My first exposure to Touhou was not the fighting games, nor well-known PVs like McRoll or Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.

It was in fact this silly PV, posted in 2008 and parodied with Negima characters.

And of course it never got me into Touhou because when I saw that video I liked it mostly because it was associated with Negima. When curiosity led me to watch the original I didn't gain anything. Mostly because this remix of Love Coloured Master Spark sucks and makes it sound like some sort of overly cutesy shoujo-like Anime for children and the monotony and repetitive nature of the song was not outstanding whatsoever. If I knew Love-Coloured Master Spark could sound like this and delved into the ridiculously expansive genre that is Touhou music I'd probably have dived in. Also thanks to Hetalia I saw a parody of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing BUT IOSYS IS TERRIBLE. That is why I didn't get into Touhou earlier, both those vids are by IOSYS and they drove me off rather than pull me in!

And Kero Destiny is far better, but alas I suppose I'm not very good at getting myself into things. In fact back then I do not believe I realized what Touhou even was. I think I even recall saying "It's that IOSYS thing" or something or another. Oh how ignorant you were past-Spotto. I did indeed watch McRoll but didn't find it all that amazing or anything like that. In fact, while I do love UN Owen it's not my favourite theme and if anything UN Owen were to get me into Touhou someone should've showed me this video because oh my god that is one of my favourite vocals of all time. The picture always helps, but Kero Destiny and Silver Forest as an extension (though I have no idea if they also did the video, or if someone else does it. Or if they hire some artist to make the PV to promote their song or whatever! How does it even work? Does Noya work for Innocent Key!? I know IOSYS does their own videos I think maybe!

And even when I'm already in Touhou, I have seen the stage where one of my fandoms parodies Touhou and I already know it. So rather than watching the video on the left here first I saw the one on the right long before and therefore my judgement and bias is already showing. Though objectively Bad Apple really is better. It even got on CNN once. I wonder how someone made it animate so smoothly? Must've taken a long time, yet not because they didn't have to have details. Well either way, in terms of the song I hate singing Bad Apple and I like this humorous version of Bad Apple, or this 3D MMD version. The MLP one has awesome custom lyrics and singing though, far better than I can ever hope to do.

But yeah this post was pointless @_@ So we'll end it with Backstreet Boys.
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So much to say, so little I'm actually going to publish.

Well first off, since it's Halloween my door actually has this adorable picture of Ex-Keine on it right now. I would give her all my candy if she showed up at my door. EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF IT, and I will ensure that she'd share with Mokou. It would be wondrous.

Apparently Buddhists do not celebrate Halloween.

Here's a song that is fitting for the day.

Nue, a creature feared by humans for one simple fact, the Nue is a being who's true form is still unknown, is that loli we see before us her real form? It makes me wonder, is ZUN tricking us humans once again, and laughing his ass off?
She was sealed away in the depths of hell, but all the ruckus Chernobyl caused broke her free, releasing along with a bunch Unidentified characters a horror unknown to man. Shape shifting, corpse morphing, they are all truly fearsome powers. -Excerpt from the description

Yeah. UFO was horrifying. Those UNIDENTIFIED SPACE SHIPS AND LIKELY THOSE ADORABLE MINI-ALIENS PILOTING THEM IT IS SO SCARY HOMFG I had to hold back ALL my fear to collect them because they gave you free things like candy. Though in terms of progress I actually reached Shou on EASY MODO! She proceeded to destroy me. (Which is funny because I got through midboss Nazrin with no problem) I can perfect Nazrin and Murasa now (no it's not because she's my favourite and I practiced her forever in practice mode) both Kogasa and Ichirin still give me trouble, in particular their last spellcards. IF ONLY I HAD THE BOMBING REACTION. But you know what? Nue is a troll, forcing me to risk my VERY LIFE to manoeuvre through all the bullets attempting to collect that red life UFO ONLY FOR IT TO TURN BLUE THE SECOND I TOUCH IT--FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

So due to it being Halloween this week/month's edition is going to be discussing the internet's fascination with the genre: Grimdark. Every single one of my favourite characters have been subjected to such a genre, though some made more sense than others. (I demand more Murasa grimdark. SHE IS A MASS-MURDERER FANDOM! Do something with thaaaaat! Oh and she is also a ghost. And no, Stripe-Pattern's desire to gorify everything using psychopathic Sanae does not count, nor does Byakuren letting a little girl be eaten by a youkai!) One particular favourite from Touhou that isn't Flandre is Koishi, due to her disconnecting herself from the youkai world by having a few arteries not plugged into her brain, or something. I even did an entire post about this, with the strangely-popular Youtube series: "Koishi's Heart-throbbing Adventure" This little adventure isn't just Koishi decapitating everything (rather, she is the one who is decapitated oddly enough...and Yukari, but that's spoilers! Oops.) I have not been following it because it subjects poor Shou as a victim and that just tortures my heart to see Shou like so. (By the Myouren Crew too. :< )

But yes, the internet is now fascinated with that which is grimdark. I'm not entirely sure why (or maybe I am late and it has been in forever) but people simply like making characters as miserable as possible that goes far beyond that of emotional trauma. They are after all fictional characters, so no real people are being hurt except maybe offended people on the internet. But no one really cares about people on the internet unfortunately. I highly enjoy fan-made creations that are incredibly sad. I love reading tragedies and occasionally angsty-stories. (Those that don't tread into wangst-y, at least) So what makes grimdark even more fascinating than already a genre that tugs at your heart strings, attempting to stab you every time you open your eyes? I must admit I am not completely against grimdark, so long as it's well-written and has some sort of point. (And yes I realize most fluff has literally no point but at least it makes you D'AWWW which is important! Senseless grimdark kind of does nothing really, or disgust you. But who wants to willingly be disgusted?)

And well most grimdark I've run into wasn't the type I'd like unfortunately, since they are all senseless. The aforementioned Stripe Pattern is one of them. I'm not going to go into the heart-throbbing adventure since I had an entire post devoted to it before, but I have these Stripe Pattern doujinshi on my computer, and I got to say. So senseless. Of course if you make it like Taoism propaganda it'd be far more hilarious, except the part that depicts Nue as a hero. (In which case Nue would be some sort of amazing historical figure we'd all hail) One of the biggest most noteworthy of scenes is when Byakuren leads a bunch of youkai (who all look like horrible ugly disfigured demons and not the pretty loli youkai you regularly see) and they walk into a village. One of the youkai eats one of the little girls, and Byakuren does nothing to stop it, in fact encourages it. The most aggravating parts of the story isn't so much the scenes despite how horrific this one is, but the fact that the circle uses actual quotes from in-game to describe Byakuren's beliefs, throwing it completely out of context. It truly does seem like a propaganda doujinshi. Stripe Pattern hates the UFO characters, and had Sanae brutally massacre the group. 

I too have even written grim-dark, if that one story of mine where a nuke falls on China causing the death of the entire population leaving Max missing a hand means anything. I am not proud of that story, in fact I quite despise it. The fact that I use such a touchy situation to justify for the shipping I have in the story is awful. I've also written imprisoned Negima characters with regular tasings and fights, also a way to write out a shipping. I don't know what was wrong with me then, but I do believe I had a fascination of grimdark myself. I think a lot of teenagers go through this phase, it's like being emo and wanting to cut yourself (but not actually cutting yourself...I hope) thinking that the entire world hates the fuck out of you and nothing is fair. You know, the whiny teenager stage. I think a majority of my past Livejournal posts are pretty much either fandom squeeing or whiny teenager stage, so... (yet I still keep them around for nostalgia purposes)

But some of them are again, rather interesting. I think half the reason I fell into the Hetalia fandom is that you could depict actual wars with the characters, and use that character as a symbol of the feelings the entire nation feels. Yes I realize some people might be offended by reducing an entire population to a shallow anime character, but you got to be brutally honest about these things. While a death toll with a gut-wrenching high amount of numbers is pretty devastating, you probably don't know anyone who actually died since mass death occurs in a third-world country much more often, but many people were in tears when they found out Steve Jobs passed on, a single person. It's a lot easier when there is only one face. The face of a poor girl who was murdered near a University a few weeks back is a lot more emotional than a number. We don't have time to look into the histories of a devastating catastrophe then a single person whose future was so very bright or of a man who revolutionized technology of the current era.

But yes, how did we get to that from grimdark? The problem with most grimdark out there is that it doesn't seem to have a point besides making you disgusted unless it's actually involved in some sort of plot. South Park is often considered something like this, but still has elements of humour in it to keep plenty of people watching, but grimdark never really has humour for some reason. Perhaps I'd look into it more if it did. Also I could talk about the MLP fanfiction Cupcakes on here but eh, despite its notoriety I don't think I really need to discuss it. Really, what is there to discuss of a one-dimensional fanfic? Pinkie Pie dices up Rainbow Dash! There.


On another note since I am on an MLP tangent recently, I am going to defend the haters of Pinkie Pie from episode 4, the Halloween episode. There aren't that many actually, but the idea that there ARE people annoyed by what she did in that episode frankly annoys me as well because that episode made me like her even more. 

People should not go into this show thinking it's a generic everyday baby show. I'm sure the humongous population of people watching it is evidence enough, but for some reason Canada decided to air this channel on Treehouse TV, a toddler channel. It has such shows like Timothy Goes to School and Franklin. I was actually rather shocked when I heard they censored the word "losers" on that channel. If a show has to be censored to be on a PRESCHOOLER CHANNEL it does NOT BELONG THERE, not to mention several episodes that might be too complicated or terrifying to children. I'm wondering what they'd do with Fluttershy snapping a bear's neck from episode three. I was quite surprised that episode got through to airing with such a ridiculous scene. It is on par with Bubbles beating the shit out of a bunch of monsters and wiping blood off her mouth. Not to say it wasn't an entertaining scene, but Jesus Christ are those ratings folks even paying attention? Lol.

Anyway onward to episode four! The Nightmare Night episode, bringing back a character that was long missed during season one. (Well, according to a ton of fans...I didn't really care.) I found her hamminess quite glorious, especially since it wasn't intentional. When I saw the costumes first-hand before the episode aired I found Pinkie's a little unoriginal at first. "Really? The ridiculous character in a chicken outfit? That's not original at all!" In fact in terms of first impressions I actually didn't like any of them, though Applejack's was okay. When the episode aired though, all my disappointments were addressed!

Twilight wasn't MERELY a wizard, but of Stars Swirl, an obscure historical figure. It was so in-character. I can't say much about Rainbow Dash's because although being a Wonderbolt isn't original, being a Shadowbolt comes out of nowhere seeing as all it was was Nightmare Moon attempting to deceive her loyalty. I suppose it was fitting considering her pranks. Applejack was not really touched upon either, and both Fluttershy and Rarity got nothing. Throughout the episode I saw Pinkie Pie screaming in terror from Luna, unknowingly making her night rather miserable. I at first wondered why she'd do that, due to two things:

1. She was there and helped reform Luna with the power of RAINBOWS!
2. Her 'Giggle at the Ghosties" song.

So while wondering if she was just off-character or the writers were being stupid again (they tend to be in occasional episodes) at the end of it she explained that "sometimes being scared can be fun" or something like that. That was in-character too, just like Twilight's costume and her chicken outfit spells it out perfectly. She was being a chicken! You also have to remember that Nightmare Night comes EVERY YEAR and EVERY YEAR you're supposed to be afraid of Nightmare Moon, it is tradition, JUST LIKE THE ROYAL VOICE! She's not going to switch from last year, and again she didn't realize she was making her night miserable. After all, they almost had a truce at the end there if not for Rainbow Dash. People who denounce her for being a selfish prick just baffle me. I can only shake my head. Misunderstandings happen in everyday life too. 

It reminds me of people disliking a character because they were doing something from their point of view because we viewers know everything and expect everyone to act as what we know. For example a character might be acting like a bigoted sexist bastard in the past, but we are watching from our time-travelling heroines' view. Anybody that actually doesn't act bigoted is a goddamn Mary Sue. (If they act HESITANT and eventually break the norms then it's okay (it's called character development!), but they are not going to magically decide that the world they grew up in is completely and utterly wrong) 

Yeah, people who denounce her for this episode are as aggravating as people who hate Rarity. (As you can tell Pinkie is my favourite character)

That is all! Enjoy all your candy or spiked punch if you're attending parties, and Happy Halloween! I also have a WoT entry being prepared if I ever decide to post one! Stay tuned for that! Maybe.
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I may be out of the Hetalia loop (but not the Negima loop! Just caught up) but Hong Kong's personality is actually quite AWESOME. (I read Hetalia Bloodbath :X) His character section on TVTropes can list it in a nutshell but basically he's a lot well, looser than most people I know expected? I remember following an RPer for HK who did his personality somewhat similar to this, and it was my favourite interpretation. He's better at annoying China than Korea! YEAH.

Speaking of Negima...well what has happened somewhat surprised me yet at the same time hasn't. I didn't expect such a completely cheesy conclusion to his conflict with Fate, but then everyone from Mahora popped up to act like Big Damn Heroes. I'm rather disappointed the fights between Setsuna and Tsukuyomi and Poyo and Tatsumiya were cut short and really never elaborated on EVER. I wonder how often he and Fate can get shot through the torso without dying. My largest complaint is probably how cheap death in it never happens or only pseudo happens or happens to INCREDIBLY minor characters, not even minor minor characters die. Not even VILLAINS die! I just can never see the sense of danger in this manga because they don't ever show anything ever biting the dust. 

I've mentioned this fan-manga/comic/series thing here a few times already, but I feel like regarding danboou warning Chirei De as its own entity now. It's just that good. I believe it's going to end soon and that's already making me quite sad. I just cannot believe how good the writing, the artwork, the expressions and style this artist has. It's better than that commercialized official manga in the above paragraph, and has infinite more depth than the shallowness that is Hetalia. (I still like those two, but I'm just saying that this is...REALLY GOOD.) The best mixture of sadness, of happiness, of sappiness, of adorably cute and dark. Never too much of either and somehow done in this intricate art style I never thought had so much flexibility. I have never seen the artist handle something awesomely evil or cool or whatever like Nuclear Fusion Utsuho, who will show up pretty soon, but I have high hopes. After all, everything else is near-perfect!

Boom boom.

Feb. 9th, 2011 01:01 am
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Considering my rule of never using fanart for icons and avatars, I wonder if I'll EVER get a Touhou one because the official art is bad :C

On the other hand I did this Touhou Sort thing, check out the cut!
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Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.

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 A bit behind in this, just wanted to give a quick note.

I usually like dubs...well, dubs that aren't bad. Okay, the only dub I liked was the Negima dub, but that is by Funimation and Hetalia is also by Funimation, so surely it'd be pretty awesome right? Even though Kazumi sounded like a strangled duck, at she DID sound ducky...

And I do enjoy the fact that they kept the accents, but I was so goddamn underwhelmed by China's voice. It simply sucks. No need to make a huge giant rant on why, it just simply sucks.

First of all, it appears the dubbers don't seem to understand the gist of Chinese stereotypes. Perhaps because I'm Asian and I'm biased, but while their accents for other characters seem pretty good (Italy sounds adorable actually) China does not sound stereotypical at all. He's also voiced by a white lady, which compared to the awesome epicness of Yuki Kaida, cannot be compared at ALL. The japanese voice actress was simply superior.

Japan was okay, I didn't mind. I found a lot of voices to sound kind of similar though, despite different accents. I was expecting different voices AND different accents but they all sound like normal white guys arguing with each other while trying to do so in badly-done accents. Some done better than others, but damn China was simply disappointing. Could they not get some person to TALK WIKE DIS with a much better voice than something that obviously sounds like some western female!? Gah. Being over-the-top and stupid is the reason Hetalia is funny, and since it was in Japanese the cultural differences did not allow me to really take their voices for anything other than Japanese. (Surely there is more than the suffix ARU to stereotype the Chinese...) and I thought if dubbed in stupid accents it'd be hilarious, but it feels really, really underwhelming. I think it needs an abridged series or something at this rate, but I thought it could've been stupid enough to be an abridged series of history itself ALONE, yet the voices of favourite characters are bad. So I can't enjoy it at all.

That's only for China though, but since my favourite characters are Asians and only TWO Asians even show up in the Anime and all, having China being screwed up really disappoints me since it's a really big topic for me. Oh well. I guess I won't buy DVDs or anything like I did Negima, but that's okay. I have no money anyway. *buys Starcraft 2*

That is all. 
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I just noticed this now even though it showed up like two weeks ago.

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I was bored and wondered if my super old website from long long ago still existed. Most people's super old websites from long long ago do not exist anymore, if only because they were on Geocities and Geocities is now closed. (NOO!) There were a few good oldschool sites on Geocities that I will sorely miss. :C I also had some extremely old websites on Geocities before...but they are gone.

First, let's start off with something very nostalgic.


This is thanks to invisionfree never deleting its forums. Alas, I believe the old forums...before the invisionfree ones, that longer exists. :C Oh well, it's mostly silly memories of BIFF being (well mostly me) incredibly silly and immature. I can still remember the password to the protected forum too, and if you are also a true BIFF, so would you. (Well okay, it's pretty understandable if you forgot it, actually.)

Now to something even older that is embarrassing but still exists on the internet so people I know can laugh at what an idiot I was when I was younger.

What an appropriate URL!

That's right! My old Rei shrine. I am incredibly amazed that this still exists, including its older layout-version (Version 2! I believe) as well. Oh yeah I was one of those who truly enjoyed using frames and iframes, and not even coding them properly. (Although, as far as I remember I bet I probably didn't code any of them, lol) Oh right, Rei being God....yeah. Okay. Whatever, uh....let's move on!
There is another site of mine that also still exists! This time from the gaming side of my life, it is a clan site....

Of course it still exists, the css is hosted on this webhost!

So thanks to having some of my stuff hosted on sites that did not die, these survived! I will now list other notes of survival by digging around my own hard drive. By the way, that doesn't mean I DIDN'T lose anything. I lost stuff from the Geocities closing (they emailed the email I never check, sob) and from freewebs, apparently despite my friend's super old site from 2004 still existing there. Even then, I also have a few sites lost from various other webhosts, though there is a possibility they still exist and I just can't remember their URLs.

But what else exists!? Why, old layouts I created for this very blog itself! I don't have them ALL obviously...I still remember this really old one, a Beyblade one I can remember, of Rei, on the left of this content box, with red fancy 2004-era effects on the bottom. If you had a resolution any higher than 800x600, it looked like crap. I was however a moron and all rebelling against anything higher than 800x600 back then, thinking that a resolution like that was evil. Take it what you will.

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 One MORE thing:

I wouldn't care NEARLY as much for this MAD if Hong Kong didn't take Yuuna's place, and Korea didn't take Kazumi's place. That seems quite the coincidence. (Not so much with Korea, personality-wise it makes sense!)

And now for me to stop uselessly linking fandoms together!
Note: The MAD is unfinished. I wonder who they're gonna end up kissing...
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...two completely different genders.
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After reading through various comms on Livejournal (variously various!) I'm starting to wonder if everything I've ever written has been pretty much the same thing...just replace their names and viola!

Particularly because I actually do that with original fiction, for I am not really much of a person to create my own characters, rather I would twist and turn existing characters or even existing people's relationships because it feels so much fun and full-to-life with something other people actually acknowledge than just yourself. Of course, that means my "original" fiction probably isn't even original. The biggest original thing I ever created was actually with my brother, which makes it something acknowledged by more than just myself. I rarely actually talk about this "original thing".

But it's of a dalmatian named Spot. He is the most retarded bastard ever, who is racist to all humans and wishes his master (played by my brother) would drop dead. He has the biggest potty-mouth ever, and is really just a goddamn unloving ridiculously stupid and retarded buttmonkey that I have been roleplaying in real-life for over thirteen years. THIRTEEN YEARS. Of course with my brother not living around these parts anymore we don't do this as much now. Everything we (or mostly me, actually) put into this lovely universe is clearly inspired by other media. Spot has a sister named Sittie, who calls this boy named Bobby "Sweetbaboo" and is attached to him so goddamn much she could very well be a real life stalker. That name is clearly from Peanuts, also better known as that Charlie Brown guy and his friends. Spot himself, at least namewise, and his mother Sally, at least namewise, come from "The Adventures of Spot" a children's book I dearly loved as a child.

There's more. He also has a younger sister named Evelyn (rarely called Eve) who is morbidly obese. That is the only purpose of her existence, to make fat jokes. Then there is his other younger sister, Nicky, the only-sane-man who suffers from the idiocy around her, especially from another character, the boy next door named Joey, who is so retarded he is basically the Ralph Wiggum of the story. He infuriates her greatly. The universe is so diverse that previously we once had a "Zippo" universe, where all the dogs lived on some sort of "Zippo" dog food, and also a "Pokemon" universe, with a very stupid Pokemon named Pikaspot. There's their GREAT ANCESTOR FROM THE PAST, WHO IS BASICALLY AN EXPY OF SPOT, named WALF the WARRIOR, originating from my love of the REDWALL books and that great mouse in the past named Martin.

DID I MENTION because my brother loves imperialism or something, that SPOT IS A PRINCE? His father and mother are the KING AND QUEEN OF DALMATIA. The other breeds are part of their OWN country and are regarded as their own RACE. (The Poodles are like, super inspired by the French for example) and the Dalmatians are CONSTANTLY AT WAR with the BULLDOGS and there is a HUGE RIVALRY between the two breeds, but as more buttmonkey jokes come up, the Dalmatians are HORRIBLE AT SPORTS and LOSE TO THE BULLDOGS ALL THE TIME? Much to the King, WILLY'S despair!? Etc. etc. etc. There is even a future version with Spot's son, Thomas, etc. etc.

THE THING IS, I never write about this. This is just a thing about my brother and me. What I do write is of stuff NEVER ORIGINAL or so heavily inspired by other things that it should not even be called original at all. It feels more like plagarism, and that is definitely not original. Or like a pseudo-original/somehowcrossover!weird fanfic of shit. Like what. This is why I have five dozen Little Fighter fanfics. IT HAS A BUNCH OF PERSONALITY-LESS CHARACTERS JUST WAITING FOR SOME STORYLINE TO EXPLAIN WHY THE HELL THEY'RE fighting because there is no true story! Then LFO comes out and everything goes to shit. Way to go Hong Kong.

OR we can go to the EXACT OPPOSITE of the spectrum with Hetalia that has its little comic!canon AND IT'S HUGE SUPER COMPLICATED HISTORY CANON! I can't write for Hetalia at all because of all the research needed and how goddamn scared I will be to screw some little detail up and suddenly the fanfic turns into controversy. Nations are too complicated for me to handle.

Sometimes I wonder if I am thinking too much into this. Akira asked me to write a fanfic about her three characters, Ryan, Adam, and Jason. I told her I would because my muse returned when I started writing some fanfic again, but it was really hard to write these three. We had many many discussions about their character but in the end I just kept COMPARING them to some fandom character that I didn't know what to do. What AM I supposed to do? I don't know what to do with original characters. I drew them a bunch of times to try to make it easier (and I've been drawing a bunch lately) but Akira tells me lots of times that often they don't look like how she views them, so again I am afraid of writing them OOC or not being able to grasp their character. The limit I am given is really crippling me. The last actual fanfic I wrote was of that Negima story, you know with Yuuna and stuff? It is completely long and incredibly embarrassing actually, but it makes sense I wrote so much of those characters. At that time they largely had little development or personality in the actual canon so I felt like I could do anything with them as long as I kept their apparent personalities. It's the SAME thing with LF2!

Seeing as those stories don't count either, I need to backtrack some MORE. B-Daman? I believe I only wrote for that because its fanbase is crippling small and nobody and their dog would ever admit to ever being in a fandom like that. It's not really a great story or anything at all, so why did I like it anyway? So that leaves us with Beyblade.

Do you know how the BIFF started? Because of my crappy crack!OOC extremely!exaggerated "humour" stories of the characters attracted some people and we added each other on MSN. That's how it started. I did write some serious stuff, but my writing back then was quite crappy and my computer back then was so bad that I barely remember any of the serious stuff. In short, I have not written anything truly FANDOM or truly ORIGINAL at all because if I have I don't REMEMBER it! I'm not a good enough writer to keep a major character in-character for as long as I could, but also not a good enough writer to actually create characters that aren't crack or for humour! What the hell!

And so here I am, having to settle for this LF2 fanfic I'm writing because it's not completely original yet not completely fandomized either. There is no fandom, it's just a silly freeware game. And now I am discussing with Akira how to not write them in a way I have written EVERYTHING I'VE WRITTEN EVER because for me, there is always THOSE TWO CHARACTERS. I will develop them so much more than everyone else despite wanting to develop everyone else too. Akira's friend came over for the summer and introduced me to SUPERNATURAL. I found it rather entertaining, but did not really look into it anymore, but the dynamic of THOSE TWO CHARACTERS...whether they be best friends forever, lovers, brothers, sisters, cousins, ANYTHING...will always appeal to me, no matter what. It has nothing to do with Yaoi or Yuri or whatever. I cannot turn it into a trio. I cannot do a five-man-band. I cannot do anything with a singular character either. THOSE TWO.

Even if many many fandoms try to break this dynamic (I tend to have three favourite characters) I will always like TWO OF THEM vastly over the third. Then the rest I don't give a damn. That is all. That is it. Hong Kong and Korea. Kazumi and Sayo. Example and example, etc. etc. I don't really care if they end up being best friends forever, super awkward brothers or lovers, it doesn't matter as long as somehow they interact with each other and are TOGETHER. Not for the sex or the hotness or anything like that, :\ Sometimes when I write I feel like I'm forced to turn them into lovers (while I DO ship them) because everyone else is doing it, but I'm always satisfied if they're BFFs or super-close bros or something too, as long as they're together I don't care. (But at the same time when some third party comes in I get insanely jealous and defensive, telling them to GTFO BITCH even if its not about lovers or anything)

Right, I'm completely rambling now.

Kirami likes to add yaoi-drops onto anything I tell her, like hockey. Sometimes I mind. I love Bernier, he is cute, but I also love Bernier because he is that awesome rugged hockey player that he is, and because he is helping my city's team try to be the best, to get the Stanley Cup, and for the hockey game that it is. It is entertaining to watch, be it the IIHF championships, the olympics, women's, men's, and the NHL itself. The game is entertaining, not everything is about two boy's loving each other, seriously. Sometimes I feel like everything I do revolves too much around that. My brother is gay! I've had it in my life for a long time! I'm not homophobic, but does EVERY SINGLE GUY have to be paired up with SOME GUY? I even like Hong Kong/Taiwan to an extent DUE to RP (they seem boring otherwise) but I love Korea/Hong Kong ALSO due to RP! It has nothing to do with "hey he's hot and he's hot let's make them screw each other" and that the third girl is a bitch and should die in a fire.

Well, also rambling now. If this bothers anybody's friend's list due to its length I'll cut it, but I'm going to leave it like so. I hope it's not obnoxious to do so or anything...

EDIT because I realized how those last two large paragraphs contradicted each other! First I say OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Then complain about people who go OMFG GTFO THIRD PARTY BITCH! Oh how hypocritical you are Spotto. I think what I was trying to say is that while it IS always those two guys, I largely don't care for a third UNLESS canon or awesome RP convinces me like so. So I guess I am part of the GTFO third party. Though I think I'm against that third party moreso because I CANNOT WRITE THEM INTO THE STORY FOR MY BRAIN IS TOO SIMPLE FOR SUCH COMPLICATED MEASURES and thus my defence is to kick them out. I wish everyone else wasn't like me too, but I tend to not bash the third person, just kick them out because I can't write them in. Like Chisame, or China, or something. I don't hate these characters. I think the second paragraph was describing like, the Mariahs, Taiwans, Negis of fandom rather than the other. (These are horrible examples they will only make sense with my  friends ~_~)

Okay no more editing.
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Akira once told me something her sister said: "Strong opinions: Sagittarius."

Also useless opinions, but I tend to write them down anyway so I don't forget! That's what stuff like Livejournal are for, after all!



Nov. 8th, 2009 11:31 am
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And finally to end this long post a cute video: (It seems my broken camera can do close-up video very well O: )

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Im Yong Soo was going to have MISAO's voice...if he appeared in the anime.


Maybe Yong Soo will appear in season two? Here's hoping ): . That German Simulator episode was rather empty without Yong Soo rolling around and referencing Korean Dramas. XDDDD WITH MISAO'S VOICE. Damn, that would have been the smex. I'm going to go watch lots of Misao remixes now. -_-


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