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Twilight and her B.B.B.F.F. Awwww. By 90Sigma

What a finale.

I can't think of anything bad to say about it, except maybe it would've been nice if the rest of the Mane Six played larger roles. Of course the story wouldn't work if you downplay the significance of the two ponies marrying in the first place, but...

Nonetheless, it was spectacular. I had the privilege of watching with my BBFF, Akira (Best BIFF Friends Forever [yes I know that is ridiculously redundant, since spelled out it's Best Best Internet Friends Forever Friends Forever, but fah!]) and it was a pretty good time. A much better show than when we did that all-nighter watching the community-voted top nine episodes leading up to Hearts and Hooves Day. (We were both half-asleep and I, at least, wasn't that fond of the episode) But I digress, it is time for opinions of this magnificent end to a pretty awesome season!

Let me start by saying Twilight having a large role was refreshing. Season Two really limited her importance in the show and it was beginning to feel like Twilight wasn't the main character anymore, but having her as the lead protagonist for not only the season two opening but for the finale as well definitely reminds you that this purple unicorn is indeed the main character. It's interesting how that dynamic works. If this were a boy's show, someone like Rainbow Dash might be the lead. If the executives were much more pushy about keeping the show in its original target audience, I'd think Pinkie would be the lead just for her coat and mane colour. (If this was a pony version of TTGL, Fluttershy would be the main character and RD would die a tragic but necessary death! Wahhh!) But interestingly, it is the nerd of the group, not the cool one or the pink one or the girly ones like Rarity you'd think would lead a little girl's TV Show, but Twilight. (Sorry AJ, for some reason you're not main-character material) For some reason that reminds me a bit of Sailor Moon where a vast majority loved Sailor Mercury over everyone else because not only is Twilight the main character but she is also the most popular.

The beautiful bride and handsome groom. By Catnipfairy

And of course, since it's an episode revolving around her, she gets a solo! Her very first solo in fact. Now it is only poor Applejack (again) who lacks a proper song associated with her. I loved BBBFF. It's quite catchy but my favourite part in the song was when the others came in with the backup. I do have a bit of a problem with the lyrics. NEVER HAVING A FIGHT WITH YOUR SIBLING IS UNREALISTIC! I would know, having my own older brother who too is living very far away! In fact they did have a fight in these episodes themselves, so there you have it. I do like how the songs in these episodes were very fitting for how long they were and for the episode. A song like Smile Smile Smile, though very good, took up the episode with little importance to the plot at all. (Not that I'm complaining, t'was a great song for Pinkie's character!)

Of course like any in-law-to-be, Twilight is a bit annoyed she wasn't told of the wedding. Some explanation later and all the planning starts happening, with AJ catering, Rarity fashioning (that is totally a word there is no red line under it!), RD training, Fluttershy practising, and Pinkie planning. Cadence (is it Cadance or Cadence? Eh, I prefer the latter) is oddly enough, not being a cooperative you'd think she'd be on her own wedding. Shining Armor (gah, typing armor without the U is weird) sounds like a surfer dude, but otherwise all is not well in the plot! I was incredibly sad that when Twilight accused Cadence of being evil, everyone walked out on her, not believing a word she says. They all gave her the cold shoulder treatment...even Celestia, her teacher. That was pretty intense, I feel. Then Cadence comes out of nowhere and sends her to the depths of a fiery green hell!

I loved the new villain's eyes. What an astounding gradient of green... By vlazesvectors

Well, at least that's what you're meant to believed due to the TO BE CONTINUED part that came right after. I think it's good the two parts were put together; a whole week of unrealistic expectations might have lessened the impact of part two.

Turns out there's a dungeon under the castle and Twilight will be trapped in there forever! Her magic laser beam thing bounces around until it destroys a wall, revealing the real Cadence apparently. (I thought this was the most poorly-written part of the episode, if there were any poorly-written parts at all) Maybe it wasn't the writing that was bad but the direction, but initially I wasn't convinced that was the real Cadence. To me it felt more like Cadence actually didn't have that much power and was incredibly cocky, leading to this scene. Even when she did the whole Sunshine, Sunshine bit it still felt like she was tricking Twilight. The whole scene went by far too fast and when they were hugging the angle in which we saw her face was a huge flag for her to make an evil face like she outsmarted the unicorn. Ah well, I soon forgot about this oddity because

This Day Aria is awesome. I would have questioned why the alicorn-character who just got introduced already got a solo for herself when AJ hasn't, but then it turned out it was also a villain song, a "deceptive cadence" (how clever) and that the song was simply incredible. It also wasn't too long and fit well into transitioning Twi and the princess to the wedding scene. Oh by the way I forgot to mention, LYRA SPOKE...I actually thought she'd be mute forever and I wouldn't complain at all actually. I loved imagining how her voice would sound (and I'm quite a fan of one of her fan voices) but it wasn't a bad voice at all...maybe a bit generic, but eh, what can you do. Then later on here, she ends up brainwashed with Colgate and other pony I don't care about. That was pretty awesome to see. (I all but squee'd when Lyra spoke. I didn't want to explode Akira's eardrums. We were on Skype)

Evil Imposter Cadence is confronted, reverts to her true form, the Changeling Queen with her Swiss Cheese legs! (That was a strange design choice!) I was very much reminded of Starcraft and the Zerg at this point. What was pretty awesome (again, lots of awesome things happened) was Celestia stepping up and actually doing something. I was hoping for a bit more than a beam war though, and the "explosion" that resulted from Celestia losing didn't look all that dramatic enough to me, so I was a bit surprised when I saw her crown flying in the air and her falling on the floor. It really changed my outlook on Celestia now because the way she lost like that made her seem a lot weaker than I thought her to be.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Fight scene extraordinaire!

Of course, the Elements of Harmony must be retrieved if they have any hope of defeating the evil Queen Chrysalis! So our heroes dash off towards those elements, with a little nudging on Rarity and run into an insane army of Changelings. They predictably turn into clones of the Mane Six (I actually think they'd have been more threatening if they didn't change, what with their fanged teeth and divebombing tactics and all) but the fact that MY LITTLE PONY actually had a FIGHT SCENE was incredible in itself. I loved Fluttershy tricking her clones into thinking she was one of them and the Applejack dogpile, but my absolute favourite was when Pinkie was asking the changeling to "do her". The expression on that Fluttershy clone (rolled eyes) and then the utter adorability (it was so cute I made up a new word!) of the Pinkie it became was That expression!! THAT CHANGELING IS NOW MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER! Except it's probably dead by now, aww. (I would react more to gatling!Twilight but I was already spoiled by that in the only preview clip I watched)

The fight would unfortunately be useless and mostly fanservice because they end up failing in reaching the elements. They are brought back to the castle and we are treated with a bit of a reprise of the amazing song, then Shining Armor and Princess Cadence use THE POWER OF LOVE to blow the evil Queen and her minions away, leading into a legitimate wedding with an endscene song that is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs in the entire series. (However the song strongly reminded me of the music from PPGZ for some reason, in particular the Bubbles' theme)

And Season Two ends on quite the epic high note.

Photobucket  Photobucket
I would so ship Sweetie Belle and Spike....also, VIOLINJACK IS CANON YEEEEAH!! And no, it is not a fiddle...because "fiddlejack" sounds completely awkward.

What a ride it has been, hasn't it? I first got into the show around the time Lesson Zero came out, and my first treatment to the livestream was Luna Eclipsed. (That first time is one of the best times I've had in the livestream due to the brilliance of the episode and everyone going crazy about it in chat. I laughed so hard in that Fluttershy scene, a moment that hasn't been replicated until The Last Roundup. However, watching the finale with Akira has topped that moment, if only just by a bit! The finale was that good! Also watching with friends always helps) My Saturdays won't be the same from this day forth, at least until season three!

In terms of my overall opinion of season two? It was amazing, but my complaints from months ago still apply. There is indeed a difference between the first and second season, that I can see. What is it you ask? Well it's pretty simple: Friendship is Magic. Season One, due to being the first season would have to work all that much harder to get us to know and love the characters, but it also spent a lot of its time developing the friendships as well. Twilight learning that friends matter and the fact that the group hung out with each other with or without Twilight. (RD and AJ having competitions, Fluttershy and Rarity going to the spa together, etc.) The aesops had to do with friendship a lot more than this season, which was far more character-focused. We'd get episodes where only one of the Mane Six would ever appear! Some people do like this change and others do not, but the reason I tune in for ponies is ultimately for the friendship aspect. Everything else, the character development (that I do love indeed), the interesting plots, or the wacky humour is the bonus icing on top! I hope season three touches more upon the friendship that brought me into the show all the way back in season one, but ultimately season two did not disappoint. I had many more favourite episodes in season two over one, so in terms of standalone episodes there were a lot of good ones. My complaint is only on the overall feel of the season.

Obviously since the season is over, we can now finish that episode-tier list I had before!

Celestia TierAwesome TierHigh TierMid TierMeh Tier
The Cutie Mark
Party of One
Luna Eclipsed
The Last Roundup
A Friend In Deed
Hurricane Fluttershy
A Canterlot Wedding P.2

Bridle Gossip
Swarm of the Century
Suited for Success
Feeling Pinkie Keen
Sonic Rainboom
Green Isn't Your Colour
May the Best Pet Win
Baby Cakes
Sweet and Elite
Secret of my Excess
A Canterlot Wedding P.1
Applebuck Season
Griffon the Brush Off
Winter Wrap Up
A Dog and Pony Show
Over a Barrel
The Best Night Ever
The Return of Harmony P.1
The Return of Harmony P.2
Lesson Zero
Sisterhooves Social
The Super Speedy Cider
Squeezy 6000
It's About Time
MMMMystery on the
Friendship Express
Friendship is Magic P.1
Friendship is Magic P.2
The Ticket Master
Look Before You Sleep
Fall Weather Friends
Stare Master
A Bird in the Hoof
Hearth's Warming Eve
Family Appreciation Day
Read it and Weep
Hearts and Hooves Day
Dragon Quest
Ponyville Confidential
Boast Busters
Call of the Cutie
The Show Stoppers
Owl's Well That Ends Well
The Cutie Pox
The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Putting Your Hoof Down

The pony drought begins! Let the fan-created content pour into our spoiled lives! I want to thank Studio B and the people at the Hub and Hasbro for an excellent season. Let us hope season three brings more of the best!

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FULL SCREEN AND HD THIS THING NOW. But damn. My heart. ;_; alsothattinymurasawassofuckingadorablelikeholyshit

They also did a few other EQUALLY AS EPIC videos including an amazingly animated Double Spoiler PV, a "Sakuya is the SDM Pimp" PV, and an amazing PV of Tenshi singing a brilliant remix also animated quite well, among other things! I wish I could buy this all. I would, in a heartbeat. This and Chirei De, straight into my possession. D: (Chirei De's already sold out lol)

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 there was a sound holic c80 PV review here that failed the LJ-to-DW transfer


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I figured I'd non-steal this from Akira/Ami/whatever too.

[1] Write something about SEVENTEEN different people.
[2] Don't say who they are
[3] If someone asks you which one is about them, don't tell.

1) No, you probably won't be reading this but you are so damn great. You took me for being different, not to fit in. You were different too, and that's cool. No matter what I never cared when you called me puny or short of shrimp, I just accepted it. You're the best friend I could ever have and I'm glad I met you, even if we don't talk so much because we're obsessed with video games. Different ones, to be exact.

2) The moment I saw that email I knew it was you. We talked even without the MSN in many ways possible. You always made me laugh with your odd but so thoughtful type of jokes. Meaning I can never think of THOSE up myself! The history of the shoutbox screams with your name. I will get rich and meet you one day, even if you are almost a whole foot taller than me...

3) I remember when I met you and we weren't so close. I don't even know why I'm writing about you but you seem to have grown on me. With your insulting jokes that I never get tired of. You're so mean, so talkative to other people but that's ok. Nobody hears you talking about them. I'm glad I sat next to you in Math Class last year. Um, I hope you don't read this...XD

4) We've quarrelled before yet we had fun. We swore at one another but our relationship was better than others. You aren't perfect I know, but it's so much better than other people's. I'd throw cards at you if I lost, usually won though. We both created something special and brought the name Spot into me. I'm glad you were born and I WON'T dance on your grave...maybe...=P,

5) When I first met you I didn't really remember that moment, but for a while I was jealous of you. I had no idea why, because you could write, and you were funny as hell. You took a lot of attention yet still was my friend. When you denied joining us I felt so depressed, or sad, whatever. Of course everybody changes their mines and you so happily did. it was the best choice you ever made...other than being my friend. I will go over there and glomp you someday.

6) You're so fun, so hard to make laugh, but so many others did the same and I can't. Am I too quiet, too different from you? You're not the same gender as I and that makes no difference. You continue to accept me for whoever I am. I try to give you many presents but never find the perfect one. No I'm not as interesting as your other friends, but next time I come over we are so going to play Smash Bros Melee! X3

7) We haven't seen each other for a while but you're pretty cool. Another friend of the other gender that I admired because it's true. You were funny and so kind. introduced me to Beyblade, the goodness prime. I hope to see you again, since you're getting many talents. I hope you're having fun in your brand new apartment.

8) I haven't been paying attention to you, making myself so hypocritical. No you aren't the funniest, or most amusing either. But it was your kindess that won myself to you. You're so caring of others and never think of yourself. I should talk to you more and this one makes an obvious hint of who this is. I will talk to you on MSN ASAP.

9) You're annoying and I hate you but you're still so cool. I don't know why but I can't seem to accept you but already have. I've been both ways with you. You're nice and friendly yet not so apparent either. I'm a lot like you and that's why I can't like myself often. I'm sorry if I've been mean, maybe it's just an influence. I don't have enough experience I guess.

10) You are awesome, so very cool. Me and Lefty worship you, oh mighty ruler. It's just a joke you know. I always try to talk to you about the most logical things. You're rather random at the random-ish times. For you're so unexpecting all the time. I'm so going to watch Act Zero one day to comment on it. Then we have more things to talk! You're cool and talented and nice too. I wanna go to Singapore, because it's FASCINATING!

11) You're so random, so obsessive. I don't talk to you much but you SO deserve something on this list. You need to go on more and are random at the forums. Sure you do spam and have an apparent crazy fangirl obsession. Even though I dislike that, I'm too used to it with you. It's who you are and I'm so glad too. I'm rhyming too much today as you can see.

12) You don't talk to me much. You complain a lot. You like video games but not the ones I like. Though, you still talk to me in some sense. Most in the friend group don't. I do not know why but it is probably my quietness. You bother to talk and are friendly, no matter how whiny you are. It's funny when you think shopping is more important to spend on than buying things for a project, =P Then you whine on it.

13) You live so far away and I haven't talked to you in a while. Yet you were one of the originals, the first BIFF around. You're funny and forgiving and talk whenever you can. You're so cool and popular and beat me in writing. You're smart and awesome plus deserve an award. You're one of the best and I mean it. I will try to find you in the world so we can finally know each other more.

14) Ok, you have an LJ, hooray. I read them but should comment them, I should. I don't talk to you much, oh no. yet I feel that I should, but when and how? You're on when it's late and I usually go off. But you're caring and joined us without the Beyblade spoff. I'm rhyming too much but it's so much fun. You are not a stupid head, but that sn is a laughing ton!

15) We used to be such great friends, what happened back then? You're father of course, he went so paranoid. You used to be so hyper, with such random stories. You made me laugh and make my life worthy. It was you that started it all, that began that craze. BIFF wouldn't be here without you and neither would I. I'm glad you bought a hamster despite the baby joys. Have great luck offline...

I have too many people to list! 15 is too little! I must talk about TWO more people! For last is certainly not the least!

16) *not the least!* You are what I call a great friend. You swore, you had all these depressing moments. You lost a friend, yet you were always cheered up. You sometimes typed in big letters for your happiness. You don't like many of your friends because they came for sympathy. You never should've discontinued writing because of one little depression. Though you were always nice and there for me. No matter how many times your programs are deleted, I promise you I will always be your email buddy, long emails or not, thank you for your existence...your kindness....

17) You're older than me, yes you are. We don't talk much but we're still great friends. Even though we only have two classes together but since you're in the other grade I can't be in the same Gym class with you, but I'm very glad we wave all the time. You have such great friends yourself. You seem to love them much more than anything else. I am glad I met you.
How was that? Yesh, all the Biffies are joining Lj but they aren't posting very much.

I jsut finished some cookies and milk and I had a project due late Friday and if I don't get it in I'll lose a bunch of marks. I'll get it in soon, as soon as I can.

As for now I'm going to continue writing my story...hehe.
Oh yeah, I gave my mom the biggest present I could think of yesterday. I cleaned the whole house, printed out a Mother's Day card I made and gave her Twenty bucks. Twas hard work I say... reward was a can of pop.

That's it for now!


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