Apr. 21st, 2016

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 "What are you gonna do, erase the PinkieShy rant so you can write a PinkieShy rant?"
Evidently that is exactly what I am doing. Hello readers. If that quote did not reveal what had been written here before, I'll just flat-out tell you here! Yes indeedy, I am typing up a PinkieShy rant on-top of the one I started some weeks ago and never finished. Because I am THAT bitter about them that instead of finishing the rant from before, I'll just write a whole new one hopefully including some points from beforehand, should I remember, BECAUSE I AM THAT MOTHERFUCKING SALTY. 
I mean gosh, if that hasn't been obvious considering the NUMEROUS RANTS I'VE HAD ON FILLI VANILLI ON THIS BLOG ALREADY. Like, I have ranted on that over and over again, repeating points, bringing up new points, and forever puking out my displeasure of that ONE. SINGLE. EPISODE.
How. Why.
I guess the gist of it all is...PinkieShy is the ship I've always wanted. It's the ship I've always dreamed of. They have literally all of the aesthetics, personality, and interaction that I could possibly want in a ship, and that's what they are. 
...except they aren't. 
Now you're probably wondering what the flying fuck I'm talking about. You see Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are my two favourite ponies. They are best ponies, so-to-speak. Well occasionally Rarity usurps Fluttershy, but y'know that's usually regarding the quality of Rarity episodes to Fluttershy episodes. I don't tend to like Fluttershy episodes while I tend to like almost every Rarity one... it's just a thing because Rarity is written so-very-well so often. But anyway, while they are my two favourite ponies individually, the two of them talking, or being friends or whatever together, is like a pony dream I've always had. And it's that very fact that all of this is so sad, that I have to dream two main characters in a show about friendship, having some sort of friendship. You think entering season six we would have some of this so-called friendship the show claims to have that is part of a giant mind-bending rainbow beam of death that torments the likes of villainy everywhere. Now obviously they are not the only two who have been neglected by the show that would rather waste its time introducing brand new characters our infallible mane six have to convert to the religion of friendship and save them from their misguided ways. I thought Rarity in particular wasn't given much screen-time among many others aside from really just Applejack. She's had an episode with Fluttershy (which was really fucking good, mind you) and since Twilight has been the audience-surrogate for a while there was bound to be some Rarity-Twilight moments, though no episode off the top-of-my-head that focused on the two of them in particular. However recently we had some marvelous episodes like Rarity Investigates and The Gift of Maud Pie, that delve into Rarity with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, a dynamic we've seen rather little of unfortunately.
That leaves us with very few duos left. I'm wracking my brain for them, since I want to believe my views on Pinkie and Fluttershy having little screen-time together is justified beyond just "THEY'RE MY TWO FAVOURITES DURR" so I thought of such duos like...like... 
Let me go through them all just to make sure I've not been missing anyone. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie's friendship were featured first in Griffon the  Brush Off. Rainbow then gets an episode with Applejack showcasing their rivalry in Fall Weather Friends. She has a small amount of interaction with Rarity in Sonic Rainboom, but most of it comes from Rarity Investigates. The best Rainbow and Twilight episode in my opinion is Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three, and Rainbow and Fluttershy have had countless interactions together for whatever reason. They're both pegasi? They're childhood friends? Regardless Hurricane Fluttershy which is a grand-as-fuck entry in the MLP series is a wondrous illustration of their developing friendship. So that's Rainbow done with, since she's the easiest being shipped with absolutely everyone and every single one of those ships having a sizable following.
Twilight, second easiest can be pinpointed as well, aside from Rainbow she's had several episodes with Pinkie Pie, the controversial Feeling Pinkie Keen as well as It's About Time. She's had A Bird in the Hoof and that really boring Hooffields and the McColts episode with Fluttershy. The closest thing I can think of is Applebuck Season for AJ, but the two of them have appeared in the most episodes in the series of them all, so they're usually interlapping as strong supporting characters in one another's episodes. I can't think of anything for Twilight and Rarity in particular unless it's a Spike episode or something.
So there's one and maybe two, Twilight with AJ or Rarity.
Then there's AJ and Rarity, who have featured in many episodes with one another. Rarity's got the aforementioned Gift of Maud Pie for Pinkie and Green Isn't Your Colour for Fluttershy, where AJ has Bats! with Fluttershy and the greatest episode in the entire series, Pinkie Apple Pie, with quite obviously Pinkie.
So we are left with Pinkie...and Fluttershy. I'm gonna suggest the unfairness further, by any of Twilight's neglected relationships being not quite neglected, since she was the main star for all of season one. Pinkie and Fluttershy are never top-billing. They do not cause or solve the problems in those big giant two-parters. They are merely there to be support for Twilight. The closest these two have had an episode with one another are... Putting Your Hoof Down and Filli Vanilli.
Ah yes, Putting Your Hoof Down, where Fluttershy insulted Pinkie's very reason for being (and Rarity), called her an idiot, and made her run away crying. Ah yes, Filli Vanilli, where Pinkie terrorized Fluttershy and amplified her phobia tenfold, driving her to tears through her reckless insensitivity masked as good intentions. YES, THESE TWO EPISODES. I AM QUITE PLEASED BY THESE TWO EPISODES AS YOU CAN SEE, WITH THEIR WONDROUS POSITIVE INTERACTIONS WHERE THEY ARE THE BEST OF FRIENDS, THE GREATEST OF ROLE MODELS TO ALL THE CHILDREN WHO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO ACT AMONGST THEIR PEERS.
Listen. It's very obvious why I am salty. It's very obvious. It's giant letters in your face, in black bold font, of a highly simplified and readable typeface like Helvetica or whatever. I DO NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN IT ANY FURTHER.
Now see, the difference between Filli Vanilli and Putting Your Hoof Down, is that I only rant incessantly about the former. The latter, as poorly-written as the episode was (Suddenly everyone in Ponyville is a jerk, and two characters our little children girls are looking up to as guidance are manipulating and conning other ponies in an example of "assertiveness" for some reason) that Fluttershy's explosive tirade was immediately given a negative light and taken very seriously. Fluttershy becomes withdrawn, almost a hermit in her deep shame and guilt for what she had done. Pinkie Pie and Rarity meanwhile seem to instantly forgive her (pacing-wise at least, in a matter of two seconds apparently a lot of time had passed, but we are never given any scenes with the two to see them dwelling over their conflict with Fluttershy) as if they were good enough friends to not let such a momentously vicious and toxic fight ruin their friendship.
In Filli Vanilli, Pinkie's antics are funny. And she never apologizes. And no one takes it seriously. And when the show makes me, whose favourite character BAR-NONE is PINKAMENA DIANE PIE, want to MIDDLE-FINGER AND SWEAR at my OWN FAVOURITE CHARACTER, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG.
I truly will never understand why some of the most adorable, innocent little ponies like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, would if you put them in a room together, would probably have a rather unhealthy friendship from all evidence you can pluck from canon in a series called Friendship is Magic. They are friends because the Mane Six are friends. They are friends by virtue of, if they weren't, Equestria would be doomed. They're like mutual friends. "But Spotto!" You ask. "There was that time in It's About Time (hurr) where Fluttershy was helping Pinkie Pie carry party supplies!" Yes, my imaginary child reader named Billy, you are correct! Except it was Fluttershy helping Pinkie Pie carry ALL of the party supplies, and Pinkie Pie seemingly not aware that Fluttershy should not be doing all of the work. Or "Spotto! How about that moment when Fluttershy gave Pinkie a butterfly massage-therapy thing!" And I agree! That is a great scene denoting their wondrous friendship. That very singular one scene of the entire series, that took place in the span of a minute.
I mean obviously there must be a reason I started to like this ship. It's as if I just wrote a manifesto of why PinkieShy sucks and would never work. That is untrue! They are my OTP after all. These points just highlight how very frustrated their "friendship" is, because the kind of friendship I like seeing the most is a happy positive character helping out a shy withdrawn character. All MLP has taught me is that if you're too extroverted you'll tire out an introvert, and if you're too introverted you'll bore an extrovert. Such friendship is IMPOSSIBLE. Do not attempt.
Season one was the beginning of hope, hope that never developed into anything, that was retconned into oblivion, but hope it did provide. You see, in an episode called "Griffon Your Brush-Off" it was established that Pinkie Pie understood Fluttershy's sensitivity and thus, respected it. She did not want to prank her because she knew it would hurt Fluttershy's feelings. That was the beginning of that hope, that yes, this extroverted character who can be too loud at times and do things without thinking so many other times, can still stop and for once, take into account the difference of another character. A pony who is shy, withdrawn, who does not enjoy what Pinkie enjoys. She respects that. When Gilda comes in and makes Fluttershy cry, Pinkie becomes incensed. She is determined to right what was wrong, that no one should bully and intimidate her friend like that. Pinkie Pie was not only understanding, but protective.
Of course in that very same episode, we had the Fluttershy "I'm a year older-than-you" comment. There were still small things that Pinkie did that crossed the line and annoyed Fluttershy, which is in-line with Pinkie's flaws, but the BIG ONE was there and the BIG ONE mattered. That making Fluttershy cry was no joking matter. Later on, in Dragonshy while everyone else was impatient and demanding of Fluttershy to get over her fears, that she was holding everypony back, Pinkie Pie once again takes the time to understand and sings her a song. She isn't negative and demeaning like Rainbow Dash, she is positive and supportive, trying to give Fluttershy a boost with her encouraging song. The best part is that it works. Fluttershy is no longer scared. She smiles. She accepts Pinkie's help. It's a lovely and wonderful scene. 
Finally we have the scene that probably cemented this ship for many of the shippers and that was Fluttershy out-of-nowhere, downright glomping Pinkie Pie in Over A Barrel. Before this happened, Fluttershy was the most concerned of them all that Pinkie had gone missing as well after the train-scene where the buffalo stole Bloomberg. Everyone else was concerned for Spike, who was in the carriage that was taken away, but Fluttershy for whatever reason was especially concerned about Pinkie. This surmounted when they went to rescue Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, and Spike from the buffalo. When Fluttershy sees Pinkie, she dives for her. This is inherently out-of-character for Fluttershy. When has she ever expressed herself in such an outwardly way? Pinkie Pie glomping Fluttershy is what we expect, yet it is Fluttershy who tackle-hugs Pinkie.
If we take all these scenes into consideration, we can perhaps assume that maybe over time Fluttershy has learned to appreciate that while Pinkie is so very different from her, she still understands and respects her for who she is and for that, Fluttershy is grateful. Fluttershy is glad she has such an empathetic and kind friend like Pinkie, who allows her to remain in her boundaries. It is this potential, this type of friendship I was looking so forward to. As I relate to both Pinkie and Fluttershy deeply, a friendship that worked so well among such starkly different ponies was heartwarming simply to think about.
...and then the writers promptly forgot about season one.
After those scenes? We had Putting Your Hoof Down. But that's okay. Fluttershy tore Pinkie apart, but that's okay. It's okay because they forgave her, and remained best friends. We had that scene in Too Many Pinkie Pies with the butterflies, which is nice. I'm annoyed it took so long for a small scene to display their friendship that wasn't really related to the plot, but whatever. Then. Then we had Filli Vanilli. 
Filli Vanilli, that took Griffon-Your-Brush-Off, chewed it up, and spit the incomprehensible wad into the depths of the ocean, never to be seen again. Once again, let me reiterate. The BIG ONE was what mattered. Pinkie knew making Fluttershy cry was no joking matter. Yet in this entire episode, all of her jokes were making Fluttershy cry...making her run away, have a nervous breakdown, basically an emotional assault of the most obscene manner, and that entire thing was written because it was meant to be comedy. That whole idea that was implied from those season one episodes, that even though Pinkie could be annoying and obnoxious, she still had the heart to see and realize Fluttershy's boundaries. They were shattered. They were disintegrated, as if that very idea never existed at all. As if Pinkie had been replaced by one of her Mirror Clones, as if this whole friendship I assumed, wanted, had evidence that they had, was never like that at all! 
And now that many duos within the Mane Six have been visited in some way, I'm still eagerly awaiting that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy episode. Maybe it'll be a mundane episode that never brings up these worryingly problematic portions of their friendship, and assumes they've been the best of friends this whole time. Maybe it does bring it up, and it ends up being a friendship lesson for the one or two of them. Maybe it'll never happen at all, just like that Sayo backstory I assumed would happen in Negima. That backstory, that singular chapter, that day in the limelight most other characters had, but Sayo's was foreshadowed, as there were ideas and notes scribbled upon around the mangaka's concept art. That pactio that every character was supposed to get that would expand on Sayo that had been teased in a previous chapter, and that she'd be something more than a cute ghost and Asakura's sidekick. THE CHAPTER THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LEGITIMATE REASON TO EXPLORE SOME MORE KAZUMI AND SAYO THAT NEVER. FUCKING. HAPPENED.
It is here again. I am waiting again. An episode that may or may not come, that seems obvious they SHOULD focus on, that seems obvious they'd have an episode on before the series ends. That the series is SO VERY LONG OVERDUE ON, just like what I waited for before and never came.
If MLP ends without the Pinkie and Fluttershy episode, I cannot feasibly predict my levels of salt. I can assure you it'd be beyond any levels you've seen before, and all those Filli Vanilli rants would be nothing in comparison.
And so I wait.
And so I hope.


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