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This post is only to update you, readers of this blog which is like two people, which I love pointing out every single time and is probably horribly old by now, of my other blogs that you probably care nothing about but in which they have been updated and so I must inform you. Did you like that run-on sentence?

First off this is a bit old but I've updated my Sims Blog a few weeks back with basically an ACADEMY version of all my Sims for the hell of it. Also, recently I've just been normally playing my Sims back in the Gensokyo neighbourhood as well, so if anything interesting actually happens there I may post of those too, but don't expect to much.

The other blog is the SPOTTOMON blog, which I call it such because while it has been updated once with a Touhoumon update also includes a PONYMON let's play blind run (video!). Ponymon is still in alpha however so despite all the Pokemon being replaced by ponies the game is still essentially FireRed.... replaced by ponies. It has not reached Touhoumon's point with the modded music, story, dialogue, EVERYTHING, so yeah. But there is new typing (as far as I remember) for the ponies and other such little things that aren't in the regular game that I've decided to just record myself playing.

So... got that? Sims Blog here! And Touhoumon/Ponymon blog here! 

I would technically say even my Starcraft blog updated except I abandonated livestream and am now using TWITCH.TV for my SC2 casts. (These seem a little pointless now that SC2 has the "watch replay together" feature, so unless you really enjoy listening to my speech impediment I guess this announcement isn't too important either. Oh yeah the stream is password-protected because I am silly. If you wanna get in it's "spectralinfantry". Yes, that is the password. 

As for anything else...uh... I'm tired and wish to go to bed. In terms of future posts here, I'm actually working on the GENSOKYO CRISIS scenario, extending it and figuring out how Marisa will work with her GET-OUT-OF-HELL free card (with horribly difficult conditions!). So, maybe or maybe not expect that popping up here. Also an image of a new (technically borrowed) car. These new things just blow me away with their ridiculous features. Perhaps I am getting too old when a car that has a USB port blows my mind. CARS DO NOT NEED USB PORTS!! And now they with many other things.

This has been Spotto!
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 I'm gonna be a total whiner this post, so...please ignore! Like usual.

Fah! )
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I think I should write a post about a few of my friends. Well, certain friends, not all of em, or it'd be a bit long since I like to write up walls of text, but I do have some pretty awesome friends I'd like to talk about. This post will probably be sappy, so...

SAPPY WARNING! Nevermind, false alarm. 8D;

Before you read on...

The reason why I buy hamsters in pairs is because it always seems lonely to just have one, yet the loneliest, saddest part is not having one hamster, it is when you buy two and one passes away. The hamster that is left has just spent its entire life with others, never alone, always with another and suddenly it is alone. You would always hear the occasional squeak from squabbles or watch the two try to steal food away from another, but it is never more heartwenching than to hear constant silence.

Poor Iggy.

This rant did not go as planned O: )


Aug. 30th, 2010 11:36 am
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More uninteresting rants! Yes, I did tag this with everything.



Aug. 7th, 2010 01:59 pm
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Who says Starcraft players can't be buff?

In terms of the competitive scene, this year has been pretty awful for me, haha.

I watched three pretty big events this year...The Stanley Cup Finals, FIFA World Cup, and the Shinhan Proleague.

Anyway, the Canucks once again got eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks, so I rooted for the Philadelphia Flyers in the finals in their beautiful orange jerseys.

Alas, they lost.

In the FIFA World Cup, with my favourite teams all falling out early, the only one left standing was the Netherlands in their orange glory. They reached the finals...and lost to Spain.

Finally, after watching SK Telecom T1 ride through the playoffs to play KT Rolster while wearing their somewhat-new orange team shirts, they end up losing to the number one seeded team that only needed four wins to win the final.

And now only that, SKT eliminated my other favourite team early, CJ.

What is with this? It's quite the coincidence that all the second place finishers were wearing orange. Perhaps also a coincidence that my favourite colour, too, is orange. (Though at the moment it is shifting to yellow, lol) Why did Bisu have to lose...

If SKT had won, this post would have been filled with Starcraft progaming fangirlism, but alas that cannot come true. However, I suppose one thing came out good in the finals. ..

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Best still ripped off his shirt. (after his own win) Oh yeeeah.
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Streaming is fun! I added this to my links list:

Basically I stream live games when I play, when I'm not I play reruns pretty much 24/7. I did not know such streaming service existed that had all these capabilities for free! It's good for people who want to yell at me for making noobish mistakes, or just want to take a peek to see what SC2 looks like in action (while too lazy to search youtube because you're a friend of mine and this popped up at a convienient place like tumblr or your LJ friend's list. Lol.) Anyway, just thought to add.

Besides that, I'll be sure to update this LJ about something not Starcraft eventually, like a certain someone's birthday coming up...


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