and whack down a shiny iron statue. (Real big) With bdaballs and you can go. So they tried...and tried...and tried. Turned out you had to hit it was 100,000 balls to knock it down. Then it started raining...
But seeing as the dam broke and would flood a town soon, DETERMINATION APPEARED IN THEIR FACES!!!!! So thus they whacked the statue down that fell in the valley and prevented the dam from flooding the town! Hooray!

Funny Part:
This was a pretty serious episode, it also shows that Yamato is a tad bit better at Daman than Terry.

Episode 8: "Yamato Vs. some guy I forgot the name of"
Gray, Wen, Li, and that redhead dude plus some unknown people who are really good. (There's a blue haired girl who reminds me of Mariam...Oo) Bull's in it too. So Yamato and Terry arrive to enter. The first competition was shoot the gap. Meaning you have to go through the gaps. So, Wen, Li, mysterious blue-haired girl, Terry, others they didn't show, got a perfect score. Yamato accidentally whammed the table so the obstacles fell down. 10 were he got a score of 10/100...Anyway, only 16 competitors out of the hundreds could go on the semi-finals, Yamato was tied with some guy to go on. SO it was a powe. Hit all the heavy weights down in one shot wins.. the guy he was up against had big muscles. He got 99/100. Yamato used his smarts and from the silent help from Gray to win. He burned his hands doing it, but got 100/100 and a giant burnt trench in the middle...
So Yamato is certainly very strong.

Funny part:
When he knocked all the obstacles and got a 0, =P Terry called hima  klutz and when Yamato's hands went on fire Terry was chasing hima round in circles, =D

Overall, they were all pretty good. The 6th episode I liked the best though. THe new voice actor for Terry sounds hte same but not as Scottish as the old one, which is good I guess. This Anime is going pretty good on Spot's score.
It's getting late, so Spot won't write on like she usually does.
Obsession of the week: DBZ
Colour of the week: Emerald Green
Weird thing of the week: Fusion!
Number of the week: 3.60



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