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1. you could have used any other character to support Fluttershy, literally any other one
I mean I know it makes most sense with her because childhood friends bullshit,  but i'm sick and tired of rainbow dash and fluttershy always hanging out. You got Rarity making time for so many other ponies but Fluttershy still only hangs with fucking Rainbow Dash. I mean really? For fuck's sakes.

2. last episode was boring as fuck, but they also utilized Rarity and AJ again. Do you see what happens when you keep referring to the same fucking pairs? IT GETS BORING. Then again, the season five AJ/Rarity episode was also DULL AS DOORKNOBS so clearly write another one with the absolute weakest premise possible with the lowest stakes. Good god.

3. what was even the point of AJ and Pinkie appearing. There was literally no reason for them to be in this episode. They just said things that did nothing to advance the plot. Nor was Pinkie being comedic or AJ there to be the straight mare. THEY HAD NO PURPOSE. THEY DIDN'T GIVE HER BROTHER A JOB, SO WHY EVEN INCLUDE THEM

4. speaking of zephyr or whatever the fuck his name is... he's so unlikable it's not funny what the hell. What the hell. The INTENTION was to make us sympathize with his plight, but I JUST HE WAS SO ANNOYING HOW DO YOU EVEN TRY. Like you could have given him SOMETHING that was likable but it just kept piling up. His selfishness, his irritating personality, and he even makes Rainbow Dash uncomfortable by constantly flirting with her what the fuck. AND THAT LAST ONE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE REPERCUSSION. MY LITTLE PONY HAS THIS TYPE OF CHARACTER IN THEIR SHOW NOW. ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS

5. so what even is fluttershy's job anyway? Is she paid to take care of animals? Seems odd she'd be the one in this role when she's the character with the least defined career of the six

6. why are her parents also fluttershy. You could have made ONE of them like her but they're both doormats. That's so uncreative I don't even. At least their designs were alright I guess. Look at Rarity's parents, tacky and embarrassing. Look at Pinkie's parents, amish and droll. I mean I guess they're more interesting than Rainbow or Twilight's parents but they're still just...good god man. Or maybe even give Fluttershy a single parent instead of two. At this rate the only one that breaks the norm is Rainbow's dad (with the least creative design possible) but since he only cameo'd a few times and we know nothing about him we can't confirm or deny anything. He may not even be her dad! He could just be a relative! THAT'S HOW LITTLE WE KNOW OF HIM! Surely MLP is bold enough to have single parents or whatever. They already killed off AJ's parents. 

7. Will I ever like a Fluttershy episode again? At this rate the answer is no.

8. That song was so sudden. I was really hoping last episode had a song to spice it up, especially that "GET MY TOOLS" part, but nope.

9. To be fair I'm not rating this episode as worst-tier. If you see my ranking list I at least prefer it over last week's insomnia-cure of an episode, but I dunno. I guess the spoiler of knowing Fluttershy even had a brother wrecked my expectations. I was hoping he'd be like adopted or a twin or maybe Fluttershy was adopted, or a half-sibling or a step-sibling or just something new to the sibling dynamics in MLP but he ended up being... a stereotypical brony. A neckbeard. A slob. There are fans who apparently relate to him in the sense that he has no real ambition thanks to a low sense of esteem and being terrified of failure, but I guess he spent too much of the episode trying to hide those flaws by being as irritating as possible that I can't seem to identify with him at all. Christ.

10. I'm going back to South Park. Next week cannot be as bad as these last two. (I already jinxed it, didn't I?)


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