Apr. 16th, 2016

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Season six has started off so strongly! I'd rate it something like...
The Crystalling 3/10
Gift of Maud Pie 9/10
On Your Marks 3/10
Gauntlet of Fire 2/10


by this pattern episode six should be good
i mean I hope it will be, geez

Has there been a season that started off as poorly as this one? Hmmmm...nope. I remember enjoying season one's first few episodes more than this. I guess Gift of Maud Pie is keeping everything afloat right now, but I hope this isn't a pattern where my opinion of the episodes being hit and miss begin losing sight of its target entirely. Nothing will come close to the season two's first five episodes of amazingness. The introduction of Discord, a character and expansion of the lore I actually liked, plus he was amusing and entertaining and Q! Lesson Zero AKA Twilight goes batshit insane so we can write out the need for her to be the only one to send letters, which stopped happening altogether eventually anyway. Luna Eclipsed, dealing with an ensemble darkhorse who was only introduced in one episode and doing it well without screwing up or pissing off fans and their headcanons? Making her actually endearing/awkward and interesting? Having one of the funniest scenes in the entire series? Awesome. Sisterhooves Social, Sweetie Belle's first episode and a glimpse into a sibling relationship far more relatable than most, and a twist that I honestly never saw coming. I should have, but I totally didn't. I wish to return to my more naive ways where I couldn't predict and call out what would happen next. Season three's first five episodes had amazing music if nothing else, but I also loved Magic Duel. Season four's first five were alright, with Castle Mane-ia being fairly amusing and Flight to the Finish a strong entry in Scootaloo episodes. Season five had a decent premiere and though the episodes leading up to five were fairly mediocre, Tanks for the Memories was at least a memorable episode.

Season six? A baby, RARIPIE INTERACTION OMFG + bonus Maud, a boring AB episode that isn't any more interesting than the previous DO ANYTHING WE CAN TO FIND A CUTIE MARk episode, and the sequel to Dragon Quest everyone had been asking for.

Well, no not really. I didn't like Dragon Quest. If I wanted to know more about dragons, I didn't want to be force-fed bullying dudebro frat boy stereotypes. We return to this concept and again aside from the Lord all we see are the fucking teenage dragons. WHY? THEY ARE NOT INTERESTING WHATSOEVER. What about the DRAGON dragons that had been so threatening through season one, that had been seen lazing around not involved in the episode in Dragon Quest? WHY NOT THEM? Of all the one-off characters I had been wanting or expecting to see come back, Garble isn't even on the bottom of this list. He's not  even on the list! He's a forgettable bully stereotype with no real impact on he story. His only job then and now was to be the easy antagonist because haha he's a jerk all the schadenfreude to him. 

And then we get...the dragon lord's daughter.

Oh, slap me for even bothering with this episode. She was so predictable. She was basically the inferior dragon version of  Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. She was also stereotypically tsundere...and just, blah. About the only thing I liked about her was her design in the armour. There was a point someone brought up I found very valid in how the cultures outside of ponies are portrayed. Almost universally, they're all barbarians, miserable, or miserable barbarians. It's like if we ever venture out of Ponyville into a land of another race, our main characters are friendship missionaries saving those too unfortunate to realize the greatness of friendship. The fact that the dialogue didn't really go any deeper than "Dragons don't do friendship" was such a lazy way of showing how much they don't care for it. It should be SHOWN that they aren't much for companionship, not directly addressed as if it were some sort of foreign concept they've never heard of. The way it was done in this episode was written so very poorly. And apparently people say this is one of Spike's best episodes.

Well, I guess they're right because Spike himself was not the problem of the episode. He was fine. Rarity and Twilight however didn't really contribute much besides demonstrating to the dragons that they're friends. On the other hand the plot of this episode was largely Ember's plot of her proving herself to her dad, so it's not as if Spike was even the focus in the first place. The best Spike episodes imo are the ones where he screws up, learns from it, but get this, SAVES THE DAY in the end ala Secret of My Excess or Equestria Games. I can see why some Spike episodes are unpopular because it's usually "Spike screws up and is taught a lesson" and he usually loses some form of dignity over it, but the ones where he saves the day actually rewards him for what he learns, too. That way the Spike episodes aren't just an embarrassing conga line of suckitude. Spike sucks. This is how much he sucks. Behold his suckiness, and how he now realizes he sucks. He has now learned something .The end. Those are the episodes people do not care about.

But yeah anyway Season Six has started off very poorly. I'm a little annoyed we've gone three episodes without seeing some of the Mane Six. They are the main characters, correct? Have they run out of ideas where the story is contained between just the few of them? I mean, I watch this show FOR Main Six interaction, so seeing so little of it lately is disappointing.

At least I got the RariPie interaction I always wanted... only took six seasons huh? We get to see Garble twice but Pinkie and Fluttershy haven't had any meaningful interaction in the series that isn't negative...ah well.

Just another whiny day for me. P:


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