Apr. 26th, 2016

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In the RWBY fandom I operate on spite. Sheer spite. My favourite fan-artist just left the fandom. (I'm not entirely sure if it's for 100% sure but for now I'll take it as for sure, as that is what they have said). A lot of their art was part of the driving force for some of my writing because the show itself sure as fuck isn't good enough to do anything close to inspiration. My favourite character was often controversial and though does not hit the hot button as much as before I attribute that to the poor writing doing very little to amp her the best rounded parts of her personality anyway, seeing as it's inconsistent and paced poorly at best. My favourite ship is pelted with ship wars back and forth because it isn't the conventional "main pairs" that had been decided since episode fucking five of season fucking one.

This show is terrible and most fandom people I follow in it are moving on. I don't give one shit about "RWBY CHIBI" (and Chibi RWBY sounds better. They couldn't even do THAT right) or the fact that they're allowing content to be seen by sponsors one week early. It's bad enough trying to avoid spoilers for a day. I could not go on the sites for a day, I suppose. How am I supposed to actively take part in the fandom if half of them are drawing and writing for the newest episode and the rest have to wait a whole fucking week later? I can only participate if I pay them money? WHEN I HATE THIS SHOW ALREADY? THE INCENTIVE ISN'T EVEN THERE. And sure sponsorship doesn't even cost that much, but even if I was the richest motherfucker in the world damn universe I would not give them a single penny for the quality they put on screen. That's how much spite I feel.

I'm not even excited for the music that I once loved. I only liked one track in volume two (and one song had such aggravating lyrics I refused to take one step towards even downloading it, no less buying it like I did volume one) and even though there's a Weiss song apparently, I'm not even excited! Maybe that's because her backstory is an utter disappointment. I have no problem if one of her ways to rebel against her father and take charge of her future is choosing Beacon, but there's little to no detail whatsoever. Why the fuck did she choose Beacon of all places? Is it better than Haven? It's as generic as any other school for combat children! And after season three it turns out to be a god-awful choice anyway because everything goes to shit and now the whole school is abandoned and infested with Grimm and your future to become a huntress is now a complete uncertainty! Wow! Maybe it could be one step towards how she takes charge and defies her father but as is it's just really short and nothing compared to how deep and lengthy both Blake and Yang's backstories seem to be. Maybe they're just withholding information on purpose because information will come out in time, like in Volume 23 in twenty years when they decide to actually develop our characters properly and not scatter tidbits of information in between their shit priorities and their unorganized piece of shit plot they had no real coherent timeline of until they decided to shove a huge plot point they only came up with two seasons in, in season three as if that was a proper way to write a story whatsoever.

It's getting so toxic and salty that the best thing to do is to just get out entirely. Stop watching the show. Stop monitoring the fandom. Give up. Fuck it all. I love Weiss, I really do, but ultimately it feels like she's the only thing I do like anymore. Her entire concept intrigued me so much, and yet...it has all amounted to colossal disappointment, disappointment I'm tired of. I don't even like her in half the episodes anyway. I don't even know what they're trying to do with her. At this point she's just one of them "defrosting ice queen" stereotypes with nothing really unique separating her from any other character given this horrid shitstain of a treatment. Fandom provides 90% of all the potential I had hoped they would give her, but are falling short every single time. It's dumb. It's stupid. Fuck.

At this point the only real reason to stick around is that I invested so many hours and days and weeks of my time on the longest fanfic I've ever written, and for whatever inane idiotic reason I decided it had to be one this show, a show that has got to be the worst show, quality-wise, I have ever invested myself in. Even shows aimed at children as toy commercials do better. They're already transparent about their motives to take money from children, but a lot of the time they have some decent writing! Meanwhile a show whose purpose was apparently to be a cool badass show is trying to desperately bleed sponsorship from every single human-being on the planet and their dog for something that isn't even worth jack. 

The funny thing is nothing notable about RWBY spurred this rant. Oh no. I was going through the pony fandom and got incessantly annoyed. People that consider themselves intelligent "analysts" that over and over again either hate Pinkie's songs or just Pinkie in general. I was getting aggravated because I LIKE these analysts, but the difference of opinion was getting to such a grating point. Perhaps because I identify with her so much, or genuinely enjoy her songs (that AREN'T Smile Smile Smile! HA! MORE UNPOPULAR OPINIONS) or that Pinkie's goal in life just speaks to me so deeply. Even if she made a horrible pun or was written in a lazy, cop-out humour sort of way, the fact that she exists, the fact that she's trying to bring laughter, her ENTIRE EXISTENCE is a heartwarming miracle to me. My favourite episodes tend to be Pinkie episodes, especially one's where she's written well. When she's written well she's damn well best pony. BEST OF ANYONE ELSE, best even when others are at their best. That is the pinnacle of MLP right there, a well-written Pinkie, what the show is supposed to be, WHY I AM HERE WATCHING IN THE FIRST PLACE. I enjoy that Pinkie so much, I continue to watch despite some episodes that I truly dislike that I have to cast aside as a dud, and await the next week, hope next week is better.

And one harmless night I was browsing TVTropes, heading to the YMMV page which I generally agree lists tropes that are truly subjective, and I see something called "The Scrappy" next to Pinkie Pie on an episode called "Green Isn't Your Colour."

Meanwhile, I check the YMMV page for Filli Vanilli. I do not see "The Scrappy" there, I only see "Base Breaker"

So what you're telling me, website listing subjective tropes, that Pinkie Pie being "The Scrappy" a truly annoying, irredeemable character in Green Isn't Your Colour, in my opinion one of the top three best-written episodes in the ENTIRE SERIES, is something most people agree with enough for that to exist, but FILLI VANILLI PINKIE, is merely a BASE-BREAKER, in that some people ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO DEFEND HER BEHAVIOUR?

I have NEVER seen a single person bring up that Pinkie is ANNOYING or IRREDEEMABLE or whatever in GiYC! NEVER! Maybe they might think she is simply there to keep the plot moving in a rather nonsensical manner, but she's Pinkie Pie! And even if that defense isn't valid, and I cannot believe I HAVE TO DEFEND THIS, it's CONSISTENT WITH HER CHARACTER to be touchy with secrets/Pinkie Swears! She's had THREE OTHER EPISODES (Party of One, The Last Roundup, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows) involving that subject! In fact, I love that episode so much because it's the prime example, at least in season one, of writing Pinkie Pie correctly! Where she isn't overbearing and intruding into the plot as an obnoxious distraction to bring comic relief that does nothing to progress the story, but CONTRIBUTES to the story in a way that fits her character and is genuinely entertaining! You can't tell me her FOREVERS coming out of nowhere wasn't the least bit funny! YOU CANNOT! The fact that she showed up in a mirror BLEW PEOPLE'S MINDS! It was near the beginning of the whole "Pinkie breaks physics beyond what we even imagined!" short of thing! It's a significant part of Pinkie, thank you very much!

And then, apparently, there are some people who did not like her. Wow, this is like, even more baffling than people who call "Pinkie Apple Pie" okay, or god forbid "terrible." I even heard someone say the humour became "stale" in that epi--EXCUSE ME!? THE HUMOUR WAS ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE! If one joke didn't make you laugh, another would because the jokes were different, fast-paced, unexpected and timed well! Stale would imply they were doing the same thing, making the same joke, over and over again! The fact that that person did not elaborate whatsoever just shows that they had no real insight in why they considered the humour poor! The fact that I HATED THEIR ATTEMPTS AT HUMOUR might be a big hint as to a reason why. I guess we don't share the same sense of humour, but by god SO MANY people I knew and see on the internet could at least agree if they had little to say of the episode, or if it was just okay, that it was at the very least, FUNNY!

Holy shit.

I don't know. Maybe I've been exposed to too many people with conflicting opinions in too short-a-time-frame. The concentration is ungodly. I am well aware just like literally any other character I like, that Pinkie isn't the popular choice, but my god. It's just difficult to grasp the difference in opinion when it is this great. Most of the time if I disagreed I at least could understand why they'd hold such an opinion. But it feels like lately I just do not agree and have no real way of rectifying that conflict whatsoever. I just see no valid points on the other side at all. It's utterly unfathomable. I am in disbelief.

Just so you know my top well-written episodes are something like Pinkie Apple Pie, Green Isn't Your Colour, and Sleepless in Ponyville. They are in my opinion, FLAWLESS, writing-wise, or as flawless as you're gonna get. Why can't every episode be like these? I could go into more detail but it is late, so I'll justify my choices in another choice. (Flawless-writing-wise doesn't mean another episode can't be better. For instance Sonic Rainboom is a really good episode, but I don't consider it flawless because I find Rarity's behaviour a but too much forced for the plot to work. The fact that her get-up during the competition looks atrocious when Rarity should know better in terms of design, really breaks the sense that this is what the real Rarity would do. I have no doubt she'd be this vain or whatever, but it felt like they made her look like crap just to drive the point further that SHE IS THE ANTAGONIST LOOK AT HER BE THE ANTAGONIST BY BEING UGLY OMGHFHFF!! But that is just one example.) 


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