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For the longest time I wondered why I liked Weiss in particular.

I mean I KNOW WHY, but it's more like, she isn't my M.O. She doesn't fit the PATTERN of characters I usually like. She sticks out like a sore thumb. Surely there must be a reason for this anomaly! When it comes to preferences, everything can be explained, cross-referenced, and analyzed! All that is nonsensical will be clairvoyant, and the mysteries of the world will disappear one-by-one until we have all the knowledge that can possibly be contained of the minds in our brains.

I don't know where I was going with that.

The point is recently I've returned to South Park. I'm not really in some sort of fandom limbo mostly because I no longer have time to have a fandom limbo. I still watch MLP which is still airing (the latest episode was the most boring episode that they ever made holy shit) and RWBY still is going on, though the many disappointments I've suffered from it have reached to the point that I am willing to spoil myself of whatever they're going to do in season four, if only because I vehemently refuse to give RT money. This is a big deal considering spoilers are my worst enemy. I fucking hate spoilers, but evidently I fucking hate RWBY's direction more. So there you go.

Anyway I read some old old embarrassing posts on this here blog when I was into South Park back in the day, and egads. I apparently said Stan was my favourite character. I have zero recollection of that ever being the case. My favourite has always been either Kyle or Kenny. I don't recall Stan ever being up there. Maybe he was and I longer remember a thing? But eh. I also did a lot of shipping and threw slurs around like they were free candy. It seems the older I get the more PC I am... which might just be how culture is changing these days. A few friends of mine still consider things "gay" or use the term "retarded" but I don't seem to use either of those (or the F one) at all anymore. This is strange. Tumblr has corrupted me.

On the other hand, I found PC Principal hilarious, soooo...

Anyway the point is while I was promoting my love for Kenny as an amazing older brother, and that he was responsible for my first (second? idk) tirade into the fandom as the amazing Mysterion, plus that one time I revisited South Park again because he became PRINCESS KENNY...Kyle has always been my favourite. He may not be the one making bombshells or headlines and dragging me back into this fandom, but Kyle had always been my favourite since I started watching South Park from season one when I was like nine. I ALWAYS liked Kyle. And he is still my favourite, so there.

...and now Weiss is no longer an anomaly. 


Now you might be wanting me to explain how all of this connects, but I'm not even going to do that. Yes, for once I will not. Make the connection on your own. There is no rant here. I just wanted to state this observation. P:
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You know how last post I was all like "NOOO SAYO NOOO YUUNA"? I recently saw spoilers for the next chapter and Chachamaru got chopped in half. Then the last page taunts all the readers with "MANGAKA IS COLLECTING DATA, NEXT CHAPTER ON DECEMBER 22ND" on like, one of the most crazy cliffhangers ever.


salted pistachios )
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I FEEL LIKE...naming my favourite episodes! I've watched pretty much all of them now (and those I haven't...either I thought they weren't good the first time I saw them or I don't feel like watching)
This is kind of like those PPG reviews except 10x shorter because I can't be bothered! (at least PPG has less episodes)

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 May many more rants about this fandom come!

Probably seven seasons late though... )

That is all from Spotto. 
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As you all know I don't update this blog that regularly anymore, and I know the reason for it. I basically have no set one-true-fandom to wall-of-text about every few days. I mean my last one was Hetalia, but that faded away as it got bigger and the series just felt like the same over and over again. Also it was faaaar too big. I could TRY to follow what's going on, look at pretty Hong Kong fanart, but there must be a lot and I'm not really into the fandom enough to take time to actually look through pages of pages of the slow pixiv site.

THE SUN RISES ONCE MORE, and not on Japan damnit )
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It's felt like forever since I've posted! Well besides that random Sims bit, but eh I don't think it counts.

This post signals the return of fandom posts Spotto knows too well. And I'm sure you imaginary readers are wondering what I'm going to discuss/fangirl today! Is it Negima? Something about gaming like SC2? Or the current state of the BW Pro-scene? (GO BISU!) Perhaps another theory on why I liked such and such from older fandoms, the CONTINUATION OF THE PPG REVIEWS MAYBE!?!? Even Hetalia!? Or hell, Digimon, many, so many.

Well if you guessed any of those you're dead wrong! The winner is South Park.

And my imaginary readers gasp. Wait, Spotto you've NEVER talked about South Park before! No, I really haven't, but recently there has been something very major happening that has caught my attention. You see as a child I watched South Park regularly with my brother. (Well, I shouldn't have been watching such a show so young but whatever P: ) and I even have the movie on my computer somewhere deep in the depths of my hard drive, but ever since my brother moved out I've stopped following it. I just kept forgetting to turn the TV on at 9pm every Friday...not to mention we no longer even HAVE Comedy Network...

But, sometimes when I'm bored I use the wonders of the internet to watch a few episodes. South Park is incredibly easy to watch online after all. However there are already 14 seasons and I've probably missed a boatload of episodes so I really don't have the time to watch it all, but I do tend to catch the sagas. Imaginationland for one, I watched. I also watched 200 and 201, since it is such a milestone in the history of this show. I know a few friends who watches it as well so it's not like I have no one to talk about it to.

Last year I managed to watch The Coon. The Mysterion character interested me quite a bit, but I knew of this show. I quickly assumed that if they never show his identity, they never will, or if they do it's some random kid we've never heard of or a really, really minor character from Mr. Garrison's class, but when I found out who he was in the latest episode? Oh yeah. That was awesome. I rewatched that episode three times, and such remarkable luck that it's a three-parter! So one more episode is still coming to show us more Mysterion.

Besides, everyone knows I love superheroes. Not in the sense that I buy a bunch of DC Comics or something, but the concept I really do like. The notion that one person can save everyone just sounds incredibly idealistic, yet so intriguing at the same time. Of course the concept itself is not new obviously, and I've watched many superhero movies, but still. There is a reason I turn random fandom characters I like into superheroes just for the hell of it. This is the first time my little dreams just became canon. Okay, so not of the fandoms I usually toy with, but I do enjoy South Park. I never really had a single favourite character. I mean I thought they were all pretty awesome, except maybe Cartman but he serves to make you laugh somehow with his absolutely offensive and degrading antics, even then he was acting disturbingly cute this episode trying to tame Cthulu so it would work with him on his own deeds. Man. o_o

I did like Kyle for a while, but I always did like Kenny. He just didn't feature that often so my interest in the series just wasn't there. Granted South Park is more about offensive parodies about EVERYONE, but still... (I do enjoy those nonetheless. I was so disappointed when they censored half the things in 201...GARGH.) Of course it does help that the Japanese fandom spews out lots of pretty fanart. Can't beat that after all! I also know there's a very large following of fangirls for all the Ho Yay scattered all over the place. I haven't gotten into any of that, don't know if I want to. South Park's just one of those shows I catch once in a while, not something I'd draw for, but hey you'll never know. (And Woodland Critter Christmas is finally dethroned as my favourite all-time SP episode by Mysterion Rises! ...speaking of which, "The Dark Knight Rises" is a stupid title.)

It's just nice to see my childhood, with all these issues like Cartman's dad, the continuity of Kenny's constant deaths, etc. be issued in such an ingenious way (without making it outrageous, even though South Park is often extremely outrageous P: ) Ah well, but as of that episode my favourite is definitely Kenny now (then again he probably gained TONS of fans from that episode alone!) and that doesn't mean I don't like Kyle or Stan or Butters or any of the children anymore, but finally after fourteen seasons... I have a definite favourite.

Or maybe it just isn't Kyle because he said he liked Family Guy in that one episode. Bleh, Family Guy.
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I actually wanted to post/type up two stories on here today, but that "Alternative Laptop Crud" is being a bitch so I can't transfer my story from that cheap crap into the slow cruddy computer. Oh wells, maybe next time, it was a fluffy ReiMax.

The other's the continuation of the last story I wrote upon this journal, but since I'd rather have two stories in one LJ, I'll skip that one too! Anyway, recently I've been liking a cool, unappopriate show cartoon for adults! You guessed right, SOUTH PARK!!! How all the citizen's are idiots except the kids, the offensive stuff rocks on a lot. I'm not a fan of the fart jokes or anything but those can be funny too. There's also the sex jokes, meh. But anyway, the fact is that it has crappy animation and makes no point in existance but to entertain, rather, there's a character in that show that's so unrealistic it makes you barf.

Cartman's the most selfish kid you'll ever meet. I understood how he didn't care when Kyle nearly died...twice...but Kenny?(The one where he died for over a year, we all know he dies every week..) At least that parka boy came back and haunted the fatass. Hehe.

Anyway, other than that. I've watched the 2nd episode of Battle B'Daman and am disappointed at the writers. I mean, c'mon! What kind of bullcrap was that? Ok, the biggest thing affecting this is probably the absense of Terry, but other than that there were some ridiculous unrealistic things around in that episode. But before we go to that, this is a kids show. It is for kiddier people than for those who watch Beyblade because in Beyblade THERE IS BLOOD. Yesh, Spot likes the blood and chibi mix, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in B'da World.

The narrator is a freakin' Wabuffet Pokemon girl ripoff with a pearl necklace owning an annoying accent. That kind of reminds me of Dizzi...I don't care about her! I don't care about the explanation of B'Daman! Isn't it obvious that everybody wants to be champion and that some Blades have power, accuracy, crap like that? Do they think these kids watching are stupid? My god.

Another nitpick, Yamato. Yamato seems to have no nose. Yamato's eyes are bigger than the average chibi, and his mother's voice is ridiculously high. I mean, I know she isn't very old, because she adopted Yamato, but that voice is UTTERLY ANNOYING! What's with the annoying voices? Is the only good thing about this show a Scottish cyan-haired  mysterious kid who seems to act more like Kai than Gray which is utterly ridiculous? And the bad guys, a beady-eyed Chinese dude with another Chinese dude and a cat plus some redhead who reminds me of someone.

I don't see how that is dangerous, oh sure, a big OLD man who's trying to take over the world with young boys by impersonating Michael Jackson is more scary than a cat! That's Beyblade!

Also, the biggest problem other than the absence of Terry is Gray. Once upon a time Yamato challenged Gray because he needed training. So, once again, Gray demands for Cobalt Blade if Yamato loses, well guess what? That battle was as useless as the first one. Because there isn't exactly a rival for Yamato if he beats Gray the first time he battled him, but then again, they tied this time around, which is strange, but is probably because of Yamato's hand injury, so if he didn't have it, HE WOULD'VE WON. Already in the beginning and Yamato is the best B'daman Blader.

Though I did say it was Gray. Yesh, the blonde dude went, "We must work together!" In the stinkin' 2nd episode. Then he went to his house and they all slept in the same bed with happy smiles and blushes, this show reminds me more of Hamtaro and there aren't hamsters in the Anime to start with! I'm hoping Terry has a better attitude. Bull's a split-personality weirdo, Gray's a loner turn to friendly dude in a matter of seconds, so I hope Terry's personality is somewhat...better written..


I'm beginning to tolerate Kikyo more now. She has a good heart, ok, maybe not a heart at all because she's basically a walking clay statue, but...the point is, she's not caring about Inuyasha all day, not going, "WHAT IS HE DOING AT THIS EXACT MOMENT?!" or anything, why? Kikyo, I think, seeks out not only that perhaps, but something else I guess. Anyway, Kagome cares about Inuyasha a lot, but she basically thinks of him 24/7. I'm sure all GF's and BF's do that...unless they want to write, "Me feel like kiss Brian 2nite" on the answer of what's the square root of pi times two dozen times the area of the desk you're writing this on...

Yeah, it doesn't seem realistic that you've known Inuyasha for a while now, but I think there still needs to be more time until you DO think of them all day, but if you do in a short while, it seems more like Kagome joined the army of Inuyasha rabid fangirls of doom. I don't like that, see, Kagome with her personality doesn't seem to fit in the Feudal Era, doesn't seem quite like the missing piece to the puzzle even though she can see jewel shards and all.
Let's talk about life!!!!
Ok, first of all, my Chinese Class are the dumbest people on Canada in the world. I mean, they know all the crap of China, since it's a CHINESE Class, but they live in Canada and they think there's 11 Provinces, some said 13, one said 10 but then changed it to 9, or something. One said that New Foundland VERY FAR away from Nunavut, National-wise. Then my teacher said, which is the most hilarious of all, "What about Alaska?"

She also wasted 40 minutes of my time.

NEXT WEEK: LASER TAG!! OH MY GOD!! My cousin's brithday party is laser tag! I never played Laser tag before! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO COOL! I'm going to be the first one shot! but whatever! I love shooting stuff and this would actually be fun because we're running around and stuff! We should try Paintball, but I think they don't allow so young people, or waterfights! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Laser Tag, just one Week from now, SATURDAY! W00t!!! Feels like good ol' Summer already!

I missed Gundam SEED yesterday, though for some reason I didn't seem to mind. Finally, THERE IS ACTION IS .HACK//SIGN!!! Yay, a bunch of Crimson Knights caught the bratty kid...

Oh, and many of the characters are boring in the show, except for what's her name who yaps a lot.

Fwee, I was watching Beast Wars Transformers at 2:30AM [Apparently the stupid Canadians*cough* dubbed it "Beasties"..what? O.o] (A CG-ed Transformers, my opinion the only good Transformer) And I was itching to see this new transformer, Tigerhawk (Half Tiger, half bird. I say bird because it's a fused form of a FALCON and a while tiger, but its name is Tigerhawk...weird) I think that's cool though. Animal transformers! The leader ape is ugly!

I think it is awefully amazing that I wrote so much without talking about Beyblade or LF2 much. IT'S AMAZING! IT'S A MIRACLE! A NEW POINT OF LIFE!!!!

Let's break that record by talking about it, XD!
..starting with Beyblade.

I haven't actually watched a single episode of Beyblade for almost a month now. I guess I didn't bother to watch reruns. (THE RERUNS ARE EARLY G REV EPISODES AND THAT IS BORING) I actually want to see 1st Season once more, or even V Force. Since I haven't seen those in a LONG while. I think V Force more because I want to see extremely cute Maxie Waxie of the Candy Spirits....

I actually wanted to type up an Angst Max story but it ended up being a cutie sappy fluff story between Rei and Max with vocabulary jammed up the front. Oh well. ReiMax is still cool, I guess I wrote that because I just knew that that pairing was the last that actually took my obsession, it will forever remain in my heart and walls for what cuteness and happiness it gives! All hail ReiMax!

Well, two paragraphs is enough, I guess, next up (readers groan), LF2!

Nothing happening with the LF news much. Except I'm trying to help my cousin download the Reinforced version. Hm, he still has problems. I don't see why it has to be so hard to put the file in a location with a password that sometimes the art surface doesn't work! It is insane! It is ridiculous! I shall sue! Sue!

Oh right, remember that line thing in my siggy at the forum where Henry's arm gets crushed and Rudolf doesn't give a damn? My friend is drawing that...chibi...with I'm happy with that. She wants me to draw her of me...and I do have a picture, but I dunno if I should colour it or not since so many Birthdays are going on. Oh well. Remember when Yuriy got enchanced? I actually thing it's kind of cool to have a limb or body part to be robotic or half robotic. Like FMA, where Eddie (yesh, now I'm calling him Eddie) has those limbs. What if it was the eye? I'm trying to amke a Louis edit for that. Robotic eye thing, only one eye though. Would seem cool...

Well, end for now! Next LJ, two tories and lotsa words!


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