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Yes. SDR2 Spoilers. blahblahblah.

In My Little Pony there is a ship I have that I have many mixed feelings towards. I ultimately ship it, but it has always frustrated me how despite their status as main characters and friends that they had very little interaction throughout the show and any that did surface would often be a negative one. That's right, Pinkie and Fluttershy, always be making one another cry or one another uncomfortable, insensitivity ruining things for the highly-sensitive despite that wonderful episode early on where it looked like Pinkie was rather protective and considerate of Fluttershy's feelings, that led to that season showcasing how much Pinkie cared, encouraging Fluttershy to leap over the chasm in Dragonshy through song when everyone else was annoyed at how much of a load she was. When Fluttershy became so concerned that Pinkie went missing she leap-hugged her out of nowhere which would have been out-of-character any other day, any other episode and these lovely small moments disappearing into the winds, as writers came and went and characterization developed so...~

In Danganronpa there is a ship I try to have but have far too many mixed feelings towards. I don't ultimately ship it despite trying so hard to, though my thoughts are turning towards maybe trying once more. Why do I mention it here in the middle of what seems like a My Little Pony rant? Why because I always compare this ship to PinkieShy due to the two characters being somewhat similar to them. If I do not ship this ship I pretty much have nothing to ship in DR, which is why I really want this to work, yet unlike Pinkie and Fluttershy these characters though also friends and in the same clique, mostly have negative interactions when they show up. Not something minor and forgivable like making one another cry either, but literal murder.


Now before you bite my head off, the context is VERY important and in fact the murder itself isn't even the problematic portion that bothers me to the point of not shipping it. The circumstances that lead Mikan to murdering Ibuki is pretty longwinded and occasionally ridiculous, but the entire cast of SDR2 are all parts of the Remnants of Despair, a terrorist cultist group following the ways of Junko who is basically Satan Incarnate after falling to her manipulative wiles/brainwashing. SDR2's biggest twist (or one of anyway) is that it turns out it's all a simulation to try to rehabilitate the cast so they lose their memories of being Despair, and go through a fun school trip where they bond and have positive memories that can return them to the happy pure selves they were of before. When Ibuki was murdered, a Despair disease made up by the mastermind and antagonist mascot of the series, Monokuma, caused a few of the characters to act very differently from their normal selves. Ibuki was given the gullible disease and Mikan the remembering disease. Mikan regained her memories of being a depraved horrific monster who will spread Despair at any cost for the sake of Junko, her love, and so she picked out the most vulnerable character to off who happened to be Ibuki. 

I have no problems with that.

But before Mikan was despair, she was already a very broken individual. She had a very horrific past and upbringing. People regularly bullied her and called her trash, they would physically abuse her like putting out cigarette butts onto her skin, or using her as a writing pad when none was around. They basically did not treat her as a human being, and it has been such a consistent part of her life that she has a very warped and unhealthy personality towards others. Her self-esteem is to the pits, and though she would cry if you insult her (See: Saionji) she also believes the only way she can be liked is to show off her body, take off her clothes, willingly make herself a fanservice magnet to others. She has this belief that her only worth is her physical appearance and that's the only way she can be of any value, so she does intricate things like trip very awkwardly, falling into incredibly provocative positions assuming everyone would like it. She's terrified of every little thing, super anxious and also the Super High-School Level Nurse, meaning she's incredibly talented in caring for others. It's implied she enjoys being a nurse because it's the only time she feels she has an advantage over others. The only time she is stronger than another person is if that person is very sick and weak.

Anyway Mikan is messed up.

Ibuki for a while seemed to encourage Mikan's self-destructive behaviour because she enjoys cute girls. She likes fanservice. That scene with all the girls showing up to the beach party seriously rocked her world. So many girls with large boobs! IT'S HER PARADISE! She was also one if Mikan's friends or at least they were both in the same clique in school. Now, I found Ibuki's behaviour though rather harmless in terms of intentions (after all despite Mikan's protests she truly is doing what she does on purpose technically) it preys upon Mikan's insecurities and only serves to validate Mikan's belief that her only worth and only ability to be of any use to someone is to show off her body, which is very unhealthy. So Ibuki would be enabling Mikan and therefore should they be in a relationship, it would never end well.

But the more I thought about it, the more this issue isn't as large as it seems. Ibuki acted the way she did because at the time these fanservice shots were happening, the class believed they had all just met. Ibuki has absolutely no idea of Mikan's ulterior motives when she does what she does, she can only react the way she would normally react. For whatever reason I assumed Ibuki would still react in this way as if they were good friends, which we have no indication of in the small Twilight Syndrome scenes that flashback to their friendship back in the school when they had memories. I mean it can't all be good considering they are all willingly friends with Saionji for some reason (and in fact, I theorize Saionji is ACTUALLY the reason this clique exists, as in she is the CENTER of the four/five girls. You probably think I'm crazy, but look at it like this. Mahiru has no reason to be friends with Ibuki or Mikan, nor does Mikan have reason to be friends with Ibuki, but they ALL have reasons to circle around Saionji. Saionji is the closest to Mahiru, so that's the easy one. Saionji is also the only one who enjoys Ibuki's unique brand of music that she prefers as opposed to the generic pop she's famous for, so  that obviously draws Ibuki to the group. Saionji is also the only one who gives Mikan attention. After a while Mikan's shenanigans would tire others or drive them away because most people in Hope's Peak at least in their class aren't mindless perverts... wait, what about Hanamura? What a strange plothole. 

....wait a second.

Danganronpa 3 fixed the plothole.



There's a relationship chart for Class 77 that came out for the Anime, mostly pointing out who's friends with who and such. Ibuki had no friends, but her only comment was that she found Hanamura gross. There was a scene in the Anime where she "accidentally" kicked Hanamura away when he went into horny horndog mode...


And considering Ibuki's greatest wish in a relationship is a beautiful wholesome platonic BAND MEMBER BEST FRIEND kind of thing, she admits it in her finale in Island Mode, check her wiki entry for more info that means Ibuki's lust isn't as corrupted as I believed and Ibuki MAY ACTUALLY BE one of the few people FITTING to ship with MIKAN!


But that just makes my love for PinkieShy even sadder. These two similar characters (kinda) with far more fucked up pasts/circumstances/traumas in a much more unforgiving universe WHEREIN ONE MURDERED THE OTHER can potentially work better as a couple than two happy technicoloured G-rated ponies. What the fuck. 

I'm so glad Buckball Season exists at least. It shows Fluttershy's development as a character and where she needs to go if shipping her with Pinkie is of any possibility, and highlights the fact that Pinkie goes through anxiety not unlike what Fluttershy often struggled with, which gives Pinkie a way to empathize with Fluttershy's plight, leading to less insensitive situations and maybe that impossible extrovert/introvert barrier can finally be crossed the more we spend with these characters. OH GREAT WRITERS OF MY LITTLE PONY, I IMPLORE THEE TO SOMEDAY GIFT US A TRUE PINKIE AND FLUTTERSHY EPISODE THAT FULLY EXPLORES THEIR FRIENDSHIP AND GIVES MORE AMMO TO SPREAD THEIR ADORABLE SHIPPING POTENTIAL WITH SO MANY OTHERS THAT DON'T COME AT THE EXPENSE OF SOMEHOW EXPLAINING AWAY OR IGNORING EPISODES LIKE PUTTING YOUR HOOF DOWN OR FILLI VANILLI. AMEN.

I mean I still shipped them, but I was well aware however their relationship may be there were a lot of unhealthy or unsavoury aspects to it. I LOVE THE POTENTIAL OF THIS SHIP,  THE SHEER CUTENESS IT COULD BRING, but the personalities clashed in ways I did not want to believe. I wanted Pinkie to open Fluttershy up to the world, for Fluttershy to show Pinkie the little things in life. The fact that they're both pink and yellow feminine colours and there isn't some clear "this character is clearly the pants in the relationship!" kind of stereotype that wracks so many same-sex ships. Fluttershy STANDING up for Pinkie in Buckball Season was very surprising, but the kind of dynamic that really could work in the rare event Pinkie is vulnerable. And Pinkie would always do her best to cheer up and make Fluttershy comfortable when she needs it. I LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH, but I'm also so very conflicted with what interactions exist between them in canon.

...well at least I can ship Ibuki/Mikan in peace now. 8D I'm still fond of the hilariously dark silly images depicting Mikan in the process of murdering Ibuki though... hahahaha! I swear Ibuki is my favourite. I don't understand people who immediately hate Mikan because she murdered their waifu Ibuki because she DID after all revert back to her despair!state, and it wasn't as if Mikan was the only one in such a state initially, the whole cast (almost) and Ibuki too was as well! In fact I bet you if it was despair!Mikan trying to murder despair!Ibuki, Ibuki would welcome it since being murdered brought despair which was a good thing in their eyes. That's how fucked up that situation was, seriously.

By the way the big fanfic I was regularly posting here is NOT abandoned, I'm already beyond thirty chapters at this point. My head is coming up with more idea/scenarios as to where the story will go from here, so if anyone is still curious the story lives on! 
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The aforementioned Weiss rant to be precise!
Actually this will likely be a mishmash of pretty much any topic relating to characters I like. You see recently I've been marathoning a very silly, mindlessly fun cliche show for about a few weeks. No it's not a Nickelodeon sitcom, though I am still bummed that a supposed rift between the two lead actresses of Sam and Cat caused it to end prematurely. In fact the very last episode, Cat was arrested and Sam chose not to help bail her out for her own gain, so she could keep rooming with Cat's grandmother who acts like a mother Sam has never known, since her own mom is a pretty terrible mother. While a terrible ending for a series it's sort of fitting for how the show ended, via a feud between the lead actreses and for the last scene of the series to be a scene wherein a lead character does not help another. A broken friendship ended with a display of bad friendship, alas.
I do feel some sense of happiness that the actress for Cat, Ariana Grande, broke into the music scene because I've been watching these Dan Schneider shows for a few years now and Cat has always had the best voice. In the crossover episode between iCarly and Victorious for instance, there's a karaoke party at the end and I wanted everyone to shut up except Cat because her voice was so majestic. It's super awesome she's getting the recognition she deserves. Unfortunately I'm not too big on the R&B genre but one of her songs, Break Free, sounds pretty good regardless of my music tastes. 
Anyway back to the point on hand, the cliche show I've been marathoning is actually by a company based in France called Marathon. That's right, I've been numbing my brain with constant Totally Spies episodes these past few days and even gave myself a headache when I watched a whole bunch of the newer episodes in a row due to for some reason the voice actresses' being far more squeaky than usual later on. Now I keep the volume fairly low but that causes me to be unable to hear certain characters like Jerry who has a rather soft-spoken voice. It's sad. 
When I watched this nostalgic show back in my adolescence, despite the show representing all things stereotypically girly I truly was entertained by the episodes. I never had a favourite character at the time either, though it may have been Clover back then because if I have no favourite usually the most comedic takes the cake. It's sort of like why I love Venus the most in Sailor Moon, but with Crystal airing that can easily change. Having complained about the terrible romance and the flat male characters in RWBY recently, Totally Spies is a far more serious offender in this department and there are certain mini-arcs where I have to skip a few scenes so the girls would not always be obsessed with some sort of perfect flawless guy. 
Yet, having marathoned so many episodes in a row, I don't seem to mind it quite as much as in RWBY. Most probably because the show truly is a whole bunch of mindless stereotypical fun and with the constant influx of cartoonish villains seeking revenge in every episode, it's sort of silly to have high expectations of such a show. On the other hand, RWBY being an internet webshow it has the freedom to do whatever it wants no matter how controversial it might be because of the lack of meddling TV producers what with being, well, a webshow. And yet the most recent episodes we have very safe and annoying cliche tropes that I would usually expect in some sort of mediocre cartoon for children on TV. 
But I can only sigh in defeat as it does nothing out of the ordinary despite its unique platform and just hope it improves later on and all the issues I've had with it would dwindle eventually. However the biggest ongoing problem I have with RWBY is Weiss. She is no doubt my favourite character and still is, if only because I don't really like any other character more than her so far, so it seems no matter how strange I find Weiss being she's still better than everyone else. After season one ended, my expectation of Weiss' character was sort of like a female Vegeta. It is an animesque show so I thought expecting animesque writing would be reasonable, but unlike Vegeta who took many years to go from a murdering psychopath to a proud family man, Weiss seems to have drank some bad water between seasons one and two and is now as goofy and dorky as can be in season two. 
What the hell happened?
An ongoing theme with the characters in RWBY is that a majority, if not all of them are massive dorks. This seems to represent a lot of the people writing the characters. I don't mind dorky characters, but if EVERYONE is a goofy dork no one is unique and it begins feeling very tiresome. This is why when Blake joined along with Ruby and Yang in parading around their room annoying Weiss after moving in, I was extremely surprised. I really expected Blake to be a serious character who had no time for such goofy nonsense, but at least Weiss' exasperation towards their behaviour gave a sense of fresh air. However by season two it seems their roles have reversed, with Blake being the serious one and Weiss having taken up the teambuilding silly mantle. Obviously one can always explain Weiss having gone from the bitchy lady screaming at Ruby for bumping into her luggage to someone standing on a chair calling out Blake for hiding her problems to be character development, but where is this said character development?
Aside from episode ten where Port gave her a rousing speech, every time Weiss acts far less confrontational it's more like this is what Weiss truly is rather than she became less confrontational. So rather, the oddity is why Weiss acted like how she did in the beginning at all. It was so refreshing to see someone with such a soft gentle-looking design actually be a ticking time bomb, but if that ticking time bomb is a facade over her true personality which no doubt is also a facade for something else considering her trailer, then who the hell is Weiss? As every episode goes on she feels less and less unique to me and more like every other character with their silly goofy behaviour. This is sort of the opposite of Yang who I expected to be very goofy and silly, but she seems more down to earth and even discouraged Weiss from puns after the episode four fight. Yang for some reason was extremely serious at the end of the fight, but why? She has no personal investment to the conflict like Blake does, and is the one who calms down Blake from going overboard about this issue entirely. In fact she said something equally as silly after the season one episode eight fight, so why the fuck is Yang acting like this too? Is she the only one allowed to make goofy quips at the end of major fights or something?
The inconsistency truly baffles me.
I almost think Weiss' behaviour is a direct response to some people disliking Weiss initially and they wanted to tone her down. Except they sort of went way overboard and now both Yang and Weiss, not being quite that extreme of a character as I expected instead mesh with the rest of the characters and now they all feel far less interesting than they could have been. The ideas that radiated around the fandom throughout all of this including the long hiatus gave them better character than the show has so far, which has also decided to devote seven episodes to fleshing out a side-character, so my expectations really can't be that high anymore. It's sort of a shame how fandom builds up expectations but the show itself falls flat so very severely. 
As an example of Yang feeling inconsistent, she remarks earlier about how she's going to "turn heads" at the dance, and then shows up at the dance in a very conservative plain white dress that looks similar to Weiss'. She then dances with Blake for about a second then is shown observing the dance for the rest of it, so where the hell is that turning head part? She is not in anyway unique or flashy in the dance at all and again meshes with everyone else who all have very similar styles of dress as well. RWBY does a lot of telling but very little showing. The showing often contradicts with the telling as well, like how the creator mentioned that the world of Remnant is not prejudicial to say, the LGBT community but during the dance every guy was hooked up with a girl. If a world is super accepting of this issue then wouldn't people in that minority be very open about their orientation? The only other possible explanation is that they are an extreme minority like sadly a lot of ignorant people seem to think and so they had no representation at a dance. I also hardly think there wouldn't be prejudice considering the continuing issue of hating the faunus which is a very obvious analogy to racial problems in reality.
Another example of telling contradicting showing is Ozpin's speech in episode eight, where he talks about accepting and diversity and we see the crowds of the four schools that have gathered for the tournament, and very little if at all faunus are among the crowd. Either hiding one's faunus heritage like Blake does is super common and Velvet's super duper brave, or they aren't there at all. This doesn't even touch the skin colour issue. Obviously making huge crowds takes a long time and a lot of copy pasting is involved, considering a Ruby clone and many Jaune clones are in the crowds, but if you're going to say something and then not even give an example of it during that very speech, there's something seriously wrong with the directing. Whoever is responsible for the crowd scenes must communicate more with the writers and realize there is something seriously amiss with the scenes not matching the writing.
But y'know as stereotypical and cliche Totally Spies is, it does some things right. One of the episodes highly regarded as the best in season four of My Little Pony for instance, is Pinkie Pride. Now I do like my fair share of proud characters. Miko is probably one of the most prideful characters I've ever liked and I expected Weiss to have more dignity but she doesn't, so. But to me Pinkie is not an especially prideful character. An episode regarding pride feels more like a Rainbow Dash or even Rarity-type of episode to me instead. Pinkie feels like someone who would always go with the flow so long as it's fun and when Cheese Sandwich showed up probably would've loved him and joined along with him as opposed to feeling jealous and attacked by his presence. That is probably my biggest problem with the episode and why I do not regard it as one of the best unlike so many others. Sure it has a highly acclaimed guest star in Weird Al and has a wondrous amount of tunes, but because of that fact I simply couldn't enjoy the episode as most did.
Totally Spies on the other hand also had a similar episode, Alex Quits, where Alex well, quits because a super cool better-person came and made her feel like she was replaced. This time the issue isn't because of pride, but because Alex's character involves having low self-esteem. She is of the three most often bullied or considered the most uncool, and later on it is established despite her prowess in athletics, a rather clumsy person. So when she screws up and someone else appears much more capable, she quits. Now an episode similar like that for Pinkie Pride may have been more fitting. Pinkie, as evidenced from say, Party of One, goes ballistic when it feels like she is unneeded. She does seem like, despite her initial appearance, someone who is very fragile in terms of self-esteem. Instead of pride, the episode could've been something often only showcased with someone like Fluttershy (but her's is so damn obvious and in-your-face about Fluttershy's esteem issues) and would've fit Pinkie more than the pride thing. The ending was good though, in that she realizes her pride-that-came-out-of-nowhere was not fun at all and goes against everything she stands for, so she decides to leave Ponyville because she feels unneeded. 
The episode could have also been about attention because Pinkie is a major attention whore, but pride seemed like the least fitting theme. Despite the issues this episode was one of, if not the best, key-discovering episodes, so whatever. (That speaks more for how much I disliked the key episodes more than anything though) 
Anyway seeing as I am marathoning Totally Spies I guess it makes sense to actually talk about it instead of just using examples to explain other show's problems. Clover may have been my favourite when I first watched the show, but while watching through it again now Alex is my favourite. Hell, I subconsciously watched most of the Alex episodes first and when I started going through the episodes in order I was sort of bored because I watched all the "good episodes" already and then suddenly realized a majority of the good episodes were Alex episodes, ha. The whole boy-crazy thing doesn't bother me as much as it could have so long as the boy in question is a quirky character who enhances the comedic value of the episode as opposed to like, this David guy who showed up for several episodes in season two (or three? I forget) and was pretty much bland and picture-perfect and the girls were all fighting over him. That was annoying. 
Another semi-annoying thing is Alex's voice, her new voice in particular. It isn't too bad and is fitting, to be honest, but she ends up with the highest voice and in the later seasons with everyone getting more screechy, her high voice is obviously the worst. I sort of miss Alex's first voice which was more unique and sort of charming, but her new voice is actually dub Sailor Mars which is somewhat amusing. Also Mandy's voice actress (who also happens to be Sam's) is Princess Morbucks from Powerpuff Girls. They have the EXACT same voice but I never realized this until it was pointed out. Mandy sounds EXACTLY the same as Princess Morbucks what the fuck. It feels so weird that I never realized this on my own. 
But I think the biggest reason I watch the show is the female friendship. Ah how I love female friendships. It's why I got into RWBY, aside from the obvious Weiss. I was sort of expecting some goddamn girl friendships, but instead of being friends and hanging together at the dance like most girls would including when I hung out with MY friends at MY high school dances, they were all separate people who felt like they hung around with each other only for business and not friendship. It is such a shame that Sam and Cat, a very strong awesome female friendship, was a show ended on a real-life broken friendship. EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND GIRLS AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP! GIRLS AND FRIENDSHIP HOORAY
It's probably why I watch so many damn cartoons and shows for kids. There isn't much girl friendship in adult shows, where there's more romance and dark themes like...murder and drugs and sexual issues and blah. Ah well.
In fact, here is an example. I have numerous NUMEROUS pictures plastered all over my wall of various fandoms. In almost all the fandoms there is at least one picture of two characters or more hugging or being friendly with one another. Koishi jumping into her sister Satori's arms. Yuuna wrapping her arms around Ako. Pinkie and Fluttershy hugging and thanking one another like a greeting card. Miko and Byakuren, a duo I love for their love-hate (mostly hate) relationship, are leaning on one another, one asleep. Murasa and Nue holding both hands together in a colourful watercolour picture. Sayo clinging onto Kazumi's shoulders in shyness. Mokou embracing Keine with the most heartwarming smiles ever. Hell even the boys, there's Rei and Max feeding one another (this is much more yaoi than friendship lol) and a kid Korea giving a kid HK a peck on the cheek. Guess what the RWBY pictures are? Just pretty pictures of the four girls posing. THAT'S IT.
Yes there are numerous numerous NUMEROUS fanarts of friendship between the RWBY girls, but the ones I chose to plaster on my walls wasn't of that because it hadn't been showcased very often in show and and most high quality fanart tends to be of stuff off the show. There are a few fanarts of friendship among then I may put on the wall instead, just so my room would have some sort of complete theming (aside from the GTA V Achievement Hunter poster that implies they want to kill each other of course) but I don't feel like plastering RWBY on my walls anymore because of how disappointed I am in the show. (Even if I still want a goddamn Weiss plushie. That expression is perfect! D: ) 
Also I sort of want Ibuki on my wall but she'd probably either be alone or with her entire class. I'm still unsure/mad/annoyed/glad that <SPOILER REDACTED> so Ibuki can't really be with anyone. Oh well, she will forever (at least until something else comes around) adorn my phone's lock and home screens. (Mokou and Keine still claim my desktop/laptop wallpapers however) Ibuki is the best, least disappointing character I have ever liked, but sadly the flaws lie in other places such as <SPOILER REDACTED> and <SPOILER REDACTED>. Goddamnit Ibuki.
Maybe after I'm done with this marathon I'll check if any Totally Spies fandom still exists, especially since the sixth season aired last year. Then again I'll probably run into weird porn and strange fetishes instead. This show seems to attract these types of people. IT'S POKEMON X&Y HEX MANIAC SYNDROME ALL OVER AGAIN! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU, HEX MANIAC!?!? 
This has been Spotto, please don't look up Hex Maniac fanart.
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Whilst sleep deprived and wracked with indigestion, thoughts began swirling in my head. 
I just realized the innate problems of including a minority character in media, in particular someone who may be LGBT. See more often than not, said character who is about to discover oneself runs into a plethora of problems, of bullying, of conflict, of "religious injustice" but depicting the drama of such issues in media while is a good way to spread awareness to those who do not experience such things, is not what most I believe, people who are actually gay or what have you even want to watch.
For a lot of people or at least me, media and storytelling is a place of fantasy. A place where things that are not true, are true. We see it as an escape from reality. Unless it's some sort of terrible satire about the realistic bastardization that is life, usually fiction is more idealistic than our side of the universe. So I would think and I DO think as I am one, watching a show where say two characters of the same sex who end up as a couple and run into ZERO PROBLEMS regarding their partner of choice would be most desired. That is what we want after all. A fantasy where who we are is not questioned and is the norm! But almost every single time this comes up in media it must involve some sort of internalized issue with society because even in fictionland there are the intolerable bastards that we try to avoid every single day in real life!
In other words in mainstream media, a story about a gay guy coming out is really intended for straight audiences. Because a homosexual is exotic and different and a movie or book can be used to illustrate their rough walks of life to those who never have to walk in their shoes. ("But Spotto! Minor character 1 and minor character 2 are a gay couple in that one show! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!?" Well, that is still for a straight audience because they're minor/side characters! Everybody has that gay friend or whatever, but god forbid YOU YOURSELF differentiate from the norm!) Why am I thinking about this? Well today is a new RWBY episode, presumably about a prom or ball or dance taking place in fantasy high school that is so generic that it has proms and balls like high schools of reality. I hate high school! I don't want to watch this shit! And now our female protagonists are presumably straight or possibly bi (but people are never bi in media, so unless they outright say this it's safe to say they're straight) asking guys out for dates. No, not Team JNPR who each have a partner of the opposite gender and such explorations of their potential relationships would actually be interesting, the main four girls.
Since they are all girls, we need some other dudes outside of the school to work with, otherwise we have teachers and taken guys. So let's introduce a whole team of dudes who don't get developed much except for that leader who showed up in season one and then suddenly pair them with the girls because THERE IS A PROM!!!! OH MY GOD! Since RWBY is such a hotspot for gay ships (what media form isn't? seriously what isn't!?) there is a sizable LGBT minority that wish to see some actually become canon. The issue is it isn't our story, so if we see absolutely zero gay ships welp, we'll just have to deal. We'll just have to deal like with every single thing we've ever watched or read. Or anything. However, the creator of RWBY has actually ended one of this animations with a yuri ship and has addressed the community's desire in an interview.
But he mentions how it'll take a long time to come to fruition because a character needs to discover themselves and realize they might be gay or they don't like being the gender they were assigned or something. Either this implies Ruby, the youngest character in the series, is going to be gay, or they're going to take their time and go through the whole annoying issue of intolerance and hatred that comes from the outside before said character will accept themselves. In other words it's another LGBT character written for a straight audience! (Obviously no writer is doing this consciously or intentionally, but we all like to write for ourselves and think of what we ourselves would enjoy, so not having a same-sex relationship in the forefront of a story is not an issue to a lot of people) RWBY is already a fantasy, but I suppose with the despicable treatment of faunus we can't expect people to be chill about liking someone of the same gender either. 
So today's episode likely has Weiss in the middle of this stupid horrible love chain where Pyrrha (the coolest girl in the whole school, why does she BEGIN this triangle!? ALL THE BOYS AND EVEN SOME GIRLS SHOULD BE ASKING HER!) likes Jaune for some reason (WHY? I don't know! If the guy wasn't so oblivious and was more like a lovable goof, sure why not, but this dude is obscenely annoying and thickheaded!) who likes Weiss of all people (in what world does Jaune and Weiss seem compatible? Weiss is coldhearted and generally hates people it seems, and you want HER!? How about someone more fitting to your personality, Jaune? HOW ABOUT SOMEONE WHO HASN'T TURNED YOU DOWN MULTIPLE TIMES!?) and Weiss likes Neptune, a guy we just met this season and know nothing about aside from being a K-Pop star and being generally dorky like literally every other boy in this show. You barely know him. You took like ten episodes to be friends with Ruby. WHAT. IS. THIS. MADNESS!? Finally Neptune supposedly likes Yang...despite hitting on every girl he saw, including Weiss, but apparently will pick Yang. Now unless Yang adds more to this horrible dramafest of a goddamn cliche high school trope, it ends here. 
Of course this is the same Yang who has mentioned the hot boys in her dorm in season one episode three, encouraged Jaune in season one episode four, season two episode three, and season two episode five to keep trying for Weiss, and doesn't seem to express her no-nonsense independent attitude nearly as often as she appeared to in the trailer, so I'm not entirely sure at all what to expect from Yang Xiao Long. How do you predict her? She has little development so far and also little consistency. I do want to like her. She's technically my second favourite, but like 90% of that is due to fandom. GODDAMNIT YANG. DO SOMETHING. And please not a romance thing. Gah. SHE DID SOMETHING! AND IT WAS EPIC! REJOICE!!! YANG XIAO LONG FOR PRESIDENT!
You can see my distress here.
Usually my compromise is no romance at all. My favourite characters in Negima were all uninvolved with the harem. (Aside from one, but she was sane/naive enough to fall for an older version of the protagonist, so while tragic at least she isn't crushing on a goddamn ten-year-old boy) Romance is entirely absent from Touhou and while rampant in fandom, due to the female population dangerously reaching 100% levels, it's all delicious, delicious yuri. And finally my last example is complete and utter spoilers, but I give up on keeping it tight-lipped. Most of you will never play Dangan Ronpa, and even if you do this one tidbit isn't going to ruin the story or anything, just a few characters if you're that testy with spoilers (which I MYSELF AM, but I give up) SO LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU WISH TO BE UNSPOILED.
Sure I can fantasize about AUs all I want for any of that to work, but that's fandom stuff. That's why there's a ridiculous amount of shipping and gay fanfiction and all that crap because where else can we find a nice domestic story about two guys or two girls together struggling to make ends meet or something like that, without having stupid prejudice issues the real world already has constantly butting in? In fanfiction my favourite character will not be called a slur or punched in the face or looked down upon for their sexual orientation. In fanfiction my favourite character will not spend eight hundred chapters figuring out why they don't care for the opposite gender. IN FANFICTION ALL OF IT IS THE NORM AND NONE OF THAT EXISTS.
This has been Spotto. Fuck proms, fuck canon, fuck high school.


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